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Review by cdigioia See Profile

  • Location: Grants Pass,Josephine,OR
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Often upwards of 160Mbps down! "
Bad "Some nights have brief outages"
Overall "I just moved from a large city in E. Asia to a small US city. Wow am I surprised my internet is *faster* here..."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

I have had the "Charter Spectrum" internet-only package for just over a month. It was a $30 install fee. The modem is free to use - an Arris TM822A (which is DOCSIS 3.0). No contract. Monthly fee is $40/month for the next year. After that, "introductory pricing" ends, and it'll be god knows how much.

Speeds are phenomenal. It's officially "up to 60Mbps", but I consistently get anywhere from 130-170 down. Seriously. I actually ended up upgrading our wireless network so as not to "waste" all this unexpected speed. Up is around 4-6. What's crazy is I just moved from a very large E. Asian city, to a small US city - and my speeds are almost 2x faster here! That's weird, and very unexpected. Perhaps the 130-170 won't last, but it's been amazing so far (and usually closer to 170 than 130).

Install was pretty good, and *very* fast. I ordered around 1:00am on day 1, then by noon of day 2 they were here! About 36 hours in total. Install took about 2 hours. First they found the cable outlet in the master bedroom (we didn't want the modem there though), then after searching - found the cable line in the living room. It had been hidden behind a wallplate commandeered by the satellite install. But, he tested that line - not so good. So after talking, we opted for a completely new line to be put into the bedroom nearest the cable box. Probably we could have insisted they run line through the attic/etc. to the living room but...seems like a lot to ask, so we didn't. On the plus side, the exterior wiring he did to get a new line into the guest bedroom - couldn't be any neater. Very professional job.

Overall I'm extremely happy with it. The only con has been very late at night - on some nights, there are brief outages (like 3 minutes). Seems reasonable though.

member for 9.3 years, 1496 visits, last login: 2 days ago
updated 2 days ago


Review by megarock See Profile

  • Location: Pacific,Franklin,MO
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Speeds are amazing when it works. "
Bad "Tech support is pretty much nonexistent now."
Overall "Business class my a$$. You should be ashamed selling it as such."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

Charter's internet would likely work great if they weren't constantly trying to deny issues on their network. I had been a residential customer for years and dealt with constant issues that normally took weeks to get resolved when each time it ended up being a minor and easily fixable problem.

Instead you have to call, call, call and then call some more just to get some attention to the matter than another two to three weeks of calling to get it resolved. And lately a call to tech support can end you up on the phone for a half hour of horrible on and on sales pitches from the auto-attendant. To make matters worse I tried switching to business class for a more reliable connection and better tech support. For the price I pay I fully expected to get it. Needless to say a call puts you on hold for a very lengthy period, I get the same scripted "are you sure it's not YOU because there is nothing at all wrong with our stuff' crap I got from residential and the same slow, inept tech support that still takes a month and a half worth of calls to get something fixed.

Since I have no choice in another provider I am stuck with Charter but I am dumping the business class because all I've been doing is giving them even more money for the same horrible unstable internet connection and the same 'don't give a flying f*ck' tech support department. Not worth it at all so I can save $25 a month and have residential come out and hook up a modem and be done.

Business class my a$$!!

Update...at this point these idiots deserve the big fat 0 rating. From about 5 pm - 11 pm every single night of the week my internet basically becomes non functional. Business class, residental...don't matter. Since they did their big 100 meg upgrade my net hasn't worked worth a crap so I've been tethering off my cell phone when I want my net to work. Sad, just sad. In the past month I have had no less than ten tech visits. Almost every tech has told me the same thing too - they are going from one place to another all reporting the same issue.

Charter borked their entire network in this area with those big upgrades and switch to digital. That's when it's started and as a line tech told me - they have no idea what's wrong.

If you have any other choice (wish I did, not holding my breath for UVerse) take it. I wish I could but thanks to that monopoly it's Charter or cellular. Sadly, the cellular works better.

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updated 2 days ago


Catawissa, MO

and the winner is...

...apparently residential.

With my 'business class' my net would go down repeatedly from 5 - 10 PM. Top speed 104 meg.

With residential so far just two very quick drops - 16 locked DOCSIS channels - 110 meg and better ping times.




Charter lacks customer support!

I've had charter for 3 months now the internet hasn't worked for 1 day!..promises promises..they have had 3 appts to come out here and have showed up 0 times out of 3!..the customer service is so concerned about money that their support doesn't exist!.money money that's all it is to them. They don't listen to the customer nor do they care and the extent of their company training focuses on lying to the customer to pacify.. well I can't stand a liar and for a company to base their support solely on money and total lack of service support is no company I want to be part of. A reputable company should always stand behind their service and making sure the customer comes first..to be honest they disconnect more customers than they sign up!..no wonder they have to solicit business from a list they have to buy from another company if it were me I would rather have to solicit the company myself rather than be bothered at home with someone begging me to try their services...if a company has to solicit you all that says is they arent good enough to stand on their own 2 feet and they loose more customers than they keep!..hhhmmm sounds like bad business to me epic failure!..hopefully when Comcast takes over which is the company who bought them out by the way.. they will care about the customer who is actually the backbone of any business..if you don't have your customer well you have no company..so youd think the customers would be their priority! Unfortunately charter communications doesn't work that way!

Review by DaSneaky1D See Profile

  • Location: The Lou
  • Cost: $65 per month
Good "100mbps tier is available"
Bad "None, really. Solid, open service that works well in StL"
Overall "For a line-based connection, it's the best value to get in the StL area"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

Update 9/24/14
In less than a year, I've downgraded to the 30mbps residential tier and was bumped up to 60mbps by Charter. At the same time, I became a "cord cutter" and started to stream all of my television. I didn't want to chance a concern with high usage (and due to my increased remote working), I subscribed to their 30mbps business package...Which subsequently was in the process of being upgraded to 60mbps. Now, since Charter has gone all digital, my business tier has gone back up to 100mbps! Service has remained extremely stable as well.

Update 12/13/13
I lowered my service to the 30/4 tier to reduce costs. If I were to go back to 100mbps, it'll cost a $200 install fee and tech visit. So, for now, I'll just let Charter upgrade their lower service. In the past month, I've been updated to 8 channel bonding (downstream) and service is unquestionably solid.

Last Result:
Download Speed: 82.65 Mbps (10.33 MB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 4.01 Mbps (0.5 MB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 8 ms
Jitter: 5 ms
9/24/2014 9:19:11 PM

Update 12/9/12
Still going strong on the Ultra 100/5 tier. Very disappointed with Charter's decision to remove direct tech support from DSLR (and other social media outlets). I'm awaiting to see if this is a start to a series of further poor leadership direction.

Update 1/16/12
Upgraded to the Ultra 100/5 tier. Had to have 25 year old cable drop replaced, but service is stellar.

Update - 3/31/10
Service has been upgraded to 25/3 tier. Still solid, though I need a wireless N router to see the full potential.

Update - 6/25/09
Service has been upgraded to the 20mbps tier. Still solid.

Update - 10/28/08
I've upgraded to the 16mbps/2mbps tier...and it's been a wild ride so far. For the last three weeks, my routing is questionable when traffic hands off to their off-net provider. Latency to Chicago use to be a steady 20ms, now it's over 45ms. While that may seem like a small increase, this has been accompanied with erratic speeds and an upload that averages 500kbps to third party speed tests and no more than 1mbps internally to speedtest.charter.com. Tech support shows my line stats to be within the acceptable range.

Update - 3/9/08
Upgraded to Charter's 10mbps/1mbps tier about a year ago. No complaints what-so-ever. Speed is always there and latency is still super low. Now, when Charter gets off their tail and finally offers the 16mbps/2mbps package, I'll get that too!

Update - 12/21/06
I dropped down to Charter's 3mbps/256kbps tier. Speed is still good and consistent. The only down side I see is their pricing. Coming to the end of 2006, charging anything more than $35 for 3mbps service is nonsense, yet Charter's unbundled price is $45. Faster tiers are even more.

I'm still happy with the service, but as my needs and priorities change, me (the willing and able buyer) really sees a poor value for unbundled service.

Update - 3/15/06
Still cruising along with Charter. Have nothing negative to say about their HSI offerings in my area.

Update - 7/6/05
Charter upgraded their fastest tier to 5mbps/512kbps. Service quality is till the same. I consistently see my advertised speeds and latency is still extremely low at all times. Way to go!

Update - 1/3/05
Charter 3meg service. Simply put, it's fantastic. No outages, besides one whole cable system outage in StL City (north). Latency is super low as always. I never have any slow down.

Only service related issue is Charter's flaky DNS servers. I use Level3's (especially nice since they use L3 as their backbone provider) so any related problems are transparent by me. All in all, I have no fault to find with them.

I had SBC DSL, which I always received terrific service from, but decided to try Charter since I was getting rid of my static IP's with SBC to lower my bill. I got on with the 2 months free deal with Charter to test them out. I ordered the service in the morning and picked up the modem while on the way home from work, to a waiting connection. Now that's quick! I immediately noticed that latency was much lower on their network and the speeds were a bit higher as well, due to cap differences.

The real selling point came when I found out Charter was upgrading to the 2Mbps cap. When I power cycled my modem and received the new config file, my mouth dropped. StL users have 2.5Mbps/192kbps caps, and I get always get 2.3-2.4Mbps/181kbps speeds. Always! When playing certain games, I typically play on the lowest latency server I can find open. I found that even a 30ms ping server is "high" for my taste. Since most games do not register latency lower than 20ms, I always ignored anything reported as a "1" for the ping assuming that it meant "1 second or greater". After testing one of those servers, I found that my ping on those servers was around 7ms-15ms -- even during heavy action on screen.

Tech support has been on the ball for me the one time I needed them. The DNS servers respond very quickly. I don't like that I can't send mail while off their network, so that is a strike against them.

Who knows. The surrounding conditions of why my service is impressive may change. But for now, I'm in awe.

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Review by mtravis4 See Profile

  • Location: Norwalk,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $50 per month
Good "Always up and running. Paying for 30mbs getting constant 60mbs/4mbs"
Bad "A little pricey. $49.99"
Overall "Love the service, not the bill."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I have had Charter Pipeline since it was available years ago. They asked me to be a beta tester for a year at no cost. Had some bugs in the beginning but I like the service now.
I really expected the cost to go down by now. Not happening!

$48.00 += 2
Now: 60/4 $49.99
original Surfboard SB4100 cable modem.
New supplied modem: Motorola Surfborad MB6141

member for 9.4 years, 87 visits, last login: 10 days ago
updated 10 days ago


Review by B4Knight See Profile

  • Location: Colon,Saint Joseph,MI
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "Consistent Speed, Pretty Reliable, Customer Service Has Been Good"
Bad "Upload Speed Is Lacking"
Overall "Overall Its Been Great, But YMMV"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

Became a Charter HSI only customer in June or July of 2011 and started on the 15Mbps/3Mbps plan @ $29.99/month for 12 months. I bought my own modem which was a Motorola SB6120 (now using a SB6121) to avoid Charters then $5 modem rental fee. After the year promo had ended I think the price went to $45.99/month. Sometime in late 2012 early 2013 I was offered a chance to upgrade to Charter's 30Mbps/4Mbps plan @ $54.99/month which I am currently still on and speeds are always consistent with what was advertised. I suspect that the consistency is due to living in a small town connected to a node which has little to no congestion.

Install was quick, tech (local contractor) showed up on time and didn't have to do a whole lot inside besides reroute some of the existing wiring that was installed prior to us living in this house.

We've had I'd say about 8 outages since I've had the service and most of them were weather/power outage related. The first time I ever had to have a tech come out was towards the middle of Feb. 2014 due to squirrels damaging my drop line causing moisture to build up in it.

August 6th, 2014 - Service is still excellent. Still waiting for Charter Spectrum to be available. I have a feeling it will happen soon.

August 7th, 2014 - Spectrum Internet has gone live! Getting around 60 Mbps/4 Mbps and PowerBoost/Traffic Shaping is no longer active.

September 4th, 2014 - Added Spectrum Voice (Home Phone) for $29.99 and the lady put me on a new promo. I'm getting both Charter Spectrum Internet 60/4 and Spectrum Voice for $59.98/12 months. My POTS bill with Clear Rate Communications (CLEC in Frontier Territory) was around $60/month. I can get two services for the price of one now. Even after the promotion ends in 12 months it goes to $69.98/month which is still a good deal in my opinion.

Install is set for September 12th between 8AM-10AM. I guess that's the earliest they could get a technician to install the service, they must have a heavy workload right now. Seems like a long time, but I can wait.

September 12th, 2014 - Contractor arrived to install Spectrum voice. He arrived right around 8 AM and was finished in about an hour. He installed the phone on a separate coaxial line and mounted an Arris TM822A D3 Telephony Modem onto one of the beams in my basement. The coax for the internet and telephone run into a Atronix 2-Way Vertical Splitter and then out to the house box and so on. I opted to not get the battery backup right now as I have a cell phone. I know that E-911 location services don't work as well with cell phones, but I don't really care much about that right now. I can always add it in the future or buy my own UPS and do it myself.

Call clarity is just as good, if not slightly better than I had with my old POTS line. So no complaints there.

All in all it was a positive experience and I'm saving quite a bit of money now by bundling my internet and phone together.

Click for full size

member for 193 days, 285 visits, last login: a few hours ago
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Charter - Apple TV vs Verizon

I am on day 3 of charter service. The reason that I moved off of Verizon to Charter was when I tried hooking up my apple TV to verizon DSL I was seeing 6 hour download times. After doing a little research I found that for $5 more a month I can try Charter. It came with a 12 month commitment, which is sub optimal but I figured give it a shot because as of now Apple TV is useless.

So the review - internet is faster, can download / stream content from anywhere instantly. I am amazed at how fast the download speed is. I hope the service stays as consistent over the course of 12 months. For now, moving from Verizon appears to be a good move.
Colon, MI

1 recommendation

Re: Charter - Apple TV vs Verizon

12 month commitment? Charter did away with contracts and commitments years ago.. Maybe they still offer them to people who want to lock in a lower rate, most likely bundled. They do have a 30 or 60 day money back guarentee though.

Charter is the only cable provider in my town and Frontier offers DSL with a maximum speed of 6mbps download and around 1Mbps upload. A few of my neighbors had Frontier and could only pull about 3Mbps download even during off peak hours. So for me Charter was a no brainer as Frontier would never meet my needs. Welcome to Charter and I hope your experience is just as good as mine has been for the past 2+ years


Sparks, NV

Re: Charter - Apple TV vs Verizon

I'm on a 12 month commitment. I am bundled but neighbor isn't. He's on a 12 month commitment as well.

Review by gzt7d8 See Profile

  • Location: Swartz Creek,Genesee,MI
  • Cost: $110 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Speeds are more consistent since we went to 8 channels in June 2014"
Bad "Raised my rates $15/month and NO EXPLANATION!"
Overall "Spectum raised some downloads (30Mb to 60Mb) at no cost, but those on Ultra plan got no lift, so bad value for the $$"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Update September 11, 2014
Our area went to 8 channel bonding in June 2014. Since that time, my speeds are much more consistent even during prime time hours. Consistently get 100Mb+ on the download now, even during prime time hours 7pm - 11pm, my speeds are 90Mb+.

The only annoyance there is now is the fact that move to digital, Spectrum, raised the speeds of those from 30Mb to 60Mb plans, but us on Ultra got now lift so we are not getting any bang for our buck right now, considering dropping down a plan to get a better value.


Update April 14, 2013
Charter removed their social media support here at the site and the downward spiral continues. Now they've raised my rates by $15/month and I got NO explanation why. And did we get any improved service................NO.

I'll say one thing, the first service interruption or slow down, I'm going to make sure they see how pissed I am.

Update December 16, 2012
Charter has removed their social media support at this site. A very sad day, in deed. I have had much success using this to resolve my problems, now the bean counters have shut it down and want you to call in and get frustrated out of your mind.

Service has been good but will take a turn as Charter positions itself. I'm on the Ultra 100 and have good speeds, usually in the 95%-105% range of the paid service. I don't have Television, just Internet. Connection is good so I haven't adjusted that.

I've reduced Tech Support not because of an experience, but because they removed coverage at this site.


Update November 18,2010
Channel Bonding has Arrived!! Oh and Ultra 60 came along too.

First night test


Updated November 7, 2010
Charter has moved customers on the upper tier, here in Michigan to 25Mb/3Mb package. I continue to have pretty stable speed tests. I run a lot of my tests at SpeedTest.net, Since July 1, 2010 I've run 56 tests. My average download/upload is 34.22Mb/3.17Mb.

Best test

Earlier this year there was a lot of chatter about channel bonding being rolled out with Charter, but I haven't seen anything Michigan, yet. Closest I've seen any posts was in Wisconsin. Got my DOCSIS 3 modem, ready when ever you are Charter!

Updated April 19, 2009
Just upgraded to the 20MB/2MB package about a month ago. I was on the 10MB/1MB for some time and it was a very reliable package, for me. I consistently got 95% of the advertised speeds all the time, even prime time.

When I upgraded to the higher package my speeds were not as consistent as before. In prime time I'm lucky to hit 15MB on the download. Now reading other Charter posts on BBR forum I would have to consider myself lucky. I've read some real horror stories. Never the less, I'm disappointed in the results.

I'm not a heavy download user, but I still expect to get what I pay for. I've been checking my speeds daily since I upgraded. I've ran over 300 tests using Charter's speedtest and another off network speed site. When you breakdown the results, the morning time frame averaged 17.5MB, afternoon averaged 16.9MB, prime time averaged 15.9MB and late night averaged 19.5MB. The overall testing has averaged 17.1MB. People will say that you should have no complaints, but I wouldn't agree. I've only hit 20MB one time in my testing and that was in the 1AM time frame.

I not sure if contacting Charter would help, since there was so many others that have posted the same results. I'll tolerate it for now, but if it gets worst, I will contact tech support if I get no satisfaction I'll got back to a lower tier.

Lastly, I do want to give kudos to the techs that monitor the Charter Forum on BBR. They do attempt and have fixed problems that you have, and for that I'm grateful for their efforts.


Updated March 8, 2008
Late 2007 had issues with speeds. Prime time speeds were 20% - 40% of advertised tier. Actually got tech who monitors the Charter Forum to take notice of our problem. They were the reason it was corrected. Speeds have been very consistent for me other than the occasional problems.
I recognize that I pay a lot for the service 10Mb/1Mb, but it is not a packaged deal, so I have no room for compliant. I have to accept that and hope that the cost will drop over time. There is no competition where I live, so I don't have much leveraging capability with Charter.
I will consider the 16Mb service when it becomes available, because I love to surf at the speed of life.


Updated May 6, 2006
I've been disappointed with Charter this year. The speeds are not consistent anymore. I feel like I'm on a party line and all the life gets sucked out between 6pm and 11pm, daily. I'm paying for 5Mb/512Kb but it is not worth the value when you download speeds drop below 1Mb in the evening. It is just prime time that I see the huge slow downs, and I never had that problem prior to this year.

I've called Charter, but no change. Let's just admit that the infrastructure needs investment and they don't have the capital to get it done.

So I can complain, but I don't have other Broadband choices. Using direcpc was like a fast phone line connection, that is way over priced.


I live outside of any major city in mid-Michigan so my only broadband service available was DirecPC satellite service. I used this service for 21 months before Charter Pipeline was made available. Satellite worked well for me but it was a very inconsistent service.

Charter has been a good move for me. Installation went very well, and the service is consistent and my average speeds are very close to the service that I pay for. (1544/128) These speeds are all day long, I haven't had any experience with degradation of speeds. I hope it stays that way.

Of course, I can only speak for the service in my area. I have seen and read where the Charter service is less than desirable in other areas of the US. That was the reason why I tried a 3 month package with Charter before I committed.

My bad experience happened the first week after I had the service. I lost my service and after 4 field visits and 2 no shows it was fixed. Good thing I wasn't running a business.

At this time, my experience has been great. I'm very pleased with the service and hope continues.


Update June 8, 2003
I am coming up on 1 year and for the most part the Good and Bad points still apply. I feel "lucky" that the connection works as well as it does, but when I have a problem, it has taken Technical Support weeks to get the problem fixed. The last occurance probably could have been fixed in a week, but it took 7 weeks to fix. The Technical Support offices and Field Services do not work together in this area. I'm not sure why but Field Services keep sending the wrong Tech to fix the problem. It took way too long and was unexceptable service.

When it works, it works, but boy when it goes in the ditch it seems to take for ever to get fixed.


Update September 28, 2003
For Charter customers the recent upgrade to 2Mb down has been a hot topic of discussion. I was part of a stress test that Charter ran in the month of August for customers on the east side of Michigan. The network seems to handle the increase without issue. My speed tests continue to run in the 95% - 99% of advertised speeds. I also have had many speed tests exceed the 2Mb cap.

Upload continues to be a question of debate. But my conversations with local offices here indicate that 256Kbs will become the norm pretty soon.

For me, and I can't speak for others, Charter has been a good value. The sound bites above continue to summarize my experience. I suppose I probably land in the lucky category. Maybe yes, maybe no.


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Review by krommulent See Profile

  • Location: Mankato,Blue Earth,MN
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 1 days
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

this is also not a review

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they have to be the worst cable co in the world they bill you early and most often they suk big time



Re: service

I mean.. it cant be as bad as at&t basic plan of 1.5 download, 256k upload can it? Ive had minimal trouble, but recently have had 2 days straight of internet going down every 24 hours.. charters coming tomorrow..

Review by kf6uzf See Profile

  • Location: Grover Beach,San Luis Obispo,CA
  • Cost: $29 per month
Bad "Tech Support doesn't have a clue"
Overall "Stay Away! Very Far Away!!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

Internet service was down for 17 days. 5 technicians later still no internet. Symptoms were partial routing of traffic. For instance, if I traceroute to a site north of me (i.e. bay area) it would succeed. If I traceroute to a site south of me (like charter.com) it timed out in a charter router. I couldn't get them to understand that if a Charter customer can not get to the charter.com website that there is a problem. They kept trying to get me off the phone by saying that it was my router and/or the speed test passed even though they wouldn't accept the fact that I had my computer plugged directly into the cable modem and the speed test site was north of me so of course it passed.

Bottom line their tech support reps and their technicians will saying anything to get off the call or leave the site if the problem is not within their 'canned' list of problem/responses. From the initial installation to this ultimate call I have little faith in anything Charter does except sending the bill on time. Seems they have that business task down pat.

Ultimate cause of my problem was an invalid DHCP IP address and netmask. Seems when the entire area went down for 4 hours and came back up, my cable modem acquired a new DHCP lease which was not routed in certain charter routers. Even modem reboots did not help because typical DHCP servers will pass out the same IP address base on MAC address if the lease hasn't expired. 17 days of problems were solved by simply renewing my DHCP lease and getting a new IP address.

Thanks Charter....I fixed it myself!

BTW - I called billing to get pro-rated for the outage days and they would not give me the credit for the 'router problem' and 'speed test' days even though it was one problem all along.

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updated 26 days ago


Monroe, MI

One minor correction

The modem doesn't acquire the public i address - the device (router, computer NIC, etc.) connected to the modem does and is associated with its MAC address.

Farmington, MO

Re: One minor correction

I had a issue like that I had to change my modem wan mac and it fixed itself I was told someone else had a ddrt on same node that spoofed the same mac... but gezz I should have bought a lotto ticket that day

Review by shreezbot See Profile

  • Location: Pelham,Shelby,AL
  • Cost: $109 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "The speed during the day when I'm not at home is great!"
Bad "The speed during peak hours when I'm actually at home using the internet is atrocious and unusable..."
Overall "Don't use Charter in Pelham, AL if you want to use the internet between 7:00 PM CST and 12:00 AM CST"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I've had issues with Charter for over a year now. I'm on the ultra 100 plan, and I've been fighting with support and we've run the gambit of possible resolutions. We've laid new wire in the yard and replaced the tap outside, and checked and replaced a number of other components They can't send someone out during the times when the problem is actually occurring, so they send a technician during the day and surprisingly they can't find a problem because everything is working as expected. I ask if someone can come out during the times I'm having troubles and they say they don't have anyone working during those hours. After a year of this mess, I was told that the switch to all digital on 7/22/2014 would help because capacity would be added to the network as a part of this upgrade. Since then, the problem has gotten worse during peak hours, and during non-peak hours, my speed has been cut in half. I was then told that it would be another month before more capacity could be added on August 8th.

Just to put my review in perspective, before the switch to all digital, I could at least get 100 mbps during off-peak hours. During peak hours, however, I usually can't get more than ONE (1) megaBIT per second (yes, bit, not byte!)... Now, since the switch to all digital on the 22nd, I can't get a speedtest over 50 mbps ever, even during non-peak hours.

UPDATE 9/2/2014: Speed issues seem to be mostly resolved with the rollout of Spectrum in my area. This would seem to be consistent with my theory that Charter had capacity issues and was oversubscribing my area and still charging customers who were having problems full price.

I've also asked them about the possibility of updating either the price or speed of the Ultra 100 plan to bring it in line with the 60 Mbps of Spectrum, and the laughed at me (literally laughed at me on the phone). I stand by my suggestion that if anyone has an option other than Charter that they take it.

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  • Location: Birmingham,Jefferson,AL
  • Cost: $100 per month
  • Install: about 8 days
Good "Is pretty good service when there is nothing else to compare it with"
Bad "Bad tech support, bad service, techs on the field are as bad as they get"
Overall "Last resort if no other choice is present"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I had the 100 Mb service for a while now. For the last several months it was acceptable, but never got up to 100 Mb as paid. &5 Mbps was the best in a good day, and the norm was about 50-55. It was always the "other guy" fault - in this case the customer. Let me think of some examples: " your home network is the cause"... " your computer is too slow" , " we can send a tech out " who never ever found an issue, but wanted to charge me 35$, or... " we can upgrade you to our finest business account".

Overall the service is ok when it works. Most of the time is a roller coaster, like is either crawling slow, or ping times are horrendous, to service is completely out.

Calls to their support is a joke. If ones call several times, you can pretty much learn the script. I was so well versed on the script at some point that I knew when they skipped a question or a "test" and I pointed it out to them. No sense of humor on the other end when you do that.

Overall, is a service to be used as a back up. I would not use this as my main source of Internet. But then again, it could have been Comcast... Yet Charter is getting close to that quality of service.

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