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  • Location: French Lick,Orange,IN
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
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For two months now I have been keeping track of dates and time that I have to reset my modem. Happens almost every 1-3 days!!! I'm part of a test group so I'm supposed to have unlimited data. Yeah right, that worked for a couple months. They have slowed my speeds now twice this week. It wouldn't be a big deal because they will fix it, but first you have to call technical support. You might as well figure an hour of your time. I'm currently on hold, says it will be over 40 minute wait time. Then you have to spend 10 minutes telling them how to do their job. Not worth the time, money and effort. I've been on the phone with them at least 5 times this month and probably over five hours. If you have another choice.......USE IT!!

(review was emailed from domain wildblue.net)
lodged 2.1 years ago

Exede Nick

Davenport, IA

I can help

I'm sorry to hear that you have had some difficulty with the connectivity of your service. If you can send me your account information at wildbluelistens@viasat.com, I can help get these issues resolved.



Re: I can help

Someone finally came and replaced my modem. So far it's been better. I have only reset it once this week. Not sure why but once is better than every day.

Any help this direction would be greatly appreciated. :uhh.This is probabbly the most disappointing service purchase I have ever made. Problems...After spending hours on the telephone, I finally got them to send someone out. He spent prob1.5 hours, only to tell me he couldn't find what was wrong. Before he left, we tried connected another computer up to the ethernet line. We got service. Then, we couldn't get it on the first computer that we had gotten it on before. He said it was my computer. Before him bringing in another modem, he couldn't identify the problem. After getting internet on the second computer, via ethernet line, he said my problem was the first computer, AND the router. Assuming he knew what he was talking about, I purchased a new router. Guess what, it isn't the router. Still no wireless, after over a month. What a drag. Time use with this service is more than expected. Expensive for what I get.
Exede Nick

Davenport, IA

Re: I can help

I would be more than happy to look into this for you. Can you please send me the name and phone number that are on your account at wildbluelistens@viasat.com? Just let me know that this was the site you posted on in the email so I know what I'm looking for.