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Review by bardgd See Profile

  • Location: Forney,Kaufman,TX
  • Cost: $141 per month
Good "Good Phone"
Bad "Bandwidth CAP"
Overall "if you can find something better, then go for it."

I have the TV/Phone/Internet package. The TV is digital and is okay, but with all the garbage on, it is not worth watching other than baseball. Phone is great, flat fee with all the services. The internet is getting to be a bit of a pain. I have the middle package and once you reach 250 GB, it sucks. I have a CISCO router and it does not agree with the download total that Suddenlink is capping me with, but then it is their software. I have been with Suddenlink for about 5 years now, but I am looking around. I figure with the amount of money I send them each month, placing a cap on on bandwidth is not reasonable.

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United State
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Cable has aways been more expensive than telco. Ours is over $200 for 15/5, VoIP, and expanded cable - which is mostly content I don't watch.

The last time I saw a Suddenlink brochure in their office in SWMO, it stated Suddenlink internet was ten times faster than the de facto 28.8 dial up connection.

The Cox and Verizon wholesale unloading of unprofitable small coastal, and mid market, cities in the Midwest was a total surprise. Cox sold-out to a large NJ operator who created Suddenlink on the fly, and called St. Louis the Midwest operations center. Verizon sold to upstart Frontier, and moved on to their next prey.

The US essentially has two types of home communication available over some type of cable. The majority of providers are owned and/or operated by telephone companies.

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