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Review by hoserama See Profile

  • Location: Tomball,Harris,TX
  • Cost: $65 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Awesome constant speed & latency, reliable connection"
Bad "Expanding caps loom over the death of Comcast being a good bargain"
Overall "Buy now with the understanding you may move later if they expand caps to Houston market area"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·AT&T U-Verse
Having spent a year with AT&T I decided to switch to Comcast for the following reasons: more speed for the dollar.

I was eyeballing their Blast! package which for the Houston area market at the time I purchased (Oct 2013) is 50Mbit down/10Mbit up.

Since Comcast is trying to make profit from renting cable modems, I opted to buy my own. I purchased a Motorola SB 6141 from Amazon and completed my on-line sign up for Comcast.

My first impression of the on-line signup for Comcast service was not a good one. I felt it ridiculous I needed to pay them for a self-install kit which consisted of a splitter, coax cable, and a network cable; most people already have these. Comcast considers this a requirement and will not allow you to not purchase it.

It took about five days to receive the kit. The kit was given to the dog as a chew toy and I begun the install process. Comcast *TRIES* to make this a fairly painless and easy process. The cable modem during the install process will actually divert the web browser on your computer to the proper activation webpage to complete the process. In theory if it works, its very painless and easy for anyone to do. Unfortunately, the downfall of this easy process was literature sent with my self install kit did not explain exactly how to do it. Instead, I tried going to a Comcast activation page by manually typing in the URL which may or may not have been the issue why by self-install failed.

I had to call the dreaded phone support. After several minutes of being on hold I wrestled the self install kit from the dog and began chewing on it myself. When I finally got through to someone I realized the self install kit was to be used to tie around your own neck in the event you have to call Comcast phone support; its brutal! For something as simple as activating my cable modem over the phone, it took literally 12 minutes with a non-native English speaking Comcast employee to communicate to them the MAC ID of the cable modem, have it correctly repeated, and then he wanted me to give it back to him again.

So that's the bad. The good about it is, ever since the self install was completed via phone support all has been well. In fact, I can say all has been PERFECT. I always get the advertised speeds. Speedtests inside and outside Comcast exceed the advertised speed of 50/10mbit. I have never experienced an outage even for a few moments. During the peak hours of the day, I do not experience sub-standard speeds.

You can read all the reviews you want about an ISP and there will always be bad as well as good reviews. In my opinion, if you are looking to get Comcast in the Houston market area and are moving into a new home or recently built home, you should be fine. My house is a 2012 construction. The drop to my house stretches about 250 feet which is relatively close. All houses in my neighborhood are now complete and granted there are a fair share of residents who have AT&T but with a housing development of over 400 homes, I am impressed with the quality of service I am receiving in my house.

My only concern moving forward is the future of Comcast and how it appears to be spreading coverage of its caps. This family of five (2 adults, 3 kids) use on average 1tb a month. Xbox live, PC's, laptops, and another half dozen wifi devices. We are a connected family! Even my refrigerator and thermostats are connected. If Comcast begins rolling out their caps into the Houston area as they did others my internet bill alone would exceed several hundred dollars. This is the downside to Comcast and when implemented in all markets will result in fierce competition by other ISPs to gain Comcast's lost customer-base.

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Woodstock, GA

CAPS will come...

They're here in ATLANTA now.
Comcast is doing this market by market to keep the groundswell of HATE / Complaint against them to a minimum... If caps come to your area, remember - comcast is a government authorized monopoly. Contact your state government / county government and complain!

Pearland, TX

Re: CAPS will come...

"comcast is a government authorized monopoly" Nope, bigjohn, no cable company is a government authorized monopoly. All cable companies have !!contracts!! with the local municipal governments to operate in the area for which the company pays fees. Your idea about contacting the Local/State goverenment is correct, however. The truth is, as people vote with their wallets, companies will alter their policies. That's called capitalism

Review by KA3SGM See Profile

  • Location: West Chester,Chester,PA
  • Cost: $35 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "No Hassle Sign Up, Line Was Still Connected from 2005 when I last was a Comcast customer, HSI Service was live within 24 hours."
Bad "Adding TV was a really bad idea, AnyRoom DVR Complete fail, PQ not as good as Fios"
Overall "Trying somthing OLD as Something NEW, The Xfinity WiFi Hotspots come in really handy when out on the road."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Cricket Broadband
·Verizon FiOS
I Ordered Comcast HSI 20Mbps "Performance" Internet on 9/29/2013, and service was live within 24 hours. Self-install kit showed up 2 days later, I obviously didn't need it, but the $9.95 bag of assorted cables and splitters will probably get used somewhere.

I left Comcast HSI in 2005 for Verizon Fios, which has varied between being a total "Nightmare" to "Perfect". It's still a work in progress, but now I have 2 Broadband internet providers to compare, so I consider this to be both an "Experiment" and a learning experience.
At the time in late Summer of 2005, Comcast would not guarantee me any expectation of reliable service, due to being at a 300' cable length from their tap.

Their Signal levels at my house were -12dB at best case, the modem upstream signal was maxed out at 52-54dB.

Essentially, my Comcast HSI wasn't working 95% of the time, and Comcast's only solution was for me to pay about $2k to have them move their tap 250' closer to my house, and there was no way I was going to pay for them to upgrade their neglected equipment, just so I could be a happier customer.

Review Continuing:
I chose to purchase the Motorola/Arris SBG6580 DOCSIS3.0 "Gateway" modem, instead of paying the $7/mo to rent one from Comcast, it set me back about $125, and I am planning on hanging around at least as long as it takes to break even, barring any technical or service issues.

So far, I am pleasantly surprised with what Comcast has changed since 2005.

My signal at the house is now a consistent +7dB(up from -12dB), and the modem upstream power has dropped down to 32-35dB(from the previously maxed out 54dB).

Download Speed is slightly better than advertised, 24Mbps(actual) vs 20Mbps(advertised), the upload side is about 4.9Mbps, just shy of the 5Mbps that I had expected.
I have not optimized the TCP/IP stack on my computer for this speed, so the discrepancy might be my own fault.

Those numbers have been consistent, both day and night, so I see no evidence of network congestion, or an oversold node.
I plan to set up some line monitors to graph this over time so I have some solid statistics to report.

One interesting feature that Comcast HSI offers, but Verizon does not, is a plethora of public" Xfinity WiFi" hotspots.
A added feature i will be taking a closer look at as time goes by.


October 30 2013: Replaced Modem SBG6580 with SB6141, just to mess around with IPv6, and hearing of too many people having issues with the SBG6580 (Keeping the SBG6580 as a Spare for myself, or a loaner for friends that I would then transfer to their existing account).

November 2013: Self-Installed Comcast "Digital Starter" TV service, just figured that I would see if it's about time to dump Fios for Comcast, since the Internet was working so well..
Noted that A/B switching between Comcast and Fios, the Comcast picture was a bit "soft", less sharp, even the color depth didn't have the same "POP" as Fios.
I am thinking the Comcast picture was over-compressed, as evidenced by watching some football games, and noting that, in fast motion scenes, there were far more compression artifacts than Fios.
Not really objectionable, but still, not as good as Fios

November 9th, 2013: Upgraded to AnyRoom DVR service with one remote HD box included, this required paying for "professional installation" that I wasn't very happy about.
Right from the beginning, the AnyRoom DVR never worked, the remote HD box couldn't see the HD-DVR, and the HD-DVR itself would not record anything.
The install tech didn't have time to test, or troubleshoot the issue, as they were apparently running late for their next appointment on the schedule.

After getting the run around by customer service, over the course of 3 calls, and probably 3-4 hours on the phone, their only solution was to send another tech out to get everything working, but they could not guarantee that it would be a free visit, to fix what the original installer didn't install properly in the first place.

I exercised their 30-day "Money back" guarantee, and canceled the TV, at least until they get the X1/X2 equipment into regular circulation.
Then I might go back and try it again.

November 29, 2013: Canceled all TV services, and returned all of the boxes to local Comcast office.

I still have Comcast HSI, which has worked flawlessly from day one, so this Review is still a work in progress..........

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updated 112 days ago


Review by tshirt See Profile

  • Location: Snohomish,Snohomish,WA
  • Cost: $70 per month
Good " reliable service, regular speed upgrades."
Bad "communication from inside CC are improved, still need work"
Overall "This is the best choice here, have recommended to many others"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

self install and rebates worked well.
service faster and more reliable than DSL or satellite.
billing and tech support vary, from very good to average.
Little info is easily available about service changes and future plans
Price could be lower for light users (12/2 plan, 35-40GB per month)
overall fairly satisfactory, but I will consider FIOS when it arrives here.

Generally still very statisfied with the service.
Very happy that ComCast is taking the lead in pushing IPv6, security, and open DHCP opt-in.
According to clients (i haven't needed it) CSR support is weak/very inconsisent.
Recent recommendations were met with "comcast sucks" by a wide array of newbie broadband users, so PR needs to step up and offer/PROVE comcast CAN work for many/most .
The weak links are limiting this company.

Performance plan is now $45.95 ($3 over 7.5 years is good) currently 16/2 (20/2 is supposed to be coming) was $42.95 for 3/1 when I started, so it remains a good value.
still very reliable, CSR knowledge much improved, but upgrades/downgrades/service changes still have too many glitches.
Advertising of available upgrades, deals and new services are gimmicky and not always informative as to what you are buying/if it applies to you.

9 years of comcast HSI and tv service. currently on a Blast!+ promo
blast now =50/10 with actual speeds averaging 67/11.5 for $60 a month, after promo prices seem to be rising some on the tv side, so I'll likely drop back to performance tier at 25/5 with limited basic for $75-ish, the limit of our cable budget.

ComCast continues to be the only company serving true High speed internet here. and for the most part offers excellent service, tech support can be spotty and sales seem even more confused than customers over the constantly shifting array of promos and price changes.

Still the only high-speed choice, still fairly reasonable priced, very reliable, very consistant speeds, currently uncapped, "Power Boost" recently removed (the beginning of a national trend) which is ok at these speeds and may make streaming more stable.
$70 includes 1 HD STB, with Digital Economy TV and streampix and 50/10 internet.

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updated 113 days ago




Wait, you are able to get $70 a month with Digital Economy and 50/10? I am paying $160 for Digital Starter and 12/2! You aren't in an area served by fiber are you?

Review by almaden See Profile

  • Location: Renton,King,WA
  • Cost: $99 per month (36 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Fast connection, good presale info, good uptime"
Bad "Cost, some sales ppl calling after install, level 1 tech support has trouble with customer owned modems"
Overall "Execellent connection/speed, higher costs, some performance drops lately"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I decided to move away from CenturyLink/Qwest DSL 7Mbps/896kbps service after obvious YouTube throttling issues, DNS slowness, general high latency, and no speed upgrades available for 6 years.

I selected a Comcast Business connection for my telecommuting and family's ravenous appetite for YouTube. The connection is 27 Mbps down, 7 Mbps up although I am routinely getting 27Mbps down/25Mbps up. The additional cost for business class was worth it to me with 4 hour servicing and no cap on traffic.

The pre-sales process was excellent; I asked a lot of questions and made sure my sales rep. sent me at least 2 drafts of the proposed terms of service and cost before I signed. I expected pushback when I said I would provide my own modem (Motorola SB6121), but there were no issues.

The technician had the service up and running in less than an hour, and was very professional.

The only downside is the higher cost associated with business class service.I have yet to test all of the apparent benefits of using a business account, so if I require service, encounter higher latency or congestion, I will update how it was dealt with.

I also had a another sales representative call me at least four times (looking for a sale) even after I had signed up and activated my service.

I've had some issues with Comcast DNS servers (, the last couple of days. YouTube performance is all over the map, from quick and snappy to lots of buffering and outright freezing.

I called customer service to see if there were some technical issues in my area; unfortunately with a customer owned modem, the technician could not provide any specific information to my connection. I was told that Comcast cannot access a Motorola customer owned modem. When I asked if there was any trouble on their side of the network, the technician could only tell me that my modem had not disconnected within the last week (not true, I power cycled it myself), and they could not provide any help with my DNS questions. It took three attempts to actually connect with a Business technician. I was routed to the residential side first and then suddenly disconnected on the second call.

Overall download speed remains at 27 Mbps, but the upload speed has dropped by half to about 13 Mbps. It's more than my service level calls for, but it was nice getting 25 Mbps up for the first few months. It's still not clear how much priority a business connection gets over the surrounding residential connections. I was told it was a different network with higher priorities, but I am not sure what that means in practice (VLAN, QoS, some sort of segmentation, etc).

So, it is still better than my old CenturyLink connection, but with the performance drops, trouble reaching the right person, and a kind of unpleasant conversation with the tech, I am disappointed with my most recent experiences.

I was able to upgrade my business class account from 27/7 Mbps to 50/10 Mbps. The cost dropped from $109/mo to $99/mo. To get this I had to agree to extend my contract 12 months, back to another 3 year time frame.

The upgrade itself was pretty quick. Comcast updated my SB6121 configuration within 24 hours, and the new speed took effect after a reboot.

I verified around 52 Mbps/10.5 Mbps when directly plugged into the modem. Moving back behind my Netgear FVS336Gv2 firewall/router dropped the throughput to a consistent 28 Mbps/10 Mbps. Doing a little research on the FVS336v2, found that the total system LAN to WAN bandwidth should be 60 Mbps max, but I couldn't get any faster than about 30Mbps. I suspect that it's due to the FVS336v2 have two WAN interfaces for load balancing or roll-over, and that any one interface may be limited to half to the total system bandwidth, but this just is a guess.

To solve the problem I replaced the FVS336Gv2 with a Netgear R7000 WiFi router. This thing does look like a a F117, but I was finally able to get a consistent 50 Mbps/10Mbps speed from multiple computers across the LAN - WAN interface. Clearly a newer router design and dual 1GHz processors help the R7000 speed along.

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updated 117 days ago


Issaquah, WA

With all do respect, Comcast is mediocre at best

Your service and level of support is 90% location and 10% luck. This is based upon four years at the 30 Mbps plus level years ago, then 2 months at the 50 Mbps plus level right now. The number of drops, technicians making guesses, and bureaucratic evasieness when you speak with some within the US is maddening.
Who? Me?

To the west

Youtube troubles

I have The 50 down and 10 up in the Tacoma area and Youtube is a hit and miss here. I do not believe it is on Comcast end.

Review by dolphins See Profile

  • Location: Westville,Gloucester,NJ
  • Cost: $42 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Fast,Reliable,(when configured properly)Low Cost(compared to similar speeds)"
Bad "can't think of any?"
Overall "Affordable,Fast,95% Reliability"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Was transitioned from @Home,been using Comcast for 5 years now and really can't complain. Virtually problem free since I deleted all comcast software,although my line quality is rarely above 90%(re-transmissions) but, it's still the best product available for my area.

05/16/02 update:

They seem to have got it together, I have had 100% line quality as of late and have yet to have any down time since the transition. It's still the best you can get at this price.


Still no down time and speeds are consistently at the cap 1500/128, I couldn't be happier!


100% line quality,consistently at new cap 1800/256,No down time in over a year.


Consistently at or above new cap 3000/256, Still no outages since the transition. Some friends of mine have gone with VerizonDSL because they never successfully made the transition. I'm staying with Comcast!


Installed new Motorola SB5100 modem and Linksys BEFSR41 etherfast router and dropped the 2 RCA DCM235 modems. Only took about 30 minutes to setup and be online. Comcast tech did her job flawlessly. Speed 3124/240 with 100% line quality.


Speeds at cap 4000/384 with 100% line quality so I bumped up connection reliability to 5 (best) Can't comment on the others because I haven't spoke to tech support,sales rep,co-ordinator or required any additional services. As for the value, it's still the best for the price but the only way I could give it a 5 is if it were free:)


Not quite up to new cap of 6000/384 since they moved me to a new IP block to make room for new customers. Really high ping times at peak hrs, speed drops to DSL speeds. Waiting for a solution?


Installed new computer, ran Tweak Test and Speed Test from BBR tools and found that my RWIN had been lowered and Windows scaling had been turned off. I guess my Nvidia nForce Network Controller/NIC has changed my settings. Anyway my speed is above the cap now and I have 100% line quality.


Been upgraded to "Performance: 6000 kbps / 768 kbps w/ powerboost" with 100% line quality. No complaints.


Waiting to see if they give me Blast?


Somewhere along the way I have been upgraded to "Performance: 6000 kbps / 1000 kbps w/ powerboost". Verizon FIOS has been implemented in my neighboring town of Woodbury but not here in Westville yet.


Upload speeds have been intermittent lately from fast to slower than 56K. Gonna head over to »Broadband Tweaks forum and run some tests.


Upload and download speeds still not consistent. I did everything I can do now it's up to Comcast.


Been getting some pretty good speeds lately.
Last Result:
Download Speed: 16006 kbps (2000.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 2506 kbps (313.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

Download Speed: 14514 kbps (1814.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 2620 kbps (327.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

Waiting on the new upgrades.


Got a 25% boost in speed earlier this month, Performance tier 20/4 at no extra cost. With some help over at the Broadband Tweaks forum I'm getting speeds above the cap with 100% line quality.


Upgraded to 50/10 tier. Speeds are consistently above cap.


Since upgrading to Blast 50/10 speeds have been consistently above cap. Latest speed test from my router's cloud-based servers: 82.37MB/11.22MB
I changed the tech support rating to the lowest rating because of a recent Comcast email server problem. After escalating my complaint they couldn't figure it out. Then they offed to do a remote diagnosis for a fee of $49.00. I thought, "Wait a minute you want me to trust my computer and all my personal information to someone in a foreign country plus you're gonna charge me $49.00?" No thank you! As it turns out the problem was caused by a bug in my antivirus which I promptly fixed. How can Comcast police a third party tech support service in a foreign country which does not have the same laws as the US and assure quality assistance? I'll answer that myself, "They can not!"

Click for full size

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Review by TheGiant See Profile

  • Location: Elizabethtown,Hardin,KY
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 21 days
Good "Never gone out."
Bad "new house install took weeks "
Overall "Good"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

1 NOV 2013

Called asking for service was not on some list several other houses already had service on this street. This was new construction, took them weeks to get approved and then only days to get it installed then about another 3 weeks to bury the cable. Service so far has been solid no drop outs or problems to call about.

I have had the service since 3-02-01 so It was time for the review.

The sales team called and informed me service was available in my area now. I said yes right away always said I would get the first broadband offered in my area. They hooked me up with the installer group and I was hit with the bomb. One way service. No thanks I said. True to their word they called again in 2 weeks and once again I was sent to the installer group who informed me that 2 way service was available to me. 5 days later the installer showed up. He was unable to get a signal on my modem and called out Level 2 support who also failed. That made for a long weekend. The right on time Monday the Line tech showed up and asked "You got a signal now right?" Hello I am surfing! The first day of the rest of my life. Been down twice due to bad cable inside my house. I had the line techs back out the rewired everything and have not had any no between the keyboard and chair problems since. Love my cable. I have the ethernet modem from RCA with a dynamic Ip that has not changed, Speed was said to be 100 times a 28k modem got better that that after tweaking.

9-19-01 Speed has been Capped !!! Stay away from comcast, There are other broadband services in the area for less money...

1-24-02 Change over to Comcast.net went smooth, next will be the E-mail end of Feb. Speed still capped .

3-27-02 E-mail Change over was buggy at first seems to be worked out... Comcast works just wish I had more speed...

Moving soon bye bye comcast hello Knology look for update in Spring..

9-02-03 Comcast has upped the cap in my area. This has been a pleasant surprise. Speed is usable again. Knology has not up their caps yet so a change over is not likely. E-mail has been rock solid as has the connection. I think Comcast is getting things right for now. »/speedtests/30···62544208

7-20-04 Upgraded to the new 4Mb down 386kbps up package Everything went fairly smooth for being one of the first in my area to upgrade. Still very satisfied with HSI service TV is another story.

3-24-05 Back with Comcast and here is the reason the new Gold package.

2005-03-26 19:44:36 EST: 5266 / 717
Your download speed : 5393326 bps, or 5266 kbps.
A 658.3 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 734304 bps, or 717 kbps

Download Speed: 8130 kbps (1016.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 718 kbps (89.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Gold package still good.

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updated 122 days ago


Review by Tsume See Profile

  • Location: Johnson City,Washington,TN
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $199 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 70 days
Good "Fast compared to the "competition""
Bad "Had to pay to get line run originally even though my house is right on the street"
Overall "My only choice and it works very well."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

Update December 13 2013: Switched to Business class. It's working great! A bit pricey but there's a price to be paid when you don't want caps. We use about 1TB/mo here. We do have DOCSIS3 in our market and it works very well. The service is almost never down.

Update March 19 2011: Still working great. There was a week with major widespread outages in the area at the end of last year, but they did finally get that resolved. Since then it's been working fantastic. No DOCSIS3 yet, latest I've heard from the office is July this year is when we will have it. I got the multiroom DVR and am happy with it. They re-did their office in Gray and it's no longer the size of a tool shed on the inside... there's actually room for a line to form and it looks very nice. Am overall very satisfied with the Comcast service.

Update July 18 2010: I moved to Gray, Tennessee last year. I had CenturyLink since I left Winter Park, Florida in October 2009. 1.5mbps is terrible and should not be labelled as broadband. After battling with the Comcast phone reps in Knoxville over whether I can or can't get cable and appealing to Comcastcares, I was informed that cable service was not available where I'm at unless I pay 4 grand for a run. My neighbor can get cable and is about 900ft away. After a few trips to the office around January/February, I got an actual quote of $2270. In May I went to go pay and they had to get a new quote since they didn't have mine handy and said I would need to return next week. I returned and the quote had somehow lowered to $631. I wrote a check on the spot since that is 1/8 what I was quoted in the first place, even though I still wish they would have had this house wired for cable already... its been here since the 40s.

At the beginning of this month (July) I noticed they had finally ran the line. Got an appt set up. The tech who came to the house was very courteous and got the HD DVR set up and running with the TV. He tried installing the SB6120 I got on ebay. Sent/Rcv was flashing and it was taking over 10 min to set up. I told the guy he can leave and if the modem is bad I'll just get a new one from best buy. Turns out the lights flashing like that means its updating firmware, neither of us knew that and it wasn't in the modem documentation. Google's my friend. After 30 min the modem synced and I had to talk to Comcast to get it re-provisioned. Once all that excitement was over I am getting powerboost speeds of up to 24mbps and signal levels I never thought I'd see in a house as old as this... I really can't complain, it's working better than advertised and I am very happy with the service. I'm just sorry I can't get out of my DSL contract yet and that DOCSIS3 isn't here yet... ETA 2011 according to my local office.

Update Jan 01 2009: Increased my ratings a bit as the connection has been rock-solid ever since I got all the issues squared away (below). Actually very impressed with the reliability given what I've heard about Comcast.

First off, days from order to installation was actually 3, but it took another week for the service to work well.

When first installed, pings were insane high and speeds were subpar (5mbps on the 8mbps [16mbps powerboost] plan). I contacted their support repeatedly, trying to argue that 300+ms to google isn't cool. They insisted as long as I was over 3mbps they don't care what issue I have. I asked for a higher level, the lady insisted that she was the highest level. At that point I commented that if people like her were the highest level, it would explain the crappy quality of my connection.

I sent an EECB (Executive Email Carpet Bomb for those unfamiliar with the term) and long story short, my service was fixed within two days -- proving that Comcast has excellent support, if you bypass their support people. The issue was not modem signal level which I knew it wasn't, it was local congestion since this area is inhabited by mostly college students.

I now see relatively low pings, consistent 16mbps/2mbps speed tests, and haven't once had my connection drop. Now that it's fixed, my service is excellent and I'd recommend Comcast to others in this area. Embarq does not offer higher than 5mbps at my location.

My only gripes at this point are the insane difficulty of finding the actual speeds pre-sale on their website, and that we aren't the first market to be seeing the improved DOCSIS 3.0 speeds despite having the 3rd fastest growing tech industry of any metro area in the US.

Oh, and the installer was a bit rude and was having an understandably bad day as he has to use the same phone line as I would if I had to call for "support". He was on hold for 30 minutes because they didn't ask if I had my own modem, which I did. He begged me to pay with check instead of credit card, cause with a credit card he'd be on hold another 30 minutes.

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Review by antiserious See Profile

  • Location: Scranton,Lackawanna,PA
  • Cost: $60 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 8 days
Good "speed"
Bad "service"
Overall "my only other option"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I put up with verizon DSL for years, mostly because it was already there. I did get very good uptime but not much speed, and of course 'customer service' was a joke. The last price increase, however, was the last straw. They're never going to upgrade my area and I'll never get any better than 3 Mbs, so I went with my only other option, Comcast. Speeds have been very good, but I'm not at all impressed with the TV portion of my deal (Blast plus), and may not keep it very long. Their 'customer service' sucks as well, so I can only hope for some consistent uptime so I can avoid them as much as possible. They have a retail outlet close to me which is convenient for equipment swaps, and I've already had to do that, so the jury is most definitely still out.

Wish me luck.

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Review by berserken See Profile

  • Location: Oakland,Alameda,CA
  • Cost: $42 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Reliable"
Bad "More than I want to spend except for promotional discount"
Overall "It's decent bandwidth for competitive price, which is a little high, for me."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I'm on a 2-year promotion: $19.99/mo for first year, $34.99/mo for second year, plus modem and taxes.

Provisioned speed is about 15/2, 20/4 during the blast period. This has been trouble-free, for the most part, a few brief network outages. Self-install was easy with the modem coming quickly via Fedex.

17 January 2013: Pretty much trouble-free service, no down time. Functional, reliable, and relatively economical.

28 November 2013: Had some trouble with loss of sync. Online support was not satisfactory, poor communication, follow-through, or execution. At the nearby Comcast store, I felt I was helped quite well. Eventually, a tech came out, provided me with a new modem, his "favorite", an Arris WBM760A, tuned it with a terminating splitter, installed a grounding block on the drop, and reliability is back to what I've enjoyed originally. There has been a speed upgrade (~28/5) and I am paying a little short of $50 a month on another promotion. I will have to keep asking for a promotion price at the end of this term as it's still expensive, imo.

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Review by Davy49 See Profile

  • Location: Jacksonville,Duval,FL
  • Cost: $264 per month
Good "Price for value received is acceptable."
Bad "They seem slow to offer 'updated' technology."
Overall "Overall a good value for the money."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Since writing my 'original' review of Comcast, some things are different. Such as...at least in my case, I used to contact various department's within the company to try and obtain some reduction on my monthly bill. That got old with me..and my feeling is 'Comcast SHOULD reward their long time subscriber's, who pay their bill on time every month'..but they DON'T ! So I gave up on trying to play what I call the 'begging game', I just decided..it wasn't worth it, so as long as I have the money, I'll just 'suck it up' and pay the posted pricing. What rather irks me at the present time is how rather slowly Comcast releases 'new' technology to the public, just like now..I'm interested in the X1 platform, because I'm tired of what I have at present..but I can't get it at the present time, due to 'supposed' equipment shortages. Of course I read here in the forum's about all of the varied issue's subscriber's are having. I really wonder if the platform was released too quick, I try my best to stick with Comcast, but like other subscriber's..I realize there ARE other provider's out there. Right now I'm just having a 'wait and see attitude' .


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