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Six Month Rating

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Review by njrichie See Profile

  • Location: Matawan,Monmouth,NJ
  • Cost: $65 per month
Good "OOL Ultra 101, gives great performance!"
Bad "None"
Overall "Great service! OOL since 2001"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

Update 3/17/15
Rock solid connections continue. Was grandfathered to Ultra 101/35 at same price for OOL Boost Plus, so I have a good deal. Have been Sam Knows tester since 2006 and can't say anything bad about OOL in all the years I had it. Verizon FIOS is still NOT available here, so OOL has been the only game in town. Yes, its pricey but I choose to spend my most money on my Internet connection instead of TV. I'm seeing over the what is expected, except at night around 8 PM when everyone is home according to my Sam Knows reports. But cable being a shared connection this is to be expected at busy night time.

Update 11/16/11
OOL Boost Plus exceeds expectations! 4 bonded channels and streaming speeds for home use. Stable connections and fast speeds are hallmark of this great service. DOCSIS 3.0 is the way to go and Cablevision is ramping up the speed and does not disappoint. If your looking for fast speeds for home use for gaming as well as other features like Opt Link this is the way to go. 59 Meg Down/8 Meg Up are what Im seeing here on a consistent basis.

Update 5/11:

Have OOL Boost for quite a while now and have had solid connections and speeds on OOL. Pretty much the smooth ride continues with Verizon FIOS still NOT available here after two years. Verizon wired along the right of way with no availability for homeowners here. But who needs it? OOL and OOL Boost are solid products for home use.

Old Review
It was an easy ride called the toll free number the day I got the letter from Cablevision. The rep was good and and asked the right questions. UPS delivered the Self- Install Kit in a few days. I purchased a nic card at CompUSA for less than what they were offering worked fine. Had to have a tech install another outlet on the second floor because of the computers location. Installer came and did a clean job running the wire and drilling through the outside wall. After he left was up and running in about 2-3 hours. I was too far from the CO to get DSL from Verizon and it seems that they really didnt care to give us BroadBand. Cable Modem is $99 and the service 29.95 a month which costs approx $5.00 more than what I was paying for an extra line and ISP for the dial-up. If you are handy you can install yourself. It would be better than waiting for someone to install your system for you. The speed have been a blazing 646-715 kbps.


Ok...did the speed test from speedtest.net got the following values:
3260 down
887 up
65 X faster than 56K
downloaded test64 from the Opt ftp site...shows 560 kb/sec
CNET Speed meter reports 709.6 kbps
Did speed tweak...looks good RWIN increased
Have gotten better values with speedtest.net than trying to get to the dslreports server in NY when its up to run a test. The other values were from the West Coast server. The above speeds were blazing compared to 28.8 modem speeds that I was stuck with as my phone lines did not support 56K. Living close to the Matawan line we have been cursed with having our C.O. in Keyport which is outside the technical limit for DSL to Old Bridge. As I did look through the numbers others were getting I noticed my values were low. I have posted the new test values under the 07747 zip and they are more in-line with everyone else.


Service is rock solid. Am now getting over 9MB down and 1MB up this happened when I changed the cable modem to a Moto SB5100. Price of course was increased to $ 44 per month with cable TV, $49 without. Speed is without a doubt one of the fastest in the country for a cable provider.

Download speeds have been reduced now getting 6MB on a good day. Upload speed has not changed still just under 1 MB. Now OOL with OV have noticed no speed drop with OV. The issue of speed drops have been noted all over the system not only here. Other than speed drop, service is still solid and zippy. DSL not available here so have limited options for Broadband maybe one day FIOS.

Download speeds have improved back to 8MB to 9MB during the day. Upload speeds unchanged at 1MB. Now have Triple Play with all three services (OOL,OV,IO). Moved from DirecTV back to CV due to pricing and defective box from DirecTV. NO DSL here, now no POTS either.

UPDATE 8/30/07
Connection reliabilty has declined with modem rebooting and sudden loss of signal for the past two months. Tech support has been unable to fix the problem after two home service calls. My signal levels and wiring is fine but yet the signal goes down for no reason multiple times during the day. The Motorola modem being swapped for a Webstar has had no change, proving that the problem is an ongoing system issue. I cant make or receive calls during the morning hours as my OV gets disconnected!
Many people in the OOL forum are reporting the same issue, so it is a system wide problem. As you see from my above posts, I was a big fan of OOL, but no more.

UPDATE 12/29/07
Connection reliability has improved after the problem was determined to be a voltage leak for the next door's neighbor's central a/c unit. The line from the post to the splitter was changed and the problems disappeared. I now have my rock solid connection back again. I have Boost and I am getting the 30 mbps down and 5 mbps up. Be aware that you need the right router to be able to pass these speeds if you have one. Not all routers support this fast pass through. Hooking up direct will not be a problem but have a firewall in place. I have raised my review as now the problems of the past summer was resolved. Make sure you get a good tech if you have a problem!

UPDATE 5/10/07
Great service continues, Boost is right on the money with 30 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up as advertised. Don't blame OOL for bad speeds if you have crappy cable wiring and splitters in your home.

UPDATE 10/26/09
Boost continues to give great performance. Web Site hosting excellent and easy to manage and many tools included. Connection rock solid NO complaints. Continues to out perform other services for the money.

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Review by rmzpfef See Profile

  • Location: Mount Sinai,Suffolk,NY
  • Cost Contract price not specified.

I like the service. I HATE the price.
The local town (Brookhaven) will not allow verizon to bring in FIOS. They hold them for ransom which in affect blocks them.
I would switch in a minute. As usual for the first 2 years you get ther 'special' package. It would be way cheaper.
From talking to other customers, as soon as you switch cablevision comes back with their great deal!

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Review by tmc8080 See Profile

  • Location: Brooklyn,Kings,NY
  • Cost: $70 per month
Good "50+ megabits down 8 up (so 2012)."
Bad "8megabits up-- by the time it's 25 I'll be gone."
Overall "Have to do what works best for me.. if that means churn, then churn it will be"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Verizon FiOS

Sadly both companies dropped the ball a bit.. I was going to order dual play from Optimum (and pay about $70-$75/month for boost plus & OV), but they won't port out of area code numbers.. their loss and now have OOMA for voice. OOMA is probably the most reliable outside of a Vonage type service for which you'd pay upwards of $30/month to have what optimum or verizon offers for more when unbundled or slammed with taxes and fees. Also, a docsis 3 modem battery (NOT INCLUDED!!!) costs $50? REALLY!? $50!!! I was told this is even an extra OPTION for their dual & triple play voice customers!! The whole modem including battery costs about $70 online from amazon which makes the battery (found on ebay about $20 w/ free shipping)-- not that I need it.. I already have a 1500va ups which will hold for about 3-8 hours depending on load time. Will have to see what they both offer in 2013 when this deal expires. For around $50 you could buy a cheap car battery with an inverter you may already have and a battery charger and be good for 24+ hours. They also made me pay $20 for installation so, hosed on single play services.. but that still beats Verizon's pay more or leave deals.


Off to Verizon again (see other review). Sadly, 8 to 25 megabits upload isn't gonna cut it.. even if it does happen. That and a price cut should've come sooner. If google can offer gigabit for $70.. these giants could offer a piddly little speed upgrade for slightly more than half that price and not make you jump through churn & burn hoops.


Will update this in June when I know what deals exist..

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Review by cshilton See Profile

  • Location: Milford,New Haven,CT
  • Cost: $75 per month
Good "Great connectivity and speed."
Bad "No IPv6."
Overall "Great all around service: A little pricey but worth it.I"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

01/30/2015 -- Still great speeds. Grandfathering all the original Boost customers into Ultra has been awesome. I measure 118 Mbit/s Down and 38+ Mbit/s up. We are heavy users of streaming video in this house and nothing phases this connection. Still no IPv6 which is a bit of a downer but the IP address is very stable so setting up a Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel is not a problem. The only thing I'm unhappy about is the price. Most of my complaint there isn't about the internet, it's TV.

07/14/2013 -- I'm reviewing Cablevision's Optimum Boost internet connectivity on July 14th, 2013. Tomorrow they will officially rename this service Optimum Ultra. The service is pricey but Cablevision (CV) has been pretty good at responding to competition. For me that means a speed increase from a service sold as: 50Mb/s down / 8Mb/s up and provisioned as 58+ down / 8 up to a service 101+ down /35 up. As a consumer of high def streaming video I'm very happy with CV's Optimum Online product.

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updated 60 days ago


Review by oemraw3115 See Profile

  • Location: Bronx,Bronx,NY
  • Cost: $76 per month
Good "always have connection"
Bad "nighttime speed slows down"
Overall "highly recommend optimum online"

i currently have the triple play. optimum voice, optimum tv, and optimum online. with optimum tv i have the gold package along with 6 cable boxes. for optimum voice i have optimum voice world call. for optimum online i have ultra 50. i dont remember when i ordered optimum but it was the time when they were introducing digital set top boxes. the installation i remember was excellent. the technician was very detailed about where in the home he should run the coax wires. he ran the coax very well that it looks like there no wires all over the place. at first they gave us a motorola surfboard modem and scientific atlanta boxes. i have six boxes and the scientific altanta boxes were not good. over the years they would die out and i would exchange them at the optimum store. now i have all samsung boxes and a cisco modem. i never had any good or bad experiences with optimum. since i became a customer the service was never disrupted. i always had tv, internet, and phone without disruption.

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Review by JRW2 See Profile

  • Location: Port Jefferson Station,Suffolk,NY
  • Cost: $50 per month
Good "Fast, but inconsistent so don't expect to use it... Though now at 16/5! Provisioned for 20/5..."
Bad "Their speeds can vary GREATLY in a day since most nodes are vastly oversold, VERY expensive."
Overall "Not worth the money, but the only game in town. Avoid at all costs if you can. Rated the WORST ISP at delivering service."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

I dumped cable for satellite because of the constant price increases, so it killed me to have to call them for broadband access. DSL in NOT available to me due to the fact that I am 19000 feet from the CO.

I got the service because dial-up was too slow.

When I originally signed up I was paying $29.95, because I do not subscribe to cable service. The offer at the time was a father's day special that gave me the self install kit with the modem and a network card, if I paid for a years’ worth of service in advance.
They gave me vouchers to send in as payment for the monthly billed amount, this was fine for about three months, then they raised the price to $39.95, no big deal, I had paid for a year, or so I thought.

First they wanted to cancel my service because I was NOT paying the full amount each month, several calls to customer service, I get that straightened out, or so I thought.

Then a few months later the price goes up to $49.95 a month, and after a few more months I get a disconnect notice due to non-payment.
Now I call customer service, explain that I have been sending in my payment coupons, and ask why they are not being credited to my account, the woman on the other end tells me that they are a little backlogged in crediting the vouchers to people’s bills.
NOW I lose it, I explain that they BETTER make a note on my account that I am paid up for the WHOLE year, and I better NOT lose service.

All in all I would say that they did NOT handle things well at all.

If I had a choice I would NOT subscribe to Optimum Online again.

They have a SECRET cap that is imposed for unexplained reasons that appear to vary from node to node. If you violate this secret capping limit, you ARE capped; they do NOT inform you that you are capped unless you discover it yourself. Then they read you the riot act and make you jump through hoops, and then they remove the cap. Not the kind of company I want to keep dealing with, but right now I have no choice. Also they advertise that you can get 10Meg down and 1 Meg up, but they neglect to mention that the upload side is only useable in short bursts and only for short periods of time, anything longer and you will be capped.

If you have any other options, I would choose them OVER OOL.

::: UPDATE 02/17/05 :::

Since Christmas cablevision has been having speed issues system wide on the download side that can cut your downloads to 1/3 of the maximum speed.
Calls to tech support have cablevision reporting no issues.

::: Update 03/02/05 :::

OOL has now come up with a new one; they now appear to throttle outside newsgroup downloads to 3K max after ten minutes. More on this as it unfolds.

::: Update 03/06/05 :::

They DO throttle, and this is under the pretext that they are exercising their rights under their TOS to protect the integrity of their network.
I was considering getting VoIP from them, but due to this they can forget it...

::: 3/08/05 :::

I forgot to mention in my previous update that OOL was ALSO having DNS issues, as of this post they still appear to be having issues. I have revised all of my categories to a "1" since that is what I feel OOL has reduced their service to.

::: 3/09/05 :::

Just as mysteriously as the throttling started it was removed today, yet OOL still denies that they ever throttled anyone’s download side bandwidth. On a related note, the DNS issue also appears to have been resolved. Let’s see what OOL has in store for tomorrow…

::: 5/09/05 :::

Though I am not experiencing this, there have been reports over the past few weeks that peoples upper download speeds have been halved, OOL still claims that this is normal download speeds and that anything more is just icing on the cake, and should not be expected as normal download bandwidth. They even have gone so far as to revise their speed test to make anything above 4Meg down seem to be screaming speeds, down from what was once 6Meg. Again, if you have other options, like DSL or FIOS, check into those BEFORE you sign up for OOL.

::: 7/11/05 :::

Well I have to give OOL one on this, while others were having speed related issues these past few months, I appear to have avoided them. I would still advise anyone considering OOL to look elsewhere, as this is most likely just the calm before the storm...

::: 11/16/05 :::

OOL recently put out a press release on new speeds and prices, problem is MOST if not all of the mentioned speeds will not be available for another six months! Bad propaganda move on OOL's part, right now it is just a promise, no one is reporting actually getting any speed boost. One thing they HAVE done is start moving people to QAM 256, which is suppose to increase available bandwidth on the node, and decrease congestion on the node.

::: 11/21/05 :::

I have seen my download side speeds drop by 1/3, similar to the speed drop I posted about last year at Christmas time. This only started in the last few days. I will be watching this closely...

::: 12/8/05 :::

The speed drop appears to be related to an overloaded node, which is exacerbated when children in my area are on vacation for the holidays.
On a happier note, I was just upgraded last night to 15/2 for free (Though I do believe that this is only because FIOS is due in my area soon), due to the fact that I am probably the only one in my area who has realized that they pushed through the upgrade, I am presently able to get the full 15Meg down.

::: 3/1/06 :::

Shortly after OOL started to upgrade people to 15/2, there were reports that the dreaded “capping” policy may have been canceled. Many people were reporting that they had been using the service for many days at full throttle without any ill effects. People were even using the new “Boost” 30/2 service at full speed with no signs of a “cap”. Things were starting to look up for OOL, until one day someone reported that they had been “capped” and this was a user on the “Boost” service too. As it stands now, it appears that OOL is still using the same capping algorithm to “cap” people, even the “capped” bandwidth limit is the same 150K upload pipe. So it appears that though OOL has opened up their network to a larger pipe, they still appear to be unable to handle the bandwidth.

::: 9/20/06 :::

OOL recently upgraded all Boost users from the 2Meg upload pipe to a 5Meg upload pipe, so for all the users of Boost this is great news, but only if you DON'T use it. Capping is still in effect in Optimum land, so a bigger pipe only means a faster road to a cap.
OOL is still having DNS issues, so most people have moved to non-OOL DNS servers. In my book, if they are still having DNS issues, what else is still having problems?
Speeds in my area still are variable due to what I believe is an oversold node. Oversold nodes are the norm in OOL land so just be aware of it if you are considering signing up for the service.

I am still awaiting FIOS in my area, so that I will be able to switch, and get away from the draconian “capping” policies of OOL.

::: 2/1/07 :::

The DNS servers have become so bad that people are advising all who read the forums here to use other avenues for DNS. One good note, no one on Boost 30/5 has reported being capped, so there may be hope for OOL yet. OOL Ultra appears to be in the testing phase, a few users have posted that they have it installed. 50/50 service would be nice, not sure of the price yet though, some debate on that.

::: 5/14/07 :::
Still no capping on the 30/5 service, though there have been users reporting caps on the 15/2 service. Ultra is still apparently in testing, and now is rumored to be business only for now. My attitude towards OOL service has not changed either. Avoid it if you have other options, and DON'T call tech support unless you are willing to play their games to get your problem resolved.

::: 7/28/07 :::
No big changes, issues abound on the network but they appear to be isolated as opposed to system wide issues. No change in capping, either they are no longer capping, which I doubt or the people who are getting capped don't know it or are not reporting it...
I can't report on the status of the OOL DNS servers as I have abandoned them a while ago. I am seeing what I believe to be congestion issues though, as I have intermittent stops and starts when accessing pages on the net.

::: 12/29/07 :::
Some good news and bad news to report. The good news is that capping appears to be a thing of the past, no one in the past year has reported a verifiable case of capping. Many people have “tested the waters” so to speak to see if they could get capped and none of them have been capped.
The bad news on the other hand is quite bad, the yearly slowdown of the network is back with a vengeance, and I will opt that it is system wide this time. A lot of people in different areas are reporting speed drops to half or one third of what OOL advertises. A slowdown at this time of year is somewhat expected, considering all the “kids” who are home from school for the holidays, but these kinds of speed drops are unacceptable, and should not be tolerated. No reports of these types of speed drops in “FIOS land”. As such my overall opinion of OOL has not changed, get it if you must, but expect issues, and avoid it at all costs if you can.

::: 1/23/08 :::
The bad news continues, the yearly slowdown of the network is still with us as of this date, and it appears that it is system wide. A lot of people in different areas are still reporting speed drops to less than one third of what OOL advertises. A slowdown at this time of year is not normal, considering all the “kids” are no longer home from school for the holidays, these kinds of speed drops are unacceptable, and should not be tolerated, yet OOL appears unfazed by the numerous complaints, blaming it on the user's network, PC or the router they are using. As such my overall opinion of OOL still has not changed, get it if you must, expect issues, and avoid it at all costs.

::: 2/29/08 :::
The speed issues continue, and I am not alone in this. Many users across the OOL network are reporting severe speed issues with both tiers from OOL.
I myself have been upgraded to BOOST by OOL staff while they work on my speed issues. I have seen my speeds drop to as low as 1.5Meg during tests with OOL techs. Even with BOOST I still see speeds that are as low as one third of those offered in the tier.

::: 07/22/09 :::
Nothing new to report, OOL is still the same old OOL I have reported about for years now. Sad thing is, I am stuck with OOL because my locality has not been bribed properly to allow Verizon to install FIOS.
One nice feature to report on is the inception of OOL Ultra, 101/15 Meg service.
It comes with a poison pill though, a $300 "Activation" fee!
The yearly Christmas slow down of the network is still a reality, and starts just before Thanksgiving and lasts until late February to early March.
No other big changes in my service either...

::: 1/2/2010 :::
As expected, the slow down I see every year starting around Thanksgiving, has appeared again. If nothing else, OOL is consistent in its mediocrity...
What I find galling, is that fact that they THINK they are delivering a great product.
Another irritating thing about OOL is that you can NOT nail them down as to what you should be able to expect, as a MINIMUM from them.

::: 12/13/2010 :::
As expected, the slow down I see every year has started.
OOL is STILL consistent in its mediocrity...
You still can NOT nail them down as to what you should be able to expect as a MINIMUM from them. They have other speed levels, but I think paying more for the same poor service is just a waste of more money.

::: 6/24/2011 :::
As usual OOL still cannot provide consistent speeds. I subscribed to the “Samknows” project for the FCC, essentially they sent me a new router with special code that tests the service all day and reports the results to their servers. I get a monthly report of the results and I can go to a website to check the statistics too. Every day I see the same general results for my service; the speeds start out at about 15Meg and then consistently drops until they bottom out at 2Meg. Now if this was a rare occurrence or the speed drops happened at random times throughout the day, one might attribute it to loading that can occur on a shared network, such as OOL offers. The problem is, the speeds vary at exactly the same times every day. Every day I see the charts show my speeds are testing at about 15Meg at 2AM, and they slowly drop from then until it bottoms out at 2Meg around 6PM. I’ve essentially given up trying to complain about my speeds, since they refuse to admit the network is heavily loaded most of the day. No amount of proof seems to sway their claims that they see no issues with my connection.

::: 12/28/2011 :::
As expected, the slow down I see every year has started. It did start a little later this year, but like always, it did happen.
OOL is STILL consistent in its mediocrity...
CV/OOL took a beating in the FCC results, coming in at dead last as the worst ISP at delivering on “advertised” speeds, for most of the day they delivered the slowest speeds, percentagewise, of any ISP out there.
OOL response to the report was to up the “provisioned” speeds for every user, regardless of speed tier. Sounds great, except they didn’t change the “advertised” speed tiers, so this gives them a better appearance in future reports, but they still have issues delivering the new speeds.

::: 01/11/15 :::
I've been asked, numerous times by this site, to update my review. Not much to add, the over provisioned speeds have had the desired effect, the speed tiers appear fast, but slowdowns still happen with regularity. Now it seems that throughput goes into the toilet after midnight, yes, I'm up past midnight on many nights. You will be surfing at a reasonable response from sites, and then like someone put the choke on the internet, all sites, and I do mean all sites, appear to have been slowed down, it is like they all cut speeds by half. Quite annoying to say the least...

My new pet peeve with OOL/Optimum/Cablevision is their advertising of Optimum wireless access, they make it seem like you can go anywhere in their footprint and connect with ease and surf. The reality is quite the opposite. If you can find an area with a signal, you had better hope it is a strong one, with full bars on your device, and if you get a signal, don't move, not even an inch or you may loose the connection, seriously. Your device will show a reasonable connection, like three out of four bars or two out of three on your Iphone, but you will just spin away trying to connect to anything, I'm talking zero throughput. That's assuming you have waited long enough to connect and log in to their authentication servers. Then you are presented with overlay ads on your device, I thought this was included with my payment for internet access???
The reality is, you are told you are getting a platinum service, and you pay a platinum fee for it, but in many cases you are getting tin service..
As always, I advise you to use another service provider, if you have a choice, if not, be prepared to suffer at the hand of a mediocre service provider.

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Matamoras, PA

Docsis 3 modem?

Do you have a Docsis 3 modem? The slowdown issues shouldn't be happening anymore. As a D3 modem has 8 total downstream channels.

R.I.P. Mom, Brian, Ziggy, Max and Zen.
La La Land

Re: Docsis 3 modem?

Yes, have had it for over a year at least....
The midnight slowdowns are new wrinkle....


Matamoras, PA

Re: Docsis 3 modem?

Interesting, I wonder if it's sporadic noise, I had an issue with that back in December, had to get Wilt involved to fix it.

Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS

modem fee

you forgot to add that standalone broadband subscribers have the $5 fee attached to their bills now
I'm considering subscribing later this year.. but will probably want to buy a cheap d3 cablemodem instead of be hit by the fee.. any ideas on where I can get a modem that it will be worth it?

do they mess with customers who buy their own equipment?
a list of low cost compatible modems would also help (8x4 channel bonding or better)

Review by TamaraB See Profile

  • Location: Bronx,Bronx,NY
  • Cost: $90 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Fast delivery and install. Speeds greater than advertised. Excellent Tech support."
Overall "Very happy camper"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Clearwire Wireless
So, I moved. Although my Clearwire worked as before, I decided to try cable, since it was available in my new location.

I called Optimum on a Wednesday, ordered InternetOnly service, paid by CC, and was up and running by Friday. I went for the basic 15/2 service, and was surprised that It clocked at 20/2 from day one.

I opted for the free self-install, but the tech came in and set up the modem (a Cisco2203C). It took all of about 20 minutes, most of that time was waiting for the cable to come to life.

I purchased the Belkin N600DB router and it works well with the modem and with my Macs and iPhones.

Sofar it's a screamer, very pleased.

UPDATE 13 May 2012

I updated my basic service to Boost Plus 50/8 service. The new modem arrived via Fedex in 5 days. I swapped out the modem, called Tech support and within 15 minutes the speed went to 50Mb+

Easy and no hassle upgrade.

»speedtest.net/result/2736135934. ··· 5934.png

Update 28 May 2013

I replaced the Belkin router with an Apple Airport Extreme, which connected to the modem without incident. It now runs several Macs on my local net.

The service has been stable and reliable. Since initial install I have taken advantage of OOL's Web and email hosting for Boost customers, and moved one of my domains there. It too has been trouble free and fast. Don't expect any competent tech support beyond "have you rebooted your computer" however. Tech support seem to be clueless about their own services, especially how to manage their web and email hosting.

Recently, I installed a mail and web server on my connection, opened ports 25 and 80, and run 2 websites (2 domains) and all my personal email right from my home, saying goodbye to google! Still a very happy camper after more than a year.

While the $69.90/Mo Boost (after tax) price may seem steep, I do not have cable TV, and stream all my entertainment over the net, I run 2 websites and my email on the connection, a third on OOL's co-hosting service. Streaming Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video is smooth as silk even while downloading GB+ files. So, if you make heavy use of your connection, OOL is a good choice, and not expensive for what you get; perfect for chord cutters, and DIY geeks!

One last point, I often take my laptop out. I use Optimum WIFI quite a bit when away from home. There are tons of access points all over the city (NYC), which is great for connecting my Macbook, iPad, and iPhone to Wifi. It's not very fast, but it is available, and included with the base Internet connection. Their WIFI network recognizes the MAC address of your devices, so connections are fast. Not a bad perk!


A couple of months ago I upgraded to Ultra 101/35 Business class. The speeds exceed advertised, tech support is 24/7 Americans and excellent. What more can I say? It's simply top-notch!

»www.speedtest.net/my-result/2888 ··· 88529924

Netflix is outstanding on this connection.

Update: 20 Jan 2015

Still a sterling connection. Have experienced one outage lasting about 4 hours. Rain leaked into the neighborhood cabinet and a tech had to be dispatched. The issue was resolved very fast, and this was on a Sunday.

The speeds have been consistently higher than the advertised speeds.
»www.speedtest.net/my-result/4074 ··· 74368458

No complaints

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  • Location: Long Beach,Nassau,NY
  • Cost: $108 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Web interface far superior to FIOS"
Bad "Supplied router is managed a little to much"
Overall "Glad to be back!"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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New update 1/16/2015. I left for FIOS a few years back due to pricing. When FIOS kept going up I came back. I am very happy to be back for several reasons.

1: If you need to do anything via the web it works great unlike Verizon's site. Check voicemail, make any changes to it, DVR recording or deleting. Ditto the iOS app. It all works as expected. Nice to be back to that.

2: With FIOS I was unable to stream Netflix through my Smart TV during primetime. Just buffered. Weird that I could use other methods such as Chromecast or Playstation3. Anyway with Optimum it works fine anytime primetime included.

3: It is nice not have to go to the high channels to get to the normal ABC,CBS and NBC in high def.

Cons: Multiroom DVR is not something I need because I live in a studio apartment with one TV. However if you want to not have it your only choice is an older out of date box. And the MRDVR is $5 more a month. And the interface needs some software updates badly, such as no back button for live TV and the FF is really subpar.

OLDER:Another update, all has been back to excellent since the last incident. Like I said if you don't have a problem they are wonderful.

This is an updated review, leaving my old one from about 1997 below.

Service has been great all this time, no problems although they raised the price, there is nothing comparable in my area and no complaints until.......

Two weeks ago cable was SLOW and digital TV was unwatchable, voip was out too. This was a problem in my entire building of 70 apartments, probably at least 90% with cable, the remaining either no tv or bad reception as there is no satellite. From Thursday to Sunday numerous people (at least a dozen that I am sure of) called and were told that there wasn't a building wide problem, they could not see that all these people were calling and had service call appointments.FINALLY on Sunday one support women said she would report it to engineering...and it started working around Noon. Monday there were four trucks outside and they said they had to replace the main cable going into the building. HUGE LACK OF communication within the company for the poor support folks to not be able to see that there was a trend of callers from the building and get it looked at sooner. So, bottom line when it's up and running I have no complaints, but they need to get their act together as far as internal communication.


I thought I wanted DSL and kept waiting for Bell Atlantic to let me know it was available in my area. When Optimum started advertising their "install it yourself" policy I decided to give it a try. I had an inside deal on a 3Com modem ( a gift) so I setup an install date for the cable line ( I didn't have cable tv in my house)The guy came and ran the cable, I plugged it in.....and it worked right away.

I've had it for almost a year now and there has been only one outage, my IP address has changed only once.

I just ran the 3 speed tests here:

Test running..........

** Speed 3865(down)/719(up) kbps **

(At least 77 times faster than a 56k modem)


That was the fastest, the other two were 49 times faster and 22 times faster.

When they are going to be doing work on the email servers they notify you.

I had a problem with my IP address not doing reverse DNS after it changed, the phone support people were not the best, so I sent email. Nick L who handled my case was SUPERB!! He got the situation taken care of, and sent me a follow up email on a Sunday to make sure everything was working properly. And other emails I have sent with questions have been handled by a live person, not a canned response. I am extremely happy with the level of customer support I have recieved.Other then the reverse DNS problem they haven't been of a technical nature but were all answered in a timely fashion and I didn't feel like the responses were generic.

I never had cable tv installed because in the past when I had it I wasn't thrilled, but since the modem service I decided to get TV service too, they split the line for that and I haven't noticed a difference in speed or connection. Since I provided the modem I didn't sign a contract.

Reading some of the reviews here I was surprised, however here in Long Beach I am THRILLED with OOL!!

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wish I could get fios

Agree with #1 optimum web portal better than Verizon's.

#2 Used to be an issue with Netflix, but has been fixed. even on Netflix's own ISP rankings, netflix works better on Fios than optimum.

#3 seems like you never enabled the autotune to hd channels feature. It works exactly the same where you can go to channel 2 and it will go to the hd version of the station. This is not enabled by default. (but it should be). It was under Menu, settings, system, television, autotune hd channels.

I moved to a non Fios area and am stuck with optimum for now and can't stand their horrible tv service. (internet is fine, but I miss my 75/75 connection). Nothing wrong with the Tv service but picture quality noticeably inferior on my 65 inch tv compared to fios. Horrible on screen guide and menus, no skip button on dvr like with fios, no program chaptering on the dvr, no play all feature, can't customize replay button, cable box lags, on demand limited compared to fios, scattered channel lineups, price ridiculously high because they know fios is not available and so I have no other option except for directv, but I would have to keep internet with optimum.

You're happy to be back, and I wish I could go back to FiOS

Long Beach, NY
·Optimum Online

Re: wish I could get fios

I almost went back over the holidays when they were offering full premium channels for 2 years for about same as I am now paying and a $400 gift card. As soon as Optimum goes up I will probably switch back. As for other issues, I think the quality of the picture is same and I can deal with the other stuff for now. Definitely for $50 less a month. Hate to play this game but none of it matters that much to me but the price.

And come on Fios, get your web crap working for lord's sake.

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  • Location: Ronkonkoma,Suffolk,NY
  • Cost: $30 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "consistent good speed"
Bad "price could go up if you do not have triple play package with cablevision"
Overall "Worth $30 but shop around and read reviews"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

I have had Cablevision triple play package for 8 years and have relatively no issues. Outages are very infrequent. It was easy to order and have installed. You get a free wireless high speed router that works fine and has a good range. They also offer free McAfee Total Protection software for your computers. I do monthly tests on speakeasy and get consistently good speeds. I use the internet moderately for web surfing and Netflix and am not a gamer or power user. I have not tried Verizon FIOS in many years so I have nothing to compare it to. For my needs this service works for me. I really have no complaints.

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Review by kcram See Profile

  • Location: Mount Arlington,Morris,NJ
  • Cost: $55 per month
Good "SPEED"
Bad "Bad installation experience"
Overall "Get the DIY kit"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Update: 1/5/2015

Over the last year and a half, just two minor service problems that were quickly taken care of by a service tech visit. One was the phone service stopped responding at the modem... after a line test, a modem swap and line reset cleared that up. Second was getting internet and TV freezing - service tech checked the main splitter off the pole and found it to have twice the signal noise of proper spec (6 dBa instead of 3) - tech said it appeared to be normal wear culminating to a failure point. Replaced the splitter, made sure TV and modem responded at full speed. No other problems, and internet speed remains a very consistent 58 up/28 down (advertised 50/25).

Update: 7/23/2013

Last week, Cablevision announced upgrades to all Optimum Online plans. My base plan was upgraded in speed from 15 down/2 up to 15/5. Speed test (at speedtest.net) showed 17.71/5.35. But the new midrange plan (renamed from "Boost Plus" to "Ultra 50") offered 50 down/25 up for just $4.95 more. Called CV, since I was going to upgrade my TV plan as well. The sales rep said "Let me check and see if I can save you some money." After a brief hold, he came back on and said if I added Optimum Voice (CV's VoIP service), I would get the higher TV tier, the 50/25 internet, and the phone line (which he noted I never have to use if I don't want) - and instead of an increase of $12/month had I just gotten the TV and internet upgrades, my bill would actually go down $16 for 12 months. After 12 months, the bill would increase $15, bringing me to $1 less than I was currently paying before the upgrades. So, I effectively got the speed upgrade and more channels for less money because adding the phone gave me Triple Play status.

I received the new modem (Arris Touchstone TM822G, replacing a Motorola Surfboard SBV5120), and hooked it up. It was a little cranky at first, but after a few minutes, it responded fully. The VoIP worked just fine with a couple of test calls. Then I tried a speed test. The advertised 50/25 ran on speedtest.net at 58.99 and 26.39 right out of the gate. (The speed test here at BBR came in at 31.826 and 15.578.) Very pleased with the results.

Update: 3/27/2011

Coming up on 8 1/2 years... no complaints. Still getting 15d/2u as advertised.

Update 8/25/08

Approaching 6 years with OOL and could not be happier. A job change back in April made me a full time home worker and reliable broadband is now of the utmost importance. I consistently get the 15d/2u speed advertised, day and night. Can't say anything bad about the service, and have no interest in changing.

Update 3/16/06

From the beginning, I had been using the OOL-supplied Motorola SB4200 modem, which was decidedly outdated when I got it in October 2002, as it wouldn't connect properly to my ethernet (tech support said it needed an ISA ethernet card, and of course, computers haven't had ISA slots in ages), so I used the USB connection on the computers I have had over the years. With the announced upgrades to OOL (standard service punched up to 15Mbps and Boost at 30Mbps), I stopped by one of CV's walk-in offices last week and exchanged my 4200 for a brand-new Motorola SB-V 5120. Hooked it up, registered the MAC address, and was rewarded with **stupid** speed. That morning, the OOL speed test told me the 4200 was at 4.36Mbps down and 1.02Mbps up. The 5120 checked in immediately at 12.65Mbps down and 2.02Mbps up, all for no extra charge. When OOL Boost is available, I can get 30Mbps down for just an additional $14.95/month to my current $44.95, while Verizon FIOS would cost $179.95 for the same speed. I'll be staying with OOL, thanks!

1 year update 10/5/03

No issues/complaints since last update. Morris County was not affected by the 8/14 blackout, and I never lost connection, sync, or speed. The winds of Isabel? No effect. Average speed always within a few ticks of 5000/900 - best download was 5700, best upload 1200. I still have the Motorola SB4200, but I may upgrade to the SB5200 when I buy a new PC in the next few months. CV dropped the discount from $10 to $5 for TV customers, but $45 (44.95) is still reasonable, especually for the speed.

7 month update 5/16/03

Since that wiring correction in February (described below), OOL has been flawless. Consistent 5400/915 speed, day in, day out, no problems during rain or snow. If it's in your area and you don't have it, make the call. Do make sure the installer runs fresh cable if you're not sure how old the existing coax is (doesn't change your speed, just a HUGE reliability difference), but once that's in place, your internet experience will never be the same.

Tech support 2/11/03

Lost sync on Wednesday night 2/6. Usually when it drops, it's back in 24-48 hours, especially in bad weather. In this case, it was right adrer 2 days of very high winds - gusts near 50. Friday, we had snow, and still sync-less. So I called tech support Saturday. No problems reported at their server or in the area. No available appointments for Sunday, Monday was bad for me, but I could take off Tuesday, so I picked 11a-2p. Tech calls around 12:30 to say he's on his way, and that there are others in my development with internet issues as well, so it may be on the pole. He comes in and examines my setup. The coax that runs in the bedroom was pretty old and worn, and he said that was likely the problem, not to mention the splitter from the main line was also an older type that shouldn't have been used with digital service. Goes out to the van for a roll of coax, cuts it to length with a few feet of slack, crimps new connectors, installs the new splitter, and the modem lights up almost immediately. Turn on the PC, run a speed test, and boom, back up to 5100K down/950K up. Good tech, computer literate, examined the situation and diagnosed it in minutes instead of hours (or worse, the "I'll have to come back tomorrow" - see below). Great experience.

3 month update 1/23/03

A couple of glitches during the last 90 days with outages, about 1 a month, but nothing too terribly annoying, and I still have my 56K dialup as backip when absolutely needed. Speed is generally consistent at about 4500-5000K down and 900K up. No complaints with accessing websites or other mail/news servers at all (I essentially don't use the optonline.net servers). All in all, a great ride so far..

Original 10/25/02

Moved this month from Teaneck NJ to Mt. Arlington NJ. I had Verizon DSL in Teaneck with zero complaints since Feb 2002 - paid for 768/128 and was averaging 710/130. I checked with Verizon, and while the local CO for Mt. Arlington was a DSL CO, my apartment complex was not on yet. So rather than suffer through dial-up until they did, I chose to order Cablevision and OOL together. TV installation was no problem, but the installation tech seemed very unprepared for the OOL install. I left specific instructions to use the ethernet connection instead of the USB (my mom came over and watched him, as I had to go to work shortly after he got there 10/24). When I got home, I found that A) he had installed the USB anyway which caused some kind of conflict with my USB printer (the ethernet cable was still in its sealed plastic bag), and B) there was no OOL setup CD, just the Motorola driver CD which meant I can't actually register my account yet. He told my mom he had to get an "ISA card" and would be back first thing the following morning (today 10/25) by 10am. Never called, never showed by the time I had to leave for work (11:30am).

Neverthless, the connection was on, and I decided to run a speed test.

First time out of the box, I got 4515/200. No, that is not a typo: 4515 down. Just a notch below "Dude!" on the speed chart. Three times as fast as the T1 at work (although the work T1 smokes it in uploads 1500/1500)

Who knows when the cable guy will be back with the proper hardware and softwware I requested and need, but for now, I'll enjoy the DL speed. If you already have Cablevision, just get the DIY kit and don't worry about "I'll be back later/tomorrow/next week"

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