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Review by LisaKupovets See Profile

  • Location: York,ON
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $37 per month (12 month contract)
Bad "Acanac is a fradulent company, do not give them your money or you'll never get it back!"
Overall "Stay away!!"
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I am absolutely speechless, Acanac is THE WORST company that I have had to deal with anywhere in the world. After cancelling my service mid July, I still have not received my promised refund of $428.86. After emailing the billing department for months and getting nowhere, we found a forum on their website. Even though 2 moderators responded to my cries of help, and even got a representative from billing to send me another useless email, no refund was issued. This company is a fraud, their staff are a joke. They keep telling you to stop emailing them because it sets your ticket further back in the queue - what?! I filed a complaint with BBB and the next step will be to take them to court. So many people are going through the same motions its insane!

Here's another kicker - I just called and tried to get through to their Sales line. After waiting diligently for 16 minutes, and hearing a count down of how many people were ahead of me and how much time was left, it was down to 2 minutes. All of a sudden new recording came on to say that - get this - actually they've now discovered that the queues are backed up for hours, asking me to call back some other time, and saying that the call will now be terminated.

WOW... that's all I have to say...

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Montreal, QC

Dont give up!

I got my refund a week ago...after threatening to go to court. Dont give up, you'll get yours. This company shouldn't be in business. I wasted so much time with them.

York, ON

Re: Dont give up!

This is so retarded... I don't understand why anyone has to threaten anyone to get their money back. This company needs to be shut down, as they are clearly unable to do business in a way that is even merely acceptable at this point.

I will be making a trip to their addresses / locations listed on their site and try to speak to an actual person. I'm tired of sending emails and getting the same old useless replies. Perhaps calling the police while i'm there should be in order as well...

Toronto, ON

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Hi Lisa

It was refunded 2012-10-11 can you please check your Credit Card?


York, ON

Re: Refund

The saga continues...

I received an incomplete refund of $415.28, while as I previously stated Acanac owes me a total of $428.86 which is:

10 months of unused services: 10 x 37.95 = $379.50
HST 13%: $49.36

Therefore Acanac still owe me $13.58 that I'd like to get asap.