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Six Month Rating

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Review by noc007 See Profile

  • Location: Cumming,Forsyth,GA
  • Cost: $77 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Connection is relatively reliable"
Bad "Customer service is terrible, Business Class is twice the price of Residential, SMC D3G"
Overall "For home use, I don't see the value in Business Class over Residential"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

I moved into a new house back in September 2011 and would be working from home for half the week. At the time Residential had a cap which I wasn't sure I could keep my usage under the cap. I was informed by a sales rep that Business Class had a different and better Customer Service callcenter and techs with 4 hour resolution SLA; this was a lie.

Even though this review is on their Business internet service, I did want to touch on having this type of account at a Residence with Residential TV service is affected. I ordered the Residential TV service at the same time as I ordered Business Internet. This has caused my address to be flagged as a business address in their system so checking on the Residential Internet service pricing or TV service tiers doesn't work; I am told this can be corrected with a call to Customer Service, but haven't had a need yet. I went to a local Comcast office to start Residential service and pick up a tuner box, which didn't work. A truck roll was ordered for around the same time the Business service was to be installed; the Business installer showed up, but the Residential tech was canceled with no good reason why. I can only assume they canceled it because the Business contractor would be there, but he only had new SMC D3Gs and wouldn't touch any residential equipment.

At the time of ordering the Business service, one could not own their own modem unless they fought with customer service so I had to lease a SMC D3G and there was no choice in the matter. This device is a cable modem with 4 up and down bonded streams, router, and 4 port gigabit switch in one unit. One of these gateways must be used if one is going to have static IPs. Feature set of the gateway is minimal with basic LAN DHCP and port forwarding. There is no option for VLANs, DHCP reservations, IPv6 (supposedly a new firmware will add this in the near future), and cannot be put into bridge mode. Customer Service can put it into bridge mode, but this is unsupported and will probably be taken out of bridge mode during an audit without your foreknowledge.

Overall the unit functioned ok with occasional loss in service. About 10 months of service I started to have random drops. Calling into customer service resulted in the tech not able to find a problem and ordered a truck roll for a few days out. Supposedly that was the best that they could do. When the tech arrived, he immediately found the signals from the node to be messed up. He checked on the other modems in the neighborhood and found they were experiencing the same problem. He informed me that this was something the phone tech should have checked and could have the node looked into instead of sending someone to my house. He attempted to get in touch with his supervisor to see if someone can look at the node the same day, but he was not responding. Because of this and that the next day was a holiday, no one would probably look at it for a couple of days. He gave me his mobile number and asked me to follow up with him in a couple of days; I did try a few times after the holiday, but he never picked up or responded to my voicemails. I can only assume that it has been fixed since the behavior has stopped.


Since starting the service the SB6120 and SB6121 have been approved as customer owned equipment to get rid of the shoddy SMCD3G and it's monthly lease cost. There have been successful reports in the forums and on Amazon where people have used modems that are on the Residential list on a Business account. I have personally gotten a Zoom 5341J because of its better tolerance of messed up signals and used a custom built pfSense firewall; the 5341J was activated via Comcast's walled garden so I didn't get any grief from support. Speeds are remarkably faster since I went with this setup a couple of weeks ago. IPv6 is also working quite well.

I went with Business because it wasn't much more than Residential, supposedly would have better support, and had no caps. Overall support is on par with Residential and I wouldn't be surprised if they're the same people these days.Residential has a number of fantastic promotions in my area and the proposed $10 overages could easily be covered by savings. When my contract is up, I'll be seriously considering moving to Residential service; all of the supposed benefits for the increase in cost just aren't there. The only thing that would prevent me from doing this is if they reintroduce small caps and false-positive CAS alerts get out of control. A reduction in service cost (unlikely) and better customer service would also prevent me from canceling the Business service.

Final Update:

My two year contract is up in September of 2013. Per my contract, I need to provide two months notice to cancel service if I don't want the contract to auto-renew. In June I contacted customer service to discuss what I need to do to cancel service as I have found little value in the price premium of the service. The rep on the phone informed me that I may cancel early, sign the paper work that day, and service would cancel in two months. Done, I awaited my August 18th cutoff; in the interim Comcast announced that it would be bringing caps back to Residential service; one of the big reasons for using Business class was because of no caps and Residential went no caps soon after I signed up; sometimes I wonder if Comcast makes these policy changes based solely on where I have service with them.

A few days before the 18th I added internet service on my Residential account for the much faster 50/10. When the Business servce would be cut, I would then use the walled garden setup and enter in my Residential account number to provision the modem. The 18th came and went and business service continued at the paltry 16/5. A week after no disconnect, I called Business customer service in hopes that they could remove the modem and deprovision service. The rep saw that the deprovision ticket was pending some matter that he didn't know. He gave me the ticket number and said that it would take three days at the latest to complete. Two days out I called int asking for a status and could not be provided one. I called each day thereafter asking each rep if they could just remove the modem from the account and a week later I finally got a competent rep; he knew exactly what to do and within a minute my modem no longer had service. A good power cycle and I was met with the walled garden where I was able to get my service back up and running, but had difficulty getting 50/10 and that's another review.


Business service at a residence is really only worth it if Residential service has caps. If the Residential service does not have caps, it's not worth it. The other possible plus is the Business service is not a part of the Six Strikes anti-piracy program, but the RIAA and MPAA are still free to solicit your account details and file a law suit; granted my account was listed as my first name twice and I may not have been able to be properly subpoenaed (IANAL). Running one's own server on Residential service is against the AUP, however people do this all the time with PogoPlug, LogMeIn, GoToPC, etc. If one was running a service for personal use and generated little traffic, I doubt Comcast would care; I have done this with every ISP and have not been banned or talked to about it.

If one does use Business class at a residence, I encourage your to buy your own modem to avoid the rental fees. They may force one to use their equipment upon setup, but one may provision their own modem via the walled garden and return their equipment. Hold on to the original box and sales receipt of your modem as Comcast has been known to claim them as their own on occasion with little recourse for you; another reason why I chose the modem I did was part of proof that it would be impossible for that modem to be theirs under Business class. When return Comcast's crappy modem/gateway, hold on to the return receipt as well as proof the modem was returned; Comcast has been known to loose their equipment and blame the customer.

It's a real shame that Business class no longer has the great customer service or SLAs that I had head of before. Now it's just a slower, more expensive version of their Residential service with potentially the only benefit being no caps. I have heard that as the introduce caps, they're going to discourage people from signing up for business service at a residence. The is purely a rumor, but if true, tell them you work from home and need better quality service; you may want to negotiate better SLAs and faster speed without increased cost of their advertised service.

member for 12.1 years, 660 visits, last login: 5 days ago
updated 306 days ago


Andrew Gates



When I had Comcast residential interwebz when I lived in Detroit, there were several months I blasted over the 250GB "cap". One month I hit 750GB. However, due to Wide Open West and Whatever that god awful wanna-be fiber to the node that AT&Shame peddles being installed in the area just before I moved to Michigan, I was quite amazed at how much better I was treated. It's amazing what competition will do. I can't even think of a time a telecom had actually treated me like a customer and didn't put me through hell over anything they can get a dime out of. In Detroit, their caps are not enforced because they actually have to try to hang on to the business that has graced them. I know their reputation is like Time Warner and BP kind of bad, and I know their treatment of me and provision of a 50/25mbps connection for only $45/month was due 100% to the fact that I could tell them their modems on the porch and have WoW out to install the same thing the next day with no skin off my back.

I miss that connection. I moved back to the land of Time Warner and, despite it costing twice as much, it's six times slower and I have to reset the modem about 10 times a day, as does our entire neighborhood for the last several years with TWC refusing to acknowledge there's an issue. I'm an inch away of notifying the FCC about it, but then I remember it won't help since they too appear to be against us now. Maybe I'll stop paying the FCC taxes on my bill. Put them in an escrow account. God I hate American telecoms. I don't know how you could manage a company so poorly that all day your customers dream of setting you on fire. The good part is, TWC invested like nothing into technology and made their customers despise them so much that once one brick goes, the whole thing will be gone in less than a decade. I welcome the day time Warner implodes. My entire city will dance in the streets, never to reset modems every 20 minutes again. It will be such a relief, the ensuing parade would go on for three days straight. That's not even including all the other festivities that one could only dream about whilst standing above the ruins of one of the top 3 worst, most filthy, borderline criminal companies in American times. It's like Enron, except Enron had recently been degregulated and c'mon... We're not that stupid and are quite sure as long as Comcast, cable vision and time's nasty a** are still oligopoly-ing the place to hell, we need regulators (and shotguns) for protection.

I'm not sure what the competition situation is where you are, but it sounds like Comcast is the only one judging on how they're handling you. I would demand early termination of the contract since they didn't hold up their end with the 4 hour service call. At least threaten not to send the check so you can shake them down for some free HBO or something. Threaten to go back to dished antennas and put pictures of the flintstone aged device hanging off your house, pointed to the sky, with a caption that says 'comcasts service was so bad in the area I had to take drastic measures to communicate with the outside world." And at the very least, ensure they do not charge you for the time they fragged their hooves in fixing it. Lord knows they'll try.

Review by ccwtech See Profile

  • Location: South Jordan,Salt Lake,UT
  • Cost: $70 per month
Good "Fast most of the time"
Bad "Way too expensive! Comcast rapes their customers!"
Overall "I wish there was more competition."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Comcast is usually pretty fast and I have had only a few issues with it. It is the ONLY high speed option for me as I am too far away from the telco substation. Comcast is way too expensive and if there were only some competition I am sure the prices would drop. A few blocks away users have fiber (another carrier) and Comcast charges 2X as much as I pay there for the same connection. If I had other options I would definitely be 'shopping'. Comcast needs to stop screwing their customers.

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Review by NOCTech75 See Profile

  • Location: Marietta,Cobb,GA
  • Cost: $50 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Fast order to delivery time"
Bad "Packet loss and the support has stunk"
Overall "Hoping to cut the cord"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

Initial on 04/08Scores are kept low only because of what I know... pre-sales info was easily found. Install was a breeze. With a little research from DSLR I obtained a SB6210 and a WNDR3700. Install time was about 45 minutes. So far so good, rock solid signal levels.

Update on 04/09: Just VNC'd into my work box, HUGE improvement over AT&T. Much more responsive, looks like AT&T was holding me back there.

Update on 04/11: Ran my 35 car iRace, service was fantastic. Consistent 100 millisecond pings, the switch will begin tomorrow.

Update on 05/03: Had an issue with disconnects.and posted in the Comcast Direct forum. ComcastSteve reprovisioned my modem on the 21st, log files clean since then. Very surprised and pleased with the Comcast quality.

Update on 07/06: Still a happy customer, now have 3 upstream channels bonded. Service is working smoothly.

10/9/2012 - Second go with a packet loss issue, previous time was a few months ago and correct in a couple of weeks. This time it has been more difficult and as such the scores have been down graded heavily. Support sees no issue, Comcast Steve has been very little help. Getting tons of ranging errors, not sure if this is a firmware issue or something else.

3/8/2013 - Packet loss has been clear about 3ish months now. No contact from Comcast telling me the issue but the problems I was seeing with channel 2 upstream not ranging have gone away. All channels up and with decent signal levels.

7/24/13 - Packet loss has returned, same thing happened in the end of June. Everything is effected, posted in Comcast Direct, who knows if that will get the issue fixed.

7/26/13 - Issue fixed, seems to be stable again, scores slightly increased.

9/06/13 - Here we go again... T3 timeouts have started yet again. Packet loss when gaming and tech support keeps blaming everything else but their shoddy network here. Browsing is slow, watching Netflix is slow, packet loss when gaming.. guess I'm stuck waiting until enough people bitch they actually do something.

9/15/13 - Issue appears to be fixed, mandatory truck roll on Thursday didn't improve things much as there was an "outage" during this team. Outage was resolved Friday however came back Saturday and appears to have been resolved again.. this created packet loss which is a huge problem for iRacing and BF3. Scores will not be updated until they can keep things clean for 3 months.

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Review by BellSouthBS See Profile

  • Location: Fort Lauderdale,Broward,FL
  • Cost: $82 per month
Good "Fast 50mb service"
Bad "*Lazy installers who refuse to climb poles *Tech (on service call next door) connected me for $20 *No NETFLIX 3D or SUPER HD"
Overall "COMCRAP refuses NETFLIX 3D and SUPER HD !!! Will be DISCONNECTING COMCAST after trial. Install dept is WORTHLESS."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Clear Wireless
·AT&T Southeast
I have CLEAR (Clearwire) internet, and since CLEARWIRE is part of the Netflix Content Delivery Network (CDN), I can receive NETFLIX Super HD programming on two different TV's at the same time, or watch one 3D movie and still have enough bandwidth for the kids to do homework.


I was quoted $64 /mo for internet, and I pay $39 for the first six months. The true cost per month turned out to be $74.95 + $7 modem rental per month for internet service (50 mb/s down & 10 mb/s up), with a $34 discount for the first 6 months.

Since the new H.265 video compression codec specifications have now been finalized, it appears that the new *4K VIDEO* format will require a 35 mb/s data stream. With this in mind, I ordered the 50 mb/s "BLAST" internet service that Comcast is offering in my area. I placed the order on August 30. I paid $30 extra shipping to have the modem delivered overnight, which turned out to be 3 days later.

It was another 5 days later when the first installer finally showed up late on a Friday night at 8 pm. He definitely did not want to be there, and told me he couldn't install my cable, which was laying on the ground. He said leaves on a branch were hiding the tap on the cable, and he couldn't climb the ladder if he could not see the tap from the ground. He left.

Two supervisors came out the following Wednesday, and both said all the installer has to do is snap the small branch or move the leaves aside. A 280 pound installer that looked like Santa Clause in a bright red Comcast shirt, showed up unexpectedly the following afternoon. I greeted him at the gate, and the first thing out of his mouth was "I against this!" He didn't even say hello, but he made it clear that he also did not want to be here, and then refused to even take his ladder off the truck. Maybe he was scared off by the first installer. So much for my cable being connected.

On Friday the 13th, a Comcast truck pulled up and parked at the edge of my property. It turned out he was on a call for the neighbor, but said he would connect my cable when he was done. After finishing next door, he pulled his ladder from the truck, and within 5 minutes he connected my cable, saying "Don't tell anyone." I slipped him a $20

I connected the modem, and it brought me to a registration page. It said "Registration may take up to 30 minutes." An hour later I called tech support, and they told me there is a problem with their computer system, and they would manually activate my modem. 5 minutes later I was connected.

I noticed something quirky about speed. It appears that Comcast may not have enough bandwidth to offer 50 mb service to more than a few people at a time. Comcast was selling way overloaded service to the Western part of Broward County about several years back. They had to put in several more pipes from their Pompano office to handle all the new Pembroke Pines customers, and my "high speed internet" was dipping below 1 mb/s during early evening. It has been my experience that Comcast does the least possible to avoid being taken to court, and only responds when there is an FCC complaint. Low Comcast throughput was verified by NDT Test Servers, which identified a bottleneck OC-12 cable, which is only good for a 622 mb/s data rate. Jitter also varied considerably, ranging from 2.5 ms to 10 ms between my location and the pingtest.net server.

These are the same cable companies who got their start by stealing programming from TV Broadcasters, and not paying them a penny. Ironically, these cable companies then prosecuted anyone who tapped into their cable. They are still stealing from the public by denying NETFLIX 3D and SUPER HD service to their paying customers. This appears to meet the legal requirement for DENIAL OF SERVICE.

Because of Comcrap's "Bait and Switch" and withholding of services, I will be cancelling service very shortly.

P.S. I should also mention that Comcast has billed me since August 30, almost 2 weeks before I was even connected.... No problem with speed in their billing department.


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Mary Esther, FL

Don't pay the bill

I wouldn't pay the bill till you were connected and running, it's a shame, you were probably talking to India, I don't think Mexico has any call centers.

Another step would be to come here and file a report with a level 2 tech:

»Comcast Direct

They can disconnect you for what? No service at all?

Also, billing is usually located in the states, you can also request to speak to a supervisor or level 2 tech on the phone.

9/9/1999? Yea, this is an example why ISP's need to stop outsourcing, what can we do, switch to google fiber?


Furrever Fur
united state

Re: Don't pay the bill

said by Rob_:

I wouldn't pay the bill till you were connected and running, it's a shame, you were probably talking to India, I don't think Mexico has any call centers.

In theory, I agree with that but ... ! Besides Comcast billing one month in advance, they are faster than a fly on manure to disconnect for non-pay AND - within seconds, it would appear - to turn people over to collections. That's another can of worms. Sorry, cliche ridden morning.

Do what Rob suggested about using the Comcast Direct forum. I'd presume they would also be able to give you billing adjustments.

Pennsville, NJ

Re: Don't pay the bill

The Comcast direct forum has been dead for months. Shortly after Steve left it went dormant

Never Enough Time
united state

Denial of Service?

"by denying NETFLIX 3D and SUPER HD service to their paying customers. This appears to meet the legal requirement for DENIAL OF SERVICE"

To call this denial of service is akin to saying that its their duty to offer you every single channel available to them regardless of what the cost to them will be or who wants it. You may as well say they should give HBO free to every customer and that its denial of service if they don't.

Tinley Park, IL

It probably doesn't have to be said,

But I will anyway.

To Comcast, Netflix is the enemy, they don't want you to use their internet to stream from Netflix. If you want video, sign up for their cable service.

You got this wrong

SuperHD is 1080p and something many video providers send just fine to comcast today. Netflix is the one blocking this unless they get special privileges from Comcast

NF demands free hosting, power and dedicated network or they will block superhd. They want to pass their infrastructure costs to you
"Too often we... enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." - John F. Kennedy
"Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Review by Mic See Profile

  • Location: Minneapolis,Hennepin,MN
  • Cost: $160 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Fast connection most of the time with some hiccups still."
Bad "Stability, being charged for service calls to fix my internet."
Overall "Not worth the money."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Changed my mind about everything recently Comcast. Really expensive service and I have to pay $50 for service calls to fix something where it should have been fixed from the first time that they were called for a service call. Not even going to bother complaining to them.

member for 11.5 years, 4346 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 319 days ago


Review by pidginbil See Profile

  • Location: San Carlos,San Mateo,CA
  • Cost: $150 per month
Good "Service has been good for 15 out of 16 years"
Bad "This past year, especially the past 5 months I've maxed at 10 Mbps download with frequent top speeds < 1Mbps"
Overall "I want them to succeed. I'm Ok paying so much for Cable TV/Internet. I just want it to work as advertised."
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

Comcast historically has met my expectations. Recently, however, my service is a nightmare of inconsistency. Sadly, their online technical support is worse and their field service policies and quality is a disaster. What is a loyal customer to do? Sigh.

member for 3.6 years, 6 visits, last login: 324 days ago
lodged 324 days ago


Review by Mollie See Profile

  • Location: Savannah,Chatham,GA
  • Cost: $98 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Few outages."
Bad "Old equipment. Customer service. Too much money for too little."
Overall "If you have another option, choose a company other than Comcast."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

I moved recently from Bakersfield, California, where I had Brighthouse, to Port Wentworth, Georgia, where I now have Comcast. I use Comcast for my ISP and for cable television, just as I did Brighthouse.

I thoroughly and completely dislike Comcast, but unfortunately I had no other alternative but to go with them for an ISP as I live too far out in the country to get DSL.

When I first signed up for Comcast, I chose to get my own equipment and set up my cable and internet myself as I have many, many times before. Mistakenly, I thought it would be as easy as Brighthouse - plug the equipment in and go! Not so with Comcast. Plug the equipment in and then call a special number (or go online, but that's kind of funny when they tell you that because you can't GET online unless you've activated the modem!) to activate each piece of equipment individually. Wait time: possibly 45 minutes per piece of equipment before it is fully functional. Really? In this day and age? You even have to have a "box" (that won't lie flat on any surface because it is so small that the cable cord pulls on it) for basic cable. Not so with Brighthouse - just plug the cable cord directly into the back of the TV and you were good to go!

So, after attempting to activate my equipment, of course there was a cable box that didn't work. So back I go to Comcast, to wait another 45 minutes in line to exchange the box. Get the new box home, and it partly activates. Call customer service - where they have you redo everything you've already done yourself to try to get it to activate. Customer service spends more time apologizing and telling you that they will fix the problem than they do actually trying to fix the problem! It took me, honest to God, about 2 minutes to get the customer service rep to stop apologizing and start fixing. Very frustrating, but they did finally find the problem. Another defective piece of equipment which I again had to return and replace. At least the replacement worked! But it took a full 3 days before my service was completely activated. Fast forward a few months: I had to have my cable service turned off because of money problems, and they came and collected the equipment, which was fine. When I finally was able to turn my cable service back on, I again went to Comcast to get the equipment. And AGAIN, one of the boxes didn't work. It was a complete repeat of my first trip to Comcast. So, to sum it up, I have had Comcast service for a total of about 6 months, and I have been to Comcast 5 times, and 3 of those times was to return defective equipment! (Not to mention that each and every time I've been to the Comcast office, I've waited in line for over 45 minutes, one time I even waited an hour and a half.)

Comcast's equipment is OLD. And I mean OLD. On the back of 3 of my boxes (I have 4 cable TV boxes (3 digital, one digital HD) and one modem) the "out" cable outlet says "TO TV/VCR." The equipment is also inconsistent, in that NONE of it is the same. I have 3 different boxes from 3 different manufacturers for my digital cable TV service.

Maybe if Comcast actually modernized and streamlined their equipment, their customers wouldn't have so many problems - and I know I'm not the only one who has equipment problems. Each and every time I've been to Comcast, every 2 to 3 people in line was there to exchange defective equipment. But, really, why SHOULD Comcast update and modernize their equipment? (Sarcasm intended!) After all, their customers don't have any other choice, so they either accept it or have no service. Too bad for the customers.

I have Blast internet service, which is supposed to be 50 Mbps. My latest speed test scores (wired!): 7654 Kb/s download; and 14469 Kb/s upload. And no, I didn't transpose or switch the numbers - my upload speed is faster than my download speed. :-(

I miss Brighthouse. I mean I really, really miss Brighthouse. They plugged you in and left you alone. Even if you were late on your bill and turned your service off, all you had to do was call and tell them when you could pay, and they'd turn you back on then and there while you were on the phone with them. Customer service was local, not outsourced to another country, equipment was modern, and they were constantly upgrading their lines.

I would like to make a plea to Brighthouse: PLEASE PLEASE come to the Savannah area!

member for 5.2 years, 25 visits, last login: 331 days ago
updated 330 days ago




Comcast disappointing

I have few if any choices in new home. I have had similar experiences with so many hours logged talking/chatting to Customer Service. My billing has not been corrected ever and I was just plain lied to by so many now, that I wonder why they bother saying the calls may be recorded. Please record them for my safety! It has not even been 2 months! I bought my own modem, which drops the Wi-Fi & SSID stops broadcasting. I have no wireless networking. I've been told I need to pay someone to get someone to change some settings for my Arris modem as recommended by others with same problem. Last night, the 4th call that day, I was told that my modem was off-line for nearly 5 days and bagging on it until he realized I had an Arris modem that Comcast supports and carries. I have no alternative but to return my modem because I cannot get the support. I got rid of a home phone & AT&T as cell carrier, so I guess I need to further research alternative methods of attaining internet. Suggestions for going off that grid?

Review by Wutty See Profile

  • Location: Houston,Harris,TX
  • Cost: $180 per month
Good " Download Speed, Powerboost"
Bad "Reliability (the infrastructure in our complex is old I guess)"
Overall "Communicate with your Customers Please"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

att keeps mail bombing me wanting me to transfer to Uverse and after the Roadrunner >Comcast transfer I was going to change. Well, after the seamless transfer without a hitch and the powerboost I'm staying with Comcast. Uverse wont offer more than 6megs down. I'm on the 8meg plan with Comcast and am getting very near the speeds advertised. Wish uploads were faster than 768k I'd be really happy to have a 10meg down 1meg up connection. If we had FiOS (Hint Hint Verizon) I'd be there but right now Comcast is the fastest game in my area. They Rock

Well all was good there for 3 months until....I HAD TO DEAL WITH TECH/CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Started having packet loss on Nov 24th and my fruitless pursuit of support began. You've read it here before folks...Tier 1 script readers(tech support) who won't escalate. So called technicians who don't show up on time or not at all. (At least call me and let me know something) Comcast is a communication company (for all intents and purposes) but communication inside the company is horrible. I'm beginning to think I'm up the creek with out a paddle.
I'm stuck with Comcast or att. Some choices huh (BARF) Issue still unresolved


Seemed to have line issues every three months up until April at which point I was close to switching to att. Well the god's must have been smiling on me that day because lo and behold Comcast's Local Big Wigs and J. D. Powers invited me to a Customer Satisfaction seminar. Needless to say I was there on time as were they, I had DSLReports Line Quality test for a week in hand. The subject of technical support came up and several of the invitees there had similar problems about horrible packet loss. The V.P. of Network engineering got an earfull regarding this from two other attendees. I don't know about the others, but the Friday following the seminar, Three Comcast Network supervisors were out at my condo finally finding and fixing the problem {a line noise issue} in roughly an hour after 2 truck rolls the week prior to the seminar. It's coming up on July (three months after the last outage). We'll see.

Speeds Great
Latency Low (at least to Dallas)

Got my Fingers Crossed


Well almost three months to the day, July 15th 2008 the packet loss monster rears it's ugly head again. I don't feel like going through this again. :-( It's like a broken record. Called tech support and it's going to be 7 days before they send a truck at which point he'll say he can't fix it and will have to get a line tech out then I'll have to wait another week probably before he shows up. PLEASE VERIZON I"M ON MY KNEES BEGGING FOR FIOS. This is insane. Tried emailing my V.P. of Network Engineering here in Houston to see if he could kick someone in the rear to get this going but no reply as of now.


Got the line noise fixed and VOILA it's all good! After pulling some strings, had a tech out on July 16th at 11:00am. He seemed puzzled but kept trying to find the problem. Finally at about 1:00pm, he decided to call the line techs out. They showed up at about 2:30pm. Three vans!!! They Were Gonna Fixit By God!!! Went to Taco Bell at 5:30pm at which point the tech called on my cell to "check out my connection". I knew he'd call if I went to get something to eat. . Got back home at 5:45pm and tested my connection....all back to normal.

This is a suggestion to Comcast.
I would think that the recurring problems I've had with packet loss and subsequent diagnosis as line noise that preventative maintenance is not being done or is even required to be done. I think it would be an excellent opportunity for not only training apprentice techs as to the proper use of troubleshooting tools, but improve the overall reliability of customers connections. I was told by the tech that there were "multiple problems" that caused the issues I was having this last round. I live in a MDU thats pretty old and would imagine that some of those connectors and wires are getting corroded, chewed on by rodents, or are just poorly run.

Stay Tuned !

Update: Post Hurricane Ike.

Ray Purser Comcast's local executive(SIC?) goes on KTRH 740 (the local news station here in Houston) and says the network was working normaly. Cable service should be available when power is restored. NOT. I understand lines are down and it's been a week since the storm but WHERE'S MY CABLE? I see AT&T trucks all over the place taking care of business. Where are the Comcast trucks???? None to be seen around here. Kinda makes one wonder if Comcast is really interested in keeping customers. The way I understood the repair procedures was Comcast's linemen were supposed to be following behind the electric company's crews repairing damaged lines.

OBTW This review is being updated using my cell phone as a modem. I'm with AT@T mobile.

UPDATE 9/24/08

Service back on and stable. Good work Comcast. And to the Out of Towners that came to help...THANK YOU -THANK YOU -THANK YOU!!!!

Until next time

Update 8 10 13

Well the old Comcast is back... Started having telephony modem issues 0n 8-7-13 called tech support and stayed on hold for 34 minutes before I could talk to a tech...unhelpful at best. Called back later that evening and got a little better help...BUT they wont send out a tech until 8-13-13. so that's 6 days without phone or internet. WTF Comcast??? Why am I paying nearly 200 a month for this kind of crappy service???

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Broomfield, CO

No Phone is the only way for a truck to roll ASAP !

Having Phone Service is a Code red and they should have sent out someone ASAP ! When i live in Houston TWC ran a truck at 11 PM just to make sure it works because if you cant call 911 its kind of there fault !

not happy


we still have no service

On Monday 8/12/2013 we were having the root of a tree chopped up and they ended up cutting the cable line. We called that night we were told they they were going to be out that night to fix it. As it turns out it was to late in the day to do that. So my 1st complaint is that ur making promises u can't keep. And not just on that conversation, u also said u were going to be out on Tuesday 8/13/2013 by 5:15pm STILL no one was there. So i went to the office and complained the lady was very nice and tried to be as helpful as she could. Since it was so late in the day she was unable to see Wed. schedule so she went ahead and scheduled me for Thrusday just incase no one came out on Wed. As of today at 2pm no one had been out yet remind you that as of Monday WE HAVE NO PHONE, NO INTERNET, AND NO CABLE. I went back to the office and i spoke with Micheal who was very helpful and spoke with his manager/supervisor about it and they said they would keep an I on it and that someone would be out today to fix it. As of3:30 pm we still have NO PHONE, NO INTERNET, AND NO CABLE. In todays world phone and internet are no longer a luxury, we need it to communicate with our clients, employers, possible employers, etc. There is no reason for us to go this long without service. I am not happy and may switch to verizon if this is how you treat ur customers

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  • Location: Tucson,Pima,AZ
  • Cost: $122 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Good speed. Usually reliable, but not so much lately."
Bad "Very expensive compared to other places in the country. Technical support is not-so-technical."
Overall "I don't have a choice. It's Comcast with 105/20Mbps or CenturyLink and a partly 20Mbps."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I've recently had a lot of trouble with Comcast. I've been overpaying ($120/month) for 105/20, which is supposed to come with 600GB data transfer per month. But for some reason my account was capped at 300GB/month. I tried for two weeks to get it sorted out via their incompetent tech support. After two weeks finally someone in the server room was brought on board, and he fixed me up. A week later I got a bill for $300. I called, and got it sorted out to discover that my monthly bill went up to $175/month. It took some complaining, but they finally gave me my previous rate. Only to find that my data cap went back down to 400GB. I've been trying to get that sorted out, again (!), with less luck this time. In fact, since I don't actually use more than 400GB in a month, I'm giving up out of frustration. If I had an alternative with the same sized pipe, I'd switch in a minute.

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Naples, FL

You don't have a choice?

Who forced you to get 105/20? They do have lower tiers

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  • Location: Olathe,Johnson,KS
  • Cost: $115 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Excellent installer, quick turnaround, weekends available"
Bad "Mediocre routing, installation follow-up"
Overall "Acceptable speeds, high price, abysmal follow-up"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·AT&T U-Verse
I recently moved from one KC suburb to another, and crossed a boundary between TWC and Comcast service areas. I had 100/5 service with TWC, and subscribed to 105/20 with Comcast. First impression...I have to say that speeds were more consistent with TWC - more sites, and more speedtests, would show me at or near my line's provisioned capacity. Comcast's routing, at least in this area, seems to be less optimal--I can still get my rated speeds using (one) of Comcast's speedtest sites, but most others are far lower than they were, relatively speaking, to TWC. The upstream is consistently faster; however, the (presumed) routing situation impacts it as well.

TWC was also cheaper - $80 vs $115 with Comcast. This is an area soon to be built out with Google Fiber (1000/1000 for $70), so it's somewhat surprising that they aren't trying to build customer loyalty ahead of time. If they were to double the downstream, I'd be happier paying the premium over my prior provider. I don't really need it (or even 105 for that matter), but I want it anyway.

Comcast also charges an absolutely ridiculous $250 installation fee for the 105/20 package--and that package only. I honestly don't know how they can justify this. TWC upgraded me from 15/2 to 50/5 to 100/5 without any spurious fees or home visits, so I have to wonder if Comcast is using it as a disincentive to prevent too many subscribers on a node.

The installer was on-time, professional, and did a superb job. He even ran a new line to the utility easement (at least I got something out of that $250 fee I guess?) based on the visual condition of the existing lines. He assured me that the burial of the run would be handled without intervention from me, so I let it go. However, a month later, the line had yet to be buried. In the meantime, both Dish and AT&T have installed services and completed their cable burials.

I finally contacted Comcast a couple weeks back and got a (new?) date set for the burial...which was missed. I called back and was told that I would have a response for the missed appointment and a new date within 24 hours...which didn't happen. I'm now over 6 weeks with a line running through the back yard. Annoying.

Update: Comcast called the day after I initially posted this review and finally completed the cable burial. Glad it finally got done, but it should not have taken 6+ weeks and repeated calls.

My experience with multiple cable providers at multiple locations has engendered a fundamental distrust of cable service in terms of reliability. Accordingly, I have a backup AT&T U-Verse internet circuit as well, which has already had to be used more than once. It's slower, but it's also cheaper and more reliable.

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