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Review by kmcmurtrie See Profile

  • Location: Sunnyvale,Santa Clara,CA
  • Cost: $110 per month (month by month)
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Support, uptime, and telephone"
Bad "AT&T wires, telemarketers, modem fees"
Overall "Good local ISP"
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Connection reliability:
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Value for money:
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This is a local ISP offering a wide variety of features for both everyday and power users. Online support has been fast and knowledgeable.

Their Fusion product provides ADSL2+, static IP address options, e-mail hosting, web hosting, and plain telephone service.

The telephone service has free national calls and free international calls to selected countries. The sound quality can't be beat. Call forwarding, voicemail to IMAP, caller ID, and call blocking are supported. Sonic.net's phone service is unfortunately an illegal telemarketing magnet. Expect a phone call every morning at 9:30 and a few more until night. Sonic.net claims to have "Spam Call Blocking" but it has been completely ineffective ever since telemarketers started using random local numbers as their Caller ID. I get more telemarketers on Sonic.net in a DAY than other phone providers get in a YEAR. Support claims they can do nothing to trace or block the calls.

ADSL2+ is delivered at whatever your AT&T wires can handle with about a 6dB SNR margin. That can be anything from near-zero to 20Mbps. There's an option to bond two Fusion lines together to double your bandwidth. Other than that, neighborhoods with old AT&T wires are out of luck. Static IP addresses can be purchased and there's a way to switch Annex M on and off using your phone.

My service is two bonded Fusion lines using Annex M. The combined modem bitrate is a very consistent 8/2 Mbps delivering 7/1.6 Mbps actual. That's usually too low for video-on-demand at high quality. When asked about upgrade options, Sonic could only offer 5/5 Mbps for $599/month on their FlexLink Ethernet plan. I hope to get bandwidth elsewhere but keep one Fusion line for phone calls.

Warning! New Fusion customers must pay a $6.50/month modem rental fee. Only older customers can opt-out.

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