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Review by dattler See Profile

  • Location: Orange Park,Clay,FL
  • Cost: $55 per month
Good "Fast downloads and uploads"
Bad "inconsistent, even in a relatively large city."
Overall "It's this or dsl from AT&T, and they're highest is half my speed."
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Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
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Works well, their support is good, most of the time. Their bill is itemized and thorough, with a summary, and has the option for online only pdf bill or physical bill.

They offer speeds up to 105Mbps down. I have 22down, and regularly get closer to 35down, rarely have any issue with my download speeds.

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Comcast is HORRIBLE

I have the worst signal from Comcast!!!! It's intermittent. Constantly dropping. When I call about it, they tell me they don't see any issue and it must be in my home. They say if they don't find a problem when they get here they are going to charge me for the visit. It's INTERMITTENT. I'm not paying them if they show up at a time when it actually works! I am looking for a new carrier.



Re: Comcast is HORRIBLE

8 times out of 10 its something in the home, sometimes its the rental modem, sometimes its our plant. but if you get upset that that service isn't working for you with having had the opportunity to find and fix the problem by the company you're paying service from, maybe telco is the best fit for you. in addition, the CAEs have to say that for CYA purposes. it could be as something simple as a store bought splitter or radio shack wiring. why not see if the issue can be repaired and if there are charges, try and dispute them later. but to rant about the service not working, and to never have a in-house tech to come take a look to try and resolve the issue, i feel you have yourself to blame more than Comcast.

Jacksonville, FL
My only issues with inconsistency are with the plant, every time I've had an issue, they send a tech within 2 days and the issue is resolved or referred to their maintenance folks. I just hsouldn't have issues every 3 or 4 months. When it works, it works great