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Review by IMSMTO See Profile

  • Location: Fairfield,Solano,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 8 days
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This is written in the glow of that 'first day' of service, but there already is reason to write. My Fusion service started today, exactly on time. AT&T handed over the line to Sonic as scheduled and within half an hour I noticed that the modem showed green. The notification E-Mail came at 38 mins after the switch started. As I was working using a tethered Blackberry I continued doing so until I had completed my work. Meanwhile, I picked up my phone to check for dial tone, verify caller ID and that it rang OK. In doing so I observed that the modem dropped sync everytime I picked up the phone. This has been a long standing problem. I had AT&T in my house several times to fix it over the years but no problem was ever found. I replaced my phones and filters a couple of times and even the modem, all to no avail. Finally last year I gave up and cancelled my AT&T DSL. Owing to the rising cost of phone service with AT&T I decided to take a chance on Sonic Fusion. Even if I continued to have problems with the connection dropping I'd at least have DSL again and could just disconnect the phones if I needed to.

Later, I got on my computer and checked out the service. My first test was 4000k download. Much faster than I ever got from AT&T (I had tried the high speed service in the past, but it dropped so often that I rolled back to the basic speed). I looked at the modem's 'DSL line details' display to see how it looked. It showed a problem with 'uncancelled echo' and indicated that the DSL filters were at fault. I started disconnecting phones to see if it got better. It did. I ran a new test and got 8300k download. I connected everything again. A little later I refreshed the DSL details display. To my surprise there no longer was any problem being reported. While it might have been the simple act of disconnecting and reconnecting the phones that did it, I have to wonder if Sonic made some adjustments after I brought my computer online in the evening and started using the connection. I made several phone calls and in no instance did my connection drop again. I checked the modem and it still showed -6.1dB with no error. Earlier it had shown 7.8dB. So this is very good.

While I was reluctant to have to 'rent' a modem, the cost of the service with it was still about the same as my AT&T service with basic phone, long distance, no phone features and no DSL. Thus I have the Pace 4111N, which is a 2Wire device. I do miss my Netgear N300, particularly it's off switch. I also find the lights on the Pace to be overly bright with no way to dim them. It came partially preconfigured. The E-Mail I received from Sonic provided the other settings. I found the interface easy to navigate and had it setup and my computer connected to the wireless within minutes.

Based on the limited time I have had with Sonic, so far, so good.

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