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Six Month Rating

bullet 702 reviews (187 good) (344 bad)
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Review by Toes See Profile

  • Location: Campbellsville,Taylor,KY
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "nothing to report that is good"
Bad "customer support told me to change my filter because of filter, i did not to see what they say then they said it looked good lol"
Overall "techs that look like there from deliverance movie cust support that lies and thats there good points"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

the porpblem is i have no other options in my area so im screwed.im disabled and my gaming is all i have to keep me occupied so guess what im screwed twice how nice

member for 1.1 years, 2 visits, last login: 349 days ago
updated 349 days ago


Campbellsville, KY

windstream in the cambellsville,ky stay away if you can

lets see i have had problems for the last few months now,not staying connected slow speeds,i have had techs out here several times they day it ok they cant find nothing wrong.yes because of the 5 to 7 day wait for a service tech the day they do make it it is running fine.last time i called the lady on the line said my filter was in the red it was a new filter so she said change the filter and she would call em back in 60sec.well i did not change the filter is was new one just installed the day before,guess what it must have been a miracle because now my filter is in the green looks ok.i loved being lied to by a min wage worker reading from a script..

Review by Maar See Profile

  • Location: Story,Montgomery,AR
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $50 per month
Good "Got DSL in 2006 worked fine for 4 years till it was oversubscribed in 2010"
Bad "Remote has been oversubscribed for a year now with no plans to fix until"
Overall "I would not recommend Windstream to anyone."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

I have had Windstream DSL since October of 2006. Had pretty much trouble free service for 4 years until they oversold the remote in 2010. Was told in December 2010 that they were planning to construct new fiber feeds to the remote to alleviate the congestion. They told me it would take until Sept. 9th of 2011 to complete. So I waited all summer and followed up with them on a couple of occasions and was assured each time that the repair was on schedule.

My last update from them was on August 3rd when I spoke to the woman in their complaint department that had contacted me in regards to my FCC complaint. She told me that she had followed up with engineering the end of July and everything was going as planned. Then on August 29th I am told that absolutely NOTHING had been done all summer and it will be sometime next year before any repairs are scheduled.

Windstream flat out lied for 10 months regarding fixing this remote. They still have no plans to fix the remote, yet are continuing to sell more DSL accounts off of it. Seems fraudulent to continue to sell new DSL accounts on a remote that Windstream has acknowledged to be oversubscribed for over 10 months. I would not recommend anyone to this company after my experience during the last year.

See this link for full history of how bad Windstream is. »DSL Speed Issues

member for 5.4 years, 1075 visits, last login: 23 days ago
updated 355 days ago


Story, AR


Windstream is now giving me a $10.00 a month discount for the next 12 months. Still no plans to fix the over subscription issue.

Story, AR

Re: Update:

Over 400 days of broken DSL with no fix even scheduled.



Re: Update:

This isn't that surprising. We signed up with Windstream a few months ago, and they repeatedly lied to my wife on various things.



rotten service

I've been all over, and windstream (shitstream) has THE worse service and products ever. If you (wish I had) have a choice DON'T USE IT!!!

Helen, GA

Re: rotten service

I have taken to calling them SuckWind....

Hazard, KY

windstream, horrible service

Agreed, don't choose windstream.

Monroe, GA

Re: windstream, horrible service

Buyer beware! I live in the middle of a city and windstream was the best bundle by far than the other one available for my area. I read a post by a windstream tech which stated if you live in a rural area it is not cost effective for them to upgrade the equipment. He then says oh that's what you get for living outside of society or something like that with a LOL after it. They don't do anything even in a city unless you constantly complain and well that didn't work either just thought they were. Well I would like that tech to have to use the windstream service I have had for the last 5 months. He wouldn't be LOL at anything. I plan to try one more time to get this resolved. I have over 6 times had tech out to my house, a couple dozen calls to the online tech robots who just say please restart your modem, the next level of tech which is someone you think cares but still doesn't fix it. Then I even called corporate who said they would get a specialist out to my house. HAHAHA! Yep, he didn't fix it either. Said he installed a new something at windstream. Nope! I called and was at the tech robot start all over because they said there was no record of my call or special tech support. I have recorded my DSL speeds at less than half 99% of the time and then even lower the other 1%. If nothing is fixed this time I will ask for all monies paid for installation and service. That's what we do when we are not happy. No more posting on this board it doesn't do a thing!

NOT Happy


winstream sucks

paying for 6Mbs get 2.6Mbs call after call after call and i get a different story everytime. still not fixed. To top that off they will not send me monthly bills but after 2 months they manage to find my address to send a late notice. Why cant they just bill me monthly. This company sucks.



Sales Rip-Off

From the beginning, I had a 1.5mb DSL connection on a dedicated line. Then for the last few months Windstream's Sales group had been bugging me to increase my speed, through a "Special Offer" they would double my speed for $5 less per month (Current monthly bill would drop from $61 per month down to $56), so my response was OK, let's do it! ... I received my new bill today, and it was $93.00. And after an hour or so on the phone to Customer Service, they have agreed to put everything back the way it was, and reinstate my $61 monthly rate .. but I will still have to pay the $93! ... If next months bill is not back to where it should be, I will be saying goodbye to Windstream in favor of my local cable company!

Moultrie, GA

Re: Sales Rip-Off

»www.speedtest.net/result/2047740920.png my 6 meg connection at 9:45 pm in georgia



Windstream sucks

i have had windstream for 14 yrs. and i have 2 dsl lines and both on 3 mbps. i am gtting about half that. one line is on a wired connection and it always drops, with only one device connected to it.

i am paying over a 100$ for both lines. and call after call about the connection drop still nothing.

This is the only company that i know of that supports services where i live.

Windstream Sucks and i do not recommend them to anyone
Atlanta, GA

Same story as Jazzie13

" if you live in a rural area it is not cost effective for them to upgrade the equipment. He then says oh that's what you get for living outside of society or something like that with a LOL!" they basically told me this to my face as the tech who really tired to help and came to the house twice, said he could see my service sucked and it was their fault and he'd told corporate and that was basically what they told him back.

My 6mb connection noon GA, a joke


Avondale, AZ


Did a search of your area and looks like your SOL for options on different providers.. Couldn't even find a decent cell tower near you for interent access. Looks like your only other option is »www.hughesnet.com/

Not cheap but sounds better that what you got now. They have daily restrictions on how much you can download during the day, but at night they don't count how much you download. Need to read the details.

Stay away from WildBlue satellite service..

Review by cinzarro See Profile

  • Location: Springfield,Greene,MO
  • Cost: $90 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Voted masochists' favorite ISP!"
Bad "Service, Price, Reliability, Monopoly"
Overall "Move to another town/state/country/planet to avoid this ISP. Seriously."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Fair warning - I over-use the word "awesome" in the following review in a sad, ironic, "some other ISP please help my new town" sort of way.

• "Look, we're the only game in town, so buy" a.k.a. Pre-sales:

I rented a house in Bolivar, MO as I was tired of commuting from the nearest city (~70 mile round trip). I found that Windstream holds a citywide-monopoly on internet service and was universally considered terrible by coworkers who lived in Bolivar. Awesome.

I generally desire a higher tier connection than most (simultaneous VPN, streaming A/V, gaming, etc. from household members) so I sent e-mail to Windstream support to inquire about 5 and 10 mbps synchronous fiber connections since *their* map on *their* website shows that a fiber trunk runs literally 1 block from my rental house. No reply to this date. Awesome.

So, after waiting over a week for a reply from Windstream support, I went into the office in Bolivar. The public portion of the office can hold 3 to 4 adults with any desire for "personal bubble" space, plus a couple of people behind the desk. There were already two people in there ahead of me, so I sat and waited for my turn. Guess what? They were both complaining about the internet service being terrible! Awesome.

Twenty or so minutes of complaining later, one of the workers interrupted a customer ahead of me to ask what I needed. "I need to sign up for new Internet service" was my meek reply. "HA! Good luck!" came the immediate reply from the interrupted customer - we'll call him Bob to help you follow along. Awesome.

Bob continued to complain about various DSL-failure events over the course of several years, many of which I cannot be bothered to recall. The most interesting thing Bob mentioned was Windstream taking federal stimulus money for infrastructure upgrades and then using it on advertising. I, of course, have no way of testifying to the veracity of his statements, but I do love even the accusation of shady business practices when I sign up for services! Awesome.

The other complaining customer would essentially just "me too" to everything that Bob said. To the other Windstream agent in the office. The room is seriously small...and Bob was seriously loud.

In the mean time, information showed that I'd be paying more for "12/1" (the quotes will make more sense later) mbps internet than I had previously paid for 18/2 mbps and cable tv. Awesome. Can I get out of this lease?

• "You're screwed now!" a.k.a. Sales:

After around 30-35 minutes of listening to Bob complain, a manager came out to placate him and the now-flustered agent was ready for me. About 5 minutes later, angry parrot/customer and Windstream agent number 2 disappeared (it was like 5:15pm).

I started asking about things I've mentioned before in roughly this order - synchronous fiber connections, synchronous anything, guaranteed uptime, business class/priority connections, etc. The Windstream agent gave me multiple looks of confusion up to exasperation and apparently did not understand what synchronous connection speeds are. Part of this, I can understand. She was just bombarded by two angry customers for the better part of an hour. I'd be flustered too. Rapidly deciding that none of the things I was requesting existed and if they did exist were not available, that part I'm still a little upset with. Eventually, I surrendered and agreed to the promotional package of "phone service you'll never want or need"™ and the "MAX-SPEED" internet connection (again, 12/1). Awesome.

Ok, so let's do it, I guess. If I have to. Feed my information through the agent into their computer and... oh, wait. What's your address? No, someone else (giving his name, secure!!!) has service at that address. She calls my landlord who verifies that I am the current resident. She cannot complete my order - their system will not allow them to remove the old account until it is cancelled or moved to a new location. Queue THREE WEEKS of phone calls between Windstream and landlord, phone calls between Windstream and previous occupant, phone calls between landlord and previous occupant, phone calls between Windstream and myself, and just the general-frustration of waiting for this to be resolved. I can't even bring myself to say awesome to this - it was ridiculous.

• "Look, ma, the lights are blinking!" a.k.a Installation:

Fast Forward to installation day - "We'll be there between 8 and 5." Fine, I work 5 minutes from my house and had notified the appropriate people at work (who also deal with Windstream) that I'd need to randomly take off for a period of time. I left a note on the door with my phone number so the Windstream installer could contact me. Turns out, I didn't even need to. He showed up at 5:05 and was generally incompetent with computers. I had to show him why my statically-assigned IPs were not connecting to his equipment. Also, your password is shown in plain-text when registering your new account (secure again)! Awesome.

Oh, one more note. When the installer was leaving, he looked up at a box on a phone pole and spent a few minutes standing in my front yard wondering out loud rather or not it was upside-down. Awesome.

• "Surrrvusss" a.k.a. "How much does it cost to teach a monkey to lay fiber and start an ISP? Surely one could do better":

I have something resembling an internet link now. I live approximately one mile from the sales office. Ping is 100-150 minimum. I get between 6/.25 and 8/.5 mbps when it works. Key word in the last sentence is "when". Many times per day at random times, the connection will drop for 45-90 seconds. Video grinds to a halt. VPN connection screens appear. Skype calls drop. Angry sign-off bleeps and bloops from every piece of software. This is especially bad during peak hours (6-11pm) and will ruin your enjoyment of any multimedia product, or well any time at your expects-to-be-connected systems.

Furthermore, the Windstream-provided modem/router occasionally decides that wireless traffic is too much of a hassle and stops sending/receiving on that link. Power cycling is required to fix that.

• Conclusion:

I would rather drive 70 miles a day than continue to use Windstream. After my lease ends, I will move back to the city.

member for 6.3 years, 6 visits, last login: 351 days ago
lodged 356 days ago


·AT&T U-Verse
·Cox HSI

And survey says?


After hearing this guys rant, uttering awesome at the end of his sentences I kinda wonder if he likes being tackled with problems?

One word from another customer about shody service would have made me do a u-turn right out there dinky awesome office.

I betcha when this guy decides to get new service in the city everything thing positive will be them opposite and that is RIDIculas ROLFLMAO..


Timing out issue

If you have the fast 1704 then this might work for you. I had the same problem with it timeing out for 45-60 secs then coming back on.

This is what i had to do disabling IGMP Snooping in the LAN section. It has not timed out since i did that.
Twinsburg, OH

Re: Timing out issue

Hello, we apologize for the issue. The 1704 had a new firmware version that was to correct this problem. I have tried to check your modem however it has the wrong UN and is not authenticating properly. Please fix your Un to nothole1@windstream.net instead of knothole@windstream.net. We can then check to see if you have the newest firmware version in your modem.
Support Specialist II
We're here to help! wci.broadbandhelp@windstream.com

Walnut Grove, MO


We had the same problem with the internet disconnects. We kept loosing sync causing the connecting to drop. You can check your signal noise ratio (SNR) if you have Windstream's 1704 modem by going to then on the side menu going to device info>statistics>xdsl (I can't remember for sure, but it is something like that) If your SNR is 6db or below that is probably the cause and you will have to downgrade to their 6mbps plan or get moved to a closer DSLAM.

Good Luck

Review by sierge See Profile

  • Location: Glasgow,Barren,KY
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Nothing! "
Bad "Horrible service, slow speeds, unreliable."
Overall "If your in Glasgow go to the cable instead because the pricing is better. Same money a lot more speed and reliability"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

When this was Altell the DSL was awsome but since it became Windstream it has declined steadly. I am paying for 6 meg but have rarely seen anything close to this for quite some time now. Even posting here on the forum doesn't help improve the service and they have had to give me credit for lack of service.

For what I am paying I can get 20 meg from the cable company and even with their worst case loading people see 11 meg. I cannot stand Windstream anymore and will be switching.

If you are in the Glasgow, KY area DO NOT USE WINDSTREAM as their service is terrible. I will also be dropping my phone line because I have a cell phone so who needs this kind of agravation from a company that does not care about their customers!

member for 4.2 years, 67 visits, last login: 233 days ago
updated 359 days ago


Greensburg, KY

glasgow, ky

I'm in Donansburg, in Green co. I have no options, but Windstream so they keep overselling this area and on a daily basis my speed gets between 20% and 40% of the speed we're actually paying for, which means it's usually at 0.65Mbps and 150+ ms latency. I helped my dad move to Glasgow last week, with no intentions of letting him sign up with Windstream. He's on with the electric plant board, the minimum package 10Mbps, and never above 55ms. Bundled with his TV, 10Mbps is costing him 29.99 while I'm here paying for this ripoff service at $50 per month with Windstream. It's sickening.
Glasgow, KY

Re: glasgow, ky

I agree they are a ripoff and it doesn't matter who you complain to about it nobody will take action against them. Not even the FCC who is the government agency that could do something about them.

Greensburg, KY

Re: glasgow, ky

Exactly. I've already went through the BBB and FCC. They both did the same thing, forwarded a complaint letter to Windstream offices and then sent their response to me saying sorry for the inconvenience. The end. No help to consumers at all.

Review by wheelbarrow See Profile

  • Location: Stockton,Cedar,MO
  • Cost: $45 per month
Good "I might have something to put here if it was opposite day."
Bad "Bad service, even worse technical support."
Overall "I can't recommend the service"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

My Other Reviews

·AT&T U-Verse
Summer 2013

My parents moved, so they no longer use Windstream for internet. I shouldn't be feeling relief from that, but I am.

The bottom line is that I don't recommend Windstream. When you have an ISP that can't provide consistent speeds for their customers, that's a problem. When there are latency AND speed issues for many customers, that's a problem. When you combine those issues with general incompetency, the end result is Windstream.

Thankfully I won't have to call in or try to get help from a technician on here anymore. It was so ridiculous for me to be 100 miles away trying to support my parent's internet connection at home. "No, I can't restart the modem. And I already know that won't fix anything."

Mid-November 2012

Windstream has put in place some upgrades, so now everything is working like it should - at least for now.

October 2012

The maintenance to upgrade equipment was delayed on 10/18. I will update this review again when the upgrade is in place.

Mid September 2012

Pretty awful speeds - sub 2 Mbps. No upgrade in place yet.

Late August 2012

I was told there will be an upgrade of bandwidth (or something to that effect) implemented by the end of September. Whether or not that will actually happen - I doubt even Windstream knows for sure. I sure don't.

August 2012

I'm still unimpressed by Windstream's routing and latency. 99 ms to first Windstream hop? My connection has to go through their stupid spider web of slow routers to get anywhere. It goes to New York, then Georgia, then Texas, then Arkansas - and that's just Windstream stuff. Get a router set up for the midwest or something, or at least use what you've got to make things more efficient and take load off of other pieces.

If I want to access a website that is local to MY state, like Springfield or Kansas City, then I still have to go through that mess to get there. It's funny how no other ISP in the world is that awful. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, or what website it is, you can basically add 100+ ms to anything and everything so you account for all the Windstream routers.

1 2.00 ms
2 3.00 ms
3 99.00 ms h5.8.213.151.static.ip.windstream.net (
4 101.00 ms h5.112.186.173.static.ip.windstream.net (
5 109.00 ms h44.37.185.173.static.ip.windstream.net (
6 118.00 ms h32.240.186.173.static.ip.windstream.net (
7 119.00 ms
8 117.00 ms
9 117.00 ms
10 116.00 ms dfw06s17-in-f4.1e100.net ( - google.com

July 2012

The first Windstream hop outside my network is anywhere between 40ms and over 100ms. Every single Windstream hop after that, which there are at least 3-4 more, each have latency spike issues, or just latency issues in general - what other ISP goes without noticing 800ms lag storms during non-peak hours? When an ISP can't figure out how to efficiently route network traffic for all of their paying customers, then it's hard to be thankful that the company even exists. If there's huge fluctuations in latency within their OWN network equipment and lines, then perhaps it's time to UPGRADE or FIX some things? That would be brilliant, yes.

May 2012

Having latency issues once again. I'm baffled and disgusted by Windstream, as their ineptness knows no bounds.

February 2012

Speeds seem to be consistently good, even during peak hours. I've had no issues with latency.

December 2011

Speeds are back to normal for the most part, and the latency isn't as bad as it was - it actually seems to be back to normal, but some connections seem a bit slow.

When I initially contacted a technician about the issue, they claimed to have only found the issue "two days before". I find that rather hard to believe. Regardless, the issues have subsided for the time being. But, looking at past experience, I can't say for sure whether the connection will remain stable in the coming months. With that, I'm not going to change the scores for this review too much.

November 2011

Still having speed and latency problems in the evening hours. The mid to late afternoons are beginning to become slower as well. Pathetic. How difficult is it to allocate more bandwidth to an area that already has fiber running to it?

September 2011

Once again, showing high pings and lower speeds in the evening hours. Probably a utilization issue again, but I'm sure it will take me months of talking to support to push that information out of them, and to get the problem fixed - again.

A tip for anyone who suspects a utilization issue: Call in to support specifically about the issue, and call in when the problem is actually occurring. I did that at one point, and they were able to tell me what the actual percentage was. They then forwarded that information to the "upper level" technicians.

Also, if it is a utilization issue, you might as well refuse to have technicians sent to your house, as the technicians will never be there to check the line when there is actually a utilization issue showing up. That's why it's better to call in about the problem during a time when there is an issue.

March 23rd, 2011

Speeds and latency in the evenings seem to be back to normal. I'm glad to finally be receiving the kind of service I pay for.

The region I am in was oversubscribed.

I've updated the ratings for my review.

March 13th, 2011

Still having issues. Same old story: high pings and slow speeds in the evening hours. I talked to technical support on the phone, and they said that the region was using 95% of its bandwidth at peak. So, why not FIX it? That would be brilliant. The technician submitted a ticket, and I checked back on it last Friday. The ticket had been closed, and I was told that the problem was fixed. Wrong. Not fixed.

February 15th, 2011

Asked for an update on maintenance scheduling. Was told on February 16th that there was no new information on that.

February 8th, 2011

Heard back from Windstream. Was told the engineers are still working on the issue. Was told the equipment was installed, but maintenance was needed - still in the process of scheduling.

February 7th, 2011

Still had issues. Asked the rep on here if there were any updates.

January 20th, 2011

Heard from Windstream that they found a utilization issue for my area. Was told a ticket was opened to get engineers involved.


Update early January 2011:

Talked to Windstream today. Having high ping times in the afternoons now too. They reprovisioned the line, and said the ping time was 28 ms. Yeah, right. Tested to speedtest.windstream.net, had an average ping time of 131 ms. Did a few tracerts to Google, first three hops were fine, next three hops were Windstream - all over 100 ms. The person on the phone said everything is fine on their end.

Complete morons.

Late 2010:

As of late, there has been high latency in the evening - like clockwork - for the past 3 or 4 weeks. Technicians have come to the house, which doesn't do any good if the problems are at night. I've been talking with the support tech on this website about the problem, and maintenance was supposedly done a couple of days ago - didn't help. The high latency starts at around 8 PM, and lasts until the late evening hours, sometimes going into the early morning hours. The connection will also drop some during the high latency time period. The latency is to the point where some pages take multiple attempts before they will load. Playing online games or using voip is an un-enjoyable experience.

I've been reading about a lot of users with problems on the Windstream forum on this site. I don't know how many people have had their issue or issues resolved, but it's a bit ridiculous. Windstream isn't even that big of a provider, and they already are having major issues. It seems to me that they oversell their services in order to make more money. They spread around like butter by buying out small ISPs. Their coverage map for their services is hilarious.

At this point, I can't recommend Windstream.


I've had the 6 Mbps service for a little over a year now, and I've never REALLY had 6 Mbps. In order to get close to having 6 Mbps, I would have to stay up until the early morning hours.

During the past couple of months, I've had a lot more problems. The problems have consisted of huge drops in speed, which have mostly started during the early afternoon hours.. until who knows when. I actually just spent 30+ minutes on the phone to run speed tests with a Windstream support tech. In the end they finally set up an appointment, and said the problem was on their end. Well, I could have told them that in about 10 minutes. To be honest, I've received better support from the Windstream support techs from this website than I have while talking to a support tech on the phone. However, I've had my PMs IGNORED the last few times - one of which was to inquire whether or not my phone number was eligible for 12 Mbps (Hmm, I guess I'm not meant to get anything over 6 Mbps?).

There haven't been any "outages" that I can recall, just exceptionally slow speeds. Ping times are kind of wild. I get better ping times to Atlanta, GA, which is around 550 miles away, than I do to Kansas City, MO, which is around 100 miles away. Awesome.

If Windstream is going to offer 3, 6, or 12 Mbps connections, they need to grow a real backbone to back it up.

member for 4.6 years, 1677 visits, last login: 1 days ago
updated 360 days ago




Windstream Crooks

These guys provided poor internet service, horrible phone call quality, and when I canceled on the 18th of Feb, they graciously charged me for the whole month. They dont prorate their service they told me. Customers supposedly didnt like it? I dint like paying for a month of service I didnt receive. They also didnt pay Dish out of the 64.00 dollars I paid them. Now I have to call them and wait on the phone for 10 minutes to have them tell me they dont know anything. I would not recommend windstream ever, EVER! If they are the only service in your area, do yourself favor and do without. If anyone knows of a class action suit against them let me know. I dont care about getting any money, would just love to put them thru the hassles they have put me thru for the last year.

Flemingsburg, KY


I agree, I have had their service for a year, and have had nothing but issues, I started out with the 3mb I got anywhere from 50kb to 100kbs. They told me to upgrade which was 2 bucks more, it would fix my issue so I did, I got the 6mb connection which now does 100kbs to 500kb.. But the best part was the the bill, they charged me 25 bucks to upgrade it.. Now after 6 months they tell me my issue is peak hours, I have never heard of peak hours starting at 8am and ending at 7 am the next day.. I get 1 full hour of 5.5mbs.. I am paying $100 for this crap

OH I only live 2 miles from the stupid servers!!!!!!!

Review by compdave7681 See Profile

  • Location: Sinclairville,Chautauqua,NY
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party AllTel
Good "Sales department is really good. They tell you what you want to hear to get you to sign up."
Overall "Until they have upgraded all the hardware go with someone else if you can."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

First call was good although I really don't need any "home phone" I signed up anyways to get the "discount". Upon install things were good, speed was fine for about three days then it all when south. Speed was up and down, constant disconnect/reconnect. Tech came out and replaced line into house, didn't help. Ended up replacing connection in box on house. Again speed was fine for about three days then issues again. Called and was informed that I am in a "high latency affected area". From my 20+ years as a PC Tech I know that high latency is due to not enough bandwidth. Come on Windstream, you can fool the average Joe user but not everyone. Upon further discussion with the rep(s) I was told that the "issue" would be fixed between mid to late September 2013, but wait no that is not the correct time frame, we don't have a set time that the issue will be fixed. I have exhausted every other option for an ISP but alas I have no one else but Windstream to deal with.

My previous provider I had 12Mbps service with no dial-tone for $49.95/month and service was excellent. Windstream I pay $60/month and get 3Mbps with calling I have to pay for if I use it (NOR DO I NEED IT)!!! Really?? Come on that is just stupid.

My major complaint is if they were aware of the issue when I first called why did they sign me up in the first place? I really think that the first $120 bill (yeah didn't see that coming) should have been waived due to them overselling my area and trying to squeeze every last drop out of the consumer. I have a job lined up but due to speed issues I can not start and am losing money each day that I have to wait. Really something by the FCC needs to be done about them. Give us something back for having to deal with them and their $1.54 billion in sales last year.

(PS: My review says AllTel but Windstream bought them out years ago)

EDIT: Add SpeedTest result

Click for full size

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updated 362 days ago

Fairfield, IA

Sales telling you what ever it can to get you to sign

I agree completely with what you said. I am paying for a 3 Mbps line and now today the modem is connecting at 1017 kbps after rebooting 5 times just to get that. It was down to 194 kbps before I started the rebooting process. Pretty bad when upload was faster than download. Field techs did find that 1800 feet from me my line is at 3 Mbps. 500 feet from that it is at 1023 kbps which is what I was getting till this morning. Neighbors across the road from me are getting 4 Mbps down and we are on the same bundle coming from the central office.

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the great oversoldness of windstream

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  • Location: Sugar Land,Fort Bend,TX
  • Cost: $54 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "While it lasted, the DSL service was extremely solid."
Bad "Stopped working almost 3 months ago. Took that long to get someone to come clean on the issue."
Overall "Stay away. This company is not being operated in a responsible manner."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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As the bad summary points out, my DSL stopped working about 3 months ago. Since that time, it has been intermittent at best, maybe 5% available. Each time I called support I was forced through "the dance". You know, "let me help you", "do these pointless actions", "let me drop your call", repeat.

Today, I calmly informed the customer service rep that if I did not receive a firm commitment to fix my service I would cancel it today. After some more hold music, I spoke to a very helpful and competent rep who, within 5 minutes, had determined the problem.

The BRAS that services my area is broken. Repair or replacement has been placed on an engineering hold because... there are no funds for this project. Yes. They don't have, or are not willing to spend the money to fix this central piece of their broadband infrastructure this year. No relief until 2014. You know, I could almost understand if it was my copper. "Sorry dude, but it's going to be a while before we can get to you. We have bigger fish to fry." That would suck, but it would be more or less understandable.

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  • Location: Milledgeville,Baldwin,GA
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
  • Telco party AllTel
Good "Full 12 Mbits/sec From 12meg package (Overtrain), but only during non peak times."
Bad "Peek time Congestion 2.5 - 3 Mbps during. No static IP unless With Business. Peek time congestion."
Overall "This is the only broadband I have available to me and wish I had another option."
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Update 01-29-13: Well now I have no internet thanks to a change happy tech who changed a setting in the DSLAM that now prevents my modem from authenticating via PPPoA, all I asked in the direct forum was for an update to with the peak time slow speeds would be fixed, instead a tech is dispatched for no reason and another tech makes an unneeded change on the DSLAM that kills my connection, and of course it happened when I'm out of town for 2 weeks so I can't reconfigure my modem and my parents or with out internet.

Just stay away from this 3 ring circus.

Update 01-03-13: Still having peek time congestion (5pm - 12am (or later) 12 Mbps line getting 2.5 to 3Mbps during these times, Multiple downloads from multiple locations at the same time yields to total of 2.5 to 3 Mbps so its not the source, tech support cant help (These forums or Phone) its just out of their hands.

If you have any other choice take it.

Update 06-28-12: Well having peek time congestion issue again, supposedly my DSLAM is fine and they were looking at other equipment but they have now gone silent and I'm still left with a 3Meg line at peek times.

Update 04-07-12: Getting 13.21Mbps Down and .60 Mbps Up on m "12meg" Line »www.speedtest.net/result/1881552031.png no problems.

Update 02-11-11: »www.speedtest.net/result/1153596779.png

Update 01-16-11: Still getting full speed with no issues at all.

Update 07-11-09: Just adding this speedtest,

Current setup is a D-Link DSL-2540B (synced at 14973/766, 20012/800max, SNR 14.9/13.5, Attn 22.5/8.8, Interleaved depth 1/1 Delay 0/0msec) Running PPPoA giving the public IP (via DHCP, "PPP IP extension") to a WRTSL54GS running Tomato 1.25 with QOS off for the speed test, Test was run a Windows 7 x64 Build 7100 with Wired 10/100.

Update 05-23-09: Really nothing to report service is still great. We did have a storm roll though one night and a tree took out phone lines and power for probably about 40 houses, but Windstream had a repair crew out the next day at about 8am working straight till about 8pm working on restringing and splicing cables and service is still great.

Update 08-09-08: We have 12meg ADSL2+ Greenstreak service ($50 a mounth) )now provisioned at 14973kbps Down and 766kbps up and have very very very stable service low pings 20ms - 40ms to the east coast and 80ms - 100ms to the west, with a limited use phone line (Greenstreak) free inbound calling 10c/min outbound to local and long distance with free 800 number outbound. We are currently useing VOIP as our primary phone but thanks to greenstreak I have the Linksys SPA3102 connected to the windstream phoneline providing lifeline service to 911 even when the power is out.

Update 10-31-07: We have 6Meg for about 9 months now and it's Trained at 7.2Meg so i get the 6Megs, good ping about 40-50ms to the east cost west coast is about 100ms minimum.Just wish i could get more upload stuck at 386Kbit.

08-??-05 We ordered 3/386 and been getting it every speed test i do.

Other then that Tech support in Very friendly not the most knowledgeable but they do their best.

And the People before us already had DSL so when we received the Modem (which was before we were even moved in) i plugged it up and it sycnd the first time.

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I have been with wind stream for a few years now and have nothing but problems. I never have service when I need it and just found out that all the people in my community are sharing the same Internet line do to not having the updated equipment need to provide my home with the service I pay for. They advertise High Speed but I seem to have dial up. I have been calling in every month for the past 8-10 months and they just keep giving a $10 discount. For those that wish to stay with windstream, ask them about the $29.99 monthly Internet service. I only wish I had other companies to chose from in my area. It is a shame that they are the only providers in my area. Thanks for all the bad service and daily headaches when I need to get something done.

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Just wanted to point out that residential DSL customers can have a Static IP if they want to order it. Typically it is a few extra dollars a month. Just so you are aware PPPoA is not available on a Ethernet connection. I am sorry about the confusion.

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About PPPoA, that entry was from January when i was still on an ATM backhaul and a tech broke it. But yes now i'm on Ethernet backhaul and its gone for good, although you guys should switch to DHCP and get rid of PPP altogether and be done with it.

As for the Static IP, that was from the days of before when it was only offered to business customers, never looked into it and don't care anymore.

I'm still counting the days until this cable company turns on the network they just deployed to this area so i can dump you guys even though you have finally fixed your issues, its to late and i'm fed up with you guys now and your not gonna change my mind.
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Aweful Customer Service

My business has been without phone service for several days. My first call into service, the tech was not able to resolve the issue. So he said he was sending it to another department and they would call me. After several hours I called back. Once again, the tech was not able to resolve the issue and said the next shift would call. Well, no call again and I called with no resolution. This time a tech was going to be sent out. Nearly 3 days later, no tech.

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  • Location: Ashville,Chautauqua,NY
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Nothing good to say"
Bad "Paying for 3Mbps getting less than 1Mbps"
Overall "Only other option I have is Dish. Ugh..."
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Very slooooooow....

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  • Location: Bolivar,Polk,MO
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "I can't think of any"
Bad "Tech Support, Plant Signal, Service's "
Overall "I can't wait till google fiber runs this sorry excuse for a provider off the map. "
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Lets begin with I’m a true blue cable customer and was one of the original beta testers back in 1998 when Charter launched modem service in Baraboo Wi, my speeds then were 1.5 down, 512 up. Of course as technology changed so did my service package and until recently where I relocated to Bolivar Mo. I had 100 meg down & 10 up for the past year and half, also with that I had 3 DVR’s and a host of channels for roughly 160 a month.

Last month I move here to find out windstream is the only option, the fastest service they offer is 12 meg down and 512 up, which I have yet to see, cost 44.00 + 5 for max speed, according to them I also have to have their phone for DSL, add another 35.00 plus taxes and fees.

I could care less about TV, anything I do I do over the Roku or the Xbox but the kids like Disney and ABC so I get there basic cable package 35.00 plus tax .. When I ordered all this I asked the women what would the total cost per month be? I’m quoted 120.00 plus tax, I made this order on the 31st of July and it couldn’t be installed till Aug 8th .. I was blown at that, however I’m a network engineer my system rivals most small businesses, I used to work for Charter so I rewired the entire house in Cat and Cable, activated the cable part of the service, put my DSAM on this 17- 4 tap and it was sitting at positive 2 on 266 MHZ, pulled out my systems bag walked the plant down to the amp where I found a suck out on the feed leg of the amp, fixed that and all my neighbors all the way down the line to make sure we didn’t have any ingress or egress, put the dsam on my tap .. wholla positive 14 DBMV ..

Now comes the 8th, early in the morning my phone has dial tone and I thought, let’s see if we can get this modem provisioned, nothing, tried at noon, nothing, so I call their customer service who says I have to wait till 5 pm the order isn’t complete yet. 6 pm comes around same shit, get on the phone and 2 hours later they figured out there was never an internet package created for me.

I have never in my life (and I’ve seen some stupid CSR’s } seen a company so ass incompetent.

Today I receive a bill for 186.00 and they had the nerve to charge me an activation fee of $60.00 for the cable after I fixed the entire block.

I am amazed a real company hasn’t come in here and wipe this company off the map and they’d have no one to blame but themselves.

Tomorrow should be a fun day when I go in to dispute this bill.

Hopefully this helps

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Ashville, NY

Western NY Windstream DSL

Paying for 3Mbps getting less than 1Mbps. Called and complained many +20 times in the last three years. Filed complaint with State District Attorneys office still waiting. Unfortunately for me no other option other than Dish. I would consider Dish but it snows and rains often in Western New York causing many interruptions with Dish service. My 3g cellular service on my smart for is as good as it gets here.


Re: Western NY Windstream DSL

I hear yea, if verison was a little more lenient with the bandwidth allocation, I would consider going completely with a wireless connection. But there is no way with the size of my network I could do that.

Greensburg, KY

hard to believe windstream still exists

This is my speed as of right now with no other programs running at all, nor any other browser tabs. This has been my speeds during the day since November 2011 when they finally admitted my area was oversold and is in a "latency outage". After countless calls to windstream, emails/ calls to the BBB, emails to the FCC, the only thing that was accomplished was $10 off my monthly bill for 1 year only. WOW. They kept lying about the upgrade progress as well. The date, of course, kept getting pushed back and back. Latest news, the equipment is not scheduled to be upgraded in my area this year, better luck next year. Funny though, they still keep sending my neighbors and older folks that don't use computers, flyers in the mail wanting them to sign up for Windstream "High Speed" Internet! Blows my mind that a company like this can just run wild and do whatever without any repercussions.



I feel for you.

You are 100% on the mark when you call Windstream incompetent. I will go out on a limb and call them downright thieves. Once you get your DSL installed, don't count on getting the speed you paid for. We finally got another option in our area other than Windstream and I jumped ship as quick as I could.