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  • Location: San Francisco,San Francisco,CA
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Sonic.net has awesome customer service"
Bad "Nothing so far"
Overall "We had several issues getting set up with Sonic.net dsl. Customer service was able to quickly resolve and address all of them."
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Install Co-ordination:
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I recently moved to a new apartment and decided to try out Sonic.net as
an ISP. Previously we had had AT&T dsl and I was sick of their lousy
customer service. Upon calling Sonic.net, I was immediately connected
with a knowledgeable sales person who helped us get the ball rolling.
After a couple days, we had our service turned on but the modem was not
able to synch up. I called the customer service and was able to speak
with a person on the phone in no time at all. No dumb automated menu
system that takes forever to navigate. Nope--just a person on the other
end of the phone and from the sounds of it located in the Bay Area.

They were able to schedule a representative from AT&T to come by and fix
the issue within 3 days of the call. Afterwards we were able to connect
to the Internet but were experiencing frequent drops in service. Again
I was able to connect with a knowledgeable support person who gave me a
couple ideas on how to improve the connection. He also mentioned that a
new modem might resolve the issue. I was willing to give it a shot and
after 3-4 days we received the new modem in the mail. I got it set up
shortly and ever since have experienced a higher downstream and no loss
of connectivity.

I am thoroughly impressed with the customer service representatives. Not
only are they a pleasure to call but the person actually knew what he
was talking about and was able to resolve my issue. This is the exact
opposite from my experience with AT&T.

I could not be a happier customer. Sonic.net provides great Internet
service at the same price as AT&T and with much better service. I see
no reason to choose AT&T over them. Outstanding company.

(review was emailed from domain dons.usfca.edu)
lodged 2.9 years ago