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Six Month Rating

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Review by OpTiC See Profile

  • Location: Baldwin Park,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $84 per month
Good "Speed, unlimited"
Bad "had five billing issues and a technician that came, didn't do anything"
Overall "I'm probably staying this time"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews

March 2014- Have the Turbo Tier. Still no speed caps which is great. Consistently get my speeds. Very few outages. I hope this isnt my last TW review update. Comcast may be taking over soon. This upgrade cost $10 more a month.

January 2014- I upgraded to the Standard Tier with the same TV package for $10 more a month on top of Basic internet.And I also bought my own modem the Motorola sb 6121.

July 2013- I upgraded to the Basic Tier with the same TV package for $10 more a month on top of Lite internet.

May 2011- I sign up for Lite Tier with El Paquetazo tv package


I have experienced several outages that were due to migrating the two networks together. Speeds have stayed relatively the same, and up until this point, have not been upgraded like much of Time Warners other markets around the country. Being the only game in town however, I feel lucky enough to actually have high speed internet so I won't complain to much.

Upload speed is a bit low, but when the speed increase is put into effect, I expect this to change.

Television service is great, and they have a growing number of HD channels, which looks like it will grow more in the Fall when several new networks are launched.

In the end, they are a decent choice amongst an area with very little to no other choices, except MAYBE Verizon Fios.

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updated a few hours ago


Review by iansltx See Profile

  • Location: Austin,Travis,TX
  • Cost: $96 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "As-advertised speeds, quick/easy install, reliable"
Bad "Installation/support issues, high price even with owned modem"
Overall "No other good options in this area...yes, this is a good option"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Verizon Online DSL
UPDATE 4-16-14

Over the past few days TWC has been down for a fair amount. Last night, the downtime was measured in hours.

But when the service came back online (around 3am), I got this:


Speed tests register about 56.7 Mbps down and 5.6 Mbps up at this point. So no Maxx upgrades just yet, but my area is certainly ready for them (the only reason I don't see more downstream channels is that my modem doesn't support 'em).

UPDATE 8-10-13

Got my latest bill. As expected, I'll be paying around $11 more than before, with the total coming to just shy of $96 per month. Technically the dollars-per-megabit is negligibly higher thanks to the overprovisioning boost a week ago. But the service is still quite expensive, whatever way you slice it. And I've been having disconnection issues due to low SNR over the past few days.

UPDATE 8-6-13

On the 3rd I rebooted my modem to get a 10% speed boost; TWC no longer does PowerBoost but is now overprovisioning the speeds of their tiers at 15/1 and higher. There are times where I don't quite get those speeds, but at other times I'm hitting closer to 55/5.5 than 50/5. Nothing huge, but still nice.

Other than that, no upgrades to the plant that I can see. My modem SNR is actually down a bit from before...only 36-37 dB. My connection is still reliable, but it wouldn't take much to kill this reliability.

I got a letter in the mail today saying that TWC had extended the promo price of my tier...sort of. The amount I pay is going up by $10/mo, but that puts me at $90 (plus taxes and fees, so the upcharge will be more like $10.83) rather than $105. As such, I'll probably stick with my 50/5 tier, as the new promo rate is good until this time next year. Hopefully I'll be on Google Fiber by then, as paying nearly $100 for 50/5 isn't my idea of a fun time.

UPDATE 6-29-13

A month or two ago I ordered an SB6141 and returned the TWC-provided gateway, so now my bill is $85 instead of $89 (soon to be $90, or even more). The company messed up something with provisioning, such that I was offline for an hour and change the day I returned the modem, but they fixed it.

Service is still reasonably reliably and speedy, and TWC isn't complaining about the ~340GB that I've transferred this month (much of it uploads due to reseeding/updating online backups). However during peak hours Twitch.tv and YouTube become an utter buffer-fest at higher bitrates, unless I tunnel to SoftLayer or the like.

I'll probably downgrade to 30/5 as soon as my promo pricing wears off (probably after this coming billing cycle), unless TWC offers to extend the promo pricing. The extra 20 Mbps of download speed is nice, but uploads are where I'm really hurting, and the 50 Mbps plan doesn't offer any benefit to that end...so I wait impatiently for Google Fiber to solve that problem.

UPDATE 11-12-12

According to my latest bill, Austin now has the $3.95 modem rental fee (plus tax), boosting the price I'm paying for 50/5 to $89.32 per month. I'll be ordering a Zoom 5341J modem pretty soon to avoid this rental fee, and I'll come out ahead within 20 months of that purchase (less if TWC hikes modem rental rates again).

According to TWC's meter, I used 172, 202 and 148 GB of data in August, September and October, respectively. So far this month I've used 162 GB due to my backup partial reseed. Those numbers sound accurate, given what I've been doing on my 'net connection, and they don't matter too much anyway since my tier is still uncapped. If you work things out, my cost per gigabyte is between 40 and 50 cents...more than I'd pay on AT&T with one of their 250GB plans, but also more reliable and faster (17x faster on downloads, 7x faster on uploads, accounting for DSL overhead).

UPDATE 11-10-12

Service still appears to be humming along. I'll be reseeding a backup this month but am not worried that TWC will get onto me about that since I don't do heavy downloading/uploading during peak periods (it's either afternoons before everyone gets home or late at night). At any rate, there's no cap.

The only times I get high latency is when I'm pegging the connection in one or both directions. Which is right now, since I'm pulling 6 MB/s on a few parallel downloads. Otherwise, the connection is completely snappy. For example, pings to a California game server are ~59ms and Netflix buffers in a couple seconds and switches to HD after well under a minute (probably the fault of Netflix more than the cable connection that it takes that long).

Again, I'm pretty much a captive audience for TWC...I'm not going to switch to 3M AT&T DSL or throttled, latency-ridden Clear WiMAX (or throttled/capped cellular or satellite service). Grande Communications, which I'd switch to in a heartbeat if they were available, isn't available in this part of town, and the remaining options all cost hundreds of dollars per month (MegaPath EoC or whatever). So TWC it is.

UPDATE 8-17-12

Service appears to be performing as expected. Speeds are in the high forties or low fifties down, 5 Mbps up. I may run Ethernet to make sure I get full speeds...since I'm on a 2.4GHz-only router in an apartment complex, the last few feet may be my weak link.

I checked my bill just now (after signing up for TWC PayXpress and turning off paper billing) and TWC overcharged me by $1.77 on its last credit card payment, leaving me with a $21.77 service credit. The other $20 was applied by TWC's Twitter team as an apology for the installation coordination issues...I'd rather have had no issues with the install than $20, but I'll take it!

As far as what I'm actually paying, it looks like standard Internet service here in Austin is $54.99 per month. Add Another $50 for 50/5, then take away $25 due to the promo I'm on. Modem rental ($2.50), taxes ($3.12) and fees (a regulatory cost recovery charge of 36 cents) bring my total to $85.97 per month for my first twelve months of service.

So if I was in Comcast territory where FiOS was available or nearby, I could get faster service (50/10) for a comparable price (including modem rental, I think)...and I'm paying more for TWC 'net access than AT&T charges for any of their DSL tiers...but for where I am this isn't the worst deal ever.

Speaking of what AT&T charges for their DSL tiers, I could get the highest-end service that's available here for $19.95 per month for twelve months, if I commit to a year contract. But it's 3M down, 768K up at best so that's not happening (and TWC offers its 3M plan for $19.99 per month for the first twleve months with no contract anyway). It's extra annoying that no high speeds are offered here because there's a VRAD ust down the block from the entrance to my apartment complex, along with buried fiber optical cable warnings on the streets nearby. Guess the phone lines in here must be really, really screwy to keep that VRAD from serving me at 18 Mbps over, say, two pairs (so 5000 wire feet).


In this particular apartment complex (NW Austin), AT&T provides DSL and TWC provides cable. Unfortunately, AT&T tops out at 3 Mbps at my particular apartment, so for telecommuting, gaming, etc. that wasn't going to work. Since I had 50/15 connectivity from Comcast in Colorado (see my review of them), I decided to go for TWC's 50M tier (5M up). I dont need the extra download speed, but I heard rumblings that TWC will upgrade the tier's upload speeds, something that I'd find quite handy for transferring large files/photos/videos (hence my having 50M service in Colorado).


I ordered service in late July, as early as I could for an expected mid-August install (I moved into my new apartment on the 14th, so an install on the 15th was ideal). The 50/5 tier, Internet-only, came to $82.49 per month including modem rental and after a $20 discount (which lasts one year). Installation was either cheap ($50) or free.

I received an e-mail from TWC a day or two later asking me to reschedule my install...I had picked 8/16 (valid on Time Warner Cable's website) but apparently the schedule didn't actually go out that far. I rescheduled for the 13th temporarily; I would call them back to reschedule for after the 14th later.

A week and a half or so prior to my install, I called up TWC again to reschedule. The customer service rep's English could use work, but I gathered that he had rescheduled me for 8/15 at 8am. Perfect! Or not...

On the 13th, while I was still not in my apartment quite yet, I got a couple voicemails from TWC (my phone was off at that point). I found out by a follow-up call to them that the installation reschedule request didn't take, something I hadn't been notified about. On that same call, I rescheduled the install as early as was then possible: 1-3pm on Saturday.

This was far less than ideal, and the scheduling snafu wasn't my fault, so I contacted TWC via Twitter. They put a tech supervisor on the situation and I got a call several hours later letting me know that I'd have an installer by in the 10am window on the 15th, pending availability. I thanked the supervisor and ended the call.

This morning (8/15) I got an e-mail from TWC stating that the insatllation was complete, though no tech had yet showed. Calls to TWC's automated system listed my order as complete (no additional info) as well. A call to a TWC support rep cleared things up: one system still had the 8/13 install date set, and my tech would arrive in the 8a-noon window.

At just before 10am, a TWC tech called me and let me know that he was arriving. The first part of his installation job was outside my apartment. Having finished that, he came inside around 10:25am. By 10:45, he was gone and the Motorola SBG6580 he brought with him was serving up my 50/5 connection. I then logged into the modem (admin/motorola are the default username/password), disabled NAT and turned off wireless connectivity, effectively turning the gateway into a bridged modem without needing to call TWC to get them to make the change. The wireless on the gateway seemed to work fine for the few minutes that I used it, but I trust my Amped Wireless R10000G more (and, while the Motorola was able to just barely provide advertised speeds over wireless, the Amped actually exceeds those speeds).

In short, the install itself was fine (though I tidied up some cables after the tech left). The scheduling for it wasn't a pleasant process, but TWC ended up getting things done when I wanted them to, so I can't fault them too much.


My 8x4 (DS/US) bonding capable gateway is currently bonding four downstream channels (roughly 42dB SNR and between -1 and -3 dBmV power levels)...and not bonding upstreams. I'm sitting on a 3.2MHz-wide channel that's probably modulating at 16QAM. This makes me concerned about whether I'll be able to get my full 5 Mbps of upload speed at all times, but things seem fine so far.

As I mentioned, speed tests show that I'm getting my full (50 Mbps down, 5 Mbps up) provisioned speed, with no PowerBoost or other shenanigans. I can actually hit above 50 Mbps for download speeds to some servers, though in other cases I'm below 50. It averages out to be a fast connection though, right at what I'm paying for.

Latency and jitter aren't rock-solid like you'd see on a well-groomed FastPath DSL line or FTTH, however both figures are pretty good, with 10ms to TWC Austin core and a few milliseconds of jitter. So VoIP and gaming shouldn't be an issue at all, though TWC routes a lot of their traffic over Cogent, which may not take the most direct route to a given website. Due to backbone-level decisions, I've seen connections that "feel" faster (for example, LTE on my Sprint phone in Fort Worth), however the TWC connection feels faster than my Comcast connection did, and non-Powerboosted speeds should allow me to do better QoS so that I can game and upload photos at the same time

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Angry TWC



When I first got them, they were $47 a month,(I own my own modem) They increase your bill every couple months, and now its almost $60, all the while the speeds go down. I'm on 10/1mb. When TWC (The WORST Cable) picked up Adephia, when they all went to prison, they plugged Buffalo into the already oversubscribed Rochester-->East system. In evenings, theres no possible gaming its so slow while everyone downloads their Netflix. I nominally average 3-4mb while I pay for 10. Theres no competition in town, Versleazon wont put FIOS in the cities, just the rich suburbs. We're working with the state to sue them for discriminatory practices.

Review by DinnerOut See Profile

  • Location: Columbus,Franklin,OH
  • Cost: $34 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "The price at 34.99 is OK"
Bad "Their customer service is awful"
Overall "I'm scared when and if it tuns into Comcast"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

In a new place, own my own modem. The service has been alright.

Their billing and customer service is awful. Updated an auto pay credit card and they still billed my old card, took an act of Congress to get it refunded, and they refund the wrong card.

I am very close to calling WOW.

member for 12.8 years, 3673 visits, last login: 3 days ago
updated 3 days ago


Review by stopka See Profile

  • Location: Charlotte,Mecklenburg,NC
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Very pleased with the service."
Bad "Can I get faster speed for the same price ? :)"
Overall "Performed very well and hope to see it maintain as such."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

I moved into my apartment about 3 months ago and set up my Time Warner internet service over the phone. They came in about 2 days. I had purchased a cable modem at Best Buy and thus did not have to pay the extra charge to *rent* Time Warner's modem. I only had them install the internet service and the tech did it very well and I have been pleased for 3 months now. I usually run speed tests and am always pleased to see I get constant speeds of what they are advertising to me. No outages as of yet. We are heavy Netflix users on 2 separate televisions so we usually download about 300 GIG a month. (I hope there isn't a monthly cap because they haven't hit me up with one yet..)

member for 5.4 years, 6 visits, last login: 7 days ago
updated 7 days ago


Albemarle, NC

TWC's service, for now...

Same here in Albemarle.....good, consistent service. But Comcast is on the horizon and perhaps we should worry about their soon-to-be monopoly in this area.

Review by ipwn3r456 See Profile

  • Location: Los Angeles,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $37 per month
  • Install: about 455 days
Good "Full speeds almost all the time, pricing isn't that bad."
Bad "TWO billing mistakes, but eventually fixed."
Overall "Well, it connects to the internet. But I still wish for competition."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I am using their Standard tier internet (originally 10/1, later upgraded to 15/1, and now the 10% provisioning is more of 16.3/1.1), originally paying $29.99. But since my promotion ends in one year, they continued to give me an another promotion, but pricing increased to $36.99 (without taxes, modem fees, etc.), I am fine with that... for now.

I ordered internet online, and process is pretty smooth. Although the technician came in a few minutes late(I think the appointment was around 10am-12pm, the technician came around 12:05pm). First he checked the cables outside, and drilled a hole so the cable can go through. He installed an Ambit modem (forgot the model number), which now I am using my own modem, Motorola SB6141. Everything went smooth, until when the technician was about to leave, my neighbor came out and told the technician that he disconnected his TV cable. The technician quickly installed a splitter, and no problems.

Overall I am fine with my internet speeds, no outages, no slow-downs (almost all the time), and I am pretty fine with it. Although I want competition. Besides TWC, only AT&T serves in our area as well. But they are only offering up to 1.5mbps DSL, which is completely irreverent in terms of speeds and pricing. I would want AT&T to have Uverse coverage in our area, not because I want to switch back, it's because I want competition in case if TWC soars up prices on me.

Update 12/4/13 - Time Warner keep charging me for modem rental, even though I have been using my SB6141 for more than a month. The lady over the live chat was nice enough to remove the fee. So I guess another problem solved. But seriously Time Warner, fix your billing systems. It looks like the billing system is more "profit" wise than accuracy. This is already the second mistake Time Warner did. The first time was charging me for installation fee even though it was free. And I am dropping the pre-sales 25% lower because of that.

Update 12/16/13 - During the past few days, my internet connection was pretty terrible. I am getting over 200ms+ ping, and also packet loss. Speed was also dramatically decreased, making it a terrible browsing experience. Because of that, I am dropping connection reliability 25% lower.

Update 4/9/14 - Everything is still fine, getting full speeds almost all the time, maybe with the exception of peak times. I will have to see about pricing changes after my 2nd year promotion (which ends in august), plus the upcoming MAXX upgrades (if it ever happens in my area).

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updated 10 days ago


Dayton, OH


sir that is the competition. they just aren't competing very well

Los Angeles, CA
·Time Warner Cable

Re: .

said by mbreyer:

sir that is the competition. they just aren't competing very well

Yep, typical monopoly in the telecommunications. And the politicians just doesn't give a damn about it.


Somers, NY


Looking at your address, you may be able to get Sonic.net, DSL Extreme (resold Sonic.net), Webpass, and Earthlink Cable (resold TWC).

Los Angeles, CA
·Time Warner Cable

Re: Alternatives

said by FreeBSDuser:

Looking at your address, you may be able to get Sonic.net, DSL Extreme (resold Sonic.net), Webpass, and Earthlink Cable (resold TWC).

I do know that sonic.net is available in my area, but I live 10000 feet away from the CO... I don't think I can get fast speeds from that range.

Review by xQim See Profile

  • Location: Standish,Cumberland,ME
  • Cost: $70 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Get Above Advertised Speed"
Bad "Hidden Fees, Bandwidth Caps Are Slower Than All Other Cable ISPs"
Overall "Get What You Pay For"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Fairpoint Commun..
Update 04/07/2014

Service is still rock solid with a never fluctuating bandwidth speed of 56Mbps/6Mbps. Add to that a dual-wan load balancing router (soon to be triple-wan) and get a significant bump in upstream bandwidth and a moderate increase in download speed. I average about 72Mbps/42Mbps (9MB/s Down / 5.3MB/s Up). Overall I am content with the service. It has not dropped, slowed, or lost the connection since install back in October 2013. Since installation my SurfBoard 6141 has used 4 downstream bonded channels and 4 upstream bonded channels. I still wish TWC would raise the upload speed to 15Mbps or more but I fail to see that happening. I also hope the Comcast/TWC merger is denied somehow as I don't want a cap placed on my data usage.

*Update* 01/16/2014

The internet has remained the same and I've had zero connection issues since install. I would like to know where my 100Mbps upgrade is though. It obviously isn't in my area yet, but I'm hoping it will be soon. Here's another picture of my average download speed of 7MB/s.

*Update* 11/21/2013

I had to lower the stars to rate this company as there is several issue that have risen. First off, I recently moved and had my account reinstated. I got my bill and there was a $42.50 charge on it titled, "Transfer Data." No representative ever told me anything about this (why would they?) and what did they transfer? Other then the internet itself, I didn't use anything from them. So I called up and inquired about this "Transfer Data" and the guy kept saying, "While it was moving your connection from one address to another." Me: "So essentially, all you did was just change my address in your records and charge me $42.50?" Guy repeats himself four more times. So a word to the wise. Cancel your service first, before you move and then get a new installation with cheaper rates and no install fee. The other issue is that Time Warner has about the slowest internet packages for cable companies in America. Comcast, Cox HSI, Optimum Online, etc…. all have significantly faster speeds then TWC offers. Other then being greedy and cheap, why is this? The next issue is TWC is cheap and will not work with Netflix. Therefore you cannot access their CDN, thus not getting Super HD and much higher bandwidth. I've also noticed that a lot of times on Netflix, the show will start out at 0.9Mbps and max out 1.7Mbps while still having 55Mbps/5.50Mbps left to spare. This leads to constant buffering. I have to use Fairpoint, that's right, my Fairpoint connection to access anything on Netflix as it will use more bandwidth and will never buffer.

*Update* 11/10/2013

Still running strong with absolutely no problems. No speed loss, down time or anything. Service has been consistantly over advertised since installation. Love the service.

*Update* 10/23/2013

I just upgraded to TWC RR Ultimate 50Mbps/5Mbps and couldn't be more pleased. Installation was a breeze and the pleasant technician rewired the place in thirty minutes. I did a speed test and received a 54.51Mbps/5.18Mbps which is above advertised. The speeds are consistent and remain the same no matter what hour of day it is. I am also using my own DOCSIS 3.0 modem which is a Motorola SURFboard 6141. It is on the approved list of personal modems. It works better than the Ubee modems they would have provided. I couldn't be more pleased. Downloads get up to 7.0MB/s. Fantastic service.

*Update 09/05/2013*

I had to change ISPs to Fairpoint for a bit, but then I switched back to Time Warner as the price of Fairpoint is more expensive than Turbo. I did a self install with my own modem to avoid a rental fee and so far I cannot complain. My latency went down 20ms+ and my speeds went up to 20Mbps/2.10Mbps (41ms), far beyond the 7Mbps/1Mbps (65ms) I was recieving from Fairpoint. All and all I'm glad I made the switch. I don't know how Fairpoint competes with Time Warner since the speeds are no where close to the same and the price for DSL is higher. I guess if Fairpoint is your only option then go for it, but if Time Warner is around I would not hesitate to select them first. And yes, you can use your own Scientific Alantic Modem since that's what I'm doing. I plan to buy a Motorola SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem soon and upgrade to wideband extreme. Yes they let you use your own DOCSIS 3.0 modem, or at least where I live they do. I'll let you know the results.


Upgraded to wideband. When the cable installer came over he cut my telephone wires which disconnected my DSL. Not only that, but I had three cable modems where the connected one was. The guy stole 2 of my modems (a Cisco & Scientific Atlantic) and then plugged my own modem in and charged me a rental fee. WTF? I see it as Time Warner owes me $99.00 per stolen modem and the rental fee removed. Terrible installation. Give me my $200 dollars Time Warner. I never bothered to get my modems back as they say they didn't take them. The rental fee was removed though.

Click for full size
Click for full size

member for 10.5 years, 241 visits, last login: 1 days ago
updated 10 days ago




your $200

you wont ever see it unless you can prove the installer took 2 modems of yours. i.e. video of him taking them.

this if you ever even had 2 modems extra and are not just trying to bad mouth twc.

its your word against their's and w/o any proof you wont get $200.

·Time Warner Cable
·Fairpoint Commun..

Re: your $200

I'm not bad mouthing TWC for the sake of it. I have three witnesses that saw them there and they were mysteriously gone after he finished. Also, Fairpoint had to come out to my house and install a new telephone box because the TWC employee destroyed the box. For what reason? Why would a cable company need to do anything with the telephone box? Umm gee, too stop the competition. So it is actually four individuals against one.

Fremont, OH


I wasn't there to see what happened, but since when are you able to purchase an SA modem and use it on the TWC Network. Those modems are generally LEASED and are not for sale.



Re: SA

Out of curiosity I did a search and SA modems are for sale all over the Internet so they are not only "for lease"

Review by ElJay See Profile

  • Location: Portland,Cumberland,ME
  • Cost: $35 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Speed is what I ordered"
Bad "Ordering and install took hours on the phone"
Overall "Now that it is going, I hope it just works"
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I recently moved and sadly Time Warner Cable is the only broadband option in my new location. I am too far away from the central office for any usable DSL and I do not have line of sight to connect to our local WISP.

The sales and ordering process was not good. I called to establish TV and internet service. The previous occupants of the house had recently cancelled service, which left a work order out there that was somehow blocking me in Time Warner's system from signing up for new service. The guy on the phone tried to clear it, but he couldn't do anything until we waited an hour and it filtered out of the system. I called back an hour later, somehow got the same guy again, and we continued where we left off. It still took another forty five minutes on the phone to get to the point of done because of various system difficulties they seemed to be experiencing.

I decided to bring my own modem which I purchased off of their approved modem list, which allows me to avoid their $6/mo modem lease fee. In retaliation for this decision, it took over an hour on the phone with them to activate my modem. I was passed between seven different people. After forty seven minutes on the line, one of them deliberately hung up on me because he supposedly couldn't hear me. Before that I was transferred erroneously to the billing department. One person didn't seem to understand the difference between a modem and a cable box. Across all of these different people, I had to tell each one the phone number on my account and at least four different people the MAC address on the modem. Luckily, for the last guy I was dealing with, I eventually found a slip of paper I received when I got my cable box that had my account number on it. This tidbit of information seemed to be the gateway to getting activated. This last guy still took twenty minutes to get it working, but at least their network actually let me pass data now.

The speed is very solid and matches what I ordered. I just hope that I never have to call them up again.

member for 10 years, 1629 visits, last login: 5 days ago
lodged 17 days ago



Fiendishly clever plan to stonewall BYOM provisioning.

It does seem that they were annoyed that you chose to BYOM, and it wouldn't surprise me for one second that TWC makes it difficult to provision your own modem hoping that after a few failed tries you will submit to renting one of their own. Utter bullshite if you ask me, and very deliberate.

I would have called their executive office and told them about your experience, it isn't rocket science to provision a modem.

Review by Pacrat See Profile

  • Location: Cortland,Trumbull,OH
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Seems to be very reasonable rates for performance realized"
Bad "RR rate tied in with SmartHouse digital cable TV pkg"
Overall "Very pleased with ease of use and pain-free installation! I recommend!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

We've waited for quite some time for RR to be made available and now that it's here, we're very pleased with the performance. Of course, nearly anything would beat the 56K dial up connection we had. I just figured my averages and the Speed Test Tool has revealed what seems to be a pretty consistent Up of 350-370. Downloads seems to vary quite a bit but still average 1682 (counting the day there was a general cable problem in our neighborhood. If I discount the readings on that day, I get an average Download reading of 1912 (1413-2689). Don't know if there is a cap on anything but it seems there might be on the upload side, at least. West Coast speed readings seem to be consistently higher, generally well over 2Mbps. It's still very early in the game.

.Installer took great pains to route the cable in the most inobtrusive manner, and made the modem split before any of the TV feed splits. Don't know if that makes any difference or not. I definitely recommend the service, even without the "all the bells and whistles" TV pkg.

I am using a Toshiba PCX1100U modem (USB), to a Dell Dimension 8100 (1.3Gb, P-4). I have heard that the USB slows things down, but I sure haven't seen it. I wasn't quoted a specific speed, but was promised performance at least 10X over my modem, and I'm certainly getting that. I did apply some "tweaks" and noticed something 200-400kbps improvement in the download. Kept tweaking 'til the program said to leave it alone! No problems yet, but I'll keep everyone posted!

Special intro rate for 1st 3 mos. (SmartHouse Pkg = $89.99) Forgot to mention before that because RR was just now made available... install was FREE!

Struck by my 1st outage!!!! EGAD!!! Thought I was suffering from withdrawal. RR Techie showed up right when they said he would and within 15mins I was up and running again... as good as ever! Only rap was that it took 24 hrs to get someone here. Tested the signal and went to the splitter to reverse the TV and Modem taps. He said something about one tap being 1db down while the other was 9db down. So he reversed the taps so that the modem would have the least signal drop out of the splitter. Seemed pretty knowledgeable and he gave me some other(local) test sites to check speeds. Could only test downloads but could break it up into text, graphics and multimedia. Three different tests! I told him about DSLReports and he wrote it down in his "little black book" for future reference. Overall... I'm still sold on NEO.RR and sure would try to talk anyone else around here into spending the few bucks extra to get it. Now if I could only talk my wife into bagging AOL....!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd Outage!!!!! All of our utilities are underground. That said, we've experienced our 2nd outage... my wife cut our cable while she was edging her flower bed. They don't put it very deep (the cable lies just under the sod layer) and when my wife was edging the flower bed around the side of the house, near the cable junction box, she very neatly cut the cable in two with her shovel. I sure can't blame the outage on TWC, but in the spirit of truth and complete reporting, I offer it for your amusement. TWC is coming next week to replace the whole line... operating with a temporary splice job 'til then.

3rd outage! This one definitely wasn't the fault of RR or TWC. Seems they're(city employees) digging up the existing curbing in our neighborhood in preparation for casting new curbing and repaving the streets. About 2:10pm. today, 7/11/01, everything went out... no TV no RR, no nuthin'! I called service and they said they'd send someone out to check on the situation ASAP. In the meantime, I had to leave the house for awhile and I took an alternate path leaving the house. This took me over one block and lo and behold... there was our cable trunk line sticking out of the ground about 5 feet. Or, rather, one end of the line was sticking out... the other end was still buried in the ditch. Our city employees had hooked the cable line with the back-hoe and completely severed it. I called TWC-RR back again and told them that I thought I'd found their problem, and it was going to take more than just one "techie" to fix it. I gave them the exact location of the break and they were very appreciative. At approximately 6:00pm my service(TV and RR) had been restored. And get this... the repairman stopped at the house to thank me and checked to make sure my service was up and running again, before he left the job.

So, in the past 3 mos. I've had 3 outages... only one of which could I blame on TWC-RR. I'm still happy with the service and the performance I'm getting.

[Update 1-26-03]

Still sailing along quite smoothly... construction has ceased, at least temporarily, and the lines have remained intact. One minor glitch that I should mention, though. Every week there seems to be a mandatory "test" of the emergency "broadcast" system for about 15 seconds or so... designed for the cable network. I have noticed and reported that during the "test" RoadRunner has a tendency to hang for those few seconds. When I called to report it, I was told they are aware of it and are trying to correct the situation. It seems that the test signal occupies all the available broadcast bandwidth and it's spilling over onto the bandwidth used for RoadRunner. It's really no big deal... lasts for only a few seconds, but it is noticeable when the cable status light on the modem starts blinking.

[Update 12-5-03]

Overall performance is still great... and per their ads, download speeds have increased.. but certainly not 50%. The only gripe I have is that they seems to be having some intermittent problems with their e-mail server. it seems to crap out every few weeks for several hours. Supposedly for "scheduled maintenance"...

[Update 3-13-05]

About two weeks ago, my connection speeds dropped off the table... right into the dumper. And then I lost all ability to connect to any site on the web, including RoadRunner's home page. Made a call to customer service on a Tuesday afternoon and got a service call appointment on Thurday at noon. It was a long two days! Techie showed up right on time, power-cycled the Toshiba PCX1100U modem and determined it was DOA. Went out to the truck, brought in a brand spanking new Motorola SURFboard (SB5100), and hooked it up via the NIC and all was well. I mean really well as it immediately improved my connection speeds from less than 2000/330 to 4754/375. I'm happy... The only gripe I had was that it took two days to get it fixed. But I guess I can live with that, considering it's only about the second time in better than 4 years that I've been unable to connect and it was their fault. The other couple of times it was construction crews digging up the cables all over the neighborhood.


Experienced about a 3-hour system shutdown this moring. At first I thought it was just me, but a call to TWC confirmed that they were having a system problem(area-wide) and that it shold be up and running soon. Well, obviously it's been fixed or I wouldn't be here now. Not a huge problem, but it''s a little disconcerting to not be able to get online immediately. Still, overall, I think it's a good buy.


Experienced a few very minor outages, but they were enough to convince me not to add their internet phone service. The whole area was out (both cable tv and broadband) on two seperate occasions, but each lasted less than an hour. I still think, even with the minor inconveniences that it's still the best available in this area. I can see how people get so upset when their service hiccups, though. We've become so accustomed to instant access that when it doesn't happen we go directly into "withdrawal".

[9-24-07]Added VoIP phone service a couple of months ago. Install went pretty-much without a hitch and TWC has made available Caller ID on the tv screen. So now we have the whole bundle...tv, high-speed internet & phone. I was reluctant to put all my eggs in one basket, for a variety of reasons, but everything has been working very well and we've got no complaints. Well, none except I'd consider that the package is a little on the pricey side. But it's still cheaper than than what we had before... unlimited long distance with our telco, with all the calling features we never used, plus Road Runner, plus way too many premium channels available on the tv. But Momma's happy... and you all know the story... when Momma's not happy, no one is happy. And Momma can talk to her heart's content to the relates across the country, so she's very happy. No significant outages, although it has "hic-cupped" a couple of times for just a few seconds. Overall, we're pretty happy with the whole setup. But I'm sure there are cheaper ways to go about it available somewhere. This may not be eveyone's "cup of tea", but it's working for us.

[04-24-08] Have noticed marked increase in my download and upload speeds over a year ago. Some general improvements must have been made. No significant problems... just a couple of minor hiccups due to power outages on their end due to severe weather. I'm still very-well pleased with the service we've been experiencing. As far as saying much more, I guess no news is good news!

[10-3-08] System has been rock solid for months. Awaken the computer and the net is right there. Downloads are very acceptable. Don't upload that much so it's pretty adequate for my needs. Besides... my wife is happy, so I must be happy, too!

[11-18-10] I don't monitor my speeds regularly, but it seems that in the last several months, my connections have been noticeably quicker. I'm of the opinion that if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and so far, it's worked quite flawlessly. There haven't been any appreciable outages, so I cannot complain about that. My wife loves it. She's big into Facebook games and has no patience, waiting for screens to load. She has no idea what "Please Wait" means. I'm still very satisfied with the connection, although our "bundle" price seems to be creeping upward pretty regularly. But then, so is the price of gasoline, milk, bread, and electricity.

[May 16, 2011] Now into the third day of sporadic outages of Road Runner net service and VoIP phone service. Two calls to Time-Warner have not resulted in any improvement in continuity of service. Outages seem to be random in duration and frequency. Sometimes, everything is fine... other times completely FUBAR-ed. Problem is evidently a system, or at least area-wide, as neighbors are experiencing the same symptoms. As much as I am annoyed by T-W's response, I have to admit this is the first time in years there has been a problem that lasted more than an hour or two. Am going to contact them again and request a billing adjustment for prolonged lack of service. We'll see what happens

[4-2-14] It works! Don't have to wait for pages to load. It's there when I need it. Not much else to say. We've had it for years and it's done nothing but get better. How fast is it? I don't know. It's certainly fast enough for our needs/wants. We've had a couple of small "glitches" over the past couple of years, but mostly they seem to occur in the "wee" hours of the morning so, for the most part, they've not affected my normal use of my connection. I probably wouldn't have noticed them at all if it weren't for occasional insomnia on my part. I don't test unless there's an apparent problem... and there hasn't been much of anything of that nature, with the exception of the aforementioned cases. And those may be due to normal system maintenance work being done during "off" hours. Is it perfect... no, but what is? For those who expect 100% performance all the time, it may be frustrating, but for my use, I'm totally satisfied with what I'm getting. The only dissatisfaction I can state is with the construction crews who, for whatever reason, tear the cables out of the ground from time to time. I do not attribute those types of outages to TWC. Just careless backhoe operators.

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Review by Steven94 See Profile

  • Location: Jackson Heights,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $58 per month
Good "Decent price for 100/5, provisioned slightly higher at around 115/6, no caps"
Bad "Significant slowdowns during peak times, impending Comcast merger"
Overall "Only option available other than DSL and Wireless."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

For the price the service isn't that bad for 50/5 service. There is currently an issue with my Node/CMTS which causes the slowdown at peak times but once that's fixed, I should be back to solid reliable service.

Update February 2014:

Speeds were upgraded to 100/5. Service is still unreliable due to the still unresolved Node/CMTS utilization issue. It is now about 5 months in since this issue started. I would love to use the speeds that I am subscribed to but I can only do so during hours that I don't use the internet. On weekdays, from around 5PM, it slows down significantly to speeds that are not even half of my previous tier 50/5. On weekends, it is consistently slow throughout the whole day. I have been receiving $30 credits for this issue but that was after a complaint filed with the NYC DoITT (my local franchising authority) and the FCC. Still no ETA on when a fix will be implemented. Will update when that happens.

Update April 2014:

Now 6 months in, and I was informed by Client Relations that my node will be split and all I can do is wait. Hopefully this will happen soon as the issue still persists. No ETA on when the work will be completed.

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Review by aguypd See Profile

  • Location: Silver Springs,Wyoming,NY
  • Cost: $102 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Usually good bandwidth"
Bad "TV channels will jitter at times, because of the compressed bandwidth"
Overall "Good deal for the price, when you get their package deal"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Frontier Communi..

(update 2014-2) After our fourth DVR stopped working in two years, we decided to just drop the cable TV and digital phone and keep only the Internet. We upgraded the Internet from Standard to Ultimate, so we will see how that does. It will be a price increase to $102, but with dropping the TV and phone, it will be a savings of about $50. Even with purchase of Netflix, we are still saving over $40. The few shows that we used to watch on TV, we can still watch online.

(update 2013-12) Looking over our cable bill from Time Warner Cable, I was struck by the extra charges.
We have their DVR service, so that we can record shows and watch them later. It is really nice for fast forwarding over all the commercials. We can watch an hour worth of news in just under 40 minutes.
The bill has the DVR service at $12.95, but there is another $8.49 for equipment charges for 1 DVR converter and 1 remote.
That's a total of $21.44 for having a DVR. Time Warner Cable will "nickel & dime" you to death.
We called Time Warner Cable and talked to one guy about "lowering our bill" and the guy instead tried offer us a deal that would "save money on our bill."
We declined and then called back and talked to a different representative, when told that we were looking at getting rid of the TV, possibly the phone, too, and just keeping the Internet, she offered us a better deal for one year. We will save $5.

(update 2013-06)Now, Time Warner has raised fees by creating new charges, such as a modem rental fee or you can buy your own. We bought our own, but since then, we have been struggling to get the former bandwidth of 15,000/1,000, we are usually getting about 5,000/300.

(update 2012-11)We have the three-in-one service and now we are going to be charged a modem rental fee. If we want to purchase one off of their approved list, we then have to put in a splitter to hook up our own and continue to use Time Warner's for the digital phone.
This doesn't make a lot of sense to me, so we will probably just get rid of the digital phone, when we purchase our own modem.

(update 2012-01)Our Internet has been rock solid. We have been very happy with our service.

(update 2010-09)Our Internet service has been rock solid, except for one weekend, but they credited out account for the time it was down.

The bandwidth with Powerboost is consistenly around 17-19 Mbs and after Powerboost ends, it stays pretty consistent around 9 Mbs.
The latency is pretty consistent to NYC, at about 30 ms.

(update)Road Runner has just upgraded our upload to 1 Mbs and is pretty consistent at around .97 Mbs. It is a nice feature and we will see how the price of Road Runner does with their new rates coming out next month.

(update)After continuously comparing the bandwidth between my mom's dsl with Frontier and our Road Runner, Road Runner had consistently had three times the bandwidth and less than half of the latency.

(update)Even with the Powerboost added, you can compare large files, that overcome the first 10 MB Powerboost and show you your true bandwidth usually by using a java based bandwidth test.
Seeing the true bandwidth after Powerboost, it is still 3 times faster than Frontiernet.

(update)Time Warner has put their tiers and caps on the back burner, until they "educate the consumer." They have added some tier and cap terminology to their TOS, so it might not be too much longer before they decide to initiate it onto their plans.

(update)Time Warner announced that they are going to be starting caps and charging by a tiered program with overages at $1/GB. If they do start that, then the cable TV will be getting scaled back. If it still too expensive, then we might end up going back to FrontierNet, since they have said they decided to NOT start caps and a tiered program.

(update)Switched back after trying FrontierNet. The technician came out and installed the modem in just a few minutes and we were up.

The bandwidth is three times what we were getting with FrontierNet. It was a mistake to switch over to FrontierNet in the first place. Especially, now that they are talking about adding caps and tiered service plans.

However, when we had called to have Road Runner installed, again, we were NOT given the option for a self-install kit. In our next bill, they attempted to charge us for the install, in which we complained. They removed the charge.

(update)FrontierNet offered us a deal where the first year was free, plus a modem charge and then the second year was $30 plus modem fee, so we switched from Road Runner to FrontierNet.

Mailed us a self-install kit

Switched to Frontier, when they offered us a deal of the first year free and the second year at $30/month.

However, Road Runner is almost three times the bandwidth, so based on bandwidth to price, Road Runner was the better deal. Will probably be coming back to Road Runner, soon.

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