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Review by lsiden See Profile

  • Location: Ann Arbor,Washtenaw,MI
  • Cost: $80 per month
  • Telco party Cavalier
Good "speed, courteous support reps"
Bad "frequent outages and no customer notification of problem"
Overall "see if there's someone better"
Value for money:

I started with Cavtel, now Windstream. In past two weeks there have been all-day outages. Cavtel/Windstream does nothing to communicate this via their websites nor Twitter accounts (@cavtel, @windstream) that they are aware of problem, working on it, and when they expect to restore service. You have to keep calling their support number to wait to speak to someone and find out or try resetting your modem. Don't forget to wait for 2 min before turning it back on and another 3-4 minutes for it to come back up in order to find out if service is restored.

After calling to complain, they credited my account with $3.60, which I won't see for another month or two. That's it!

Customer reps are always courteous and my speed seems to be consistent at ~2.5Mbps, but reliability and customer communication are severely lacking.

I called AT&T and their rep won't give me an estimate for when they will send someone to give me new service. They said I have to disconnect from my current ISP first and be without internet until they send someone but won't tell me when.

The IPS's and telecoms have us all over a barrel and they know it. I think de-regulation has made it much worse.

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