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Review by wa2ibm See Profile

  • Location: San Jose,Santa Clara,CA
  • Cost: $60 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 6 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Great turnaround, well informed help staff, static IP"
Bad "None"
Overall "Great ISP"
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Connection reliability:
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Update 2/14/11:
I have a second location (another family members home) where I keep my backup/alternate web/mail server. Up to this point, I'd been using Cyberonic/Covad at this location ($39.95 for a static IP) which was working OK, but decided I'd upgrade a bit. I ordered bonded Fusion service and it was installed right on time. This location is still 11K ft from the Santa Clara CO, so the speed isn't much better than the old service, but by bonding two pair, It's now much better and, this includes the POTS line that I was previously paying for separately.

I did find out a few things that are different with Fusion than with their DSL service:

1. You cannot manage the 'firewall' features in the same way as the DSL service. If you have Fusion dynamic service, mail ports are firewalled. If you have static service, all ports are open.

2. Unlike DSL, if you have static IP service under Fusion, there is no DHCP service, you must assign IPs manually at your public-facing interface.

After getting my Fusion service up and running, I called up to renew my 12 month contract on my original DSL service at home and that went without a hitch as well.

I'm very happy with Sonic for both DSL and Fusion service.

Update 12/11/09:
Still going strong on Sonic DSL. I use this reliable connection for my web and mail servers, but I also have a Comcast HSI connection for VPN's and other web uses. They work together very nicely with a multi-WAN router.

Update 2/23/05:
I'm still happy. On 2/8/04, I placed an order with Sonic to upgrade my basic DSL service to the Enhanced service (one year $44.95 promotion special). To avoid any outage while SBC did their thing, I ordered it installed on a different phone line (the original line on which Telocity/DTV had been installed).

The SBC activation date was 2/25/04. On that date, I removed the DSL modem from the old line (still working) and put it on the new line. It was working too! Of course, this new service had a different (single) IP address (not a big deal). I went to the Sonic web page to change the single IP to 4 IPs (which I had before). Since I now had two lines, however, the automated tool wouldn't let me change it. I called tech support who took just a few minutes to resolve the issue. Since I'd wanted 4 IP's, they asked "is it OK if we just assign your original 4 IPs to this new circuit?". Wow, of course, have at it! I was on the air with my original four IP addresses intact. The new service came in at around 2mb down and 500kb up. Nice!

I'm about to be hit with the end of the 12 month 'promotion' period, but hay, that's what I signed up for. Isn't it about time for a new 'promotion'?

Original review 2/5/03:
Being a DTV refugee. and far enough from my CO to be stuck on an RT, I needed a new ISP that connected via SBC and provided the static IP that I need.

I ordered service from Sonic.net on 12/26/02 on a different phone line (other than what DTV was using). I got back two response notes that same day, one an automated message acknowledging my order, and the second one within an hour after that indicating the SBC install date (January 3) and what my login and IP information would be at that time.

I received the DSL modem on Friday, January 3rd. After connecting it in the evening, I was on the air and running, as specified. After a week of running, I used the web interface to switch to four static IPs and that too went without a hitch. I'm a happy camper at this point.

I signed up for their "Basic" DSL service, 384-1500kb down, 128kb up. I'm getting around 700-800kb down, and pretty much the full 128kb up. I'm able to ftp up to their servers at the full 128kb (sometimes a tad faster), but the DSLR speed reports usually are around 75kb up. I'm still not sure what's causing that. Sonic has good connections into uunet.

The only strange thing was that after I told DTV to discontinue service, I received a sales note from Sonic on January 28th letting me know that my original phone line was now pre-qualified for DSL service, and would I like to sign up with them. Oh well, left hand and the right hand thing I guess.

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