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  • Location: Iredell,Bosque,TX
  • Cost: $70 per month (24 month contract)
Good "I like the color green."
Bad "Everything besides the color."
Overall "Avoid Windstream whenever possible."
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We currently have a 6Mbps connection(7200kbps) and pay $68.87/m after
"taxes and fees" with 24 month contract. I thought AT&T DSL service was
horrible, but they are google fiber compared to this horrible company. We
are now going on a full month of no internet service. It is slower than
dial up an as a result all web pages time out before ever loading. Between
my online store and college online courses I have been forced to spend a
lot of money on tethering to my mobile phone.

We called and asked if we could have a price cut on this months bill since
it's so broken. They were happy to oblige and took $14 off the bill said
the rest of the bill was all telecommunications fees and tax and they
couldn't do anything about it. Apparently they have the worst tax rates on
the planet. Unsatisfied with this outcome we called 3 times and every rep
said the exact same thing. They are the only show in town. It appears they
do this across the country. Obviously a purposeful strategic move on their
part. They are so bad we are actually looking into new properties near a
city with multiple internet options. If you can avoid this company, choose
another option.

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lodged 2.1 years ago


Hico, TX

In The Same Boat

I live on Hwy 6, 3 miles from Iredell and about 6 from Hico. Ever since the rainstorm that came through right around New Years I started having the evening slow speed issue.

Had this service for nearly 4 years and it has always been fine. Support is useless, and there are no other options as you are aware. I've been putting together piles of speed tests, ping tests, diagnostics in the hope that if I ever get anyone knowledgeable to talk to, I can make the case. Honestly though, they know what the issue is and they are lying about it. Not sure what we can do about it though.