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Review by cestevespr See Profile

  • Location: Deltona,Volusia,FL
  • Cost: $80 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
  • Telco party CenturyTel
Good "The telephone works, speed tests are where they should be"
Bad "Poor Equipment, Inept tech support (I cannot stress inept enough), Poor customer service"
Overall "I cannot reccomend to anyone who streams video or plays games"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Initially I had cable which had its own problems but after switching companies I could not be more regretful of my decision. I have the 10 mbps plan for $80 (suppose to be 50 but they hide charges like most providers) with centurylink. They came and installed everything quickly and without problems. The internet though constantly disconnects making streaming to my roku box/ xbox360 very aggravating though it does work it just stops two times usually during a 24 minutes episode. Playing games is the same result which renders it unplayable.After days of talking to tech support and their 'special' tech support with the same walk-through and same results my internet still disconnects. I found out the problem is with their crappy router the pk5001z. When I told them this they said they would give me their older westell 7500 router which I heard remedies this problem, even though it is a G router which I do not care as long as it works. I called two days after to track progress only to find out that lo and behold I was never put on a waiting list I then said just change it out to any other which I am still waiting on. They said they would do it Thursday and it they never came to trade it out or even give me an update which I asked them to do which they agreed.

Update: After bridging the modem to new router I bought the internet does not experience package loss and is the speed they say it is. I also found the customer service/tech support still abysmal their way of helping you is to constantly ask you to restart router. If you do go with centurylink you will need a new modem and router because the ones they have to choose from are garbage and more trouble then they are worth. Paying 7 dollars a month for a modem/router that makes streaming and playing some games nearly impossible/impossible is ridiculous and they should be ashamed.

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Kissimmee, FL

Century Link Prism

I've been having problems with CenturyLink company from day to connect the service with them, the phone service is catastrophic, I had to call the company every day for almost two weeks to solve the problem I tell you the technician will be in your home, but never appears, I take four weeks to bury the cable they installed and that was by that time over the grass in my yard. they charged me $ 3.67 a minute for calls international long distance, I had to make a complaint to the Ministry of Agriculture to make me a discount on your phone bill. Today I'm paying $ 9.00 Dollars for International long distance service and when I went to use it tell me I need to call the company to allow me to make calls. then makes the service calls and you answer a bunch of inept people who all they do is transfer you from one department to another and put you on hold for half an hour before we say a lot of stupid things and they believe. Recording boxes they offer you, do not work. Once you record something you can not see, why not stop and if you try to advance it stops and you lose what you recorded. In summary the PRISM LINK CENTURY service, no good, sucks, is the worst desicion you can take.



new router

you might try an actiontech c1000 router.i have heard but can't confirm that they are sold at best buy.