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  • Location: Purgato
  • Cost: $45 per month (12 month contract)
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To Whom it May Concern,

We have recently transferred service to Acanac and it has been the most
inconvenient experience. We were supposed to have service cancelled with
Rogers on Oct 12 (which we did) and set up with you on Oct 13. We,
however, did not have any service with you until today, Oct 22, 2012. That
is no phone and no internet at all for 10 days. We are very frustrated by
this whole situation. Rogers apparently changed our cancellation date on
us without our permission which is why Acanac was denied a transfer request
for the internet service, which I understand was not your fault. What I
find mind blowing is that when they did this, Acanac did not ever contact
us to let us know there would be a problem with our connection date and
transfer. They
did however have no problem taking a full years payment and left us with no
service and horrible new customer experience.

Your automated telephone message states that you consider having no home
phone as an emergency yet when we were left without one it was not even
dealt with. We called and emailed and were misinformed over and over again
from our very first call when the customer service rep at Acanac told me 3
times the first thing I had to do was cancel all my services with Rogers
even though she KNEW I wanted to port my phone number (which it turns out
its not possible to port a phone number that is pending cancellation), all
the way to the last conversation where we were informed specifically it
would take 24-72 hours for a technician to come to our house to set up our
service (when later it was disclosed that its actually 24-72 hours for a
technician to get scheduled to come to our house and its the first
available appointment after that). This has been horrible.

To top off this wonderful experience we sent this email to billing
expecting to be compensated for our time, many lost cell phone daytime
minutes waiting on hold for no help at all and irritation, and we get a "We
have adjusted your billing period to start today. Kind Regards".
Thank-you for your consideration in the many inconveniences we have been
through with your company already from using all day time minutes on our
cell phones for the
month just dealing with this, to the hours we had to spend on hold waiting
to talk to your many misinformed customer service representatives. To say
the least our experience with you has not been a positive one yet.

(review was emailed from domain gmail.com)
lodged 2 years ago


Toronto, ON


Sorry to hear that, if there's anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Thank you.



Re: .

I have exactly similar experience with Acanac right now and when I asked to cancel my account Acanac agents asked me to send email to them to their feedback and when I asked how I can send email with no internet access they suggested to use internet cafe or a friend's internet. To me, it can't be anything but fraud to take people's money and then decline their request to cancel and refund when the company's website clearly states "30 days money back" satisfaction guarantee.

I did not receive any service from Acanac because the modem had not been configured from the beginning and when asking them to cancel my account and refund my money, they send me another email stating that they are working to resolve the problem! What problem? I don't need your service because it crapped out from the start and because none in your company is willing to take responsibility and talk to customer except a bunch of sales agent who can not do anything for you but taking your money. If you can do anything for unsatisfied people it is better to start with giving a phone number for a responsible person who can actually do anything. The only phone number that Acanac has directs you to those agents who have no authority and can not do anything except taking your money and credit card info.

I with will be filing a complaint with police against this company if they continue to refuse cancelling my account and refunding my money. I am currently using internet from a the place of a family member and will try to check in a couple of days.

Montreal, QC


I had a similar experience with Acanac. I have lost countless hours trying to solve problems with them. I have lost minutes and data trying to reach the unreachable customer service. Avoiding Acanac is avoiding trouble. If you want to cancel, you'll get your money back. But get ready to fight for it.

Toronto, ON


Can you please contact me and provide your account info. I will see what I can do to help.

Thank you.

Brampton, ON

Customer service is horrible especially billing dept.

I had same problem after leaving them and then decide this past yr to give it a try again for the cable services. Initial start date was horrible just like you experience. Now at renewal time the billing dept messed up again. Jist is they started my Voip service before or did not extend service renewal date the same when they extended the contract for lack of services. Anyhow I was expecting renewal with confirmation from three different rep( sales and technical and billing) as to what will be billed in total, they all confirmed it is the going rate advertised on website not my initial $35.95 but now $38.95x12+taxes which is great since I thought they might do what Rogers or Bell does. However on the 20th, 3 days before renewal I get invoice for Voip $134.92. Immediately I emailed their billing dept. Faneeza K. replied back that they won't reverse the charges since I did not give them notification about cancelling service with them for Voip. I this rep. that my email to request to reverse charges and if not cancel the cable service too should mean precisely that. However, Faneeza insisted that renewal date is 20th not 23rd as another rep email me on Oct 20th Ticket ID:GQU-73630 confirm date is Nov 23rd. My comprehension and I would argue that most people on the planet would say Voip need to have internet connection to work. I had issue setting it up since April and the technical team vague trouble shooting steps was of no help and so if their tech team is so free to check if the account was ever used more than 20 calls in a period of a month since it was initiated. If I don't receive full refund then I will have VISA initiate chargeback in 30 days and write to Consumer Better Business Bureau about this incident auto renewal process as a cash grab technique. I am content with the cable services so far. My last email also requested that billing look into lack of service for beginning of month when we lost services for about 4-6 hrs, and it was so bad that calls in for help was automatically disconnected. If this is also to apply then my renewal date would be 24th of November which now would make my request for stop voip be 2 days ahead of end of contracts.
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