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Embarq Now CenturyLink page on DSLReports
Six Month Rating

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Review by nrf See Profile

  • Location: Morrow,Warren,OH
  • Cost: $67 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party CenturyTel
Good "works most of the time"
Bad "can't quote accurately, outages"
Overall "no longer a reputable company"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Time Warner Cable
I was quoted 15mbit for approx 67/month. what I got was half that and had to wait a month for them to update the CO. then I got 14mbit. unfortunately they charged me $84. when I complained they said I should be on a contract for a better price. so I committed to 1 year at about $59/month. still got billed $84. talked to a retention specialist asking to fix it or disconnect me, she gave me a quote of $64 for one year. but still billed $84. now disconnected.

more outages than I am comfortable with, including unadvertised outages for 'upgrades'.

member for 11.8 years, 3475 visits, last login: 23 days ago
updated 23 days ago


Review by mjn See Profile

  • Location: Cape Coral,Lee,FL
  • Cost: $45 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
  • Telco party Sprint
Good "Quick install, solid connection"
Bad "Upload could be faster"
Overall "Cheaper than Comcast (without bundling)"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
(ratings well above consensus)

Ordered 10Mb "Pure Broadband" (no home phone required) online on Friday, August 2nd 2013, the site said it would be ready by August 12th. On Saturday, they called and advised me that I needed to pay a $25 deposit but to do so on the phone I would incur a fee. I opted to go to the local Centurylink store. While there I asked if there was any way to push the install date up any since I was getting rid of Comcast that week, and he said that it should be ready by the 9th, which was great because Comcast was set to disconnect on the 10th. I opted to provide my own modem (Embarq 660) since I had DSL previously so my total out of pocket for the installation was a $15 activation fee and the $25 deposit.

The service went live on Wednesday August 7th and was just a matter of unplugging my cable modem from my router, plugging the DSL modem in and power cycling the router. Download speed is lower than Comcast (25Mb/s on Comcast, 10Mb/s on Centurylink), but for what I use it for (streaming Netflix, Hulu, etc) it works fine. Upload is just under 1Mb/s (896Kb/s I believe), it would be nice to have something a little faster but not a deal breaker for me. Aside from a couple outages in September that occurred during the day while at work, it's been rock solid, and my bill has been a consistent $45.35 every month ($39.95 + taxes/fees).

Overall I'm very satisfied with my Centurylink service.

UPDATE: 10/24/2014


I disconnected service after the one year promo (8/6/2014), the speed went down to about 7Mb/s the last few months I had it. When I called to inquire about getting a new promo for the service the best they could do was $70 for DSL + home phone which is exactly what I didn't want, The service was solid, but trying to save money, I wasn't going to pay $30 more a month for the same service. I switched to Comcast and got their Economy Plus promotion (3Mb/s) for $19.99/mo for 12 months.

member for 14.3 years, 4198 visits, last login: 2 days ago
updated 55 days ago


Review by Rainia See Profile

  • Location: Nathalie,Halifax,VA
  • Cost: $55 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Nothing at all. Problems throughout years."
Bad "Joke of a company. They've "given up" on my problem"
Overall "Stay far away. If there is any other dsl or cable in your area, get that instead."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

4 years ago CL was nice enough to finally run DSL lines out to my very very very small "neighborhood."

And everything worked fine for 2 years. When they ran the lines, we could only get 512k package. Eventually they upgraded us to 1.5Mb.

After 2 years, I encountered my first issue. I game online every day, and I started noticing really crappy ping and my download speeds were terrible. However, speedtest.net..and of course, century link's speed test website, gave me my normal speed as a result. So, nobody cared.

I will tell you right now. Bottom line is "if you are getting the speed then we cannot help you." That's right. If your speeds are "normal", then you can basically piss off. Any other problems? They do not care about. Latency? Piss off.

I called multiple times every day. I always get "nothing we can do. there are no problems." etc from everyone.

Guess what? 2 days later, I have no internet at all. The port on the DSLAM went bad. They repaired it and boom, internet is back to working normal. Imagine that? If they had listened..

Moving along, the next 2 years we are fine. Mind you,however, they have not upgraded the DSLAM still. Everyone is still on 1.5Mbs.

And that brings us to July 4th, 2014...because this is where everything went to hell and there are no signs of turning back at this point.

On July 4th, 2014, around 4PM EST, a storm rolled in. A few minutes later, lightning flashed and my internet was out completely. I called and complained, they stated they can't get anyone out until Monday (july 4th was a friday) I'm super pissed but whatever.

About an hour goes by, and I called back to try to reason with them about Saturday. Instead, I got the voice message saying "We are aware of a problem affecting your area." I just hung up and decided I'll get over it. I go to work the next day, Saturday, come home and I noticed all my modem lights were on. Guess the problem was severe and they decided to get people out over the holiday weekend. Cool.

Except...not. This is where it all started. From that moment on, when I got my internet back, everything was and still is broken to fuck. I was playing WildStar(MMORPG) at the time and ever since logging back on after they "repaired" the internet in my area, I began noticing small lag spikes and delays in combat. It drove me nuts; I finally downloaded a latency monitor to see what my latency is in Wildstar and guesssssss what! anywhere from 90ms-300ms. Spiking everywhere. No stability whatsoever. All over the place.

Did my standard procedures. Reset modem, etc. Nothing worked. So here we go...

Ran speed tests...and here's the interesting part. speedtest.net pings are fine (90ms). Speed tests on centurylink.speedtest.net are all 200+ms. And,by the way, it still is that way.

Called century link. The next 3 months, up to this day, would involve me arguing back and forth that there is a problem and them arguing back that there isn't. I finally got escalated to CHRONIC (their "team of specialists" who noticed my line was building a lot of FEC errors. (it still is, by the way, by the millions per day).

And over these 3 months I would have multiple techs come out and show off their lack of education in the networking field(HOWEVER:They were extremely friendly, and talkative. In retrospect, they probably aren't even trained in the networking field anyway. They are line techs. They did prove very friendly and at least helpful in respects to the line; probably the only saving grace of the company). Regardless, they did their job and replaced splices/ect along the line, "groomed" it, and ran a new jack in my house for me. (At least, so im told they did all these things).

Doesn't matter. 200+ping ms to everything.

And this month, about a week ago, I finally got an email saying they basically "give up" and are blaming the issue on network congestion and bandwidth exhaust. I was told that starting in July, the DSLAM usage spiked to 80% and has constantly been there. This is why I can no longer do almost anything.

Which, by the way, makes no sense because the problem is here 24/7. Unless of course, everyone around here doesn't sleep (like myself) because I can't fathom why my ping is 200ms to chicago at 4am in the fucking morning if the problem really is "congestion."

My area went into permanent bandwidth exhaust in November of 2013. Yet I didn't have a single problem until July4th, 2014. So tell me, what's the deal? Nobody knows.

Nowadays, my ping displayed ingame is "fine." Playing titanfall, for example, I have 60ms ping. Great. But it sure the hell doesn't play like 60ms ping at all. I recently tried to play ArchAge, a new MMO. I cannot see my ping..but I can tell it's likely 150-200+ because of the 1 second input delay in combat. Can't even play games in my own fucking country anymore it seems.

So, yeah. Permanent bandwidth exhaust. No hopes of ever upgrading or fixing issues in this area, ever. Needless to say, it makes me that much more excited to leave here.

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updated 63 days ago


just me


in reply to Rainia

I read your complaint. I found it very interesting that all your problems petty much started in July 2014. I have had embarq DSL since approx 2006, Then century link bought them out. Everything was fine and always worked wonderfully, UNTIL JULY 2014 when something happened and now its the biggest nightmare I ever encountered. I know how you feel. Something was changed in July 2014 and its affected their mail big time. I even stopped using one of my 4 mailboxes because it never comes in, its always failed. Nothing has changed on my puter.

Caveat Emptor
United State
·TracFone Wireless

It is the same old story

Once upon a time the telephone companies cared about customer relations. They don't today. Telephone companies today are obligated to maintain your copper wireline connection whether they like it or not. It's the law.

There are no laws, rules, regulations or public utilities that oversee cable/telephone Internet providers. When ISP are good they are very, very good, but when they are bad they are horrid. The day will come when telephone and cable are as irrelevant as the old-fashioned push mower that took all day to do what the riding mower can do in one hour.
Mac: No windows, No Gates, Apple inside

Review by Mr Matt See Profile

  • Location: Eustis,Lake,FL
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (12 month contract)
Good "See my review of CenturyLink"

My Other Reviews

I am posting future comments about Embarq as combined with my CenturyLink review.

This review is to reflect on why I have not switched from Comcast to Embarq.

When I moved to Eustis, Florida the best deal was a Broadband package offered by Comcast through Circuit City. See my review of Comcast Broadband under Comcast reviews.

I planned to try Embarq Broadband when the Comcast's six month introductory rate changed from $19.95 per month to $42.95 per month. I contacted Embarq in mid 2007 and was advised that the only available download speeds at my address were 768K for $19.95 per month or 1.5M, for $24.95 per month. I was also advised that in order to obtain service and a free modem, I would have to sign a one year contract or pay an additional $10.00 per month and pay for the modem up front. I passed on the offer and continued to use Comcast for Broadband service.

About Six Months later I helped a friend that was using Embarq Broadband, set up a wireless network in his home. When he checked availability he was offered tiers from 768K to 5Mb and choose the 3Mb tier at $29.95 per month. I ran a speed test before I installed the router and found that the download speed was actually 3Mb as advertised. During the installation I called Embarq technical support and asked about switching the ZyXEL Modem to the bridge mode. The technician was helpful and provided correct instructions on changing to the bridge mode. So far I have heard no complaints about his broadband service.

Several weeks later I was contacted by Embarq and was advised that additional download speeds were available at my address up to 5M. At that time they offered Three Months of free service and a free modem if I signed a one year contract. Since mid 2007 I have received several solicitations from Embarq offering anything from Three Months of free service to Six Months of free service if I sign a One Year contract. I always ask the representative for a copy of the TOS and Contract before I sign same and have never receive the information that I requested.

From my friends experience Embarq provides satisfactory service and more choices for the customer. I am again considering Embarq Broadband and will update this review if I can get a written proposal from Embarq sales.

Edited 6/24/10

CenturyLink voice reliability has declined. I was considering subscribing to CenturyLink DSL but I have experienced two voice outages in the last year affecting our voice service up to Eight Hours. Embarrassing because I can no longer tell the Comcast representative, when I receive a call pitching Digital Voice, the reason that I subscribe to CenturyLink service is so that I can call Comcast and complain when my cable service craps out.

I have been following the CenuryLink forum and have found that CenturyLink has over subscribed their DSLAMS in this area. Many customers are complaining that they are suffering time sensitive low throughput. Like from after school until Midnight.

Edited 2/17/2011

CenturyLink just revised their pricing. They removed the 5MB Tier and added a 25MB tier. On their website they indicate that 3MB cost $24.95, 10MB cost 39.95 and although not yet on their website I was quoted around $65.00 for 25MB. All prices quoted were for internet service bundled with voice. If a subscriber signs a contract they now allow a 30 day trial period and claim that if the subscriber is not satisfied they will refund their money and release them from the contract. They were not clear about the procedure to return the modem. One thing that irritates me is they do not disclose a $3.45 modem rental fee on their website. They indicated that I can purchase my own modem but claimed that they will support a customer owned modem even if it is the same model they rent. The only thing keeping me from trying their service is the contract. If one does not sign a contract they charge a $15.00 a month punitive fee.

Please see my review of Comcast.

Edited January 8, 2012

Trying to determine the rates for CenturyLink Telephone service is like trying to pick up jello with your fingers. Their website is almost useless. They require the subscriber to start an order before they can learn the price of what they are subscribing to. When I recently made changes to my service, the only offerings were basic and unlimited. They have since added a middle tier that does not require the subscriber to subscribe to unlimited long distance. Before they added the middle tier the subscriber had to order all features individually if they did not subscribe to unlimited long distance service. Subscribers can now order a package with ten features with or without unlimited long distance as a bundle. In general their rates appear intended to be confusing. Where available subscribers have the option of subscribing to telephone service through their CATV company.

I considered switching to CenturyLink HSI but gave up because I could not get an accurate price quote. I do not want to pay a premium for HSI if I do not sign a contact. I am still using Comcast for Broadband.

member for 6.8 years, 1881 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 160 days ago


Review by Titus See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
  • Telco party CenturyTel
Good "Reliability"
Bad "Evening speeds"
Overall "VG reliability - downtime extremely rare"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)


Just concluded a complete revamp of my service with the help of Centurylink TS (rep that hangs here on BBR), and couldn't be happier. Now I'm jinxed. Seriously good tech support and as reliable service (no downtime) as you could ask for. Very happy with CL DSL.


Video problems have resolved, and performance is back to where it was - decent. Still, the price is high for 10M connection. But I'll pay that rather than pull my hair out with Xfinity.


Evening performance suffering. Videos buffering down to slower streams. Network congestion for nearly a month. Paying too much for this level of what was solid service at $90 a month (with phone).


Solid service @ 10 MB


Still very good, but late night downtime is on the increase, usually between midnight and 2 AM.

Speed is what I pay for and latency is OK (see latest test grab).


Service is as reliable as can be. No downtime to speak of and speeds on the money - no complaints.

Billing is a little rough lately, but I think I've worked it out.

BR corporate fan boys remind why i stopped visiting this site.


New pricing as of 1/6/09 puts the 10M package at $54.95 for landline customers. I'm adjusting my total cost based on an increase of roughly $15 (from $39.95 for 3.0 to $54.95 for 10.0). Easy as a phone call (or chat) to get the new rate.


I upgraded to the 10Mbps package on the 24th. of December by way of embarq_joey here on the DSLR Embarq forum.

The install date was one day off due to line conditioning and being moved to a new DSLAM (I'm 4000 ft. from the CO). So far everything is working great. You can see my speedtests here:


I'm estimating total cost; I haven't received the first bill with the new charges. I have a land line, and with 3.0 service the total bill was $67. The 10Mbps service is $65 a month (roughly $25 more than the 3.0 service).

Connectivity so far, as always, is rock solid.

Hat tip to embarq_joey !


Teh system logon message for me today (aren't they cute!) told a heart warming tale of how my last update was framed and, to this day, leaves the staff in tears. After finding their hankies, I was implored to update my review.

PS: The HSI price here is $39.95 + the no-frills landline brings the total to $60 and change.

No downtime since February. At least none that I was aware of, anyway. I may have been asleep, so I can't say for certain. I'm so very sorry the previous review brought such emotional responses from the BBR staff that I'll keep this one short (-:


Embarq is currently rolling out 10MB plans, as well as re-structuring tier prices. I was offered 5.0 for $5 more than I'm paying now for 3.0 ($44.95 w/POTS). I called in and renegotiated my current price for 3.0 to the new price of $39.x, with the understanding that I've renewed my contract for another year rather than go month to month come April. The service has been very good; speeds are spot-on with my caps (with only one brief period of high latency -fixed fairly quickly), and with no downtime. I'm happy with the service, and the price drop was most welcomed.


It's been one year since I signed up with Embarq. The service, up until a week or so ago, has been excellent, with no downtime and consistent speeds. There is a promise of "new equipment" in my area by 11/23/07 to address these issues. However ...

Embarq appears to have joined in an industry trend of appallingly bad support. Everything is geared towards sales, and problems are addressed (or not) only by repeated calls because you can't get through or you get erroneous information when you do. Service interruptions always cause clogged queues and their online chat system buckles like a dollar store beach chair.

I'm downgrading my rating to reflect the poor support and lack of accurate information from Embarq. I'm also not happy with what I'm paying at this point given the quality of support. There was also confusion as to what occurs when your lease expires at one year: I've received different answers from different reps. This is not acceptable.

Bottom line after one year: very good connection reliability (much better than cable) but with near terrible support (on par with cable).


There has not been a moment of downtime since my last review, and speeds are consistently spot on. The price ($50 for 3000/640) is still a bit too high, IMO, but the service -- compared with cable in this area -- is solid as a rock. Cable goes down here with half the passing storms.

Latest test to speedtest dot net's DC server was:
D: 2988
U: 637
L: 19ms (DC server)

I'm updating my review due to a recent experience with tech support. There's a world of difference between phone messages (management) and the people that man the lines -- both phone, email and chat. These guys are on the ball and deserve a lot of credit for the time they take in helping us out, even with matters of little concern. There is a tech here on BBR who posts in the Embarq forum that is also a valuable asset to the BBR community and Embarq. Perhaps I shouldn't mention the name, but it begins with dsl.

Kudos to all of you that work hard to make the little things possible for us!

My first trouble with the service and I'm totally unhappy with tech support. There has apparently been a fiber cut somewhere that occurred midday on the 17th. Phone tech support has been horrid, with messages stating everything from their business hours to 'all lines busy' to some nonsense about weekends being their busiest time and to try my call at another time.

36 hours to fix cut fiber is one thing, but their communication on the matter is worse than Adelphia - and that's saying something.
If not for Comcast being my only alternative, I'd pay the $99 and go with another provider. If customers don't talk with their wallet the companies never hear you. If this problem doesn't go away by next Saturday my next review will be for Comcast.

I dropped my TS rating to 3 and the Value for money rating to 2.

Update: 12/8/06
I upgraded to the 3000/512 tier for ten more dollars a month, as all speed tests were right under my 1500 cap, line quality was good and latency is bearable. I notice I'm paying a bit more than some areas for my middle-tier speed. I've no idea what metric Embarq is using to determine price points per area, but income in my neighborhood certainly isn't above the national average.

I've included some links to tests run via BBR:

Speed tests from both coasts:


Line test:

I'm quite happy with (A) no longer being a customer of Adelphia/Comcast and (B) the performance of Embarq so far. The connection can lag a little more than cable at times, but pages pop open and downloads generally run better than 250KBs. I've actually hit above my cap a few times, as illustrated by the image below.

The upgrade was done completely from the CO, on time and with no problems. I did have to reboot the modem in order to gain connectivity after the upgrade.

I called Embarq last Friday and I'm up Tuesday (today, the 21st) on their 1500 tier. Installation was a breeze (5 minutes), and speed tests clock me nearly up to the 1500 I'm paying for (I'm within a mile of the CO).

So far so good -- I'll update after some time passes.

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Click for full size

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Review by GCoop See Profile

  • Location: Gordonsville,Orange,VA
  • Cost: $29 per month (12 month contract)
  • Telco party CenturyTel
Good "Stability"
Bad "Customer Service"
Overall "Its my only shot at Highspeed. But I have been pleased for the most part."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

Had the service since Dec 2004. No major Problems. In 2009 there were a few latency issues here and there during the typical holiday high usage times. From my experience I would give them an "A" rating. They are closing in on the ever so coveted five nines (99.999 %) uptime for me. 2010 has been uneventful which is good. 2011--I cant remember the last time there was any trouble with the service!! 2012--Upgraded me to 10Mb at at no extra charge per month. I continue to be very happy!! As with any service dependant upon location and load YMMV. 2014--Still going strong...No Complaints.

member for 10 years, 1583 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 185 days ago


Review by firedrakes See Profile

  • Location: Arcadia,De Soto,FL
  • Cost: $120 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "decent price, great tech support and insane speed"
Bad "need faster speed and cheaper bill"
Overall " if you area is good for centurylink. then its worth it."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

i am paying $140 with phone,tv,dvr. it is the 25mb dl plan. mind i am very close to the centurylink building..

this is bonded dsl. my only issue is i know they do some fiber here where i live. but wont do it to my house.

member for 5.8 years, 1061 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 259 days ago


Phoenix, AZ


If they'd just upgrade your area to VDSL2, then you'd be able to get 80/40 through pair bonding (or 100/12 or 100/40 if that close) no problem.

Arcadia, FL


mostly likely. but its like pulling teeth with them.

Review by Crusty See Profile

  • Location: Sanger,Denton,TX
  • Cost: $70 per month
  • Telco party CenturyTel
Good "Decent package speeds, decent cost. Customer service through these forums is outstanding."
Bad "Connection issues, speed issues, customer service through phone is horrid."
Overall "If I had another option, I'd jump ship."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

My Other Reviews

Update 3-5-14

Finally managed to get bonded DSL in my area on 2-27. First customer in entire area according to install techs. So far it has been outstanding. 25Mbps/2Mbps package and my lines can actually obtain more than that if they'd unthrottle me. But hey..twice the speeds is very nice to have finally. Latency and gaming has also been tremendously better. Still not able to stream Netflix at HD but I'm thinking that's due to CTL limiting that. I'm able to get full HD from other HD providers (YouTube, Vudu, Hulu, Amazon) just not Netflix. I can switch to my LTE connection and stream through Wifi hotspot to my tablet and get HD on Netflix so this is why I believe CTL is doing some trickery.

Now, if CTL would throw a sizeable chunk of money into the infrastructure of this area and areas it routes through that would be great. All the issues below have gone away for now but I'd imagine that they will be back. Because of this, I'm going to wait to update my actual rating of them. Updated costs to new package.

I've said it before in the forums, if it was for CTL_Joey and all the hard work he and his team have done for me I would've permanently gone away from CTL to someone else even if that meant much higher costs to me. Thanks again Joey for all you've done.

Update 11-7-13

Issues have gotten progressively worse at peak time hours. Gaming latency will hover around 200-300 and can't stream a single HD movie from Netflix or HD clip from YouTube.

Update 5-10-13

Issues haven't been resolved and is slowly getting worse.

Update 1-15-13

I'm seeing the exact same issues that I describe below prior to leaving them. Slowness during peak times, very high latency and pretty much crippled if I want to do anything online.

Reliability rating is kicked back down.

Update - 11-14-12

After leaving CTL for a WISP and then coming back after I was promised multiple times that the issues were put to bed, I went back to CTL. Pure broadband only. 10Mb package.

I've been back on it since Julyish of this year. Other than a couple hiccups with slowness, it's been pretty rock solid like it used to be prior to CTL.

So, I'm changing my review (Connection reliability only) just a smidge.

Update 2-14-12

Still having same issues described below. Each and every week night 5pm+, my speeds come to a crawl and just about anytime on weekends they crawl as well.

Multiple phone calls to cust serv and numerous exchanged emails.

During daytime since I've started seeing these issues, my speeds are great if not FANTASTIC.

Updated all rankings to reflect on going issues.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
I currently pay for the 10Mb package and have had since the first day it's been available in my area. (approx march/april of 09).

I live in the Sanger, TX area.

modem is the 660R

Prior to upgrading to the 10Mb package, I rarely had to call into support for help. Since upgrading i've had numerous speed issues and siginificant amount of downtime. I've got every issue documented since upgrading and they go back to april of 09. Most of the issues have been horrid speeds (worse than dial up numerous times....no joke) but also have had issues of net being completely down.

Customer service through the 800 line is horrible and most folks run you through the script even after you've done it 7 times with everyone else. Gets extremely frustrating when you already know where the problem lies.

good experiences with centurylink/embarq?? working with the fine techs that monitor these forums. I've gotten much better customer support and response with the folks who monitor these forums compared to the 800 line. Prices are just about right.

Overall?? Unfortunately my side of the street can only get dsl while my neighbors have cable to choose from as well. I've been with this service for years ever since it was sprint/earthlink, then embarq and now centurylink and because of the amount of issues i've had since upgrading to the 10Mb and the frustrations of dealing with 800 line, I'd jump ship in a hearbeat if i had any other suitable option.

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updated 288 days ago




Slow Speeds and Poor Phone Support

I recently switched from Mediacom Cable to CenturyLink DSL. I was averaging about 4M download speeds from Mediacom. I am paying for 5M service from CenturyLink, but I am averaging about 300K download.

I called their technical support and it was obviously an off-shore operation. The support tech could not understand me and transferred me to the sales office so I could order service (I already have service). The sales office transferred me to a different support group, but they were not helpful either.


Re: Slow Speeds and Poor Phone Support

if your paying for the 5MBPS package you should be downloading at 500kbits

Review by Feenix See Profile

  • Location: Jefferson City,Cole,MO
  • Cost: $44 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
  • Telco party Sprint
Good "Able to access the Internet via CenturyLink nearly everyday"
Bad "During peak hours, up and download speeds become much lower"
Overall "Not worth 50 bucks a month....but is worth 30 bucks a month"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I've been a Sprint FastConnect customer for almost a year. For nearly 10 months, the upload and download speeds have been consistent (128ish and 480ish). But since October, from 7 PM to 10 PM, the speeds have been irratically lower. I've used PingPlotter to discover that my third hop is a Sprintlink gateway in KC that is getting hammered. I called a Sprintlink tech who said that usually only lower-level techs should be calling with this kind of problem and he said that it seems from the traceroute data that I've emailed him, Sprint should upgrade to a T3 or better to help out that gateway. I've talked to 2-3 different Sprint FastConnect techs via the standard 800 service number and a week or so ago, as a result of one of those calls, a couple local Sprint service dudes surprised my wife in the middle of the afternoon, saying that they needed to check out our hardware setup. She said that, after upplugging/plugging and resetting the DSL modem, as well as the phonelines, they told her that I was getting a faster speed than what I am paying for. Sure, my traceroutes show that my first hop is generally between 45 and 50, but that third hop, of which they have no control, is the killer during the busy evening hours!

I've considered upgrading to the 1250 speed (an extra 10 bucks a month) but if I still have to deal with that Sprintlink gateway, what would be the point, at least until Sprint decides to upgrade it.


Dec. 20, 2003

Guess it's time to update my SprintDSL review.

During August 2003, at least 6 different Sprint phone techs came to our house here in Jefferson City to figure out why our phonelines had so much noise. It was so bad on most days that the only way we could get sync was to be on the phone. So I would dial the number to my room at school and let it ring so I could get online!

To make a long story short, the last tech to arrive decided to check the box in our front yard (the phonelines are underground in our subdivision) and he found at least one loose wire. After witnessing many Sprint techs do everything from take the NICs out of my PC (while I wasnt' even home!) to giving us a new Zyxel 645M to replace the old Speedstream to even running a dedicated line for the DSL modem from the box attached to the house all the way around the outside of the house, the problem was finally solved by Sprint fixing a "loose wire" that resided in a connection box not even attached to my house!

Nonetheless, Sprint online agents gave us two months of DSL credits for the inconvenience.

I still ponder upgrading from 512 down to 1500 down, but just can't seem to convince myself that the extra 15 bucks a month would be worth it.


May 27, 2011

OK, I've been a Sprint/Embarq/Centurylink DSL customer for almost 10 years. Do I still like DSL? Of course! I don't care about cable or Dish so I won't consider Internet access via either of those venues.

My 3meg down plan has been working fine but a few months ago the entire MidMO area was lagging real bad from 3PM to late into the wee morning hours. And why? Prism TV and Netflix! The Internet has become the BEST place to do what? Watch TV and movies! Bah! I suppose I can't blame Centurylink for this evolution of the technology. But will I stick it out with DSL? Of course! I even partake in Hulu.com's catalog of "old movies" now and then


Feb. 15 2014

For about 18 months, I've been a CenturyLink "dry DSL" consumer. It's working pretty good: can receive land-line calls but can only use the land-line for 911 calls.

The only problem has been when the 12-month contract expires, CenturyLink has not notified me. So I have to go to the CenturyLink store and request a rebate, etc. and agree to another 12-month contract.

Speeds have been consistent day or night but since I don't play any MMO games anymore, I don't notice speed variances.

Right now I'm paying @ $44/month for DSL sans the full use of the land-line. I have no complaints.

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Boise, ID

Glad you're enjoying service

Hi Feenix. I'm glad that things are holding steady for you with our service. Hopefully everything continues to be smooth. If we can help you in anyway send us an IM here or email us at TalkToUs@CenturyLink.com for assistance.

Joey H
@CenturyLinkHelp Team

Review by lental See Profile

  • Location: Tallahassee,Leon,FL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 3 days
  • Telco party CenturyTel
Good "Quick, competent installation that exceeded expectations "
Bad "Did not meet pricing/speed commitments; exceptionally bad customer service"
Overall "Only alternative is Comcast which has its own problems"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I was paying $112/ month for bundled phone and DSL service at 1.5 Mbps. Speeds normally have run between 1.1 and 1.4 Mbps. Completely satisfactory service until Thanksgiving week 2013. Then download speed dropped to average .53 with service sometimes totally unusable because of slow or no webpage loading.

In 2011, I had Centurylink Prism TV installed. Techs were on time and had system working in about 90 minutes. Company rep promised monthly rate would be "substantially" less than $179 I was paying for combined Comcast TV and Centurylink bundled phone and DSL. First full bill was $50 more than previous combined Centurylink and Comcast bills. Called and rep told me the best they could do would be a $10/month discount if I signed a 2-year contract. I declined. She asked if I wanted service removed. I said no. Called Comcast and had TV service reinstalled for $15 less than I had been paying. then called Centurylink to remove Prism service. Service rep asked why. When I told him, he said he could fix it and get my combined bill down to $100/month for phone, DSL and TV. I asked why the other rep had not made that offer. he told me it was because I didn't tell her I was going to have the service taken out. Figure that out???

New bill for Centurylink after removing Prism is now $127/month for same service I was paying $112 for. Seems I lost a special DSL discount of $15 a month which was good only until I made changes in my service. That was my token of appreciation for trying their Prism service. That service was great technically but programming is sorry...especially sports programing. Very little SEC football which Comcast is heavy into.

Assumed current Centurylink DSL slowdown problem was kids out school for holidays, Black Friday and other pre-Christmas sales but problem continued through January. Finally contacted internet support the last week in January 2014 and guy tried to hustle me for another $10/month to upgrade to 10 Mbps. When I asked him why I should invest money for 10 Mbps when they can't even produce the 1.5 Mbps I'm paying for, the guy hung up on me. No effort at all to resolve my problem.

Finally, this week speed seems to be increasing back toward normal and am actually getting some speed tests pushing 2 Mbps. However, right now (1st week in Feb. 2014) those are intermittent and short term. Insiders tell me the company has big time capacity problems which they won't address until pressure is on.

Would go to Comcast fir internet and phone but have had significant problems with them on TV and friends say they are having huge problems with Comcast phone and internet.

Two or three years ago the Florida legislature removed all telcos from service quality oversight by Florida PSC because telcos said they "unfairly" had to meet service quality standards that competitors (cable companies) didn't have to meet. Common sense solution would have been to require cable to meet same service quality standards as telcos. That way the consumer would be the winner and playing field flat. Customers used to love telcos and hate cable. Now they're learning to hate both and neither entity cares. Telco and cable lobbies pump millions into political parties and legislators campaign funds thus leaving consumers holding an empty bag. Time to write legislators to tell them to go back to service quality regulation for both entities if they really care about consumers.

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Queen Anne, MD

Get your facts straight

Internet and TV are not regulated utilities regardless if the Utility is regulated. Get off your soap box, vote with your wallet if you aren't happy.

Tallahassee, FL


I'm in Tallahassee also. It is sad that Centurylink hasn't gotten any better in the 5 (or so) years since acquiring Embarq. The only thing that has happened for my apartment is that they downgraded my available speed to 1.5Mbps. I am happy that Comcast is a viable alternative for me. Internet has been rock solid; TV as well. The phone is nothing to write home about.

Good luck with CL.j



internet speed - timeout

I play league of legends and this freakn company cannot even hold a good connction. Had Comcast before and will be going back. pricey but well worth it.....



Re: internet speed - timeout

Comcast Well worth my foot! I was with the,m for over 10 years for TV and Internet. Terrible customer service, very i respectful tech coming to my home and not fixing the problems I had with both TV and Int. Company didn't delivered the TV channels I paid for. Spoke with Manager of customer service several times over a year and didn't get anywhere. All I got was offering to upgrade to a higher plan for more money to get the same channels I already was paying for. Tried to place a complain in BBB, they already had many (thousands) complains filed without good results for customers. I had it with Comcast, cancelled my account with them. I am using somebody's WiFi for free now, not reliable though.
I'm trying to see if CenturyLink would do the job for me, I don't know what to do after reading your comments. These companies have a Monopoly on TV and Internet services. Who can we go to get our voices heard?
said by Tome :

I play league of legends and this freakn company cannot even hold a good connction. Had Comcast before and will be going back. pricey but well worth it.....

Boise, ID

Happy to Help

Hi Lental,

This is Joey with CenturyLink. I'm sorry that you've had so many ups and downs with service. We would like to look into this issues you're having. We can at least find out what the issues are, set expectations as to when they'll be resolved and provide any further details we can. Just email us at TalkToUs@CenturyLink.com or send an IM here in the forum. Thanks.

Joey H
@CenturyLinkHelp Team