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Rogers Hi-Speed page on DSLReports
Six Month Rating

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Review by toro See Profile

  • Location: Scarborough,ON
  • Cost: $45 per month
Good "Quite reliable"
Bad "Nothing so far"
Overall "Good if you can negotiate a good price, not the advertised ones"
Pre Sales information:
Connection Reliability:
Value for money:
(ratings well above consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Bell Sympatico
Switched from Bell to Rogers a couple months ago because of a better deal Rogers offered me. I had to give Bell 30 days notice and there was no problem to schedule the Rogers install just one day before the end of the 30 day Bell notice.

The install window was 3 hours and the tech showed up in the first half hour and finished quite quickly because he didn't have to lay any new cables.

The package I got is 35/3 with 200 GB bandwidth included. This is enough for me as my average is just 50-60 GB per month. They said they will guarantee my price for 8 years. That's the part I don't trust but if they keep their word I will stay.

I did numerous speed tests at different times of the day and the download speed is always between 50-70 MB (because of their speed boost). I am probably in a neighborhood with not too many heavy users.

I used to be a fan for a local 3rd party ISP (and I still think they are great) but at this time this just made more sense to me. The price I am paying is currently lower than third party ISPs and I didn't have to pay for modem, installation or stay home for 2-3 days for the install tech to come.

member for 9 years, 3384 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 1.5 years ago


Kanata, ON

Google sustained speed test

Google sustained speed test
You will find various suggestions. All that is needed is to have a transfer up or down to a remote server that exceeds the speed boost data size.
When I do this sustained test, instead of Docsis 2.0 35 DL / 1 UL on Rogers, I was getting as low as 4 DL / 430 kbps UL after the speed boost was worn out.
In online gaming for first person shooters, the enemy can see me drop shot, get back up, drop again before I even can pull the trigger. The only way I can cope is to shoot from a distance in a way the enemy can't see me. There are all sorts of gaming skills I could have developed had my internet lag been a lot less. I've had Rogers Cable TV since the 1970s when the price was $4 to $6 per month. Gave my notice to quit all services two weeks ago. My recent yearly cost was about $2,200 and climbing.
For live sports, I'm looking into FTA & OTA PVR receivers / dishes / etc. Acanac cable TPIA is my plan with unlimited caps and new Docsis 3.0 modem. Doubt that my gaming lag will improve, however, but costs will drop a lot.
Final straw was them flagging my owned Docsis 2.0 modem for black listing because they thought it was giving poor lower frequency band output--turns out there was a break or deterioration in the cable line going from the box into my house at a point 40% from the box that was causing the trouble. The provided replacement Docsis 2.0 modem could not even connect so they were forced to put in a new line from the box and I'm stuck with an inferior modem after surrendering my better one to them.

Scarborough, ON

Re: Google sustained speed test

Just downloaded an 700 MB ISO from mirrors.kernel.org (who I know have a very fast pipe). The average speed was about 5 MByte/s

Review by Raptor See Profile

  • Location: London,ON
  • Cost: $72 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Fastest speeds for local ISPs. Rarely down."
Bad "Caps. Navigating the smoke and mirrors of Winback/Retentions"
Overall "Be prepared to negotiate to not pay the ridiculous face value costs."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

***Early 2000's Review***

Initially, Rogers owned the high speed world. It was everything one could ever imagine. Insane speeds for downloading, uploading, anything....we're talking pretty much uncapped as much as your computer could handle bandwidth....+500k/sec down and the ability to host and play games with insane upload....but all that has gone down the crapper along with now more money each month....it costs more, it's often much slower being capped at 1000/180ish....whats the point now...?

Their tech support is often ridiculous and their other customer support/repair often seems like 1 guy a dirty old van and a screwdriver, who may or may not come within the next 6-8 weeks to tell you the modem is broken...how do they break so much? I have never so much as looked at mine in the 3 years I had it and its been replaced because it "broke" 5 times? I don't think so...it's the de facto troubleshoot I guess, a la restart your computer.

****UPDATE March 9 2004*****

attn rogers users, i have found the solution to all problems...ready?

Complain to tech support like there is no freaking tomorrow.

Embellish your crap speeds just a little, or a lot...whatever. I say this because:

3am at night: speeds 1000/100 (the capped value I've been at for a few months now)....begin tech support rage.

Next morning: speeds 2000/400--they haven't dropped since.

Seems to be the key, they have the bandwidth, they just know that they can shaft 9/10 people and hold back on the bandwidth.

****UPDATE OCT 27 2004*****

So this magical Extreme package comes along, what more could we all ask for right? Apparently they don't know how to use these new modems and the network is over congested, etc. Rogers sells their services without having enough network capacity...but they still get their money right?

I have $100 paperweight of a Motorola modem on my desk. It wont connect since it wont receive a response and it isn't assigned an IP. Smooth Rogers. When it first stopped working, I called Rogers that day. After 5+ tech visits, and 10+ phone calls they were 'gracious' enough to loan me a Terayon while the new Docsis rollout is fixed with the Motorola (extreme). How nice of them...except the network is over congested at the moment so i get 100/27kbps (that's NOT kB) on a test...whats that, less than 10KB/s or something terrible....$45 well spent!....essentially, no one knows whats going on, after talking to 10+ techies, none could refer me to anyone that knew about how, when, if at all the problem was being worked on, let alone understood. So I'm in week 3 of having my 100$ paperweight.

Rogers continues to screw up a good thing. From the Wave, to Shaw, to Rogers, to the Yahoo junk....none of which are improvements.....

And finally, the newsgroup change....why....why mess with such a wonderful thing. Now I have nothing good to say about them. I was happy having slow overall internet but still getting 500k/sec off newsgroups...no longer.


- They don't really care, they get their money, and will maybe fix stuff if enough people complain, as the techs have told me to wait to see if other people complain.

- I personally don't recommend Rogers unless you know it's good in your area.

****UPDATE Mar 1 2005*****

60 GB Cap....what? It's ok though since I still can't use my $100 paperweight because my extreme modem won't connect since too many extremies are already online on my node (literally what the tech said). But the good folks at Rogers tell me if I keep unplugging and plugging my modem in hoping that someone else dropped, I might get their spot! Best service ever!

Overall: Its good if its good in your area. I wish I was in a good area.

And the caps...well, there are no words for that. Ridiculous comes to mind. I am not impressed, especially since I haven't actually received any notice of the cap. So how would I know if i was an average user that used the bandwidth but didn't frequent DSLR or the crappy rogers website FAQ? Magic powers? no, only Ted has magic powers, he makes all our money disappear instead of paying for network upgrades....*poof*.

-----UPDATE APRIL 15, 2005-----

Well, the other day I attempted to use my Geocities, to transfer a file to someone, but even with my user name and password it wouldn't open the file manager or let me ftp. I could login via IE, but it would just time out when I clicked 'get started now'. I emailed the tech gods, and they wanted me to send them my user name and password for my account, um no. So i said screw it, got me a G-mail account. Anyways, 5 days later, I get some auto response from civics@geocities, apparently my account is now active and ready to go! Right, nice turn around on a free service which i already be signed up for, apparently I had to activate it by attempting a login? People whine how Rogers users shouldn't complain about an 'extra service', well we used to have this extra service and it was much better! 10mb, no apparent limits?, and no GeoCrappies. But then Yahoo happened, so wheres my price drop? Only in my dreams.

My connection is a sentient life form, it chooses to be on when it wants to be, and when it's happy, it goes fast, other times it is unhappy, and chooses to hit 300ms off the first node. That's still good right? It's ok, Rogers doesn't guarantee ping times so why would they care.

Shaw upgrades! Well that'd be nice for Rogers. I wish i understood the corporate workings, how does Shaw upgrade and others not? Cogeco and Rogers, I guess we're all different. Maybe they have a good connection in Shaw areas still? I'd like to say that, and agree with some others, I don't need 7Mbps damn it, I'm capped already, I could damn well use the upload though, maybe a guaranteed .5mbit, and max 1mbit? I'd take a 5/1 any day, and not an 'up to' 5/1.

Finally, the Rogers EULA, this has been the topic of discussion especially the caps. On one side, you have hard asses saying, if you didn't agree don't sign up for the EULA. No one reads that uber document. When I complain that my advertised 5mbit is only going 1.5 and they say well it is 'up to', well when I go and buy a Porsche and it should go up to what 300km/hr (i don't know), and if the engine is limited to 150, I'm going to be upset as I paid for the top speed. Don't advertise something you cant give. Give me a range or something. There's too much leeway for Rogers to jerk us around in. I invite any competition into Ontario, if you are better then we will switch to you! I want Wave back.

**Update NOV. 2005**

I canceled Rogers and switched to Sympatico in Waterloo. I get constant 3mbit/.8mbit connection and have never had any downtime. What can i say, if you're on a good node for Rogers you're on a good node. Otherwise, don't ever expect things to improve. For anyone who is new to Rogers, if you experience slowness or downtime consistently, you should probably get out, they aren't going to fix it, as my issue was brought up over a year ago when they acknowledged the node was overloaded, after a large run-around.

Sympatico may be slower than extreme, but i don't see any slowdowns during peak hours, and although there were a couple early billing issues, they fixed it in 2 seconds, no questions asked.

And don't get me started on the newsgroups, they already raped those back in April or whatever when they capped it to 60k/sec. I don't even use them since i bought a 3rd party service...for anyone looking around, try Newshosting.

This is one customer they've lost. Nicely done, I only gave them a year to fix it.

**Update June 2007**

Prices are becoming out of reach for the average user. Personally, I don't understand the price hikes. Yes, we're slowly seeing more speeds, but we're owed it. Services are supposed to improve with the times. I recall standard $30 a month price ranges. Now we're over $50 a month for the more standard high speed. And that's not even mentioning these ridiculous 'portable' solutions at $100 plus.

I no longer have Rogers wherever I live. I move somewhere new every 4 months the way my school / co-op is setup and I always install Sympatico. So how I am justified in rating Rogers you say? Well, my parents still have it at home. Anyways, I (they) happen to be on a congestion free node in their London home. It's around 8/1 now, which is nice. But has increased about $20/month over the past few years. Yet, the package is still considered the same package.

The most frustrating thing ever, which is why I'll continue to denounce and poorly rate Rogers are their poor customer tactics. If anyone is familiar with the origins of the Extreme package, you would recall that you could purchase the extreme modem ($100), and receive the Extreme tier for the same price as Express. At the time, I believe Extreme was 5/800, and Express was 3/384. So it made sense to avoid the modem rental if you were going to go with Extreme for the long haul. Well that’s all gone, and now extreme costs more anyway, regardless if you purchased the modem. Essentially, I was ripped off for $100!!! I bet someone in marketing got a fat bonus out of that.

Long story short, after dealing with both Rogers and Sympatico, I choose Sympatico first having been given the run around too many times from Rogers. If given a choice of a reliable 3rd party, give them a shot. It's up to the customers to show them that we're not happy.

***Update Mar. 2008***

My current living situation uses Rogers for internets. We're on the extreme profile, though you would hardly know it during normal usage hours. From about 3pm to 2am downloads grind to around 100kB, even normal browsing seems slow. Anyone who would suggest that I may simply be on an overloaded node, which may also be the case, at 2am or so, wham, I'm downloading at ADVERTISED SPEEDS - 1.1mB/sec. That would be Rogers handywork in their severe throttling of ALL traffic. I use newsgroups so, I barely touch the upload spectrum, yet nonetheless it gets throttled.

My living situation in the summer will be at another residence with Rogers, which I have already lived and it is the same if not worse of a situation. It resides in a neighbourhood not far from a university campus. You guessed it, overloaded nodes, on top of the throttling. No need to explain that one.

My repeated beef is with the severe price increases that seem to be relentless. We're up to around $55/month for extreme service. That which I purchased the modem myself I might add so that I could enjoy this tier of speed without paying more. Nice scam Rogers. What happened to $30/month? Should our services not be increasing with time since as years pass technology improves? Why should the cost increase as well? Inflation doesn't quite account for all the price increases!

The ISPs of the day have too long lived on a network that people were underutilizing. They overloaded nodes knowing that most users barely touched their advertised speeds. But with todays changing times with internet video (Youtube, etc) and P2P (legit et. al) and other streaming services, all of a sudden the goldmine is costing a little more to operate than what it used to. It's a business, change with the times or get left behind. I'm sure the goldmine was good while it lasted, but if you don't get ahead of the internet it will bury you. All I can say is look to Verizon (Fios) or Videotron (Docsis 3.0). Get with the times or they'll leave you behind. The cashcow you've had should be used to build the next generation of networks. One that provides this country with a next gen network. The profits will come.

Finally, net neutrality. Learn it, embrace it.

***May 2009 Update***

While my own personal Rogers account has nothing to be commented on at this point, I will comment on an account I setup for a friend and the billing issues related.

Went into a Rogers Plus store (Rogers Video) because of a 3 month free promo + free modem (after rebate) deal. The promo was "Grab and Go" in that you bought the modem at the store, went home and fired it up and they set a few things up at the store before you left and voila, internets. Seemed good as the friend I was helping was moving into a new apartment.

The first store we went to explained how it all worked. At this time, it was one week prior to the move in date. I thought it best to go early because I've had install times of roughly 1 week for Rogers/Bell and I didn't want her new place to be without internet for that long. The store clerk explained the grab and go thing, and that I didn't need to order it a week in advance. So, we left and I planned to return on the date of move in.

Returning to a different store (the other one had a power outage and their system was down) to get the "Grab and Go", you know, to GRAB it and GO home and set it up within an hour or so - I was stone walled suddenly when upon attempting to do all of this was told I needed to have a tech come out and work his magic, and the next closest appointment would be later next week. Pretty unimpressed by the lack of harmony amongst employee knowledge. Store clerk said nothing could be done, despite the fact that I know they have rolling trucks for customer service emergencies, like mine if you ask me. Being misled by 1 clerk and all....via their lack of knowledge. Anyways....

Tech made it out, did his "magic" by opening a box and making a connection. The bill arrived a few days later with NO MODEM REBATE and some wonky $50 installation fee, and $15 activation fee. I couldn't find anything about the $50 install fee anywhere on the little flyer or the website, nor did either of the TWO store clerks when I specifically asked them about other charges mention them.

I called in to the Rogers billing department and and was connected to a nice lady. She listened to my story, but wasn't aware of my promotion. I asked about that out of curiosity and she helpfully explained that there are so many promotions through the Rogers Plus stores, Futureshop, etc that while they can look them up they don't really know about them - so that wasn't a big deal. What was excellent about her was that instead of connecting me directly to the department to resolve it, she spoke with them on my behalf so that I didn't have to re-explain my entire situation. She came back on after about 5 minutes and said the modem rebate [b]with taxes[/b] would be credited and that because of the lack of transparency and information regarding the connection fee that would be waived ($50).

Turns out that the $15 charge is for a new service (internet, tv, phone, etc) and that the $50 charge is for a new Rogers account. Since my friend didn't already have say TV, and was adding internet. My point to her on that was I shouldn't be double charged for a new connection sign up of both $15 and $50, and it should realistically be one or the other. Furthermore, had I simply been told ahead of time about the $50 charge, that would be up to me. I noted that Bell doesn't charge a install fee/connection fee and that that was part of my selection process between the two carriers. A fee that size is good for a month and a half of Bell 7Mb/1Mb service.

The lady was very helpful and we had a little discussion on how I would have liked to have been presented things as a customer (all details up front) and that clerks/employees should be more versed in making sure they explain that NEW rogers customers may incur additional fees for setting up a line. Granted, my personal opinion is that is still BS, since the cable lines are already installed in the apartment, so that all is needed is to hook up the connection at the box, which I think the $15 should account for. If a tech has to setup the modem, fine, charge $50 the same way Bell offers home installs. It is how they make money.


- Rogers failed to credit modem rebate (had to call in)

- Poor education of Rogers Plus! store employees (twice)

- Sketchy installation/connection fees not properly explained/represented

+ Excellent customer service phone rep (may just be a crap shoot )

+++ Interdepartment communication transfer done by initial rep so I don't re-explain

+ Install credit, while technically valid, was given as customer service offering based on poor handling/explanation by in store clerks

***June 2013 Update***

I recently went to renew my 1 year discounted contract on internet and cable tv. All I desired was the -same- level of discount I had previously. I was told the discounts are impossible and no longer available and as such my bill was to increase substantially so I proceeded to cancel to switch to another provider (ATPIA provider + IPTV).

About 2 weeks later Rogers called me through their winback department and offered me my original discounts as I had asked for which I accepted. It's a bit disappointing to have to go through the cancellation process and smoke and mirrors only to get what I'd originally requested. At this point I was satisfied.

I did however make one alteration to my services. I had been on the grandfathered 75/2 Mbit Ultimate tier. At this time, the area I live in had been upgraded to 150/10 Mbit so I requested to be bumped to the new advertised tier (the grandfathered 75/2 is no longer advertised). I waited for 2-3 days for the service to kick in, but it never did. Apparently I had to get the even newer Hitron modem to attain the 150/10 tier, despite my having a Docsis 3 already. I went to two Rogers' stores before they had one in stock. I went home and still no 150/10 plan. I had to call in twice and have the tech switch the account from the 75/2 to 150/10 plan. The first individual I spoke to was a bit confused as to who in the process was capable of doing this but it was eventually sorted out. A few minutes later my speed tests were at 150/10. All was finally well.

A few days went by and I noticed the speed was never reaching 150/10. Speedtests showed that my upload was exactly 2 mbit, download was hard to test due to Speedboost. But the tests suggested I was back on the 75/2 profile all of a sudden after having been stable on the 150/10 for about a week. I decided to check my account and noticed that my bill had changed and I was now credited a bunch on my upcoming bill. The PDF bill showed that I had been downgraded to the 75/2 Mbit plan ($102/mo) AGAIN. The bill that had been there before had shown the 150/10 ($122/mo), hence the credits.

I called into tech support who acknowledged I was incorrectly on the 75/2 modem provisioning plan and was transferred to the winback department as they dealt with my billing/account stuff. On speaking to the winback/retentions person, they immediately said that my discounts were not possible on the 150/10 Ultimate tier. This was a bit of a shock as during my initial winback call weeks ago and speaking with a few levels of confirmation, Rogers confirmed my discounts (50% internet, 20% cable + free hardware for both) multiple times and never had an issue putting the discounts through. In fact the discounts were irrespective of what services I had as long as I had cable and internet.

The Rogers tech would not negotiate and said the discounts were impossible and that was that, there was nothing to be done. This seems odd considering the account worked just fine and the other sales people said it was no problem during the sign up process. This combined with the fact that Rogers without my knowledge changed my account without notification and switched the internet tier was disappointing. I'm not really sure how that can be an acceptable policy to arbitrarily downgrade someones services without telling them. I spent a few hours troubleshooting on my own time thinking it must be something on my end since it had been working fine. It's frustrating to know that Rogers can change my services without notification and then refuse to honour a deal negotiated with other sales individuals.

Considering Rogers records all phone interactions it'd be nice if that could be used to the customer's advantage. Multiple sales people negotiated and confirmed my account plan and weeks went by only to have it be secretly over turned and now for me to incapable of my original account plan.

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Review by aabdo See Profile

  • Location: Whitby,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.

My Other Reviews

·TekSavvy Cable
I had all my services with Rogers, everything, family cellphones, home phone, internet and TV cable, then one day becuase of the home phone bill was not paid in time; few days late and I have never received the bill, they cut off my home phone outcalls!! It appears the postman in my neighborhood drops my mail by mistake to others and drops others mail to me, so the whole problem created by Canada Post a blind delivery man

At that time, I was very furious, I immediately phoned Rogers from my cellphone, and said cancel everything, do you hear me! cancel everyting even the dam cellphone I am using right now.

Rogers is a very very difficult organization to deal with, you have to deal with automated phone system for a long time, then the disaster after all this waiting, an idiot comes up and answer the phone. Even cancelling my service with this organization was not that simple, 30 days later, they refuse to admit that I made a request to cancel all my services, and continue billing me. This is a complete rouge organization, sometimes, you feel that you are dealing with a criminal organization called Rogers.

Since then I had my phone with Vonage, Cable Internet with Teksavvy, my TV is Netflix and Youtube, my cell phone is Public Mobile. In the past I gave all my business to Rogers, but they have dis-respected me, ignored me, and often put their hands in my wallet, by over charging and billing.
Good bye Rogers, I am a very happy person without you.

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updated 1.6 years ago


Review by Lokatana See Profile

  • Location: Brampton,ON
  • Cost: $82 per month (36 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Service is usually stable. Good latency. It can be very fast, if you're willing to pay for it."
Bad "Bandwidth Caps. Very expensive for what you get. Since upgrading to the latest cable modem, some issues requiring reboots."
Overall "If Google fiber came to my neighborhood, I'd jump ship in seconds."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My summary really says it all.

For me, Rogers has been a good service from a technical perspective. I've been a customer for 14 years. The only negative on this is that the latest and greatest cablemodem / wireless router is pretty poor. The wireless signal is weak and slow, and I have to perform frequent reboots of the cable modem as my connection often drops, or i run into weird DHCP issues requiring me to disable/enable my NIC (never was a problem until i got this cablemodem).

However, the big, Big, BIG negative on Rogers is their pricing and the value for service. For the speeds that are offered, and the bandwidth caps that are imposed (especially considering I was a customer when there were no caps, and my service was drastically crippled when they instituted caps), I do not feel I get value for the service.

Yet the only alternative is Bell, which is even worse.

It's pretty much too late, Rogers. If Google ever comes to town and offers their services, there's nothing you can do to retain me. Or you better start working on it now. I'd have already switched to techsavy if they offered more services like TV, but I just don't want to have multiple telco providers.

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Review by Mashiki See Profile

  • Location: Woodstock,ON
  • Cost: $55 per month (2 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Quick, and fast setup."
Bad "Occasional hickups, slow newserver and DNS problems(proxy related), loop hangs, poor connections outside rogers domain"
Overall "Decent enough, good as be considered for lack of compition. Could be much better."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·TekSavvy Cable
·Bright House
This is an ongoing review of the Rogers ISP since installation since Jan 2002, for most recent updates please look to the bottom of this review.

Was ordered at 3000/500, consitant speeds of 1600-2900/380-440.

I called on a monday, setup was done on tuesday at 9am. Total instalation time was approx. 1hr, including the installation of a new outlet.

Cost break down -
$39.95/mo service
$5/mo for modem
TOC - 12mo.

Provided, free NIC either PCI/ISA or USB. Choice of modem, Terayon, RCA.

ISP states a dynamic IP, but I've had the same IP since Jan.

Currently at my local hub, a bad router is being used I'm talking to the local tech to get it replaced. Hopefully sooner then later, I've had one instance where the service has been down due to my ISP's hub UPS not kicking over.(aka falty UPS) which has been replaced.

Any comments can be pointed here, and I'll be happy to answer them. Or send me a private message and I'll reply as well. I check the site every 2 days.

Time for the glorious Update -- July 6, 2002.

Well I've been on Rogers for 5 and alittle bit months, and things have started to go down hill. I have a feeling it has to do with them signing more customers then they have capacity for. Meaning that I've gotten the dreaded 1500/192 downgrade, or would they call that an upgrade?

Since I've been downgraded to the new speed, the best I've pulled from nyc is 1000/182, unfortunatly this is not what I've signed up for. I do have the little brochoure that they gave me when I signed up and it's actually written inside for top listed speeds of 3000/500, ofcourse when contacting support they simply call you nuts.

It's rather unfortunate but I think they know they will start to recive an influx of users from bell, as such will boost their user base. I've started looking into new ISP's as of the 3rd of July. The biggest complaint that I currently have and this has crept up in the last two-three weeks is the "loop-hop", where wether it being a switch, or bad router or something else, causes a users connection to get "hung" at the main office.

Usually that means Your computer, ->local cable office, to booster, to main office or second booster, and it seems to hang out, basicly cutting you off from various parts of the web. You can get a website in europe or asia, but you can't get one in downtown TO. Wether this has to do with teleglobe, or with something internal at rogers I have gotten no offical or unoffical response from them on it.

I do have a few DSL providers in the area, that offer the speeds that I was getting. Tho it would be nicer to have another cable company providing access here, I understand that the terms are rather draconian.

Feel free to post a reply, I'll answer as soon and as able as I can.

Update 3

Connection is more or less stable now I still have the same IP that I have had since last year. The IP was orginally supposed to be dynamic(72hr rotation), but I'm not complaining.

Here are some current speed tests from Woodstock.
2003-01-15 12:22:06 Speed test (det.speakeasy.net) 1210/184 kbps
2003-01-14 11:22:44 Speed test (det.speakeasy.net) 1071/182 kbps
2003-01-13 22:07:39 Speed test (wc) 816/186 kbps
2003-01-10 21:31:43 Speed test (bos.speakeasy.net) 961/184 kbps
2003-01-02 14:06:02 Speed test (ec) 966/186 kbps
2002-12-22 22:23:10 Speed test (nyc.speakeasy.net) 749/184 kbps
2002-12-20 02:02:10 Speed test (ec) 1002/185 kbps
2002-12-20 02:01:19 Speed test (speedtest.cogeco.net) 1286/339 kbps
2002-12-08 14:56:59 Speed test (ec) 1069/186 kbps

The one from the 15th is the first speed test from speakeasy that has a speed over 1200 in 8 months. It's tolerable but I want my 3000Mbit connection back.

Update 4:
More or less okay, been some fluky things the last few months. Today is the worst it's been in months. Drop outs, modem resets, massive packet loss. Woodstocks routers have gone up and down all day today. The news server is back up to almost tolerable levels, but I still use Supernews.

New set of Speedtests:
2003-08-01 14:42:39 Speed test (ec) 924/184 kbps
2003-07-21 15:14:18 Speed test (ec) 1074/184 kbps
2003-07-20 17:46:54 Speed test (ec) 921/185 kbps
2003-06-26 02:38:20 Speed test (la) 842/180 kbps
2003-06-26 02:37:31 Speed test (ec) 1235/186 kbps
2003-06-24 00:14:13 Speed test (wc) 517/184 kbps
2003-06-24 00:02:58 Speed test (la) 530/126 kbps
2003-06-23 23:59:56 Speed test (ec) 1190/185 kbps
2003-06-15 16:47:44 Speed test (wdc.speakeasy.net) 907/184 kbps
2003-06-15 00:28:28 Speed test (ec) 1092/184 kbps
2003-06-04 15:31:41 Speed test (ec) 1098/185 kbps

Nov 6th 2003.
Things have been interesting. I spent a month with a modem that went up and down, September to October, two techs which were dispatched, the first tech checked the lines which were fine and left the second replaced the modem. Finally got a replacement modem. Unforunatly, it's the same brand as before. A TCM200, the DOCSIS(Toshiba) wouldn't work at all. There was something wrong with the modem, but I still haven't found out what, and people that I know who work for Rogers are unsure of what the problem with the modem is either. Hooking it up causes it to eventually drop off the network, and it's then unable to confirm information with the DHCP server.

There has also been an increase in speeds which I'll list after this update, not sure if the speed increases are perm. or not. The IP which I had for a constant period has switched, and and at one point I had 10 new IP's in the span of 48hrs. It should be noted that I use Windows 2003 to route my computers. This problem seems to have been cleared up. DNS problems still exist, and I run an internal DNS server for resolving now.

The routing has also changed from Woodstock, and there are now more outbound hops to get to an outside node from the Rogers network. On average it was 15 hops to get DSLR reports before the change in Sept. It's now 20.

2003-11-03 03:21:49 Speed test (dslr-west1.megapath.net) 1840/356 kbps
2003-11-03 03:20:28 Speed test (dslreports-west1.speakeas) 2076/360 kbps
2003-11-03 03:19:20 Speed test (speedtest.cogeco.net) 2342/247 kbps
2003-11-03 03:18:41 Speed test (ec) 2117/365 kbps
2003-11-03 03:17:21 Speed test (speedtest.cogeco.net) 2375/253 kbps
2003-10-31 01:47:28 Speed test (ec) 2203/367 kbps
2003-10-28 09:27:53 Speed test (dslreports-west1.speakeas) 1813/348 kbps
2003-10-25 15:27:04 Speed test (ec) 1958/348 kbps

Saturday Mar 13th, 2004
Routing is still an issue and provisiong as well as other work on the nodes has caused a slowdown across the city. Rogers has yet to give an actual reason as to why the speed has dropped 900kbps or why it has happened after the work on other hubs. DNS issues remain an issue I run my own in network DNS server now, and stalling when downloading e-mail is a common problem. Waiting upto 2 mins will eventually work. As it stands my replacement modem does seem to be working well still. I believe I will be looking for a new ISP shortly, the fluctuation in speed has become a real irritation.

2004-03-13 22:21:30 Speed test @ dslreports-west1.speakeas 1109/353 kbps
2004-03-13 22:11:24 Speed test @ ec 1616/373 kbps
2004-03-13 22:09:13 Speed test @ speedtest.cogeco.net 1672/348 kbps
2004-03-13 22:08:40 Speed test @ dslr-west1.megapath.net 208/345 kbps
2004-03-12 16:40:26 Speed test @ ec 1157/273 kbps

June 23/07
Contract has been changed to cable billing rotation. 2mo contract billing.

Last two years pretty much uneventful, in the last 5 months there has been two or three service interruption's ranging from 10-30mins for provisioning. And a severe issue with rogers' choice of an external provisioning provider to AT&T which caused issues to other networks, causing nearly 80% packet loss. Rogers unfortunately was very slow to take customer complaints and work with them to resolve the issue.

Switched over from an internal server to a netgear hub with internal dns server and firewall. The Yahoo-email merger was and still is highly annoying, since I don't see the service I don't see any benefit from it.

Usual upgrades have gone through Woodstock without any major issues, and slowdowns really haven't happened since the old mass proliferation of the service that happened in 2004, the service overall in this area has leveled out. However following the upcoming year with the increase in housing, business and such due to the two Toyota plants and increase in general population around here I expect another decrease in speed.

The speed increase has gone through as well, roughly getting a speed of 5800/520 from most test servers.

My tech and services rating will remain the same, connection reliability has been moved to 4 from 3. As long as the the transfer caps remain the value for money rating will remain at 3, especially with other companies in the area that offer DSL. However with Woodstock's dreadful telco system, cable remains a more stable choice until Bell upgrades the majority of the system.

Oct 14/08
General improvements in the overall quality have been seen, however due to various issues at border points that have been ongoing throughout the last 6mo, the ping quality to various gaming servers has been 'fair to poor' where a year or more ago I would see 80-120ms at prime, I'm now seeing 200-600ms with rogers not doing anything despite repeated tickets showing the issue being on their end.

As it stands my rating won't change. Still waiting on general 'bell' upgrades on the copper around here. 2009 can never come soon enough.

We've also seen the decrease in the total cap, to 60gb. Don't sneeze you might go over it.

Following speeds:
14-10-2008 09:45 PM j-speed 5511 Kbps 503 Kbps New Jersey, USA
07-08-2008 09:08 PM f-speed 6122 Kbps 490 Kbps NAC (Parsippany NJ)
07-08-2008 08:36 PM j-speed 6459 Kbps 201 Kbps NYC, NY, USA
06-05-2008 03:32 PM f-speed 6581 Kbps 499 Kbps Speakeasy (New York NY)

Line Quality:
07-08-2008 08:43 PM Line quality 0% loss latency 59.7ms
06-05-2008 03:25 PM Line quality 0% loss latency 27.7ms

Switched to Teksavvy as soon as it became available. If it's available in your area, or any other independent ISP(electronicbox, start, etc), I strongly recommend dumping rogers and switching.

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Review by TLS2000 See Profile

  • Location: Mississauga,ON
  • Cost: $99 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Bad "Punitive usage caps."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews

·TekSavvy Cable
I've been running Rogers' Ultra service for the past couple of years with 75/2 down/up speeds. While the service is impressive I do not like how Rogers has made it so expensive to go over their small download caps.

On a regular basis I'm finding myself paying $100 because I went over my caps. They used to charge a lot less for this and the reality is it's nothing but a money generator for them.

I'm planning to switch to another ISP because of this and will do so soon.

Update: I have switched to TekSavvy's unlimited 28/1 service. It's sad that I've had to cut my speed to 1/3 of what I was getting, but at least I'm going to have a consistent bill every month regardless of how much I use the Internet.

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Review by Legolas See Profile

  • Location: Brampton,ON
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "Reliable"
Bad "Cost and Bandwidth Cap(s)"
Overall "The service is reliable but priced and capped in a way you're over paying per GiG."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Been a Rogers customer' for many years and always been reluctant to switch to someone else mainly because the reliability. If Rogers has an issue that impacts their customers they prioritize it differently than if it is an issue impacting other ISPs (resellers) customers. The service is good and for the most part is reliable. Still I is expensive the cost we are paying per GiG. The sales and customer support at Rogers are pretty much useless, if we have a problem I just call them and would wait online for could even be for about an hour before someone say "yeah we know we are working on that"

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Review by dustmaker See Profile

  • Location: Mississauga,ON
  • Cost: $61 per month (48 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Rogers offers good speeds at competitive prices especially with their new packages"
Bad "Horrible customer service unless you talk to Customer Relations, hidden fees in bills"
Overall "Rogers has a decent service if you're ok with the Bandwidth Cap, otherwise move to a third party like TekSavvy"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I had Rogers for more than 5 years and they provided a decent speed/service.

The connection uptime was 99% and it was stable, however the connection knows to slow down in peek hours, so I would watch it in densely populated neighbourhoods.

Small Bandwidth Caps, as I am a heavy user I usually had to pay extra for the amount of excess bandwidth i consumed every month. (BAD BAD!).

Now they offer pretty amazing speeds and they're actually trying to compete with the prices for the first time.

However BEWARE of customer service, anytime you do any account changes Rogers has a way of screwing you over! So ask to speak to Customer Relation department and they would most likely be able to help you better and try to reimburse you for any inconvenience caused.

Overall in my honest opinion if bell has Fiber To The Home (FTTH) (please don't confuse it with fiber to the node (FTTN)) in your area switch to Bell.

Currently they offer amazing speeds 50/50 175/175 and also offer an unlimited bandwidth option for extra 10$ a month if you have a 3 service bundle.

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Review by marknotmarc See Profile

  • Location: Gloucester,ON
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Installed the next day. Modem rental included. Bandwidth cap increased."
Bad "Install and activation fee"
Overall "Very satisfied at present"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Value for money:
(ratings well above consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Bell Fibe
·TekSavvy DSL
The deal I got with Rogers was a new customer no contract offer. It was not posted online, but found out about it when I was in a Rogers store. the Express 35/3 package with a 200 GB allowance, modem rental included for 8 years for $45 a month.

My average download speed with speedboost has been far exceeding the tier I have been assigned.

I ordered at 7 pm on a Saturday and a tech installed the next day. He ran new cables, attached new splitters, and replaced the connectors in the wall plates. Very thorough.

I left Rogers in 2008 when they were packet shaping my VPN connection to work and blocking ports preventing me from running some web services from home. All these issues are now gone and I am very satisfied with the service and price.

The only small complaint I have is the activation fee. The contract they have you sign has all the pricing information included in a table, including the install fee, but within the verbiage of the contract further down there is an activation fee of $14.95. I am unsure of what this fee is for and why it is not included in the summary table next to the installation fee.

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Review by dgass See Profile

  • Location: Etobicoke,ON
  • Cost: $55 per month (month by month)
Good "Free D3 Modem rental, Faster UL than old D2. Now have unlimited"
Bad "Still see nightly congestion and high ping"
Overall "With the retention offer, not worth switching to an IISP at this time"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·TekSavvy DSL
With the bump to Extreme at the Express price with the unlimited tagged on and a free D3 rental. It now makes little sense to switch to an IISP. If however in the future they remove the unlimited option I will switch.

Ping is still much worse that VDSL from the same location. UL is better at 3Mbps now up from 512K

Had rogers at this location since it was originally called wave. Then switched to @home just prior to install.

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