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Review by Zenit See Profile

  • Location: Purcellville,Loudoun,VA
  • Cost: $140 per month
Good "Fast & Reliable Connection (28mbit/5mbit), Good Phone Service with WiFi calling for cell phones"
Bad "Installation Problems, Billing Issues, Normal Tech Support is bleh"
Overall "Normal Tech Support is not helpful - use the support here. Fast Internet. The only choice for many homes..."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

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·T-Mobile US
·Verizon Online DSL
Update 10/20/14:
Ah, Comcast billing strikes AGAIN. Bill shot up from $107 to $140 after only a few months! Same level of service. People get Blast with prices this high, Comcast is gouging again, and I have nowhere to threaten to run which means negotiation will SUCK.

//Still no FIOS to run to...sigh. How the hell do you negotiate when they know they have you by the balls?//

They are still charging for a non-existent DTA (we had 2, returned 1, still charging for 2). Now they changed the DTA fee into an "Additional Outlet DTA fee" which combined the two separate DTA fees. What

Rental on the aging Arris Tm722G went up to $8, more gouging.
Comcast killed off Pulse Dialing (minor negative).

Thankfully they are not charging DVR fees...yet.
Not a positive update.

Update 7/29/14:
Returned the old HD box, the SD Extra Outlet box, and 1 DTA to the local office. Line moved fast, CSR was friendly and asked how the X1 is working.

X1 is a great box, we are using the DVR more and more. Internet is stable at 28/5.

Bill has gone down to $93 thanks to the $10 discount I will have for a few months. I noticed they failed to remove the 1 DTA off of the account, so time to call or go back to the office.

Will keep this updated.

Update 7/15/14:
Got the X1 DVR installed a few weeks ago. Its a great box - slick UI, fast, and it has a clock on the front. It records shows scheduled without a problem. The install tech agreed to check the signals, but they were even oddly low off of the tap - the tap is a General Instrument tap so that dates the plant to the 90's (time for a rebuild? I thought they already did rebuild it to 860mhz according to FCC documents???). I tried to get him to replace out mid-90s RG6 drop but he would not budge due to the low signal levels off of the tap.

The tech decided to put a PPC 2-way active return 5 port amp on the side of the house to "fix" the signals. Hooked the modem into it too. It did help reduce the power levels on the upstream, but it lowered the SNR on the downstream from 36db to 35db. Without this amp the modem would be seeing -7 to -9db off of the first 2 way splitter. Internet speeds are still perfect (28/5) and the modem runs cooler with the help of the Amp.

Now for my main complaints. The existing 90's house box was too small for the PPC amp, and the tech did not replace it. So, I had a ball of coax and an amp dangling outside of the box. Unacceptable. For now, I took a black trash bag and wrapped it around the box to protect it from water ingress (Yes, I did a Verizon and it felt so wrong).

Photos of this have been attached to my review.

Update 6/27/14:
In light of the recent changes to Comcast's offerings, I called to renegotiate the bill. First CSR was condescending, but she transfered me to Retentions. The man I spoke with actually listened to me, and made the changes I was requesting while lowering the bill from $128 to $110:

-Obtain X-1 DVR (Free for 1 year, no more HD fee, $10 after the promo).
-6month Free Promo of some movie channel (Showtime I think?) that should automatically remove itself off of the account
-Lower the rate as much as possible, cancel the unused SD Box.
-Keep same level of internet, phone (the additional $10 for Blast would have put us at the same price, and we are looking to save a little)

The CSR tried to get me to upgrade to one of the gateway modems, but I declined as I have a nice Asus RT-N66U. A Comcast tech is scheduled to come out next Wednesday to install the requisite MOCA filter and put in the X1 box. Hopefully he will do a signal level check, as the signal on the line is rather week (-8 to -10db).

While I would have liked to get the 105mbit Blast service, the 28mbit Performance is more than enough. Eventually that will get bumped to 50mbit, just need to wait it out.

I will keep this review updated in light of the changes upcoming.

Update 6/11/14:

First outage of Internet and Phone in a long time - about 3hrs. Service was restored ahead of schedule, as Comcast said it would not be fixed until the next morning.

Update 5/7/14:
Services are consistent and stable. No usage caps yet. VZ still has not delivered on its promise of FIOS 7 years ago, so Comcast is the only choice for modern fast broadband.
The upcoming speed increases should have already happened (28mbit to 50mbit) but Comcast is taking its time with the upgrades across the country.

Only Complaint with the Comcast service (besides terrible support) is the price.

Update 12/31/13:

Reached out to Netdog here on DSLR, shortly after that the problem was fixed. The speed tier is correct in Account Overview, and I am getting my 28mbit/5.8mbit again.
Dont bother with the 1-800 support for anything of a technical nature. They wont listen to you. We are lucky we have the Direct Support and access to Comcast employees here.

I like that service is back to normal before the new year.

Update 12/28/13:

Well, the good times cant last forever. Something went wrong with Comcasts provisioning system, sticking me on the Performance Starter tier when I am paying for Performance. So instead of getting 28/5.8, we are getting 7/5.8. This happened since I had to reset the modem for my router to get IPv6 going again....ASUS routers are picky temperamental things but that's not related to this review update.

Once I reset the modem and saw how slow the connection got, I logged into my account. Seeing that the tier was wrong in account overview, I thought why not call them? Its a simple problem, shouldnt take Direct Support here on DSLR to fix it.


The first person I spoke to tried to get me to go through the reset nonsense 5 times. I did it already before I called 5 times. He seemed to fail to understand it was a PROVISIONING issue, he thought it was an issue with my network. Only after repeating that the error is right in My Account 5 times did he transfer me to billing.

The problem? Billing was closed. He transferred me to a closed department!

Ok, so lets try the 24/7 online chat. Oh god was this a terrible 2 hour discussion. The first person was relatively helpful, and said its not a Billing issue, its an Internet issue....ok then, its probably a billing issue, but lets give it a shot.

The internet person was useless. Vauge replies to questions, scripted responses, and a failure to understand the nature of the problem after I explained it countless times.

The real gem after she apparently figured out the problem, 2 hours in (changed my name to my username here):

· Joylyn > I have checked the account and I can see here that your internet plan is performance. It is showing performance starter because your online account is still not updated. It will take time, in fact, some take months for the online account to be updated.

· Joylyn > Are you using a wireless router?

· Zenit > Hardwired.

· Zenit > Gigabit Ethernet.

· Zenit > The problem is not on my end - when I reset the modem, it picked up the wrong speed tier config, causing this issue.

· Joylyn > Thank you.

· Joylyn > I do appreciate your patience and effort. Thank you for going through all necessary troubleshooting steps with me. We have now determined that we need to send a technician to further investigate and fix the issue. As part of the Comcast Customer Guarantee we promise that our technicians will be equipped to resolve your issue on the first visit and arrive on time.

· Zenit > No, there is no problem with the line.

· Zenit > Its in the billing system. I can see it right in My Account.

· Zenit > I am a Computer Science student - the modem signal levels are the same as before, swapped out the routers, tried directly connecting to the modem, its a config file. A prem tech can do NOTHING to fix that.

· Zenit > Its up in the billing system/head end

· Zenit > It would be a waste of money for Comcast to send a tech only to find out "hey, its up higher. Cant do anything, sorry."

· Joylyn > My apologies for the inconvenience. Please be informed that I have already checked everything. The settings of the modem match with the internet package.

· Zenit > Performance should be over 25mbit in this market. My account is showing the WRONG package - Performance Starter, which is much less.

· Joylyn > The performance starter on your online account is no reliable since it is not yet updated.

Brilliant, yes? It could take MONTHS for my speed tier to be fixed. MONTHS! Then I expect months of steep discounts from Comcrap. If their billing system is that bad, they should compensate customers accordingly with a discount. They probably hired the lowest bidder to build the system.

This happened at the worst time too - my time off from College. I would have liked to have fast internet for re-downloading my Steam apps on my clean install of Windows, but Comcast says nope!

Its a shame the only helpful people I have encountered within Comcast Support are at the very highest levels, here in the direct support forum. Obviously not happy due to the time waste caused by the traditional support, and loosing what we have been paying for.

But what choice do I have? They are the Cable Company, they don't have to care. They have a nice monopoly thanks to VZ being lazy and 4G wow profit oriented rather than upgrading their ancient copper DSL, or building fiber out.

Update 12/4/13:
Comcast increased our speed 25% for free, according to our bill. After they removed PowerBoost some months ago, our speed dropped to 23mbit. Now its 29mbit/5.7mbit. We are pleased with the service, and if Comcast continues providing regular upgrades and keeps the service reliable, whenever FIOS comes (if) there will probably be even less incentive to switch.

Great job.

Not too happy with the upcoming TV rate hike of $2, and the EMTA rate hike of $1, but what can be done, go back to 3mbit DSL? HAHAHA. Not happening.
Update 10/12/13:

Negotiated with Comcast (thanks to Direct Support here), reduced monthly bill back to $125, with same tiers of service and equipment. We had our first true outage last night, from 11pm to the morning, where Internet, Phone, and TV went out in our town. Other than that, its been the same. 25mbit down, 5 up. We will be returning one of the cable boxes to get the bill down to $115.

Overall still happy.

Update 9/29/13:

Well, rate hikes! Our bill has gone up from $135 to $165. The rent for the TV equipment is unreasonable. 1 standard HD box, 1 DCT700 SD box, and 2 DTAs is costing $25!

$165 for Performance, and the plain package of Digital TV is way too high. I know people who are getting Blast and DVRs at this price point. (Wait until they get their hikes!)

Time to negotiate with Comcast...

Dropping the value for the money rating, for the time being.

Update 7/10/13:

Still with the same service. Comcast recently changed the bandwith limit so our Performance package is a consistent 22Mbit down, 4.5Mbit up, down from 25mbit down. The quality of the connection is fine - decent latency and no slowdowns at peak times. The Digital Voice is reliable and has excellent clarity.

Verizon has begun to construct FIOS here, they will probably skip over most of the town, which means Comcast will continue to get our money. If FIOS becomes available in our subdivision, we will probably switch - that depends on VZ making an equivalent deal or better.

I noticed Comcast's newer promotions include a DVR at our price level. As usual, new customers get better deals than existing.

Update 4/14/13:

Still with the same services, no issues have arisen. Comcast renewed our promotional pricing, so we continue to pay $125 + rental fees for the TV boxes. They have started charging for the SD boxes, so we will be returning those. Comcast TV really is not competitive.

The Internet service has improved with time, with the removal of PowerBoost the speeds are a steady 2.5MB/sec down, 4mbit up. Seems that peering agreements have also improved. The IPv6 deployment has been completed in our area.

Nothing has changed with the phone - works as it should.

Now for the (minor) issues:

Billing has issues from time to time, dropping autopay and resulting in late bills.
TV Services are expensive, not too good channel selection, overpriced equipment rental.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Origi nal Review------------------------------------------
Well, lets start of with the positive. The connection has been very fast and reliable. The Performance tier delivers a consistent speed of 1.8MB/sec, with powerboost it comes out to 2.4-2.8MB/sec. Upload is a steady 4mbit/sec. DOCSIS3 has practically eliminated the problem of congestion. Latency is generally low, however there have been some times of poor routing - this gets resolved (Poor Peering arrangements). Our previous ISP was Verizon, on their aging DSL. The 3mb/sec DSL was perfectly reliable, which is not a small miracle considering how VZ has abandoned their copper plant. The Comcast provided line is so much faster than the old DSL line - I don't look back at all.

The Phone service has worked fine, no complaints.

The TV product is aging. Comcast LOVES rental fees, and other fees. Why cant we buy our equipment outright like the rest of the world? The only reason we don't have a DVR is cost - its astronomical at $17 a month. Standard HD box is $9 a month. Additional SD box? $5 on your bill. The program guide is the same old Motorola system from 1999, very few changes. The Comcast Universal Remote is horrible compared to the DirecTV remote due to some odd glitches. (Turns on devices 1-by-1 rather than sending the signal all at once, a problem if you put down the remote too soon!) The only positive? The TV has been insanely reliable, never going out in the 1 year of service we have had.

Billing issues have been a constant pain, nearly monthly something gets screwed up (i.e DVR fee when we dont have a DVR, Package Price changing out of the blue, rental fee increases for no reason). Don't bother with Comcast's standard support - they are useless. Use the direct forum here.

Installation was a pain also. First tech was a contractor, refused to run RG6 to our Office upstairs and instead put the EMTA/Gateway in the living room far away from the hardwired PCs. (Brilliant) Second tech comes out (actual Comcast employee) and runs the RG6 in 15 minutes. He also replaces the Gateway with a standard EMTA (Arris 722G) at my request. This should not had required 2 Tech visits.

Overall? Internet is fantastic, Phone just works, and the TV product is aging in the modern era, an expensive core product. Just good luck with Support!

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member for 2.4 years, 687 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 2 days ago


Comcast crap


Comcast is crap

Comcast is the worst ever,never had to deal with such a bunch of morons in my life ,no communication within the company ,service is crap!,do yourself a favor don't ever get comcast anything



Billing issue

In April, I became a subscriber. Received bill. Many excess charges. contacted customer service for help. Talked with a rep who informed me that adjustments would be made. A new bill would be sent out in a couple of days.

By the way I was told the conversation would be recorded.It wasn't. I was given assurance that a new bill would reflect the changes.

On May 7, a new bill did arrive. Showing no adjustments. Same Amount for April. However May bill is only $75.17. Maybe this is reflecting adjustments. Then I called to speak with a rep about previous bill and she promptly informed me that no adjustment had been made. There was no record of my conversation with a CSR in April.

I spent about 30 minutes attempting to solve the issue for previous months bill all to no avail.believe me I know that the rep is only following rules, but why do they give false information. If the first guy couldn't make the necessary adjustments why not just say so.

I intended to discontinue the internet service in April after being given misleading information. The rep assured me that it would be straightened out and a new bill sent out. prompting me to keep the internet. Had I known it would only get higher, trust me, I would have ended this service sooner.

therefore, subscribers beware! That's all I got to say about that.Looking for a trustworthy internet service. where integrity still reigns.


Purcellville, VA
·T-Mobile US
·Verizon Online DSL

Re: Billing issue

I know your a guest...but try to get a hold of Direct Support here. Sign up for a DSLReports account.

Direct Support is the only way to get any help from Comcast. They are terrible indeed, but when my only alternative is 3mbit DSL from another bunch of lying crooks (Verizon) what can I do? :/
Most of these ISPs in the USA dont have any integrity, their only concern is how much money they can make. Keep that in mind.

Avondale, AZ
Check with you state laws.. Here in AZ.. It's a one party notification when it comes to recording phone calls.. I'm the only party that needs to be notified when I'm recording myself talking to lawyers, insurance companies, and other shady people like cable companies.

A lot of states are one party notification.

Review by wchillman See Profile

  • Location: Gig Harbor,Pierce,WA
  • Cost: $50 per month
Good "Performance Starter is all that a cord-cutter needs."
Bad "Nevertheless, it still feels like extortion."
Overall "Reclassify under Title II as common carriers so the FCC can order them to open up their internet lines to competition."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

The most common complaints in the Comcast forums fall into three areas: overpriced plans, continual price increases, and poor customer service. Our way to deal with these complaints is to apply the KISS principle and follow two essential cardinal rules:

1. NEVER bundle

2. AVOID all TV packages

By keeping things this simple, it is nearly impossible for Comcast to pull any monkey business. All this may sound counterintuitive but we now get GREAT ENTERTAINMENT AS WELL AS INTERNET for LESS THAN 50 BUCKS A MONTH with no junk fees! Not only that, we watch it in high definition without renting any Comcast cable box or paying any silly HD Technology Fee! It really affords a value proposition that Comcast just can’t match. Read on if you are interested.

You may not know this but in 2012, Comcast was ordered by the FCC to offer a stand-alone broadband service with a download speed of at least 6 mbps at a price no greater than $49.95 per month. This order was extended to February 21, 2015 and the speed tier is called Performance Starter. As recent retirees on a fixed income, we opted for this service as the monthly charge is fixed at $49.95 with no other taxes, charges or fees. That’s right: a fixed price with no surprise increases in your bill and no added junk fees. THIS, BY THE WAY, IS A RARITY WITHIN COMCAST'S SERVICE PACKAGES. Nonetheless, it still feels like extortion but that is a conversation for another day. So, we only have Comcast’s Performance Starter internet service with NO subscription to Xfinity TV, Voice, or Home, NO Bundle, NO Comcast Cable Box, and NO Contract. Here’s a list of JUNK FEES WE DON’T PAY and you can avoid them too:

• HD DVR Rental and Service Fees

• HD Technology Fees

• Digital Adaptor Fees

• Digital Outlet Fees

• Digital Access Fees

• Additional Outlet Fees

• Broadcast TV Fees

• Blast or Boost Fees

• Converter Fees

• Premium Channel Fees

• On Demand Fees

• Pay-Per-View Fees

• Streampix Fees

• CableCard Fees

• Remote Control Fees

• Regulatory Recovery Fees

• FCC Fees

• CHSI Transfer/Restart Fees

• PEG Access Fees

• Public Access Fees

• Network Support Fees

• Franchise Fees

• State Assessment Fees

• Convenience Fees

• Electronic Change Fees

• Electronic Charge Fees

• Transaction Fees

• Enrollment Fees

• Reactivation Fees

• Early Termination Fees

• Protection Plan Fees

• Rights of Way Use Fees

• Voice/Data Modem Rental Fees

• Wireless Gateway Fees

• State Cost Recovery Charges

• State, City, & County Sales Tax

• Universal Connectivity Charges

• Federal Excise Taxes

• Gross Receipts Taxes

• Utility or Communications Services Taxes

WHEW! As you can see, Comcast will nickel and dime you to death with fees. Not only did we want to avoid paying these junk fees but we were really sick of paying triple-digit monthly bills as well as suffering through commercials that were taking up nearly 1/3 of every viewing hour. Performance Starter allows us to enjoy a FAR SUPERIOR VIEWING EXPERIENCE than we ever had with Comcast TV at a fraction of what we paid in the past. As cord-cutters, we use a streaming device (Roku, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast are the more popular ones with the Amazon Fire TV being the most recent) for all of our TV viewing including news, TV shows, and movies as well as music. These streaming devices render Comcast’s Cable Box obsolete as well as their TV offerings and I have fond memories dumping off their cable box at our local Comcast service center – much to their displeasure. The news we watch now is far better than anything we ever had on Comcast TV and, thanks to Netflix, YouTube, as well as Amazon (which recently added older HBO shows to their streaming catalog), we can now watch commercial-free TV and movies. In retrospect, I think it has been years since we have watched any commercials at all. If you cannot do without basic network TV, you could install an OTA antenna and possibly get many HD channels for free depending on your position relative to the broadcast towers. Even though we receive basic network TV for free, we never watch it as the streaming alternatives are just so far superior. I should say, however, that it took some time to adjust to watching in this way as we had been so conditioned to think that it really wasn’t “TV” unless you are continually bombarded by commercials. It’s certainly a welcome change for us to be able to watch what we want, when we want, where we want, on our TV or whatever other device we want, rather being constrained by Comcast’s TV schedule and limited by their offerings. We used to watch Comcast’s On Demand movies but when we cross-checked them against IMDb, we found that they rated quite poorly, whereas Netflix and Amazon have amazing catalogs of great content. Even with heavy TV viewing in HD, we never go over 200 GB/month but I should say we are a hardwired single video stream household. Although Comcast recently suspended their 250 monthly GB bandwidth cap, they are raising it to 300 GB/month in selected service areas. While it doesn’t affect us, if you are running multiple video streams SIMULTANEOUSLY within your household, you could experience some congestion and you might be subject to a $10 charge for every 50 GB you exceed the 300 GB cap. Essentially, this is just a money grab by Comcast but even with the overages this may still be cheaper compared to Comcast’s standard packages. Also, never ever rent a cable modem from Comcast if you can avoid it. Purchasing one can pay for itself in less than a year. Last but not least, if you have a bundle that includes Xfinity Voice, try Republic Wireless for your phone and drop Xfinity Voice as well as your landline. Republic Wireless’s smartphone is really worth considering particularly if you feel you are also being fleeced by Big Cell.

In the past when we bundled services, it was easy for Comcast to bamboozle us with their underhanded pricing shenanigans but not anymore. Bundling Comcast services, it turns out, is probably not in your best interest particularly when you consider other options like the one I mentioned above. We found Comcast’s Performance Starter single play is a simple way to lower your bill, improve your viewing experience, and manage the cost of their service. It is really like a double play (since you can get TV entertainment as well as internet) but you only pay for a single play and it is not just for new subscribers – everyone is eligible! By using a streaming device with Comcast’s Performance Starter it is quite easy to drop Comcast TV with its obnoxious commercials and ridiculous pricing. Comcast, however, will do just about anything to keep you from cancelling your TV subscription. First, they will try to upsell you by saying that Performance Starter is not fast enough to stream video in HD but don’t believe them - it is more than adequate for all our HD viewing as well as VoIP and internet use. Next, they will continue to try to upsell you with a temporary offer for additional overpriced services but don’t fall for it - you will just be shell-shocked when the prices revert back to normal. Comcast’s latest scheme is to say that internet alone would cost more than internet and TV together. Be very very wary of this ploy as you need to factor in all applicable junk fees I noted above in order to really determine if it is, in fact, a better deal. I’d also be leery of Comcast’s VISA gift card sales tactic as there are a ton of complaints about it in the forums. Lastly, they may even send you to their retention department to dissuade you from changing your service plan but just stand firm and insist on Performance Starter and NOTHING MORE. We automatically pay the bill each month with our credit card and so rarely need to contact the company (it’s been years). This makes life easier as reports in the Comcast forum indicate that customer service is an absolute nightmare. Once you have completed this change, Comcast will step-up their sales calls with offers to entice you to increase back your services but just ignore them. If your household is similar to ours and you are not a power user, why spend more money than is necessary on internet service? Is it just for bragging rights? Only a fool would pay Comcast more money than they need to. All of this is really not that hard to implement or acclimate to and will pay off in spades.

Lastly, maybe we could get better prices and speeds if the U.S. Department of Justice initiated an antitrust lawsuit and broke up this monopoly like they did against AT&T in the 1970's or at least reclassify them under Title II as a common carrier as then the FCC can order ISPs to offer their internet lines to other companies, thus increasing competition.

member for 2.9 years, 549 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 5 days ago




Competition is necessary

While I agree that competition is necessary, Comcast is not at fault in this regard. Building and maintaining the infrastructure necessary to support telecommunications is not cheap, if it were, you would see a lot more competition out there. Just like you don't see car manufacturers popping up every day, you don't see telecom providers popping up.

If you want to see more competition start at the source, the manufacturers of fiber and network communication equipment, and the content owners such as ESPN and others charging an arm and a leg for their service and requiring it to be on basic tiers of service.

Gig Harbor, WA

Re: Competition is necessary

I overpay these clowns for sub-par speeds while the executives collect their multi-million dollar salaries. Comcast in particular and the cable monopoly in general is at fault. Here is the solution:


Mukilteo, WA

Look to the East (in Washington State)

PUD (Public Utility District) built fiber, with multiple TV/Phone/Internet providers (gee, sounds like what the FCC originally tried to do with telco years back) is going gangbusters in eastern Washington State. Speeds to Gigabit, no caps, pricing half or better than either Comcast OR Frontier FIOS, and with regulated electric rates 1/3rd that of us in the 'western' half (no Enron and FERC controlling it there) and no hyper-inflated housing market on top of all that.

I'm out as soon as I can get all the ducks in order (sell the house, etc), but I'm retired so have the option.

Ex .. Ex .. Exactly
Parsonsburg, MD

Tell the FCC

said by wchillman:

"We need to reclassify them as a common carrier."

The FCC has asked for public comment on new rules about net neutrality.
Use this form to submit a comment to the FCC - »dearfcc.org/

Seattle, WA

Eastern Washington State

Beck 38 - You are absolutely right! The 509 is the way to go. Spokane electric rates and communications are still similar to Seattle, but Central Washington has got it all. The Grand Coulee dam (one of the biggest hydroelectric generation stations in the world) is bordered on both Grant and Douglas counties. The Grand Coulee along with many other dams are owned by the utilities themselves, which enables them to provide cheap power, as they do not need to go through the federal government. Google and Yahoo have migrated there for their server farms, bringing the speed along with them.

Across the Columbia from East Wenatchee - Chelan County - has their own fiber - to - house lines. Unlike 'FIOS', these are NOT owned by a corporation - but the power company, meaning you have the freedom to choose any provider you want.

My friend has Local Tel - Probably the most efficient, well priced, and awesome broadband provider I've seen. The internet is run straight Ethernet to the ONT, it uses PPPoE so make sure you keep your login and password if you need to configure your router. The phone is connected like a regular POTS directly to the ONT. And finally, the TV coax is not used by 'cable modems' like FIOS, allowing STELLAR quality TV, and, since the ONT is addressed not the box, many channels can be received with the TV's built-in tuner, allowing a much less cluttered entertainment system. Long live LocalTel!

Mukilteo, WA

Re: Eastern Washington State

said by filter4ever:

Grand Coulee dam (one of the biggest hydroelectric generation stations in the world) is bordered on both Grant and Douglas counties. The Grand Coulee along with many other dams are owned by the utilities

Actually, no, the Grand Coulee is a Federal Dam, part of the BPA (Bonneville Power Administration). Those county PUD's in eastern Washington actually DO own their own dams (for instance, Chelan PUD owns Rocky Reach as well as another I don't recall off the top of my head) which is why they are so low.

Other PUD's in Wash. St. that rely on the BPA too much (Snohomish is a good example which gets 90% of it's power from the BPA) are at the beck and call of Enron (and which initiated the original investigations of Enron) . Seattle City Light also owns a sizable part of it's own generating capacity, most notably the Boundary Dam on the Pend Oreille River in northeastern Washington state.

But it all comes down to FERC, which is packed with Republicans and which refuses to go after the Enron contracts.

Seattle, WA

Comcast / XFinity Troubleshooting

As this is a rather long post, many of the following procedures are in-depth and require some technical knowledge and tools - proceed at your own risk!

As a 10 year customer, I know Comcast is one of the best services you can get, in terms of speed, latency, technology, and quality of service. I do not watch much TV, and have a Cell phone, but their internet is second only to LocalTel - a small internet provider in Wenatchee, WA and central Washington over PUD owned fiber lines.

I do however, have extensive knowledge of how their system works, and how to troubleshoot it. I am neutral as I am not a sales person trying to push service, I am only telling my experience.

Now a days, Comcast is mostly doing SIK (Self Install Kits), where you simply plug in the equipment. They will even ship the equipment out to you, which makes it convenient. Without a tech though, you, and the rep on the phone, have no way of knowing whether there is even cable signal to the house, or if the cable there is from 1983 when CATV was first deployed in your area. At that time they never dreamed of Internet and hence did not design the system for such services. I have seen friends that were trying to hook up cable, and there wasn't even cable going to the outlet they were trying to hook up.

Remember, the service will only work if it is installed RIGHT. I will tell you a few tips on how to troubleshoot your own cable, so you can have the service that you pay for.

If your TV breaks up into little squares, this is caused by interference, or ingress. This is the root of many problems with all 3 services, TV, Internet, and Telephone.

First, turn the box off and press "OK", this will bring you to a blue menu. Check the "OOB", make sure SNR is 'GOOD' (over 20dB). Next check "Inband Status" - This will show the quality of the channel you are on. Make sure the SNR is 'GOOD' (over 34 and not many errors), and "Upstream Status" - make sure it's not over 60dB. If OnDemand doesn't work, check "Interactive Status", make sure it has an IP address. If it does not, wait a few minutes.

If these are all 'OK', call Comcast (1-800-Comcast), and tell them to send a 'HIT' to your box. If you aren't even getting the guide, ask for an 'INT HIT', which will refresh the EEPROM on the box.

If you aren't getting anything at all, there is most likely no connection between the box and the tap (up on the pole or in the ground). Check the cable going to the wall make sure it's not of low quality and loose. If it's not, take the plate off (if you can, on most internally wired houses. Externally you cant). Often somewhere you will find a 'crappy looking' connection. There's your problem. If there is nothing connected to it at all, well, there's your problem. If there is a bad connection or no cable, call for a tech install and tell them what's wrong.

This work CAN be done yourself, but you need special strippers, crimpers, and fittings. Make sure they are of the COMPRESSION type and the splitters are rated at 1GHz. Also, make sure the cable you use is of the RG-6 type, and the fittings are put on properly (there should be no braid hanging out of the back, and the white (dielectric) should be FLUSH with the front of the fitting. Look up how to put a fitting on Google should be of some help. Make sure that you do not split one signal of another, off another (daisy chain). This will degrade the signal by half every time you split. If you are prewiring your house for remodel, consider putting in a Leviton 'Smart Panel', running all your outlets to a central location and splitting/amplifying them there. Above all, DO NOT splice a cable behind drywall where it cannot be accessed. This will make it impossible for a Comcast tech or yourself to troubleshoot in the future.

For internet problems, the number one problem is your router not receiving the correct IP address, most likely due to activation on a wired computer and then plugging in a WiFi router. Remember to unplug the cable modem, plug it back in, wait for it to synchronize (Power, Downstream, Upstream, and Online lights all solid).

For other signal problems such as getting kicked up randomly and slow service, make sure your modem is hooked up and go to » and go to 'Signal'. Look at the 'Downstream Status' - should be between -10dB and 10dB. Next 'Upstream Status' - should be between 20 and 54dB. Finally, look at the downstream 'SNR', this should be 33dB and above. The best speed test for the internet I use is »www.speedtest.net.

The main problems I've seen with a phone is when you plug a fax machine in, line 1 is shorted to line 2. Make sure to use a cable that has only 2 gold contacts (1 pair) to connect to the EMTA. Other than that, the problems with the telephone are with the same equipment as the internet.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of miscommunication between the customer and the rep which causes a lot of negative feelings towards Comcast. If you need any work done, such as a 'drop' (line from the street to your house) run, additional outlets installed, through a brick house etc. make sure you provide the rep with as much details as possible, as they schedule the amount of time the tech has with you based on what you order. After that allotted slot, he/she will have another job in the same slot (8-10 AM for example). It is also usually one person who comes out, unless they can get help from other techs on a large job or one that requires special equipment.

I do not watch TV, only the local channels. If you are getting internet, I recommend getting "Limited Cable" along with it (if you are not getting phone), as you get a $10 discount for having multiple services, so the net cost is about $5/mo with the box and all that.

Their internet is very fast, as they have their own "backbone" which minimizes latency (i.e. if you do a tracert, you will see it hop through Comcast's network to the least busy node and to Google, etc). The download and upload speeds in my area are excellent, 25 MBPS down and 6MBPS up. No other service, DSL or other, can get closer than 1/4 that speed.

Their telephone service is of excellent quality, I know because I hooked up a dial-up modem to CDV and it locked at 52.6KBPS (The maximum allowable dial-up speed), over VOIP.

Hopefully this will help many perplexed customers, some procedures will require tech-savvy knowledge. I am not affiliated with Comcast, and am not responsible for anything that may arise. If in doubt call Comcast and provide them with as much as you know, is my best advice.

Seattle, WA

Re: Comcast / XFinity Troubleshooting

A couple things I forgot to mention. When hooking up a router: unplug the cable modem first (from power, plug the Ethernet to the router in, plug the cable modem power back in with the Coax and Ethernet connected), wait for all 4 lights to be solid, and then plug in your router. If you have phone, there is a little hole on the back of the EMTA (combo VOIP modem) that says "RESET". If you plug in the router without resetting, it will get the 192.xxx.xxx.xxx private IP from the offline modem, and you will not be able to get online.

If the modem gets stuck at the "Upstream" light, chances are there is a filter on the line that they used to put on in order to keep noise from entering the network. If you find one around on your line, it needs to be removed. If you are not receiving all your channels there also may be a filter on the line. You may find one around your house but chances are they will be on the pole or lockbox. However, there is another type of filter that is used if you have an Anyroom or MoCa DVR. Call Comcast and have them swing by and take it off. This is an easy fix and will save you the trouble of having to stay home for service, and you may not even have to pay a fee.

Finally, I recommend purchasing your own modem or EMTA. Look under »mydeviceinfo.comcast.net for compatible equipment. In my area the rental fees are $8/mo (for a modem) plus tax. A $100 modem will pay for itself in a year. An EMTA costs around $160. These are very particular, make sure you get the compatible model number.



Performance Starter

I can't find anything about this locally (Oregon) -- is this still in effect. PS Comcast is the only game in town for high speed internet.

Gig Harbor, WA

Re: Performance Starter

Comcast is the only viable option for high speed internet in our area too (Gig Harbor, WA). The FCC has required them to provide this 6/1 internet tier (Performance Starter) in ALL markets at a price point no greater than $49.95/month. If you can do better on a promotion, then you might want to consider that. They ABSOLUTELY have to provide it in Oregon too.

Review by Myu See Profile

  • Location: Denver,Adams,CO
  • Cost: $89 per month
Good "When it works it is fast."
Bad "Support is extremely poor. Connection stability is very poor, disconnects several times a day."
Overall "Starting to consider other options for internet."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

Fast internet is one forth of what I care about. My biggest concern is stability. Comcast does not have that. The service will disconnect several times in the day. Then their customer service is trained to always say it is customer equipment. Then to further make things frustrating the support for Comcast, none of them know a damn thing about networking. It takes hours of being transferred over and over and lower levels of support trying to argue with you saying it is your equipment. Eventually getting escalated to someone who understands basic things like what a DHCP is and why it is relevant for connectivity and diagnosting the correct issue with the Comcast equipment to fix it.

My advice is whatever equipment you get, make sure it logs. You are going to need those logs to prove what is happening when you have issues. Without that Comcast will try to brush you off. Their support is not helpful at all in helping you troubleshoot and will just have you reboot and then say it is your fault whatever is happening is happening. Make sure you have a good grasp for networking and troubleshooting because you will get zero help and have to fight uphill.

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Comcast/ Xfinity internet stability is horrendous

Xfinity/ Comcast has (at best) Inconsistent Customer Service, Technical Support, and Internet Connectivity. A helpful experience with them is truly the Exception, and not the rule.

My Connection is not working- as in, completely disconnected more than connected. When it is connected, it is very poor, and sometimes has bursts of speed to 6 mps- Now, understand here- usually there is nada. Zip, Zero. Also understand, that the subscription is for 100Mbps. Absolutely pathetic.
I get a consistent 2.5 from Verizon Wireless on 4G LTE that blows away Xfinity/ Comcast on Every level.

Furthermore- they lie. Flat out lie, overcharge, lie some more and then after you cancel, send you to collections for money you actually do not owe them. A class action suit will eventually come from all of this... just a matter of time. Bottom line- They are the worst ISP out there.

Review by PrymeMover See Profile

  • Location: Olathe,Johnson,KS
  • Cost: $70 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Excellent installer, quick turnaround, weekends available"
Bad "Mediocre routing, installation follow-up"
Overall "Acceptable speeds, high price, abysmal follow-up"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·AT&T U-Verse
I recently moved from one KC suburb to another, and crossed a boundary between TWC and Comcast service areas. I had 100/5 service with TWC, and subscribed to 105/20 with Comcast. First impression...I have to say that speeds were more consistent with TWC - more sites, and more speedtests, would show me at or near my line's provisioned capacity. Comcast's routing, at least in this area, seems to be less optimal--I can still get my rated speeds using (one) of Comcast's speedtest sites, but most others are far lower than they were, relatively speaking, to TWC. The upstream is consistently faster; however, the (presumed) routing situation impacts it as well.

TWC was also cheaper - $80 vs $115 with Comcast. This is an area soon to be built out with Google Fiber (1000/1000 for $70), so it's somewhat surprising that they aren't trying to build customer loyalty ahead of time. If they were to double the downstream, I'd be happier paying the premium over my prior provider. I don't really need it (or even 105 for that matter), but I want it anyway.

Comcast also charges an absolutely ridiculous $250 installation fee for the 105/20 package--and that package only. I honestly don't know how they can justify this. TWC upgraded me from 15/2 to 50/5 to 100/5 without any spurious fees or home visits, so I have to wonder if Comcast is using it as a disincentive to prevent too many subscribers on a node.

The installer was on-time, professional, and did a superb job. He even ran a new line to the utility easement (at least I got something out of that $250 fee I guess?) based on the visual condition of the existing lines. He assured me that the burial of the run would be handled without intervention from me, so I let it go. However, a month later, the line had yet to be buried. In the meantime, both Dish and AT&T have installed services and completed their cable burials.

I finally contacted Comcast a couple weeks back and got a (new?) date set for the burial...which was missed. I called back and was told that I would have a response for the missed appointment and a new date within 24 hours...which didn't happen. I'm now over 6 weeks with a line running through the back yard. Annoying.

***Update: Comcast called the day after I initially posted this review and finally completed the cable burial. Glad it finally got done, but it should not have taken 6+ weeks and repeated calls.

My experience with multiple cable providers at multiple locations has engendered a fundamental distrust of cable service in terms of reliability. Accordingly, I have a backup AT&T U-Verse internet circuit as well, which has already had to be used more than once. It's slower, but it's also cheaper and more reliable.

***Update Oct 2014: Earlier this year, in what I can only assume was an attempt to preempt Google, Comcast started offering a pretty nice package - 250/25, plus an HD DVR and basic cable, for $70/mo. The term is 2 years, price guarantee for 3 years, with a new Comcast-supplied modem (no rental fee) and free installation. Though Google will likely be here before my term is complete, I signed up - why not? I'll deal with the ETF later.

The installation itself, though long, was fine until I went to do a speed test. I was only getting 5mbps. I pointed this out to the technicians before they left, but they spouted something about it taking up to 24 hours for the speeds to increase - which I knew was BS, but it was already evening and they were itching to get out of there (and I was ready to be done). I don't remember the exact details of what I then did, but ultimately I called in (multiple times) and they scheduled a truck roll to solve an obvious provisioning issue (sigh). Before they arrived, I got a call telling me that I was getting the correct speeds. Turns out, Comcast had two $70 special promotions - one that included expanded cable and 5mbps, and one that had basic cable and 250mbps. After resolving that, and getting the DPC3939 modem into bridge mode (you CANNOT set it locally, it has to be set by a CSR), I was set.

Performance of the connection has been pretty good. I regularly test at right around 290/30mbps. It's not terribly reliable though...any power outage more than a flicker causes the connection to go down, despite the fact that everything on my end is on UPS gear capable of hours of runtime. Usually, it stays down for hours and hours after the power is restored, too. My backup AT&T connection, on the other hand, has had a grand total of 418 seconds of downtime in 306 days. That's 99.998% uptime.

A few months ago, and after having ran fine for months, the DPC3939 modem decides it's going to start rebooting every 5 minutes. It's an exceptionally long and frustrating story, but the shortened version is that the modem has known issues in bridge mode (no idea why it suddenly started doing that after running fine for 4+ months). I tried to use a different modem, but Comcast has no config file for any modem other than the DPC3939 for that speed tier. So, I lived with double NAT for 6-8 weeks by using my slower AT&T connection for things it broke. It took that long before I had the energy to call Comcast again. I spoke to an agent that was, in a word, exceptional. After confirming that the bridge issue was supposedly resolved, we tried it...and no luck, it started rebooting again. We tried a few more things, each time the agent waiting to make sure the line was stable, before happening upon the sequence that worked--to manually disable wireless before setting bridge mode. This agent was truly exceptional, spending well over an hour on the phone and not hanging up until the problem was definitively solved, including waiting for 10 minutes to confirm it was stable. I wish this were the norm instead of the exception.

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Review by RustyDonut See Profile

  • Location: Boston,Suffolk,MA
  • Cost: $30 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Fast and reliable, No Caps"
Bad "A little pricey if you ask me. (contract)"
Overall "You get what is advertised in service, But its fairly overpriced. "
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I have had the performance tier internet for about 10 months. It was part of a promotion $30 (2-yr contract) for 25/5. The entire installation took less than an hour. No equpment was supplied, I used my own modem and router. I'm no idiot. Buying my own modem has saved me enough money that it already paid for itself. The service is fast and reliable with fast latency (16 ms ping for youtube). Almost at all times, the speed is a little above 25/5. I probably only get a small hiccup in the service once a week. Still Comcast is a monopoly in Boston. The greedy f**ks sure use this to their advantage and charge fairly unreasonable prices for the service they give. I also dont like the vibe they give off. "xfinity!! its amazing!!!!!!!" they must think their customers are idiots who only react to ads intended for the lowest common denominator.

Still what choice do you have if you want the fast residential internet in boston? As this image wonderfully illustrates:


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Review by mswares See Profile

  • Location: Dumfries,Prince William,VA
  • Cost: $79 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Nothing"
Bad "Very poor and unreliable service."
Overall "Don't buy into this service..."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

I ordered xfinity blast plus. I was supposed to get >50MB down and 10 up. My normal speed ratings are at 9MB down and 11MB up. I've called on several occasions each time spending AT LEAST 1 hour trying to fix the issue. The speed would be fixed temporarily then in two days or less it would be degraded again. A couple of techs came to the house on a couple of occasions. They replaced the cable to the home and are now charging me for a cable modem that I don't have (I use my own Motorola Surfboard cable modem). Several times a technician was scheduled to come to house and did not show up. The last straw was when they rescheduled a tech (who did not show) and the next day they were not able to locate any ticket or notes saying that a tech was re-scheduled for the 2nd time around.... I've been too patient and have spent too many long hours troubleshooting over the phone with these fools.

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·Time Warner Cable
·Fairpoint Commun..


And this is why I don't want Comcast to merge with TWC. I do have to ask: Is there a local office around where you live? I have TWC and have felt your pain and frustration at times with the 1 hour+ phone calls that result with an individual who can't speak English and nothing gets resolved. However, there is an office about 45 minutes away from my location. I know it seems like a long drive but it is actually quicker to go to the office to dispute charges or fix issues, and to boot, they speak English. Anytime I have an issue, I go to the office. The problem is generally always resolved. Not sure if it is an option for you, but I would scrap the phone calls if you can and go to their office.

Pearland, TX

Connection speed issues

have you tried the Comcast Direct forums on this site. The people there are actual Comcast technicians & enignners. They can check a lot more things than a phone agent. There may be an underlying issue that the phone reps can't see
Tap dancing through the minefields

·Time Warner Cable
·Fairpoint Commun..

From Past Experience....

I agree with the above poster about trying out the Direct Forum. However, judging by your download vs upload speed, I would bet my money that your area is oversubscribed (Surprising, not). I have had this issue before where my download will be about 200Kbps and my upload will be 1Mbps - 5Mbps.

I could be wrong, but if you try a speed test during non peak hours; say 3am (not sure why you would be up unless you're an insomniac like me) and the download is considerably higher, then the problem is oversubscription. Not uncommon.

Hey, at least your upload is faster than mine, although your download is way below. Sorry for you experience. Corporations (Single Person Somehow), don't care about customers. Profits are the most important thing because the CEO making 8 - 9 figures a year simply is not enough money. How would they survive making 50+ million a year? They would be homeless.

Review by madrhino See Profile

  • Location: Hyattsville,Prince Georges,MD
  • Cost: $19 per month (6 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "reliable-which negates the horrible customer service"
Bad "overpriced,limited Usenet access,absolutly the worst customer service on earth"
Overall "Overpriced.I can get FIOS now.If Comcast doesn't increase the UL BW by March I'm gone"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

I used to have Verizon DSL and this is much more reliable.This is important because the customer service is beyond atrocious,it is for all practical purposes non-existent.Email support tells you to call,the call center just tells you they don't know.Then,since most of the clueless CSR's are reading off scripts, they schedule a technician to NOT SHOW UP!!!!!(twice)

Another neg is my upload speed is 384 KB/s(768 available).Most of the surrounding counties have 16/1or2 but evidently my County Executive is taking his graft elsewhere(I think the outgoing Governor and his wife got most of the Comcast bribe budget) because we don't have it and evidently ain't gonna get it anytime soon.

The reliability is awesome though.If the price was more in line with the market I'd probably be a customer for life.But since I can get a faster FIOS connection with unlimited Usenet for less money I really have no choice but to leave in 2 months when my deal is up.

Edit 11-27-07 -I got rid of Comcast in September for 2 reasons

1) They don't seem to be concerned about speeds in my area, even though FIOS is available the most Comcast offers is still 8/768

2)The use of the evil Sandvine program.Sorry guys, if I send legal packets I don't want them being tampered with.

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$19/mo for reliable 8 Mbps / 768 Kbps is an awesome deal. You consider that overpriced?


Baltimore, MD

Re: overpriced?

said by briansgs2:

$19/mo for reliable 8 Mbps / 768 Kbps is an awesome deal. You consider that overpriced?

Google Fiber: $70/mo for reliable 1000 Mbps / 1000 Mbps.
$0/mo (with one flat installation fee that will cost less for the year than his entire Comcast bill will after that $19 promotional price for 6 months ends) for 5 Mbps / 5 Mbps.

You tell me.


Alameda, CA

Re: overpriced?

Good Luck getting nation wide deployment of Google Fiber


Baltimore, MD

Re: overpriced?

I have no such expectation. He asked why that could be considered overpriced, and I answered.

Saratoga, CA

Old Review

The OP said they canceled Comcast almost 6 years ago. I'm not sure why they brought this review back to life. Comments about what happened that long are not really relevant now.


Re: Old Review

said by saratoga66:

The OP said they canceled Comcast almost 6 years ago. I'm not sure why they brought this review back to life. Comments about what happened that long are not really relevant now.

I switched back to Comcast earlier this year after Verizon left me hanging after an outage.I left a comment 49 days ago noting how much they have improved the customer service,but it is now missing for some unknown reason.
Get Verizon FIOS,The Anti-DIOS


I give up

chat id: ffce2012-774f-4baf-a4b2-a957f1f03a4a
Problem: Why don't you criminals allow robocalls to show up and added to the call screening list?%0AI got a call from 9143311884 and like most,it doesn't show up.How much are they paying you?
Girlie > Hello WAYNE_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Girlie. Please give me one moment to review your information.
WAYNE_ > My Issue: Why don't you criminals allow robocalls to show up and added to the call screening list? I got a call from 9143311884 and like most,it doesn't show up.How much are they paying you?
Girlie > I am here to provide you with excellent customer service today. Please be assured I will do my best to help you with your concern.
WAYNE_ > PLease block that #
Girlie > For that we need to activate Nomorobo call.
WAYNE_ > Do it
WAYNE_ > Although it's already been done
Girlie > You have reached the Phone department and our support is limited to troubleshooting phone service. I wil need to transfer you to the Voice2go department who can activate it for you.
WAYNE_ > ok
Girlie > The information you provided me will also be forwarded to them for reference.
Girlie > Will that be okay?
WAYNE_ > yes
Girlie > Thank you. I appreciate it. We are experiencing short wait in our Voice2go Department and you will see a message that says I have “left the room”; however, you will still be connected to the next available Sales agent. Please stay online and connected to the chat for the next agent who will assist you as soon as possible.
Girlie > Thank you for contacting Comcast – we appreciate your continued business.
WAYNE_ > I don't appreciate your crimina activity
Girlie > Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst
WAYNE_ > My Issue: Why don't you criminals allow robocalls to show up and added to the call screening list? I got a call from 9143311884 and like most,it doesn't show up.How much are they paying you?
Armando Eleuterio > It is nice to have you on chat, Wayne! I am looking forward to help you with your concern today. Welcome to the Technical Support for Voice2Go
WAYNE_ > right,I know nothing will be doen,
Armando Eleuterio > I'm sorry, but it appears that you want to block or screen a certain number, is that correct?
WAYNE_ > WTF,cant you read?
Armando Eleuterio > I'm sorry, Wayne you just got transferred to me. I feel there's not a need for that harsh word.
WAYNE_ > 9143311884
Armando Eleuterio > I'm just trying to ask you a question and your phone service actually has a call screening without the need to use Nomorobo.
Armando Eleuterio > HAve you not activated your call screening feature yet?
WAYNE_ > I did that 3 days ago,it does not work at stopping these calls
WAYNE_ > Can I get a supervisor please?I've been through this enough times to know you can or wont help
Armando Eleuterio > No worries, I will bring you over to the Digital Voice phone services department for them to assist you in your present concern.
WAYNE_ > Supervisor please
Armando Eleuterio > Please stay online while I transfer your chat to the Digital Voice phone services department. You may see me leave the chat room, but please do wait for the next agent. Thank you for choosing Comcast, where we value your time and business.
Armando Eleuterio > Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst
WAYNE_ > My Issue: Why don't you criminals allow robocalls to show up and added to the call screening list? I got a call from 9143311884 and like most,it doesn't show up.How much are they paying you?
WAYNE_ > Yes,e it
Aimee > Welcome to Comcast! How are you today?
WAYNE_ > Not happy
Aimee > I understand that you want to block this number; 9143311884
WAYNE_ > May I please get a supervisor?
Aimee > Let me assist you in blocking this number.
WAYNE_ > Why doesnt it show in the call list?
Aimee > What did you saw when this number called you, Wayne?
WAYNE_ > I said hello,there was no response
WAYNE_ > Why doesnt it show in the list?
Aimee > Because the caller might have enable there Caller ID block, Wayne. That is why.
WAYNE_ > BTW,Nomorobo does not work
WAYNE_ > If they ennabled call block,the # would not show
Aimee > For you not to have this caller go into your number we may proceed in enabling your Anonymous call rejection feature.
WAYNE_ > It's already enabled
WAYNE_ > It's already enabled
Aimee > Oh, Wayne. The nomorobo should be the key then for you not to have this call.
Aimee > The reason as to why Nomorobo doen't work because it is not being enabled in your account.
WAYNE_ > nomorobo does not work,I did that a few days ago
Aimee > I have to transfer to Voice2go for them to assist you in blocking this call, since the you have enabled the Anonymous call rejection already.
WAYNE_ > Clearly you do not want to fix this.I assume Comcast is taking bribes and you work for criminals.
Aimee > Nomorobo must be activated through Voice 2go, which is currently available only on Android and Apple iOS devices via the XFINITY Connect app.
WAYNE_ > OK goodbye.
WAYNE_ > Have a supervisor call me
Aimee > The reason why it didn't work because Nomorobo was not properly activated and set up.
Aimee > For it to work properly I need to connect you to Voice2Go for it to work.
Aimee > Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst
WAYNE_ > My Issue: Why don't you criminals allow robocalls to show up and added to the call screening list? I got a call from 9143311884 and like most,it doesn't show up.How much are they paying you?
Marriam > I hope your day is going well. I look forward to helping you today, Wayne.
WAYNE_ > See They are calling back at this moment
Marriam > I hope you did not wait too long in the queue and that your day is going well. This is Bea Marriam. Please allow me two minutes to review your conversation with the previous analyst.
WAYNE_ > They called again while the previous analyst was transferring me to you
Marriam > Thank you for patiently waiting.
WAYNE_ > I'm losing patience
Marriam > Wayne, to confirm, I understand that you want to block a specific number on your home phone number, and you want to screen it entirely, but you want to know that the said number is calling you, right?
WAYNE_ > I just want it to stop!
Marriam > Wayne, I would like to set your expectations that Nomorobo is for blocking all telemarketing calls.
WAYNE_ > ]And for Gods sake,don't tell about nomorobo
WAYNE_ > nomorobo does not work or I wouldn't be getting robocalls
Marriam > I understand that you need to have a phone number blocked and it is being handled by our phone department.
WAYNE_ > ?
Marriam > It is called Cal Screening feature of your Digital Voice service.
WAYNE_ > ?
WAYNE_ > It's been on and does not work
Marriam > As a representative who seek for your satisfaction, I will be glad to connect you directly to my partner in the Phone Technical team to guarantee you that best resolution will be provided.
WAYNE_ > Can you have an American supervisor call me?
Marriam > My sincere apologies for being misrouted to our Department.
Marriam > This should be handled by the previous Department.
WAYNE_ > I'm tired of being transfed
WAYNE_ > Can I have an Anerican supervisor call me or NOT Yes or no,
Marriam > Wayne, for the supervisor, this needs to be under the Department that is specific to your concern which is for your phone service's call screening
WAYNE_ > OK- so you are refusing to have a supervisor call?
Marriam > No, Wayne, I am not refusing to have a supervisor call, we need to have this transferred first to the specific department, in this case our Phone Team to have this addressed. They will be the one who will process the supervisor call. Will that be fine with you?
WAYNE_ > Ty for your incredible lack of help.
WAYNE_ > Have them call.
WAYNE_ > When will that be?
Marriam > Wayne, I can proceed with the transfer now to our Phone Team, then, they can process it for you.
Marriam > I assure you it will be really quick.
WAYNE_ > yeah,I'm sure that will help,until they transfer me to someone else
Marriam > I want to get this fixed as well, Wayne, but since it is only one number that you want to be filtered, we need to have this addressed by our Phone Team. We are from the Voice2go team which handles the calls and text features on your mobile device. And Nomorobo is a feature which blocks ALL telemarketing calls without notifying you that you are being called.
Marriam > For the Digital Voice or phone service, blocking specific number is being handled by them.
WAYNE_ > nomorobo does not work,please have an American supervisor call me
Marriam > Is it okay if I proceed with the transfer to the correct Department? I will be completely noting it on your account for reference.
WAYNE_ > I want a supervisor on the phone,this is beyond ridiculous
WAYNE_ > I've been transferred 5 or 6 times now.It's clear you condone this.Thank you for your time.
Get Verizon FIOS,The Anti-DIOS

Mays Landing, NJ

Re: I give up

WOW, you are rude. Why call the them criminals and bribe takers? I would have hung up on you instead of continuing to try to help you like they did.

Pearland, TX
Do you even understand how the system actually works?? You have to put the number in Call Screening.

Review by chgocolt See Profile

  • Location: Chicago,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $130 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 18 days
Good "It's available. TV doesn't go out too often."
Bad "Internet sucks. Not as fast as claimed. QOS is so bad that I had to give up my Voip service."
Overall "Only choose as a last resort. I'm almost ready to jump to DSL and Dish."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

6mb down 1mb up + "Power boost" It rarely performs as advertised. My VOIP worked flawlessly on RCN until I moved here and had to get Comcast. QOS is so bad that I had to dump VOIP for POTS lines. Gave Comcast 1 year and 8 service calls to fix. They claim everything is within specs. Most their service guys don't know how to do anything other than cut off the coax plugs and replace them.

___ UPDATE 2014 ____

Ok. Foolish me came back to Comcast after 5 years with U-verse internet & DirecTV.

What they CLAIM they are giving me: ALL the TV channels to 3 HD TV's. (One with DVR that can be viewed on all), ALL channels, 2 - Digital Voice lines and "Extreme" internet (120mbps down, 20mbps up). Wireless Reouter has such bad range I had to buy a booster for it. for the 1st year promo cost of $149.94 + taxes.

What they delivered: The "X1" TV system that freezes up and needs to be rebooted for the 4th time in 3 months. Wildly unstable internet service. The data compression they use will give you false readings on speed test sites. I had faster file transfers with AT&T U-Verse. Digital Voice service that is so unstable that people are asking me to switch to my cell phone for a clearer call.

Customer service response, when you can actually get them, is the usual "reboot your modem/router", "reboot your X1 main DVR." Of course there was no change in the quality of service. Got them on a "chat" session and they claim to have made configuration changes to my router. The voice service is still bad.

It's going to be a VERY long 2 years until this contract is over and I can find a provider who will actual deliver acceptable service. Maybe Google Fiber will open up in Chicago by then.

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Chicago, IL

Stupid me switched back to Comcast

Another move I regret. Took weeks for them to get my service moved. Almost lost my phone numbers in the port process. It took 3 attempts to get the port to complete.

The phone service itself is horrible. I have at least two to three times a day when the conversations are so garbled that you just give up.

The internet service is inconsistent. Some days I'll have 150mbps down and 20 mbps up. Other days like today, it freezes constantly. I watch my it stop and start every 5 seconds. (This is a WIRED connection to the Comcast router.) The wireless service from the router won't reach my kitchen. This is the only router I've ever had issues with here in 10 years.

Since installation in June, I have had 3 service outages. Nice when you're trying to work from home.

Customer service? Forget it. Endless circles of phone trees. If you're lucky enough to get a person, they transfer you back to the phone tree.

I got suckered in by a bargain price. The sour taste of the bad service will remain long after the sweet taste of a bargain has faded. I'm counting the days until my contract ends. Hopefully Google Fiber will be in Chicago by then!

Review by Immer See Profile

  • Location: Grovetown,Columbia,GA
  • Cost: $130 per month (12 month contract)
Good "The internet connection is reliable. HD Channels meet my needs."
Bad "Technical support, Customer service"
Overall "If they are the only option in town, there is no choice but to lower your expectaions of service beyond an internet connection."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

9/17/2014: We paid an electrician to re-stub the house and the install was corrected after another visit from COMCAST. We've had intermittent problems during the day. Yesterday all signal disappeared from the house (cable and internet). After a day of my wife dealing with telephone customer service (to no avail) we are finished with COMCAST. At one point when my wife asked for a way to lodge a formal complaint regarding the customer service, the tech gave my wife a bogus phone number to call. We will be moving to AT&T U-Verse this week.

I built a new house and had to switch back to Comcast. Their new Xfinity modem/router is a nice upgrade since the last time I was a customer. Their new cable boxes are also a solid upgrade in most features (I do miss the instant "last channel" button. Now I have to use a menu). The connection is more reliable, but the speeds during the day don't match what was advertised or what we are paying for.

The local Comcast also chops up a great deal of local advertising. I don't pay for advertisement, so I don't know if the 5~8 seconds of commercials that are being played and then swapped to a different commercial are billed at full price. It is a very common occurrence, so buyers beware. This comment was part of my original review, and remains. I see at least one commercial chopped to only 5~10 seconds each day. Again, I don't pay for advertisement, and I don't know if someone is getting a free 5 seconds or cheated out of 25, but as a viewer it is annoying.

The installation team, the wire burial team, and the telephone customer service teams are completely out of sync and horrible to try to work with to get a repair, troubleshooting, or to think through a problem with. We had one very nice tech come to the house to install wire and an extra grounding wire, only to have the burial team (2nd visit) remove the grounding wire, shorten the coax line, and bury a line that was never grounded. The next install guy (3rd visit) cut the buried line, laid completely new coax and chose a completely different approach to grounding the connection. All of which has yet to be buried (will require 1 possibly 2 more visits) and the telephone customer service is utterly useless. They only "add notes to the ticket" and argue against you when you ask for a supervisor, even going so far as pretending none is around. After waiting on the line for 20-40 minutes, that implies extremely long coffee/bathroom breaks, or a refusal to serve the customer. My vote is for the latter. If there was ANYONE else in my neighborhood... fIOS, WoW, ATT, we'd switch.

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Evans, GA
·AT&T DSL Service

Comcast customer service

I know it's a pain, but try this and assert your position as a paying customer (you certainly pay enough!):

First, keep notes with date and time for each change. Write down the ID of the customer service person. Record the phone conversation if practical, but the notes are best. Note the times when you call, (you will be but on hold) the time when answered, the times when you are switched to another, (on hold again) each time you talk to a customer service person and when they put you on hold.

If there is resistance from the c.s. person, be assertive; it's better not to threaten. But if you feel you must threaten, let them know your options (and then follow through if necessary): you are recording all conversations (if so), you will report dissatisfaction to various agencies: (Grovetown if they control any franchise), County, State Attorney General, etc. You can also call their sales line and complain to them. Find a corporate link to the CEO, CFO, CTO; send him (them) email. Publish results here, facebook, twitter. Talk to or send email to state and national political representatives, senators.

Finally if you know someone personally who is empowered, tell them your dissatisfactions.

My experience with comcast: they don't pay attention to their online reporting system unless when it means they can charge you more money. I have filled out user requests to not phone me and not send me email when my kids push the bandwidth allocation over the limit. I don't care because the price is still competitive - until the bill reaches a certain limit and then I will research and consider my options.

It's not enough that comast is the largest ISP, they want to gobble up Time-Warner, too. Corporations tend to follow the morality of their founders, regardless of what they say. The founder of comcast is quoted as saying something to the effect that charging for cable TV is like taking candy from a baby. If that doesn't convince you then look up "Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy" (try Wikipedia).

Review by teddystacker See Profile

  • Location: Philadelphia,Philadelphia,PA
  • Cost: $150 per month
Good "Speed"
Bad "Price , Arrogance of the provider , number of outages"
Overall "Poor customer service , way over priced"
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

Even in 2009 the number of outages were Six for the year - Totally Unacceptable in this day and age and the main reason I would not even consider their "Digital voice" service.
Customer service as poor as ever.You cannot even call your local office to see if they have a DVR in stock , if you need to swap out a faulty one.You have to stand in line for 25 mins , only to be told they do not have one - crazy when you are paying these guys $150+ a month...

Price - when your paying more to Comcast than you do for your car payment each month , then you know its time to look for a change.

Comcast have had my business for many , many years now , but we are looking for a change , how much worse could Verizon actually be?.

Edit Dec 20212

I still dislike Comcast , but still no other decent ISP here in Philly , so I wait for FIOS , Comcast you are too Expensive and still way to many outages each year..

Edit 2014:

Still dislike Comcast with a passion , still waiting for FIOS - This company just gets bigger by the day , and their prices get higher and their service poorer. Do NOT signup for Comcast unless you really have to - be warned!

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-1 recommendation

Verizon not any better

Six outages in a year, I would be thrilled!!! I have more than that in a day with Verizon. If the damn politicians really cared they would do something about this duopoly of high cost and low, low quality. But they don't because they are paid off by these scum companies. Fortunately I switch my TV from Comacast to Dish seven years ago and I've received nothing but good service (I've had to call for service du to a lightening strike and an outside connector that went bad after seven years). Now if I could only have such a choice for Internet and voice.


Philadelphia, PA

Re: Verizon not any better

Update Oct 2014. Still very much dislike Comcast , All these years and their customer service is nothing short of BAD. and the prices keep increasing , still feel ripped off every month. IF you have a choice people, shop somewhere else..