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Review by noglider See Profile

  • Location: Maplewood,Essex,NJ
  • Cost: $4 per month
Good "flexibility, rates"
Bad "not for newbies"
Overall "fantastic, if you have the expertise"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Someone on dslreports (in the voip tech discussion) recommended voip.ms. I'm extremely happy with the service. The web site is modern and lets me use the controls efficiently. Tech support is excellent. Rates are incredible.

I love the advanced features, such as customizable IVR's, ring groups, and outbound calling for inbound calls.

This is not a service I would recommend except to tech-savvy people. It is more of a wholesale business. You could build your own phone company with voip.ms service, and they are fine with that. They even give you billing tools for that. If you just want residential service and don't want to learn technical details, this is not for you.

I rated ease of installation as 3 out of 5 because it's not easy for the average person but I don't wish for it to be better. In other words, I'm extremely satisfied with this company's service even though setup is not easy enough for your grandmother.

I'm using an Obihai device which I purchased and connected to the service. I'm also experimenting with softphones. I'm impressed with this company's product line.

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Jack Wpg


Your voip.ms review

I basically agree with your comments.

I'm generally tech savvy, but still very new to "do-it-yourself" voip. Voip.ms is nonetheless my chosen supplier.

The support is very good, and the positive customer service attitude is very refreshing.

They have a good wiki to help you figure out your project, are right there with chat or email if you need more, and welcome suggestions to improve the wiki. I had trouble with understanding a point, support sorted it out, then welcomed my idea for making the text clearer.

Definitely a clear winner over some other well-rated companies I've considered. All at the "wholesale" pricing you mention too!!

united state
·Vitelity VOIP

not plug and play

Their service is definitely not for those people that just want to plug something in and have it work immediately. However, the service is just fine for residential use, and not just for wholesale. (The same could be said for many of the BOYD providers discussed frequently on the VOIP Tech Chat Forum.)

I have been using them for the last several years in a residential setting and have enjoyed learning about voip. When I first started with them, I was completely new to voip and it really didn't take me very long to get a dial tone!