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Six Month Rating

bullet 714 reviews (186 good) (357 bad)
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Review by IH8Sn0wFal See Profile

  • Location: Broken Arrow,Tulsa,OK
  • Cost: $8 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Unlimited COnnection, no restrictions, servers allowed"
Bad "SLOWWW, cuts out ALOT of the time. barely works during peak hours"
Overall "For anyone that ants to use the internet, your better off Getting another ISP/Cell phone"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Windstream is our only choice when we moved to a new house, the highest ackage we could get was a 3MB package, order and install took awhile, we used our OWN router and modem, since theirs is horrible..
UPDATE: 2-1-13: we have been upgraded to 6mbps, getting around 3-4 with 90ms ping.. still dropping every few hours..

UPDATE 12-30-13: we have been using our 6mbps package, and recently upgraded our router to an Asus router, now we are getting around a 45ms ping with an average of 4. download, and only about 1-3 drops a day, has gotten much better

UPDATE 9-9-14: After alot of complaining and trying all the options we have, have gotten upgraded to 12mbps bonded DSL, which peaks at around 10mbps, still has drops but is much better

- Jack

member for 2.9 years, 391 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 138 days ago


Espanola, NM

Monopoly by windstream in rural areas

Congratulations, you must be in an area where windstream has competition


Re: Monopoly by windstream in rural areas

Windstream has a monopoly in my area too.
Coweta, OK

I tire of Windstream's fraud as well

Click for full size
Here is a post of actual speeds from my SamKnows box monitoring their speeds from 9-22-2014 to the last test done today at 10am on 9-23-2014 charting download speed sustained - hourly

Review by linuxtom See Profile

  • Location: Ashland,Boyd,KY
  • Cost: $200 per month
Good "Tier II support has tried to help"
Bad "Everything else"
Overall "Windstream Sucks!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Years and years of sheer disgust with Windstream. Nothing but outage after outage after outage after outage. Speeds on my bonded 12mps line consistently below provisioned rate. If I had any other viable option at this point I'd switch to another provider today.

member for 4.1 years, 123 visits, last login: 156 days ago
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Not surprising

I recently (within the last couple of hours) had a "Comcast" moment with Windstream. For the past 2 weeks, my internet has gone down in the early evening for an extended period of time. Tonight, I've had enough, so I called to disconnect my DSL. Had to call 8 TIMES, having to navigate the useless phone tree and being disconnected several times. On the 7th time, I finally got a live, breathing person (at least I think they were breathing), so I asked why this is happening, and of course, got the usual response "we see there is a problem in your area". NO JOKE ! I ALREADY KNOW THAT ! So they were going to bump me up to Tier 2 support (I have a static IP), but for whatever reason, I got disconnected again (surprise, surprise). So, this time I call (the 8th time) and was going to disconnect my DSL service. A woman (very unfriendly) named "Nicole" (if that's her real name), began the conversation with the usual song & dance and told me "we see a problem in your area". DUH ! So I told her I wanted to disconnect, which she REFUSED and hung up on me also.

So tomorrow, I will be calling Windstream to de-excommunicate the hell out of that company's DSL. There is NO reason that I had to go through all of that, just to be hung up on TWICE and still no way to do what I wanted to do, until tomorrow. In my town, we do have a choice for internet, so I'll be calling them as soon as I kick Windstream to the curb. With what you spend on DSL, you'd think it would be more reliable than it is.

Sorry Windstream, you've lost a customer because of your incompetence and sheer bone-headedness, not to mention the attitude of your "customer service" folks.

Look out Media 3, I'm coming to call !

Greensburg, KY

Re: Not surprising

Should have recorded the call trying to cancel service like that tech guy did with comcast a few weeks ago and made headline news all over the place. Windstream doesn't care what they look like if they're the only ones seeing it along with their customers because they know most of their customers are with them without any other options. Maybe putting them on full blast to countless media outlets and the internet they'll at least seem like they care a little.


Re: Not surprising

Tried that too. As I told the 8th caller that I was going to record the call, and her response, she hung up. Fortunately, I have the e-mail addresses of Jeffery Gardner and some of his key minions and they will be getting some attention from me in the next few days. I bear no malice to those in "customer service" (if you can call it that) because they're only a reflection of what management wants done...which isn't much more than lip service.

Review by Kgonzales See Profile

  • Location: Charlotte,Mecklenburg,NC
  • Cost: $40 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "NOTHING!!!"
Bad "Every single one you can ever think about internet"
Overall "Don't ever get Windstream (Charlotte, NC)"

I don’t ever write reviews because it feels like a waste of time, so this is the first time I am writing one, ever! With all the bad experience we have gotten within less than 12 hours of having windstream, I feel like I am oblige to let people know about this bad experience we had. When placing the order they said they would give us a call the day before the installation to tell us a more specific time of when the technician would arrive. They never called. I had to call the next morning and the best they could do was to give me a 5 hour window. The technician took 3 hours to get it hooked up, although, he was very apologetic. The internet speed never reached the 24mbps we were suppose to have. At most it reached 16mb. The next 4-5 hours the internet went out at least 3 times and we had to power cycle completely. The internet speeds would vary sometimes showing 1 mbps, 3mbps, 8mbps. 14mbps, or 16mbps. It was never constant. The technical support was very difficult to get a hold of. They were unable to fix our issues and re-routed me 3 or 4 times just to end up at the same department I called in the first place. The online tel #s stopped working at 7pm and we had to find another one by talking with their online chat support. Also, the numbers online for customer service and tech support are not the same ones we were able to reach them with (had to get it from chatting when I asked if they can call me just incase the chat drops due to poor internet connection). When talking to their machine it kept asking for our account number or telephone number associated with the order. We were never given an account number and the telephone number we were given was said to have no records connected to it. It was very difficult just to speak to a human after searching for a number to actually call that would work. The internet at one point had to make us “sign in” to windstream before we could use any page and it asked us for a password that we were never given or even set up. We had to call customer support again just for that. My wife was never put as an authorized user when I already asked for her to be an authorized user the day I placed the order. When I was talking to them today to get her authorized, they told me to call back again tomorrow for her to be added. We weren’t given an account number for our reference because they said the account is new (we were able to get account # from TWC as soon as my wife finished her order via phone). Also, we have 2 devices that are connected via Ethernet and all the rests are wifi, but they are all having the same issues (slow, dropping internet connections). After several calls made to tech support, they decided that the best way to go is just to send a “LEVEL 2” technician (no idea what that means) to check on our device and see the real problem. To make things worse, the technician can’t come in as soon as the next day so they told us to wait 2 more days (we ordered the connection on Monday, didn’t get it till Wednesday around 5 pm. Internet connection keeps dropping after 15 minutes the installation guy left, had to call several times, and wait till Friday to get someone to check it). We are so annoyed, stressed, and disappointed overall. We are calling them tomorrow to cancel our service that we didn’t even have for 24 hours. No more tech support or technician. We hate windstream!

member for 179 days, 2 visits, last login: 169 days ago
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Review by luckydriver See Profile

  • Location: Reading,Berks,PA
  • Cost: $105 per month
Good "cheap phone service"
Bad "DSL is incredibly unreliable!"
Overall "if you have another option and dont take it, you are the fool"

I had conestoga phone which was taken over by D/E then windstream.1.5 DSL and 2 phone lines. i never had so many problems as with windstream over the years. static in the lines even after multiple calls. then the final straw was in the last month i had 3 weeks of unusable and unstable internet. what stinks even more is i found out sometimes the techs on the phone did not even log my call or write in any notes. i doubt even walmart has this bad of service. i'm fortunate to have a local cableco and have been loving the speed and reliablity. i was told someone would call me back in a day, they never did except one time. i have sheets of paper with times and dates of calls and who i talked to. i got nowhere with anyone. one day someone told me a line was being replaced, one day a card back in the office. then someone told me that all that was lies and everything was ok and i just needed a new modem. so did the other people lie about coming out to even fix things? ill never know. i dont trust a word they say

i was stupid for not going to cable sooner. dont be stupid. switch now!

member for 8 years, 198 visits, last login: 19 days ago
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Same crap year after year (also in Berks County

By any chance did you get Service Electric? Been trying to get them here in Dryville (Rockland Township).

Windstream has been nothing but problems. 3M/768k plan gets you: frequent outages and speed plummets throughout the day. If it rains, you can pretty much forget about using the internet. C'mon Service Electric, extend your lines!

Reading, PA

Re: Same crap year after year (also in Berks County

for 3 weeks i have zero issues with S/E and will likely switch to phone very soon

Review by rnd523 See Profile

  • Location: North Branch,Chisago,MN
  • Cost: $70 per month
Good "none"
Bad "does not deliver stated services"
Overall "just going to have to deal with it"

Upgraded from CenturyLink max speed of 1.5up to Windstream Max of 6up/1down. Windstream wasn't bad initially (escept for the crappy Sagemcom router dropping the connection a lot), but now we experience daily service degradation (probably due to too many people on this end-of-the-line node). Standard for us to drop to under 2 every night. Called many times to complain, get the usual "it's a latency outage" excuse, and they even tell me it will be better by morning because the techs are working on it. This has been ongoing for many many months. From what I can see online this is Windstreams standard practice, and they love to do it to those of us who have no choice but to live with it.

member for 182 days, 3 visits, last login: 160 days ago
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You stated your getting 6MB up and 1MB down. ( scratches head ) weird that your upload is faster then your download. Perhaps this is a misprint on your end? If not then windstream is the first company ever to do that.

North Branch, MN

Re: Confusion

yes, that is an error. 6 down, 1 up is what it should read. And while I am correcting errors, it should read 'except', not escept. While I am at it: just tested my speed: currently sitting at 1.27 down, .21 up.

Greensburg, KY

Re: Confusion

that is exactly Windstream's normal practice of business. I've been dealing with the "latency outage" since November 2011 when they first admitted to overselling the area. Just recently they finally stopped selling service to new customers in my area, but it's too late. On a daily basis I get around 0.45mb download speeds. Worse than the old 56k modem days. I can only use my internet between 1am-10am. I've contacted the BBB, FCC, state consumer protection office, and each one of them just forward my complaint letter to Windstream and get the same programmed response about sorry for the inconvenience. They tell me each year about scheduled upgrades then as it gets closer to happening it magically gets cancelled or delayed.

Review by mdbrozik See Profile

  • Location: Fredericktown,Washington,PA
  • Cost: $69 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 17 days
  • Telco party AllTel
Good "12MB was something 5 years ago now not so much"
Bad "no speed increase for 5 years "
Overall "I'm No Longer Happy"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

24 Jul 14. Still stuck with 12mb service five years later. Many days it doesn't test over 9mb. Upstream is less than1 mb. Atlantic Broadband has a 75x3 option for $45/month I've been looking at but I'm going to give Windstream one more chance to at least get me to 24mb.

UPDATE: 31 Aug 09. Got Ultimate service in May and am very happy. Connection is rock solid and uptime nears 100% as I use the WS line monitor svs offered in the WS forum here at dslreports and see results in my email each week. Now I want FTTH and 24MB service I see WS offering in some locations

UPDATE: 29 Mar 08 Windstream still only game in town. No upgrade to Ultimate 6M pkg yet. Can't complain; connection is usually rock solid. The speed sometimes fade in the Evenings or Weekends. I get 2.4m up .320m down during off peak periods. During heavy usage periods my up leg will fade to 1.5-1.8m. I would pay more for additional bandwidth and can only dream of fiber to the home.

UPDATE: Alltel sold to Windstream. Speed still OK but not great. Windstream refuses to upgrade to 6M speeds. I can't complain; It has rarely failed to work.

UPDATE: 27 Dec 04. Alltel Still OK Beats Direcway. Some DNS issues and modem power cycles required to fix occaisional slow connection. promo rate wore off now its $49/month. would like more upload speed, the 108 that i'm getting sucks.

I've been a direcway SRS customer for 11 months after using dial-up for 8 years. When Alltel announced DSL in my exchange, I said that I would ride out my d-way contract and make the switch. However, d-way has really been terrible as of late and I decided to jump early.

The initial sales staff couldn't find my address for a pre qual check. Told me to check back in a few days. On the third attempt about 10 days later, I was told that my line would work. The next day I got the speed stream 5200 VIA UPS RedLabel even though my service would not start for five days.

On my live date, all work well. I got a call from the installer at the co. I synch up and all has been well for the last week. Speed is advertised at 768 /128 and I've been averaging 615 /110. Direcway was faster but not consistant. I'd be downloading at 150K and drop to 30K back up to 110K back to 15K. Alltel DSL is a steady 80K download so far. Ping times range about 60-80ms. Service is dynamic IP but mine hasn't changed in a week despite modem resets when I was configuring my router.

Direcway was good at first too so I'm hoping for continuity of service with Alltel. I'll provide updates as I experience issues both good and bad.

member for 12.4 years, 1667 visits, last login: 8 days ago
updated 185 days ago


Review by RuralDemo See Profile

  • Location: Sanford,Lee,NC
  • Cost: $81 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "That they aren't dial-up??"
Bad "Price, speeds, service, business practices, equipment"
Overall "Only choice besides dial-up, otherwise I'd never tolerate them"

The only package available in my neighborhood was 3Mbps download, 768Gbps upload. I was extremely disappointed to find out this was the best they could offer. Even more upset when the true speed turned out to be less than 1Mbps down. The monthly fee they advertise is 59.99 including home phone. After all of the fees they tack on, its over $80 per month for a service that barely works.

They were running a promotion for a free modem if you signed a 2 year contract and then charged us for the modem/router. The store where we'd signed up for service went out and there wasn't another store for 2.5 hours. The staff on the phone and the live chat said we were crazy and we had to pay for the modem/router. And they overcharged for that as well. The thing is a piece of junk that hardly sends a WiFi signal to the other room let alone another part of the house.

They also claimed to have a partnership with DirectTV which is completely false. The DirectTV folks say that the Windstream people are always telling customers that and it has never been true.

In addition to the slow speed, the DNS servers fail on a regular basis meaning your computer isn't able to find something as simple as google or yahoo. I can't use any of the features of my DirectTV like OnDemand and HD Netflix, forget about it.

They recently dug up a bunch of the neighborhood installing new lines that were supposed to improve speed. Didn't improve a thing. And they clearly know it since they aren't advertising any faster speeds in the neighborhood. What a waste.

I loathe this company more than I have ever loathed a technology company in my life. I recommend avoiding this company unless you have no choice like us.

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Avondale, AZ

Free Google DNS Servers

Configure your network settings to use the IP addresses and as your DNS servers thanks to google.


Review by emprjoe See Profile

  • Location: Audubon,Audubon,IA
  • Cost: $76 per month
Good "Stable Connection, Phone Features, Available to rural areas, Support on DSLReports"
Bad "Distance, tough to operate in a rural area"
Overall "Better than Dial Up, Better than Satellite, Good Enough Provider if Cable/Fiber isn't available to you."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well above consensus)

We don't really have other options for Internet Access, besides dial up. So windstream is our only option other than satellite. While our 1.5 mbps download is much less than that which is offered by satellite, but windstream doesn't limit data usage.

UPDATE: We had previously had issues where we were paying for 3.0 and told 1.5 would be available, however, we never got it. Thankfully, I came into contact with some good people from Tier II on the direct forum, and they looked at issues in our area, and said that our area's lines in general were pretty bad. We got a tech out looking at our line in our house, found a bad jack and worked on the demarc point also. We were finally able to achieve 3.0 service, However, distance was the primary limiter, which is not really windstreams fault. Overall, I am pretty happy with windstream's service, especially their support on these forums.

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Audubon, IA

Windstream DSL

sSadly I just moved out of town where Mediacom doesn't service. The jacko's at Wind$tream failed to tell me that I can only get 1.5Mbbs top speed. Now after reading this I'm sure I'll be paying for speeds I'll never see.

I hate you windstream.

Review by cavcol See Profile

  • Location: 68516-4875
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
  • Telco party AllTel
Bad "bad 43% half of advertised download, 42% of advertised upload"
Overall "Bad speed"

I have 12 Mbps download and 1.5 Mbps upload.
Received the advertised price. It has been lowered since I upgraded from 6Mbps.
Order and install process was painless.
Received a Sagemcom modem/router Sagem Fast 1704 Windstream. This is built specifically for Windstream.
I appears that the download speed is throttled.
Windstream uses Ookla speed test for their speed testing and it always registers 12 Mbps or greater for upload and about .75 Mbps download.
Using DSLReports speed test I have never exceeded 6 Mbps download. It seems like they never upgraded my service to 12 Mbps.
Replace the proprietary modem/router with a Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit ADSL2+ modem/router to see if the speed improved as it had been reported that the Sagem 1704 maybe the problem. No improvement in the speed what so ever.
iPad is always getting kicked of the internet. Put the iPad on the 5 Ghz band and no improvement. No one else in the neighborhood has a 5 Ghz band wireless router at this time, so there is not channel overlap.
Tech support is no help as them will not recognize the speed measured by DSLReports. They only accept speed results from Ookla.

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Review by gwm743 See Profile

  • Location: Jasper,Pickens,GA
  • Cost: $65 per month
Good "service reliability while not good yet, has improved"
Bad "Dishonest practices regarding price for life plan; unreliable service; expensive for what you get"
Overall "only game in town except for satellite"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I have had Windstream at my mountain cabin for 3 1/2 years. Initially the price was reasonable but the service reliability was horrible. In early to mid 2011 I ordered static IP service from them $20/month for static IP was sort of expensive, but I needed it so I paid. The process of getting the service converted from dynamic IP to static was painfully slow to get provisioned and took multiple phone calls to people that had no clue what they were doing in order to get it completed.

In January 2012 I discontinued the static IP service as I no longer needed it and it was expensive. They informed me it was too much trouble to change my configuration but they would stop charging me for it but not to change my router configuration. I was fine with that. It worked find until 04/21/2014 when they deleted the static IP setup with no notice to me. If they had only emailed me I could have changed my router setup in advance to PPPoE dynamic so that it would have continued working. Since they didn't tell me I lost remote access and was without service for over a month since I was off-site and could not fix the configuration.

Now for my BIG complaint. In late 2013 Windstream called me to inform me that my area had a network upgrade and I now qualified for 12mbs service. They offered to upgrade me to the new speed for only $2 a month and at the same time lock my account on the "price for life" plan so that the rate could never increase. I accepted the offer. I had been paying about $53 a month at that time. The first bill after the upgrade came in at the expected $55 range. By March of 2014 by increasing the surcharges section of the bill they had added about another $1 to bill and I was paying $56/month. Not a big deal, but not a locked price. In May 2014 another $1 showed up and the new total was $57 a month... again, I noticed but did nothing as the increase was still small. In June 2014 the new bill came in and was $64.80. A nearly $10 increase from the "locked" rate I was promised when they "upgraded" my service. The latest increase was mainly by removing an offsetting credit against the federal subscriber line charge (SLC) that I had been receiving.

On June 12, 2014 I called and spoke with a CSR and explained all of the above. The CSR blamed the recent increase on the SLC claiming they had no control over the increase as that is a FCC fee. That is a flat out lie. I have done some research and while the FCC allows telcos to charge the SLC, it is not mandated by the FCC, and in fact telcos are free to absorb the SLC if they so choose. Bottom line is Windstream represented to me that my bill would be locked in with "price for life" and then has used "surcharges and fees" to increase my bill by nearly 20% in just 6 months. I am posting this review here, and also considering a complaint to the FTC

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Jasper, GA

Changes to situation

After doing some research and arming myself with information from the FTC, as well as information from Windstreams own web site, I called back on June 19, 2014 and asked for a supervisor. The CSR that took my call said she had to hear my issues before transferring me to a supervisor, so I gave her the whole story above. She started by giving me the same "company line" as the previous CSR did on 06/12. I made it clear that I was not going to accept that and that I knew the SLC was not required by the FCC and that it was Windstreams choice to start charging (stop issuing the line item credit) me that fee. I also pointed out that their own web site touts "Don't worry about your bill going up" on the price for life page. It makes no mention of the guarantee being only for the service line item. It says your "bill". She then agreed to issue a credit of $6.50 for the current month and then a $10/month credit going forward for the next 12 months. I found her to be quite helpful within the restrictions that her employer places on her. I will have to fight again in 12 months, but at least for now my bill will actually drop back to around what I was paying or maybe even a dollar less than what I was paying when I accepted their "price for life" offer.