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Six Month Rating

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Review by scott523 See Profile

  • Location: Upper Darby,Delaware,PA
  • Cost: $53 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Price, Quick and simple installation."
Bad "Inconsistent speeds, Old debts ON property MUST be paid."
Overall "Best speed for the price. "
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Returned to RCN after their previous management failed to match Verizon's offering in 2010 and now (2013) Verizon can't match RCN's offering under new management.

Unlimited phone covers North America and Internet speed is 50/5 Mbps.

Installation was quick since I had RCN before. A simple DOSIS 3.0 cable modem was installed and a phone box down in the basement. I opted to connect my own Apple AirPort Extreme base station to the modem. This is one less equipment to return if I have to jump ship.

1. Best speed for the price despite inconsistent speeds (see below).
2. Quick installation and no software required.
3. Although I could have signed up myself, this offer was brought to me by a kind representative going door to door.

1. Inconsistent speeds an issue, especially during peak time. Speeds can go from 5/6 to 30/8 Mbps. It's a good thing I'm not a power user or I may consider using Verizon FiOS which is reliable.
2. Upon signing up for service, the representative ran a check of any debts on the property. There was an unpaid debt NOT under my name but someone who used to live here. If I didn't know this person or if my service deal wasn't good, I would've turned away but I paid the discounted debt dating back about 5 years.

member for 9 years, 1705 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 19 days ago


Review by whitey4rd See Profile

  • Location: Stoneham,Middlesex,MA
  • Cost: $119 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Price"
Bad "the product, the tech support, the installer, their product knowledge, customer service"
Overall "I made a huge mistake trying to leave FiOS"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

I have been a FiOS customer for years and used to work for the company installing FiOS. The costs have just been creeping up close to $170 a month and I'm trying to buy another house so I wanted to try to trim the fat. I have NEVER had a technical complaint with FiOS (maybe since I did my own install?) and truly believe they are the best product out there for cable and internet. I had 50/50 internet and a middle of the road cable package and no home phone. I recently upgraded to the Quantum TV for the ability to record 6 things at once.

I called to cancel FiOS and nobody tried to save me. I had $170 in early termination fees but was getting the first month free with RCN so figured it was close to a wash. I would be saving close to $50 a month with the following package:

"Premiere Family & Kids Pack+HBO+Basic Cable Service+Signature Cable Service+Starz+TiVo Quad Whole Home Bundle+TiVo Mini HD+Tivo Ethernet to Cable Bridge+Docsis Cable Modem Rental+Docsis 110 Modem Service 110Mb/15Mb" $110

My install was yesterday and I called to make sure I got the NFL Network (which I didn't) so I had to add a sports package for $8 bringing the bill to $118.

The install window was 10-12 yesterday. My mother in law called me at 10:45 to let me know he arrived, rang the bell, pointed at the telephone pole in front of my house, and walked away. She called me a little later, put him on the phone, and he asked me which provider I currently had. This made me a little nervous since Verizon FiOS is the ONLY company inmy area that runs fiber to the house and he should have known that. I stopped in for lunch about 2:30 and the guy was already gone.

I did a quick speed test from my Galaxy Note 4 on Wi_Fi and got 4Mbps down and 10Mbps up. I figured I'd try again later when I got home from work. I got back to work and e-mailed the guy who sold me the package (came to my house out of the blue) and let him know about the slow speeds. He said this was normal for right after an install and to let it get going. I re-iterated to him that I am in the IT world and wasn't going to fall for his bull like most people. He said I can simply call RCN support when I get home and they can fix it. I told him I shouldn't have to call support 4 hours after my install. he said this was quite common and natural.

I get home at 6 and my wife tells me On Demand doesn't work on either box and she was getting a message saying the box wasn't activated. I tested myself and found this to be the case. I know it sounds trivial but my 2 year old son loves Wreck it Ralph and we keep it on the DVR at all times for him to watch. he was unable yesterday. I did another speed test and got the same low speeds. I did a speed test on my hard wired XBOX One and got 50/50 but then realized that the Xbox was still connected to my FiOS router which was still active since I had provisioned my ONT as Ethernet rather than Coax. I looked behind the TV and the wires were a mess. He had taken my Xbox 360 out of the mix and placed it behind the TV. There were wires everywhere. I recently bought a Microsoft Wireless Adapter and had that in one of the HDMI ports on the back of the TV. I use this to project mu Surface 3 and phone to the TV. That was missing and I later found it on the floor behind the TV.

I went upstairs to the Master Bedroom where the TiVO mini was. Same deal it wasn't activated and it was an absolute mess behind my TV. The tech had also placed the modem here. I have a high end Asus wireless router behind the TV and I have a 1TB drive attached to it which serves media to my house. This was disconnected and sitting on the floor under the radiator.

I called the sales guy back and absolutely flipped when he told me to call tech support that "there are electronic devices and break sometimes". he said my experience so far was normal for any cable/internet company. I told him at this point to cancel my order and send someone to grab the equipment. he had a supervisor call me about 45 minutes later and I explained the whole thing to him. he assured me that the installer had been with them 15 years and this was surprising. He then said he was a contractor not an RCN employee so I was confused. I told him their first problem was they hire contractors who get paid by the job and are rushing to get to their next job and do a poor job. his response was "all the companies do it" to which I reminded him Verizon FiOS does not. He agreed and said "well Comcast does". Long story short I had him cancel the order and someone is picking up the equipment Saturday.

I called Verizon back and the order hadn't cancelled yet. They stopped the cancellation, upgraded me to 75/75mbps internet, and gave me a $20/mo bill credit for a year.

I made a huge mistake trying to save $50 a month. RCN has got to be the WORST company I have ever dealt with on so many levels.

****UPDATE**** Saturday 11/15

Someone from RCN was supposed to come pick up the equipment today between 10-12. Nobody showed and nobody called. I e-mailed the Sales guy since he was the only contact info I had. Someone from RCN called me about 1:30pm about the work order and I said nobody ever called or showed. She didn't bother to apologize she just asked when I was available next. I received the following e-mail response from the Sales guy:

"Hi Steve, You know I’ve asked about this install and it seems to me it’s all my fault for not knowing you had a complicated installation and making sure that you could be there for it.

It’s a shame because if I had known or if you had given us a chance to approach it a second time I would have had a higher level in house tech come out when you could be there and I think all would be great.

The pick up scheduled for today should have been scheduled as a All Day…….not sure what happened there.

I will have learned something from this. That is to make sure I understand the importance of having the main operator or home owner there for the installation. Again, My bad.

If I could do it again I trust all parties would be happily involved."

So RCN is considering my house, which has a Leviton box with splitters and punch down blocks and coax and cat5e run to every room, complicated. RCN is absolute garbage in every facet of the company.

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updated 35 days ago


Roslindale, MA

RCN is good you had a bad sales guy and poor installer

I have had RCN internet/phone for years. Except for occasional dns issues its been great. I would like a higher speed package but I love uncapped internet. My only other choice is Comcast. I use Directv for TV service. Your issue here is with a poor outsourced tech who did not complete your install and not being home with a more complex setup than most. My setup is complex as well and any tech I have had has not messed with it ever.
Quakertown, PA


You installed video for a living and you didnt think you should be there during the install?

Waltham, MA

RCN is great if you take responsibility for YOUR side of the cable modem

It really shouldn't be the job of your ISP to look after what happens on your side of the cable modem. All your problems are there. Speed testing on a Galaxy Note on WiFi? Do you understand what you are doing?

I also gave FiOS the heave ho and couldnt be happier. My internet speed is twice FiOS and my price is also $50 less.

Review by lucasf See Profile

  • Location: Somerville,Middlesex,MA
  • Cost: $98 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "tech support is great"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

i have had rcn for 5 years.
recently upgraded to the Tivo TV package which has increased the bill by a ton, so not happy with that.
Rental modem has been needing full Co-Ax reboots more frequently for some reason.
Not sure if it is service or hardware, but it is annoying.
The speed and bandwidth are never a problem. We can have 5 devices going at once on our home network, and it's never lagged.

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Review by itdoesntmat See Profile

  • Location: New York,New York,NY
  • Cost: $50 per month (12 month contract)
Good "none"
Bad "Flaky service, blocking inbound ports"
Overall "Avoid"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

RCN service is occasionally down without notice/email/communication. These days, an SMS or email is still receivable if my home internet is down (via mobile service).

Most detrimentally, inbound ports are blocked. 80, 22, 25, for example are blocked, which prevents me from working on my home computer while traveling. RCN Support does not even understand the concept of inbound port blocking and are completely useless. I am not running a company service on my home connection, I am just trying to connect to my personal computer and they are blocking me for no good reason. Obviously they do this to force me to purchase a more expensive unblocked plan, but breaking service in order to force me into a more expensive contract is infuriating, particularly when RCN support does not understand such basic terminology as "ports".

Here is the list of blocked ports for RCN Cable as sent to me by RCN support...

Cablemodem Side - blocked
Port 80 inbound (unless customer has Static IP) WWW / HTTP Service Prevents customers from running a WWW server
Port 25 outbound (unless destination is smtp.rcn.com) SMTP Mail Service Prevents customers from using outbound e-mail servers other than smtp.rcn.com Static IP subscribers are not effected by this restriction and may use any SMTP server they wish.
Port 135 RPC DCE endpoint resolution Prevent attacks via this port.
Port 137 NETBIOS Name Service Prevents attacks via this port.
Port 138 NETBIOS Datagram Service Prevent attacks via this port.
Port 139 NETBIOS Session Service Prevent attacks via this port.
Port 445 Server Message Block (SMB) over TCP/IP for file sharing Port is a security risk to customers if it is open.
Port 1900 uPNP port used mostly in LAN situations Port may be a security risk to customers if it is open.
Port 21 FTP Permits customers to use FTP
Port 22 SSH Permits customers to use SSH
Port 23 Telnet Permits customers to use Telnet Cablemodem Side - not blocked Service on this port Customer impact
Port 135 RPC DCE endpoint resolution This port is a security risk to customers if it is open.
Port 445 Server Message Block (SMB) over TCP/IP for file sharing This port is a security risk to customers if it is open.
Port 4444 Kerberos 5 to 4 ticket xlator | NV Video default This port is a security risk to customers if it is open.

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Avondale, AZ

Try using diffrerent ports.

Try using different ports. Any decent remote access software will allow you change the TCP/IP ports..

I use port 85 for some of my remote login's.

netbus developer
Brighton, MA

use different ports

if you are technically inclined, learn to use different ports. This really is not an issue worth mentioning.
A sane approach to our federal budget: Ignore the tea party

Review by Maggs See Profile

  • Location: Woodside,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $160 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 65 days
Good "Stable Service"
Bad "Phone goes out when you don't have power for a few days :("
Overall "Much more improved, good work folks."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

10/9/14: RCN has greatly improved since being bought out by a private equity firm. The speeds are fast, but there are still issues with DNS resolves at certain times. Overall value for the price is amazing. We get unlimited local, long distance, 25MB/2 internet, and standard cable service for around $160, can't beat that package. Although I don't like the new sports and broadcast surcharge, why not just raise the prices to add that in.

10/13/13: 2:51AM: RCN has us setup for the 25/2 package, and I can't even get anywhere close to that. I only get about 5Mbps/ 2000 from the last few tests I've conducted. It's probably due to the fact that I have a DOCSIS 1.1 modem the SB5101U. The fact that they charge $6 for a converter for RCN Signature Cable is nuts. Those units can be purchased in bulk by MSOs and they are cash cows after the first year. We pay over $160 a month for triple play, that's like a single play since they now require a modem to get their phone service which eats your electricity. They abruptly turned off our phone service at one point in order to let us know that they were switching out the services. It's not really a value for the money anymore and they way they itemize the bill is useless to determine what you're actually paying for each service. We setup auto bill pay for the credit card rewards at this point, and it saves a stamp to mail a bill out.

11/2012: RCN gave us a credit for the long Sandy outage due to power loss. I love the fact they have a new insert in the bill advertising the fact they now require converters and they are free. Turns out they have been charging us for over a year for the "free" converter. My cable modem rental fee credit negates the converter charge but that's not the point. They really need to unify their communications and get everyone on the same page here. I'm going to request a credit for the time period we have been paying for the "free" converter. All in all, the speeds were increased on the cable modem service, which is good. 25/2 service is nice, but I don't really need all that speed. I love how they now require an EMTA to receive digital phone service that needs to be plugged in for your phone to work, and how they unceremoniously shut us off and I had to call and find out they shut off service to customers who have not upgraded their phone service. It's nice that they decided to leave the piece of trash RSU bolted to the back of the house, it's their property and they should remove it when it is no longer needed as part of their service. The unit was discontinued and the manufacturer is out of business, so there's really no need for the unit to be bolted to the brickface of the house anymore. RCN really needs to up their game in the customer service arena in some cases. Also I love how people are so critical of RCN for outages of their service due to Hurricane Sandy, remember people it's a hurricane. They can't control the weather.

7/2011 RCN has got way better since I last reviewed them. I have the occasional "hungry squirrel" problem but that's not too wild. The TV service is TMC (Too Many Channels) but their cable modem service has been great for a while. I got upgraded to 10Mb service when they got rid of the 5Mb service. The bill however is slightly confusing since they don't really itemize too much anymore. All in all RCN has gotten way better. Knock on Wood.

10/2008: I had a problem with RCN, as noted by the newspapers with them charging for the 1st basic cable box which is free. I had to haggle with them for 2 months to fix it, but it was resolved after a complaint to NYC DOITT. Made my mother feel like a dope at the Woodside office, but you don't get good employees sometimes. Sludge happens!

4/20/2008: Haven't had any problems with RCN yet, except for the DNS, which is easily remedied by changing DNS servers, and the 20 second dropoff in phone conversations. The price has increased due to the cable programming being jacked up. With the introduction to all digital TV next year be prepared to pay another $7 a month for extra converters. Speeds on the internet service exceed spec most of the time. RCN forum support folk are awesome, they must really like their jobs. Inept construction crews decide to slice through RCN fiberoptic cable at times making internet service use a PITA at points, but that's very rare, but it happens. Con Ed sometimes decides the nodes don't need power in the summer, and they go offline during brownouts due to things outside RCN control.

All in all there's decent service, the 20 second dropoff in the phone at random times is something I still have to check out.

1/12/2006: RCN has GREATLY improved. The service has gotten immensely better since they have a new management team. You know what they say about fresh blood, it does all the good.

I had a couple of hiccups with the phone service lately, outages for a couple of hours but nothing really major. Cable modem service runs exceptionally well, and I haven't had ANY issues with my Motorola Surfboard 5100 modem, which I own, and save $5 a month with RCN.

Overall customer service, is very helpful, but you have to watch out to make sure they are doing things according to spec. Kudos to the cable modem team, for running a tight ship. I like the responsiveness of replies, and have helped the Cable modem team on occasion diagnose some issues in the area.

All and all, RCN is now worth the money, I only pay $115 for 2 TVs, Internet, and local phone.

1/10/03: I have had 7 techs out since I started service in Sept. They replaced the lines and everything. I even bought my own modem to use on the network. I was not able to get a solid cable light for 3 months in a row. At this point, it seems to be fixed. I had to end up going alll the way to the top of the RCN food chain to get my problems resolved. I just got a call recently from the operations manager of the RCN netowrk in Queens. They are monitoring my connection to make sure I don't have any downtime. I had constant downtime for 2 weeks a while back.

They blocked my node from accessing Newsgroups, and still charge me full price. I talked to RCN support and they said they would credit me 1 month of cable internet service for all the troubles I have had over the past 5 months, and that has not happened. So this company is full of broken promises and half truths. If you have a good connection with them, you are lucky. If not, like me your experience will be utter hell. I hope they don't raise the rates too much whe my year deal is up. If they do, I will complian about how horrible the service has been since the get go.

They send us advertisements offering new services, but we are already customers and not eligible for the promotion, so why waste the paper and send us the mailings.


Doctor Ping Score 69.20
Doctor Ping Score 63.80
Doctor Ping Score 64.60
Doctor Ping Score 68.70
Doctor Ping Score 102.80
Doctor Ping Score 59.60
Doctor Ping Score 63.70
Doctor Ping Score 75.10
Doctor Ping Score 73.30
Doctor Ping Score 70.00

Ever since that point on Sept 26th, I have never has so many problem with RCN cable.

I have to admit their bundled package was cheap, 2 TVs with basic cable (no converter needed) saves $6 a month each, Local Phone with same # as before for $20 unlimited to the 5 boroughs on NYC, regional 5c a min, no Long Distance (since we use cards to call LD anyway)

Total for the whole package with a base of $75 comes out to $95 with the $20 the govt gets in taxes. All and all , I think this is a great deal.

My old bill was for $150 with all the mentioned stuff. I even save $5 a month by using my own cable modem which I bought on Ebay for $50, the same type as TW the RCA 245R.

Great Choice if you have it in your area, but only in the 2 way cable modem markets though.

5000/800 Down /Up speed
4 emails (con need to be called into the head office to setup)
10 Mb webspace per mailbox
Usage checked for mail and ftp


Routing issues are a constant pain. Sometimes it takes 3 mins or more to resolve the DNS. I have had 3 cable modems on this line since install about 10 months ago. I have had over 15 techs out to my house to fix various problems. Many of these issues have not bee resolved to this day. If I were you I would stick with TW, much more expensive, but hey you get what you pay for, but in the case of RCN, you DON"T get what you pay for.

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Roslindale, MA

Get a new modem and you will have faster speeds

They are discontinuing the older 1.1.1 spec modems. If its rented go to the nearest office and get a 2.0 or newer modem. Order a 3.0 spec modem if you own it. I recommend the the motorola modems. I got mine from Amazon Your modem is the cause of slower speeds with RCN

Review by timmay_lars See Profile

  • Location: West Roxbury,Suffolk,MA
  • Cost: $127 per month (36 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Unlimited usage, great performance, good reliability, static IP service."
Bad "price goes up over contract, support is poor when service is down"
Overall "good value for price, great reliable service - tech support room for improvement"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Recently upgraded our service to 110Mb/s downstream. Tested it at 66Mb/s downstream - closer to 110Mb/s distributed across multiple systems.

Huge performance improvement on video (VUDU) 1080p while gaming and downloading data. Prior we would often have annoying buffering when our tech savvy family of 4 used the various internet apps.

The service has been very reliable over the past few years. (estimate 99.9% uptime) But the one day a year it is down - tech support is awful. Tech Support will usually claim it must be an issue with the customer's end - and suggest many silly actions like replacing the modem. Typically waiting 24 hours is all that's needed - but the other 364 days out of the year service is perfect!

Overall I would say I'm very happy with RCN, primarily because it is Unlimited, High-bandwidth, and very reliable.

member for 11.1 years, 85 visits, last login: 63 days ago
updated 85 days ago


Review by ArrayList See Profile

  • Location: Brighton,Suffolk,MA
  • Cost: $49 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Fast, no caps"
Bad "no IPv6, could use a faster upload"
Overall "Better than Comcast by a long shot"

My Other Reviews

I can't wait for the upload to get a bump.

Netflix works, no caps and a great promotional price.

member for 9.7 years, 2403 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 107 days ago


Review by jasstrom See Profile

  • Location: Washington,District Of Columbia,DC
  • Cost: $175 per month
Good "Reasonably good internet speeds."
Bad "Withdrew a retention bundle offered. Sloppy Installation. Poor web support."
Overall "Leaving with a bitter taste in my mouth. Look forward to better support elsewhere."

I have been with RCN for two years. From the point of installation, when I called supervisors to complain that the tech was installing the devices without the proper power supplies (a fire hazard when voltage, amperage and all aren't correct), to the TIVO quad rollout where the advertised Ipad software wasn't supported when I called in, I haven't been impressed by their support personnel's technical knowledge or understanding of customer concerns. The installer didn't understand Ethernet, and was only trained for the MOCA install. The phone rep didn't think it was a problem that the Ipad app was being advertised by RCN with limited functionality. I undid most of the installers work to improve my system.

RCN does a terrible job of listing support topics on their website. Try to find any substantial information on IMAP and or Ipv6, or anything else of substance on their website. Log into MyRCN and try to find any detailed information on your account, or change account settings. Any other ISP I've used has far better account GUIs than RCN. Try to find an online interface for their phone service.

Their speed was pretty good, and their programming was decent, but not enough to justify the price. So, I decided to switch ISP's. That is when 3 hours of retention discussions began. I agreed to a decent price for triple play bundle. Then I looked at their phone service, and realized that there was no online user interface. So, I cancelled the porting and called them back. I was given a nice price for a double play bundle.

An hour later my phone rang. Caller id said RCN. The caller hung up when I answered. 3 minutes later they called again. This time, another rep (who will go unnamed) informed me that they could not honor their offer, what I'd call a verbal contract, and withdrew the agreed bundle. I was shocked. RCN would rather offend a customer than honor an agreement. Well, offended I am, and a customer no longer. I will be switching to the Comcast X1 system shortly.

When I called back to discuss this with a supervisor (again unnamed), she was not going to budge, and claimed that she didn't see a note on my file from this a.m.'s discussion. She wanted to avoid that by going to my tripleplay bundle offer from the prior day. Funny how they tell you they record conversations for better service, but when it suits them, the note disappears.

Enough RCN and on to greener pastures. I have used many ISPs, and look forward to returning to Comcast.

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Review by steve1111 See Profile

  • Location: New York,New York,NY
  • Cost: $40 per month
Good "reliable cable internet"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

Cable at 50mbs.


It took two visits to install cable internet and two visits to install phone. For the first visit for each occasion, the technician arrived late and did not work.

Technical support seems to be in India. Most of the technical support provided has been good. But these are jobs for Americans which should not have been outsourced. Also sometimes I cannot understand people speaking English with Indian accents.

It is annoying that RCN tacked on a one dollar charge for paying online.


No fixed-term contract with penalties.

The sales staff gave me a good promotional package and, at the end of the year, Customer Support gave me another good package. The staff have been polite, friendly and professional. The phone service has always worked well and I remember only three internet outages.

I switched over to RCN from Verizon more than a year ago and I am so pleased I did so. I considered Verizon FIOS but thought that it was too expensive for my needs.

Given the monthly cost and quality of the service and quality of the staff I have been more than satisfied with RCN.

amended November 2011. RCN have come up with a new bundle, $50 plus charges, that is $65. With the one dollar charge for paying online it is $66. Not pleased about RCN's rate increase in a Recession. But Verizon and Time Warner charge even more..

amended December 2011. Now that there is an uproar that Verizon has tacked on a two dollar charge for paying online, perhaps there will also be an uproar that RCN has a one dollar charge for paying online.

amended February 2012. RCN have upgraded Internet service to 25mb download. For Free! Hooray!

amended May 2012. It has been a long long time since I've needed to call for technical support. Time Warner had a promotion in the neighborhood and offered to knock a few dollars from the price. I decided to stay with RCN because RCN promised no rate increase, because the Internet and Phone service has been so completely reliable and because I have found the staff at RCN to be so nice and professional.

amended July 2012. RCN now provides tech support from Pennsylvania instead of India. A wise decision. They have such pleasant and competent tech support people and I feel more confident. Bravo. I've just bumped up their score for tech support to 100 percent.

amended December 2012. Phone and Internet service went down for a few days because of Hurricane Sandy. All is now well. RCN is doing a good job.

NYC December 1 2013 RCN has continued to provide good service.

NYC July 9 2014. Without notification or my consent RCN has discontinued my copper wire POTS phone and replaced it with Home Digital Phone. The phone was working well on Friday afternoon. On Saturday night I discovered that my RCN Phone service had stopped working. The error message said "There may be a receiver off the hook". Hook my foot! After some initial troubleshooting I called RCN support who told me they would send round a technician who was going to install a Home Digital Phone. I told the representative that I did not want a Home Digital Phone and that I wanted my copper-wire service to be restored. She told me that this was not possible. So I allowed the technician to visit. He took out the old modem and plugged in a new modem. WAN comes in, Ethernet and Phone come out. Phone piggybacks on Internet. Internet outage means phone outage. My confidence and trust in RCN have gone way down and I am considering my options. I do not consider my current bundle to be value for money and I am downgrading my rating for RCN.

NYC August 5 2014. Cancelling Phone from my Phone plus Internet bundle was as difficult as separating Siamese twins. It took a few calls to RCN but finally they agreed to let me keep my Internet at a fair price. Also I upgraded from 25 to 50mbps.

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RCN sliding

I'm with you. I've been with RCN for about twelve years, but something has changed upstairs and cost cutting has affected service and price. First, the quote above for internet of $66 is way off in my experience. I started with bundled service - phone, tv, internet - for about $145 - $160, but when I reduced services to only internet my monthly charge became $104! That's for internet alone! I'm sure all cable companies are suffering in this way, since people are opting not to have a land line, and realize they can watch all their TV via the internet, but that price is still way too much.

My own personal gripe with RCN was that I am renting out my apartment for two years while I care for my mother, but RCN would not allow me to keep my email address in the meantime unless my tenant conitnued with the service, which they were not interested in. Customer service told me in the spring that they had a plan where I could keep my email address for $3.95/mo, but when I called to disconnect service and sign up for the continued email, I was told that was no longer available, and was in fact not even available when the agent told me it was. Customer service, and their training has slid recently. One thing I loved about RCN was that their service agents all spoke English as a first language. That is no longer true, and half of what the agent said to me I could not understand. My assumption (and this sounds horribly prejudiced on my part) is that they are paying less for agents, or are doing a poorer job of training and screening them.

RCN used to bend over backwards to make things right - if they could have made an allowance for me to keep my address - as they are currently to all those customers who have that option grandfathered in - then they would have kept me as a customer because I would have naturally resumed service for another twelve years or longer when I moved back in. Now, not having that email address any more, I am free to shop around which I will, especially since they screwed me with the mis-information and overcharged me for the last six months.



Re: RCN sliding

Update 7/20/14
Well, shut my mouth! RCN contacted me and corrected my complaint. It turns out I CAN keep my email address as first explained. A very nice agent took my call and while he said he had never performed this particular service, it took him about five minutes to perform. So now my only issue is with the agent and the supervisor who earlier this week gave me incorrect information and their apparent lack of training. Time for a memo at customer service!

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  • Location: Whitehall,Lehigh,PA
  • Cost: $40 per month
Good "Good speed for price"
Bad "No discount for customer-owned modems..."
Overall "Way better than what I came from..."
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October 2012 update:
Came back to RCN for broadband in October 2012 after suffering for two years with Service Electric (still have CableTV with SECTV because they still support analog tuners but internet upload speeds there were so horrible that I had to swap my Vonage service for Verizon Wireless @ Home service]).

Glad I came back to RCN for internet. For less money, I more than doubled my download speeds and tripled my upload speeds (though we still use the Verizon phone service...).

Have yet to have any issues.

Sep 2010 update:
Switched all services to Service Electric Cable TV & Communications (SECTV) after they finished their high-speed build-out...

Aug 2008 update:
Getting quite angry about price and value... HD channels are starting to come in a bit faster now (naturally, noting I really want to watch--where's SciFi channel?!?).

Power/CI plan is now a whopping $182 after tax with two HD-DVRs. Breakdown of charges:

- Mach-7: $37 ($40 less $3 for customer owned modem)

- Limited Cable: $15
- Expanded Cable: $35.04 (up $3.04)
- New Digital Vision: $29.95 (up from $16.05)
- PowerDigital: $10
- HD-DVRs: $17.95 each (up from $12.95 each)
- HD-Tier: $7.95
- Taxes: $10.62 (up from $8.43)

Time to make another call... last time I called about the HD-Tier they basically said the HD-DVR savings was a wash... now, it is an extra $8 for nothing...

Might need to price modem-only and check out DirecTv...

Jan 2008 update:
Getting a bit concerned with price and value... HD channels are coming slowly (TNT and Nat Geo added recently), but lag behind local competition (and very far behind Dish and DirecTV).

Power/CI plan is $153 after tax with two HD-DVRs. Breakdown of charges:

- Mach-7: $37 ($40 less $3 for customer owned modem)

- Limited Cable: $15
- Expanded Cable: $32
- New Digital Vision: $16.05
- PowerDigital: $10
- HD-DVRs: $12.95 each
- HD-Tier: $7.95
- Taxes: $8.43

Recent posting in RCN forum indicate "HD Tier" should now be free, but an email to RCN indicates current plan can't have that.

Jan 2005 Update:
Cable Modem: Sevice has been awesome. Seven megabit right now, reliably (own my own Motorola SB5100--couldn't get above 5 with the Toshiba they loaned out).

TV: Took forever to get an HD-DVR from them (actually, wasn't until they came out of BK did it become available to me--must have been a pending credit issue with Motoroloa...). They are still behind the other local cable co. in regards to HD channel selections (still don't have UPN, TNT or Bravo after a year of "yea, we'll have them soon").

Phone: Since they provide a nice detailed "here's how much each part of your package is costing you" bill, I saw that for unlimited regional calling and 8-features, I was paying nealry $40/mo. Well, didn't take a rocket scientist to know that with 7-megabit (10 in a few weeks!), Vonage for $25/mo is a deal... Once RCN accepts my Local Number Portability (LNP) request to transfer my phone number to Vonage, I won't have the ResiLink package (dropping to Power CI)... That being said, it has been 6-weeks and a dozen calls now for something that should take no more than three weeks and zero calls (next call is to the state PUC to register a complaint....). This is may major complaint of late (that and their prices are going above the competition's, tempting me to leave completely)...

BTW--it took a notice to the PUC to get RCN's butt in gear. Been using Vonage ever since...

Origial review:

Bidirectional Cable (max 1.5m/700k [1.1m/500k actual])
$110/mo (no contract, no setup fees, part of TV, Phone, Internet package--est. $40/mo based on other service's fees)
Toshiba 2500 bi-directional cable modem w/USB and 10-Base-T
Dynamic IP address

Order taken by a "sales guy" for the complete package (details below). Internet, phone and cable were installed the same day by one technician. Took the guy about 5-hours to get everything setup, including running new R6 coax cable throughout the house and mount a "master" box outside.

They ran out of time to complete the update of my Outlook accounts to use RCN's SMTP server for outbound email for my non-RCN accounts (my wife had to leave and they got booted). Only took a moment to do that my self.

Package Details: Resilink Gold ($110/mo)
- Bidirectional cable internet (one dynamice IP address, 4 POP email accounts, 10 MB personal webspace)
- Full Basic TV plus 1-digial converter with 15 HBO/Cinimax channels and 45 digital music channels
- Phone (one line, unlimited local and regional calling [610, 484, 215, 267, 302], "Ultra Feature Package" [voicemail, deluxe caller id, deluxe call-waiting caller id, call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way calling, unlimited *69 & *66], 9¢/min anytime long distance)

So far, so good. Took a bit to get my Linksys router working with the Toshiba cable modem, but after some tweaking (aka--turning off the modem for an hour), all was fine.

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