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Time Warner Cable page on DSLReports
Six Month Rating

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Review by elray See Profile

  • Location: Santa Monica,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $15 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Cheap, reliable, sufficient for our needs. 3M/1M ELP enough for GV, Netflix 720p"
Bad "Modem rental fee hijinks - one-off annoyance eliminated with modem purchase"
Overall "TWC is fantastic!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews

We ordered TW Roadrunner 1.5 when our DSL went out of service for a week - the phone company (Verizon-GTE) was incapable of undoing the damage they caused internally to our vintage Frame-Relay hookup - so we had to convince them to build a new circuit from scratch.

TW installer showed up 2 days after we placed the order. He had to borrow my ladder, extension cord, and I had to fish the cables for him as he routed them about the building.
Since I ordered only cable-internet, no TV, he took the time to scold me and tell me "I installed a filter" (so I can't hook up a TV.)

As usual, they expect to hook up your Windows system raw to their internet - so I had prepared a disposable system for the occasion. It was attacked in 3 minutes.

The tiny black cable modem generates way too much heat, and throughput is not consistent, slowing to a crawl at times, though not often enough to warrant pulling the service. Since it is cheap enough ($34.95/mo total), we actually are keeping both DSL and cable modem, in hopes that one of them will be working when the other goes out.
(I know that sounds cynical, but our experience bears it out.)

I'm hoping to get a better price than $34.95 - there was a $19.95 package, but I haven't yet figured how to get them to commit to it.

Mar 2008 Update: service is more reliable, but speed drops to 650Kb often. Not sure if they're throttling or saturated - resetting modem doesn't change anything. Otherwise no complaints. Still would prefer cheaper price, but in Verizon/GTE area it seems we've always had to pay a bit more.

November 2009: We downgraded to Roadrunner Lite (768K) some months back, to save a few bucks (now $26.95). Service is decent, except when it goes out every 4 months, we have to spend an hour on the phone to get to Level III tech support, for them to re-sync their access server. Levels I & II can't do it, but are glad to insist we need to swap out the modem or schedule a truck roll and spend a day at home waiting for them.

February 2010: after rate increase to $28.95 for 768K, we are offered 10M/512 for $34.95, or 1.5M/384 for $24.95 with 1-year price lock. We chose the latter, of course. Had to speak with an offshored Level II tech to get it working, but it took only minutes. Satisfaction with Time Warner continues to improve slowly.

November 2010: Continue to experience multiple outages without any resolve.
TWC offers 10M/768 for $29.99 with one-year price lock - we accept, thinking we'll be getting a Netflix-enabled monitor to replace our dead TV.

2011-2013: Satisfactory, bullet-proof service at $30/month for 10/1 and 15/1. November 2012, purchased used cable modem SB5101 for $22 to offset stupid rental fee, installed without a hitch. Mid-2013, switched to earthlink resale of tw cable after $30 rate expired for good. Switch to EL cumbersome (an hours worth of phone calls) but service works fine.

January 2014: After six months diversion to Earthlink, we're back on TWC, on the 2M/1M Lite service package, for $14.99 a month. Converting back was a bureaucratic nightmare, one hour and 15 minutes of phone calls to get it done right, but again, the service works flawlessly and its dirt cheap.

January 2015: TWC boosted us to 3/1 a few months back, price remains $14.99/month, service continues to work great.

member for 14.1 years, 2226 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 2 days ago




We have the same 2/1 service on the east coast. We've had two streams running on Netflix, or one Netflix stream and Facetime running simultaneously. I was surprised how well it works.

Review by ipwn3r456 See Profile

  • Location: Los Angeles,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 455 days
Good "Full speeds almost all the time, pricing isn't that bad."
Bad "TWO billing mistakes, with occasional connectivity issues."
Overall "Well, it connects to the internet. But I still wish for competition."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I am using their Standard tier internet (originally 10/1, later upgraded to 15/1, and now the 10% provisioning is more of 16.3/1.1), originally paying $29.99. But since my promotion ends in one year, they continued to give me an another promotion, but pricing increased to $36.99 (without taxes, modem fees, etc.), I am fine with that... for now.

I ordered internet online, and process is pretty smooth. Although the technician came in a few minutes late(I think the appointment was around 10am-12pm, the technician came around 12:05pm). First he checked the cables outside, and drilled a hole so the cable can go through. He installed an Ambit modem (forgot the model number), which now I am using my own modem, Motorola SB6141. Everything went smooth, until when the technician was about to leave, my neighbor came out and told the technician that he disconnected his TV cable. The technician quickly installed a splitter, and no problems.

Overall I am fine with my internet speeds, no outages, no slow-downs (almost all the time), and I am pretty fine with it. Although I want competition. Besides TWC, only AT&T serves in our area as well. But they are only offering up to 1.5mbps DSL, which is completely irreverent in terms of speeds and pricing. I would want AT&T to have Uverse coverage in our area, not because I want to switch back, it's because I want competition in case if TWC soars up prices on me.

Update 12/4/13 - Time Warner keep charging me for modem rental, even though I have been using my SB6141 for more than a month. The lady over the live chat was nice enough to remove the fee. So I guess another problem solved. But seriously Time Warner, fix your billing systems. It looks like the billing system is more "profit" wise than accuracy. This is already the second mistake Time Warner did. The first time was charging me for installation fee even though it was free. And I am dropping the pre-sales 25% lower because of that.

Update 12/16/13 - During the past few days, my internet connection was pretty terrible. I am getting over 200ms+ ping, and also packet loss. Speed was also dramatically decreased, making it a terrible browsing experience. Because of that, I am dropping connection reliability 25% lower.

Update 4/9/14 - Everything is still fine, getting full speeds almost all the time, maybe with the exception of peak times. I will have to see about pricing changes after my 2nd year promotion (which ends in august), plus the upcoming MAXX upgrades (if it ever happens in my area).

Update 6/16/14 - Connection problems are getting worse lately. I don't know what is going on, but I am getting packet losses/high ping issues, sometimes few times a week, sometimes as worse as few times a day... can't even play any online games with my connection. For this, I am taking off another 25% from connection reliability. Might have to contact TWC about this if this keeps happening. No TWC MAXX upgrades yet, still sticking with 8 download channels and 1 upload channel.

Update 7/31/14 - Just upgraded to Turbo as a part of negotiation, since they are going to charge me $50 for standard, so I called their retention department and the promotional price for turbo is all they can offer me. I said yes, and saved $5 a month, for now. I should be more aggressive next time when I am negotiating with TWC. No TWC MAXX upgrades yet, but we will see how it goes later this year.

Update 11/13/14 - After month and months of desperation, TWC MAXX has finally arrived to my area, and at the same time, they announced the completion of TWC MAXX upgrades in New York and Los Angeles. I am getting 69/11 for now, because my router isn't gigabit capable. Connection reliability has gotten better now, I will raise 25% for connection reliability. I will update once I get my new router.

Update 1/3/15 - I recently got my new router from T-Mobile, the T-mobile Personal CellSpot (Model number TM-AC1900). It's essentially the same as the RT-AC68U, with a modified firmware. Since it's free to rent (as date of 12/21/14, now sure when they will end the free rental, you pay $25 deposit regularly), and I needed a new router to handle the new speeds, it's perfect for my needs. I am getting full speeds now for my Turbo Plan (now Ultimate 100), usually around 108/11. So far, everything in good.

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Dayton, OH


sir that is the competition. they just aren't competing very well

Los Angeles, CA
·Time Warner Cable

Re: .

said by mbreyer:

sir that is the competition. they just aren't competing very well

Yep, typical monopoly in the telecommunications. And the politicians just doesn't give a damn about it.


Somers, NY


Looking at your address, you may be able to get Sonic.net, DSL Extreme (resold Sonic.net), Webpass, and Earthlink Cable (resold TWC).

Los Angeles, CA
·Time Warner Cable

Re: Alternatives

said by FreeBSDuser:

Looking at your address, you may be able to get Sonic.net, DSL Extreme (resold Sonic.net), Webpass, and Earthlink Cable (resold TWC).

I do know that sonic.net is available in my area, but I live 10000 feet away from the CO... I don't think I can get fast speeds from that range.

Review by OpTiC See Profile

  • Location: West Covina,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $171 per month
Good "Speed, Unlimited, Reliable TV, Internet, and Phone"
Bad "had five billing issues and a technician that came, didn't do anything twice"
Overall "I'm probably staying this time"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·T-Mobile US
January 2014 - I lowered tech support, value, and connection reliability because the tech named Hector came to my house and blamed my equipment. He also sent a maintenance guy to threaten my that I would have to pay for service if I have the problem again.

October 2014 update 3- I upgraded my DVR service to the Enhanced DVR (6 tuner) for $3 more. That was a better deal than the standard DVR so my bill is 157.98.

October 2014 update 2- Also found another way to lower my bill I found a promo from TWC's website for the same services for $20 less so I might as well switch I will be calling in will be giving DSLR an update.

October 2014- got a free extreme internet bump and my bill was also lowered to 155.53. I also started using my own Motorola sb 6183. My MAXX speed is 200/20

September 2014- Got TWC Maxx 100/10. I also upgraded my double play with starter tv to the better triple play for $169 preferred tv, all premiums, variety pass plus, a DVR (Motorola DCX 3510) the extra set top box (Motorola DCX 3200 P3) also have whole home DVR.
August 2014- got a second cable box. It's a DCX3200 P3

July 2014- Waiting for MAXX upgrade might upgrade to extreme or ultimate internet for better bang for the buck.

March 2014- Have the Turbo Tier. Still no speed caps which is great. Consistently get my speeds. Very few outages. I hope this isnt my last TW review update. Comcast may be taking over soon. This upgrade cost $10 more a month.

January 2014- I upgraded to the Standard Tier with the same TV package for $10 more a month on top of Basic internet.And I also bought my own modem the Motorola sb 6121.

July 2013- I upgraded to the Basic Tier with the same TV package for $10 more a month on top of Lite internet.

May 2011- I sign up for Lite Tier with El Paquetazo tv package


I have experienced several outages that were due to migrating the two networks together. Speeds have stayed relatively the same, and up until this point, have not been upgraded like much of Time Warners other markets around the country. Being the only game in town however, I feel lucky enough to actually have high speed internet so I won't complain to much.

Upload speed is a bit low, but when the speed increase is put into effect, I expect this to change.

Television service is great, and they have a growing number of HD channels, which looks like it will grow more in the Fall when several new networks are launched.

In the end, they are a decent choice amongst an area with very little to no other choices, except MAYBE Verizon Fios.

member for 325 days, 411 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 2 days ago


Rancho Cucamonga, CA
·exede by ViaSat

Time Warner Business Class

Service has been great overall. The initial technician was kind enough to replace the main cable drop from the street to the premises with a commercial grade cable. He disclosed he did not have any more of the newer modems and would leave me with an older model and to call in if there were any problems. The only concern that arose was between 9pm and 11 pm the speeds would slow. I called in the morning and had a tech visit later on in the afternoon. After the required testing, the signals were extremely strong and the tech did state the modem would be the issue. He swapped out the cable modem with the newest model available and left. Sure enough it was the modem because that evening between the times I was seeing slowdowns it did not happen again. Overall I am really satisfied with the service and it is well worth the extra money each month even though the speeds are not as high as residential service. Wondering if the merge goes through if Comcast will give Business Class customers a speed bump.
West Covina, CA


No body likes my review

Review by Pacrat See Profile

  • Location: Cortland,Trumbull,OH
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Seems to be very reasonable rates for performance realized"
Bad "RR rate tied in with SmartHouse digital cable TV pkg"
Overall "Very pleased with ease of use and pain-free installation! I recommend!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

We've waited for quite some time for RR to be made available and now that it's here, we're very pleased with the performance. Of course, nearly anything would beat the 56K dial up connection we had. I just figured my averages and the Speed Test Tool has revealed what seems to be a pretty consistent Up of 350-370. Downloads seems to vary quite a bit but still average 1682 (counting the day there was a general cable problem in our neighborhood. If I discount the readings on that day, I get an average Download reading of 1912 (1413-2689). Don't know if there is a cap on anything but it seems there might be on the upload side, at least. West Coast speed readings seem to be consistently higher, generally well over 2Mbps. It's still very early in the game.

.Installer took great pains to route the cable in the most inobtrusive manner, and made the modem split before any of the TV feed splits. Don't know if that makes any difference or not. I definitely recommend the service, even without the "all the bells and whistles" TV pkg.

I am using a Toshiba PCX1100U modem (USB), to a Dell Dimension 8100 (1.3Gb, P-4). I have heard that the USB slows things down, but I sure haven't seen it. I wasn't quoted a specific speed, but was promised performance at least 10X over my modem, and I'm certainly getting that. I did apply some "tweaks" and noticed something 200-400kbps improvement in the download. Kept tweaking 'til the program said to leave it alone! No problems yet, but I'll keep everyone posted!

Special intro rate for 1st 3 mos. (SmartHouse Pkg = $89.99) Forgot to mention before that because RR was just now made available... install was FREE!

Struck by my 1st outage!!!! EGAD!!! Thought I was suffering from withdrawal. RR Techie showed up right when they said he would and within 15mins I was up and running again... as good as ever! Only rap was that it took 24 hrs to get someone here. Tested the signal and went to the splitter to reverse the TV and Modem taps. He said something about one tap being 1db down while the other was 9db down. So he reversed the taps so that the modem would have the least signal drop out of the splitter. Seemed pretty knowledgeable and he gave me some other(local) test sites to check speeds. Could only test downloads but could break it up into text, graphics and multimedia. Three different tests! I told him about DSLReports and he wrote it down in his "little black book" for future reference. Overall... I'm still sold on NEO.RR and sure would try to talk anyone else around here into spending the few bucks extra to get it. Now if I could only talk my wife into bagging AOL....!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd Outage!!!!! All of our utilities are underground. That said, we've experienced our 2nd outage... my wife cut our cable while she was edging her flower bed. They don't put it very deep (the cable lies just under the sod layer) and when my wife was edging the flower bed around the side of the house, near the cable junction box, she very neatly cut the cable in two with her shovel. I sure can't blame the outage on TWC, but in the spirit of truth and complete reporting, I offer it for your amusement. TWC is coming next week to replace the whole line... operating with a temporary splice job 'til then.

3rd outage! This one definitely wasn't the fault of RR or TWC. Seems they're(city employees) digging up the existing curbing in our neighborhood in preparation for casting new curbing and repaving the streets. About 2:10pm. today, 7/11/01, everything went out... no TV no RR, no nuthin'! I called service and they said they'd send someone out to check on the situation ASAP. In the meantime, I had to leave the house for awhile and I took an alternate path leaving the house. This took me over one block and lo and behold... there was our cable trunk line sticking out of the ground about 5 feet. Or, rather, one end of the line was sticking out... the other end was still buried in the ditch. Our city employees had hooked the cable line with the back-hoe and completely severed it. I called TWC-RR back again and told them that I thought I'd found their problem, and it was going to take more than just one "techie" to fix it. I gave them the exact location of the break and they were very appreciative. At approximately 6:00pm my service(TV and RR) had been restored. And get this... the repairman stopped at the house to thank me and checked to make sure my service was up and running again, before he left the job.

So, in the past 3 mos. I've had 3 outages... only one of which could I blame on TWC-RR. I'm still happy with the service and the performance I'm getting.

[Update 1-26-03]

Still sailing along quite smoothly... construction has ceased, at least temporarily, and the lines have remained intact. One minor glitch that I should mention, though. Every week there seems to be a mandatory "test" of the emergency "broadcast" system for about 15 seconds or so... designed for the cable network. I have noticed and reported that during the "test" RoadRunner has a tendency to hang for those few seconds. When I called to report it, I was told they are aware of it and are trying to correct the situation. It seems that the test signal occupies all the available broadcast bandwidth and it's spilling over onto the bandwidth used for RoadRunner. It's really no big deal... lasts for only a few seconds, but it is noticeable when the cable status light on the modem starts blinking.

[Update 12-5-03]

Overall performance is still great... and per their ads, download speeds have increased.. but certainly not 50%. The only gripe I have is that they seems to be having some intermittent problems with their e-mail server. it seems to crap out every few weeks for several hours. Supposedly for "scheduled maintenance"...

[Update 3-13-05]

About two weeks ago, my connection speeds dropped off the table... right into the dumper. And then I lost all ability to connect to any site on the web, including RoadRunner's home page. Made a call to customer service on a Tuesday afternoon and got a service call appointment on Thurday at noon. It was a long two days! Techie showed up right on time, power-cycled the Toshiba PCX1100U modem and determined it was DOA. Went out to the truck, brought in a brand spanking new Motorola SURFboard (SB5100), and hooked it up via the NIC and all was well. I mean really well as it immediately improved my connection speeds from less than 2000/330 to 4754/375. I'm happy... The only gripe I had was that it took two days to get it fixed. But I guess I can live with that, considering it's only about the second time in better than 4 years that I've been unable to connect and it was their fault. The other couple of times it was construction crews digging up the cables all over the neighborhood.


Experienced about a 3-hour system shutdown this moring. At first I thought it was just me, but a call to TWC confirmed that they were having a system problem(area-wide) and that it shold be up and running soon. Well, obviously it's been fixed or I wouldn't be here now. Not a huge problem, but it''s a little disconcerting to not be able to get online immediately. Still, overall, I think it's a good buy.


Experienced a few very minor outages, but they were enough to convince me not to add their internet phone service. The whole area was out (both cable tv and broadband) on two seperate occasions, but each lasted less than an hour. I still think, even with the minor inconveniences that it's still the best available in this area. I can see how people get so upset when their service hiccups, though. We've become so accustomed to instant access that when it doesn't happen we go directly into "withdrawal".

[9-24-07]Added VoIP phone service a couple of months ago. Install went pretty-much without a hitch and TWC has made available Caller ID on the tv screen. So now we have the whole bundle...tv, high-speed internet & phone. I was reluctant to put all my eggs in one basket, for a variety of reasons, but everything has been working very well and we've got no complaints. Well, none except I'd consider that the package is a little on the pricey side. But it's still cheaper than than what we had before... unlimited long distance with our telco, with all the calling features we never used, plus Road Runner, plus way too many premium channels available on the tv. But Momma's happy... and you all know the story... when Momma's not happy, no one is happy. And Momma can talk to her heart's content to the relates across the country, so she's very happy. No significant outages, although it has "hic-cupped" a couple of times for just a few seconds. Overall, we're pretty happy with the whole setup. But I'm sure there are cheaper ways to go about it available somewhere. This may not be eveyone's "cup of tea", but it's working for us.

[04-24-08] Have noticed marked increase in my download and upload speeds over a year ago. Some general improvements must have been made. No significant problems... just a couple of minor hiccups due to power outages on their end due to severe weather. I'm still very-well pleased with the service we've been experiencing. As far as saying much more, I guess no news is good news!

[10-3-08] System has been rock solid for months. Awaken the computer and the net is right there. Downloads are very acceptable. Don't upload that much so it's pretty adequate for my needs. Besides... my wife is happy, so I must be happy, too!

[11-18-10] I don't monitor my speeds regularly, but it seems that in the last several months, my connections have been noticeably quicker. I'm of the opinion that if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and so far, it's worked quite flawlessly. There haven't been any appreciable outages, so I cannot complain about that. My wife loves it. She's big into Facebook games and has no patience, waiting for screens to load. She has no idea what "Please Wait" means. I'm still very satisfied with the connection, although our "bundle" price seems to be creeping upward pretty regularly. But then, so is the price of gasoline, milk, bread, and electricity.

[May 16, 2011] Now into the third day of sporadic outages of Road Runner net service and VoIP phone service. Two calls to Time-Warner have not resulted in any improvement in continuity of service. Outages seem to be random in duration and frequency. Sometimes, everything is fine... other times completely FUBAR-ed. Problem is evidently a system, or at least area-wide, as neighbors are experiencing the same symptoms. As much as I am annoyed by T-W's response, I have to admit this is the first time in years there has been a problem that lasted more than an hour or two. Am going to contact them again and request a billing adjustment for prolonged lack of service. We'll see what happens

[4-2-14] It works! Don't have to wait for pages to load. It's there when I need it. Not much else to say. We've had it for years and it's done nothing but get better. How fast is it? I don't know. It's certainly fast enough for our needs/wants. We've had a couple of small "glitches" over the past couple of years, but mostly they seem to occur in the "wee" hours of the morning so, for the most part, they've not affected my normal use of my connection. I probably wouldn't have noticed them at all if it weren't for occasional insomnia on my part. I don't test unless there's an apparent problem... and there hasn't been much of anything of that nature, with the exception of the aforementioned cases. And those may be due to normal system maintenance work being done during "off" hours. Is it perfect... no, but what is? For those who expect 100% performance all the time, it may be frustrating, but for my use, I'm totally satisfied with what I'm getting. The only dissatisfaction I can state is with the construction crews who, for whatever reason, tear the cables out of the ground from time to time. I do not attribute those types of outages to TWC. Just careless backhoe operators.

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Review by pizz See Profile

  • Location: Astoria,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $197 per month
Good "MaXX Upgrade 300/20 - rock-solid stable. Never a slow down."
Bad "Customer Service Store, in the Queens Center Mall. In Elmhurst NY. Worst Customer Service Reps, there period."
Overall "They have come up in the world. Faster internet speeds. Better TV selections. Phone rock-solid."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

8/6/14 - Bill is 197.00 and I get the ultimate Triple-play. With all movie channels. They don't offer this plan anymore, as I was told. Cause of all the movie channels added in. Fios is in my building now. And i never thought I'd stick with TWC over FIOS. But I am, and couldn't be happier.

member for 14.2 years, 3729 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 6 days ago


Rockaway Park, NY

maybe not zero problems

Your lucky I had packet loss problems on the upstream for past year and quite bad this summer, they finally realized the lines here couldnt handle 64QAM on the upstream (rockaways queens) and new cmts uses max 16QAM so the problems occur less now but I would never say zero problems for tw in nyc. Back few years ago that was true. There is hope now that they added more downstream channels upgraded their cmts and doing more upgrades this year that it will be trouble free again at least for me.

1gbps is all the rage.
Astoria, NY
·Time Warner Cable

Re: maybe not zero problems

sorry for the long reply. I understand your problems, i followed it on your forum post. I thiink it's because you have so many buildings there, that your upstream will be congested. I'm gonna reword my review as i see the errors in it.

i hope the new cmts works well for you and they increase some node splits in your area.

good luck
It's ok to say, 'I don't know'. It's even better when someone takes the time to explain what you, 'don't know'.

Review by aemurray See Profile

  • Location: Van Nuys,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $166 per month (12 month contract)
Good "high download speed"
Bad "frequent dropping of internet and phone"
Overall "Tech support and service seems to have deteriorated"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Have used TW for 11 years. Since March 2011 started getting frequent drops of both internet and phone. No problem with cable TV. Technicians have come out numerous times over the 3 years, doing different things outside the building, changing the splitter, replacing the modem. Last tech visit was on 01/17/2015, replaced modem. Yet, every day since the frequent drops continue. Have looked into other possible replacements like AT&T, but they have a lot of hidden charges and some troubles as well as my neighbor has AT&T U-verse and she complains about it. Unplugging the coax cable and power cord for several seconds and then reconnecting does not correct the problem. The only solution I have found that seems to work reliably is to unplug the coax cable and the power cord and let the modem sit for 20-30 minutes. Then, after reconnecting the cables, it connects and works for a while before having to go through the process again. Cannot rely on the phone as it has gone out while I've been talking on it. Phone is also connected to gate of building which allows us to "buzz" people in, but, of course, if the phone doesn't work, people have to call me on their cell from the gate and I have to go down to the front gate and let them in. I really sometimes just wish I could rid myself of the whole lot, but some of the software I purchased requires an internet connection just to run and, of course, Windows has to validate license as well as Microsoft office.

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updated 7 days ago



Universal City, CA

Time warner reliability

Get rid of the phone.Save some money. Use cellphone or voip. Use Netflix or Hulu Plus for TV. Save some more money!
On AIR,On LINE and On the GO!



Re: Time warner reliability

The tech should have taken signal strength inside the house, then outside, then at the pole, and then down the road a piece. He should have come back a few times to read the signal strength outside the house. It seems obvious to me the signal is degrading. A few miles down the road there is probably some old cable that has leakage. Do you have neighbors with similar complaints? The thing I would suggest is you get a new drop...even a temp one across your lawn laying on top of the ground so you can see if the signal stays constant. There really is no magic to this. Either the signal is there or it isn't. As you describe it, it isn't. All it takes is a lot of users, bad weather, leakage, and you are dead in the water...



Re: Time warner reliability

The other thing is I am in NY and I can say "There are signal drops" but what do I know unless I see a meter attached here and there testing signal strength. Even if the signal is there, if you have malware on your machine(s) then it is a sure bet the NIC is being disabled intermittently. Go to bleepingcomputerdotc0m and go to downloads then screen four and download and run adwcleaner or any of the other tools. Bet you will find stuff on your machine(s). The point is try it because it is free and the tools remove malware, etc. so if you do have any at all, then you can try your machine out and see if you have drops.

Review by aguypd See Profile

  • Location: Silver Springs,Wyoming,NY
  • Cost: $107 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Usually good bandwidth"
Bad "TV channels will jitter at times, because of the compressed bandwidth"
Overall "Good deal for the price, when you get their package deal"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Frontier Communi..

(update 2015-1)Time Warner has just release a notice that they are raising prices, again. We received an ad for a package deal, that would offer TV and phone for only $20 per month, but I think we will just stick with Internet, NetFlix and Ooma phone service.

(update 2014-11) Time Warner increased their prices, yet, again earlier this year. Even with the increase in prices, paying for NetFlix, and buying a VOIP phone service (Ooma), we are still paying $30 less than when we had Time Warner's All-In-One bundle.

(update 2014-2) After our fourth DVR stopped working in two years, we decided to just drop the cable TV and digital phone and keep only the Internet. We upgraded the Internet from Standard to Ultimate, so we will see how that does. It will be a price increase to $102, but with dropping the TV and phone, it will be a savings of about $50. Even with purchase of NetFlix, we are still saving over $40. The few shows that we used to watch on TV, we can still watch online.

(update 2013-12) Looking over our cable bill from Time Warner Cable, I was struck by the extra charges.
We have their DVR service, so that we can record shows and watch them later. It is really nice for fast forwarding over all the commercials. We can watch an hour worth of news in just under 40 minutes.
The bill has the DVR service at $12.95, but there is another $8.49 for equipment charges for 1 DVR converter and 1 remote.
That's a total of $21.44 for having a DVR. Time Warner Cable will "nickel & dime" you to death.
We called Time Warner Cable and talked to one guy about "lowering our bill" and the guy instead tried offer us a deal that would "save money on our bill."
We declined and then called back and talked to a different representative, when told that we were looking at getting rid of the TV, possibly the phone, too, and just keeping the Internet, she offered us a better deal for one year. We will save $5.

(update 2013-06)Now, Time Warner has raised fees by creating new charges, such as a modem rental fee or you can buy your own. We bought our own, but since then, we have been struggling to get the former bandwidth of 15,000/1,000, we are usually getting about 5,000/300.

(update 2012-11)We have the three-in-one service and now we are going to be charged a modem rental fee. If we want to purchase one off of their approved list, we then have to put in a splitter to hook up our own and continue to use Time Warner's for the digital phone.
This doesn't make a lot of sense to me, so we will probably just get rid of the digital phone, when we purchase our own modem.

(update 2012-01)Our Internet has been rock solid. We have been very happy with our service.

(update 2010-09)Our Internet service has been rock solid, except for one weekend, but they credited out account for the time it was down.

The bandwidth with Powerboost is consistenly around 17-19 Mbs and after Powerboost ends, it stays pretty consistent around 9 Mbs.
The latency is pretty consistent to NYC, at about 30 ms.

(update)Road Runner has just upgraded our upload to 1 Mbs and is pretty consistent at around .97 Mbs. It is a nice feature and we will see how the price of Road Runner does with their new rates coming out next month.

(update)After continuously comparing the bandwidth between my mom's dsl with Frontier and our Road Runner, Road Runner had consistently had three times the bandwidth and less than half of the latency.

(update)Even with the Powerboost added, you can compare large files, that overcome the first 10 MB Powerboost and show you your true bandwidth usually by using a java based bandwidth test.
Seeing the true bandwidth after Powerboost, it is still 3 times faster than Frontiernet.

(update)Time Warner has put their tiers and caps on the back burner, until they "educate the consumer." They have added some tier and cap terminology to their TOS, so it might not be too much longer before they decide to initiate it onto their plans.

(update)Time Warner announced that they are going to be starting caps and charging by a tiered program with overages at $1/GB. If they do start that, then the cable TV will be getting scaled back. If it still too expensive, then we might end up going back to FrontierNet, since they have said they decided to NOT start caps and a tiered program.

(update)Switched back after trying FrontierNet. The technician came out and installed the modem in just a few minutes and we were up.

The bandwidth is three times what we were getting with FrontierNet. It was a mistake to switch over to FrontierNet in the first place. Especially, now that they are talking about adding caps and tiered service plans.

However, when we had called to have Road Runner installed, again, we were NOT given the option for a self-install kit. In our next bill, they attempted to charge us for the install, in which we complained. They removed the charge.

(update)FrontierNet offered us a deal where the first year was free, plus a modem charge and then the second year was $30 plus modem fee, so we switched from Road Runner to FrontierNet.

Mailed us a self-install kit

Switched to Frontier, when they offered us a deal of the first year free and the second year at $30/month.

However, Road Runner is almost three times the bandwidth, so based on bandwidth to price, Road Runner was the better deal. Will probably be coming back to Road Runner, soon.

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  • Location: Valencia,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $99 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "MAXX Speed, no installation hassles, no contracts, no caps, 2 day wait install"
Bad "Supplied Arris DG1670 router is a touch flaky and adds latency"
Overall "Crazy fast. Faster speeds than what AT&T offers"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews


Happy new year. Still very happy with the service. I've found the Arris DG1670 to be a little flaky, and it adds a small amount of latency to all traffic. Not terribly noticeable for most things, but gamers probably wouldn't be happy. It could be solved by buying my own SB6183. Connection has been fast at all hours. It's crazy to see downloads go at 38MegaBYTES per second!


Alright, you got me Time Warner. When BBR posted a story about "Time Warner Maxx", it was right in the middle of the Charter negotiations, and I just assumed this was some BS press release from TWC trying to make themselves look good, and that they had no intention to follow up on it. They'd have to actually buy us new equipment for that, surely they wouldn't bother. Or maybe they would, but to really select areas.

After all, LA and NYC just got 100mbps. For those of us in AT&T territory, that in itself was pretty impressive.

Then we start hearing about the first markets to get Maxx. Real speed tests showing over 300mbps in SoCal. Nice! But would they really take this to the outskirts of the LA market, where the best you can do is 45mbps from AT&T U-verse? The answer appears to also be yes. I was a little floored to see Valencia so early on the rollout list, but here it is, today I have these amazing speeds.

The process of getting the replacement modem was surprisingly easy. Most people on the forum went to pick it up from the local TWC store with varying results. TWC notified me by email that the new speeds were available and to just click a link to have a new modem shipped to me. They fedexed it to me and it arrived 2 days later, with a pre-paid shipping label to return my old modem. The online activation process had issues, but was corrected with a quick, automated call to their activation hotline.

It's also worth noting that they enabled 16 channel downstream bonding and 4 channel upstream bonding just last week. I'm stunned that they went from plant upgrades to customer activations in such a short period of time!

The first speed test came back at 319/21. Whee!

TWC FINALLY does something edgy and impressive, but it's on their way out the door if Comcast successfully acquires them. Going out with a bang? Maybe we'll get really lucky and the merger will be blocked. In the meantime, I'll enjoy my new connection. Thanks TWC!


BBR is nagging me to update my review. TWC just upgraded me to 100/5 service, so it's probably as good a time as any to do it.

The good:

My 50/5 service has been excellent and stable over the last two years. I work from home, and have been able to depend on this connection around the clock. I have not noticed peak-hour slowdowns; TWC seems to be doing a good job of keeping up with demand. TWC has pushed out updates to the SBG6580 that have resolved the issues I noted previously. A few months back they also released a ~10% speed boost, which helps ensure you get better-than-advertised speeds. All in, I'm seeing fairly consistent 113/5.5 speed tests, which is great. I've nudged up the reliability and value scores to reflect these experiences and updates. I'm also happy that TWC has continued to offer "unlimited" access.

The bad:

The downstream upgrade highlights that the upload speeds are in need of improvement. I'm afraid upload upgrades aren't in our near future. LA is still sitting without DOCSIS 3 upstream channel bonding enabled. TWC could also do a better job of communicating upgrades to customers. They sent me an email telling me I was upgraded to 100mbps, and to reboot my modem, but the actual upgrade didn't occur for a couple days. Tech support was not prepared for this email, and seemingly didn't know what to tell people to expect. Users in the TWC forum got a wide variety of answers, as if they were making stuff up.

These are definitely "first world problems" as some would put it. I'm very happy overall.


I've had the service for a week now. Some issues:

1) The SBG6580 seems like a good device on the surface, but it's a terrible router. It seems to have a memory leak which causes speeds to gradually decline. In my case this would degrade my 50mbps service to no more than 30mbps after 48 hours. Speeds would resume after rebooting the modem. I had to dig out an old Buffalo router with DD-WRT to stop this from happening. I can't believe Motorola would put out such a buggy product, but at least there's a workaround.

2) When not inhibited by the modem, my speeds have been terrific. However, I've noticed the LA area suffers from increased pings (adding an additional 25ms of latency to all hosts) during peak hours (between 7-11). Looking at the RR_SOCAL DSLReports line monitors, this issue affects the majority of us in the LA territory. Gamers, stay away for now.


Back in 2008 I left Road Runner for U-Verse Internet. Since then, U-verse has always had slightly faster speeds than Time Warner so I stuck with it.

Time Warner has been slow to roll out Docsis 3. But now that it's here, they seem to have a fairly unified strategy for their customers, which is good to see. For a long while, we had different speed tiers by zip code, with higher speeds in FiOS and FiOS adjacent neighborhoods.

Top speeds come at a big price tag. 50/5 for $99, unbundled. That's down from $109 a few months back. At this price point, I'd like to see higher uploads. I was also offered 30/5 for $59, which is much better bang for the buck, but I can't resist having the best.

I ordered via the web to get the free install. The next available appointment was over a week away. So after finishing the order I called to see if there were any earlier slots available. The first person I spoke with really botched things up. She said there was a $60 "wireless install charge" (huh?), and to avoid that changed my order to a standard 10/1 install and said I could upgrade later. Ugh. I called back and spoke to someone else who confirmed the mess she made, but said he couldn't give me the free install promo as it was a web only deal and she had invalidated that. He said the best bet was to delete the order and start over online. So I did. I called back Monday and this rep was able to change the date to the very next morning without any trouble at all. The whole process might not have been too big a deal if the automated phone system didn't insist that I was an out-of-state caller, and didn't keep dropping the call when trying to connect me to an agent.

The appointment was from 8-12. The tech arrived at 8:30. I think he was a little new, but he was polite and got the job done.

Speed tests have been bang on 51/5 every time. Pretty impressive. GrabIt was peaking around 6000KB/sec from EasyNews. Seems like it wasn't long ago when 600KB/sec was crazy fast. Road Runner has come a long way from the 1.5mbps service it started at here!


No problems at all with this service. Time Warner decided to pull the newsgroup server. I completely understand why and accept that. However, it kept me from even considering other providers. Now what?

A news story in the Los Angeles Times a few months back lamented about the lack of HD channels on Time Warner. Time Warner promised to deliver 14 new channels by July 1. July came and now they're saying "Not until October." for my area.

Meanwhile, I'm looking at AT&T U-verse. They're going to pony up $200 cash back plus a free $75 month worth of TV. No contract. They also got Sci Fi HD and USA HD, two channels I've been wanting that TW has no plans to add (they're not even in the 14 that are supposedly coming). With AT&T practically willing to pay me to try their service out, why should I keep TW? I couldn't come up with a good answer. But to get TV you have to bundle internet, and that means giving up my Road Runner connection.

Road Runner has been 100% rock solid and reliable over the past year. I've really loved it. U-verse is technically a bit faster (10/1.5 vs. 10/1), although U-verse's internet has actually been slower than RR during peak hours. Rumors point to a 15/2 upgrade for Road runner eventually. Maybe when that comes I'll re-evaluate all this again.


Gosh, has it been 6 months already? There's not much to report here. No news is good news. My connection has been flawless. I'm kind of hoping they'll bump us up to 15/2 at some point (perhaps in response to U-verse upgrades to 10/1.5) but my 10/1 connection is rocking for now. The included newsgroup server has slowed down quite a bit since I signed up, but it's still much better than what's offered by most other providers.


Two week update. I have been thoroughly pleased with my decision to switch to Road Runner. The 10/1 speeds work flawlessly and my line monitor on BBR shows a solid, steady connection.

I almost forgot about the newsgroup server Road Runner has, but wow - the Los Angeles server is awesome! DSLExtreme offered 64KB/sec limited access to supernews. I can often pull the full 10 megabits from Road Runner's news server, and the retention seems to be at least as good as Easynews. Geez.


This is not my first go at Road Runner, but it is my first experience with Time Warner Cable. Our cable system has been sold several times since I moved here in 98. I first signed up with MediaOne Road Runner in 2001. We were then sold to AT&T @Home, then to Comcast HSI, and now we've come full circle back to Time Warner Road Runner!

I've been using DSLExtreme for the last several years. Thanks to a nearby remote terminal, AT&T paired with DSLExtreme had been giving me great service and static IP through DSL. But AT&T is in the process of rolling out even newer service, and DSLExtreme wants *more* money per month with another 12 month commitment! I don't want to be stuck in another higher-priced contract with them when new options become available.

Looking over cable's offerings, I found out that Time Warner had increased the speeds to 10000/1000. Okay, so that's Optimum Online in 2001, but for Los Angeles, that's a record breaker. My very fist speed test: 9838/982. Yeah baby!

That's almost double what I was getting from DSLExtreme's premium offering. Great download speed AND upload speed. For less money than I was spending with DSLExtreme. As I type this review, I have a download going that's been at a rock solid 1.16MB/sec. If they can keep it running reasonably reliable, I'll stick with it! And if it ends up sucking, DSL is just a phone call away. No contracts is such a nice thing.

The only negative is what I expected, calling them is a pain in the butt. Tuns out I didn't need to bother. I just went down to the cable office, picked up the modem there and did a self install. It was so painless. I was up in minutes.

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Pretty solid.

Review by mckenna797 See Profile

  • Location: Astoria,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $199 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Speed ,Reliability, multiroom dvr ,phone, wideband 50/5"
Bad "none"
Overall "Love it"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

We made the switch to road runner from Verizon Dsl due to the recent problems, poor customer support, email blocking

the installer was very good and called to see if he could come early and we said yes he was at our location 1 hour earlier he set up the wireless modem (ambit) for Road Runner and the Arris digital phone modem ( will be connected this Friday the 18th due to problems with verizon porting the telephone number to time warner)

in our living room with splitters, for the DTV Road Runner and digital phone all cable is in the living room there was slight signal problem and that afternoon a plant tech showed up to repair the problem our two computers our 50 and 75 ft from the wireless modem, the wireless adapters are usb at the Computers, our excellent both pc show excellent recive and 11mbps on bootup and the lowest i,ve seen was 2mbps when we are downloading on both pc so far everything is working great
here is a speed test using the wireless
Verizon speed test Site
Connection Types
Your Speed in
KBits/Sec KBytes/Sec
Ethernet 10M
& UP
2M 3413Kbits 426.6KBytes

Download Size: [500]KBytes
Downloaded in: [1.172]Seconds

Speak easy site
2005-03-14 06:21:27 EST: 3343 / 349
Your download speed : 3423388 bps, or 3343 kbps.
A 417.8 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 358230 bps, or 349 kbps.

March 18th
as promised the digital phone was connected today , we did to keep the number we had with verizon, the installers swithched one jack to a double jack one for the telephone modem and one is for the phone at the modem, they installed a three way spliter one leg to the telephone modem ,one to the wireless modem for road runner and one to the catv box, and they left one phone wall mount connected to the building telephone wireing for our building intercom system, sound quality is great infact had to turn the volume down on one phone , call id is working correctly all in all a good experiance whould recommend to friends and family almost forgot the internet speed is uneffected one on the phone
Oct 4,2005
not much to change in the review, things are still going great, had to call tech support to get my wifes new Dell 5100 connected to our wireless road runner, tech came out set it up for her and was very pleasent and knew his stuff, while he was here he also tweaked my pc a Emachine 3265 also a wireless connection and works like a charm, all in all still very happy with Road Runner

Feb 26th 2006
I just got a new Dell for Myself , Just plugged in the Wireless Linksys 802.11g adapter and road runner was up and running i also have the provided usb adapter on the old emachine and still works great ,as a side note my wireless speed have been preatty constant 4800kbps and recently exceeded 5000 + kbps.is Road runner getting ready to roll out a New Speed Upgrade looking at the almost daily routine maintance listed on the support web site

Sept 18th 2006

Time warner has unofficially upgraded my speed to 7000 down/512 up
and I have had these speeds for a couple of weeks now, my wifes pc with the wireless g usb 2.0 adapter connecting to the Ambit wireless Modem is getting speeds of 6700+ as are my Dell and the old Emachine through the Linksys befw11s4 we have left over from our Verizon Dsl Days connected to the Ambit via ethernet cable 100ft run all and all we are still very happy with Time Warner here in Western Queens

December 1 2006
Well Its time for a update
TW upped our internet speed via road Runner to 10/512 last week we have switched to a belkin Wired router and all is great speed tests are at or near the new speeds

Feb 8th
Well it is time to update my review of Road Runner and Digital Phone, and sadto say things have degraded, Since December 2006, we have had lots of intermittant drop outs of Phone and Road Runner When its windy and techs say there is no problems or loose connections, And every Night we Have the peak time slow downs

May 21 2007
Well we just got and HD tv so went to TW queens center office and turned in the sa digital box we had for the sa HD-DVR box , got it home and hooked it up,
Self install came withe component video cable and rf cable No HDMI or Composite cables the dvr was new,) picked up hdmi cable really easy setup and the picture quality on sd and hd is what can i Say WOW excellent could not ask for more, still have all the other services and still am very satisfied also the road runner upgrade to 10/512 was a plus and have had no problems since Feburary when the upgrades were a work in progress

Mar 21
The site asked for an update ,
preatty much things have been stable with RR, we had some problems withlost connection and speed all over the place , we switched to a new router as the belkin router turned out to be the cause of the problems . we now have a D-Link DLG-4100 Gigabit router had it two weeks and no lost connections speeds are always in the range of 8500-10000, the lowest i have seen is 7500+,

the site asked for an update
everything is still good now have powerboost and it works as advertised,

We Had signature home Installed yesterday. Installers 2 were great new their stuff
they replaced all the cable in the house installed the 2 cisco 8642hdc dvr's the surfboard 6580 wideband modem and connected it to my dlink dir-825 router, we still have are arris modem for phone every thing works fine all speed tests are at 50/5 ,] multi room dvr is working great Installer explained everything and set up modem so i have acsess to all the info and config pages they also left a lot of info pamphlets »www.speedtest.net/result/1655116258.png

We have had signature home since 12 16 2011 still working great 50/5 wideband is great no slow downs or disconnects during prime time speeds are always at 50/5

time for an update
Still with Signature Home things are still working fine, TWC replaced the line coming into the Apartment(squrriels ate it, , we asked the tech if we could get a combo Modem and he went to his truck and gave us the Arris TG862G. things are working fine and we just got a speed increase

the site has asked me to update my review.
the only things that have changed are our internet speed increased to 100mbps down but I get about 113 down
and we added an hdhomerun prime so got a cable card and tuning adaptor an works great

got the Max upgrade down speed is between 320 and 325 mbps, up is 20 to 25 mbps , We replaced the Arris TG862g with the Arris TG1672g

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  • Location: Fremont,Dodge,NE
  • Cost: $155 per month
Good "Internet speeds are at or above what they should be. No bandwidth caps yet."
Bad "Its expensive, especially if you don't bundle. TV service leaves room to be desired."
Overall "It costed us less to upgrade to Ultimate 50Mbps internet, so we did."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

I noticed that my old review was under old twc so I decided to add a review to the new page. Anyways, It costed less to upgrade from 30/5 Extreme to 50/5 Ultimate and we only lost Cinemax so we upgraded. We have Preferred TV with Variety Pass, HBO, Showtime, HD DVR service, and 50Mbps Ultimate Internet. I am still rocking the same customer owned SB6141 from two years ago and now I have a Netgear R7000 Nightawk Wireless AC1900 router. Initially when we got the 50Mbps plan we only had 4 bonded downstream channels which caused serious speed dips during peak times, I called and complained and less than two weeks later they upgraded us to 7 Bonded downstream channels which has helped keep the speeds at 50Mbps and above. It would be nice to get that 8th channel, although there is no exact date when that will happen. The TV service kind of sucks as we keep having to replace the box every 6 months to a year as it keeps bugging out and still some TV channels look fine while others look over-compressed and crappy. We also seem to get xx-HD channel is not available sometimes. Here is a speedtest: »www.speedtest.net/result/3963596060.png

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