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Review by tkdslr See Profile

  • Location: Pompano Beach,Broward,FL
  • Cost: $55 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 6 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Order status updates are nice.."
Bad " taxes and/or fees placed on invoices. (Very high latency to internet)"
Overall "expensive .. but the alternatives are quickly disappearing."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

·T-Mobile US
Install ok.

I had a pre-existing Bridged service (Static IP) through a Bell South reseller ...
I opted out of having them ship another me yet modem, I used to be one a Directv DSL's beta sites for DSL modems.. except they never responded to my email about correct VPI and VCI settings.. I did some research and had to guess.

.. speed is what I expected for a 1536/384 connection.
Bellsouth wires.. Covad switch in CO..

MY. biggest peeve.. Speakeasy tacking on all sorts of bogus taxes and doubling billing. Without consent.. they billed two months up front.. OH.. A gave them a credit card to establish service.

Florida is a ZERO internet tax state.. neither state nor local governments can add any taxes to the bill..

Here is a break down of my bill ..

49.95 Monthly DSL line charge
1.87 Federal regulatory fees

Tax Reimbursements:
2.38 Utility tax city
2.72 Utility tax State
0.95 Statutory Gross receipts tax
1.50 Regulatory Compliance fee

59.37 (total fees and other crap for each month service. )

Everything below Federal regulatory fee is a fraud..

snip.. I eventually won that argument, and SE removed the extra taxes..

Invoices now read..

Monthly DSL line charge 49.95
Regulatory Compliance Fee 3.50
Monthly total 53.45


Several years of slowly degrading down to 768/384 and then improved(normal 1.5M/384) service after BS removed bridge taps on all the phone lines in the neighborhood as a prelude to deploying their Universe TV service.


Update... 10/13/2010... Latency to 1st hop concentrator router & DNS server is now absurdly high.. 82ms.. (30-34ms is normal)

I first reported high 52 ms latency 9/22/2010, after I notice my router losing sync and renegotiating. So I opened a repair ticket #3191188 and SE tech support replied..

"Anything lower that 100ms is considered fine. If the connection keeps dropping, you will want to contact our support @ 800-556-5829 for further assistance."

Needless to say, that's totally unacceptable.. And my reply minced no words about my dis-satisfaction with SE's statement I've started looking for alternative service.

Note: After a week or two, my connection latency to Atlanta dropped back to normal range of 32ms.

But, last weekend(10/10/2010) best case latency to Atlanta was back up 72ms, and right now(10/13/2010) its 82 ms. I'm still pissed off from my previous repair ticket exchange, so I'm not even going to report it. I'll be dumping SE shortly after I shift my website/email/ftp/proxy functions to a virtual Linux hosting firm and switch to PPPoE, yuck, gag, AT&T aDSL for 1/3 the price.

I really despise paying a premium rates for shitty service.
I've downgraded my review ratings appropriately.

Update 3/14/2012, This is my final review.. I placed disconnect request in today via trouble ticket, I will follow up with a voice call when they .

My adsl speed has degraded to 928K/384K.. sometimes even lower.. 384K/384K
due to at&t deploying nearby Uverse customers.. Not much Covad/Megapath/Speakeasy can do.. it's a line crosstalk issue controlled/created by at&t..

I signed up with ipath.com for my website/email hosting($3/mo, 2yrs) and a 50gb($12) block of usenet access with NewsGroupDirect.com. My new I-net dhcp/nat access via wireless, it's much faster, up to 7Mb/2Mb wayy cheaper, but capped, @5GB/month, and not nearly as reliable. Such as life, compromises.

Next step.. port my old POTs line to low cost prepaid cell phone and kiss at&t goodbye forever. Grrr, at&t has been a real pain in^&%/nightmare for me.

Update 12/14/2012

Well, I've been gone from SE/Megapath for 9 months now.. And the new Megapath has managed to surprise me once more!!! At least one of their Email, Problem trouble report, and/or Account databases have been compromised.

How do I know??. For ten years now, I've been giving each vendor I do business with, a UNIQUE email address. (A hard coded sender id)... Yesterday, 12/13/2012, I received several AMEX card email phishings from Burgas, Bulgaria using the email account name I only gave to SE and nobody else. Can we say .. Busted.. That will cost them another notch in tech support category..

Lucky for me..I no longer have an Amex card(>15years), and I run my own email domain.. I'll just re-alias that old SE account to the automatic discard bin..

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