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Review by diablo1892 See Profile

  • Location: Friendly,Tyler,WV
  • Cost: $20 per month
  • Telco party Verizon
Good "Gaming would do great for atleast 5 hours straight or more a day"
Bad "Webpages and file downloading would take as long as waiting in line to ride a roller coaster with say 500 people in-line"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Value for money:

My Other Reviews

·Frontier Communi..
Not totally postive if this is the correct ISP that we use to have but it might have been with verizon (since i can't find any other dialup ISP's), we thought about going with wildblue or hughesnet since there both satellite and they both have high-speed.. Well turned out we went to HughesNet and if we could, we would switch back to Dialup but the speeds are dreadful.

I believe it was the best package they offered, the price was very cheap, way cheaper then our new service provider witch is now HughesNet .. Not sure how long exactly we were with Dialup, maybe 10 years

The installation was done before my time or maybe i had just forgotten.

Not sure what kind of brand it was, we had a little telephone box outside that had the telephone line connected up with and we still have that box still on the side of our house.

We use to be with Dialup a long time ago but we had to drop them due to there lack of speed and needing to obtain a dial tone.. When we did have Dialup, the only main thing i remember we did on it was play games, my brothers played final fantasy 11 (i think) .. Lag was almost as it did not exist in the game since there barely ever was any. Our neighbor witch is also our relative/uncle he still has Dialup and he has to wait nearly all night just for the webpages finally loads.. He has his own tomtom and says the updatting takes an entire 2 weeks just to complete the whole download proccess, where instead he insisted us to do it with our new service provider.. Did the updatting in the mornings and come to think of it, it only toke 2 hours to complete. When the connection would drop we would normally have to wait for the phone commpany truck to arrive below our house for atleast a month, sometimes they arrived when it was dead and the connection was still not opperational.. How do i know it was the phone company truck and not some electrical company truck? It had verizon writen on the side of it.. One night (when we had Dialup) one of our neighbors came to our a front door with a complaint about the phone service doing something strange.. She said she can hear us talking over the phone with another person through her own phone. Is that a problem or something just plan normal?

The location of witch our service provider toke place at is 40 miles away, some place called RC/video or something very similar to that.. They sell/rent video's there.

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