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Review by elvey See Profile

  • Location: Alameda,Alameda,CA
  • Cost: $10 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 5 days
  • Telco party SBC
Good "One less thing to worry about. Fast, reliable connection. Friendly, knowledegable service. Great features."
Bad "None. (They could get bought out that could lead to deteriorating service.)"
Overall "Like everyone says: 'Get it!' There's a reason they've got the highest ratings."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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['12 Update: Sonic continues to perform well for my clients in all respects. Their glowing EFF review is a big plus »www.eff.org/wp/when-government-c ··· our-back Comcast and AT&T have 1-star reviews; Sonic got a perfect 4 out of 4 stars. The only ISP to worse was Verizon, with 0 stars. The review evaluates Online Service Providers’ Privacy and Transparency Practices Regarding Government Access to User Data.]
[Update '06. Just installed another Sonic DSL account. A minute after connecting the modem, these are my speeds:
Download = 5.073 Mbps
Upload = 655.41 kbps
I've also set up a few more sonic accounts since Oct '05; they went fine.
[Update '05: I've installed a few more Sonic DSL accounts, including ones at the new $15 rate, and each time, the process has been such a pleasant departure from the usual experience. If I call support, they often answer on the first ring! The pleasant shock I get when that happens is remarkable.] Oh, and with referral credit, the cost of your account can be as low as referrals get you.

Have "Enhanced - S" service; we get the advertised speed. Upgraded from an SBC T1 - the service is WAY better and the price is WAY better. I wish I could get Cable TV and cell phone service from a company like this! Heck, I wonder if they're hiring!

Initial tech info was incomplete (should include IPs, gateway, netmask, DNS resolvers to use, ...) but now they include this in their initial email (so I hear) and it's included on one of the private user pages:
»sonic.sonic.net/members/dsl_ip_t ··· ndex.php
Usefully, SMTP/POP/IMAP settings and port options are at »www.sonic.net/support/docs/quick ··· ef.shtml

[edit: Here's a feature list.
Most of the following is copied from a post from the guy in charge, hence the 'we':
Less than one minute average hold times to reach staff, and nice people. (I find they often answer on the first ring!) No scripted support, and no support from offshore. No organized crime affiliation.
We offer IPv6 addresses to all static IP customers (about a billion IPs!).
We provide end to end multicast IP routing to DSL customers (with the except of the Stockton LATA), and we're the only ISP peered with the BBC, delivering audio and video content over multicast.
We include user-configurable firewalling for your DSL connection - from none (for static customers hosting servers, for example) all the way up to full blocking. Your choice.
We allow static IP DSL customers to host a secure hotspot, and pay 50% of any collected day use fees, plus $0.50 any time another Sonic.net customer accesses.
We provide shell access. We've been a Linux ISP since 1994. (My license plate is "LINUX").
We offer uncapped speed Usenet access, with full binaries. We also provide free access to Supernews, in case you prefer them.
We provide VPN termination, so when you're using a hotspot or hotel connection, you can get a Sonic.net IP and a secure tunnel to a trusted network. This protects you from packet sniffing when using an untrusted or wireless network.
We do not require PPPoE, but instead provide a true bridged connection.
For static IP customers, we offer four or eight static IPs included. Additional IPs up to a full half class C are available for a one-time setup fee - no additional monthly!]

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