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Comcast Formerly ATT Broadband page on DSLReports
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Review by b10010011 See Profile

  • Location: Bellingham,Whatcom,WA
  • Cost: $48 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Its OK when it's up"
Bad "high latency, frequent service outages, poor customer support, Netflix streaming is next to impossible"
Overall "If its your only choice for broadband then you are stuck with it."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

2014: Netflix streaming is next to impossible due to constant pausing and buffering.

2013, Still sucks, frequent intermittent service loss, but I have no other choice so what am I gonna' do?

Local cable lines must be held up with kite string as anytime the wind blows over 10 MPH the cable goes out and it takes them three days to put it back up.

If I had even ONE other choice for broadband I would leave Comcast in a instant.

I would leave Comcast for 640K DSL if I could get it!

Phone support sucks.

Two week wait for service call

member for 9.6 years, 3585 visits, last login: 1 days ago
updated 61 days ago


Review by joatmon65 See Profile

  • Location: Auburn,King,WA
  • Cost: $65 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Speed has been consistant"
Bad "Price"
Overall "The more speed the more you will spend."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Things are still the same with Comcast. They did get the speed back to 3Megs, I am just waiting for another price increase. I have not had too may outages or service interruptions. I did have my email blocked to one of my contacts by the "Mail Bombers", but I got around that by using a hotmail account. Comcast is ok if you can afford the monthly cost. The speed does save time over dial-up. Lance.
Well it's been 9 years so I should update this.
I now have a supposed 50Mb down. Just got a deal from Comcast, upgrade from 25Mb down.
Cost still high considering how much money they make.
Speed inconsistent, depends on Server distance as usual.
Have had no service interruptions.
Overall good experience.
Keep on Crunchin!!!!

member for 12.4 years, 972 visits, last login: 40 days ago
updated 158 days ago


Review by JollyStomper See Profile

  • Location: Pompano Beach,Broward,FL
  • Cost: $43 per month
  • Install: about 6 days
Good "Fast. Surprisingly reliable..."
Bad "Took too long to get here!"
Overall "I'm spoiled! Connection is rock-solid."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

It started when I received a flyer indicating Comcast HSI was now available in my area. Finally!! I waited two years for this day. So, on 1/6, I called and signed up. I got a 3 month promo of 29.95/Mo for the first three months. According to the sales rep, I just missed the 22.95 offer. Whatever. I was scheduled for the following Monday morning, 1/12.

The big day comes, and at around 10:30, the tech arrives. Very thorough and polite. He checks my wiring, replaces a faulty splitter and some frayed, cheap cable, checks the signal, and all is in perfect range. So he connects my modem, a Motorola SB5120 and it obtains block sync right away. I connect the modem to my xp machine and fire it up. I tell the tech not to install the software as I know the registration process for SAS. Run through the registration, not working. Doh! After checking, I find there is an error (mine) in my proxy settings and quickly correct it. After completing the modem registration, BAM! Up and running. Of course, you know the first thing I did with my new broadband connection was run a speed test right here at dslreports.com. Hitting the caps at 3.2Mb down/249Kb up. I'm happy!

Since then, I have set up a smoothwall firewall box and my home network: Two WinXp boxes and a Win2k Adv. Server box through a Linksys 5 port switch. All is well and good with the world there. There was one minor hiccup a few weeks ago where the speed dropped to a crawl for about an hour, and that was at a time when I should've been in bed anyway.

In regards to the infamous "invisible caps", I'm not fazed. However, if I receive a letter (which I doubt), I'll drop it like it's hot and go back to dialup, as hard as that may be to do. I won't waste my time or Comcast's with the jerkoff dance.

I set up my email accounts w/o difficulty, and they seem to work fine, but I go through a seperate provider for my mail anyway so no biggie there.

As far as Tech support goes, I haven't had to call for anything, and I won't need to unless all my equipment is ruled out on my end. I know enough of what to do so I can avoid calling support for the most part (I meant to leave the radio button/s unticked by tech support for not rated but, oh well...).

Overall, the service rocks!!! And a big shout out to my installer who did an excellent job!


Everything is still rolling smooth, no complaints, really. I think i could get the 4Mb d/l in my area, but I don't need it. The speeds are consistently stable overall.

UPDATE: 4/28/05

Still no beef with the service (unless you count prior DNS related issues: I never used Comcasts'). Still lovin' it!

UPDATE: 5/20/06

After a move to outside of Atlanta, still going strong. No complaints. Can't comment on things like support because, frankly, i never needed them.

UPDATE: 11/207

Still no probz. Powerboost is very interesting, and my home network has grown. Connection is still rock-solid. I'm blessed...

UPDATE: 5/16/08

The connection is still good for me. Network now incudes a PIX 501, a 3500 switch, a Wii, an xbox360, some more computers and a partridge in a pear tree...

UPDATE: 11/22/08

Nothing new to report, except maybe the new speeds coming to the area.

UPDATE: 7/12/09

Still no issues. Recently got CDV and dropped my phone line. Everything still works! Curious about when D3 comes to my area though...

UPDATE: 1/15/10

The service is still swell. Some issues here and there w/CDV, but minimal at best. I have faster speeds. Good stuff...

member for 11.1 years, 5292 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 217 days ago


Review by pr1mo See Profile

  • Location: Harwood Heights,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $82 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Awesome speeds, reliable connection, great support"
Bad "Price could be a little lower, much lower."
Overall "Best broadband connection I've ever had."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I ordered Comcast High-Speed Internet after the ATT merger. Cable HSI + Basic Analog for $45.95 I think. Was up and live in about 5 days. Information over the phone was very helpful. Tech came out on time, set up my line and I was on. Haven't had any problems since. I've had my connection for a good year and a half. Tech gave me the RCA DCM305 cable modem. Tech made the cable length extra, extra, extra long. Awesome ISP nonetheless and I'll stick with them unless some much more superior ISP rolls around my city.

In short, haven't had any serious problems at all, maybe 1-4 short downtimes in all. I'm exceptionally satisfied with this ISP.

Also, I stated upload could be higher. With this new speed upgrade coming in the beginning months of 2005, I'll be even more ecstatic. 6.6mbit/768kbps is wonderful.

As of November 20th, 2005, I'm receiving speeds of around 8800-9300kbps download and 650-700kbps upload.

I'm more than satisfied

UPDATE: Well, I am still with Comcast, and I have to say, it's truly been a wonderful experience. Right now I'm on the BLAST! tier, and my speeds are amazing. Download I'm averaging around 1.9MB/s - 2.4MB/s, upload is ~460KB/s.

It's been 3.5 years since my last review, and nothing has changed besides my speed upgrades. I've been more than satisfied, but like I said in my previous review, the price could be lower. During those 3.5 years as a Comcast customer, I have had 2 or 3 downtimes TOTAL, all of them surpassing no more than a full day.

Updated 5/17/2013: Speeds are currently in the 50+Mbps/s (down) + 10+Mbps/s (up) - service has been very reliable, have yet to experience serious connection drops.

member for 10.4 years, 4748 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 338 days ago


Review by wolves01 See Profile

  • Location: Crystal Lake,Mchenry,IL
  • Cost: $52 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Much Improved the last few years"
Bad "Pricey!"
Overall "Best internet speeds around"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

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Update 5/14/2013

After my horrible experience moving into our new home three years ago, I have to say I'm a pretty happy camper. My internet speeds are insanely fast 50 down/20 up and the connection is rock solid. We don't use the land line much, but it is reliable and the call quality is good.

I have also been very satisfied any time I have had to call in for support. I think Comcast has really made strides in this area. Hope it continues

Update 07/15/2010

Bought a new home recently and next to packing and physically moving boxes, dealing with Comcast was by far the most difficult part of the move. Our service was disconnected at our old house a week earlier than we had requested. It took several phone calls to get it turned back on. Incurred new set up charges, which I was able to get reversed. New home was installed on the scheduled date, but the phone numbers were not ported, DVR's did not work correctly and internet speed tier was not the same as before. Now my price has also increased considerably due so many reps messing with the account that I'm not even sure what packages I have anymore. Today I find out that when they prematurely disconnected my services that my number went back to Vonage and they are not sure if they can get it back. I used to be a very satisfied customer for several years, but I have now begun to explore other choices. I'm also a Comcast Business Class customer at my insurance agency and feel it's time to pull that service away from a company that no longer appreciates me as a customer.

Initial Review

After living with 28.8 Dial up for the past 4 years, I was going to get the first broadband option that was available. I tried to get DLS wireless twice, but was unable to get it due to trees, and SBC seems to be in no hurry to upgrade my neighborhood. I received a mailer on Monday offering Comcast for $19.95 for the first six months. I called immediately, and was up and running by Thursday afternoon. The tech was actually 40 minutes early. He was polite, friendly, and professional. We got signal to the modem immediately, and I completed the self install in about 15 minutes. My first download was 8.8MB and only took 40 seconds. My speed test was 1730/247. Not sure where to test pings, but when I went to Nascar 2003 online servers, it showed them to be in the 55-85 range.

Update 04/06/05

After 1 1/2 years of good reliability, my service has done a complete 180. Apparently Comcast is doing some type of upgrades in my area for VOIP which is causing HSI customers to become disconnected. Me and two of my neighbors were all completely down from March 22-24th due to this. Comcast stated they could find no problem in their network and set an appointment to have someone come out. Instead of sending out one tech to fix the problem, each neighbor had to have a separate appointment, even though all three techs climbed the exact same pole and did the exact same thing to fix each one of us. I understand that things go wrong occasionally and I dealt with it, until last night. My service is once again completely down along with one of my neighbors. I called support and was told to power cycle my modem.(as if I didn't already try that one) After working with a tech that could barely speak English, I demanded an appointment for the next day. I was told that was impossible, and asked to speak to a supervisor. While being transferred, I was disconnected, and had to start the process all over again. If there was another choice for broadband in my area, I'd switch in a heartbeat, but for now, they are the only game in town.

Update 09/29/06

Well it's been about a year and a half since my service issues, and since then, my service has been outstanding. Excellent reliability, lightning fast downloads, and awesome ping times. Hopefully that will continue. I also recently upgraded to the gamer tier. A little higher upload would be nice, but overall I am back in the 'happy camper' category with Comcast.

Update 09/17/2007

I have not had a single service disruption, or even a slowdown since the last update. Other than it still being pricey, I have had outstanding service since my issues 2 1/2 years ago.

member for 11.4 years, 2808 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 341 days ago


Review by Phoenix22 See Profile

  • Location: Grandville,Kent,MI
  • Cost: $62 per month
Good "Rock Solid 100x+ faster than any dsl, that I'm familiar with. Measured speed at 3 sites of 35+mg.../128mg"
Bad "none ever"
Overall "It is the only game in town, period! Comcastic! Really 05/10/13.....still"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

There is a choice of speeds....... The initial order and install was fast and instantaneous. The upgrade to open the pipes was over the phone and also instantaneous. Performance is Rock Solid! I lease their modem, which is replaced free of charge for power surges or technology changes. The IP is actually static, however it accesses it dynamically.

Update the speed..........35mg....dn...and 12mg....up.....that's blasting......oh......and the IP Telephone thingie..........never fails...............they are still the only game in town and the price has not changed very much.......i'm gettin' biased......but hey........always connected....and you can purchase speed up to 100mbpd

I run w/2 modems........all though you do not have to.........this allows me to shut the PC/ Router/ PC MODEM/HP8600 Wireless printer/Sound System and Shredder........ down at night........... on the power strip

member for 12.3 years, 1809 visits, last login: 2 days ago
updated 345 days ago


Review by sammysnake See Profile

  • Location: Salt Lake City,Salt Lake,UT
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Was a quick install"
Bad "none that I have found yet"
Overall "I recommend it to everyone"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Once it was established that Cable Internet was available in my area, it took several online checks and then a call to the local cable office to verify that it was actually available it took 3 days from initial call to install. I started with att@home and in just under one year with them I had zero problems. Then came the switch over to attbi and that was the only outage I have ever had and I was back online within 3 days. Since the change over I have not been down at all except when we had a severe storm which knocked out the power for 15 hours. I started with their sharkfin modem and then with the change to attbi I bought my own SB4100 modem and it has been smooth sailing... much like it was with the sharkfin modem. I never did any speed tests while on @home so I can not rate speeds between the two but overall I have been very pleased and believe I will continue to enjoy the great service.

Update 8/4/03: Well the smooth sailing part has ended. In June my modem wouldn't sync and all calls to Comcast were of no help. I ended up with 2 weeks down time and a large dislike of Comcast. When all was done and over with what had happened is that they had a contract company do an audit on my neighborhood and that idiot disconnected me. It took Comcast 2 weeks to figure this out. I have a complaint pending with the franchise office but figure nothing will ever come of this.

member for 12.2 years, 3903 visits, last login: 18 days ago
updated 1 year ago


Review by MrFixitCT See Profile

  • Location: Moncks Corner,Berkeley,SC
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "not available here"
Bad "not available here."
Overall "not available here"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

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not available here..

still not available here

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updated 1.2 years ago


Review by jmaninpgh See Profile

  • Location: Allison Park,Allegheny,PA
  • Cost: $49 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Always on, decent speeds, fairly consistent lately"
Bad "Cost, some slow periods"
Overall "Best bang for the buck in my area."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

02/28/2012 Update - Everything has been going very smoothly. I had some issues with a wireless router that caused my speeds to fall. After diagnosing that and replacing the router, the wireless speeds are incredible. I have old hardware to begin with and need to upgrade the main PC this Spring.

Bundled with the triple play option, so exact costs for the internet connection are not known to me without doing some digging. I am not a big downloader, but when I do I don't really have any complaints. I am not paying for any super high speeds though.

07/12/2005 Update - Nothing new to report. The service has been flawless for several months now. I think it is faster now than when I started with @Home. I am hoping I am not jinxing myself, but I don't have any complaints at the moment.

Having been an original @home client, I have gone through a lot of highs and lows with this service. The transition period was horrible as I had to have my modem replaced because it was not compatible with the ATT Broadband service. After that 3 week period, things have been okay. Every so often the service might go down for a few hours or so. The tech support help that I have needed has been decent once I get past the Level one guys. But, it has usually resulted in a service call.

Of course, the speed was better during the @home period, but considering the alternatives available to me, its still okay. Of course, I am not a power user downloading a lot of stuff or playing a lot of online games. And lately, my tested speeds have exceeded the 1500 download barrier for some reason.

All in all, its been an okay service. Not as great as the original @home service but better than some of the alternatives I have checked into. I just hope the transition to Comcast and/or any future cost increases won't have any impact on my decision to stay with the service.

member for 12.3 years, 739 visits, last login: 12 days ago
updated 2.1 years ago


Review by damox See Profile

  • Location: Olympia,Thurston,WA
  • Cost: $43 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 90 days
Good "Connection is fast and reliable."
Bad "250 Gigabyte cap"
Overall "No competition in this area of the country."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Updated 01-08-2012 I just want to say that overall, I think Comcast is doing a good job in this area. They have been nice about certain things. My Internet situation certainly could be far worse.

UPDATED: 12/01/2011 The connection has been good lately, but several months ago we went through an entire month of constant disconnections. I thought is was our router so we replaced it, but the problem continued. I was getting ready to purchase a new modem, when the problem completely disappeared. Obviously, it was a Comcast issue, because after replacing our router we did nothing and suddenly everything got better. We were on the verge of moving to Comcast business, since my son works from home, and since his work involves the Internet. We may still move to Comcast business, mainly because it is hard to live with this insufferable cap, but I'm waiting just a bit longer. Although our connection speed is a great deal better than when I first signed up with Comcast. I really don't view Comcast in the same light as I once did, and I am not as pleased with Comcast as I was, but what other choice do I have in this area, except to move to Comcast business. This part of the country has no real competition, when it comes to the Internet, so Comcast basically has you where they want you (you know by the . . . ., and they can do whatever they please).

UPDATED: 2/19/2009 In my last review I mentioned that the inconsistent "speeds" that I was experiencing when Comcast first increased the bandwidth in my area. That has completely disappeared. My download speed is very consistent, and my downloads are almost always around 1.5 megabytes per second, whether I do one or twenty. Apparently Comcast has adjusted whatever it was that needed adjusting, and I actually have good download speeds all the time! I do not know if it was their Traffic Management System over reacting or some other flaw in their system, but I am so glad that it's been fixed.

UPDATED: 12/31/2008 Usually I only update once a year, but since things have changed considerably in the past month I wanted to acknowledge the changes. In the past ten days or so, our bandwidth has doubled from 6000/786 to 12000/2000. I have noticed a difference in my downloads, though it is not consistent. I download a lot of large files, and sometimes I'll see speeds of 1.5 megabytes per second, while a few minutes later downloading a different file, my speed will drop to anywhere between 150 to 400 kilobytes per second. I'm assuming that is Comcast's new traffic management plan. In any case the new bandwidth is better than none at all. I also appreciate the fact that the price hasn't gone up. We are considering getting the High Speed Package that would give us speeds up to 30000 megabits down, but that will cost an additional $23 a month. I guess I'll have to wait and see if I still have my job at the end of May. Comcast has upgrade their mail center, making it possible to check both voice and e-mail on the site. It seems like they are making an effort to provide more services.

We haven't done too badly in terms of the bandwidth limit. We've been about 20 - 30 gigs below the limit every month so far, including this one. I understand that next month Comcast will make a bandwidth meter available on their site. That way I can check my numbers to make sure that they agree with Comcast's.

I'm going to say that overall, I am more pleased with Comcast than I was previously.

UPDATED: 11/16/2008 We've been with Comcast for about 5 years now since they took over the old ATTBI. In the past several months I have grown somewhat dissatisfied with Comcast. We really haven't had many connection issues, only one in the past 8 months that I can think of. Comcast is in the process of instituting the new bandwidth limit and though we are usually below the threshold, I have to keep a constant watch so we don't go over. I hear of the great bandwidth or speed that people elsewhere in the country are experiencing, but since we're out here in the Pacific Northwest, we're not going to see a significant "speed" increases anytime soon. As it was with the previous upgrades, we will be one of the last areas to see Comcast's higher bandwidth simply because there really isn't much in the way of competition out here. Apparently Qwest is rolling out higher bandwidth, but not in this area. In any case, we'll on getting what we can until something better comes along. Things could certainly be worse.

UPDATED: 3/22/2008 The Comcast experience is just about the same. Nothing has really changed in the past year. I yearn for greater bandwidth, as my son uses quite a bit with his activities. Some times those download numbers dip pretty low. I may look into jumping up to 8 megabit down for $10 more, but from what some others have said, they didn't notice a difference between the 6 megabit and the 8 megabit packages. I sure wish Verizon had service in this area and offered Fios. Unfortunately, Qwest is the only other real game in town. No technical problems in the past year, except for a couple of brief outages.

UPDATED: 3/25/2007 My experience with Comcast overall, continue to go fairly well. Connection speeds continue to increase as does reliability. That's the good thing. Tech Support, however, is another thing! The other day I had my first outage since I can remember. It lasted two hours. When I tried to call Comcast, I could never get through to a real person. I was cut off twice getting the message that my call couldn't be completed and that I should visit "Comcast.com" for more information. To my knowledge there is no useful connection information at Comcast.com. As I suspected, it was an area problem that affected not only my internet connection but my cable tv as well. That Comcast does not direct users calls to a recording explaining that there is an outage in such cases, or post that information on their web site, is just plain irresponsible! They really have never been good at tech support. That is why having a reliable connection is so important. Hopefully I'll never have to use tech support again. Overall, I'd give them a solid C.

UPDATE 3/5/2006 Things continue to improve with Comcast. Bandwidth continues to increase, outages have been few and far between, and the price has remained stable though I still consider it to be expensive. I've had no dealings with Tech Support in the past six months. At this point I am very satisfied. Fast and reliable with no complaints . . . that's how I'd describe my broadband experience.

UPDATED 07-17-2005 Comcast has continued to upgrade the network. I have been pleased with how consistent my connection has been. Currently we are supposed to have 4000/384, but I've started hitting the mid 5000s on my bandwidth tests. Also, I've had two occasions to speak to Tech Support, one very recently when I replaced my Comcast owned cable modem that I've rented for 32 months. Tech Support was not only helpful, but really pleasant as well. Further, the inability to run "Trace route" has been cleared up. I don't know what Comcast did, but issue resolved. I'd given up on that. At this point I have no complaints, except for the price . . . IT'S TOO HIGH! I understand that the when the new bandwidth thresholds become available, if I want the next higher package (i.e. 6/384, it will cost me $10 more than I'm currently paying because I only have "Limited Cable" (the $15.00 a month bare bones package). If I want to continue at the price I'm currently paying for Internet Service, I'd either have to stick with the lower bandwidth, or get Basic Cable ($42.00 a month). I don't need anything more than Limited, because I really don't want to watch that much TV! Admittedly, I'm not very happy about that, but I guess there isn't much I can do but to switch service providers . . . I.e. go with Qwest DSL.

UPDATED 12-22-2004 We’ve been with Comcast (formerly Attbi) for 2 years now. Since my last review, I would say that my connection has improved. Speed, connectivity, and reliability have been excellent since the bandwidth upgrade. Even with 3 of us browsing the internet at the same time, browsing is normally snappy. I have only one complaint. After Comcast took over, in October of 2003, I lost the ability to do Trace Routes which is very annoying. That problem still hasn't been resolved. I did try to resolve the problem through e-mails, but was told I'd have to call. I really don't have time, and hate talking to Tech Support since many of them seem to have little knowledge beyond the script they are using to troubleshoot. Unfortunately those troubleshooting scripts are sometimes lacking as they only cover the basics. Though obviously I would like a better price, the rates are competitive and not unreasonable for the United States.

Update: 03-27-2004 New speed upgrades are in place. Connection has been very good and reliable! I am seeing download bandwidth between 3000 - 3400! One problem that I've been experiencing ever since the Blaster episode last fall is that I have become "Unpingable"! Unless the problem is with my Cable Modem, the problem is not on my end. I have hooked directly into the cable modem (bypassing my Hardware Firewall), I don't run a personal firewall, and TDS-3 was off. I was still unpingable. I also tried several different computers, all without personal firewalls, still unpingable. Comcast can ping my IP from inside of Comcast, but not from the outside. The other problem, which I believe is related, is that Trace Route does not work for me. Only the first 2 and last 1 hop show; everything else times out! I had contacted Comcast on-line and through e-mail, but was told that I would have to call their dreaded Tech Support. Eventually I will do that, but since it will probably take several phone calls, and several good blocks of time, I've been reluctant to do so thus far.

Overall, Comcast continues to be a good value and we’ve had few things to complain about. Still the problem of being unpingable and being unable to run Trace Routes really bothers me because it is keeping me from “line monitoring”, and an important diagnostic tool.


Update: 12-19-2003. We have been with Comcast for 13 months now. Though our connection is still good, the reliability has diminished somewhat and my opinion of Comcast has diminished as well. In the past couple of months, we have experienced at least 4 periods of a few hours to 3 days when our router was unable to obtain an IP address from the DHCP server. To their credit, this last time they fixed it the same day. On one of those occasions, I called and found that the problem was affecting my area. In addition to that, for some time now, we have been unpingable from outside the Comcast network, and trace routes do not work. I was unable to convince Comcast the problem of being “unpingable” is on their end. Even when our firewall is removed from the equation, and our main computer is directly connected to the internet (we don’t run a software firewall), we are still unpingable! I cannot get Comcast to do anything about that. Further, I am disturbed that Comcast refuses to define download limits. My experience with Comcast support has been less than stellar. Overall, this is still a better value than the dsl being offered in this area, but I wish there was true competition.


With the transition to Comcast behind us, I am now able to make a fair evaluation of my internet service. I must say that I’ve been very pleased with the bandwidth, the speed of internet browsing, and both the reliability and consistency of the connection provided by Comcast. On the negative side, I e-mailed Comcast twice asking for help with something, and both times, they failed to respond. My three previous ISPs, all DSL providers, were very responsive to e-mails. For us, the transition from ATTBI to Comcast went smoothly. I did it manually rather than using the Comcast software. Not much to it, really. I would say that since ATTBI began transitioning to Comcast, I’ve experienced a more reliable connection. Maybe that’s just a coincidence, not sure. I am pleased with the boost from 1500 to 1800 kbps down. Overall, I’d say Comcast is doing pretty well for me.


UPDATE: We've been with Attbi for approximately 110 days now. In that time, we have experienced only a couple of problems. We had two periods of about 4 days each, during which we experienced major connection problems. Both times, it turned out to be a problem with ATT in the Lacey area. The download cap was apparently bumped up to 1800. Our speeds have been very good. Overall, I've been happy with Attbi, now Comcast. My son is a gamer, and he seems pleased with ATT's overall network performance as well. Cable continues to prove to be a better value than dsl. This will be my last review under the Attbi banner. My next review will be an evaluation of the new Comcast network.


2002 I finally broke down and ordered Attbi broadband in early August. Got the first 6 months for $19.95 deal. Ten days after my initial order a tech came to do the install and discovered that the cable from the box to my house had been cut and I didn't have a connection. We haven't had cable TV since 1996, so we never knew. In any case it then took about two months to get a new cable run. Finally on November 8th, a Technician (contractor) was back out here and performed an excellent install. The tech was out here almost 2 hours but when he left I had a clear connection to ATT, and was up and running within 30 minutes without a hitch.

During those two months of waiting to have a cable run, I called ATT on three occasions to find out about the holdup. All three times I was told that the call would be expedited, and that I would receive a call back within 24 hours. I never received one call. Also, all three times I had asked to have my contact number changed to my cell so that when the cable was laid they could reach me directly. However, when all was said and done, they called my home phone and it was a week before I got the message. In defense of ATT for the length of time that it took to get a connection, I was told at one point that the holdup was the process of securing a permit to dig (have no idea if that's true). One thing that made this long wait easier is that I still had a dsl connection until 1 week after Install. If I hadn't had dsl it would have been a significant drawback.

When the new cable was finally laid, I called ATT to reschedule the Install. At first it seemed as though I would not get the 6 months at $19.95. However after a lengthy discussion with the service rep, I was informed that they would honor my 90-day-old order.

So far, this is way better than my dsl connection. On the positive side of that 90 day wait, is the fact that I have all new cabling from the box to my modem, as the Technician who performed the install ended up running a new cable into the house for no extra charge because he could not find the "splitter" and could not obtain an acceptable signal to the modem using the existing cable.

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