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Frontier Communications page on DSLReports
Six Month Rating

bullet 419 reviews (119 good) (210 bad)
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Review by n2ubp See Profile

  • Location: Middletown,Orange,NY
  • Cost: $41 per month (36 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Install was perfect, speed matches what I ordered, no contract, 3 yr price lock"
Bad "Some areas in my county still stuck with slow, non competative old technology"
Overall "24/1mb VDSL speed for the same price as TWC 15/1+modem rental 1yr promo "
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Time Warner Cable
I've had Frontier ADSL service since 2001. Connection reliability and monthly charges have improved over these years but available connection speed has not kept up with my household and telecommuting needs. Speed tests are showing 2.6mb speeds on a 3.7mb connection. Adjacent areas serviced by Frontier are offering 5 and 6 mb default speeds for the same price or less than what I pay for my 3.7mb connection. Some nearby towns even have 12mb connections. Calling Frontier Sales gets me an answer of "3.7mb is the fastest you can get in your area" and there are no plans to increase local speed offerings. Time Warner cable with default speeds of 15mbs might be my best solution since Frontier has no upgrade plans in my area just outside of Middletown, NY

Update Dec 17 2014: My TWC promo 15/1 service was almost up, TWC is oversubscribed in my area, the best it could do from 7 - 11 pm was 4/1mb. Frontier finally upgraded the remote switch serving my area, offering VDSL service with a max of 24/1 for about the same cost as TWC 15/1 promo + cable modem rental. They sent a tech out to install a new NID and router at my home. Nice friendly guy, 40 years in the business, knew what he was doing. I couldn't ask for a better install. On schedule, works as described. So far speedtest results are 24/1 mb. I will update this review in a few more weeks.

Update Jan 25 2015: The VDSL connection is solid and reliable, providing 24/1 service as speed tested even during prime time. Recently TWC sent me a letter informing me that my promo pricing had expired and the new price would be over $51 plus the new $8 per month cable modem rental fee... so TWC 15/1 service would be about $59 per month before taxes and Frontier VDSL 24/1 service for the next 3 years is about $41 per month before taxes. It's nice to have choices.

member for 7.6 years, 663 visits, last login: a few minutes ago
updated 37 days ago




Frontier service

I have been trying to get my mothers service for her basic phone started for over 10 days. I have spoken to 4 different reps and was even promised a call back, which never happened. My last call ended when they said I did not even have any information in their data base on either myself or my mom. What a company. And we wonder why our government can't get anything done. :~)



Frontier / HomeFusion

My parents live about a mile from town (small town of around 2500 people in the midwest). They have had DSL for about 10 years. It started out as NeonDSL then went to Verizon DSL then to Frontier. With Neon and Verizon their connection was generally pretty good and stayed up most of the time. Sometimes some local flooding would affect the line and they would have to physically repair it down the road (near town). My parents do the normal Facebook, e-mail checks...Some Youtube but they are not heavy users and rarely stream movies. For the past two years their connection is awful. They would get around .2Mb/s and would call and complain. They got the technician's number and would call him directly. He would come over and say they shouldn't be throttling you, you should get 5 Mb/s here. He would call them up and the connection would magically speed up where it should be. After a few days they are back to a crappy connection. Now their technician has moved to a new area and the new technician hasn't been able to make it by. I don't understand this since they are not heavy users. It's like it is slowed down until it will JUST work and they keep it there until several call complaints are made and things magically speed up.

I live a few miles on the other side of town. DSL lines terminate just short of my house and I'm told they do not have the infrastructure to provide me with a good enough internet signal. This left me with Satellite. I had Wild Blue for about 4 months. It went out due to weather more often than my DirecTV. I work from home and the 700+ ping made working remote nearly impossible. I then heard about Verizon HomeFusion. It seems to use the same 4G connection as my cell phone. I barely get 4G at my house on my cell phone (It depends on what side of the room I stand in, I can get 1 bar 4G. I get 1 or 2 bars 4G in the front yard but only 3G in the back yard). HomeFusion uses a can antenna that they mounted on my TV antenna. I've had it for 2 years now. It's the same plans as satellite, 10GB, 20GB, 30GB, $60, $90, $120. I get between 20-30 Mb/s download and 6-12 Mb/s upload. The connection is solid and rarely ever drops. In two years my connection speed only dropped once. I called and they said they only guarantee something like 6 Mb/s download or something so they wouldn't fix my problem. Strangely enough my speed went right back up after I hung up the phone. The ping is around 40 most of the time and I can play online games without issue. Also, I have a great connection for web conferences, VPN, etc.

It seems hard for me to deny that they throttle my parent's speed to an unusable level. I just don't get why in an area this small. No one around them are heavy internet users. Most barely have computers. They have had DSL for a long time without issue until recently.

I would highly recommend HomeFusion to anyone left with little options. I have the 20GB/mo. I don't stream movies here and really watch my youtube streaming. I can keep it at 20 but sometimes because of work I have to spend another $10 to get another 10GB to get me through the month. Otherwise it's something like $10 for every GB you go over or something if you don't have them bump it to the 30GB/mo. They will just bump it for that month and then drop it back to the 20GB/mo.

Middletown, NY

Re: Frontier / HomeFusion

I work from home and use about 4GB per day, * 30 = 120 GB per month. I am not reimbursed for ISP charges by work. HomeFusion would bust my budget.



Re: Frontier / HomeFusion

I don't have large file transfers for the stuff I do. When I do I just use friends' unlimited internet as needed. I wonder how much bandwidth an average work from home person uses...I'm an engineer and I can always just update the files on my work's server while home too so I don't have to transfer the larger files. I would think 4THE would be a little high for the average work from home person...

Middletown, NY

Re: Frontier / HomeFusion

I am a data analyst, specializing in Geospatial Analysis, usually on a national level. Lots of big files and video conferences.




Why am I only getting a lot less then what I should be getting. My mom is paying for 6mb/s and I have rarely seen it max out at 3. Most of the time it's near 1mb/s. I know whether has a factor in it but an clear days it is still the same. I have called 5 different times they send people out to try and fix it. Nothing works. Frontier sucks.

Middletown, NY

Re: Internet

Are you looking at the speed test report on the Web or the speed the router connects to the frontier network?

Review by cobbleking See Profile

  • Location: Mahomet,Champaign,IL
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "very stable, no caps and good speeds"
Overall "try them out"

There are very few options (like the rest of America) where we live, Mahomet, IL. Mediacom, a cable company or Frontier, DSL. I think there are other wireless options but I wanted a wired ISP.

Mediacom offers higher speeds, and Frontier was offering only 6 Mbps. So we went with Mediacom and stayed happily with them for 2+ years. One fine day they sent a mail saying they are enforcing caps. I was sad and called up Frontier. They said they can offer 12 Mbps with bonded DSL and I was excited and signed up with them. There was no problem setting up appointment. The person showed up on time and had to run a line. My only complaint is that they didnt do a good job of burying the line in the yard.

Another disappointing thing was that the tech said 12 Mbps cannot be offered in my area due to distance. So he said he was going to provision it for 6 I guess. I was bummed out but agreed as I had no intention of going back to Mediacom unless they removed their caps.

When I checked the modem, it reported 9.9 down and 1.1 up. I called up and asked and they said since they were not able to give 12, they provisioned it for whatever maximum they could support but still charge for the lower 6 Mbps. I was very surprised but happy.

Surprisingly, I did not really miss the higher speed. Netflix worked great and streamed at SuperHD. Very minimal outages.

My IPWebcam which uses DDNS to register with a service using UPnP, the name resolution failed with Frontier modem. No one could help me with it. They dont officially support Bridging. With help from this forum, I was able to bridge it with a NetGear Router and all was well.

After about a year, I noticed slower speed and did a speed test. It was reporting 8+. CSR said the service was provisioned for 6, I asked him about the 10 (9.9) from a year ago and they said they offer 12 now. So I said I would take it if they can provide it and told them about the last time they tried.

A visit was scheduled and the tech was able to provision 12 without any problem. Speedtest reported 11.99/1.1.

New modem was nicer, Actiontec FV2200. I put it in bridge mode and connected it to my netgear wndr3700v3. It looked like it would work well with the DDNS IP webcam I mentioned earlier. But I didnt test it out.

overall, very happy with service. pretty stable.

I could not get a straight answer for what speed the wireless in the router actually is.

member for 1.4 years, 7 visits, last login: 50 days ago
lodged 50 days ago


Avondale, AZ


Sounds like your lucky.. I haven't heard too many good things about Frontier.

Review by Action2 See Profile

  • Location: Newman,Douglas,IL
  • Cost: $60 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 6 days
Good "Low Latency"
Bad "Low bandwidth and packetloss during peak times."
Overall "Usable during the late night. "
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Update 1-10-2015

At this point Frontier service has degraded to the point it is unusable outside of the 2AM to 8AM window. Packet loss and low bandwidth cripples the network causing websites to fail to load and downloads to fail to complete. While I was initially hopeful that Frontier could turn this around, it seems they are content with letting this area degrade even more than it already has. This issue is coming up on a year old now with still no resolution in sight.

Below are attached images that compare packet loss from the November to January time frame both in 2013-2014 and 2014-2015

This heavy of packet loss is felt in just about any application or web use. Frontier needs to get on their game.
The package is 12 Mb down 2Mb up. The upload is fine, the download is not. I expect more from Frontier for $60 a month.

Click for full size
Click for full size
Click for full size

member for 4.6 years, 514 visits, last login: 2 days ago
updated 51 days ago


Review by aguypd See Profile

  • Location: Silver Springs,Wyoming,NY
  • Cost: $36 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "First year is free"
Bad "We lose our connection every time it rains"
Overall "Switched back to RR"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Time Warner Cable

(update 2014-11)My mom, finally, dropped Frontier, and in it's place she now has Time Warner. Her bandwidth never got above 3.5 Mbs, even though she was signed up for their 10 Mbs service, and her latency was always running around 60-70 ms.

(update 2013-06)There hasn't been any improvement in the service from Frontier. The latency still runs 60-70 ms and the bandwidth is still down around 3.5 Mbs on the 10 Mbs service.

(update 2012-11)Recently the Internet service seems to have degraded. The latency has increased to near 70 ms and the connection resets several times a day with a new IP address being issued each time.

(update 2010-09)I am still glad that I switched back to Road Runner. However, my mother still uses Frontier's DSL. She consistenly gets bandwidths around 3.5 Mbs on her 10 Mbs service. The latency is usually around 50 ms. It can be frustrating to work on the computers at her house and attempting to use the Internet, after getting used to Road Runner at home.

We decided to get rid of our telephone service with Frontier, too, and switch to Time Warner's Digital Phone. Frontier wanted to charge us $200 because they said we had entered into a 2 year contract with them for the Telephone service. The two years for the DSL when we had it, ended back in May of 2010, and we never agreed to a 2 year contract, so I guess they just automatically put us on one.

My wife called the service department and complained and the customer service representative, said that they would cancel the $200 charge.

(update)After continuously comparing bandwidth between my mom's dsl with Frontier and our Road Runner connection, the Road Runner connection is always about three times the bandwidth and less than half of the latency.

(update)My mother, who still has Frontier DSL, got hit by lightning. She called Frontier's customer service and told them that she lost the phones and DSL. The service tech came out and got the phones back online, but never checked the DSL. She had to call them again and finally drove an hour to one of their centers, to pick up a new modem.

(update)Forget trying to get anywhere with their customer service. If you tell them you have an issue, only when it is raining and the lines are wet, they will still send a technician the next day, even though the sun is shining and everything is dried out.

(update)Switched back to Road Runner after less than six months with Frontiernet. It was a mistake to ever switch to Frontiernet.

Switched from Time Warner's Road Runner to Frontiernet's 10M DSL with a new plan that the first year is free and the second year is only $30/month and a promise that the 10M was available to our house. This turned out to be a mistake

After having the service for almost a month, we had several problems and tech support was a 45 minute wait on the phone. Technicians came out the next day and found a problem between us and the CO. Our speeds, 3568/374, are better than they were yesterday, 503/260, but not as good as they had been, 4417/376. This definitely is not what they promised us, though.

Apparently, when it rains our connection is unstable. This is terrible. I guess I have to hope for a drought, so I can have a good connection. Because of the bad connections in the wet weather, Frontier keeps throttling back our speed, instead of fixing the actual problem. The latency has really tanked, too. We were getting a latency around 35 ms, but now we are over 80 ms.

Every time it rains, we can look forward to speeds around 500/200 and a latency over 100 ms. It is terrible.

Frontier has released their announcement on their caps, and our speed is down to 95/78 with a latency of 695 ms. Go figure.

After lying to us about the availability of 10M being available in our area and their position on net neutrality, I am not holding our breath about their honesty, that people in their price protection agreement, won't be capped, also.

Click for full size

member for 6.8 years, 2640 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 55 days ago


Tremont, IL

Frontier Advertises "High" speed internet

Have DSL through a land line with Frontier for the past 4 months. Speed is only slightly better than dial up - download: 0.98 mbs/sec upload: 0.37 mbs/sec. The only positive thing about this "high" speed isp is the unlimited band width. It frustrates even more with every TV commercial marketing their "high" speed product. Excede satellite service is 10-12 times faster but obviously more expensive. The choice in the more rural areas in Illinois is abysmal.



Re: Frontier Advertises "High" speed internet

I am getting angry because i was seeing 3mbp advertised then they told me to expect only 1.6mbps, then the installer said we only get 300kb....using my cellphone i can do things, but frontier on my pc is like a Turtle going up a mountain!!!!! I am shocked that a company is so desparate to make money by mass gathering a crowd of customers and doing zero to improve quality of service. Virgin mobile hotspot seemed faster than this!!!!! HELL, DIAL UP could be faster? I have been told oh you cant stream any video....only check emails? That was not stated at sign up...only when installer arrived...why is this service so bad?

Review by Catch22 See Profile

  • Location: Trumbull,Fairfield,CT
  • Cost: $184 per month
Good "To date Connecticut Frontier Uverse Internet is as reliable as when provided by AT&T (which was excellent)"
Bad "Uverse TV OnDemand snafu after Frontier took over"
Overall "So far so good but haven't used Frontier Support "
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

We switched from Charter to AT&T Uverse in 2007 and other than one 4 day outage (mistake in cross connect box), the AT&T service and support was stellar. Since Frontier took over, there has been no deterioration and the Pro Internet plan (up to 3 mbps upload & 512k upload) is testing at 4.3 upload and/1.1 download.

There were some fumbles on the Uverse TV OnDemand but that was resolved. Frontier TV Everywhere is a work-in-progress where the Premium streaming (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, & Starz) don't work. That is a shared issue between Frontier and the content providers (they won't recognize Frontier Uverse accounts (look for FIOS service). By and large, no major TV problems as of 12/21/14.

Haven't had to use Frontier Support yet but will update if I do,

member for 1.6 years, 694 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 71 days ago


Review by cool88 See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "always on."
Bad "takes time to get the full speed."
Overall "Its good. but if fiber or cable internet is there look at there offers."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

For a rural area the internet is great they do a good job and its always on. I do see it go from 6mbps to 5.5mbps at the peak hours but that has fade the last 2 weeks to only slow to 5.8mbps during peak hours so they are get upgrades here every few months and I seen that the 12/2 and 24/3 is where I can get it but the 6mbps/768kbps is good and that's just what I need. If its frontier dsl or wireless or satellite internet go with frontier.

here's my everyday speed:
»www.speedtest.net/my-result/3447 ··· 47543277
»www.speedtest.net/my-result/3447 ··· 47634580

Update 7/31/2014 the internet is still going very good It is still always on except last weekend the area had a outage for 6 to 8 hours. »www.speedtest.net/my-result/3660 ··· 60260071

Update 10/31/14 the 6mbps plan is still going good. »www.speedtest.net/my-result/3874 ··· 74865652 upgrade to the 12mbps download and 2mbps upload gets installed next week I will update the review after a little time with the 12mbps plan and a speedtest.

update 11/5/14 got the 12mbps plan the upload is only 1mbps but that is better than before will update in a few more weeks on how service holds up. »www.speedtest.net/my-result/3887 ··· 87048036

Update 12/8/14 I have had the 12mbps plan 1 month now the speed has held very good. I have had no problems so far. »www.speedtest.net/my-result/3970 ··· 70079116

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updated 84 days ago


Shirley Chap


My service today

Although I haven't been happy with frontier for quite some time I was indeed happy today with the phone service provided bu Jackie ext.2355 and also the hard work from Brian tech 573 or 873


Re: My service today

frontier speed wise is not the best. but 1/3 to 2/3 of tech support and customer service. will try to help get a better speed or try and find out if any new plans are open to get and even try to find out when upgrades will happen.

Review by yolarry See Profile

  • Location: Creston,Wirt,WV
  • Cost: $35 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Fast. Good Ping. "
Bad "Technical support needs a little improvement"
Overall "Better then Hughesnet"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews

·HughesNet Satell..
When you live in the rural area you got no choice but to switch from dial up or satellite to DSL. Finally after waiting for so long to get off the train wreck of Hughesnet. This year frontier answer my prayers and installed fiber optic lines. I had trouble with costumer service with techs giving me the run around and does give me a decent progress or ETA unless I talk the engineers from the remote box that is like 500 feet from my home which they don’t see to have no clue either . So 3 months later I talk to Ree GM Social Networking person, and she was very nice and send our order and 2 day air ship the netgear modem/router before they put the signs up on the remote box. Next day different tech calls in and say that she does not see anything listed on her database so I told the person it’s already taking care of, and she was being rude about saying my modem can’t do anything unless I am having account. So I hung up and called the main office, and the guy said it’s listed but I can only get 8mbps but funny thing the engineer tech was testing and getting 18 mbps. So I thought I go ahead and try 8mbps with $20 bucks a month. I got sick of paying $74 to Hughesnet. Not like I can upgrade anytime right? So 10/3/2013 the modem/router finally arrived. Place the filters hooked it up. DSL light blinking. Called the tech and he put me on hold for like 30 mins, and he tells me my neighborhood is set for 7th but he notices my neighbor is having a date for Friday installation so he’s going to put a request to check my end and see whats going on while he’s at neighbors. I know the box got redone in 2007 when a lighting storm struck the NIC beside my house. The line from the booth to the pole and to the house got replace in 2005. So could be an issue with junction haven’t rig up for DSL.. So next day (Friday) tech goes to the neighbor’s house. So I went to visit and ask if he got anything for me, and he said not without order #. So called frontier and to request the work order #. I was in a rush to get it to the tech before he leaves but the lady wanted to talk me into signing up for dish for like 5 mins and I told her we will discuss that later sometime but keeps bragging about it. So the guy hooked me up and told me to reboot my modem/router and should be getting 7mbps. WOOHOO

Benefits I like about this like about my new $20 internet

- I can game. That’s the major flow on hughesnet I couldn’t deal with it

- Unlimited. Now I can video chat with my friends and family over skype

- Netlifx. I’m a huge fan ever since I stay at my brother’s house.

- Weather does not kill my connection unlike hughesnet.

I’m overall happy since this the first time in my life I have DSL. I wouldn’t complain much to frontier but they really need some better techs.

Thanks for taking time to read this review. I just happy to get out of Hughesnet.

Update 11/12/2013: Still running rock solid. some hiccups with a couple of down times but all is good. I went ahead and upgrade to the 12mbps package and everything went fine but still getting crappy upload speed (1 mbps). I download some games from steam with my new package and sometimes it was hitting 15mbps. wow. Also, I been trying to port forward ports for an MW3 dedicated server off steam, but no mater what I tried I can't seem to get it open ports (Nat Strict) I even tried to bridge with my Linksys E3000 and still not letting me.

Update 12/4/2013: still running great. No bad luck! I saw my uptime 20 days and look at the chart and downloaded over 200GB last month. of course I brought a bunch of games on steam and watching netflix in HD on my xbox 360. Took the time and finally do windows update on all my pcs. Ask the neighbor if they have any issues and they say it's running great too!

Total on my phone bill with both internet and landline month $82

Update 9/19/2014: About couple months ago thunderstorm struck my modem and my poor linksys E3000 no longer reads LAN ports expect 1. Lucky I had a extra modem that frontier accidentally sent 2. I have not yet report this to frontier. Also my linksys turn into a wifi repeater only now I notice some days netflix and gaming doesn't play well. I get lag spike. Oh well! anything better then Hughesnet. Might call them next week to see if bundle with Dish Network since I miss tv for ~5 years now. I don't miss the commercials but I do miss my shows.

Update 12/7/2014: So I recently bundle TV with frontier with Dish. I order the Hooper and 3 rooms. Of course. the installer didn't get the right order but we got straighten out. Today I was bored and thought I play some black ops II since Advance Warfare being buggy. Now Black Ops II gives you actual ping numbers.. I didn't realized how low it ever been. Normally I get 75 but I getting 56 each lobby I go to. I run a ping test and got a A instead C. 7ms of jitter. Google, Yahoo all came out 56 ping again.

So not sure if they upgrade recently or this could change..I hope not. Haven't test netflix and gaming same time yet.

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R.I.P. Donald Lee Wise

Friendly, WV
·Frontier Communi..


Well, been close to 6 weeks since frontier started doing stuff in my area and after all the talk of us getting DSL. I have spoke with tammy(in parkersburg) several times and she's still saying "several weeks to go" but she said by the end of this year, everything will be complete(yeah, sure) I have'nt seen frontier do anything big down at the sub station in atleast 4 weeks now and there is snow on the ground already.

I guess 20 or maybe 40 more years of good old hughesnet. Hope frontier is treating you good atleast.
HT1000/ BeamID 32/ Power Max plan/ 4 pcs on a D-Link wired switch/ wireless D-Link router with password

Support only the gaming company's that matter the most, pay for something that actually is worth buying or has a good reason for how much it's worth.

Hazel Green, WI

lucky you i only got DSL no fiber yet

lucky you i only got DSL no fiber yet

Review by ncted See Profile

  • Location: Durham,Durham,NC
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 9 days
Good "Fast, connection for a reasonable price. No caps. Netflix open connect CDN. CSRs and techs are very nice and friendly."
Bad "Installation happened a day late even though I purposely gave them plenty of lead time. 2 long outages in a week."
Overall "Very nice folks, good service."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Time Warner Cable
I was on TWC Turbo (20/2), and I was unhappy with Netflix streaming performance and first byte time on websites and the recent price increases. Despite speedtest.net ping times of >20ms, it was laggy. I read that Frontier had joined the Netflix Open connect CDN: »signup.netflix.com/openconnect, and the price and speeds offered were good, so I decided to give it a try. I ordered Simply Broadband Max (24/2) for $55/month, no contract, free installation, and 2 year price guarantee.

Installation was a annoying because they didn't show up in the window they specified, and didn't call to tell me they weren't going to be able to make the appointment. I got a call over an hour later letting me know they would try again the next day. When I called to find out why, I was told they were busy fixing service for many people affected by adverse weather. While that may be true, they clearly knew they would not make my appointment well ahead of time, and they could have let me know sooner.

I received an ActionTec FV2200 modem. It has a full set of router features. I disabled wireless, and may try to put it into bridge mode, if I can determine how to make my Airport Extreme work with PPOE on a channel bonded connection.

Speedtest.net ping times are about 10ms longer than TWC, but first byte times are actually about 1/2 second lower than I observed with TWC. Netflix hasn't re-buffered yet, and it seems solidly at the highest PQ so far. I did experience an Internet outage (but not DSL, so must have been a backhaul issue) the first night I had the new service from about 12:30-2:00 AM, but TWC was down at the same time, so I would've been impacted either way. Since then, it has been rock solid. Hopefully that continues.

At the end of the day, I am happy I switched, and I hope this will be a reliable service for a long time to come.

UPDATE 3/5/2014:

I am posting this from my TWC connection I hadn't cancelled yet. Frontier has been down for hours and Tech Support has no idea why. This is the second time in a week. Not happy at the moment.

UPDATE 3/6/2014:

Due to connection reliability issues, I have cancelled my service. The CSR was extremely nice about it, and offered to lower my bill to make up for the inconvenience of the outage. If I didn't need this for work, I might consider it.

UPDATE 11/11/2014:

After a couple of frustrating months with TimeWarnerCable, and a series of annoying calls with customer support where they essentially told me to go stick my head in a lake, I am going to give Frontier another try. Based on local experiences recently by people on this forum and in-person discussions, it sounds like Frontier has gotten their act together a bit. Install is scheduled for 11/20. Fingers crossed that things go better this time.

UPDATE 11/20/2014:

Service installed today. Installer named Mike showed up promptly at 9 AM, and he was very professional and friendly. He had everything working within about 15 minutes, including running a new line from the street to my house to be buried later. After Mike left, I tried a speed test but was only getting 12/1 instead of 24/2. I contacted customer support who put me back in touch with Mike. Mike contacted tech support, and after a short while the provisioning was updated to 24/2 which I am now getting reliably. While they made a mistake with the original provisioning, they did fix the issue quickly as soon as I pointed it out. I have a better feeling about the service than I did the last time I tried it. Fingers-crossed.

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Lyle jeffrey


extremely dissatfied

I am writing this to let everyone know just how we have been treated with this company! my wife was called over a year ago with a offer to bundle our services so we could save about $30.00 a month . she agreed and they bundled our service lo and behold our monthly bill did not go down but went up by over $30.00. after numerous calls to frontier (getting some one different each time) we got nothing but a run around. At this point we ask to cancel our services and was told there would be a large charge to do so. mind you we have been with this company for ever. this was a year ago just this week my wife called to cancel our service and they say the contract was renewed in October. we had no idea how this was done they now say there is a $100.00 for early cancellation fee. this company is like a bad omen once your in you cant get out with out paying threw to nose. so be ware people you should think twice before doing business with these rip offs. we are on a fixed income so every little bit helps!



installation of phone and internet

Frontier promised to have their complete installation finished by Oct. 17th, 2014. Since then I have been led to believe it was everyday tomorrow. This is a ridiculous operation without and checks and execution of agreement. I really think I will file a claim in small claims court for all of the lies, broken schedules/appointments and bad faith. If everyone filed a small suit against these guys, they would at least become truthful.



Re: installation of phone and internet

Same experience here.

Told install would be Nov 8. When I called them on the 8th to find out when the tech would be there they said - what install, we see that you placed an order for service but we don't see any date for the install in our system... What? Not a red flag for you people??

Then given a date for the 18th. Called on the 18. Sorry, but our tech is sick, won't make it on the 18th. Will definitely be the 19th.

19th rolls around around, we call to find out the stats and we are told, sorry, can't make it today either. We promise you it will be tomorrow, the 20th...

Anyone want to place a bet with me???

Durham, NC
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Installation delays

The first time I tried to have Frontier install service, they did not show up on time either. The installer I talked to today said they were hiring additional installers/techs nationwide to help reduce wait times for service calls. Some areas are having better luck than others actually finding qualified people.

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  • Location: Bloomfield,Hartford,CT
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "haven't billed me since switch over"
Bad "upload speed between 0.01 and 0.13 Mb"
Overall "Not a good switch over from AT&T to Frontier CT"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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AT&T Connecticut sale to Frontier CT = I am in 0.03 Mb upload (not heaven) = Over a week now! They can figure it out. I read AT&T / Frontier deal gave them no support. Tech support person told me some large business has the same upload problem. They have no updates to tell me any more.
I hour to upload a 6MB file. I have 20 domains with CMSs to update.

So far they haven't sent me a bill - I think they know they have provided no value of service.

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Westbrook, CT

Create frontier ID in Ct

One would think easy transition, NO. Web page slow to load would not accept newly created id . One customer rep, One tech, Supervisor , One more customer service rep . Now this guy tried to enter my id from out west bingo worked . Again i mentioned frontier page slow to load . Asked to speak to supervisor again . Finally 4 hrs later supervisor says YES there is a problem with server will make note and pass along . Could i be compensated for time, say a bump in speed ? No.

Time for comcast again ? *shivers*

Glastonbury, CT

Late charge without bill

I'm not thrilled with Frontier either. Several months ago they sent a cheerful postcard, not a peep since.

NOW I have a bill for two months, including late charges? For what? Them not sending me a bill?

In addition, I'm trying to figure out what all the cruft on the bill is, and their site seems to have no explanations of what they're charging for. "Complete Choice Enhanced"? Be nice to know what that is.

Gonna have to call them tomorrow. NOT looking forward to that.

Bloomfield, CT
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Re: Late charge without bill

I received my bill today. called them to tell them I wasn't paying anything till my service was working. They said they'd put a note on my invoice and to call when it's working and they would credit the bill.

On their web site they say they will credit the late charges during the first 2 months.

I couldn't email a 8 MB image file last night. Tried 3 times each time nothing after 1.5 hours. I have to drive 4 miles to use the wifi at dunkin doughnuts. - I did get an app to transfer files to my phone - I then use cellular to email & ftp. Incredible pain in the behind!

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  • Location: Dunbar,Kanawha,WV
  • Cost: $49 per month
Good "no caps"
Bad "very unreliable connection"
Overall "Live very close to the central office"
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I'm supposed to be on a 12mb bonded service but, I have never seen that best I have gotten is 7mb and if it runs then it drops. I have had the service for 2 years now not good for netflix or gaming. So it looks like Suddenlink may be the only other choice, I had Verizon before the sold and never had connection problems. Using the Netgear 2550 modem.

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why me


horror slow horror show

I am new to this service and all they keep promoting is their 3bies highspeed deal...well they have service slower than 56k...at least with 56k i would see some video. I can't get 1 sec of video to play on youtube...pages on websites load and load. With this horrible service there might as well be no youtube. How does one keep picking up more customers and never upgrade their net services? This could be fraud to charge over $34 for poor service like this. Seems like the housing scam....making promises, lying and giving nothing.....