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Six Month Rating

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Review by lms See Profile

  • Location: Los Angeles,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $59 per month
Good "Great Performance. Maybe one outage a year."
Bad "Recovery from an outage once took the entire weekend."
Overall "Great performance and reliability"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

I have had my service with Time Warner for over 10 years (Media One, Comcast, Time Warner) and wouldn't switch for anything short of Fiber.

I rarely have an outage and when I do it usally is restored in a couple of hours (Once there was a two day wait over the weekend) and CS is always friendly and helpful.

member for 12 years, 314 visits, last login: 12 days ago
updated 3 days ago


Review by iansltx See Profile

  • Location: Austin,Travis,TX
  • Cost: $96 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Fast speeds, available where I live, Tier 3 customer service is great"
Bad "Must rent your modem for 16x4 for now, expensive"
Overall "Thanks to the Maxx upgrade, this is a pretty good option now"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Verizon Online DSL
UPDATE 8-9-14

A few days ago I logged into my desktop remotely because I saw a friend in the area saying that his internet speed had been upgraded to Maxx (he's on 200/20). Sure enough, mine had been as well...well, as much as TWC will let a SB6141 do (100 down, 10 up). When I got back home, I swapped back in the TWC-provided Arris modem I've had since Maxx started in the area (just not for me), tried activating it, and was given a failure message, followed by "call this number if you have issues, or this number if you're in NYC, or this number if you're in Austin or LA." I called the Austin/LA number and got a friendly, reasonable knowledgeable guy on the other end of the line to activate the modem. After he got it running, he transferred me to a San Antonio-based gal in Tier 3 Support who switched the gateway to bridge mode so my own router could get a public IP address (lost v6 though ).

So now I can do this:


Not too happy about having to rent a 16x4 modem to hit even 200x20, but I'll survive for now, since 200x20 is less expensive even with modem rental than what Comcast charges for 150x20 elsewhere. The upload speed is great though, that's for sure.

UPDATE 4-16-14

Over the past few days TWC has been down for a fair amount. Last night, the downtime was measured in hours.

But when the service came back online (around 3am), I got this:


Speed tests register about 56.7 Mbps down and 5.6 Mbps up at this point. So no Maxx upgrades just yet, but my area is certainly ready for them (the only reason I don't see more downstream channels is that my modem doesn't support 'em).

UPDATE 8-10-13

Got my latest bill. As expected, I'll be paying around $11 more than before, with the total coming to just shy of $96 per month. Technically the dollars-per-megabit is negligibly higher thanks to the overprovisioning boost a week ago. But the service is still quite expensive, whatever way you slice it. And I've been having disconnection issues due to low SNR over the past few days.

UPDATE 8-6-13

On the 3rd I rebooted my modem to get a 10% speed boost; TWC no longer does PowerBoost but is now overprovisioning the speeds of their tiers at 15/1 and higher. There are times where I don't quite get those speeds, but at other times I'm hitting closer to 55/5.5 than 50/5. Nothing huge, but still nice.

Other than that, no upgrades to the plant that I can see. My modem SNR is actually down a bit from before...only 36-37 dB. My connection is still reliable, but it wouldn't take much to kill this reliability.

I got a letter in the mail today saying that TWC had extended the promo price of my tier...sort of. The amount I pay is going up by $10/mo, but that puts me at $90 (plus taxes and fees, so the upcharge will be more like $10.83) rather than $105. As such, I'll probably stick with my 50/5 tier, as the new promo rate is good until this time next year. Hopefully I'll be on Google Fiber by then, as paying nearly $100 for 50/5 isn't my idea of a fun time.

UPDATE 6-29-13

A month or two ago I ordered an SB6141 and returned the TWC-provided gateway, so now my bill is $85 instead of $89 (soon to be $90, or even more). The company messed up something with provisioning, such that I was offline for an hour and change the day I returned the modem, but they fixed it.

Service is still reasonably reliably and speedy, and TWC isn't complaining about the ~340GB that I've transferred this month (much of it uploads due to reseeding/updating online backups). However during peak hours Twitch.tv and YouTube become an utter buffer-fest at higher bitrates, unless I tunnel to SoftLayer or the like.

I'll probably downgrade to 30/5 as soon as my promo pricing wears off (probably after this coming billing cycle), unless TWC offers to extend the promo pricing. The extra 20 Mbps of download speed is nice, but uploads are where I'm really hurting, and the 50 Mbps plan doesn't offer any benefit to that end...so I wait impatiently for Google Fiber to solve that problem.

UPDATE 11-12-12

According to my latest bill, Austin now has the $3.95 modem rental fee (plus tax), boosting the price I'm paying for 50/5 to $89.32 per month. I'll be ordering a Zoom 5341J modem pretty soon to avoid this rental fee, and I'll come out ahead within 20 months of that purchase (less if TWC hikes modem rental rates again).

According to TWC's meter, I used 172, 202 and 148 GB of data in August, September and October, respectively. So far this month I've used 162 GB due to my backup partial reseed. Those numbers sound accurate, given what I've been doing on my 'net connection, and they don't matter too much anyway since my tier is still uncapped. If you work things out, my cost per gigabyte is between 40 and 50 cents...more than I'd pay on AT&T with one of their 250GB plans, but also more reliable and faster (17x faster on downloads, 7x faster on uploads, accounting for DSL overhead).

UPDATE 11-10-12

Service still appears to be humming along. I'll be reseeding a backup this month but am not worried that TWC will get onto me about that since I don't do heavy downloading/uploading during peak periods (it's either afternoons before everyone gets home or late at night). At any rate, there's no cap.

The only times I get high latency is when I'm pegging the connection in one or both directions. Which is right now, since I'm pulling 6 MB/s on a few parallel downloads. Otherwise, the connection is completely snappy. For example, pings to a California game server are ~59ms and Netflix buffers in a couple seconds and switches to HD after well under a minute (probably the fault of Netflix more than the cable connection that it takes that long).

Again, I'm pretty much a captive audience for TWC...I'm not going to switch to 3M AT&T DSL or throttled, latency-ridden Clear WiMAX (or throttled/capped cellular or satellite service). Grande Communications, which I'd switch to in a heartbeat if they were available, isn't available in this part of town, and the remaining options all cost hundreds of dollars per month (MegaPath EoC or whatever). So TWC it is.

UPDATE 8-17-12

Service appears to be performing as expected. Speeds are in the high forties or low fifties down, 5 Mbps up. I may run Ethernet to make sure I get full speeds...since I'm on a 2.4GHz-only router in an apartment complex, the last few feet may be my weak link.

I checked my bill just now (after signing up for TWC PayXpress and turning off paper billing) and TWC overcharged me by $1.77 on its last credit card payment, leaving me with a $21.77 service credit. The other $20 was applied by TWC's Twitter team as an apology for the installation coordination issues...I'd rather have had no issues with the install than $20, but I'll take it!

As far as what I'm actually paying, it looks like standard Internet service here in Austin is $54.99 per month. Add Another $50 for 50/5, then take away $25 due to the promo I'm on. Modem rental ($2.50), taxes ($3.12) and fees (a regulatory cost recovery charge of 36 cents) bring my total to $85.97 per month for my first twelve months of service.

So if I was in Comcast territory where FiOS was available or nearby, I could get faster service (50/10) for a comparable price (including modem rental, I think)...and I'm paying more for TWC 'net access than AT&T charges for any of their DSL tiers...but for where I am this isn't the worst deal ever.

Speaking of what AT&T charges for their DSL tiers, I could get the highest-end service that's available here for $19.95 per month for twelve months, if I commit to a year contract. But it's 3M down, 768K up at best so that's not happening (and TWC offers its 3M plan for $19.99 per month for the first twleve months with no contract anyway). It's extra annoying that no high speeds are offered here because there's a VRAD ust down the block from the entrance to my apartment complex, along with buried fiber optical cable warnings on the streets nearby. Guess the phone lines in here must be really, really screwy to keep that VRAD from serving me at 18 Mbps over, say, two pairs (so 5000 wire feet).


In this particular apartment complex (NW Austin), AT&T provides DSL and TWC provides cable. Unfortunately, AT&T tops out at 3 Mbps at my particular apartment, so for telecommuting, gaming, etc. that wasn't going to work. Since I had 50/15 connectivity from Comcast in Colorado (see my review of them), I decided to go for TWC's 50M tier (5M up). I dont need the extra download speed, but I heard rumblings that TWC will upgrade the tier's upload speeds, something that I'd find quite handy for transferring large files/photos/videos (hence my having 50M service in Colorado).


I ordered service in late July, as early as I could for an expected mid-August install (I moved into my new apartment on the 14th, so an install on the 15th was ideal). The 50/5 tier, Internet-only, came to $82.49 per month including modem rental and after a $20 discount (which lasts one year). Installation was either cheap ($50) or free.

I received an e-mail from TWC a day or two later asking me to reschedule my install...I had picked 8/16 (valid on Time Warner Cable's website) but apparently the schedule didn't actually go out that far. I rescheduled for the 13th temporarily; I would call them back to reschedule for after the 14th later.

A week and a half or so prior to my install, I called up TWC again to reschedule. The customer service rep's English could use work, but I gathered that he had rescheduled me for 8/15 at 8am. Perfect! Or not...

On the 13th, while I was still not in my apartment quite yet, I got a couple voicemails from TWC (my phone was off at that point). I found out by a follow-up call to them that the installation reschedule request didn't take, something I hadn't been notified about. On that same call, I rescheduled the install as early as was then possible: 1-3pm on Saturday.

This was far less than ideal, and the scheduling snafu wasn't my fault, so I contacted TWC via Twitter. They put a tech supervisor on the situation and I got a call several hours later letting me know that I'd have an installer by in the 10am window on the 15th, pending availability. I thanked the supervisor and ended the call.

This morning (8/15) I got an e-mail from TWC stating that the insatllation was complete, though no tech had yet showed. Calls to TWC's automated system listed my order as complete (no additional info) as well. A call to a TWC support rep cleared things up: one system still had the 8/13 install date set, and my tech would arrive in the 8a-noon window.

At just before 10am, a TWC tech called me and let me know that he was arriving. The first part of his installation job was outside my apartment. Having finished that, he came inside around 10:25am. By 10:45, he was gone and the Motorola SBG6580 he brought with him was serving up my 50/5 connection. I then logged into the modem (admin/motorola are the default username/password), disabled NAT and turned off wireless connectivity, effectively turning the gateway into a bridged modem without needing to call TWC to get them to make the change. The wireless on the gateway seemed to work fine for the few minutes that I used it, but I trust my Amped Wireless R10000G more (and, while the Motorola was able to just barely provide advertised speeds over wireless, the Amped actually exceeds those speeds).

In short, the install itself was fine (though I tidied up some cables after the tech left). The scheduling for it wasn't a pleasant process, but TWC ended up getting things done when I wanted them to, so I can't fault them too much.


My 8x4 (DS/US) bonding capable gateway is currently bonding four downstream channels (roughly 42dB SNR and between -1 and -3 dBmV power levels)...and not bonding upstreams. I'm sitting on a 3.2MHz-wide channel that's probably modulating at 16QAM. This makes me concerned about whether I'll be able to get my full 5 Mbps of upload speed at all times, but things seem fine so far.

As I mentioned, speed tests show that I'm getting my full (50 Mbps down, 5 Mbps up) provisioned speed, with no PowerBoost or other shenanigans. I can actually hit above 50 Mbps for download speeds to some servers, though in other cases I'm below 50. It averages out to be a fast connection though, right at what I'm paying for.

Latency and jitter aren't rock-solid like you'd see on a well-groomed FastPath DSL line or FTTH, however both figures are pretty good, with 10ms to TWC Austin core and a few milliseconds of jitter. So VoIP and gaming shouldn't be an issue at all, though TWC routes a lot of their traffic over Cogent, which may not take the most direct route to a given website. Due to backbone-level decisions, I've seen connections that "feel" faster (for example, LTE on my Sprint phone in Fort Worth), however the TWC connection feels faster than my Comcast connection did, and non-Powerboosted speeds should allow me to do better QoS so that I can game and upload photos at the same time

member for 7.5 years, 3255 visits, last login: a few hours ago
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Angry TWC



When I first got them, they were $47 a month,(I own my own modem) They increase your bill every couple months, and now its almost $60, all the while the speeds go down. I'm on 10/1mb. When TWC (The WORST Cable) picked up Adephia, when they all went to prison, they plugged Buffalo into the already oversubscribed Rochester-->East system. In evenings, theres no possible gaming its so slow while everyone downloads their Netflix. I nominally average 3-4mb while I pay for 10. Theres no competition in town, Versleazon wont put FIOS in the cities, just the rich suburbs. We're working with the state to sue them for discriminatory practices.



New residential

Where can I buy a gutter box for my exterior wall that recieves service and excepts house cabling?

Review by pizz See Profile

  • Location: Astoria,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $197 per month
Good "MaXX Upgrade 300/20 - rock-solid stable. Never a slow down."
Bad "Customer Service Store, in the Queens Center Mall. In Elmhurst NY. Worst Customer Service Reps, there period."
Overall "They have come up in the world. Faster internet speeds. Better TV selections. Phone rock-solid."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

8/6/14 - Bill is 197.00 and I get the ultimate Triple-play. With all movie channels. They don't offer this plan anymore, as I was told. Cause of all the movie channels added in. Fios is in my building now. And i never thought I'd stick with TWC over FIOS. But I am, and couldn't be happier.

member for 13.8 years, 3636 visits, last login: 1 days ago
updated 13 days ago


Rockaway Park, NY

maybe not zero problems

Your lucky I had packet loss problems on the upstream for past year and quite bad this summer, they finally realized the lines here couldnt handle 64QAM on the upstream (rockaways queens) and new cmts uses max 16QAM so the problems occur less now but I would never say zero problems for tw in nyc. Back few years ago that was true. There is hope now that they added more downstream channels upgraded their cmts and doing more upgrades this year that it will be trouble free again at least for me.

bye bye twc. hello Comcast.
Astoria, NY
·Time Warner Cable

Re: maybe not zero problems

sorry for the long reply. I understand your problems, i followed it on your forum post. I thiink it's because you have so many buildings there, that your upstream will be congested. I'm gonna reword my review as i see the errors in it.

i hope the new cmts works well for you and they increase some node splits in your area.

good luck
It's ok to say, 'I don't know'. It's even better when someone takes the time to explain what you, 'don't know'.

Review by ipwn3r456 See Profile

  • Location: Los Angeles,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 455 days
Good "Full speeds almost all the time, pricing isn't that bad."
Bad "TWO billing mistakes, with occasional connectivity issues."
Overall "Well, it connects to the internet. But I still wish for competition."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I am using their Standard tier internet (originally 10/1, later upgraded to 15/1, and now the 10% provisioning is more of 16.3/1.1), originally paying $29.99. But since my promotion ends in one year, they continued to give me an another promotion, but pricing increased to $36.99 (without taxes, modem fees, etc.), I am fine with that... for now.

I ordered internet online, and process is pretty smooth. Although the technician came in a few minutes late(I think the appointment was around 10am-12pm, the technician came around 12:05pm). First he checked the cables outside, and drilled a hole so the cable can go through. He installed an Ambit modem (forgot the model number), which now I am using my own modem, Motorola SB6141. Everything went smooth, until when the technician was about to leave, my neighbor came out and told the technician that he disconnected his TV cable. The technician quickly installed a splitter, and no problems.

Overall I am fine with my internet speeds, no outages, no slow-downs (almost all the time), and I am pretty fine with it. Although I want competition. Besides TWC, only AT&T serves in our area as well. But they are only offering up to 1.5mbps DSL, which is completely irreverent in terms of speeds and pricing. I would want AT&T to have Uverse coverage in our area, not because I want to switch back, it's because I want competition in case if TWC soars up prices on me.

Update 12/4/13 - Time Warner keep charging me for modem rental, even though I have been using my SB6141 for more than a month. The lady over the live chat was nice enough to remove the fee. So I guess another problem solved. But seriously Time Warner, fix your billing systems. It looks like the billing system is more "profit" wise than accuracy. This is already the second mistake Time Warner did. The first time was charging me for installation fee even though it was free. And I am dropping the pre-sales 25% lower because of that.

Update 12/16/13 - During the past few days, my internet connection was pretty terrible. I am getting over 200ms+ ping, and also packet loss. Speed was also dramatically decreased, making it a terrible browsing experience. Because of that, I am dropping connection reliability 25% lower.

Update 4/9/14 - Everything is still fine, getting full speeds almost all the time, maybe with the exception of peak times. I will have to see about pricing changes after my 2nd year promotion (which ends in august), plus the upcoming MAXX upgrades (if it ever happens in my area).

Update 6/16/14 - Connection problems are getting worse lately. I don't know what is going on, but I am getting packet losses/high ping issues, sometimes few times a week, sometimes as worse as few times a day... can't even play any online games with my connection. For this, I am taking off another 25% from connection reliability. Might have to contact TWC about this if this keeps happening. No TWC MAXX upgrades yet, still sticking with 8 download channels and 1 upload channel.

Update 7/31/13 - Just upgraded to Turbo as a part of negotiation, since they are going to charge me $50 for standard, so I called their retention department and the promotional price for turbo is all they can offer me. I said yes, and saved $5 a month, for now. I should be more aggressive next time when I am negotiating with TWC. No TWC MAXX upgrades yet, but we will see how it goes later this year.

member for 1 year, 478 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 19 days ago


Dayton, OH


sir that is the competition. they just aren't competing very well

Los Angeles, CA
·Time Warner Cable

Re: .

said by mbreyer:

sir that is the competition. they just aren't competing very well

Yep, typical monopoly in the telecommunications. And the politicians just doesn't give a damn about it.


Somers, NY


Looking at your address, you may be able to get Sonic.net, DSL Extreme (resold Sonic.net), Webpass, and Earthlink Cable (resold TWC).

Los Angeles, CA
·Time Warner Cable

Re: Alternatives

said by FreeBSDuser:

Looking at your address, you may be able to get Sonic.net, DSL Extreme (resold Sonic.net), Webpass, and Earthlink Cable (resold TWC).

I do know that sonic.net is available in my area, but I live 10000 feet away from the CO... I don't think I can get fast speeds from that range.

Review by Pegasus See Profile

  • Location: Hilton,Monroe,NY
  • Cost: $179 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Stable speeds. Lots of HD. Better appointment times. Whole home DVR works great. No fee's for paying bill on the phone."
Bad "No premiums HBO, Showtime ETC included. Should include another client box. "
Overall "if your happy with TWC in your area & want more than 1 DVR & 50/5 internet signature home makes sense."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

Signed up for signature home on 7/14/2013, Installed on 7/21/2013

Ordering was pretty smooth. spoke with a very nice woman who was easy to understand and pleasant & excited about what she was selling.

Installation was quick & painless. Tech sat down with my family & myself before installing anything to go over all the services and to make sure it suited all of our needs. after that all the cable outlets were tested & the tech was shown where all the equipment was to be placed.

For cable boxes i was given 2 Cisco 8742HDC.

For data & phone i kept the dual modem set up i already had, Arris for data & Technicolor for the home phone.

The only real complaint i have about signature home thus far are:

1. should include one client box included in the 199.99 price.

2. The call center for signature home is iffy. its hit or miss. Its not a terrible, the agents are never rude or unhelpful but sometimes it feels like the agents are in training & they are nervous.

Things i rave about:

1. No stupid fee's for paying over the phone, or paying by check over the phone.

3. Im never on hold when i call

4. The appointment times are fantastic. no waiting around for a tech.

5. The field techs. only the best of the best tech's do signature home appointments. this is really great. in the past before signature home ive had some very rude lousy techs.

Overall its just nice to have a cable company kiss my keister, even if its just a peck.

July 2014 Update.

Not much of anything has change service wise. Only changes have been with support. the signature home call center in NC is excellent now. No more using *67 to block my number when calling to get regular support. Its flip flopped. regular support is horrendous now it seems.

member for 6.6 years, 224 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 23 days ago


Review by aemurray See Profile

  • Location: Van Nuys,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $65 per month (12 month contract)
Good "download speed, reliable"
Bad "Too many menus in reacing tech support"
Overall "Tech support and service seems to have deteriorated"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Have used TW for 10 years, services until recently has actually been very, extremely good. Of late, the past 3 months, the phone and the RoadRunner service disconnects. Contacting tech support is of little to no value. The roadrunner service has deteriorated tremendously. Have called several time because of numerous, long-term drops. Have had to disconnect all cables (power, coax, Ethernet) and hit reset button, let sit for about 10 minutes before plugging everything back in and usually on about the 4th attempt of going through this procedure I get my connection back. Tech support was here two weeks ago and was to have replaced my cable modem but instead the tech only checked outside wiring and stated some of the other TW customers had loose connections and caused my connection to "bleed." Connection lasted about a week and the problems started again. Have another tech call in on August 2. Before TW was able to send someone within a couple of days, now it is taking two weeks. Don't think I will be putting up with this type of service much longer.

member for 10 years, 111 visits, last login: 2 days ago
updated 24 days ago


Review by outtherenost See Profile

  • Location: Corona,Riverside,CA
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "322/22 - No CAPS, reasonable company to deal with, 10+ yr customer"
Bad "Nothing to max downstream bandwidth with, maxxing 100mbs was tough enough"
Overall "I like TWC and for a big company that is a major achievement."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)


Maxx Upgraded for a while now, everything is still as it should be.

TWC network must be pretty beefie, I have seen no negative changes since they started rolling this out.

May be downgrading soon, wish I had not sold my 5431J


Still working good, very few issues as of late. Hopefully a speed bump is coming with all the latest FioS upgrades going on, but 15/2 is perfect for my needs for now.

Updated: 8/28/08

Still running strong. I am one of the fortunate ones that only has a few people on their node and get the advertised speeds day and night. The only time it's slow is when there a regional issues which I have been lucky to not have been effected by that much.

Until something better comes along or they start capping/throttling I'll be staying

Keep up the good work TWC


Talking to TWC about TV packages I discovered that RR Extreme is 15/2 is my area of Corona because FiOS is in the same zip code, I have ATT however. By being nice I was able to get the CS person to match my ATT Elite DSL price for a year so I could see just what all the fuss was about with this "cable modem thingy" that my friends had told me about.

So far it's very nice, nothing seems blocked and speed does not seems to vary day or night.


member for 13.2 years, 4410 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 44 days ago


Review by djrobx See Profile

  • Location: Valencia,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $99 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "MAXX Speed, no installation hassles, no contracts, no caps, 2 day wait install"
Bad "None ... !"
Overall "Crazy fast. Faster speeds than what AT&T offers"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews


Alright, you got me Time Warner. When BBR posted a story about "Time Warner Maxx", it was right in the middle of the Charter negotiations, and I just assumed this was some BS press release from TWC trying to make themselves look good, and that they had no intention to follow up on it. They'd have to actually buy us new equipment for that, surely they wouldn't bother. Or maybe they would, but to really select areas.

After all, LA and NYC just got 100mbps. For those of us in AT&T territory, that in itself was pretty impressive.

Then we start hearing about the first markets to get Maxx. Real speed tests showing over 300mbps in SoCal. Nice! But would they really take this to the outskirts of the LA market, where the best you can do is 45mbps from AT&T U-verse? The answer appears to also be yes. I was a little floored to see Valencia so early on the rollout list, but here it is, today I have these amazing speeds.

The process of getting the replacement modem was surprisingly easy. Most people on the forum went to pick it up from the local TWC store with varying results. TWC notified me by email that the new speeds were available and to just click a link to have a new modem shipped to me. They fedexed it to me and it arrived 2 days later, with a pre-paid shipping label to return my old modem. The online activation process had issues, but was corrected with a quick, automated call to their activation hotline.

It's also worth noting that they enabled 16 channel downstream bonding and 4 channel upstream bonding just last week. I'm stunned that they went from plant upgrades to customer activations in such a short period of time!

The first speed test came back at 319/21. Whee!

TWC FINALLY does something edgy and impressive, but it's on their way out the door if Comcast successfully acquires them. Going out with a bang? Maybe we'll get really lucky and the merger will be blocked. In the meantime, I'll enjoy my new connection. Thanks TWC!


BBR is nagging me to update my review. TWC just upgraded me to 100/5 service, so it's probably as good a time as any to do it.

The good:

My 50/5 service has been excellent and stable over the last two years. I work from home, and have been able to depend on this connection around the clock. I have not noticed peak-hour slowdowns; TWC seems to be doing a good job of keeping up with demand. TWC has pushed out updates to the SBG6580 that have resolved the issues I noted previously. A few months back they also released a ~10% speed boost, which helps ensure you get better-than-advertised speeds. All in, I'm seeing fairly consistent 113/5.5 speed tests, which is great. I've nudged up the reliability and value scores to reflect these experiences and updates. I'm also happy that TWC has continued to offer "unlimited" access.

The bad:

The downstream upgrade highlights that the upload speeds are in need of improvement. I'm afraid upload upgrades aren't in our near future. LA is still sitting without DOCSIS 3 upstream channel bonding enabled. TWC could also do a better job of communicating upgrades to customers. They sent me an email telling me I was upgraded to 100mbps, and to reboot my modem, but the actual upgrade didn't occur for a couple days. Tech support was not prepared for this email, and seemingly didn't know what to tell people to expect. Users in the TWC forum got a wide variety of answers, as if they were making stuff up.

These are definitely "first world problems" as some would put it. I'm very happy overall.


I've had the service for a week now. Some issues:

1) The SBG6580 seems like a good device on the surface, but it's a terrible router. It seems to have a memory leak which causes speeds to gradually decline. In my case this would degrade my 50mbps service to no more than 30mbps after 48 hours. Speeds would resume after rebooting the modem. I had to dig out an old Buffalo router with DD-WRT to stop this from happening. I can't believe Motorola would put out such a buggy product, but at least there's a workaround.

2) When not inhibited by the modem, my speeds have been terrific. However, I've noticed the LA area suffers from increased pings (adding an additional 25ms of latency to all hosts) during peak hours (between 7-11). Looking at the RR_SOCAL DSLReports line monitors, this issue affects the majority of us in the LA territory. Gamers, stay away for now.


Back in 2008 I left Road Runner for U-Verse Internet. Since then, U-verse has always had slightly faster speeds than Time Warner so I stuck with it.

Time Warner has been slow to roll out Docsis 3. But now that it's here, they seem to have a fairly unified strategy for their customers, which is good to see. For a long while, we had different speed tiers by zip code, with higher speeds in FiOS and FiOS adjacent neighborhoods.

Top speeds come at a big price tag. 50/5 for $99, unbundled. That's down from $109 a few months back. At this price point, I'd like to see higher uploads. I was also offered 30/5 for $59, which is much better bang for the buck, but I can't resist having the best.

I ordered via the web to get the free install. The next available appointment was over a week away. So after finishing the order I called to see if there were any earlier slots available. The first person I spoke with really botched things up. She said there was a $60 "wireless install charge" (huh?), and to avoid that changed my order to a standard 10/1 install and said I could upgrade later. Ugh. I called back and spoke to someone else who confirmed the mess she made, but said he couldn't give me the free install promo as it was a web only deal and she had invalidated that. He said the best bet was to delete the order and start over online. So I did. I called back Monday and this rep was able to change the date to the very next morning without any trouble at all. The whole process might not have been too big a deal if the automated phone system didn't insist that I was an out-of-state caller, and didn't keep dropping the call when trying to connect me to an agent.

The appointment was from 8-12. The tech arrived at 8:30. I think he was a little new, but he was polite and got the job done.

Speed tests have been bang on 51/5 every time. Pretty impressive. GrabIt was peaking around 6000KB/sec from EasyNews. Seems like it wasn't long ago when 600KB/sec was crazy fast. Road Runner has come a long way from the 1.5mbps service it started at here!


No problems at all with this service. Time Warner decided to pull the newsgroup server. I completely understand why and accept that. However, it kept me from even considering other providers. Now what?

A news story in the Los Angeles Times a few months back lamented about the lack of HD channels on Time Warner. Time Warner promised to deliver 14 new channels by July 1. July came and now they're saying "Not until October." for my area.

Meanwhile, I'm looking at AT&T U-verse. They're going to pony up $200 cash back plus a free $75 month worth of TV. No contract. They also got Sci Fi HD and USA HD, two channels I've been wanting that TW has no plans to add (they're not even in the 14 that are supposedly coming). With AT&T practically willing to pay me to try their service out, why should I keep TW? I couldn't come up with a good answer. But to get TV you have to bundle internet, and that means giving up my Road Runner connection.

Road Runner has been 100% rock solid and reliable over the past year. I've really loved it. U-verse is technically a bit faster (10/1.5 vs. 10/1), although U-verse's internet has actually been slower than RR during peak hours. Rumors point to a 15/2 upgrade for Road runner eventually. Maybe when that comes I'll re-evaluate all this again.


Gosh, has it been 6 months already? There's not much to report here. No news is good news. My connection has been flawless. I'm kind of hoping they'll bump us up to 15/2 at some point (perhaps in response to U-verse upgrades to 10/1.5) but my 10/1 connection is rocking for now. The included newsgroup server has slowed down quite a bit since I signed up, but it's still much better than what's offered by most other providers.


Two week update. I have been thoroughly pleased with my decision to switch to Road Runner. The 10/1 speeds work flawlessly and my line monitor on BBR shows a solid, steady connection.

I almost forgot about the newsgroup server Road Runner has, but wow - the Los Angeles server is awesome! DSLExtreme offered 64KB/sec limited access to supernews. I can often pull the full 10 megabits from Road Runner's news server, and the retention seems to be at least as good as Easynews. Geez.


This is not my first go at Road Runner, but it is my first experience with Time Warner Cable. Our cable system has been sold several times since I moved here in 98. I first signed up with MediaOne Road Runner in 2001. We were then sold to AT&T @Home, then to Comcast HSI, and now we've come full circle back to Time Warner Road Runner!

I've been using DSLExtreme for the last several years. Thanks to a nearby remote terminal, AT&T paired with DSLExtreme had been giving me great service and static IP through DSL. But AT&T is in the process of rolling out even newer service, and DSLExtreme wants *more* money per month with another 12 month commitment! I don't want to be stuck in another higher-priced contract with them when new options become available.

Looking over cable's offerings, I found out that Time Warner had increased the speeds to 10000/1000. Okay, so that's Optimum Online in 2001, but for Los Angeles, that's a record breaker. My very fist speed test: 9838/982. Yeah baby!

That's almost double what I was getting from DSLExtreme's premium offering. Great download speed AND upload speed. For less money than I was spending with DSLExtreme. As I type this review, I have a download going that's been at a rock solid 1.16MB/sec. If they can keep it running reasonably reliable, I'll stick with it! And if it ends up sucking, DSL is just a phone call away. No contracts is such a nice thing.

The only negative is what I expected, calling them is a pain in the butt. Tuns out I didn't need to bother. I just went down to the cable office, picked up the modem there and did a self install. It was so painless. I was up in minutes.

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Review by LexingtonPro See Profile

  • Location: Lexington,Fayette,KY
  • Cost: $60 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Reliable speeds; delivered on their promises"
Bad "Functional monopoly; must bundle service"
Overall "Best we can do"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Upgraded to 30/5 today. Impressive throughput. Technician very thorough and solictious.

A marked improvment from Windstream fiber service.

A reasonable amount to pay if I didn't have to essentially have cable TV to get this price.

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Review by ArgMeMatey See Profile

  • Location: Milwaukee,Milwaukee,WI
  • Cost: $37 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Install time and process"
Bad "Leftover billing problems, modem fee"
Overall "Better price than the other half of the duopoly"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·AT&T Midwest
I ordered 10 Mbps online on a Thursday afternoon. $29.99 per month plus taxes, guaranteed rate for 12 months. Free cable modem for six months, $2.50 per month thereafter.

I was sweating a bit because the install date they proposed was just one day before my AT&T service was to be shut off.

Got an e-mail quickly saying to call them. Called them and found out there was a billing issue left over from my previous account with them, despite the fact that they sent me no less than three e-mails saying I owed them $0.00.

Got that squared away on Friday afternoon and they scheduled me for installation on Saturday morning, the next day. The installers arrived during the stated window and we were up and running in less than one hour. In my book, that's just this side of heavenly, although back when I had standard cable I was able to go to the Time Warner storefront, pick up a cable modem, and be online in less than an hour. The cable modem is a Cisco DPC2100R2. I like its simplicity vs. all the garbage in the 2Wire that AT&T provided for VDSL. I ran a couple of speed tests and both were about 9.6 Mbps.

Now I heard their new McAfee deal requires a separate RR e-mail address for each client. That seems a bit silly.

I'll update after I start using the service. Right now it's just sitting idle until AT&T UVerse goes dead in a couple of days.

Update 19 Nov 2012:
Running pretty well. Speed consistently tests at 12 Mbps. McAfee works fine; no separate e-mail required as I had been told.

I bought my own DPC2100r2 the month after the billing started, and it took about an hour to get it online on the phone. It would be nice if they would allow me to authenticate online and then enter the MAC address of whatever modem I want to use. But I know they need to download a file to the modem to control it.

Haven't had any billing issues otherwise. I've got another six months at this price so we'll see what happens at that point.

Update 27 Jun 2014:
During a neighborhood power outage on 27 Aug 2013 lasting less than two hours, there was no Time Warner service whatsoever. But the AT&T VRAD down the street was humming along on battery power.

For the period March 2014 through February 2015, I was able to renew again at about the same rate I had in year two: $35 plus tax. Still using the same modem although it's been delisted. Testing reveals that my speeds average just over 15 Mbps.

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