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  • Location: Hicksville,Nassau,NY
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payback time for direct tv. a guy named ken called me last week to offer me
a dvr and other stuff he called me at work during the night shift and was
told NO and do not call me again ,well he called back tonight and was not
given a warm welcome , i was up on a ladder and had to stop my crew to deal
with him. he thought it was so funny he blocked his number and called me
three more times . help me fill his calender . i need as many people to
call him at 1 800 375 8211 ex 105 and tell him this is what happens when
you screw with customers . it's MY money and if i chose not to give it to
you . i hold the upper hand, i'm the customer . please call often and every
time you want to vent a little tyvm dno

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lodged 1.8 years ago

Winterset, IA

It isn't

»800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-800-375-8211 its not a corporate directv its a reseller.



Re: It isn't

they got me with an NFL package I didn't order for an extra 30/month. I told them on the phone to just cancell service. the ass clown told me no ! and hung up. I paid the last bill for the month, they turned off the service, but continued to bill me. again I called and asked where to send equipment to, they said they would not terminate service and charges and LAUGHED and hung up. 3 months later direct TV STOLE $435.38 out of my bank account. I cancelled the bank card and my bank said that direct tv can use the info from the cancelled card and find my wifes card info to continue to charge. I had to close bank account. they are still calling and sending bills for large amounts of money. how can 4 months at $55.00/mo. add up to over $700.00? *this is why you cannot open service without a credit card. * Iwent to AT&T who set up the service and have been hanging around telling people about what they do to you. a few have changed their minds after talking to me, but more needs to be done. I guess it's time to take it to probate court.



Horrible Choice

Choosing to go with Directv was the worst choice I ever made!!! This is a HORRIBLE company. They continued to add false charges to my account so I closed it. I paid them in full but began receiving calls months later from a collection agency stating I owed for some charge that they could not explain. Take some advice and DO NOT make the same mistake I did. Go with another cable provider.



Re: Horrible Choice

Agreed. I cancelled my service while still in contract, I was 11 months into a 2 year contract so I have to pay for 13 months @ 20 USD each. (Please note, all other providers only charge 10 USD). The rep I spoke to during the cancellation also confirmed this period of cancellation. I understood this and accepted it perfectly, even made payments towards the cancellation charge before those charges were posted, but then they have said the charges were for an additional 6 months. After several calls trying to figure why, one rep said it was because my contract was extended when I added an additional receiver (although, I paid for it 99.99 USD) and this had reset my contract. NO ONE and absolutely NO NOTIFICATION that adding additional equipment will result in EXTENSION OF CONTRACT. After continueing to contact them about this, they came to the conclusion that this was a valid charge and that I would be responsible for it. Please take note, before this decision was reached, a manager had authorized a reimbursment for the receiver, and explained the contract was not supposed to have been extended. Unfortunately, no one honored the refund and after several more hours and calls I was left with a charge and warning that if I didnt pay, I would be taken to collections. NEVER AGAIN DIRECT TV. Incompetent personnel which everytime I called gave a different answer, lack of communication (never got called back when I was promised) and most importantly illigal extension of contract as they never asked for my consent to do so!





Dvr recording

They suck !!! Direct tv lie to
Me bottom line they lie to me when I sign up promising record up to 5 programs at the same time , not so only 2 programs at the same time I ask for a change and they say 200$ for a change total rip off