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Review by blomywhistle See Profile

  • Location: Worcester,Worcester,MA
  • Cost: $45 per month
Good "Install was fine, modem provided"
Bad "Horrible service. Slow all the time; barely usable at peak times"
Overall "Never met anyone happy with Charter."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Installation was good. Speeds can be ridiculously slow, and are never consistent. I believe Charter claims something like "up to 30Mb downstream" - it's hard to know what I'm getting at this point since it's not stated on my account or bill. Most times I am at about 7Mb, but Friday and Saturday evening speed tests leave me praying for a stable 1Mb.

Bottom line is that Charter offers speeds of "up to" whatever imaginary number they think sounds cute for the price they are charging.

member for 12 years, 936 visits, last login: 4 days ago
lodged 7 days ago


Atascadero, CA

Please to meet you.

Hi my name is Geoff. Now you have met somebody happy with Charter
Boone, NC

Re: Please to meet you.

Me too, more than happy. Great price & speed & reliability. Probably an area thing for reviewer.

Review by Longview See Profile

  • Location: Waupun,Dodge,WI
  • Cost: $95 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "The install was very quick."
Bad "Pray that you don't have to deal with support."
Overall "I will be leaving them soon."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)


This is a review of Charter's TV/Internet(15Mbps) package. Our HD television becomes pixelated every once in awhile. It has gotten worse in the last 3 months. The internet was solid for the whole two years until the last week. Now my speeds have dropped to what I have posted above. After chatting with tech support, I restarted my modem and router. No change in speeds. The next tech told me I needed to get a new modem(which they would ship for free) and I would have to upgrade to 30Mbps for an extra $2/month. I agreed to that. I was then called by Charter about an hour later and told that I would be receiving a cancellation fee as my contract had not run out. They would wave the fee if I would switch to a new package, which would have been approximately $50 more per month. My contract runs out in 16 days. I told them to cancel the new modem and new package. I tried unplugging my modem for 10 minutes. After repowering and power cycling my router, I suddenly had 33Mbps down/3Mbps up. This lasted for about an hour. Now my speeds are back to what I got in the test above.

Charter's service is very good, until something goes wrong. I will be saying goodbye to Charter in 16 days.

member for 8.9 years, 30 visits, last login: 13 days ago
lodged 16 days ago

Colon, MI

Charter Review

Sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience with Charter lately. Have you had any technicians actually come out and check on things?

I've been a HSI customer only for over 2 years now and I've had very few problems during that time. Customer support has been quite good and the techs that I've had knew what they were doing and were able to answer just about any questions I had. I do wish that Charter hadn't consolidated their speed tiers, as it makes it unappealing for those on a tighter budget. However in spite of that I personally get the speeds I pay for at virtually any time of day or night. Looking forward to the speed increase later on this year even though the upload is staying the same. Once they complete the all digital transition though there is no excuse not to increase upload speeds.

Its unfortunate that you feel the need to leave, best of luck with whoever you choose to be your next provider



Re: Charter Review

I had Charter internet for the past several years and generally have been satisfied with it, the only negative was
more latency than I would have expected around 80ms on average which despite having 25 Mbps it seemed quite a bit slower than that. Phone CSRs were polite, fairly well trained....

The biggest flaw is with the ridiculous single speed tier and a whopping price too. No other choices. Stupid and customer
UNfriendly in the biggest way. Not all customers can afford such a luxury of 30-60 Mbps and just as many have no need for those speeds at all and certainly do not want to pay for something they will never use. That is the fault of
arrogant CEO Tom Rutledge and his posse of wealthy clowns staffing the posh executives offices in one of the most wealthy locations in the USA, Stamford CT.

I was more than satisfied with my original Internet Lite
tier package at 1-3 Mbps at 19$-25$/mo. But I was led off that tier with a special promo and told I could return to that package when the promo expired, but that next year the Internet Lite tier was GONE!

Thanks Tom Rutledge.
Colon, MI

Re: Charter Review

I can see where you are coming from. I can see Charter not allowing customer owned modems anymore to lessen truck rolls possibly but consolidating into 2 speed tiers is pretty stupid. If anything they should have a 15/2 tier or lower, 30/5, 60/8 or 60/10, and for those who can afford it 120/15 or 120/20. 15/2 tier should be priced at $25-28/month everyday price not promo. I think it's more of bragging rights for Charter than anything else

Review by toyboy1949 See Profile

  • Location: United State
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $128 per month
Bad "Just terminated service after over fifteen years. They charged me nor service call that they told me I needed was not."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

Had business internet and telephone service for over ten years through Charter at last location. After hard freeze and pipe bursting had a remodel of the office and when modems were reconnected, internet was not working. Customer Service Rep was diligent and polite but was unable to resolve the problem externally after trying for nearly an hour. He said the equipment showed it was connected but was not reaching the internet. A serviceman would need to come in probably to replace their modem. It was a Saturday and they said they would try to send someone by ASAP. Serviceman came after an hour and system problem was no longer evidenced. I had good connectivity. Whatever they did remotely had worked. I was not told there would be any charge and understood that business service included service calls as well as priority service. Got my next bill and there was $115 service charge on the bill. I put in a call to change to a new provider (My local non profit Utility). As soon as they installed new service, I returned my modems to Charter where representative said she was logging it in and my service was cancelled. I called customer service about the service charge and to get my final bill amount. One hour on hold then I was told that person at Charter office who took back the equipment had not and could not have cancelled my service but did log in my return. I was bumped to another service rep who the service charge was a mistake and he would remove it. Would I reconnect. I said no but I would tell others I was treated fairly and service was OK when I had it. Then he told he it was too late and he could not remove the service charge even though this charge was on my current bill and I had not yet received another bill. Pitiful Manipulative Practices Continue.

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Review by paintcheck See Profile

  • Location: Kalamazoo,Kalamazoo,MI
  • Cost: $214 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Stable"
Bad "Sales/Customer Service"
Overall "You might end up cancelling your service every year to get decent pricing"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Been a long time Charter customer until today. Called because my promotional pricing with a 2 year commitment expired and bill doubled. Customer service rep was belittling and instead of listening to what I wanted based on what they offer on their site, they kept asking what channels I watched. Customer rep explained that they cannot give the pricing that is available online through their site. Long story short - good luck getting a good service rep on renewing your service. You might end up in my boat and cancelling your service for some time just to get a competitive rate or ditching them all together.

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We have had charter internet for a couple of months and have spent more time not being able to get online than using the internet . We have had 3 line replacements and a new modem in this short period of time too! We even had a tech come out and stay until almost midnight! Because he had no idea what he was doing. And belive it or not i am writing this on
my phone as suprise, suprise my internet is down AGAIN .i am not impressed to say the least if you have other choices use them these guys are awful !!!!

Review by Batdan See Profile

  • Location: Eatonton,Putnam,GA
  • Cost: $130 per month
Good "They worked with me on my mother's price"
Bad "Dropped support on speed test sites. Dropped retention specialists. Dropped specials on pricing for old customers. Raised rates."
Overall "Charter is no better than it was when I started with them. "
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

This amendment skips my experiences with AT&T after dropping Charter for the reasons listed above.

The semi monopolies still have their problems mostly because they are that and people have little choice, especially in the rural areas, where I am now.

I moved to help my mother after my father died and started shaping up her finances by taking care of rip offs that she nor he ever paid attention to.

Charter, out here, uses subcontractors and techs from another cable company in another town that is smaller than where I now live. They are just as adequate and Inadequate as they were in Metro Atlanta. Some are befuddled by the most obvious problems and others can figure out issues right away or soon enough.

Old, inferior cat5 cable was the last that confused two techs and was immediately obvious to the third tech that came out here. Telephone support assumes everyone has a set top box and we don't.

Speeds are still all over the place as they were years ago.

Charter charges folk in rural areas more for less service and speed than I received in metro Atlanta before dropping them. They begged me to come back with all sorts of offers and telling me they added back the promotional specials merry-go-round for old customers, but that was too late as I was in a contract with AT&T.

I was last paying $65 per month for AT&T's internet access and TV. Here, Charter was charging my folks over $150 for internet and tv. I got it down to $130 and added phone after that for the same amount. Apparently, telecoms know that there is less knowledge about technology and pricing in the sticks than the concrete jungle and are more than happy to capitalize on it.

AT&T doesn't offer U-Verse here in the country, so I would've had to dicker with Direct TV or Dish and I'm not ready to give up TV when inclement weather is on the way to us. Unfortunately, for over the air tv and cell phone connections, we sit behind a national forest and wildlife conservation. A 200 to 300' mast w/antenna would probably work but is not on the immediate agenda. I often use aluminum foil to catch better signals for cell phone connections inside and outside the house.

Charter has a commercial looking for field tech workers. I need a new job, so maybe....... If they don't read this that is.

They lost out on the buy out of Time Warner and I didn't like the attitude they publicly took with the idea of the buyout so as with all the others, the bottom line with them is profit first and customer service last.

End of amendment. 3-2-'14

Ever since charter and Comcast upped their speeds for free (joke as they then some months later added a $10 charge.) and added Comcast's Speed Boost(tm) the speeds and packet loss have been horrible. Not consistently bad nor good. No consistency at all. I downgraded from 16Mbs to 8 to see if stability would improve (nope) and for lesser cost. American (then) retention specialist told me a lie that that was the lowest they had. A month ago talked to another retention person (American) and she told me they had 1Mbs so I opted for that since the speeds are all over the board anyway and the cost was lower. Dropped their telephone, yet it's still on. Speeds are still somewhere between 43Kbs and 23Mbs. Told them to drop the TV cable and she talked me out of that, but they keep deleting channels that I was getting so that will be dropped soon.

And now they charge $40 for any service call regardless of interior or exterior.

Constantly double checking their bills as they have been wrong for the past 6 months.

Deregulation does not help when companies can't police themselves properly and we as customers don't have cable choices.

member for 4.6 years, 82 visits, last login: 48 days ago
updated 49 days ago


Review by Ahuacamolli See Profile

  • Location: Riverside,Riverside,CA
  • Cost: $57 per month (month by month)
Good "Reasonably reliable cable internet and television service."
Bad "Customer/Tech service is deplorable"
Overall "Charter is the only realistic choice for cable television and internet service in my neighborhood."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Pacific Bell - SBC
Despite some ongoing issues involving my use of a CableCARD with a TiVo Roamio, and Charter's indifference to it's existing customers desires, and needs, I believe that Charter's services. overall, are the best they've ever been.

Their customer/tech service has grown more deplorable. And they have no real competition in my area (AT&T's uVerse is still delivered over copper wire to my home; Verizon and Time Warner are locak, but don't "service" my neighborhood; and DirecTV and Dish TV are unreliable, and don't provide broadband internet service)

member for 12.3 years, 140 visits, last login: 51 days ago
updated 127 days ago




Line issue?

What does Charter's Pipeline service entail? I've got their regular cable modem service in the Lake Arrowhead area and regularly test over my speed at any time of the day. Have you checked inside wiring or from the pole to your house as the issue? I had to have Charter come out and fix the drop to my house as it was almost completely worn through, completely fixed any problems I had.



Re: Line issue?

Quick reply to my own post, but it seems Charter Pipeline is a hybrid cable modem service, one-way download (from cable plant to user) and using dial-up for upload. I feel like this hasn't been used in years and I'm not sure of the validity of this report.

Saint Louis, MO

Re: Line issue?

Looks to me like this report is probably about 10 years old.

Stanley, NC

Re: Line issue?

If he was getting 30Mbps ten years ago, that was pretty amazing.

Chesterfield, MO

Make Sure it isn't Your Stuff

Connect just your cable modem to the main wire coming in the house (no splitters). Does this improve anything? Do the same for one of your digital TVs/converter boxes. Does this improve the video quality?

Access your modem's status page and note your downstream and upstream signals. It could be that one or both are not what they should be despite the cable technicians claiming they are OK.

Take note of the signals when the modem is the only thing on your inside wiring without any splitters and when it's wired as it is normally. Are there significant differences?

Regarding pixelization, do you have any open taps in your house? If so, can you disconnect the unused runs from the used runs? If not, buy some metal coax caps to prevent exterior signals leaking into your home's wiring (ingress). If you can remove unused runs, don't forget to cap off the unused taps on splitters that now have empty taps. If you've removed unused runs, can you eliminate any splitters?

If there's a significant performance difference between everything hooked to the coax vs. the cable modem being the only thing, consider a bi-directional signal amp. Get a good one and then buy a good single splitter that provides enough ports for all your needs. This will get rid of splitters on splitters and potentially solve some of the pixelization and packet loss problems.

Of course you could do all this and not see much or any improvement if there's some chronic problem with Charter's system in your area. That would be unfortunate but hopefully they will fix it.

One last thing about packet loss. This is experienced over a wired Ethernet connection correct? If you are using WiFi, you could have interference in your area -- even if the signal strength is good/excellent. In my house I have dual band router in the basement. Although I have to use 2.4Ghz on the second floor (5Ghz doesn't penetrate well), there are times when the 2.4Ghz band is getting thumped by competing microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices and 2.4Ghz phones. Despite a strong signal, I still get packet loss and lower speeds. If I'm on the first floor, I flip my laptop to the 5Ghz band and all the problems vanish.

Review by armed See Profile

  • Location: Carson City,Carson City,NV
  • Cost: $164 per month
Good "Its speed is now stable and consistent 24x7. I have eight bonded channels now"
Bad "would like to have better upload speeds"
Overall "Its worth the money"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Speed ordered is 30MBs down. But it is all over the place... highest was 42 and lowest was 2 MBs..

Got triple play replacing ATT landline and DSL. Total cost with TV and phone including taxes is $164/month. Thats a $15/month savings with faster speed.

The phone and TV are fine but Internet is not all that stable yet.

Update: The Interent stability is fixed and the speed is in the low 40'sMps. I'm happy.

Oh, I got their free cloud storage service. 10 TB and no cost because we went triple play. I like that service... a lot!

Update 4/1/13: Ever since install the night time speed has been less than the 30 MBs (mostly about 10-15-MBs) but the last month I see drastic speed cuts at night. Most nights it drops to 2 MBs and sometimes down to 1.5MBs. I didn't complain before because the speed was at least 50% faster than my old DSL. But these new low speeds are a drag and its time to start squeaking like an ungreased wheel,

Oh, the unlimited online backup is history for new subscribers now... but it was very slow for uploads anyway.

Update 11/16/13: The low download speeds at night were fixed around June and I have 8 bonded channels and consistent speed 24x7

member for 13.5 years, 3558 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 155 days ago



Nashville, TN


How can one have 10TB cloud storage? the bandwidth cap is 250GB a month....


Re: 10TB?

Click for full size
You know they don't seem to be enforcing it. One rep said they won't on this. I don't know but its way beyond my needs anyway. I have all my music and pictures backed up there and my wife's documents. Total about about 40 gigs so far. Its not an issue for me as I won't exceed 250 gigs a month anyway.

Last night I backed up my Garmin GPS at about 6 gigs. It took about 5 hrs since upload is much slower( 4Mps). So up loading 10 TB would be a time problem. LOL

It so far is a nice surprise that I didn't expect much from. Their program seems to work well and it even has the storage cloud acting like a system drive so you can drag and drop files into it and it automatically uploads it. Plus they have an automatic backup program that works much like windows automatic backup.

It is serving as my redundant off site backup that I have been looking for. And with Triple play it free to boot.

Here's how it shows in the Windows Explorer window:

BTW I used to read you a lot when you were active on the Millinium board.



Slow Charter speed

I first got Charter broadband in 2002 and at first it was slow as dial up. The reason: squirrels. Charter replaced the affected line. I finally got broadband speed. They assurred me it was squirrel proof.

Fast forward to Jan 2013. No interrnet. Squirrels? Yes. Technician replaced 5 ft of cable that had (10) squirrel bites in it.

I am still convinced another section has been on the squirrels' dinner plate.

Review by vaxvms See Profile

  • Location: Worcester,Worcester,MA
  • Cost: $120 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "The technicians that come to my place have been great."
Bad "Telephone support sucks. Too many CSRs are mindless script readers. Cable box updates happen during prime time."
Overall "When things are good they are very good. When things a bad they are VERY bad."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Ordering service was quick and pleasant.
Installation was good. Installer did what I asked without hassle. Arrived when scheduled.
I HAD to get Charter phone service - Verizon service was a big problem. It's been fine.
I have my own modem and router so I don't have any Charter hardware.
I haven't had to use tech support yet.

update April 2008
Phone support is useless. 1) When I had a problem and called support the person wasn't interested in hearing my problem. The operator just wanted my name and address to send a tech. 2) One day my connection dropped. After waiting 2 hours I called support asking if there was a problem. They weren't aware of any problems and told me there must be a large area without service and I happened to be the first to report it. Not the case.
Techs visiting my home have found and fixed problems quickly. These fixes have been simple. I hop not-so-simple problems are resolved quickly.

update: July 2008
Phone support is still useless. Techs sent out to fix hardware problems have been knowledgable and make quick work of diagnosing and replacing broken hardware. The time to get a tech to my home has been very fast. Scheduled a visit on a Saturday morning and tech arrived in 4 hours.

Update January 2009
Things are slacking off. There have been many times where the net connection will drop a few times in a short period. No real pattern to when the connection drops. It doesn't take long to come back but it's more than just annoying when there's 3 or 4 dropped connections in a hour.
I've given up on calling tech support and the standard "There's an outage in your area. We don't know when it'll be fixed." response. Cable service has vanished a few times in the past couple months.

Update April 2009
Outages of all 3 services is becoming more common; at least once a month. Typically service is out for more than 4 hours. Calls to support require I give them my name, phone number, account number, address, and more before they tell me the standard "There's an outage in your area. We don't know when it'll be fixed." response. When service is restored it's back for less than an hour before it goes out again for half an hour. The "new" SA box I got had to be replaced after 3 months.

Update Oct 2009
Service has started dropping out sporatically in rainy weather. When it was happening last(?) year they replaced their box on the utility pole that had become full of water. Literally full of water. Techs were at the neighbor's house this week. Shortly after they arrived my service went out. It's been flickering ever since. Talked to the techs before they left. The techs said the neighbor was having problems with their 'net connection but they could find no problem. Powerboost was introduced a couple days ago.

Update Nov 2010
Network service has been stable.

Update Jun 2011
Phone support is still completely clueless to the real world.
A couple extended outages over the past couple months

Update November 2011
Home service: N/C
I work in downtown Worcester. We have Charter business service. When things are working they work well. When there are problems it can be a nightmare. But that seems to be the case with any service that is provided using wires in downtown Worcester.

Update July 2012
When service works, it's great. When there's a problem phone support is USELESS. For example: I call and report a problem. Tech support says there's no outage in the area. I ask Could it be I'm the first person to be reporting a problem? Support person response is NO YOU COULDN'T ' BE. Then a minute later tells me there is a problem in your area.
Upgrading from service I currently have to the new minimal service will cost me $15/month. Lord I wish there was some other provider available here.

30 minutes later
When service is out, phone support is LESS THAN USELESS

Again I say
Charter phone support sucks farts out of dead dogs butts
both home and business service.

Yet again I say
Charter phone support sucks farts out of dead dogs butts, both home and business service. 4 out of 5 CSR are completely ignorant and useles.
I've been forced to 30/4 service. I don't need or want 30/4 15/3 would be great. But Charter has declared that to be NFG. The only good thing to say about the required 30/4 service is getting a DOCSIS 3 modem from them.

The new 2 option internet service sucks. Charter's offering of 100Mbps or 30Mbps combined with their attitude of 'You don't like it? Then go f*ck yourself' is ridiculous. What's next a 2 package tv offering? You can gave All channels and offerings for $500/month or basic plus a bunch of channels you'll never watch for $150/month.
Cable TV - updates to the software/firmware in the cable box have been happening while I'm watching TV. The show video&audio disappear when a blue screen pops up announcing an update. After the update finishes the show returns. These interruptions have been happening between 8 & 10 PM.
When my package deal ended and internet became 2 choices with no package deals ever again I called Charter to see what I could get. I had to speak with 3 ignorant persons before I got to 1 who knew what he was talking about. One of the persons I spoke with told me the price for internet service would never change. What? What do you mean it'll never change? Are you telling me the cost will never go up? The price will never change sir but there will be adjustments made to cover costs to provide the service. So I'll be paying more for the service. No sir the cost will never change.

Charter's phone support system is USELESS!!!!!

member for 9.1 years, 3994 visits, last login: a few hours ago
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So they are not useless then? Good. 3




Hey - I'm in the Tri-Cities too. After fighting a losing battle with Verizon for many years, bagged 'em and got Charter Cable Internet. Wow!! Super-fast 15Mb/sec down, 3 Mb/sec upload. Had it a year now and only two outages the whole time. One tech support to my house, went well and fixed the problem. Started at $19.99 a month - has kept creeping up now to about $30.00. My only complaint!

Kevin a


charter are criminals

I was told the same thing about the router. Even though I bought the one the suggested. Also the owe me $1478.54. When I was makinga payment they withdrew $770 instead of $77. It cause over$700 in overdrafts in my banking account. This was in March 2013. It is October and still haven't gotten my money back. They state that is to late

Review by rahlquist See Profile

  • Location: Villa Rica,Carroll,GA
  • Cost: $70 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Connection is faster than anything else we can get. "
Bad "Installer was not familiar with DirecTV equipment."
Overall "Be wary."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

I have to say I was warned there would be problems but I only have had two issues so far. One the installer had to disconnect some of the connections from my DirecTV equipment at the POI outside in order to tone out the jacks to find the one for the room I wanted the modem in. In the processes he hooked the cable with the Power Inserter for my setup to the wrong port rendering my setup dead. I didn't realize this till after he left because he asked me top power all the DirecTV stuff off and unplug it so it wouldn't interfere with his toning process. So my fault for not testing before he left, after I realized this I called him back and asked him to return, he was already on another job so I told him I could wait, meanwhile I powered up my power inserter and went out and checked the cables, found the right one, hooked it back to the right port and everything worked. I then contacted him and told him I'd fixed it and he didn't need to come back.

Secondly was the misscharges. Before I ordered I came here and got a quote of;
- 2 year service agreement @ $29.99/mo for 8/1 Base Package
- 12 months free 16/2 HSI Plus Upgrade ($10/mo after)
- $5/mo Modem Lease
Installation is $35.

So I jumped on it. When the Bill arrived it was
$54.99 for service
$25.00- credit
$10 Plus Upgrade
$5 modem rental
$49.99 install

I posted about this over in the direct forum here and they corrected it, but its a shame it was ever wrong in the first place.

tl;dr their customer service is AWFUL.
Please see my threads »[HSI] *RANT* Charter Business Internet and »[HSI] For gods sake whats it take to get good service

member for 12.4 years, 1825 visits, last login: 4 days ago
updated 206 days ago


Review by megarock See Profile

  • Location: Pacific,Franklin,MO
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Speeds are amazing when it works. "
Bad "Tech support is pretty much nonexistent now."
Overall "I've given up. I'm switching to business class in hopes of getting something that actually works. "
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

Been a Charter customer since they bought out AT & T's cable operations in St. Louis City. Since the city initially built and wired the system then sold it to AT & T who did everything they could to wreck it and make it worthless when Charter originally took over things they were rocky for quite a few years. Bad equipment, constant outages... and that was with nothing more than analog TV service.

Through the years I watched Charter upgrade and build out every wealthy neighborhood first then slowly work their way to us 'poor' city folks who paid the same dollar amount on their bills. The City was the last to get internet and digital services and for quite some time they never worked right.

Eventually though Charter improved. Over the years speeds have improved, reliability is better and I don't get the horrible evening congestion like I used to. After moving out of the City and into Franklin County I entered an area where Charter completely built the system from the ground up. 100 Mbps service, HDTV, phone.... however it is the only game in town unless you go with an even more expensive and even less reliable wireless company (we have two) that service the area. AT & T won't service my area - too far from the CO.

In the past two years that Charter's new system has been in place I have had no less than 30 tech visits. Everything works fine for several months then collapses into something absolutely unusable. Until recently I was able to contact a tech via DSLReports and get the issue fixed in a few days and could skip much of the red tape in getting things dealt with.

This last visit was just horrible. My upload vanished (0.03mb, should be 4.0 mb), then my download went haywire. As usual without being able to reach out to someone who had the foggiest idea what they were doing the first tech to show up was a subcontractor. He never tested from the tap, never inspected any outside or inside wiring and never once tested speeds from their own equipment. He had no idea what the lights on the modem meant or how to even access basic functions on a computer.

Needless to say the problem was not only left unfixed but made much worse. My internet basically ceased to operate. After finding the number to corporate escalations I got an actual Charter tech who came out, looked everything over and as it always is - nothing at all wrong with my inside wiring. Swapped modem anyway, still nothing. Lineman comes out, still nothing. Senior tech comes out... this is nearly a week later... and as I had told them all along..found the problem right at the tap in a few minutes.

When Charter wasn't skimping on support costs an issue like this would have been resolved in one trip. Instead I went a week without functioning internet and ended up having to kill my cell data just to access basic stuff. The costs keep going up, there is now much to nothing in package offerings - take 30 or 100 or shove off and they absolutely cut you off right at the package rate...you rarely see anything beyond that and generally several meg short. Ping times have increased dramatically (used to get 10ms, now it's around 55ms).

I sure wish there was an alternative because Tom Rutledge is destroying Charter all over again just as they were getting close to being a decent company. Right now Charter is about as bad as it's ever been and if you have a choice...ANY CHOICE...take it. Tom is going to run the company into the ground then take his golden parachute and move on just like he tried to do with Cablevision.

Update: 5/13:

As usual when Charter's internet works it's great. I am locked and rarely ever exceed the 30mb limit of the plan and so far there have been no notable outages since the last one which luckily for me happened right after they got rid of the UMatter team and instantly turned into a monumental headache that took nearly three weeks to get resolved even though once they send out the proper tech things moved quickly - getting a CSR over the phone to do anything but read from a script is next to impossible. Even after three techs visited and all said there was nothing at all wrong inside my building they continued to send in-home techs and not a wireline tech because the issue was DEFINITELY outside like it always is.

The service itself has been pretty solid since the last repairs were made but that never lasts more than five months or so...and we're near that again. Expect the next update to be the service down for weeks again.

Update 9/25/2013:

Right on time. The six month cycle has arrived. The problem this time is Escalations is no longer there and the social media department shuttered. Only support is now the script reading monkey's that work on the residential side. Signal levels are all over the place, modem blanks out for no reason multiple times a day. Same problem that comes around twice a year. I can no longer take it but since Charter is the only game here I'm switching over to business class for an extra $20 just to get real support and have a tech show up that actually cares a little about fixing the issue.

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Catawissa, MO

Any knowledge?

Hey Megarock, i live probably super close near you as i too have the same location 63015 Catawissa Franklin County MO
But i cant get charter at all? and i was wonder how you got the knowledge of when too get it, i have BrownDog Wireless, and its not good at all for the stuff i want to do, Online Gaming Etc. With NO responses on Email through customer support or anything and major packet loss issues, its getting un irritable, so if you could let me know i would appreciate it.

Catawissa, MO

Re: Any knowledge?

I had Brown Dog...they were at best functional and most of the time not even that. I was in Lake Serene and got service as soon as it came down the road but not sure what areas it covers or if they only fed the subdivisions and not some of the outer areas. There is also Bays (they are in Pacific too) and while the price is a bit higher than Brown Dog their service is better as it's on a motorola network and more stable.

But as far as I know most of Catawissa that was being served by any Charter cable (including analog) should now be able to get HSI.