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Six Month Rating

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Review by jaykaykay See Profile

  • Location: Scottsdale,Maricopa,AZ
  • Cost: $79 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
  • Telco party Qwest
Good "The connection time to hook up was amazingly quick and pain free. The TAC follow up info was also easy to follow."
Bad "Sometimes the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing support-wise."
Overall "Jan. 20th, 2014, my leaving them should be complete!!! Service cutoff that date."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

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·Cox HSI
(1/7/09) Another yes. I am still with SE although thinking seriously of leaving after all this time. They are just too expensive and for the $79 per month, I am not getting nearly what others get elsewhere. I am still on the Legacy plan which is so legacied, I doubt it even makes sense to stay with SE on this plan, but their other plans are also too expensive.

We have not been getting anywhere near what we should be getting now, 768 up and down. Even with overhead, we should be getting better than this:

Speed Test #64405602 by dslreports.com

Run: 2009-01-07 22:15:14 EST

Download: 621 (Kbps)

Upload: 637 (Kbps)

In kilobytes per second: 75.8 down 77.7 up

The Spam filter, which I once praised, has gone to h***. It's catching a lot of Spam but SE is failing in picking up way too many addresses that have already been in my black list for some time. I got quick service/response when I put in a trouble ticket about this. I was basically told that the filter just wasn't very good. I agree!

I would still like them to upgrade the number of addresses that are allowed beyond the 500 for the Spam filter. After going on almost 10 years with SE, one can easily collect many many addresses for Spammers. They are still as prolific as rats! 500 accumulated addresses, after as many years as I have been with them, is waaaaaay too little, IMHO!

However, on a good point, my phone response time was not long and those I spoke to when needed for service were polite.

(3/19/08) Yes. I am still with SE. Other than finding my speed tests less than consistent, which they used to be, I have nothing bad to say about them yet. I've still had no problem with Support, and while I would like my speeds to be rock solid as the used to be before the past 6 to 9 months, I see no reason to leave them.

My service, the old Legacy connection of 768/384 was supposed to give basically the same up as down, the 768 minus overhead. Seldom any more am I getting that speed and I am unhappy about what i am getting as it is even slower than it should be most days. Nothing, absolutely nothing, has changed on my end so I have no idea what has caused the slower speeds.

I also would still like them to upgrade the number of addresses that are allowed beyond the 500 for the Spam filter. After going on almost 9 years, from the start of 2000, one can easily collect many many addresses for Spammers, as they are as prolific as mice. 500, after as many years as I have been with them, is really too little, IMHO.

(05/13/06) I am still using this ISP and aside from a question or 2 that I have had, I still have nothing bad to say about them. Granted, they are horribly expensive compared to many, but for my $$$, I think the service and uptime has been fantastic and I wouldn't want to try to find any other ISP for the same good record.

I would like one thing changed that they say they cannot do at this time though. I would like to be able to add more than a 500 cut off to Spamming addresses. Over the years, and I've been here for quite a few, the addresses have built up to the point where I may have to start deleting and hope I don't open a pandora's box.

Aside from that, I give a jolly 3 cheers and more to my friends at Speakeasy. It's a pleasure doing business with them.

(10/15/04) Today, I thought I would update my review and checked to see just how many Trouble Tickets I have had to enter since starting with SE and how well they have responded to them. In all the time I have been with SE, I have had only 19 TT and almost all of them have been handled well. There was only one that got handled with a lot of aggravation on my part. However, it eventually did get properly taken care of.

This is quite a record for any ISP when it comes to support/problems and solving them. I will still most certainly continue to recommend SE. They seem to be putting everything together well and continue to be A-1 in my book.

(1/15/03) I have had SE for going on 4 years now. I haven't written a report up till now finding it easier to do my writing in the Speakeasy Forum and elsewhere that I could. SE is not perfect and has its warts just like any other business, but over all, my choice to have gone and stayed with them couldn't be a more amicable one.

My service connection is not offered any more, 768/384 which most of the time is almost as good with the upload as with the down. While I qualify for a faster one, I am going to stick with what I have. If it ain't broke, why fix it. I get at least 80% throughput, and for me, this is great. I am not a gamer, so the latency issues don't really come into the picture unless there is a problem. I would love to see SE have a local POP here, but from the looks of things, that is not to be in the offing. If there was a local POP, I would then have to say that everything was just about perfect as the latency would be far less as well. Going 1800+ miles to ones POP does affect the pings!

Would I recommend SE to others? You bet!!! Would I be upset if I had to try to find another ISP? You bet!!! Do I hope to remain with SE? You bet, and I believe that they will only get better. Is it worth the extra money I pay for my account compared to the other choices that I have available to me, both DSL and cable? You bet!!!!

October 30, 2010

I used another ISP when on vacation this year. While I loved the speed at some times during the day, the delays during other parts of the day were really frustrating. I may have a slow up and down with SE, which is exactly what I pay for, but since it is an old connection not offered any more, it works more like a business connection, the same up as down. After using the other connection, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that!

Plus, per usual, SE has been spot on about not losing the connection or dropping it for me. I am still pleased to have them even though they are far more expensive than others that I could easily have, including cable.

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·Cox HSI

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Way too many problems...Megapath, be gone!

Since trying to upgrade our speed and not being able to due to the bridged modem and our first mile connection, plus horrendous problems with them knowing which foot they were standing on with email, etc. and having to send way too many TT's, enough was enough. It would have been much easier staying with them had we had a real option, but we didn't. Hence, we're out of there and at a nice cost savings too, IMHO. Our service should be cut off as of tomorrow. I am hoping that they won't create further problems with their billing as I've read that they have done in the past when one has been canceling their service.

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