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Review by mrphster See Profile

  • Location: Cumming,Forsyth,GA
  • Cost: $54 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Best speeds in Atlanta and fairly reliable"
Bad "Greedy. Caps. Highest prices."
Overall "Comcast has NEVER exceeded 45% of their capacity and yet they would like everyone to believe that the few are the problem"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I left Comcast Business Class because they hiked my bill $30 from $99 to 129. My speeds on Comcast business was 22mbps down and 10 up. I work out of my home. I signed up for e-blast 50mb for the introductory rate of $40 for 6 months. Two days later, a Comcast rep called and offered me free basic TV for one year and my internet at $40 would stay the same for an entire year. I asked him, why Comcast would give me free TV & increase my internet special price for 12 months. I asked him why Comcast was doing this and he stated he didn't know, only that this was the deal and did I want it? I said, I would be a fool not to accept it. I checked my bill when it came and it was $64. Only it wasn't. They changed my account plan from just Internet to Basic TV w Internet. Difference? TV w

Internet is normally charged at $80/mo. They way they worded it is, TV w Internet was $80 and for one year it was half-price. At the

end of the special, my rate would have gone to $80 instead of the agreed upon rate of $54. I don't watch SD, so I told them to take it off

and returned the TV box to my local Comcast office.

I tried overlapped the two services, Business Class & Residential, to make sure I was not left without service. I was told, that because my service address was the same for Residential & Business, I would be unable to overlap the two services. Residential could not sign me up, until I had cancelled my Business Class. There was a week from the time I cancelled my Business Class & when I got my Residential service up and running. I opted to install it myself and received two packages exactly the same. I could not get online and they said they had to send out a tech. I told them I was perfectly capable of setting up my modem, but they insisted, I was unable to get online until a tech came out and said, "uh.....it is properly screwed into the modem and the ethernet cable is properly connected from the modem to my router. I had paid for a new RG-7 line to be installed when I bought my house. I had it run straight into my modem. I had installed a new 4 foot copper ground stake to be installed as well. I had good signal strength. They provided me with a SMCD3GNV modem, but the modem kept trying to hand out IP Addresses to all of my computers, in addition to my NETGEAR r6300v1.

This modem had wireless as well. It took a couple of weeks before I figured out that the modem/router was unable to provide any speeds above 54mbps, due to a limitation Comcast had imposed on the wireless portion of the modem, which was that it was required to use WPA(TKIP)/WPA2(AES). WPA-TKIP is limited to 54mbps and I had no option to choose just WPA2. The modem/router was BGN capable, but not if WPA-TKIP was used.

So that was not going to work out. My wife can only connect wirelessly and the Comcast modem limited my r6300 to 54mbps. I called Comcast and complained to them. I told them that I was unable to see anywhere in the modem GUI where the modem could be put into Ethernet Bridge mode. They told me that only they had access to the Ethernet Bridge mode. So I had to ask them to put into Ethernet Bridge mode. The modem kept handing out IP addresses regardless. I told them I didn't need the modem to act as my DHCP router, because I was using my own router. My NETGEAR r6300v1 was constantly dropping my LAN connections. Not the wireless, but the wired Gigabit ports. I had it replaced at 6 months, because it was finally unable to even connect at all. The replacement r6300v1 bricked literally one week after the warranty ended. I called NETGEAR because I foolishly signed up for a additional support. I called them and told them my router LAN connections quit working again and the tech actually laughed at me, telling me too bad, my warranty had ended and they could no longer help me, despite the fact that I had 3 other r6300s that I was using in my son's restaurants. They had all my info. I could have pressed my point that I had called 14 times for the exact same problem and their fixes did not work, therefore, I should still be covered, but I didn't feel like wasting my energy. Did I switch to another brand? Of course not! I followed up with two more r6300v2 routers. (They worked very well, having had numerous changes like reducing the power required. I have had only one issue, fixed by resetting the factory defaults.)

I bought my own modem a month later. I bought a ARRIS / Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem - Retail Packaging - White off of Amazon. I connected it to my cable, waited for 2 days, per some advice I got online, before I called them to get it provisioned. I kept the Comcast modem for a week because I had read there were issues for people who bought their own modems, and were unable to get internet. For one month I could not get any emails whatsoever. I could not get it through my Outlook nor online. I had to call them 8 times because I couldn't log onto my account online to check my email and to make sure my emails were transferred from my business class. I was not receiving emails on all of my email addresses.

It turned out that no one at Comcast knew how to properly provision the modem. It took over a month before I was able to access my account online. The reason I couldn't access my account was because my modem had not been provisioned correctly. I escalated my case to TSEIIs and they were unable to help me. I called Comcast Business Class

because every time I contacted Comcast Tech support, I was always being asked was my call concerning my Residential or Business account. When I finally got ticked off enough, I decided to see if the Business Class techs could help me and I found a Business Class tech who was able to help me make sure my modem was provisioned and after a month I got things straightened out.

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Review by mohammede See Profile

  • Location: Naperville,Will,IL
  • Cost: $98 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Bad "unstable"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Comcast is very unstable. I opened several ticket first time they stated that their node down, 2nd time they cam to my home replaced splitter still having same problem. I would like to replace this ISP provides

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Review by Furrever Fur See Profile

  • Location: Grand Rapids,Kent,MI
  • Cost: $119 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "HSI good -- WHEN it works"
Bad "Phone tech and billing support continue to WORSEN"
Overall "Hope you never need to CALL them for service"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

My Other Reviews

Have been a Comcast HSI and TV subscriber/customer for over 20 years. How is it possible for "customer service" to degrade so rapidly and so much? And absolutely NO accountability.

HSI is good -- WHEN it works. If your modem is defective, good luck getting it replaced. They won't do it most of the time. Techs that come to the home are a mixed bag; some get into diagnosing a problem. MOST, however, just look at their little meter, say "everything is okay here" and refuse to escalate something -- such as with a line problem further up.

Oh - and no more receipts for returned equipment. Big problem if Comcast decides you still have equipment ...!
It is becoming nearly impossible to connect with a phone agent without long delays (over 40 mins+ to hours) and "accidental" disconnects (e.g. hang-ups). Agents appear to be outsourced and try to upsell "signature support" -- that is IF one can get through. Quality of service has severely gone down rapidly since Comcast acquired NBC Universal (or so it seems).

TV: Overpriced IMHO.
HSI: Great as long as you don't need support.

Comcast needs to wake up, hire and train telephone CSRs (whom they call "executives", lol) and remember: it is the CUSTOMER who pays the cable bill that allows Comcast to pay their employees.

UPDATE: 25 January 2014
Going on the fourth (4th) complete outage of both HSI and cable TV since Dec 22, 2013: Dec 22 (several hours); Dec 23 (several hours); Dec 26 (several hours) and now January 3rd with HSI out for over 12 hours and cable TV still out. Automated telephone attendant indicates it is a "technical issue affecting your services" ... same as the last 3 times.

The "verification" bit over the telephone has actually gotten WORSE. The CAEs have claimed that (a) my phone number for the account is "not right"; that my account number doesn't match -- yada, yada. Pretty scary stuff, considering identity theft. I had to call Comcast Security Assurance after not validating.
Also, hold times of 45 minutes or greater only to be connected with people who's language isn't even close to understanding English. They don't appear to be trained well as far as their products and troubleshooting other than the requisite "...uhhhhh, let me send a refresh signal ...".

In short: STILL overpriced but beats the so-called competition which - for me - is only Da Phone Company.

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updated 82 days ago

Furrever Fur

united state

UPDATE: 3 January 2014

Going on the fourth (4th) complete outage of both HSI and cable TV since Dec 22, 2013: Dec 22 (several hours); Dec 23 (several hours); Dec 26 (several hours) and now January 3rd with HSI out for over 12 hours and cable TV still out. Automated telephone attendant indicates it is a "technical issue affecting your services" ... same as the last 3 times.

The phone support has NOT improved: still hold times of 45 minutes or greater only to be connected with people who's language isn't even close to understanding English. They don't appear to be trained well as far as their products and troubleshooting other than the requisite "...uhhhhh, let me send a refresh signal ...".




Have to keep dropping service speed to prevent rate increase. They raised my internet rate $40 per month. In order to drop that increase down to just $10 more per month than I was currently paying, I had to drop from 25 mbps to 7 mbps. Only getting mbps though.
Why are they such a dishonest, miserable company?
Already dumped them for phone and TV. Guess I'll dump them completely and get a Jetpack or go with Century Link.

Review by mustang50 See Profile

  • Location: Roseville,Macomb,MI
  • Cost: $208 per month
Good "Service works as well as expected"
Bad "Still pricey, especially eMTA fee of $7.00 and free DTA is now $2"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I've had Comcast for about about 5-6yrs now. Overall its been reliable, but there have been a few hiccups along the way. For the most part most things have been handled just calling the 800 number. A couple of times though I've had to use the DirectForum here at DSL Reports to get things fixed. While this is OK to me,I wonder how many others who don't know about this forum just have to live with a problem until it finally fixed.
I would like to say CC is trying and Steve and George have been great.
I finally bit the bullet and got triple-play last June, I am pleasantly surprised that CDV is working well.

Still waiting for DOCSIS 3.0. I know CC says by the end of 2010 all areas will have it, but it still sucks being last. I have a bad feeling it's going to be my X-mas present..lol
Maybe by time we get it they will have upstream bonding. Comcast MI needs to step up, instead of always following way behind.

I probably won't upgrade to a higher tier, but the channel bonding will hopefully eliminate my nightly slow downs.

Seems the competition is heating up. I've had u-verse and WOW salesmen at the door and many fliers in the mail. Almost felt sorry for the WOW guy. I asked if they could match CC's HD channels (we have over 100)..he shook his head and I thought he said wow...hahaha.
I also asked about plans for DOCSIS 3.0 ... I guess that did it...He said sorry to bother you and left.
So for now it's CC for me.

UPDATE---well not really an update because it's Sept 2010 and DOCSIS 3.0 is no where in sight. No one can even give an estimate when it might drop.

I know that many things have to done to launch D3, but to leave a major market area (Detroit) out of an upgrade seems kind of strange.
We (and there are many of us from MI) on DSLReports see all the great things OTHERS are getting and it really makes us upset that we pay our CC bills knowing we are NOT getting what others are.

UPDATE 11-4-10
A man came to the door today and told me Comcast would be working on the lines in our area. I asked if this was for DOCSIS 3.0 upgrades. He didn't really seem to know what DOCSIS 3.0 is, but he said it's for upgrades to get more HDs and faster internet. He said this would be soon though he didn't have a date or schedule. We got the HD channels (about 110 total) in June 09....So I hope these upgrades are for the internet...?!!!!

Update 12-1-2010
OK, so I guess CC decided to throw us a bone. They did upgrade us---BUT not to DOCSIS 3, they just (finally) upgraded to D 2 on the upstream. I guess something is better then nothing. This area's CMTS isn't D3 compatible, so I guess until they can change it, the wait will continue.........

Update 1-20-11

I guess Comcast missed their plan to have DOCSIS 3.0 to everyone by the end of 2010. I've heard the same thing the last couple of years, "It's coming soon"
Service has been good, TV and CDV work great, internet still slows down at night during primetime. The signals on my modem are a little off norm now.

While the down SNR is great @ 39dB----the power level jumped to +16 dBmV . I wasn't having any problems ,but I added a splitter to bring it down to 10 dBmV .
Thought about having a tech out, but it seems stable and I don't need the headache of trying to get them to understand what I mean. I'll keep an eye on it.

June 14,2011

Another 6 months and still no D3....I've been told it's close, but been there, heard that B4.
It's warmer out now and my downstream signal has dropped to +8 dBmV.
I was worried with the extra splitter the UP signal would go up, but so far it has stayed the same @ 47 .
My IP changed from 68.xxx.xxx.xxx range to 24.xxx.xxx.xxx. but no other changes that I can tell.
The last few days my lease time for the IP has been 1hr.. instead of the usual 5day lease. This usually means some maintenance going on, but I'm still hopeful for D3......yeah a sucker is born everyday...lol

Television and CDV working great, but DVR still locks up once in a while


Well I guess I'm not a sucker...lol
DOCSIS 3.0 finally !!! I got 4 bonded downstream channels about a week after my last update.

To review, it has been very stable and my speed tests are almost exactly the same ALL the time. I tested at CC speedtest and get 30.4/3.5
I'm hoping that upstream bonding will hit soon. But I am very pleased with the results so far. This is on the BLAST tier. After my current promo is up I may try Extreme 50 for a while.

OK I have to give Comcast some kudos. I can honestly say I have never been happier w/comcast.
Since I got D3 a few weeks ago they have increased Blast speeds twice. Went from 16/2 before to 20/2 and recently 25/4. I have been consistently downloading @ 3.4MB/sec. with an initial PB @ over 4MB/sec.
The CDV has been flawless and the TV has been good with no pixelation and many HD channels.

OK enough...I don't want to jinx this...lol


Status the same....still getting good stable speeds. Still waiting for upstream bonding, but hey, it's good now. I had to replace my sb6120 because I'm clumsy and tripped over the cable and sent it flying into the wall. lol Something rattling around inside. Got a zoom 5341j and am happy with it. I like the 8x4 possibilities even though I only get 4x1 for now.

Got 8 bonded downstream .... Now just waiting for the same upgrade to BLAST that the northeast got... come on Comcast, we are paying customers too.


Comcast seems to be trying to push us to the edge.
By that I mean the price raises.
They seem to be hiding regular price raises in other areas...The modem fee has more then doubled from $3 to now $7...My "free , please take 2 DTA's are now $2 each...BTW I only took 1, but they tried to charge for 2....
I tried to watch Streampix (part of my Premier tripleplay...$4.95 was added to my bill. I called and they did remove the extra DTA and Streampix from my bill.

BUT when I paid my bill online (it was lowered because of the credits) I looked at the next months bill and was charged a late fee ($35.00) because I didn't pay the full amount due??? Yeah I did pay less then the original bill, BUT the website said less because of the credits. I called again and the lady said the credits weren't removed till after the next months bill...But I said the website said pay what I did pay. OK so now this month I must pay the late fee and it will be removed on the bill after this one??? Yeah I looked and it already off this months bill online, but I'd better pay the "FULL" amount or get another late fee...OMG now I'm thinking like them...lol

Things have been pretty steady...but last month a few HD channels that are part of my HD complete triple play were not coming in. ( was getting "this channel will be available soon" )... So I wait and wait and finally I decide to call after 4hrs and no channels. I wouldn't have cared so much but 1 channel was CBS.

I honestly thought twice about calling, Damn I should have thought three times. CSR is very friendly and has me do the usual --unplug the DVR...check connections ...no glory.. . He says " let me send a hit and see".... Still nothing. CSR states he going to reset my account and see what happens. Still nothing. I say I think the headend needs to be informed, but he wants to send a truck. I say I don't think it's here and decline the truck roll.

I just ask him to somehow report this to engineering and I wait. He says he will escalate this.. Long story short, about an hour later all channels are back....whew.

Ahhhhh but here's the zinger...... This month's bill comes and even though I didn't change anything my bill is $13.62 higher. No not because of price increases...because now all of a sudden they added
the HD technology fee..I think when the CSR reset my account he screwed something up.

Now I may be ignorant but I'm not stupid. I thought my HD COMPLETE XF triple play included everthing..no DVR fees..no modem eMTA fees...nothing but the 3play price + taxes..

So I call billing...natch I get India...I explain the situation she says wait I'll check.. After 5 mins she says her boss says HD tech fee is not included and only reason I wasn't charged was because I'm on a 1 year promo.

I say yes I'm on a promo. She says HD tech fee is only for 6 months of my 1 yr. promo and I must pay this now. I try to explain even if this is correct,( I know it's not) I've only been on the promo 4 months. She says sorry, but nothing she can do.. I'm turning red and hold my temper and just hang up.

When I signed up the rep stated my bill would be the same for 12 months...I said no hidden fees ..he says no hidden fees, but taxes may change a few cents.

This is still not resolved , I'll try again Tuesday...MLK day Monday...uggg.

It is just so hard to get through to someone who really knows what to do @ Comcast.

update: 1-21-14
Ok it took an email to We_can_help@cable.comcast.com to resolve , but I think they straightened it out..(fingers crossed). lol I'll see next month.

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Review by rkdigital See Profile

  • Location: Fort Wayne,Allen,IN
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 6 days
Good "Okay some of the time"
Bad "Service tech's charge $65 even when it's not inside my home!"
Overall "Would switch to FIOS if it was in my neighborhood."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

Have Max Blast (50/10) along with Digital TV. I don't use any of there equipment, I own all my equipment, including the TV tuners that I use (we use cable cards to support them). Having severe issues after a major outage in the area, still after a week not fixed completely.

I will update this review, only if they fix the issues.

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Review by Vibes See Profile

  • Location: San Francisco,San Francisco,CA
  • Cost: $50 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Blindingly fast, mostly good tech support and little down time, but beware..."
Bad "Billing and getting them to honoring their written offers was hell, but then all OK."
Overall "OK if you need and can afford their superior speed, but not good initial service or ethics."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Back in January, 2011, I responded to a Comcast written offer for new customer ISP only service at 15 Mbps down/0.356 up, at $14.99 first 12 months, $24.99 for the second 12 months, and "free self-install".

I live in a condo and Comcast "rents" the Association's interior cable, so even as an experienced network engineer, I cannot get into their wiring cabinet and do not use any other Comcast service, so I needed their tech to plug in my wire in their rented access point down in the garages. This they did, but then billed me for an in-home visit, having never entered my condo. I setup their rental modem and was quickly online with promised speed or better. Then Cust. Svc. hell to get them to honor their promised "FREE" self-install....eventually, they did.

This speed tier was one up from their basic or beginners residential speed, once called "High Speed Internet" and "Performance Internet" (they keep renaming it), now "Blast Internet." Technically great, but billing and service were terrible, from the initial billing and first annual renewal, I never got the promised rate in the offer letter and had to fight the hydra-head monster that is Comcast (in person, by email, by phone, by letter, with every division not knowing what the other was doing or promising and all unable to render what was promised). After superhuman effort and 4 month of work at EACH annual renewal, I got each promised discount and was/am satisfied.

Threatening to sue and present my notes/records in court, I'm sure helped escalate the matter.

Note: I bought and installed a new DDM3513 Docsis 3.0 cable modem a few months in and returned the older Comcast rental Ubee (to save $7/month). That switch worked well and my bill dropped as expected. Good service there, but save your receipts.

As my third 12-months of Blast Xfinity ISP only discount service ($50/month) will soon end, I will again try for a "loyalty" discount on the same service...otherwise, its off to ATT or Sonic.net DSL at a third the price and speed. I definitely will not pay full price for Comcast otherwise good ISP service. And thanks to all you who post honest reviews...it definitely help keep these ISP's honest and responsive...eventually.

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Review by mgordon See Profile

  • Location: 84081
  • Cost: $65 per month (6 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Internet speed and reliability"
Bad "Customer service"
Overall "I eventually left."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

The speed and internet service is fast/reliable.

Comcast customer support and billing is out of control... After being a customer for 3 years, they decided to try and start charging me rent for their modem. Only problem is that I bought the modem from Best Buy. Customer support wouldn't believe me and after several phone calls/emails, I finally dug through my 3 year old receipts and proved it was mine. They finally conceded that it was mine and "fixed" it in their system. I was so sick of being accused of lying that I switched to Century Link. After canceling, Comcast then called me to tell me if I didn't return their modem I was going to be charged for it. Unbelievable.

I emailed Tom Karinshak, their executive VP of Customer Experience and... nothing.

All they had to do was continue to take my money every month and I would have remained a happy customer...

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comcast user


Sounds about right

They did the same to me a couple years ago...

Potomac, MD

Me too...

Started billing me for the modem I owned after a change in plans. Later, when I cancelled service they tried to charge me for modem not returned. Cost more in time to get it fixed than the modem was worth.

Review by reelbigfish See Profile

  • Location: Cambridge,Middlesex,MA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Reliable service, Quick Downloads"
Bad "upload speed, price"
Overall "OK service, Get Verizon FiOS or RCN if you can"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

***Update 24-Dec-2013***

Comcast has been reliable and worthwhile having. The speeds were just bumped from 20bmps/4mbps to 25mbps/5mbps which makes things just a little faster. Unless something changes I do not foresee spending any more with Comcast to get to the 50/10 Blast! Tier as the only thing that would help is the occasional large download which I do not do very often. I do stream and the 25mbps down is plenty to stream most everything for any service in HD. I do get quite good service even in peak times. Comcast is the main provider in my town as they have an exclusive agreement. I would much prefer that Verizon or RCN also provide service to give a little competition. I would switch to RCN if available just because for the same price I am paying now I would get faster speeds. Over the years the price has gone up but the speeds have not gone up as much as the price. If you can get FiOS or RCN I would recommend it, but if you're stuck like me it's acceptable.

***Update 14-Jan-2011***

I have been using Comcast for my high speed internet for a total of 6 years with other providers in between. I am quite impressed with my current Comcast service. I have reliable connectivity and fast throughput all day long. I am able to steam via Netflix in HD and download large files quickly. I have to say that this is the best option in my area. The only competition is Verizon DSL as Verizon has stopped expanding Fios. I don't feel like I'm missing anything as my speeds are very good. I have the 16Mbps/2Mbps package and can do everything I want to online. I highly recommend this product.

***Update 13-Dec-2008***

I've now had Comcast in this location for a year and a half. Things have been good in terms of the service. I'm able to play games any time I like and the downloads are quite fast. There are some issues in getting line speed to some sites during peak hours. One major issue is that the free Fileplant subscription with the Speed Tier, I've never been able to download at line rate during peak hours. I can get it from other sites like Microsoft or Nvidia, but not Fileplanet. The speeds were upgraded to 6Mpbs/1Mbps for the standard tier and 8Mbps/2Mbps for the Speed Tier. The speeds were then upgraded again to 12Mbps/2Mbps for standard and 16Mbps/2Mbps for the Speed Tier, essentially making the Speed Tier worthless as all it gives you is 4 more Mbps of download speed. With DOCSIS 3.0 they have also added a 22Mbps/5Mbps and a 50Mbps/10Mbps tiers. There is also now a 250GB cap. This brings the value of the service down. If I could switch to Verizon or RCN I would, but for now I'm stuck with Comcast. It is still certainly better than Verizon DSL in the area, and I highly recommend it over than. If RCN is available or Verizon Fios, I would go with either one of those.

***Update 27-May-2008***

It has almost been a year since I've had Comcast installed at my current address. I've been quite happy with the service and would have a hard time leaving given the quality I've received with the Comcast Triple Play. I've signed a 2 year contract for it, keeping the Comcast High Speed Internet at $33/month for 2 years. The download speeds of 6Mbps or 8Mbps for the $10 speed add on are adequate for what I use the service for. I feel the upload needs to be upgraded however. It has been in the neighboring towns of Boston, such as Newton. Their base packages are 6Mbps/768Kbps and 16Mbps/2Mbps. Here in Boston it is still 6Mbps/384Kbps and 8Mbps/768Kbps. The only applications I really would like more upload bandwidth for are uploading pictures to share/print and for use with Mozy, my backup client. I have about 40GB of data I would like to backup, but it has been 2 weeks since I started backing up and I'm not even half way there. It would be a great help to have more upload to get this uploaded. However, once it is done, since it does incremental backups, it won't take nearly as long next time. Overall I am happy with the service, but do desire a bit more on the upload side. I recommend the service over Verizon DSL any day. Against FiOS, it comes down to which is more important, Internet or TV. For me HD TV is more important which is why I will be sticking with Comcast for the foreseeable future.

***Update 09-Sep-2007***

So far Comcast has been acceptable. I dropped back down to the lower tier internet as the Game Invasion package become somewhat useless. File Planet's servers were so overloaded that I could only download at 400KB/s instead of 1MB/s with the 8Mb/s connection. The upload is still quite pathetic compared to all other cable companies and DSL providers. In CT there is now UVerse available and most cable companies would win many customers with their speed, but not Comcast. With 6Mbps/1Mbps being the highest package, the better upload and similar download makes it a better package. Comcast really needs to step it up with the speed. Fortunately for them FiOS has not made its way into Boston yet, but when it does, the speeds had better go up for many customers will leave. It is still better than Verizon DSL however.

***Update 19-Aug-2007***

Last night I found that Powerboost just isn't always enough. I was uploading pictures from a recent trip, and it was taking forever! It was enough to make me pay the $10 extra per month. However, this does not reflect all that poorly on my value for money with Comcast. First, the 768Kbps helped me upload my photos in half the time. It was definitely worth it. It is a bit disappointing that I have to pay for the upload when others are getting 6Mbps/768Kbps as their standard tier. FiOS is around Boston, but not in it yet. The saving grace is that I do still get free McAfee anti-virus and with the speed tier I get Game Invasion, which gets me a Founders Club membership to IGN. This means I no longer have to pay for FilePlanet and I was able to link it to my existing account. So far still happy with the service and will continue to until my promotion is up. There might be competition then, and I will compare. However, at this time, Comcast is tops.

***Update 08-Aug-2007***

So far things have been good with Comcast. Powerboost is nice, but I do miss the higher upload I used to have with Cox for the same price. Overall the service has been reliable with gaming and using VPN. I definitely recommend this service over Verizon DSL in the Boston area.

***Update 21-Jul-2007***

Well, it has been since 2004 that I had Comcast and I am back with them. I moved out of the Cox area I lived into a Comcast/RCN area. Unfortunately RCN does not serve my new street so I had to go with Comcast for cable tv internet and phone. The speeds are quite good, I get bursts of 20Mbps/2Mbps with powerboost and get a solid 6Mbps/384Kbps connection after powerboost is done. The install was quite good. The installer was a contractor and knew his stuff. I didn't need a new drop run as the building was already wired. First he setup the cable box and got that working. Next he hooked up the Arris modem and provisioned it without installing the software for internet. Next was phone, all that took was a call and a reboot of the Arris modem. Overall a very good install. So far the service has been good. Will update after using the services for a while.

***Update 05-Jan-2004***

Well, my Comcast HSI is gone. The packet loss got better and then the speeds were much more consistent. The 3Mbps/256kbps caps are nice and all, but I did end up dropping them. For people who don't game and don't download tons of files, Comcast is good for that. However, I do excessive downloading such a Linux distros and taking online classes really eats up the bandwidth. I didn't get a letter from Comcast but I'd rather not take that chance. Also, the speed isn't worth the money. For half the price I get 1.3Mbps/128 from SBC and it is just as reliable. Right now I'm more concerned about price. If Comcast had a lower tier then I may still be with them, but until Comcast and other cable companies realize that not all their customers need 3Mbps speeds, that won't happen. To browse the web, which is what the rest of the users in my house do, SBC DSL is a better fit. Also, the extras that come with SBC Yahoo are much more useful that those that come with Comcast. I got a bigger mail limit and a bigger storage limit for storing files, which you cannot get with Comcast. Also, the Yahoo start page for the DSL is customizable and had all the info I want. I couldn't get that with Comcast.

***Update 17-Dec-2003***

Today I got the Comcast upgrade to 3Mbps. Thats good, right? Well, not really. My speed only went up to 2000kbps from 1700kbps and I have major packet loss now. They should not have upgraded the system if it could not handle the speeds. I will keep everyone posted on the situation, but it's unacceptable. Web browsing it ok, but file transfers are slow and forget about online gaming or watching a streaming video.

***Original Review***

I signed up for the Comcast Cable Service about 1 month before the service was actually available, thus the 30 day wait. I was the third person in my town to get the service. As soon as everything was set, I was on the internet. When the service first got here, the cap was set at 1800kbps/256kbps and those are the current speeds. It's not as fast as RoadRunner, especially since the caps for RR went up to 3000kbps/384kbps. I'm still waiting for the Comcast upgrade to 3Mbps which should happen before the end of the year. The only problem is that the upload is 256kbps. RR has 384kbps and they are possibly going up to 512kbps by the end of the year. I just hope Comcast follows suit and raises their upload. There hasn't been much down time. The only time the service has gone out was when my cable modem fried itself. The original and the current one is a Linksys. Overall I'm happy with the service although I would like to see more upload than more download speed. Since it is the only game in town, I'm stuck, but I'm happy with it.

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Review by Camaro See Profile

  • Location: Westfield,Hampden,MA
  • Cost: $239 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Well not much "
Bad "Well after this past summer a lot"
Overall "Not to hot lately"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

If i had more choices i would jump contracts every year but they (isp telco's) don't tread on each other especially when it comes to us saving money.

Well after months of pestering decided to try the triple bundle,they gave 22/5 with all my channels (everything channel but sports package, foreign channels wife loves the movie channels) two dcx-3400's new moto 6120, and fruity RCA/Thomson device for 149.99 for 12 months no install fee so i couldn't say no plus Verizon just jacked the basic phone line to like $60 and change with all fee's and after months of waiting for fios, they can kiss my ass.Well got it installed on 12/11 and after a weekend of speed test i am very happy with the speeds,now if i never need to call tech support i will be in bliss.

Really nothing new speeds have increased over the last month don't know why but i am not complaining,they gave us a new deal for a little more money they include sports and keep my speeds locked in longer,still wish fios would come here to my town.

After a real Comcast tech not the rent a ones came out and finally figured out my T3 issues by real troubleshooting my connection has been solid.I Didn't like how they changed our speed packages without notification,also the cable has gone downhill from no sound to complete stops in the picture which I figure is they keep on squeezing more channels out of less bandwidth,if that was fixed I would be a happy camper.One last thing is there tech support still sucks, if they tell me one more time to reset my modem and router it's going to drive me to drink.

Well It's time for another review. After they mixed up there speed's recently these are my new one's for my area these are straight price's no 6 month crap.

Economy Plus $29.99 3mbps down 768kbps up
Performance $48.95 20mbps down 4mbps up
Performance Starter $49.95 6mbps down 1mbps up
Blast $58.95 30mbps down 6mbps up
Extreme $99.95 50mbps down 15mbp
Extreme 105 $199.95 105mbps down 20mbps up

The cable channels have finally worked out the kinks, before it was cutting out at least once a day now it's down to maybe once a week so I don't complain.
The performance and performance starter packages don't make any sense but it's on there website for packages so who knows if that is a mistake.Not much else new for my neck of woods so as long as my service is always up can't complain except about the price's but that will never change.

Let's see, after hot summer here, the heat apparently was overheating a node during most of the day and killing my upstream signal very often. Comcast finally sent out a tech who was smart enough to figure it out but he said a line truck was needed, one never showed up of course. After 5 calls the problem still wasn't fixed, but by then the weather cooled down so it stopped happening. I have given up for a little while it gets so frustrating. So Comcast has failed big time. The only positive is they installed a free access point at he end of my street. I will report back with prices when I get more time.

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fred oh fred


Comcast handwaving

"the cable has gone downhill from no sound to complete stops in the picture..."

Ahhhh yes, welcome to Comcast. I admit I'm biased, but with all my horrible experiences over the past 7-8 years with this company I feel justified in my "hate" - what some folks around here call a negative review, no?

Anyway, what you've described has been one of my ongoing Comcast battles. I honestly wish I could say otherwise, but that cable issue will not go away for you. Many, actually I think all, of my friends and colleagues have the exact same problem and none of us have been able to figure out how to get Comcast to fix it.

Unfortunately, they're the only viable game in town and they know it. They simply win by attrition, which is why I wish this industry as most would be forced to practice capitalism.

Review by jlangley777 See Profile

  • Location: Mount Dora,Lake,FL
  • Cost: $50 per month (24 month contract)
Overall "Misinformation, contradictory information, sux, sux, sux!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

My Other Reviews

Customer Service zombies were poorly trained, rude, obstinate, condescending and robotic. The one thing they were NOT was helpful. Despite picking up a self install kit I was told that my service would be delayed for two more days? Why? Because someone screwed up and scheduled it as a company install. And while the CSR could see the mistake no one was competent enough or authoritative enough to undo the mistake. Since going with Comcast a couple of weeks ago I have probably reset the modem a dozen or more times. And calling Customer Service is an exercise in futility and frustration. Unfortunately we are tied to Comcast because they are THE service providers in our neighborhood. As soon as we get into a competitive environment they are GONE and they won't be coming back. Avoid them like the plague.

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If its that bad cancel it. 30 days money back guarantee and all.

Theres a comcast forum here (direct is you and employees, comcast hsi is a public forum) you could try for some help in.