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Review by BlueC See Profile

  • Location: Hopkins,Hennepin,MN
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (36 month contract)
Good "Not much"
Bad "A downhill ride with constant organization restructure"
Overall "Avoid"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

I use Integra for a lot of my point-to-point connections. Even though they have to deal with Qwest on a lot of things (who are usually unfavorable to deal with), they still manage to create a good package. Most importantly, they are flexible. No worries on being screwed over.


While they were flexible 4 years ago, today they are the exact opposite. Too much turnover internally to hold onto any promises of flexibility.

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Review by (hidden by request)

  • Location: Arvada,Jefferson,CO
  • Cost: $300 per month (36 month contract)
Good "the install was normal as scheduled. Everything else about this company is bad"
Bad "see above"
Overall "poor overall rating and would not recommend to others"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I own a small business in Arvada, Co. and also was approached with
promises of cheaper rates and outstanding service. After about 3
months I realized I had been screwed. Higher than ever rates, and none
of the promises were delivered, constant connectivity problems and
lachadasial customer service. I was promised a one year "trial"
contract when in fact, I was signing a 3 year contract. This company
ought to be shut down and investigated for fraudulent business
activites, by the proper authorities. Definately would not recommend
these crooks to anyone.

(review was emailed from domain gmail.com)
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He is right

I agree with everything this person says except for the installation. He had a good one. Mine was a night mere. When I complained to the BBB they had a big memory loss. Do not do business with this company. Or be prepared to pay through the nose. Don't say you were not warned

Review by (hidden by request)

  • Location: Englewood,Arapahoe,CO
  • Cost: $280 per month (36 month contract)
  • Telco party Integra Telecom
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I am an Insurance Agent, and started my business in January of 2010. I became unhappy w/ Qwest soon after starting and was approached by a canvasser for Integra shortly thereafter. When I told him of my unhappiness with the service I had been provided by Qwest up to that point, he asked to take a look at my bills. As you can imagine, he told me that Integra would do a much better job AND save me a great deal of money at the same time. Needless to say I decided to switch over after being told that this was a one year contract I was signing.

Within a few months of switching over to them, the bills became more than I had ever paid with Qwest and when I called in to ask why I was told that the amount I was told I would be paying was just for the lines - the services along with those lines cost extra. When I asked how I could opt out of my contract, I was told I had signed a three year deal and would owe the balance of those three years. I told the rep that there was no way possible I would have signed this since I didn't know whether or not I would still be an agent after the end of that first year and asked for the original contract I had signed to be presented to me. They mailed me a copy which appeared to be doctored, but of course told me that it hadn't been.

By this time my anger and frustration with the company had reached it's boi=ling point and I decided to switch to a VOIP (Vocalocity if anyone who read=s this wants it - they are everything that Integra isn't and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Shortly thereafter I received a notice in the mail from Integra stating that my balance due for the cancellation was slightly more than $2,000.00. I called Integra to inquire about the Porting Dates and was told that the balance due would be more than the $2,000.00 and that the statement I received in the mail was an estimate only. When I told them it didn't state that it was an estimate, I was basically told too bad. A week later I received another statement - this one showing a balance of approximately $2,900.00. As you can imagine, I was beyond angry at this point so I called in and talked to the same rep and was told this should be all that I owed (that didn't make me feel any better) and that a final bill would be generated shortly. I received the final bill today and it was for $3,342.49. As you can imagine I went ballistic and called in and spoke to another rep. She had - quite possibly - the most casual I don't care attitude of anyone I have ever spoken to at any company.

I obviously haven't dealt with every company out there, but I cannot begin to imagine one that is worse. If you choose to do business with Integra, you should have your head examined prior to doing so. The call Vocalocity at 877-862-2562.


(review was emailed from domain statefarm.com)
lodged 3.2 years ago


Review by JimPajaro See Profile

  • Location: 55422-3312
  • Cost: $100 per month (36 month contract)
  • Telco party Integra Telecom
Bad "This Company Works Defrauding Companies through Promises not kept"
Overall "Worst Customer Service, Worst Connections,"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

We were with Vonage for years with little or no issues but when a "land-line" company said they could provide us with excellent call quality, Four line separation using distinct ring and for about the same money, $50 a month we jumped for it.

Now, they did indeed after several month get our lines straightened out but while we were in communication with customer service they were slow to no responses to our calls. But after a lot of frustration they did get the phone lines organized. Then a loud buzzing sound started on our lines. We called them only to find that they only "manage" two of our lines and Quest actually manages our main line, our fax line is now going to our email. Quest came out and checked our main line and found no issues that would create this buzz. Several days later, Integra finally sent out a service guy who could not find any reason for the buzz but suggested it was our phones or a phone going bad. He said we should go to each phone and disconnect it and try our system again to see if the buzzing was gone, I did check and no the buzzing was not gone.

We tried hanging up and trying our calls again when the buzzing was particularly bad but nothing worked. Getting little help from Integra once they determined that it had to be our fault for the buzzing and were now done with our complaint so we went back to Quest looking for help. Even though all the lines being used were Quest lines they could only help us with our main line. I don't know all the politics of phone companies but we hoped that Quest would be able to locate the reason for the buzzing.

We decided to switch to Quest for the service after talking to their service department about the buzz in our system. That's when we first learned that we had a "Three Year Contract!" Even though we are totally dissatisfied with their service, the performance of their company, they refused to let us out of our contract.

We try to not get into big fights with our providers as you really need them on your side when something does not work but their cavalier attitude about not living up to any service agreement and still feel we have to remain in this contract has irritated me so much that I have to take them to small claims court to get the money they claim i have to pay them to get out of a contract. We can't go into a court room with attorneys and such as that begins at $20,000 and that's what Integra is counting on. It's cheaper to pay them off.

We are going to show the small claims court that they are not living up to their contract and that it is causing our businesses harm and that we are asking for the buyout amount of a horrific service contract that cannot be mitigated in any other way.

We will be back to let you know if we are successful or not. Wish us luck.

Just an after thought, the reason we were not aware of a three year contract was they switched contracts on us. Originally, we signed one contract then it had to be rewritten and supposedly only needed our signatures as nothing had changed except the corrected wording, our sales person was new and had made some mistakes. Then we had to split up the contracts by phone service. So we ended up with new contracts once more. So... when someone comes back to you with this sort of shell game, run! No one would ever get us to agree to a three year contract without giving us a lot of equipment up front and they provided no equipment.

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Review by (hidden by request)

  • Location: Grants Pass,Josephine,OR
  • Cost: $13 per month
  • Telco party Integra Telecom
Good "fair service and support"
Bad "closing bill and business practice"
Overall "This is a predatory business and should be exposed."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

In the mid 90's I subscribed to Terragon.com as my ISP with a dial up
connection. That was all that was available at that time. They were
subsequently bought by Unicom, and during that time, Unicom advised me
DSL had become available on my telephone line. Unicom was subsequently
bought by Integra Telecom. At that time, my subscription rate went to $
11.95 per month plus other fees, and I had to buy DSL service from Qwest
at the rate of $ 15.95 per month for 256K which made my monthly charge $
28.90 per month for 256K. For the duration of my time with Integra, I
paid 3 months at a time in advance. I decided to increase my speed, and
contacted Integra to do this. Integra told me I would have to deal with
Qwest for this increase, as Qwest would not even talk to them (Integra).
I contacted Qwest and was told the charge would be $ 28.95 per month for
1.5 MB, and that was the fastest speed available to me, and it is still
all that is available, or I could switch to Qwest as my ISP and the
total would be $ 31.95 per month. I declined the offer because Qwest is
famous for poor internet service. As a result of this situation, I
decided to switch to a local company (ISP) for wireless broadband at 1.5
MB for $ 29.99 per month.

I contacted Integra to shut off my service and received a closing bill
of $ 35.37 after all prepaid credits were applied. In a nutshell,
Integra didn't shut off my service until their next billing cycle
started, which ate all my credit balance and charged me $ 25.00
disconnect fee which resulted in the above figure on my closing statement.

I think this is predatory business practice and just wrong in every way.
They should be using the " Jolly Roger " as their logo!! If Qwest won't
even talk to them, I certainly understand why!!

I fully intend to file complaints with all the appropriate agencies to
try to protect consumers from businesses like Integra. This negative
feedback should be made available for all to see before doing business
with the likes of Integra.

(review was emailed from domain oigp.net)
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Review by Outfitterdav See Profile

  • Location: Arvada,Jefferson,CO
  • Cost: $471 per month (24 month contract)
Good "None"
Bad "Bad Service"
Overall "They want over $3,000.00 to cancel 45 days early"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Three times (this year) Integra left me without any internet, phones, FAX, credit card services for days when it was their bad computer (all three times).

When they changed from my contracted company called Eschelon, a service person came in and changed the computer and said it was an improvement to the
T-1 service I had (obviously from my contracted T1 service). The Internet speed has been much slower. I never had a problem with the T-1 service.

I am changing to Cbeyond as of tomorrow and Integra sent a letter (that I received today) threatening me with a fine for canceling the contract 45 days early and suggesting that I had a 36 month contract (its 24 months) ending September 09.
In other words my contract was done 10 months ago.

I will do my best if they continue to pursue this very bad business relations move
to make sure they never have a new customer, ever!

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Review by spaguy See Profile

  • Location: Colorado Springs,El Paso,CO
  • Cost: $300 per month (3 month contract)
Good "none"
Bad "lots"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

We had Cbeyond but were trying to save some money with the economy like it is. This company is very unresponsive, poor customer service and very little technical ability in their support staff.

We've had problems for weeks without satisfaction and have been without DSL, phone or Credit card services all day.

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Review by CCTVTech See Profile

  • Location: Glendale,Maricopa,AZ
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $500 per month (36 month contract)
  • Install: about 20 days
Good "T1"
Bad "Liars and Thieves"
Overall "Would never use them again even if life depended on it."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Had them for 18 months so far, can't get out of the contract.

Service has been up and down since they bought the original company.

Originally had dynamic T1, now they say they can't do that and my vpn fails 80% ever since they took over.

They hardly ever return phone calls.

Tried pleading my case to no avail.

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Review by Unreasonable See Profile

  • Location: Portland,Multnomah,OR
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $60 per month (36 month contract)
  • Telco party Qwest
Good "Nice and slow"
Bad "Mind boggling support policies"
Overall "The etf is a bargain!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

We have multiple locations where we use Integra/Eschelon dsl to provide free wifi for our cafe customers.

As Integra has taken over Eschelon, their support policies have taken a serious turn for the worse.

It used to be that the installers would put a sticker on the router showing the various parameters including ip, subnet, gateway, dns, login/pwd.

Now, not only do they not do so, they've changed the passwords to lock the customer out of the router.

So....couple of weeks ago I get a dmca letter from Integra, advising me that someone had downloaded HBO copyrighted materials.

Ok, so I need to turn off some ports and reconfigure dns.

Can't get into the router.

I called in to get access and was first told No.
Then told that I could only get access if I signed and returned a waiver.

Fair enough. There are enough settings on a dsl router that I could easily waste a lot of their time if I went in and played with certain ones.

I know what not to screw with - some people don't.
The provider wants me to acknowledge that if I mess with stuff, they're going to charge me to unscrew it.

Perfectly reasonable.

I give them the fax number and my cell number and email address.

Never heard from them again.

When I call a week later, I'm told they've changed policies and I can't have router access.

I ask how I am supposed to determine the offending client to comply with the dmca letter?


I need at least logs with mac addresses so I can cross reference the letter.

Then the helpful phone rep offers to get me the mac addresses.

I get this:

"Hello Robert,

Here's the list.

Active 00:13:e8:1e:c7:ed Cody Wireless
Active 00:16:cf:3e:b0:7a DCKWMQB1 Wireless
Idle 00:1c:bf:1c:f9:37 AMPLUSD Ethernet
Idle 00:1c:b3:bf:ba:4e unknown Ethernet
Idle 00:0d:93:87:20:b9 unknown Wireless
Active 00:11:24:91:fe:4e unknown Wireless
Active 00:11:24:99:d3:5b Macintosh-4 Wireless
Idle 00:1a:73:23:58:f9 CharlesGambi-PC Ethernet
Active 00:14:a5:a3:e3:60 Insolent_Minx Wireless"

I asked what I was supposed to do with a list of who's on the network NOW as opposed to when the supposed infringement occurred.


I also emailed the person at the provider who sent the dmca letter in the first place.


Integra's answer is to put my own router in front of their router.

sigh....ok - can you put your router in bridge mode?

Nope - it doesn't support that.

Hmmmm.....I thought the GT701-wg supported bridging.

The manual says it does.

Of course, the manual downloaded from Eschelon has Qwest all over it.
I can't say for sure that Eschelon didn't further lobotomize the router in addition to what Qwest ripped out of it.

In any event, I'm not going to layer router upon router just because a provider can't sort their policies out.

So, I have replaced the dsl connection with Comcast service at one location so far, and I am going to replace the rest just as soon as Comcast gets the contracts to me.

Am I overreacting?
Eschelon has set us up for large potential liability as there is no way I can effectively secure an ap with an unknown configuration that I cannot access.
I've also spent several hours on the phone bouncing from one person to another.

I also do get requests from customers to open a particular port, and I accommodate these where feasible. Having to make a call to a provider just to open a port just isn't how I'm going to operate.

We would have gone with Comcast initially, but their TOS at the time didn't allow for us to use it for free wifi access.

It does now, and Integra/Eschelon is fired fired fired!

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Review by wdsteve See Profile

  • Location: Colorado Springs,El Paso,CO
  • Cost: $99 per month (36 month contract)
  • Install: about 60 days
Good "None come to mind."
Bad "Dishonesty in Sales, Pass-the-buck style tech support, Product doesn't work as advertised"
Overall "Brought my business to it's knees... Sticking with Qwest.... If you run a business and need solid service pick another vendor"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Two of our install dates came and went as there were problems with the line. On the third install attempt 5/1/2008 we were brought up with very limited service where some web sites would load fine yet others failed to load due to 100% packet loss. In fact, while the tech was present we were unable to get out to perform a speed test. Finally, our tech was able to pull up Integra's bandwidth diagnostic site and it was found that we were getting 1.7mb down. After the bandwidth test the tech gave the all clear and our service was, unfortunately, ported from Qwest. Later that day it became clear that the latency and packet loss was not a problem with one or two sites as I could easily reach these when going out on an alternative DSL connection. I made my first call into tech support to report this non-functioning DSL service on 5/1/2008. The first tech I spoke with assured me that there was a problem affecting Colorado Springs and that we'd be back up in the AM.

The next morning 5/2 we were left with the same problem as the night before. Yet another call into tech support and we were advised that they would check the line and contact me by the end of the business day with the results. To my surprise, no one ever called back. I made yet another call into Tech support and was told they couldn't find a ticket. I again explained the situation and they immediately assumed there was a problem with the line and gave me a link to a bandwith test site. I tried to explain that bandwith measures fine to certain sites but that others were simply unreachable. In a friendly voice I was told that they'd check the line.

Today 5/3 still the same issues. I've made several calls in for support most of which have been written off as problems with 3rd party providers and not issues on the Integra DSL service.

Here's what I see:

1 - Integra has mis-represented the product it is capable of providing. There's not even a chance of reaching 3mb speeds on this network yet Integra sells it anyways. When our install tech was present 5/1/2008 I mentioned we had signed up for a 3mb package. The tech noted that we were not getting remotely close to this bandwidth. Our install tech called in to the home office and was advised that 3mb wasn't even a remote possibility in our area, yet we were sold a more expensive 3mb DSL package. We've now been informed that the best Integra could do was 2mb in our area. The pre-sales confidence in the 3mb product convinced us to give Integra a try... yet the company techs claim they can't even come close to delivering it. Why was this not disclosed to us up front?

2 - Tech support, while friendly, doesn't have the right set of "cue" cards to read from to adequately trouble shoot this issue. Many calls to support have simply fallen on deaf ears and everyone in this company wants to blame a third party and get me off the line as quickly as possible without doing any real troubleshooting.

3 - The failed install attempts were just minor annoyances costing us time in scheduling and minor down time while we allowed your techs to troubleshoot your company's inability to provide services at our location... however, the 3 days spent on the Integra network with your improperly functioning service have brought my internet business to it's knees and has already cost my company thousands of dollars in lost revenue and hours of lost labor spent trying to persuade Integra to fix it's service.

This is not the Integra we were promised. As Integra is obviously not prepared to handle the communications needs of our company, to date we still haven't received a properly functioning product, and as my business cannot handle additional down time on this network; we were left with no choice but to terminate our services and are running back to Qwest who has proven capable of delivering a functioning product just as advertised.


5/7/2008 Update 7 days into a DSL black out 7 days since installation 75-100% dropped packets - tracert's to the outside world simply die - still no resolution from Integra Telecom tech support- no response to my e-mail and phone requests for support.

Company has no satisfaction guarantee policy and will force you to allow them 30 days to resolve service issues before allowing you to cancel without being charged a termination penalty. Can your business survive without properly functioning DSL for 30 days?

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