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Review by NgtFlyer See Profile

  • Location: Marietta,Cobb,GA
  • Cost: $146 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 6 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Was a good 8 year run before the 3 way merger."
Bad "Terrible value for money. More frequent unexplained outages."
Overall "All good things must come to an end."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

After spending a couple of weeks reviewing different DSL providers, I decided to give Speakeasy a call. (My other choice would have been DirecTV DSL, glad I chose Speakeasy since I would be switching anyway!)

The person I spoke to in sales was very knowledgeable about routing and networking. This was the deciding factor. When I can ask a fairly advanced question and get a quick accurate answer BEFORE the sale, I know that I am in for good service AFTER the sale.

I ordered the 608/128 Sysadmin package that includes two static IP addresses, shell, rebate for the price of the self install kit which includes the Zyxel ethernet modem.

Speakeasy has a member page called "My Speakeasy" that gives access to all details about the account, webmail, news, status, etc. Among the choices you have is an order status page. This was kept up to date and provided me with the details I was looking for as the order progressed. When the self install kit arrived six days later, installation was a snap and my line was already live. I was online within 15 minutes of opening the box.

The connection itself has no bandwidth usage limit, no port or protocol blocking or watching and no limits on connections into or out of my network. For the IT professional, this is excellent. Of course, this means that the customer must take proper steps to secure their connection and configure their network.

Routing is very efficient with very low ping times throughout and zero packet loss. reliability has been perfect. I have only had to call technical support one time, and my call was handled courteously with minimal hold time and an instant resolution.

I would highly recommend Speakeasy for the technical professional who knows what he/she wants. Various packages and speeds are available.

I am completely satisfied with my choice in Speakeasy as my DSL provider.

**Update** Feb 6 2005

So here it is, two years later. I'm still a very happy Speakeasy customer with my highly upgraded account at 6.0/768. I work for a small IT solutions firm which has me in the field all the time. The nature of this business require a reliable connection to my servers back at home for diagnostics and tool availability. I have VPN tunnels established to a couple of places and push/pull a lot of data. No caps, connection is always fast and *always* up. In fact, my DSL connection is much more reliable than the Bellsouth T1 at the office, which has packet loss and sees downtime weekly. All of the engineers (all four) at work have been using my servers while in the field and have been very impressed with both speed and reliability. The connection just plain never goes down.

The few times I have needed to contact SE for support have always been an excellent experience. I have always been impressed with Speakeasy's well-trained team of engineers who extend best examples of courtesy and professionalism.

I still have the same Zyxel 645M. I think in two years this modem has required reset maybe three times. Not bad, considering I know of enterprise grade routers that need more attention than that.

Hats off to Speakeasy. Two years total customer satisfaction and hopefully many more!

**Update** Jan 27, 2007

Two years since my last update and absolutely nothing has changed. The connection is still solid, tech support (which is rarely ever needed) is always prompt and professional. Same Zyxel modem. Four years and counting. I'm very satisfied!

**Update** November 25, 2007

Almost another year, no change. I did finally ditch the land line and go with a dedicated data (Naked DSL) line. I was able to keep the same IPs and downtime was about the prescribed five days. Speed and reliability are still excellent.

**Update** April 3, 2011

So here it is, April of 2011. The Best Buy purchase really had no effect on my experience, but the Megapath/Covad/Speakeasy merger has. About two weeks ago, I was moved off of the Speakeasy network and over to Covad. High latency and obvious routing problems are prominent. I've been considering a change for awhile now as $146 a month (after all the junk fees) has become terrible value for money when I can get three times the speed for way less than half the money.

I work in IT, sometimes from home. I have servers. We transfer a lot of data. Static IPs are necessary and caps are not an option. I've made the call and am setting up a 50/10 Comcast Business connection. Kinda sad to lose these four static IP addresses that I've had since 2002, but it's time to move on. I can't bear to pay this much in 2011 for what was state of the art 12 years ago.

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