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Six Month Rating

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Review by pismodiver See Profile

  • Location: San Francisco,San Francisco,CA
  • Cost: $41 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 12 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Fast, easy install; great speeds; good value; can finally ditch landline"
Bad "Nothing so far."
Overall "Happy that I could get faster service and not have to switch providers."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I've been a DSLX customer for probably close to 10 years total, in San Francisco and previously in Pismo Beach, CA.

My last upgrade was to the 6M/786K service, although I don't think I ever got better than 4M/600K in my present location. Also it seems that I was having to reset the (10 yo original) modem every couple of weeks, when it used to go for months without a problem.

I had been hoping for faster service, but I could not bring myself to go with cable, if for no other reason than I hate Comcast with the heat of a thousand white hot suns. So when I saw DSLX's twitter mention their new trueStream service, I knew this would be for me. I went with the 12/1 service, although I was eligible for the 45M service, because realistically, it would have been for bragging, not because I require that much bandwidth.

I got my 1st choice install time and the tech arrived right in the middle of the two hour window. After poking around the box for a few minutes, he discovered that something needed to be hooked up from the "box" about 90ft away, so another tech needed to be called. (I know nothing about telephone electronics, so pardon my lack of specifics.) This took about another 1.5 hours, but when the tech came back to my house, it took about 20 minutes for him to install the AT&T branded 5031NV gateway, and it was up and running. It was simple to log on to and change the SSID and PW, and the GUI is easy to use.

My first speed test showed 15M/1.5M, faster than what I paid for, yay! So for about $10 more, I have 3x the speed, and I can finally ditch my AT&T landline and save $40/month. I've been happy with DSLExtreme in the past, so I anticipate smooth sailing.

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Review by Kiedjor4 See Profile

  • Location: Union City,Alameda,CA
  • Cost: $47 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 16 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "If Issues arise they will be there to help! Got higher speeds :)"
Bad "None I can think of.:)"
Overall "I ordered it and it arrived, horray!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

1.I ordered the trueSTREAM Max 12.0/1.0Mbps Dynamic IP Month Contract $37.95/mo.

2.Took about two hours to get install done, not long at all.

3.AT&T UVERSE Wifi modem.

4.When I first made the order and waited patiently to see what the date was. I contacted dslx_nick and dslx_gm on what install dates might be on DSLX forums. After little while figuring it out I received install date on 15th. Due to problem on my part I had incorrect address name on my order. But it was quickly resolved by contacting nick and gm about it. They work with me to see what another ideal date might be. So we decided on 17th (today) and it took about hour to two hours to get install process done.I want to say thank you to DSLX for awesome customer service! Thank you!

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Review by Yeloazndevil See Profile

  • Location: Riverside,Riverside,CA
  • Cost: $36 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Very good service and great support"
Bad "none at all"
Overall "One of the best"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I originally had dsl since 2007 and this past year the connection became unreliable and went down constantly. So around 2 weeks ago I went to dslextreme site and I saw truestream and decided to see if I could get it. I was surprised I could even get it since AT&T always said U-Verse wasn't available in my area.

I decided to get the 12/1 plan since it was a nice price, on the installation day the tech came on time within the time window and very courteous and explained everything to me. He had to run a new line since the wiring in my house is odd and it was showing 1000+ feet, at the phone box it was around 675 feet. It took the tech a little bit less than an hour for everything, but getting the connection up and running with at&t customer service took 2 hours. After that the connection was finally up and stable. I did a speedtest and I got 15.14Mb/s down and 1.86 Mb/s up with a 16ms ping and connection has been stable since installation.

The tech provided me with a Pace 5031 modem which I will eventually put into 'bridge' mode and use my own router since on the modem it takes forever to get to the firewall settings.

Overall it was a good experience and I am happy with the fast speeds and great support from dslextreme.

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Review by det427 See Profile

  • Location: Santa Rosa,Sonoma,CA
  • Cost: $62 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 16 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Great service and support!"
Bad "A little slow in getting upgraded to 6000 k/s service"
Overall "Great ISP!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I saw the link to DSL Extreme 6000 k/s web page in a Sonic.net newsgroup (my old ISP).
The price was only $2.00 extra ($59.95 plus the Federal Universal Service Fund charge) for 4 times the speed!
The thing that convinced me to change was the "Lifetime Price Freeze".
Sonic and SBC has a price leader for one year then reverts to a higher price.
I want the price to remain the same!
I ordered on Jan. 15 and was seamlessly transferred with an ISP Change Order on Jan. 31 with no downtime!
I just put in my new static ip and was surfing the net.
The only problem was getting upgraded to the 6000 k/s service (was transferred at my original 1500 k/s).
It took a couple of calls and emails to get it going.
I figured since this was a promotion period it was pretty hectic for DSL Extreme.
I might have fallen through the cracks.
It took me three weeks to finally be upgraded.
The phone support varied from 15 - 45 minutes based on what time of day I called.
I learned about DSL Extreme having their own forum on BBR.
I learned how to use DSLX's forum to "instant message" (IM) support.
The forum is all I use now for support!
The support on DSLX's forum is excellent!
I did get upgraded to the 6000 k/s service a day earlier than what was on the Order Status Page.
I "IM"ed George, the GM of DSLX, to change my router profile from 1500 k/s to 6000k/s.
He changed it in less than 30 minutes!
Since I was at the 1500 k/s for three weeks I asked George if I could be prorated at the price of the 1500 k/s service.
He said no problem and was done in a matter of hours!
My speed is constant too!!
At Sonic my speed was all over the place (90 to 120 K/s)
Sonic thought the problem was at my end.
I just have one desktop computer, a SpeedStream 5360 DSL Bridge, and no router: nice and simple.
I did not know what the problem was until I came to DSLX.
I am on a Remote Terminal.
Toaster2K, a SBC tech, said when I transfer to a new ISP I get reprofiled and rerouted.
I found out that both the backbone provider, SBC and the ISP, DSLX, both have to profile me on their respective routers especially if I am on an RT.
Apparently, at the time, Sonic did not know to do this on their routers.
That is why my speed was all over the place.
Sonic has since corrected this.
DSLX already knew what to do.
My speed is rock solid at 5+ mbs down and ~520 k/s up!
I wanted to wait a few weeks to see if my speed would stay consistent before writing a review.
It has with no problems!
I would highly recommend DSLX to anyone and have done so myself!
Great job DSLX and thanks for solving my erratic speed problem!

I downgraded my service to 1500/384 kbs dynamic connection a few months ago to save some money since I do not do a lot of downloading anymore.
It was a little slow for my taste.
I upgraded to 3000/512 kbs dynamic connection shortly after.
This throughput is just right for my habits.
DSLX had a problem with a Northern California router around a month ago.
On the first boot of the day my dsl bridge would not grab an IP.
I had to either reboot or do a command prompt to get a connection.
DSLX, through this forum, found out the problem in a timely manner.
I am thoroughly satisfied with the service and support.
I have recommended many people and will continue to do so.
Thanks, DSLX!

I upgraded back to a static connection earlier this year. Sometimes the DHCP connection would take a while to connect. I guess I was spoiled to an instant connection! I was on the DHCP connection for less than a year. Since the price of a static connection was only a few dollars a part from the 3000 kbs to the 6000 kbs throughput I opted to go back to the 6000 kbs static connection I originally had. Just a few days ago, I upgraded my connection to the 6000/768 kbs static service. Thanks to a few outspoken DSLX forum members and DSLX's management listening to their customers the static price dropped $10.00 and the upload increased! Once again DSLX comes through again! Thanks DSLX!

I was having trouble sending email through Outlook Express but could send it through web mail. I posted the problem on DSLX's Forum on a Sunday. I must have gotten "buried" under more important issues because I had to post a "what's up" a few days later. George, the GM, got involved and had it fixed it in a relatively short time. He stated it was probably the IP block wasn't properly configured in the mail server to relay mail. I appreciate the feedback. I also changed from a static ip to a dynamic ip via DHCP on a month to month basis with the same throughput (6016/768 kbs). I am trying to save a few dollars per month. So far, except for the recent Northern California outage, no problems. Thanks DSLX again!

No problems, just chugging along! My only gripe is I wish AT&T would offer higher throughput to DSL Extreme. I found out I could get Uverse but with only a little higher upload it is not worth it since I get good customer support from DSLX!

Still working great! AT&T Uverse has a 10 Mbps download now. I wish they would pass this along to DSLX!

Everything smooth sailing! Just wish AT&T would share some Uverse bandwidth with DSLX!

No problems or glitches! Come on AT&T let DSL Extreme sell your Uverse product!

Just renewed for another year for $32.83 total! Price went down three dollars a month from last year. I thought about Uverse but having no problems with my 6 mbs connection I decided to stay with DSLX. Besides, I won't get anymore cards and letters from at&t anymore for Uverse; I would miss that!

Still working great! DSLX said new options will be happening soon! Hope it is Uverse through DSLX!

Well my dream came true yesterday: I have AT&T Uverse through DSLX!
I have the Power DSL: 45Mbs down, 6Mbs up. My actual throughput is 50Mbs down and 5.5Mbs up!
The install went smooth for both the installer and I.
I had a "homerun" telephone wire that I added back in 1997 as a second phone line so I would not miss calls on my voice line. The installer said that was good enough to install Uverse without need of a cat5 line. It took him less than an hour to get things going. the VRAD is only around 700-800 feet away at the end of the court where I live! After twelve hours I only have one FEC error! I always had a good DSL line. Looks like I am still lucky! A bonus is it comes with IPV6.
Since it is a dry loop I can drop my land line. The price for Uverse is almost the same price as my 6Mbs DSL/landline bills!
Thanks, DSLX!

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Review by DSL Robot See Profile

  • Location: Carson,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $60 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 13 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Reliable, fast, dry loop connection, great tech support"
Bad "none so far"
Overall "Recommended for anyone that can get it"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

10/3/2014 Update
This week, DSL Extreme offered the option of purchasing the modem for $100 with one year warranty instead of paying a lease for $6.50 / month. I went ahead and purchased the modem (Pace 5031NV). I will probably buy an extra one for backup. Now my monthly rate is just under $60.

Connection is still solid at 22M down and 1.7M up. No problems at all.

Review of DSL Extreme using trueSTREAM. 18M/1.5M @$67.33 per month with 4 static IPs.

My DSL Extreme 6000/768 package has been working great for the last 10 years. Recently, I ordered their new trueSTREAM service.

The installation process was smooth - I ordered online and picked a date for installation. DSL Extreme gave me reminder phone calls and emails. The installer was on time. He had a good signal at my phone box, but it took awhile to figure out how my house phone jacks were wired. My old modem was upstairs about 30 ft from the phone box, where I have a router and web and email server. He had to find the right pair of wires to connect at each jack. At first he thought he had it according to his equipment, but the gateway would not connect. So he checked more jacks in the house and even went into the attic. Finally, he tried one more time, and it worked. It has been a solid connection ever since. BTW: The installation fee ($199) was waived. Also, the installer was adamant about not disturbing my existing DSL connection. I had the old connection for a couple of days while I got my new connection configured and tweaked.

I am consistently getting 22M down and 1.5 - 1.8M up. Before, with my 6M download connection, I got speeds around 5M because of the overhead. Now it's nice to get a higher download and upload speed than what I signed up for.

My old Speedstream modem was in bridge mode, and I use an ASUS RT-N16 running DD-WRT to route the public IPs to a websites and email server PC. The new service uses a Pace 5031NV gateway, which does not have bridge mode, but does have Cascaded Router mode. Once it was setup, everything was routed from outside to my internal router. I added a post with a document link on this site for how I setup for static IPs:
»[trueSTREAM] Using static IPs with Pace 5031NV gateway

Since we no longer needed the landline for DSL, we decided to port our home phone number to our magicJack account. We started the transfer online on a Saturday and within minutes we could dial out. Then on the following Monday evening, we got an email from magicJack stating the transfer was complete - and it worked. We were paying about $31 / month for metered rate landline plus caller ID to block junk calls. Now we pay about $1.70 / month with caller ID, voicemail email (my favorite), etc.

So our Internet + landline phone was $62.83 + $31 = $93.83 / month. Now our Internet + phone is $67.33 + about $1.70 for magicJack = $69.03 / month. BTW: Our TV is free. We use an indoor antenna to feed all TVs in the house and it works great.

So we are saving money (about 26%) with a connection that is about 4 times faster!

We are so glad that we ordered the trueSTREAM service. As usual, during the process, we got great tech support from George and Nick on the DSL Extreme forum via IM, email, and phone.

Reviews of DSL Extreme using SBC. 6000/608 @$62.83 per month with 3 static IPs.

It's been another great year with DSL Extreme. The connection has been very reliable. I recently upgraded from the 1500/256 to the 6000/608 plan. Everything went smoothly and on time. I am fortunate to be 4000' from an RT and my speeds test at around 5080/512. Recently, I got two more free static IPs for a total of 3. I purchased a new router to handle multiple IPs - a DLink DFL-80. Works great. This firewall router allows you to map external IPs to internal networks or servers with individual filtering. Now my internal network is totally stealth on 1 IP and my web server is on another IP. I currently use the third IP for a web camera.

The tech support has been excellent - especially on this web site. They seem to keep right on top of everyone's problems and requests via IM and email. You can learn a lot by just reading the posts.

As usual, I recommend DSL Extreme to anyone that can get it.

I have been using DSL Extreme for almost a year and its been great. Speeds have been averaging about 1000 / 128. Email has been good, too.

Recently, I posted in the DSL Extreme forum on this site about my BroadMax HSA300A modem that would go to sleep once in a while. Even though my "ping once an hour" workaround helped quite a bit, the modem would still go to sleep sometimes. DSL Extreme responded to my post that there was new firmware available to fix the sleep problem. I contacted Tech support by phone and they sent me a BroadMax HSA300A-2 modem. The new modem has been working perfectly and I no longer need to ping the gateway every hour to keep the modem from sleeping. Problem solved.

Looking forward to another great year of broadband with DSL Extreme!

I moved from Torrance, CA to Carson, CA in Feb / 2002. In Torrance, I used Road Runner for a little over a year and it worked very well with only a few glitches.

Since DSL Extreme offered a static IP and because of such rave reviews here on DSLReports, I decided to use them instead of AT&T cable or PacBell DSL.

I ordered the $540 special from their web site: one year with modem. I was given a courtesy call a couple of days later informing me that it would take a week or so since I just got my phone line activated. It was nice to get a confirmation. I got the modem in just a few days. I also got an email giving me my static IP and mail server addresses.

On the day scheduled for install, I got a call from a PacBell tech saying that he was in the neighborhood to hook up my DSL and that I may experience a phone outage. Again, I appreciated the status.

He called later as promised and I could see from the modem LEDs that I was on line. My connection worked right away.

It worked fine for a day or so, then I could not communicate. This happened again for the next couple of days: worked for a while, then no connection, so I called DSL Extreme tech support on a Saturday afternoon. The knowledgeable tech was immediately looking at packets from my modem and analyzing the situation. It was determined that I had the same IP address as someone else. He assigned me a new IP address. To do this, he had to contact someone who wasn't in that day. During our testing, I also determined what I thought was a cable problem. I could communicate using a hub and two straight cables, but could not use the crossover cable that came with the modem (for a direct connection to my router).

It turns out that the modem RJ45 receptacle had one pin that was not quite in its slot, so my straight cables would make contact but the crossover cable would not. Later, after I had to wiggle the cable once to restore communication, I asked DSL Extreme to send me a replacement modem. They immediately sent me a new one. No hassles.

Another problem I had was this: If I didn't use my computers for about 16 hours, then I could not communicate, even if I accessed my web server from outside. When I got home from work and fired up my main computer, I could not ping the gateway. The modem LEDs were all normal and the data LED was flashing every two seconds. To fix it, I had to power cycle the DSL modem.

I called DSLExtreme and the tech informed me that the modems go into a sleep mode after no activity so they have to be power cycled.

After observing this problem for a few times, I decided to try an experiment and add a ping script to my Linux web server's cron.hourly directory. This automatically pings my gateway once every hour. This has cured the problem. Now I don't have to power cycle the modem. I have not lost my connection for about two weeks now.

After almost 3 months, I am very happy with the service and it's been a smooth ride after fixing the startup glitches. Since the DSL Extreme tech support was great, these glitches were solved quickly. I think that every new DSL/Cable connection may take one or two weeks to get the kinks out.

I also have a DSL Extreme dial-up account for backup and remote dial in. It costs only $5 / month.

Speeds have averaged around 1100 / 130 and have been fairly consistent. The DSLR line test found 0 packet loss and the Dr. Ping test was 75.

The mail has been perfect. And you can also access your email from the DSL Extreme web site, which is a nice plus.

I recommend DSL Extreme to anyone that can get it.

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Review by lindend See Profile

  • Location: Fort Lauderdale,Broward,FL
  • Cost: $70 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Tremendous support, extremely customer friendly"
Bad "Stuck w/rental modem & 10 hour install"
Overall "Uncapped service that is customer friendly. Recommend highly!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Existing Solution: I had Earthlink DSL (in theory 3mbps down, 256kbps up. Typically seeing downloads around 2.7mbps and uploads ranging between 56kbps and 190kbps). Prices rising and clearly no plans for higher speed service. Been looking for years for another ISP with uncapped internet. When trueSTREAM was announced and was available in my area, I signed up right away after a feed positive reviews on dslreports.com

Before trueSTREAM, I had a POTS and a DSL line and I mentioned to dslx_gm I wanted both active after trueSTREAM was installed. These instructions were clear as the installer mentioned he was under strict instructions that all lines were to remain active (and the other two lines remained active throughout the install (and still are alive))

Order: trueSTREAM 45/6 service

Pre-Sales Support : Excellent support from dslx_gm via IM. Answered a ton of my questions.
Received call the day the appointment was confirmed, the day before the install (Friday) and an email confirmation the night before (Sunday)
Something humorous, a got a reminder call day roughly 2.5 hours into the install that the installer was coming. I think this is a problem w/early east coast installs and west coast personnel doing the reminders.

Post Sales Support: Got one email 24 hours later and then a follow up call this afternoon. DSL Extreme rep just wanted to ensure that I was happy and the install went well.

Installer arrival: 8:40AM (install scheduled for 9AM). It was a very good thing that he came early as you'll later see.

Installer leave: 6:40PM
Install window: 9->11AM with a max install time of four hours

Installer: Very courteous, informed, friendly. Kept up to date throughout the install. Very early on, said inside was the easy part, was concerned about the outside and this would turn out to be prophetic. This installer was tremendous, I recommend him highly. Went way beyond to get my situation resolved. Being a techie, I had a ton of questions about where the VRAD was, how FTTH would work in the future, NIU prep for GigaPower. Always very patient, answered everything he could.

One thing of note: the installer said I was an enterprise customer (I guess cause we're going through DSL extreme)? As such, he could leave no uverse materials and really didn't have to hang around to verify the modem was functional.

He had to make a run or two to the VRAD during the morning, but by 11AM or so, everything was done inside and the NIU setup (but not connected). The connected CAT 5 from the NIU to the house so its ready for FTTH should that happen in this area (my CO is scheduled for a FTTH upgrade 2Q/3Q 2015 but unclear what neighborhoods will get this service). He opened a ticket for a service technician to connect the line and mentioned that it was possible another ticket might have to be opened to get a digging crew to dig up the splice so the new pair would be connected.

The service tech struggled to find the splice where the new pair was to be connected (Comcast has all their terminals above ground but in this area of Florida, all the AT&T/Bellsouth splices are buried 4-6 feed below ground--this was why the installer said the outside would be a problem). Complicating the problem was the fact that the splice was in the neighbors yard (fenced). So we had to get permission to enter (when she came back), then there was concern that we'd have to dig up the area where their pet was buried (thankfully that wasn't necessary, didn't want to have to disturb the pet)

The digging crew ticket should have been closed within an hour, but alas, the digging crew was dealing with a more complex ticket so they were delayed. The service tech could have just hung out and waited, but he started digging. Eventually, the digging crew arrived, and the splice located (around 4/4:30PM).

But of course, things weren't so simple. They struggled to find two adjacent slots to attach the new pair. This went on for a couple hours with additional techs and supervisors joining the party. Eventually, they found one extremely clean line and one pretty solid one (SNR 23 and 19 respectively). I'm about 2000ft from VRAD according to the tech.

Around 6:45 PM, the installer hooked up the modem (Motorola NVG589--I had asked for a Pace but this is all they seem to be installing in this area), it booted up and I got 5/5 service. I was like all this and that's all I get? You have got to be kidding me. Fortunately, I remembered that I had my ASUS router configured for QOS for my Earthlink connection rates. Disabled QOS temporarily, and I got 50/5.5. I expected 50 given the overprovisioning I've been seeing elsewhere, but was surprised at the 5.5. Was expecting around 6.5. Looking at the modem diags, looks like this service level has a theoretical max of 6mbps, so either the modem is misprovisioned or 6mbps really isn't attainable.

When I first setup the modem, I had downstream SNR of 17.4 (Line 1) and 22.1 (Line 2) which I was happy with (service tech he saw some minor FEC on one line but nothing to be concerned about). This was a direct connection to the modem. Being Florida and that fact that a monsoon just started, I tried to route the connection through my APC UPS to prevent surges. Problem is, I couldn't get a stable connection through the UPS, so I gave up and reconnected directly (hooked up an ethernet surge protector so the modem may die via a surge but my network should be ok--its a rental modem anyways as we can't buy our own now). After doing this, the SNR dropped to 12/13 range and has stayed between 12-15 since even through multiple boot cycles. I really don't understand why the first boot had those clean SNRs and I can't get them again once I tried connecting through the UPS.

In talking with the tech, I asked if there was anything that could be done with the SNR (17 + 22 before I started playing with the UPS). He said no, there's a FCard in the VRAD. Unlikely any improvement unless they upgrade to an NCard.

Installer stuck with me at it was around 7PM at this point. He verified I was up and running (though he didn't have too). However, it really does seem they treat enterprise customers special.

The last step in the process was to put the modem in bridge mode to see if the double NAT removal would help test results (it didn't). But the FAQ is quite useful:

»AT&T U-Verse FAQ »How do I setup bridge mode in the Motorola NVG589?

Finally: speedtest.net results are very consistent and match the line specs (50mbps down/5.4 mbps up), but mytest.net reports vastly different numbers 6.8/.823 to DC and 2.5/.566 to Dallas. My actual results (with very limited testing) seem to fall somewhat between speedtest.net and testmy.net reports.

Things I need to get sorted out:

1. Why am I not obtaining 6mbps up? Is it even possible?

Edit: after discussion w/dslx_gm, 6082 kbps is the theoretical max for the line, its not overprovisioned like the lower tier of services. So ~5.5mbps up is within the expected range. A little disappointing but I have my answer.

2. mytest.net variances and very low speed reports.

Edit: mytest.net variances explained in depth by houkouonchi

»Re: [trueSTREAM] differences between speedtest.net and testmy.net

Net: speedtest.net servers should produce more reliable results due to their capacity and latency calculations

3. why am I seeing 15mbps downloads on Ubuntu 12.04 w/speedtest

Found a python script on github


and now am getting 50/5.5 on Ubuntu just like Windows

Sorry for the long report, but a 10 hour install was quite involved and I'm not sure I really covered everything.

EDIT: I've enabled a line monitor for my connection in case anyone wants to track it in the DSLX line monitor group.

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Resold AT&T U-verse

I am very glad to hear that you love your AT&T service.


Re: Resold AT&T U-verse

Don't think DSL Extreme has hidden the fact that trueSTREAM is hosted by AT&T Uverse. This is pretty clear the first time you run speedtest. The big difference(s) are no bandwidth caps and the customer support.



Are you keeping your POTS service active?

I wonder how much the cost of the POTS and DSL line would be compared to the trueStream service.


Re: Are you keeping your POTS service active?

Almost the same amount. As of now, no plans to get rid of the POTS due to the potential of extended multi-day power outages in Florida. Otherwise, I'd get rid of it today as Google Voice/ObiHai gives me tons more functionality for free!

Review by JoeEee See Profile

  • Location: Rialto,San Bernardino,CA
  • Cost: $47 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 13 days
Good "They promised, they delivered and kept me informed every step of the way."
Bad "Leased gateway doesn't let you set DNS internally; have to do it on each device or make the gateway fake bridge mode (not easy!)"
Overall "If you want faster broadband without going to cable, sign up."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Internet Nirvana at last?

First, a little history.

On the cusp of the New Millennium (around 1998-'99) I called Flashcom to inquire about DSL service for my apartment in Loma Linda, California, spurred by the gushing endorsements of KFI-AM 640 radio personalities Bill Handel and Jeff Levy. Up and running in TWO WEEKS, the Flashcom rep assured me.

Six months later after weekly then daily phone calls, 768K/128K ADSL finally went live at the apartment. "Worth the wait," I lied to myself. Then came the frantic phone calls from Flashcom. Would I like to upgrade to twice the speed for a mere $100.00? Giddy youthful indiscretion made me say "Yes! Please!" Little did I know that Verizon was about to throw the switch and boost all of their existing 768K accounts to 1.5M . . . at no extra charge and for the same price.

Once bitten, as they say. By the time I moved to Rialto, Flashcom was but a bad memory and a case study in how not to run a broadband company. AT&T DSL High Speed Internet, please. 1.5M/384K: livable but not necessarily desirable.

Once that was installed, the U-verse marketing barrage began which had me checking for U-verse availability every day, sometimes up to four times a day. Finally, the pre-qual came back positive: 3.0M/768k! Oh, and, uh, there's a hundred dollar equipment upgrade for the notorious Motorola NVG510. Now married and with more financial responsibilities, I called it an investment and took the plunge. A couple months in and the line kept dropping so I was back to 1.5 within 6 months. Wimpy me never thought to ask for a refund of the equipment upgrade fee. Eventually, AT&T advertised faster speeds on my street, so I placed the order for 6Mbps and bundled it with U-verse Voice. In a few days, I began getting text messages asking me to call about my order. Wasted most of a 45-minute lunch break on the phone only to be told they can't boost my speed but would I still be interested in U-Verse Voice bundled with internet at my present speed of 1.5Mbps? Oh, and I'd still have to pay the $199.00 "professional installation" fee. Uh, no thanks.

Over time, I added DSL Extreme to the daily pre-qual ritual, hoping and praying they'd extend the Fusion coverage area to Rialto. Then, one day, the Fusion offer was joined by the new one for trueSTREAM. Typed in my address, held my breath and there it was: speeds up to 12Mbps down/1Mbps up. Signed up for the 12/1 package.

Instead of leaving me hanging, DSL Extreme called a week before the install, the day before the install and the morning of the install. Everything went almost as if it was scripted and the installer from (surprise! surprise!) AT&T left a range extender at no extra cost. And, of course, DSL Extreme called after the install to make sure everything went all right.

Yes, trueSTREAM in my neighborhood is really fiber-backbone U-verse in disguise delivered over the dry pair of my existing telephone landline, but no one at AT&T could explain why, as an existing customer, I couldn't get it from them. The maximum speed AT&T offers at my address is 6Mbps, most likely because they'd rather have you bundle it with DIRECTV instead of offering a speed that encourages media streaming. Anyway, it's up and running just fine, usually beating its rated speed on Speedtest.net. A final phone call to AT&T and the U-verse on the landline was shut down.

Time, of course, will tell. Updates as they happen.

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Review by anunez87 See Profile

  • Location: Lynwood,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $23 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Affordable prices for sufficient speeds!!!"
Bad "Can't think of any."
Overall "If you want affordbale internet, DSL EXtreme is the way to go."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

First time DSL Extreme subscriber here and I am loving it so far.

I signed up for DSL Extreme's DSL Elite 6000kbps/768kbps Package with a price of $19.99 ($19.99+$3.00 Taxes=$23.00) for the first year. Needless to say this is an upgrade in speed as compared to my previous DSL provider (3000kbps to 6000kbps now), and a downgrade on price ($44 to $20=Savings of $20/month!!!). Oh and not to mention that my previous provider had a Data Cap of 150GB on my line, and with DSL Extreme I have NO CAPS!!!

I was able to use my same equipment (not available for everyone), and had to make very little changes to my setup at home (just 1 DSL Modem Configuration change actually!!!). I am using a Netgear DGN1000 ADLS2+ Modem Router (Gateway) with no issues at all!!!

Order process is very simple, but first educate yourself and research on what is best for you, as I learned with a failed Fusion order. During your order process, answer any 800 number that calls you as that may very well be DSL Extreme calling you. If you have access to DSLReports/BBR/BroadbandReports, contact Nick, Steve, or George to see what exactly you will qualify for. I have never had such easy access to Tier-2 Support as I have with DSL Extreme.

Although my order did take a while, it was not DSL Extreme's fault. Once I had an activation date, I was on my way to faster speeds.

As mentioned earlier, having the ability to communicate with Nick, Steve, and George has been such a convenience, one that I will definitely take advantage of. Calling DSL Extreme (during business hours) has also been very hassle-free.

If you are considering switching DSL providers, give DSL Extreme a shout to see if they can meet your needs. Again, educate yourself on what you need or have them help you.

Thank you DSL Extreme!!!

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Anaheim, CA

Switched my AT&T DSL to cable

I was going to switch to DSLExtreme when AT&T raised the price of their 1.5/768 DSL to $39. But TWC offered a no contract price of $14.99+modem for a 3/1 Mbs internet so I went with them. So far no problems after two months.


Re: Switched my AT&T DSL to cable

I had contemplated going with TWC, but I didn't like the idea of how cable internet is "shared". Plus I already had working equipment at my place of service; didn't want to lease any equipment from anyone.

Review by MoWeb See Profile

  • Location: Anaheim,Orange,CA
  • Cost: $60 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 8 days
Good "Increased speed and no data caps (unlimited). Lots of land phone features."
Bad "Excessively high taxes"
Overall "Excellent value for the money if you want faster Internet and a Landline"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I was really getting fed up with AT&T continually raising my Landline phone bill with the absolute bare minimum features ($30 for only local calling...really???). I've been a long time DSL Extreme customer so when DSL Extreme's Fusion finally came to Orange County CA I was all over that. Now I have lots of options I didn't before like Caller ID, free long distance, and I no longer have to worry about "Zone 3" charges.

My Internet speed doubled from approximately 5.1Mbps to 10.1Mbps. The buffering issues with Vudu have all but disappeared.

The price is great but having to pay over $12 in taxes which translates to around 20% is really disappointing (no fault to DSL Extreme here). However, I'll need to go over my bill carefully to make sure there are no billing mistakes. Even with the high taxes I'll be saving around $20 a month for Internet and Phone. I didn't have to change my existing modem.

The only issue with installation/setup was not having my static IP address emailed to me as I was told would happen. I had to call tech support to get the IP address. I previously didn't have autopay setup and would have actually preferred to keep it that way but it was required so that's disappointing. I'm not a fan of autopay at all.

Overall I would recommend Fusion to anyone that needs faster Internet speed (if you're close to the CO) and Landline Phone at a more than reasonable price.

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Houston, TX
·AT&T DSL Service

Thank goodness!

That you are using a landline! (I just don't know what people are keeping their cell phone plans that cost up to ^$50 for a single line when landlines are cheaper. But that's just me constantly using it in a metropolitan area. )

Anyway, how much does the total plan cost? I wonder how much it costs in California.... I hope it's cheaper for you than it is for me ($31.72 for paultry internet service )


Re: Thank goodness!

This is probably a very late reply, but check out their site and see if you qualify for their Fusion service (offered through Sonic). As long as you are close to a Central Office, you should have no problem. The further away you are from the CO, the lower speeds you'll get, but regardless of distance, you'd have all of the phone features.


A tad jealous...

I wish I was close to my Central Office. Would love to have phone and dsl "up to" 20Mbps for around $60.00.

Review by JMGII See Profile

  • Location: Santa Clarita,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $52 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 9 days
Good "Faster speeds than promised, excellent installation service"
Bad "Haven't found any yet, but check back i'll update if anything changes"
Overall "This is a must have service if your tired of over priced slow speed internet service."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I got invited by DSL Extreme to try out their trueSTREAM service in my home. It was installed on August 13, 2014. The tech was on time, and was very professional. He took the time to explain the whole process to me before he started the job. While he was in my house, he made sure that he had booties on his shoes as to not track dirt in my home.

When the tech finished installing the trueSTREAM, he went over all the aspects of my service. He also provided me with his cell phone number, and his bosses cell phone number just in case I had an issue. He also made sure that I had the password to my wifi and even offered to set up any mobile devices I might have. I declined, but I was very grateful I was asked.

Now for the service, all I can say is Wow, we are talking the fastest internet I have ever had. They promised me 18Mbps but to my surprise I am getting close to 23Mbps.

I have had the service for about a month now and I am very surprised. It's rare that you find a company that delivers what they promised.

I would definitely recommend DSL Extreme to anyone looking for affordable, fast, and reliable internet service.

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