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Review by PBelle547 See Profile

  • Location: San Francisco,San Francisco,CA
  • Cost: $52 per month (month by month)
Good " Fast speeds, awesome support, great value"
Bad "still upgrading system to fiber optic, some spots slow due to old copper"
Overall "SONIC is the best ISP 7 Phone service I have dealt with, great reliable connection, resonable prices, NO CAPS, free long distanc"
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To DSLReports,
I was a happy AT&T DSL user from 2005 to 2010, then in late 2010 I was
getting notices from AT&T telling me I was exceeding my allotted
bandwidth, even though I originally signed up for Unlimited DSL .
calling AT&T tech support was at least a 3 hour ordeal, with endless voice mail boxes.
plus I began to have connectivity issues.
A close friend of mine who was also a long time AT&T user also got feed
up with limited bandwidth, he told me he found a local ISP named SONIC.
Sonic not only provided me with 3 times the download speed, (5 Gigs) I
also got free long distance and caller ID all for $53 a month , much
cheaper then AT&T.
Best of all Sonic provides unlimited access, no caps, and best of all
customer service is utterly amazing, first time I called a reached a
live person in under 3 minuets, my problem was solved in under a half
Sonic is the best ISP and phone company I have ever dealt with, and I am
51 years old.
I have been using a home PC since 1998, thank God there is an
alternative to humongous ISP's who treat people like dirt,
provide crappy service, and charge top dollar.
If your feed up with your phone company or your ISP check out SONIC.NET
it's da bomb man !

Patrick B.
San Francisco, CA

member for 6.1 years, 9 visits, last login: 3 years ago
updated 3 years ago