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Review by MrBungle87 See Profile

  • Location: Durham,Durham,NC
  • Cost: $50 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Bonded ADSL is reliable."
Bad "Overpriced, inconsitent speeds, backhaul/congestion issues, upper management is worthless"
Overall "Don't bother. If you have other options, take them."
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·Time Warner Cable
UPDATE, 7/20/14: Frontier lied. Surprise. They swore up and down that the capacity issues at the DSLAM would be fixed by the end of June. I called them 2 weeks ago and asked why it wasn't fixed, and they changed their tune to "we have no ETA for a fix. Sorry." So, they lied. I'm demanding bill credits but that has to be done every month and I'm still not getting what I pay for. Never do business with Frontier.

UPDATE, 4/27/14: tech returned and switched us to bonded ADSL from VDSL at 25/2Mbit. Speeds are as advertised for about half of the day. During the other twelve hours we're still dealing with network congestion, upstream from our CO. The latest tech I spoke to said engineering is aware of the congestion but the issue is they can't get the money and resources they need from higher up to fix it (basically, adding backhaul capacity). So, all in all, Frontier's local people are great and will do their best to help you, but upper management clearly needs to be FIRED.

UPDATE, 4/21/14: peak-hour congestion persists. I've spent the last two months trying to get switched from VDSL to bonded ADSL, but Frontier keeps kicking the can down the road. The tech who came out last week didn't finish the job and promised to come back later that same day, but never did. Incompetence, lies, whatever the case may be, Frontier's showing their true colors.

UPDATE, 2/12/14: despite assurances from our technical supervisor, we're still dealing with congestion. Peak hour download is usually around 4Mbit with higher than usual pings (>100ms). Traceroutes sometimes time out, or run over 2000ms to google.com. If you're considering Frontier and you have a choice (cable, fiber, whatever), TAKE THE OTHER CHOICE. Don't give Frontier your money. I've already switched my parents to Time Warner. Just a matter of closing accounts now.

UPDATE 1/26/14: backhaul problems popping up again. Download speeds plummet to between 0.8Mbit and 6Mbit during the afternoon/evening, sometimes lasting until 11 or midnight. Called my assigned regional Frontier manager about this several days ago and haven't heard back. Seems Frontier has now possibly oversold their VDSL product, too. Same old problem that we faced on our original 7Mbit (originally 3Mbit) plan. Not sure why Frontier has such massive and widespread problems with their backhaul, but they do. After discovering my upload will only ever attain a 1Mbit sync, this is just another slap in the face. Will likely be moving to Time Warner soon, not out of desire but necessity.

UPDATE, 8/9/2013: so far, so good. Haven't encountered any real issues since being switched over to VDSL in January. Still getting consistent 25Mbit (usually 30) downloads. Ping times could be better (around 60-70ms now), but this is the nature of interleaving, I suppose. My only real complaint is upload speed, or lack thereof. At the time of installation, uploads averaged 1.6Mbit (while being advertised at 3Mbit), and have since decreased to an average of 1Mbit. I'm not sure why uploads are low, but I'll have to talk to our local Frontier manager again to figure it out.

UPDATE, 1/24/2013: VDSL (25/2) is installed using the Actiontec V1000W modem/router, and speeds are great. 30Mbit down, typically, and roughly 1.3Mbit upload, which is less than I expected, but still double what I was seeing on ADSL. The only problem is ping times are higher now, at about 80ms (probably due to interleaving instead of fastpath). Will update if and when anything changes.

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In regards to VDSL availability

To be sure, VDSL availability is typically when available when you are withing 8000 feet from the central office to be capable for speeds up to 25mbps, we have been doing a lot of work since verizon was around, keeping in mind it has only been 2 1/2 years since we took over and started improving upon Verizons Antiquated networks. I apologize if you didn't get good answers from here in the Washington Call Center, I am extremely proficient in the systems and can definitely assist in this as well. If the issue has been addressed and investigated, then you should be good to go (at the very least being able to get bonded DSL for the 12/2mbps speed), I've checked the terminals in Durham/Raleigh area and do see that the Central office is equipped for VDSL (up to 40mbps for Business, 25mbps for Residential). We have a number of people available for VDSL but like with all internet providers (except wireless) it is distance related.

Durham, NC
·Frontier Communi..
·Time Warner Cable

Re: In regards to VDSL availability

Thanks for your reply. The technician who installed VDSL (25/2) told me he wasn't sure whether VDSL or bonded ADSL2 would be used since we were the second house in the area they've installed VDSL. But, it seems to be working well. I also have to give credit to the technical supervisor for our area who called me and gave me information about our true total loop distance (which was longer than I thought due to a large cable loop on another street), but they either removed or replaced a tap and loop length decreased.

I do have one question for you, though: I'm seeing a lot of errors (presumably) under "30 Minute Near End FEC Interleave" and some under "30 Minute Near End CRC Interleave". Fastpath is disabled so I guess there must be a distance consideration in still using interleaved mode on VDSL2? Either way, my download speeds are great, so I don't know how accurate the SNR and attenuation stats the modem is reporting are. I've attached a screenshot for your perusal. Hopefully, you can make some sense of the FEC numbers.

I'm also seeing higher pings than before (75-100ms), which I'm guessing is due to interleaving. Is there a way to test whether fastpath would cut ping times?

Camano Island, WA

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Camano Island, WA
I have Frontier DSL on Camano Island, WA zipcode 98282. Do you know if anything can be done to improve speeds? I am on the south end of the island, so I imagine I am far from the CO, and it looks as though we're routed through the Everett, WA pop. Do you know if VDSL is available, and can I bond two DSL channels together if I add a second phone line with Frontier? You can write me back at jakej1978 AT g mail dot com

Thank you.

Raleigh, NC
·Frontier Communi..

Just switched to Frontier from TWC

Not sure where you are in Durham. I live in Brightleaf at the Park. I got the 24/2 service which appears to be bonded ADSL. My speedtest.net ping times are about 25ms, where I was getting about 15ms from TWC, but 25ms is still better than most people I know. So far, I haven't had any issues aside from an overnight outage during which TWC was also offline. I can say that I have observed no slowdowns during primetime. Streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime is much improved compared to TWC with respect to buffering and bitrates. Hopefully this will continue to be the case.