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Iserv Company, The page on DSLReports
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Review by russshoe See Profile

  • Location: Jenison,Ottawa,MI
  • Cost: $49 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Never goes down"
Overall "Great Price Great service"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Deluxe Dynamic DSL up to 384k-1.5mb x 128k-256k for only $29.95 a month!

member for 12.7 years, 1822 visits, last login: 20 days ago
updated 3 years ago


Review by felonious0 See Profile

  • Location: Wyoming,Kent,MI
  • Cost: $64 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
  • Telco party Ameritech
Good "tech support had a good escalation procedure. tracked well."
Bad "I'm at 15,000 feet...a little flaky."
Overall "worth it. I'd do it again."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

PPPoE, ethernet modem, self install, dynamic IP.

Acceptable connection service, and great customer service. They answer the phone with a person right away (unlike the phone company) This is replacing my cable service...which has been diving in speed on a regular basis.

I'm at the end of the run and the technician suggested I go with the 768 max speed for better consistency, but I went with the 1.5. There is some flakiness during heavy downloads, but I've never dropped the connection...it just stutters a little every now and then. The tech told me my line is "populated at 93% and they like to see it under 75%"...whatever that means. But that explains the jitters. My speed is consistently 1.1Mbps on the tests here and varies on other tests, but is never below 800Kbps.

The only time I've been without service was once when Ameritech goofed up a switch somewhere and everybody lost service.

Overall, the customer service shines and I think that is important. I don't have time to sit on the phone on hold for half an hour.

Biggest challenge was running a dedicated dataline to my home office. My inside wiring was really bad. I got 1.3 at the box outside and 60k in the office. I put a splitter and a filter in the box and ran CAT5. Works well.

member for 12.7 years, 51 visits, last login: 10.5 years ago
lodged 12.7 years ago


Review by BuddyK See Profile

  • Location: Holland,Ottawa,MI
  • Cost: $48 per month (12 month contract)
  • Telco party Ameritech
  • CLEC party: Rhythms
Good "At least they're nice"
Bad "NO DSL"
Overall "Still waiting since 11/6/2000 for DSL"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:

My ongoing DSL History with Iserv:

FAXED in order form and contract. Talked with sales rep on the phone. Was
told it would be about 3 weeks until the DSL was in place.

Called 2 or 3 times over the next few weeks to check on the status. Was
told the "TR Cap on the line was too high" and this needed to be fixed
before DSL could be installed.

Received installation kit in the afternoon UPS from Rhythms. A letter
inside said that I had already received IP and setup information from
Iserv. I had not received anything in the mail from Iserv and still have
not. I called Iserv to get my IP address and was told the person who had
that information had already gone home but he thought my DSL was not
going to be turned on until Monday, December 18.

I noticed that voice and modem communications had severely deteriorated
on my telephone line. While in the past I nearly always connected to
Iserv with my dial-up account on the first try, now it has been taking
several tries ("Remote Host not Responding errors"). I used to connect
between 44 and 48, now when I finally connect I only get 26,400 on a Mac
and 42,667 on a PC. There also seems to be more noise on the line. It is
especially noticeable when the DSL modem is trying to connect; before
the red ADSL status light goes on.

Finally was able to get my IP address from Iserv. Still no DSL
connection. ADSL status light just stays red. Filters are installed
correctly and there is no filter on the DSL modem. Green LED LAN status

Tested line with 2nd DSL modem that was sent to me. Same problem, no
connection and red LED on ADSL status light.

Manager of tech support at Iserv told me that Rhythms had given them an
incorrect router configuration and this was why I couldn't get a DSL

Received an answering machine message from an Iserv employee that my
DSL should now be working. It is not.

Spent a long time on phone with representative from Iserv and a Rhythms
technician troubleshooting the line. Line tested out good. Determined
problem was with DSLAM at Ameritech CO. Rhythms placed a trouble ticket.

Called Ameritech to test line. They tried to sell me their DSL; less
expensive than Iserv and faster downstream speed. Dynamic IP and USB
modem though.
Tested my DSL modem at Ameritech NID. Still no connection.

Called account rep at Iserv to check on status. He acted annoyed and said
there is nothing else he can do; waiting on Rhythms.

Left voice mail, still waiting for a call back.

As of today I still don't have DSL service and have been unable to reach
anyone at Iserv that can provide any answers.

Iserv called back in evening and did a conference call with Rhythms. After waiting a long time on hold we got a Rhythms technician who did the same tests that Rhythms did the week before. The technician determined that their was a problem with the DSLAM installation and said a technician would be dispatched to fix it the next day. Why wasn't this done a week ago after the troubleshooting determined the same thing?

Checked with Iserv about status. Was told a Rhythms technician had found the problem with the DSLAM. Still not fixed and I still don't have a DSL connection.

An Ameritech technician came to my house to check on the wiring. He tested the connection at the NID and looked at the inside wiring. He found no problems with my IW or connection to the CO that would prevent DSL from working. He said it sounds like Rhythms and Iserv are trying to shift the blame.

I left voice mail for the Iserv DSL rep this morning and am waiting for a call back. It has now been 73 days since my DSL order was placed. Why can't Iserv and Rhythms get the DSLAM problems resolved? Based on my experiences I would recommend against using Iserv as a DSL ISP or Rhythms as a DSL CLEC. If I can get out of my contract with Iserv, I am considering switching over to an ISP that uses Covad as a CLEC. There are customers at the same CO who have ADSL working from Covad partnered ISPs. Ameritech is also an option. Any ideas for getting out of the DSL contract? Or for DSL ISP's in the West Michigan area?

member for 14 years, 237 visits, last login: 5 years ago
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