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Review by pkorx8 See Profile

  • Location: San Francisco,San Francisco,CA
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Great customer service and support"
Bad "Not enough pre-install coordination and planning; stuck with SLOW ATT copper lines"
Overall "If Sonic rides on your telco line, you may be better off with telco"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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This was my attempt to get out of the "Comcast promo rate game", but in the end it did not work (read to the end)

Ordered self-install kit for the DSL $40/month single line service with a required DSL phone line from Sonic.net, advertised for "upto 20Mbps". The house had DSL service before from COVAD, so I thought I can just plug to the same ports leftover.

After clicking thru the order on the Sonic site, I received the DSL modem via UPS and a call from Sonic to schedule a truck-roll appointment with ATT, because the service will ride on ATT's lines for the house.

On appointment day, I took the morning off from work to stay at home because my telco demarcation point is inside the house. Towards the last 30mins of the 4hour appointment window, I get an email from Sonic telling me I'm all set. I plugged in modem on any of the ports and nothing happened. I call Sonic and they had to schedule another ATT truck-roll appointment for the next day. The ATT guy did not even knock on my door that day.

The second day (took the morning off from work again!!!) the ATT guy actually showed up, did some more work on the junction box outside and then tested my ports at the demarcation point to make sure it actually is connected. When he finished, he called Sonic to confirm a connection.

Plugged in the DSL modem, it works. Received a call from Sonic as I was playing around with different ports in the house to connect the modem. Sonic tech told me over the phone that latency was bad, indicating very bad wiring in the house and I should connect directly to the demarcation point. I complied.

Unfortunately, the best I can get is 2Mbps down/~500kbps up, FAR from the advertised speed. There is nothing they can do because I run on ATT lines and I'm ~11K' from the CO.

I'm in the process to cancel the service, which Sonic has no problem with. I have to go back to the "Comcast promo rate game". And if I really want DSL, the ATT promo offer is ~$15/month (basically the exact same Sonic service) on that pathetic line.

I wished Sonic could have provided some more accurate estimation of what I'm getting before I wasted 2days from work and then find out that this is not for me. Also, I wished they could have ordered ATT to test the connection on day one, instead of wasting a second day.

The Sonic customer service guys have been great, they are actually techie guys and know what is going on. I really want Sonic to work, but it didn't happen for me.


I called Sonic today and they had no problem canceling and prorating my service. Waiting for a return label, so I can ship the modem back for refund.

They understood completely that 3Mbps service isn't going to work.

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