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  • Location: East York,ON
  • Cost: $72 per month
Bad "Customer Account breached"
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Rogers allowed someone to go in and alter services on my account. I received two order confirmations proving this: #14939238 and #14939334.

When I received the email notification of the changes I immediately called Rogers to tell them a mistake was made. They had to escalate my call to a manager. He called me a liar and said that what I was telling him was impossible. He said Rogers had confirmation that my ID had been given to the store clerk and that the modem serial number in question was physically in the presence of the store clerk. I had read the serial number off the back of the modem sitting on my desk. The store supposedly holding the modem is over an hours drive from my home. The Rogers manager I spoke to took none of this into consideration. He said I would "have to bring in the modem to the nearest store to prove I had it".

No concern that my identity and account information had been compromised was shown. Exactly the opposite occurred; I was branded a liar.

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rogers messes up again

Do the usual and call the police who will give you a case number for the fraud(identity theft) and also give them all names at Rogers you spoke to.
The police will do practically nothing, but it does protect you down the road from other instances of 'Rogers approved identity theft'.
Rogers employees at the stores have been known to not bother getting a purchasers ID(but saying they did),,,, among other things(Perp orders cell phone online and have delivered to a dummy address, after the Perp changes your address in your account).

Peoria, AZ

Re: rogers messes up again

Considering that most if not all places should have a camera on a Point of Sales desk, a police report may be beneficial as if the police can prove you were not at the location, you can hold them liable.
North York, ON


That's actually a major breach of PIPEDA.

I'd get this escalated again, and threaten to open a complaint with both CCTS & with your province's privacy commissioner unless they pull their heads out of their you know wheres, and look into this.

I would also file with the police, as its possible they made additional changes to your account which could cost you money, or still have access to your account!
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