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HughesNet Satellite Broadband page on DSLReports
Six Month Rating

bullet 1089 reviews (162 good) (614 bad)
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Review by chaosbuster See Profile

  • Location: Oviedo,Seminole,FL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Hardware works great"
Bad "People work poorly"
Overall "If customer can support himself without vendor support, good deal"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Did not offer HSN 9000 migration plan, so ordered new Gen3 service.
Installer was an amateur, I ended up doing my own pole mount and all physical placement.
Installer just did signal cable connection and checkout.

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Why Is Hughesnet Allowed to Rip Customers Off

Hughesnet has huge government contracts that consume satellite bandwidth that limit bandwidth to the paying customers (chumps). Because of these contracts, Hughesnet is allowed to operate as a money laundering operation for the intelligence agencies. So that explains the lousy service and also explains why the technical support is out sourced to countries that are hostile to America (Pakistan, etc.).

Hughesnet is allowed by government to raid the rural internet markets that the government has allowed the big cable players to ignore. Because many congresspeople and bureaucrats own stock in Hughesnet, Hughesnet is practically immune to any oversight or criminal investigations.

Hughesnet is a criminal operation, solely for the purpose of government communications. The rural customers are simply extra money that goes into various pockets. Thus, Hughesnet does not care about its retail (rural) customers nor does it feel that it has any obligation or responsibility to honor 'contracts' with its retail (rural) customers.

If anyone noticed when signing up with Hughesnet, there are no mentions of a "Fair Acces Policy" or is any mention of the fact that the download/upload speeds are just so much marketing department fantasy. Just remember that Hughesnet is operating for its own and governments benefit, that the retail (rural) customers are an afterthought that happens to bring in some extra money.

If anyone has had the fortunate experience of speaking with 'technical support', they will have found totally incompetent morons that don't give a damn about you. They will try to suck you into signing up with additional plans to 'improve' the service. Don't! You will be throwing good money after bad.

Hughesnet corporate are a bunch of con artists and theives, their only job is to fill their pockets with as much money as they can. In short, Hughesnet is a criminal enterprise that has the blessing of government to steal money.



Re: Why Is Hughesnet Allowed to Rip Customers Off

Thank you for that knowledge. ; )

hughesnet su

I do not have a lot of knowledge of how bandwith and satellite internet works and i explained this to the hughesnet rep who chose my package for me. Previously i used time warner and i do not believe i was limited on how much bandwith i ha. If i was i must have had more than i needed because i never noticed. I will forever (or at least for the next 2yrs till my contract is up) regret the day i entered into a contract with hughesnet. To put it simply i was promised the ability to stream netflix and utube for a price that was lower than what i was paying TWC and I did NOT RECEIVE THE SERVICE PROMISED.
The service rep asked what i needed and/or wanted to be able to do on the internet. I explained that i didnt know how it worked or what amount i would need so she had me explain what i wanted to be able to do. I told her i had netflix and needed to be able to stream that. I wanted to watch utube and things like that. The rep said "I will get you in the right package to be able to do all those things" Then i received none of what i was promised. When i called to ask why my service was so bad and why i couldnt even watch a 30 second video online without constant buffering i was told my package didnt allow the ability to stream video of any kind. I explained fiat i was told i would be a able to use netflix and utube and the rep said the most ignorant thing that really made no sense...."sorry. Maybe the rep you spoke with who set you up with the service dosent work here anymore". What? Why would that matter? What would that have to do with anything?

To make a long angry rant short... I set out to save money and I now pay more than i paid with TWC to get less service because even after i so called "upgraded" i was WARNED (and the use of the word warned was actually used by the rep) that i wouldnt be able to stream much of anything on netflix before reaching my internet usage limit. Wow. Thanks Hughesnet. I will be sure to tell all my my friends and family about your great service and how i cant even gooogle anything without waiting 2 to 3 minutes for the page to load. I hate my internet service and i hate hughesnet for making me say I MISS TWC. I never thought i would hear myself say those words.DO NOT TRUST HUGHESNET. If you have little knowledge of how satellite internet works they will take advantage. They will not give you the service promised. It will be nothing but frustration and all you will have to show for it will be the joy of overpaying for Horrible service.

HiHo HiHo

I am so glad I looked this up before making a purchase. In Toledo, Ohio Buckeye cable has the monopoly and you cannot get internet service anywhere else but through Hughesnet. They sound just like Virgin Mobile, government owned and a hateful, thieving bunch of criminals. Thank you all for your reviews. Took awhile to find any, had to get out of google and use a backdoor to get here.

Review by GoodMoGo See Profile

  • Location: Fayetteville,Washington,AR
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Absolutely nothing (occasional internet if you don't have other options)"
Bad "Service quality, value, customer support."
Overall "Use at your own risk, and only if you don't want to write snail mail letters."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

Several different accounts (I work for a major University) with different plans. Lowest plan is a Professional Plus.
Order and install were problem free.
Various HN700S and HN9000 + My routers.
They change static IPs without notice, tech support does not understand what "port forwarding" or "static IP" means other than "that's in your plan, sir". From this basic information I can only properly describe them and their service as a bunch of mentally handicapped monkeys (not apes).

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Review by Patty K See Profile

  • Location: Denver,Adams,CO
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "None"
Bad "Costly data usage, service down and slow if not down"
Overall "Awful service, worse support"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I moved recently and Hughesnet was the only service provider that I could get in the Denver area that I moved to. I am a systems admin and need to work from home occasionally which is impossible using this service. Things are bad when you can go to the local Starbucks and get better service than you can at home. I am using the HT 1100 modem at this location. When you turn your computer on in the morning and log into their system usage interface you will notice that just turning your machine on will result in a usage of 250MB. You cannot browse the internet let alone download anything. Data downloaded during their "Bonus Time" is sometimes taken against your normal usage. After having this service for 1 month I am ready to give them the boot. Threatened to call and still just might get the Better Business Bureau involved in this too as I cannot get any intelligent response out of their support. All I hear is " I understand" (NO THEY DON'T!), wishing their own service on the employees and especially the CEO. That is the worst thing that I can think of for the people behind this company, making them live with their own service! After calling their support 2-4 times per week I am willing to deal with using my phone as a hot spot for service and continuing to go to Starbucks to work when necessary as this service is truly unusable for anything more than the most basic of internet connections and God help you if you decide to look at ANY web pages. My mother, my Aunt and I have been calling Comcast begging for them to run a line down East 64th Avenue in Denver so we can get decent service. I pray that they will as I have never had service this bad and at this point am willing to go back to nothing as opposed to continuing to pay Hughesnet for this. I feel totally ripped off and violated.

member for 1.1 years, 0 visits, last login: 1.1 years ago
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Don't waste your money! I can't believe I paid money for this service. The speeds are a joke, the price is crazy and when I tried to get rid of it, after paying the early cancellation fee they reactivated my account and started charging me again after 3 months. This is a total scam, don't do it, you are better off going to sit in the McDonalds parking lot and leeching off their WIFI.

Review by Kemper See Profile

  • Location: Eddyville,Lyon,KY
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "I'm online"
Bad "No online gaming or streaming movies"
Overall "Better than nothing. "
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I pay $60 a month, bought my equipment so I save $10 a month. Surfing is fine, Facebook, web pages I can even get on Xbox Live and download updates and download game content, but the big draw back is latency. Way to high to play games against others. It's better than nothing though and for rural households with few options it's not so bad. I would kill for real high speed Internet though.

Installation was simple and installer was very professional. Ours doesn't go out unless weather is just really bad, a normal rain doesn't bother it. Never spoken to customer service, so I guess that's a plus. I've had service for about three years now

member for 1.2 years, 2 visits, last login: 1.1 years ago
updated 1.2 years ago


Freedom Yaa


free from hughes!!

No need to suffer any more with hughes! I too was a hughes member for 3 years on a 9000 modem. Then bluegrass cellular built 4g lte towers around KY. They started a new fixed wireless home service and a discount for the first 3 months. GetSetGo is the name of the service. I have had it for 9 months and it is a big improvement over hughes. It shows it available in your area! I have 250 Gigs a month for $67 a month. Free your self from hughes today!!
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Jason M1979


Hughes net customer service

I got Hughes net by bundling with direct tv. I live in a small town with not a lot of internet options. When I ordered my service from direct tv they gave me Hughes nets phone number to set up an appointment. The installer showed as planed but took five hours before he got it working. The day after the installer left my internet went out. I called Hughes net only to find out they. contract the installers and told me I need to call the contractors so I tried no one answered for two days. I bought my kids tablets for Christmas by the time I got hold of the contractors it was Christmas Eve they told me it would be after Christmas I was mad they were ruining my kids Christmas. Well no one showed up that day and I called the contractors they would hear my voice and hang up by the way the contractors name is bullseye sat.by all means avoid these people they are rude and unprofessional. I also called Hughes net and direct tv and they both said to call someone else well 2 days after Christmas they finally showed up. The installer showed up sick at eight in the morning coughed all over my house he fell asleep on my couch while talking to his tech people and it took him four hours to find out it need a new power cord. Hughes net Internet is good but their customer service is terrible as well as bullseye.



Re: Hughes net customer service

This company has charged my account 321.00 and 360.00 ACH debit. I do not owe the company 600.00 I paid automatically every month. I finally had to cancel because this company could not meet my data needs for work. I am a hospice nurse and use the company OS to upload my nursing notes. I called the company several times I paid the most you can pay and they wanted me to by tokens for extra data. To no avail this too much time for my deadlines and finally had to pay my final bill and cancel the account. No one told me they would be taking 621.00 out of my bank account and I did not sign a contract saying this. I have since had to get a lawyer to help me changed my bank account and cancelled my debit card. Their customer service is unfriendly and foreigners who don't care about how happy you are with you service. I tell anyone who will listen not to use this company. its disrespectful to treat people this way.



Re: Hughes net customer service

I am experience the same issues.

The service did not perform as stated, continually dropping. Lost stock trades with losses of over $47,000. Canceled service for non performance and they are trying to charge my credit card for cancellation. Three way conference call where they said no charge to credit card company on December 10th for which credit card company has records and Hughes does not have record, nor records of any of the other calls placed.

Sounds like I just need to cancel that credit card.

Talking with a bunch of jerks from the Philippines the last one said his name was Lyndon Johnson...

I will pull a D & B on the headquarters in Maryland and go for it.

They have pissed me off and taken so much of my time that I don't care what I spend going after these jerks, going to be a bit sporty.




Re: Hughes net customer service

I have hughes right now and I am going to cancel my service. I cannot watch TV with my Roku device because the signal continually drops out every minute of the program. They told me first I needed the gen4 upgrade, but then stated that is what I already have. Then it was my modem had to reset on Jan 2nd and until then I would not be able to watch TV. Now. it is the same issue, and this is only Jan 5th. They tried to charge me for a service call that I did not schedule stating the tech sat at my residence all morning and I was a no show. Well I was at work and knew nothing about this service call. I am reporting them to the State attorney Generals office for misleading customers with bogus service offers. I suggest everyone do the same. Possible class action suit...


Please don't sign up for hughesnet i'm an agent for CS and is the worst service i've ever seen, the sales department tells you how the service is going to be and is not like that they also add extra services on your bill without your permission, so that's why your bill is more than you were told. If you don't have another option than hughesnet please verify what you're getting because it's never going to be like it's supposed to.
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Please listen or you will regret!

If you don't listen you will feel sorry, under no circumstances get a Hughes Net, you will regret it they are a bunch of liars and crooks.

Review by genlee See Profile

  • Location: 54631-0008
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Overall "Don't do it you will regret it"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I haven't been with HughesNet very long 1 month and 13 days and it has cost me over over 200.00 the 1st month was only 54.07 and the next 13 days cost me 125.00 and I cancelled it today and now they said that I will still owe them an additional 48.02 I only purchased 1 bonus token during this time and had to up the service plan twice within this time I did not know anything about "Data Usage" and boy did I find out fast. We stream media through different devices throughout our home and movies, music, and I have a small PC repair business that I am constantly online getting patches, software, etc. for doing my business. Well needless to say I did work on a lot of the PCs during this time they were always limiting my usage I found it easier to go to a free wi-fi business to do my business. By the way the 125.00 was for 14 days of service no bonus time or anything. Stay away from Hughes if you can.

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Hughes net sucks!

I've had it for almost two years and I can't wait until the contract is up. I had dial up before and this is just as SLOW! At 90.00 some dollars a month I call it highway robbery! My sister has internet through com cast and most of the time I have to go to her house if I need to update anything, and with hers it only takes a second or two. I live back in the sticks and at the time besides dial up this was my only option. Im sure there is something else out there now that I can get if not dial up is a lot cheaper, and it's just as fast!!

Review by irongiant See Profile

  • Location: Standish,Arenac,MI
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "loosing your internet is a sign of bad weather take shelter."
Bad "its slow at night and weekends"
Overall "I wouldn't recommend it"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

member for 1.2 years, 2 visits, last login: 1.1 years ago
updated 1.2 years ago


Review by garynburk See Profile

  • Location: Powell,Delaware,OH
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Overall "Best available of several very poor options"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

We have HughesNet Gen4 Business account, best available package. $174/month for 20GB anytime, 25 more GB between 2am and 6am
The order process was somewhat obtuse but the install went as described and worked fine

There are frequent service interruptions, often very slow speeds (~1mb/sec), infuriating boiler plate tech support.
HughesNet does offer "tokens" to buy extra capacity at a high price ($8/GB), meaning we usually must spend $64-$80 extra/month.
Until last month, buying tokens was an awful, several hour experience with telephone tech support. Their online purchase system does not work,
replying that we are not authorized to buy tokens. By telephone we must suffer through first a human robot reading a script that asks if we are
having bad weather? are we sure of that? have we rebooted? will we turn off their interface and let them do tests, etc, etc, etc. Eventually, after being switched to
2 or 3 other tech support people, we are allowed to buy the tokens and the wait.

The HughesNet service is slow, limited and unreliable. I'd advise it only as a last option.

member for 9.6 years, 5 visits, last login: 1.3 years ago
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Review by bkaub007 See Profile

  • Location: Ottawa,Franklin,KS
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Its internet...i guess?"
Bad "Horribly slow, ridiculous ping (1000), insulting data limits"
Overall "Wish there was another option..."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

We have one of the best possible home internet packages, which is about $80 per month. NOT the newer "Gen4" junk. Installation went fine. Tech support is iffy at times.

We have had hughesnet for about 6 years, and before this year we have tolerated it. Now that more people are living in my household, there is a much greater need for internet access, and Hughesnet cannot keep up. You can watch videos, up until you exceed the FAP anyway. But download speed is ridiculously slow, 96% of other connections in the US are faster than Hughesnet. Granted, that we do not have one of the newer Hughesnet plans, which just sacrifice data allowance for speed.

I wish there was another option for us, even if it is only marginally better. We have looked at Millenicom, Broadbandq, and other options, but these are either overpriced or have ignorant data allowances. If anyone happens to have any other ideas, please feel free to comment. But it really appears that there isn't really a decent rural internet option for us.

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Try Wildblue

I had Hughes Net for 5 years and was really frustrated with the speeds and the daily data allowance. If I wanted to download an update for a game or my ps3 I would run out of my daily data allowance before the update could finish.
I checked out Wildblue and they have no daily data allowance. They have a monthly data allowance of up to 25 GB. They are much faster than Hughes Net and their customer service has been very good so far. I have been with them for 2 years now and am satisfied. The only thing that I wish they had was a plan with unlimited data for online gaming.



Re: Try Wildblue

hi their so we have hughes net and are data goes very slow every day we got tokens but they dont seen to work . is this wildblue really work .

Review by Bravo10 See Profile

  • Location: La Joya,Socorro,NM
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "If all else Fails!"
Bad "Everything ~ The WORST!"
Overall "Don't believe a word they say!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I've been reading all the Horror stories about HughsNet, and all I have to say is I've been with them when they were called DirecPC. That's when we had a one way Sat. connection for (I think Upload) and Landline for (I think Download).
I Beta tested both Software and Hardware, and for that I got all equiptment free. I think this was close to 18 years ago, and now that I am one of there customers and no sign of DSL or Cable in the near future, me and my ole DW6000 will just hang out until it burns up! I refuse to upgrade and dealing with unprofessional people in all departments of there service oft times makes me want to back to Dial UP!

I live on the High Mesa of New Mexico and while the wondrous views off sets my issues with Hughes. I wonder why no one has ever called the FCC about how HughesNet does business? I read last month that the FCC just jumped on ComCast for ramping back speeds, and they had to pay fines and fix the issue....(please correct that if I'm wrong!)

So can't the FCC jump in here, if enough people complain, or am I just hanging on a greasy rope.
If someone out there can shed some light on this, hay jump on in...

So I remain in a what we refer to out here as the BLACK HOLE... no DSL, no Cable, no Wi Fi, only Satellite!
So in closing the old saying holds true... "Buyer Beware!"

OK! Now it's 2013 (10 years Later) and I finally was able to get wireless and leave Hughes Net were it belongs, in the trash. And that my friends was a true task as they attempted continued Charges on my Auto Pay. Soooo, not wanting to get anymore stressed out then I was, I just called my CC Company and told them I disputed the charges and to stop all payments to this company, and the reason for it. They did better then that, not only had all charges stopped but they got back my monies taken buy this dead beat company took!

So folks stay away from this Company, if you can't get highspeed or Broadband just be patient and never stop looking for it in your area, keep checking the small Ma & Pa ISP's that are springing up! It's not worth dealing with HughesNet who have raked up Billions of dollars on the backs of the rural consumer!

And by the way, since I owned all the eqiptment, I may try and sell it, or if I can't, I think I'll make the Dish into a Bird Bath..... HA!


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R.I.P. Donald Lee Wise

Friendly, WV
·Frontier Communi..

You know..

.. I bet you that your DW6000 never DID go bad. Before we had to get rid of our HN7000 we experienced lots of horrid speeds and the modem was even making electrical sounds (this was all in the time when Gen4 went into play) and so we thought it was our modem so we bought an entire new modem (HN7000) and did that cure the problems? no but the electrical sounds went away. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the dish itself, signal, cable or anything else.

If we could dump hughesnet we would do it today. Been with hughes now for just about 8 years and what can i say its been not so much a pleasure doing business with stinky old hugesnet.. Their stuff like CS and service is getting worse by the way. I hope the rot in h*** when we finally get rid of them, they have a big bunch of unhappy customers.
HT1000/ BeamID 32/ Power Max plan/ 4 pcs on a D-Link wired switch/ wireless D-Link router with password

Support only the gaming company's that matter the most, pay for something that actually is worth buying or has a good reason for how much it's worth.



Huges net customer service

I have been trying for nearly a month to get the folks to fix certain portals in websites that won't load. I have to have these nasty people because of school.I have called and called and still the problem persists. This is effecting my grades dearly and I am on the verge of getting a lawyer to get out of the contract and find something else. I pay out the nose for something that is slow and unreliable. These people need to be shut down. I am on very unhappy customer.



hughes suxxxxxx

I dumped hughesnet to the curb and Got virgin mobile hotspot. Very pleased and cheaper. At&t and Verizon has a hotspot to. If you have service with a cell phone at your house than these hotspots will work.



Re: hughes suxxxxxx

I have had a portable Verizon modem for about 7 years, getting it is the best thing I ever did. I have internet where ever I go. The modem is about the size of a large lighter...I don't smoke, but I couldn't think of anything else to describe the size...maybe a little bigger than one of my son's hot wheel cars. It plugs into the usb port and you have internet. 5 Gigs for about $59, then $10 for each additional gig. We had hughesnet installed last year when my daughter moved back home...the only good thing about hughes is that they seem to be a little more merciful when it comes to extra usage...they are slower. Today I'm online using the modem to see why hughesnet suddenly stopped working. I thought it would be faster to see if anyone else has posted a hugesnet internet failure, than to call them myself and get the usual "I don't know how to do my job" type of responses. I agree with everyone else...don't go with hughesnet.


Sorry to be uneducated...can you explain what a hotspot is? I am rural America. My only option for internet is satellite or dialup if it's even available. thanks



Re: Huges net customer service

you need a new modem. They wont admit it, but for one reason or another modems will not access certain ISP's. Most common with AOL.

United State

Terribly Bad Service

I am on this right now....and it really suck right now..............



Hughesnet a waist of good money

Got hughesnet last month , the meter to keep track of usage would not download and work properly..
It showed it was great until I over used then quit while the meter showed full green.. Total bill after taxes 108.00 + and you get very little for that . It's a corporate greed machine ripping off rural people
A lot of money for very limited usage time and signal into home seems to come in waves. Hughesnet is a ripoff plain and simple !

Ripped off


Re: Hughesnet a waist of good money

i forced to use it couple years but i got 3G / AT&T and for the first time i am able to view YouTube. Hughes couldn't handle it!!!

Review by vor See Profile

  • Location: Livermore,Larimer,CO
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "High bandwidth"
Bad "High latency"
Overall "Surprisingly good connection for a last resort technology"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:

Some background:

I recently moved into a new house in the mountains and Centurylink said I could get a 3Mbit connection to the house. I write software from home so, an internet connection is literally a prerequisite to any home purchase. I double checked the Centurylink website several times with my new address, verified that the neighbors were using Centurylink (could visibly see the modems in neighboring houses as I was house shopping) and ordered the service. The technician came out and said I was a bit too far away to get ADSL. Apart from being furious, I was also in desperate need of an internet connection so, was even willing to shell out the money for a full T1 line. The Centurylink technician came out and said they didn't have the facilities to install a T1 line. I don't get 3G service at my house but I could kind of limp along with GPRS after buying a cell phone booster but it wasn't something you could use on a daily basis. So, regardless of all the really terrible reviews, I had to either try HughesNet or sell the house I just bought since I can't work without an internet connection. Here is my experience after a couple weeks of usage:

The Good:

- I signed up for the GEN4 15Mbit/2Mbit, 20G/20G a month service. The few times I've checked speedtest.net, I've consistently gotten 15Mbit down and a little under 1Mbit up. Downloading from decent mirrors confirms the speedtest.net results.

- It's almost always sunny where I live but, I expected the connection to be terrible in bad weather. To my surprise, that hasn't been the case so far. As I'm writing this, there has been a very dense fog outside all day with occasional blowing mist/ice. Connection has been fine and last week we got 6 inches of snow and I didn't notice any issues. It's possible that I just haven't experienced the kind of weather that really irritates the connection yet but, so far the connection is a lot more stable than I was anticipating.

- Installation was quick and painless. I ordered the service online on a Thursday and selected an installation time for that Saturday since that was the earliest they were offering. Having read a lot of these posts, I didn't expect to hear from anyone anytime soon. To my surprise, I got a call a few hours later and they asked if they could install in the morning since they already had a guy coming out this way. They showed up in the morning and everything went fine.

The Bad:

- High latency. I get about 600ms pings but, that's about what I expected so, no real surprise or complaints. 600ms is pretty terrible but, I knew that's what I was getting into when signing up for the service. Some observations about the latency:

- One thing I hadn't anticipated is that things like SSH do not do local echo so, interactive keystroke latency is so high as to be almost unusable. A lot of this can be mitigated by using MOSH instead of straight SSH so, total disaster was averted.

- The latency for web browsing is actually much better than I expected. It feels like using a decent bandwidth connection with no DNS caching and a slow DNS server. What I mean by that is that it takes a bit for a webpage to "spin up" but, once it starts loading, it's as fast as your average ADSL/Cable connection for the kind of web content I consume. Having said that, sometimes the latency can cause things to timeout. Nothing critical that I use has had an issue but, on occasion, clicking a link will just sit and spin. Obviously this happens on non-satellite connections as well but, it's slightly more frequent on satellite. So far it isn't nowhere near internet breaking but, it's definitely something to be aware of.

- I have also tried to use the connection for UMA (wifi-calling) on my cell phone. That's almost tolerable but, you really notice the latency when you try to interject during a natural pause only to find yourself talking over someone. If you are spending a lot of time on the phone, it would be infuriating and unusable. For occasional use, it may or may not be tolerable.

- Low usage caps. This terrified me about the connection but, with the highest tier plan, I'm finding it to be acceptable so far. I don't stream video or need to download large files during the day so, the caps haven't been an issue so far. I have a feeling that a lot of people would struggle with the usage caps at any tier below the highest one. More about this below.

- High price. The highest tier pricing is higher than any connection I've ever paid for. Considering the connection is also higher latency and lower bandwidth than any connection I've had in the last 5 years, I find the price very irritating. However, this is a last resort kind of connection so, it's not surprising that they can charge a premium price for a fairly mediocre connection. If you are looking at satellite, your other option is likely dialup and they know that.

- Carrier Grade NAT. I didn't realize this when I signed up but, even on a business plan, you cannot get a publicly visible IPv4 address. There are ways around this if you have some tech-savvy (reverse SSH tunnel port forwards to a publicly visible machine work fine) but, if you use any kind of device in your home that you check via an internet connection outside your home, it's likely not going to work without some pretty heavy handed workarounds. This is definitely something people should be aware of before signing up for the service. I don't recall seeing it anywhere on the HughesNet pages (though, I could be mistaken).


- For this type of connection, you NEED to run an ad blocker, a flash blocker and something like ghostery (or NoScript if you can bear it). There are two reasons for this (beyond the normal reasons to run these things): 1) It will dramatically reduce your data usage. A very large number of websites have far more ads/junk on them than content and, since ads/junk are usually images/videos, they quickly eat into your data cap. 2) On a high latency connection, it should greatly increase webpage loading since you aren't sending out dozens of extra DNS requests and otherwise waiting for all the non-essential page elements to load.

- If you have any Windows machines in the house, you need to make sure they aren't infected with any sort of virus that is eating away at your usage caps. I suspect a number of complaints about bumping up against data usage caps for no real reason are caused by ads/flash and viruses.

- Any device that automatically updates itself from the internet needs to be set to do so during the bonus hours. Even better, if you have a bunch of Linux boxes in the house, setup a full repo mirror on a laptop on a non-usage capped connection and set all the boxes to update from that laptop. Update the repo on the laptop whenever it's connected to a non-capped connection.

- Any device that doesn't need to be connected to the internet should be disconnected from the internet/turned off until it needs the internet. Do not trust any device to not eat up your usage cap for no good reason. That includes phones, tablets, idle computers and anything with an ethernet cable plugged into it (AVR, BluRay player, etc).

- Streaming video is going to kill your usage caps very quickly even at the highest tier. Occasional funny cat videos on YouTube isn't the end of the world but, Netflix streaming is probably right out. I would probably recommend dropping your Netflix streaming package and instead pickup one of their DVD/BluRay packages. The amount of money you will save on not buying HughesNet tokens should allow you to sign up for higher disc count DVD/BluRay package.

- Since the installers are independent and not affiliated with HughesNet, I would imagine you can get one that is anywhere between "Drunk Guy with a Compass" and a real professional installer. I wonder if my good luck (so far) isn't largely due to having a competent installer.

- I have not had to deal with technical support so far but, based on the reports on this website, it's not something I'm looking forward to.

- If you have your expectations set appropriately, this is actually not a bad connection. In fact, it's significantly better than I thought it would be. If your internet usage patterns don't fit with a high latency, low usage cap type of connection, you should be prepared to either change your habits or spend a lot on tokens.

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Great Review!

Good to know about the public IPv4 addresses, and 600ms ping (I thought they were more in the 2000ms range).

Do you know where your internet traffic goes out of? i.e.: my Sprint card usually routes through Kansas City or Chicago, and my Clearwire Card routes through Denver to get out to the internet.

I have a house in the same situation: on the National Broadband Map, it says I can get internet from AT&T, Frontier (right on the border between them), and Mediacom, but none of them will service the address! Right now, I've got a Sprint 3G card limping on ~1.5Mbit.

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Re: Great Review!

I haven't done a traceroute to get exact details but, generally speedtest.net has me out of Kansas City. Early today it had me out of somewhere in Florida though. I haven't looked into it but, it wouldn't surprise me if they have multiple downlink sites and things route based on traffic or even weather.



Giving up

All they want to do is limit us people and rob us in the country. I even had one person from C_m_ast tell me to MOVE??? I think if ATT etc are not willing to expand they should have to sell.

The FCC only looks out for the big guys so we are left to scramble and be robed......




After 5 1/2 years of frustration with Hughs service and equipment, after signing up for the faster (BS) Gen 4 technology, which did not speed anything up, they are charging us $230 for discontinuation of service, because I have 11 months left on my 2 year GEN 4 CRAP service....., I am so happy I now have another option!