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Review by deh1974 See Profile

  • Location: San Francisco,San Francisco,CA
  • Cost: $52 per month
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Moving to new Fusion service increased speeds almost 2x"
Bad "7 bucks more a month (taxes, really), week to get a sonic tech onsite"
Overall "EPIC WIN"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I've been a customer for 3+ years, but was running on their old capped ADSL2 product - it was dry loop service for 45 bucks a month (all in) but it was capped at 6mb/1mb, with a real world performance of like 5.4mbs down and .85 or so up. The service was reliable - I had a modem or two along the way (the Motorola 2200 series) but other than that, I had more problems with my internal WiFi than anything ever with the DSL service for

Well, this March, there was a big wind storm. My DSL began to flake out, but I didn't connect the two incidents, as all phone lines are underground where I live now. I replaced the modem, think that was it, and still had unreliable service. After an initial AT&T truck roll where they didn't check anything, a Sonic tech was dispatched and he was awesome. He started tracing back the problem, and found that the problem was actually caused by the wind - due to the old phone box being on the roof and the wind blew an old, non-UV shielded wire around to where it caused a short.

This restored me back to the original service level. However, what really caused me to write this glowing review is what happened after. He and I chatted about my "old" service that was capped and he thought I could get faster service, being ~6200 ft from the CO. I told him that Sonic techs had previously said no, that 6 was the limit, due to "internal wiring" in my older building. He then tested inside the apartment and then directly at the phone box and determined that there was an underlying AT&T problem, that was undiagnosed previously of an unbalanced line. My internal wiring was evidently fine (previously, my speakeasy tech gave me the same "internal wiring" spiel too...)

One AT&T truck roll later and man, those guys suck. The guy showed up and said "its probably internal wiring" without even opening the phone box to test. He then proceeded to call his co-worker at the CO and started the conversation with "sorry to bother you - I got a ticket and its probably nothing but can you check..." he then claimed not to see the unbalancing, but after I insisted, he agreed that he could go up to the phone box and check.

He goes to the phone box (said he might change a wire) and I call Sonic. They answer fairly quickly and run a test, showing the aforementioned AT&T problem. He keeps testing and then the problem mysteriously clears up. The AT&T guy rounds the corner, having clearly done something. He gets back, tells me he "changed the wire" while not telling me anything more, I tell him that sonic says its fine now and he's like OK and leaves.

I call Sonic & at my request, they go into their tool, see how long my service has been bad, get me a credit upon quick consultation with a supervisor. We then discuss migrating to the new, slightly more expensive (w/ tax) uncapped service. After being hesitant due to the fact that if I can't get more, I can't go back to the cheaper service plan, I have them make the switch.

WOW. I'm now running tests that are 10.8 or higher - about 2x faster down - .97-.99 up, (up is only slightly better, but I don't upload much anyway.) I'm very very happy.

All in all, the onsite tech is by far the best I've dealt with (my landlord said that he's the single nicest tech he's ever had in over 25 years of owning two multi-unit buildings) and was willing to answer questions and help me get better service. I'm a networking guy as well - I have built out data centers as part of my day job - so while I may be more persistent or knowledgable than the average consumer, I still felt that they were extremely straight-forward and were really just concerned with my satisfaction. I appreciate everyone at Sonic going the extra mile.

A+ I liked Sonic before. I love them now.

There's only one thing: I would have migrated off the old service years ago, if they could just run a test uncapped, see what service you get, then go back and put the cap on. Apparently their tools don't allow this, which seems lame.

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