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Review by cj_version2 See Profile

  • Location: Marietta,Cobb,GA
  • Cost: $244 per month (36 month contract)
Good "The only game in town atm if you need lots of speed & static ips for soho or medium business."
Bad "A bag of ferrets is more coordinated than their install teams. Seriously. "
Overall "Like lots and lots of pain? Try to get new service or move."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

[Edit: Let me preface this post by saying I had to sign up for a new account, since I forgot my password for my longtime account, and wouldn't you know it the email address of record is one on my mailservers which are down atm due to me moving them and me 8 miles. Won't have email again until the Comcast install or I move them to a server hotel]

[Final edit/addenda: A very nice and knew-what-he-was-doing Comcast tech came towards the end of the 4 hour window they had promised the last time. After overcoming some cabling issues outside, he got things up and running in short order. It's as promised: around 110mb down and 23 up and very, very stable. I'm going to try to not move again for a looong time.]

Comcast Business had been ok for me since 2009 for my home business in terms of speed, lack of congestion, etc. SMC gateway worked great for me (even though I've read of people having issues with them, mine was fine). Only one issue ever (had to teach DNS to a tier 2 awhile back). So... I moved my office 8 miles. Don't ever do that with Comcast and expect anything but lots of pain and staff who range from right-to-the-edge-of-being-nasty-to-you (even though I've been nothing but very nice) to just totally out of synch with the other parts of the puzzle that have to work together to get you going. They will *not* work with you for the most part, it's their timetable (which they always break without notice to you) or the highway.

My situation: Called to move my service 3rd week of June 2014. Them: "Ok, fine, we can have your service up and running at the new place July 1, not a problem, sir!" I signed a new contract that day. Same service level. Same everything. Only one gripe from me: Was an "all day install window", meaning I had to wait all day on the tech. So much for the TV spots they run here in Atlanta for "Two hour windows now, even nights and weekends." Uh-huh. I'm not calling them liars, but the TV spots had no small print or any of that, just a blanket "We show up within a two hour window now."

July 1st: No tech, no nothing. I call my sales guy's cell. He's mental-dancing so fast on the phone I thought he was going to pass out. We had several of those conversations that day to no avail. Note to all: I HATE being told you'll call me back in 15 and you don't ever do it...

July 2nd or 3rd, I forget now: Same stuff, diff day. Ended up on his cell on speaker with him and his supervisor. She and he both told me in no uncertain terms the installation would now be Tuesday July 8th 2014 and an all-day "sit here and wait on us to show up" window. Said no they couldn't do it Saturday due to July 4th weekend. I understand that, not a worry. Just wanted a firm date so I can take some downtime and wait on you guys. Tuesday worked for me since the Comcast TV folks were supposed to show up that day as well.

July 5th: Some automated scheduling system phones me this afternoon (Saturday), says I have an appt for Monday July 7th from noon to 4pm. I called my sales guy on his cell immediately. No answer, left a voice mail saying "fix this please". No response.

July 7th: It's really early Monday morning, I'm about to leave for a manager's meeting and I'm almost late for it factoring in the commute. Comcast guy shows up in the complex with no advance notice, here to install the Biz Internet. I can't wait. Told him my appt was for Tuesday not today, had to leave, no way for me to stay. I don't let a room of vice presidents and other managers wait. Sorry.

July 8th (late this afternoon as I'm writing this): You guessed it! No tech showed up. No call. No nothing. Took a day off working elsewhere and nada. (As an aside, the Comcast TV tech never showed up either, and my sales rep for them was letting all my calls go to her voice mail). Call my reps cell a few times. Finally he calls me back. Wants to schedule the biz Internet install for tomorrow from 1 to 5pm. So I've lost clients, and I've been off-line with all my services for around 10 days now. Getting used to watching off-air TV on an antenna. Getting 39 digital channels. Getting used to it. Comcast, you're getting real close to "You're Fired". I am having a hard time believing you STILL want to charge me $199 for an Internet install where all the infrastructure is already in place. Amazing.

Short version: If you decide to use this ISP, try your best to have a backup plan ready to go to in case they drop the ball. As a second side note, in my day job, I've been trying to get Comcast Business Internet installed at a location for going on two years now to no avail. Their drop is 175 feet away on the same side of the street. Go figure. One would think a vendor wouldn't want to do that sort of stuff to a national-level account holder. Bet if I bought one of their Ethernet offerings at that location, the service would be in there before I could go get pizza haha.

[Edit: the Comcast TV tech came at 6pm sharp. Took the poor fellow 2 hours, he had to run new cabling outside to get the TV working. He really had to do a l-o-t of work. I felt kinda bad for him, especially since a guy had come earlier to do a site survey and said things were "ready to go". I didn't have the heart to tell the TV install tech that. Comcast TV looks 'cleaner' than my old DirecTV, must be less or better video compression.]

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updated 261 days ago


Avondale, AZ

1 edit

Tearing crap up.

Ferrets have good coordination when it comes to tearing crap up..

If Comcast video looks better than Directv, then Cox (my local cable company) must be compressing the hell out of there signal since Directv looks much better than Cox Cable.

Re: Tearing crap up.

Holy ferrrets...!!!!!

Too bad you didn't have someone at your site you could have left when the Concrap tech showed up on the 7th July.

In any case what a massive cluster fluck.
Yep, just like the funny or die spoof ad says...
"We're Comcast, and we don't give a F*UCK about you!"


Re: Tearing crap up.

I used to have a ferret a long time ago. Got along great with the cat and the malamute. Could trash anything though, so the analogy hehe. Yeah I would have loved to have stayed here for the install but Murphys Law; the one time I HAD to go somewhere they showed up.

They might well be. I was watching local channels off a home made antenna vs the same on Comcast and no discernible difference on Comcast. On DirecTV it was very noticeable how many bits they were throwing out.

Review by wireless001 See Profile

  • Location: USA
  • Cost: $120 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Comcast service person was pretty good."
Bad "Practically everything else."
Overall "Find something else if you can."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

I moved from a house with FIOS to an apartment complex where Comcast was the only viable option. I ordered the Triple play, i.e., voice, cable and Internet. The voice installation, VoIP, went fine. The installer set up the DVR, but did not install the proper set top boxes in the bedroom for DVR access - requiring a second service call. The installer then installed the wireless router in a metal box in the front closet where I had no access in case of a problem. The original installation and set top box swap were performed by a Comcast contractor. My Internet service level is supposed to be 35 Mbps - on a shared link. My measured speed from two different Internet sites was less than 6 Mbps down and up. The second service person responding to my call was a Comcast service person and very willing to help me get a solution. Eventually we installed the wireless router on a shelf inside the closet, but outside the metal box. Internet speeds now vary from 12 Mbps to 18 Mbps down and ~6 Mbps up - still far from the advertised speed (I know it's a shared medium with overhead, etc.). If there was another option I'd probably go with it!

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Pearland, TX

Go to the Comcast Direct Forum

Log in, go to the Comcast Direct Forum. The people who answer on that forum are all Comcast techs & engineers. They can look at everything that could be impacting your service and see about getting it resolved. That's why they're there

Review by tcr22 See Profile

  • Location: Saint Augustine,Saint Johns,FL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Fast then dsl"
Bad "cost"
Overall "its the fast isp here"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Fast then dsl

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Review by mustang50 See Profile

  • Location: Roseville,Macomb,MI
  • Cost: $208 per month
Good "Service works as well as expected"
Bad "Still pricey, especially eMTA fee of $7.00 and free DTA is now $2"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I've had Comcast for about about 5-6yrs now. Overall its been reliable, but there have been a few hiccups along the way. For the most part most things have been handled just calling the 800 number. A couple of times though I've had to use the DirectForum here at DSL Reports to get things fixed. While this is OK to me,I wonder how many others who don't know about this forum just have to live with a problem until it finally fixed.
I would like to say CC is trying and Steve and George have been great.
I finally bit the bullet and got triple-play last June, I am pleasantly surprised that CDV is working well.

Still waiting for DOCSIS 3.0. I know CC says by the end of 2010 all areas will have it, but it still sucks being last. I have a bad feeling it's going to be my X-mas present..lol
Maybe by time we get it they will have upstream bonding. Comcast MI needs to step up, instead of always following way behind.

I probably won't upgrade to a higher tier, but the channel bonding will hopefully eliminate my nightly slow downs.

Seems the competition is heating up. I've had u-verse and WOW salesmen at the door and many fliers in the mail. Almost felt sorry for the WOW guy. I asked if they could match CC's HD channels (we have over 100)..he shook his head and I thought he said wow...hahaha.
I also asked about plans for DOCSIS 3.0 ... I guess that did it...He said sorry to bother you and left.
So for now it's CC for me.

UPDATE---well not really an update because it's Sept 2010 and DOCSIS 3.0 is no where in sight. No one can even give an estimate when it might drop.

I know that many things have to done to launch D3, but to leave a major market area (Detroit) out of an upgrade seems kind of strange.
We (and there are many of us from MI) on DSLReports see all the great things OTHERS are getting and it really makes us upset that we pay our CC bills knowing we are NOT getting what others are.

UPDATE 11-4-10
A man came to the door today and told me Comcast would be working on the lines in our area. I asked if this was for DOCSIS 3.0 upgrades. He didn't really seem to know what DOCSIS 3.0 is, but he said it's for upgrades to get more HDs and faster internet. He said this would be soon though he didn't have a date or schedule. We got the HD channels (about 110 total) in June 09....So I hope these upgrades are for the internet...?!!!!

Update 12-1-2010
OK, so I guess CC decided to throw us a bone. They did upgrade us---BUT not to DOCSIS 3, they just (finally) upgraded to D 2 on the upstream. I guess something is better then nothing. This area's CMTS isn't D3 compatible, so I guess until they can change it, the wait will continue.........

Update 1-20-11

I guess Comcast missed their plan to have DOCSIS 3.0 to everyone by the end of 2010. I've heard the same thing the last couple of years, "It's coming soon"
Service has been good, TV and CDV work great, internet still slows down at night during primetime. The signals on my modem are a little off norm now.

While the down SNR is great @ 39dB----the power level jumped to +16 dBmV . I wasn't having any problems ,but I added a splitter to bring it down to 10 dBmV .
Thought about having a tech out, but it seems stable and I don't need the headache of trying to get them to understand what I mean. I'll keep an eye on it.

June 14,2011

Another 6 months and still no D3....I've been told it's close, but been there, heard that B4.
It's warmer out now and my downstream signal has dropped to +8 dBmV.
I was worried with the extra splitter the UP signal would go up, but so far it has stayed the same @ 47 .
My IP changed from 68.xxx.xxx.xxx range to 24.xxx.xxx.xxx. but no other changes that I can tell.
The last few days my lease time for the IP has been 1hr.. instead of the usual 5day lease. This usually means some maintenance going on, but I'm still hopeful for D3......yeah a sucker is born everyday...lol

Television and CDV working great, but DVR still locks up once in a while


Well I guess I'm not a sucker...lol
DOCSIS 3.0 finally !!! I got 4 bonded downstream channels about a week after my last update.

To review, it has been very stable and my speed tests are almost exactly the same ALL the time. I tested at CC speedtest and get 30.4/3.5
I'm hoping that upstream bonding will hit soon. But I am very pleased with the results so far. This is on the BLAST tier. After my current promo is up I may try Extreme 50 for a while.

OK I have to give Comcast some kudos. I can honestly say I have never been happier w/comcast.
Since I got D3 a few weeks ago they have increased Blast speeds twice. Went from 16/2 before to 20/2 and recently 25/4. I have been consistently downloading @ 3.4MB/sec. with an initial PB @ over 4MB/sec.
The CDV has been flawless and the TV has been good with no pixelation and many HD channels.

OK enough...I don't want to jinx this...lol


Status the same....still getting good stable speeds. Still waiting for upstream bonding, but hey, it's good now. I had to replace my sb6120 because I'm clumsy and tripped over the cable and sent it flying into the wall. lol Something rattling around inside. Got a zoom 5341j and am happy with it. I like the 8x4 possibilities even though I only get 4x1 for now.

Got 8 bonded downstream .... Now just waiting for the same upgrade to BLAST that the northeast got... come on Comcast, we are paying customers too.


Comcast seems to be trying to push us to the edge.
By that I mean the price raises.
They seem to be hiding regular price raises in other areas...The modem fee has more then doubled from $3 to now $7...My "free , please take 2 DTA's are now $2 each...BTW I only took 1, but they tried to charge for 2....
I tried to watch Streampix (part of my Premier tripleplay...$4.95 was added to my bill. I called and they did remove the extra DTA and Streampix from my bill.

BUT when I paid my bill online (it was lowered because of the credits) I looked at the next months bill and was charged a late fee ($35.00) because I didn't pay the full amount due??? Yeah I did pay less then the original bill, BUT the website said less because of the credits. I called again and the lady said the credits weren't removed till after the next months bill...But I said the website said pay what I did pay. OK so now this month I must pay the late fee and it will be removed on the bill after this one??? Yeah I looked and it already off this months bill online, but I'd better pay the "FULL" amount or get another late fee...OMG now I'm thinking like them...lol

Things have been pretty steady...but last month a few HD channels that are part of my HD complete triple play were not coming in. ( was getting "this channel will be available soon" )... So I wait and wait and finally I decide to call after 4hrs and no channels. I wouldn't have cared so much but 1 channel was CBS.

I honestly thought twice about calling, Damn I should have thought three times. CSR is very friendly and has me do the usual --unplug the DVR...check connections ...no glory.. . He says " let me send a hit and see".... Still nothing. CSR states he going to reset my account and see what happens. Still nothing. I say I think the headend needs to be informed, but he wants to send a truck. I say I don't think it's here and decline the truck roll.

I just ask him to somehow report this to engineering and I wait. He says he will escalate this.. Long story short, about an hour later all channels are back....whew.

Ahhhhh but here's the zinger...... This month's bill comes and even though I didn't change anything my bill is $13.62 higher. No not because of price increases...because now all of a sudden they added
the HD technology fee..I think when the CSR reset my account he screwed something up.

Now I may be ignorant but I'm not stupid. I thought my HD COMPLETE XF triple play included everything..no DVR fees..no modem eMTA fees...nothing but the 3play price + taxes..

So I call billing...natch I get India...I explain the situation she says wait I'll check.. After 5 mins she says her boss says HD tech fee is not included and only reason I wasn't charged was because I'm on a 1 year promo.

I say yes I'm on a promo. She says HD tech fee is only for 6 months of my 1 yr. promo and I must pay this now. I try to explain even if this is correct,( I know it's not) I've only been on the promo 4 months. She says sorry, but nothing she can do.. I'm turning red and hold my temper and just hang up.

When I signed up the rep stated my bill would be the same for 12 months...I said no hidden fees ..he says no hidden fees, but taxes may change a few cents.

This is still not resolved , I'll try again Tuesday...MLK day Monday...uggg.

It is just so hard to get through to someone who really knows what to do @ Comcast.

update: 1-21-14
Ok it took an email to We_can_help@cable.comcast.com to resolve , but I think they straightened it out..(fingers crossed). lol I'll see next month

UPDATE 4-29-14

So today I find out Comcast may be dumping us to Charter...Hmmm
It figures, I was just getting happy...well maybe not happy...but satisfied with them.
The speed increase to 105/20 was pretty cool and unexpected. I haven't gotten the X-1 platform yet, but that also looks promising. Oh well no sense getting used to that.

I'm kind of bummed, although Comcast can be a hassle to get things fixed when broken, things are great when working.

I'm really thinking about dropping Comcast before they drop me. Yeah, a little dramatic, but hey they don't want my money anymore, so there's no reason to be loyal.
I'm sure all of this won't go down soon, so I have time to decide.

OK can someone direct me to the SPINCO forum??? lol

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Review by Central PA See Profile

  • Location: Aspers,Adams,PA
  • Cost: $58 per month
Good "Download speed when not congested"
Bad "Ping, Jitter and Upload Speed"
Overall "Comcast provides a service here at a premium price."
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Did not review Comcast Cable's Pre Sales or Installation because these were provided years ago by Adelphia.

Click for full size

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updated 292 days ago


Review by murph12 See Profile

  • Location: Jackson,Jackson,MI
  • Cost: $80 per month
Good "Decent Installers just young guys"
Bad "Comcast is terribleAND NOW EXTORTING IN APRIL 2014"
Overall "crap comcast cannot' do get fast cheap net in this countrty (Is the USA all medidcure now in everything?)"
Pre Sales information:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

My Other Reviews

·T-Mobile US
May 7, 2014, update - Comcast Collections and Audit Manager JAMES, has not sent me the 2010 Bills that He used to end my comcast Cable/HSI service and it has been a month now. This is the worst company in America for sure with people like this working in Management. If A Bill was not sent from 2010, and it is now May 2014, Comcast should, at the least, be concillatory as they did not bring it to the attention of the customer in 4 years, that is poor service.

April, 2014 UPDATE -- Comcast has resorted to a new low with AUDIT AND COLLECTIONS DEOT. that sems to create "old bills" when customers move, then they demand immediate payment (even though they sent no bill) or they will (and do) cancel the install at your new address!

USE THIS AS A OPPORTUNITY to find other ISPs and choose anyone BUT comcast as We as customers cannot reward such a criminal organization with such terrible service any more. I am done with them even if I have to use WiFi and VPNs.

COMCAST Services SE Michigan -- moving, Modem, and overall review -- October 2012. Edit Add Feb 10, 2013. Still expensive, and not fast


2014 UPDATE -- Comast still too slow, and too expensive (for mediocre service) connecting to the Backbone)! Google Fiber rolls out prove beyond doubt they CAN offer speed for a reasonable price but only if forced to do so, by competition preferably or a law and tax issues otherwise (they surely will not do it unless forced) -- which is exactly, EXACTLY what We need in this Country (and State of Michigan) to get the economy going !! Competition for more connections to the Backbone with 10 GB speeds so that We home and business can have 1 GIG service for $50 month (and they would still make a incredible profits).

SO next time you talk to you, Us, the Voters, tell your Reps. and Senators if they want your vote to make a law the USA main ISPs that offer Home/Business Internet Service, they HAVE TO offer 1 GB service for $50 month or less, or face increased tax, or something *(better yet perhaps offer Startups the ability to compete without massive investment).


From Early adopter (see below) of tech, mashups, mobile (Android, mainly), and Social -- use HSI (and need Gigabit Services) to upload programs, apps and other digital information Online.

As few recent reviews exist of Comcast (10/2012) in the local area -(Jackson, Ingham, Washtenaw) Counties I specifically wanted to review Comcast internet (HSI), Installation, speeds, modems, reliability, latency, and Prices.

First and most important: THE future is being held back in the USA by the lack of REAL High Speed Internet, known as Gigabit (Google is building Google Fiber, which is Gigabit --- so the US is behind. We need to do it ourselves. This is literally holding US, the Country, (and the World for that matter) back and from re-sparking the economy of 2000-2008- WE need Gigabit right now -- if you know the changes the "net" brought in the 1990s the prosperity, and opportunity -- then you know what Gigabit speeds, 1000 times faster than now --then 1000s times the prosperity is being held back!

OK - many do not know the same HDTV you get on cable is available FREE Over-the-Air now, exactly like on cable, all one needs is the right Antenna as digital TV is there -- or it's not. So I am using a mix of Internet and over-the-air, until I end cable TV soon just want to work the issues out before I save some $50 a month (probably more next week as the bill keeps going up).

I like others have started to cut the (TV) cable cord. and shifted towards internet service bringing TV programming to my DVR -- but PRICE is important as Netflix proved and now is only $8 month. But it does not provide networks, so that I get through over-the-air or Antenna.

With DVRs and other time shifting, for the most part have programming We want, when and where We want it -- even HBO is starting to provide "go" programming (but price is still an issue). The Cable (HBO) provides some of the best, cutting edge programming but I hope soon they will provide a pure internet option. Low Price matters. It is what brings Wide scale adoption.


COMCAST is a "main" provider of reasonably priced residential High Speed Internet (HSI) service in SE Michigan, widely available and mostly reliable -- BUT the speeds are slow in general (but great compared to the current options so in essence it is the only game in town).

We need Broadband Internet competition (as it seems other providers cannot seem to get critical mass and provide the same services, but I could be wrong). Mediocre Internet speeds of around 10 MB is now the norm for the lower price tiers I have currently, and although I want better speeds, it is the best available.

Now Google Gigabit or "Fiber" is only going to Kansas City so far -- Verizon FIOS proves the best price is around Fifty Dollars ($50) a month which they provide 50 MBps


We want more speed (as speed brings innovation) and FIOS is not available in SE Michigan. Google Fiber, or any gigabit fast Internet Service needs to be available in all of the USA as all Americans need to have (and need to demand) this the same as any other Utility - which it has become. Comcast does seem to provide 10 MB down, and around 1 MB up.

With the "boost" download speeds of 30 MBps is the service from Comcast in SE Michigan.

Moore's Law (double speed, half the price every 18 months or so) has not applied to Home Internet Service, IMHO, because the infrastructure was SOLD -- Our Government at work for US again

In any case We do have 0 to 30 MBps service from Comcast HIGH SPEED INTERNET with basic cable for about $80 a month here in SE MIchigan including basic shows on cable, but NO DVR..

Moving went well from Comcast "move" service online -- and HSI and CableTV service was moved on the day it was scheduled. Comcast has advertised two-hour appointments but I still wasted an entire day with it waiting for the installers, doing the work after they left, and having the new service being online for everything like it was at the former address.

As many Families want to lessen the ever increasing Cable bill, I too have started to "cut the cord" of CableTV -- as We can get HDTV over the air (in other words, with an Antenna) in SE Michigan in addition to Comcast Cable but you do need the TV that has a tuner in it or another set top box.

So I purchased a newer model Digital UHF and VHF antenna and used my existing equipment in Home including Digital tuners, HDTV, a generic DVR -- and for the cutting the cable start a Roku and BluRay DVD Player with Internet Apps built into it (thjese provide TV programs free after the box, which is less than $100 each, is paid for -- the only ongoing cost is the internet or Comcast HSI, which I have anyway for "internet service.".

These ROKU and APPS are sometimes called "media devices" and have come out in the past two years or so with newer ones released and being sold in stores every day (be cautious, as many are NOT ready to do what most people want them to do -- replace cable TV completely) that only need Broadband or HS Internet service for programing. The Blu-Ray includes an ethernet cable port, and included in it if you put HSI into the Ethernet through a Home router, is the "apps" provide Netflix, Vudu, and some other program names. It is NOT like watching traditional cable, so it takes some time and get use to them, and the extra effort needed to find, watch, and hook into (Register, some free, some charge) shows -- although they sometimes do have the regular network TV Shows (e.g. "House") they are usually NOT on at the same time the first run showing on traditional Networks (ABC, NBC, CBS).

This obviously causes problems for some, including myself, as that is the reason I am still paying for basic cable (the favorite shows).

To lower the monthly costs (which IS a consideration) requires ending cable TV programming charges completely which I have NOT done yet. I also enjoy other programming (such as BBC) not usually available and the "apps" and Roku provide these shows and so far the 10-30 MBps service has worked well for them, no problems usually but they do take time to "load" (5-10 seconds). As an "early adopter" to these "media devices" they are great and use the same HSI we already have -- but I wonder at what point the will need more Bandwidth? The programs or apps are exponentially growing and so many are available this is not the place to do anything more than say there are thousands! Comcast HSI enables Us to bring these programs into the Home, with the "apps" -- If possible your tech-savvy Son, Daughter or Friend could set up for you but this defeats the purpose I believe but most are free so not a big deal !

Modems is the next issue as it was the Motorola Surfboard SB6120 which Comcast charges me $7 month rental fee. The only "plus" to this is they own it so if it fails they have to replace it free. I am going to purchase one but of course, which one is the issue.

Moving Cable installation itself was easy but it cost $30 install fee. The value of a network interface, the RG6 cable, and splitters is worth it but Comcast has certainly got to do this better - We used to have to sit around all day waiting on the Installer (without even a call) -- this time they did call and let me know they were on the way. I was fortunate to get good installers (two of them). They were good, and Comcast even started putting up plastic network boxes on the Outside House Wall (similar to network interface used by phone companies).

SPEEDS: Comcast HSI Internet speeds IMHO, are the reason I am with Comcast as compared to DSL, or other services *although see above about Gigabit*. The Service and Speeds are mostly reliable and the price is reasonable but given Comcast loves to confuse Consumers with Marketing and Pricing nonsense (triple double play, service speed/reliability (almost the same confusion attempts as with Flat-screen HDTVs).

It would behoove Most Consumers to find, or hire, someone who is tech-savvy to advise them who is NOT selling them anything - on what to order. A close friend or someone to do research online for HSI specials is almost required as they do run "specials" all the time, so do that before the order as it COULD save a considerable amount given all the nonsense marketing (mixed in with actual specs). Get someone who ACTUALLY knows Computers, Tech and doing online searches (vs. people who "say" they do but could not determine what site is comcast, and which sites are NOT comcast.

SECURITY. make sure if you have wirless your WPA2 personal or similar is on and a password set first thing. Otherwise you might spend a $1000 or Two of hard earned money and get stuck with crap that everyone is able to get into as easy as sitting in front of your House. Same for non-wireless as the firewall and anti-virus is required today. Not having them is akin to leaving your front door open and Comcast includes some security programs but I do not use them so cannot comment - but they are included free as constant guard so USE THEM. If you do NOT have a Son, Friend, Work person, that is "Tech-Savvy" person to double check this, others are easily found and available at most computer shops. it is well worth PAYING if you do not know what to do, or seek out a business (which do exist but not in small communities it seems) to secure your HSI. At a minimum use the Constant Guard included with Comcast HSI.

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Buffalo, NY

Comcast/Time Warner Merger

Once I heard that Comcast was going to purchase Time Warner Cable, I immediately call Verizon FIOS. I was a Time Warner Cable subscriber for over 10 years. I want no part of Comcast or Charter.

Hail to The Victors
Detroit, MI

Re: Comcast/Time Warner Merger

there's Fios in Buffalo?

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  • Location: Denver,Denver,CO
  • Cost: $65 per month
Good "consistent, no suprises"
Bad "high cost, low quality of service"
Overall "expensive and smarmy but the only game in town"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

No other broadband ISP available without phone line.
No options available for speed/price. Speed dwindling but price increased.
slow, always nibbling away at quality of services (dropped usenet w/o announcement, etc)
Order and install was very good as have been the times I needed service calls at my location.
Support is not as good as in years past.

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  • Location: Windsor,Hartford,CT
  • Cost: $240 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Very dependable and consistent so far. Triple play seems to be working well."
Bad "$$$$$$$"
Overall "Beats DSL in my area."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Went tp triple play 5 months ago. The installer had someone in training with him, not sure if that made a difference or not. My number was ported with no issues. The services came up fine.

Now I'd like to see more HD content but other than that, no issues so far.

9/16/10 Upgraded to 50/10 tear 1 month ago. Seems snappy and stable.

4/11/2014 Currently on the 105/20 tier. During a support call tech support reflashed my modem to the wrong config. It took 2 weeks and 5 calls for them to correct their mistake.

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  • Location: Santa Cruz,Santa Cruz,CA
  • Cost: $143 per month (12 month contract)
Good "They're in Santa Cruz"
Bad "They're in Santa Cruz"
Overall "Terrible."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update 3/27/2014: Things are just cooking along here. We're now getting 25Mbps on the Blast! tier for the cost of what every one else pays for 50Mbps. Whoopee! Go Comcast! Love to see them regulated. We should be paying 1/2 of what people that are getting 50Mbps are paying, but no, they get away with whatever they can via their virtual monopoly here. Keep getting solicitations for "high-speed" DSL from AT&T, and then when I go look the best I can get is 768Kbps. No where near the 3Mbps that I was able to get 5 years ago from PacBell/AT&T.

Original review: I'm paying for 12Mb/s, get about 10Mb/s in the morning, usually, here on the west side of Santa Cruz, CA. As the afternoon wears on, after about 3PM, the speed really dives. By evening I'm usually sitting at 1.5-3Mb/s. Just terrible. They won't tell me if they're working on any improvements, all they can do is send out a tech, but it apparently isn't a technical problem. They obviously need to improve their infrastructure around here, but don't seem to have any moral compunctions about taking my money and delivering CRAP service.

I'd dump them in a NY minute if I could get broadband or DSL over 6Mb/s, but very little competition at the high end here. I can pay DSLextreme $15 for 3Mb/s, or AT&T for 3Mb/s, but don't want that. Really pisses me off that all I can do is pay for decent internet service, but can't get it.

Anyone having better luck that me on the west side of Santa Cruz??? Any suggestions? I was looking at the Exede satellite internet thing, but it is expensive, and lots of latency despite advertising decent speed.

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Pearland, TX


You need to be using a Docsis Version 3 specification modem/emta/gateway that is hardwired to get 50Mbps. The older version 2 devices can't run that hard



Re: Blast.

Actually the Docsis 3.0 modems can handle upto 300Mbps Downstream. I live in the HARRISBURG,PA Area and for the last 12 months I was getting 50Mbps, now they're in the process of doubling speeds to 105 at NO added cost as of April 1st... on www.speedtest.net my last read was 118mbps down, 11.5 upstream. Once they update the nodes in other areas those areas will get it too.

Pearland, TX

Re: Blast.

That's cool

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  • Location: Loganville,Walton,GA
  • Cost: $199 per month
  • Install: about 6 days
Good "Great Product (X1 Platform in Atlanta Market)"
Bad "Horrible Customer Service/Installation"
Overall "If you can get it installed and WORKING, you won't beat it."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

Ordering Process:

I was an existing double play customer. The website prompted me to upgrade my service to an X1 Triple Play. I chose the X1 Complete Package for $199. It is their highest priced triple-play package and includes the X1 DVR and service on up to 3 additional TVs. I went through the ordering process, picked my installation time, and finalized my order. I received an order confirmation which showed that I was going to receive free professional installation.

After I clicked submit on my order, the online ordering system said the order had to be reviewed and completed by an online representative. It connected me in a chat window. The representative quickly confirmed my order and told me that installation would be $100. I told him that I had an order confirmation showing free professional installation. I even offered to email it to him. He refused to honor the offer but told me that he would waive $40 of the installation fee. When I refused, he provided me with a number for "promotions" to call. The rep in promotions also refused to honor the deal but offered to waive $60.

I emailed the "We_can_help" email address and made a false advertising complaint. I forwarded a copy of my order showing free installation. The rep that responded finally honored the deal that I signed up for. He set up an installation time of 1-3 PM the following Saturday.


As I said above, the installation time frame was 1-3 PM Saturday. At 3 PM, I received a call saying that the installation tech was delayed 30-50 minutes due to a problematic order. I was told he would arrive by 4 PM. At 3:30 PM, I received a call that stated no tech would be coming at all. They rescheduled for Sunday 1-3 PM.

On Sunday at 3 PM, there was still no sign of a technician and I didn't even get a courtesy call telling me there would be a delay. However, at 3:30 PM, a technician finally showed up to install. He profusely apologized and said he had come out of his area to pick up my job because they were so backed up on installations in my area.

It took him about two hours to install. He installed a professional looking "house box" on the side of my house. In the box, he installed an amplifier because he said my signal would be too low with four rooms hooked up. He also installed a filter that he said was required for X1 service. From there, he came inside and spent about two hours hooking up the new DVR and three receivers. He was polite and professional. More importantly, he didn't leave until the X1 boxes were all up and running.


Internet speed advertised in the package is 105 Mbps. Unfortunately, I haven't received anything close. Most of my speed tests show 50 Mbps/10 Mbps. The latency is usually always less than 40 ms. It is commonly under 15 ms. This is no where close to the advertised speed but still almost ten times faster than available DSL speeds in my area.


No complaints about phone service. You can't tell that it is VOIP. It works as well as a regular POTS line. Unfortunately, Comcast has declared that they are no longer providing a battery backup for their eMTA. This means that if the power goes out, we will lose phone service. However, with the phones that we currently use, the base requires power so it really isn't much of an issue.

Cable TV:

All I can say is WOW! The Graphical User Interface (GUI) on the X1 platform blows the old cable boxes out of the water. There is absolutely no comparison. It shows pictures of the movies you are about to watch. It shows you the rotten tomato ratings. It reminds me a lot of DirecTV's on-demand interface but a lot cleaner and less cluttered.

The built-in apps are cool but not sure if they are practical. However, the main DVR has built in Facebook, Instagram, Pandora, etc. All of the boxes have weather, traffic, horoscopes, and some other built-ins. Caller ID

It auto-tunes to HD channels if one is available for the channel you are watching. It is capable of up to 1080p resolution.

The DVR is MUCH smaller. The other boxes are roughly the same size at the last generation HD boxes so not much difference.

Parental controls are very user friendly. Select TV and movie ratings that you want to block and set a pin. You can have a purchase PIN to prevent unauthorized purchases. You can block specific ratings. You can also block adult titles from view.

The remote control is great. It is RF based instead of IR. Therefore, you don't even have to point the remote at the box and it works. It also seamlessly controls my TV volume, power, etc.

The only downsides we've found:

1. When the box disconnects, it takes a while to connect to the system. We have not had any random outages but I imagine if the power flickers we'll be off a few minutes before we regain service.

2. The guide occasionally drops out. Last night for about an hour, when we hit the guide button, nothing displayed. However, it came back on its own some time last night.

3. I tried to use the X1 app for my Ipad mini. It said we couldn't use it because we didn't have a cloud-based DVR in our market.

3/19/2014 UPDATE

Installation date was 3/16/14. By 3/18/14, one X1 receiver had already bit the dust. After several hours trying to get the problem fixed, they told me I needed a tech. The next tech appointment is 3/22/2014. So... After the ordeal of getting it installed, we lose service on one TV less than 48 hours later. They then are going to take four plus days to get it fixed.

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Similar experience

It took 3 weeks after I switched from double play to triple play and I didn't even change the TV equipment. I have found that most of the customer service phone reps don't have a clue but the tech support phone folks are pretty good. I finally had to go to an Xfinity store to pick up a phone modem.

I'm about 50 miles from you and getting 120 mb on the same tier as you (direct cable from the modem to computer. If you are testing through a router that maybe causing the speed drop, mine did.

Pearland, TX

Extreme 105

Speed guaranteed for hardwired over Ethernet cat 6 cable to a gigabit Ethernet card