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Earthlink Cable Modem Service page on DSLReports
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Review by LoneGreyWolf See Profile

  • Location: Winter Haven,Polk,FL
  • Cost: $44 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "So far the speeds have been consistent and over the advertized speed by a little, 11.4 Mbps as opposed to up to 10Mbps."
Bad "None yet."
Overall "No complaints as of yet, but only have had the service for 10 days."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I ordered Earthlink service through Brighthouse on December 17 and set the install date for the 21st. Installation happened as it should on the 21st with no surprises other than being told they could only provide me with a 6 foot cord and I needed the modem to be across the room so I could hook the television up with an ethernet cable. Ended up just putting the modem and router on top of my wife's china cabinet near where the cable outlet is.

The service has been consistent and I have no complaints as of yet. Have my own linksys router connected for wireless capability and have it secured through MAC filtering.

Since it's only really been 10 days, I will review a couple months out.

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updated 2.2 years ago


Review by kiddigital See Profile

  • Location: Deltona,Volusia,FL
  • Cost: $41 per month
Good "Rock Solid Reliability, Good Speeds."
Bad "Would have to switch to Roadrunner to get the 40Mb wideband speeds now available in this area."
Overall "Solid High Speed Connection at a price you can live with."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Updated 7/28/12: Still going strong with Earthlink via Brighthouse. The speed is now 10Mb/1Mb for the same $41.95 a month. The reliability has been excellent despite a recent outage (first in well over a year). And the pings (important for VOIP and gaming) has actually gone down indicating that Brighthouse has made upgrades to their network.

I just did an internet only comparison to CenturyLink (the only HSI competitor in this area) and they want a laughable $90 for their 20Mb tier of service. I could upgrade my current service to 20Mb/2Mb for only $51.90. Given the decade plus of reliability and present level of satisfaction with the service I don't think I'll ever part with Earthlink and Brighthouse.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

I originally had RoadRunner service via Bright House Networks (formerly Time Warner). When I first had it installed in the summer of 2000 the speed was 256 up/1500 down for 49.95 a month. By the end of that year it had increased to 256/2000 followed a few months later by 384/2000. It was also around this time that the monthly rate dropped to 44.95. The most recent increase we recieved was to 384/3000 where it stands currently.

I decided to go with Earthlink Cable because it was the exact same service and speed at a lower price (29.95 for 6 mos. and then 41.95/mon. thereafter). In addition I'd get 3 extra email accounts and more personal webspace.

The same day I "cancelled" service with Bright House they called me up to arrange installation for Earthlink. I was fortunate enough to get a sales rep who did some research and figured out that I still had my cable modem and that all I needed was to have it turned back on and provisioned with Earthlink. When all was said and done I was without broadband for about 3 hours.

I have been happy with my cable service for the last 4 years and really have no major complaints. There's the extremely rare occasional outage or bill snafu, but in the end they always find a way to make me happy.

I definitely would recommend Brighthouse Cable Modem service (Earthlink, Roadrunner, Internet Junction) to anyone in this area. It's a much better bang for the buck compared to the only very recently available Sprint DSL (60/mon. for 256/1500) assuming it's even available at your residence.

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Review by jaydro See Profile

  • Location: Durham,Durham,NC
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Fast connection"
Bad "It's really Time Warner"
Overall "It's the best I can do here"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Got tired of Frontier's nightly slow-downs after years of having no trouble with Verizon, gave up on any improvement of upgrade possibility after waiting so long for promised FIOS. Had bad experience with Time Warner ten years ago and was completely opposed to going back to them. Considered Clear Wireless, but they don't serve my location. Went with Earthlink because it was the only option and I could pretend it wasn't Time Warner. Was promised 6M speed at introductory $40/month (goes up to $50 after six months), but I'm getting the local TW standard of 10M. Earthlink sales rep was very aggressive and annoying--TW people were actually better to deal with on the install side. Got a Motorola Surfboard 5100 modem, which I think I prefer to the Ubee and I get to use my old Linksys wireless router after clearing my DNS settings out of it.

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Review by hsAG3NT See Profile

  • Location: Schenectady,Schenectady,NY
  • Cost: $42 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 7 days
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

This is my review

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Review by MIABye See Profile

  • Location: united state
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "1"
Bad "1"
Overall "1"


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Review by TOMMAX See Profile

  • Location: Los Angeles,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $42 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "They are my favorite cable internet provider"
Bad "they don t have higfh speed wideband"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Really i miss Earth Link they are my favorite, i had them for almost 2 year s
no complaint
no issues
no problem
nothing at all

I moved to TWC Road Runner because they have higher speed.
and now all my problems start.
internet not stable
customer service / tech support not helpful ( expect Tier 3)
paying more money for unstable service and unprofessional customer service.

member for 3.8 years, 81 visits, last login: 2.7 years ago
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Review by loli See Profile

  • Location: New York,New York,NY
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Great Speeds, Great Service, Console Friendly"
Bad "None Yet"
Overall "Great Cable service for the price"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

It was a Friday afternoon and I was able to convince my parents to get cable. On Saturday I called through Time Warner to order cable internet. All went well. Time Warner transferred me to Earthlink and I was talking to the representative. He offered me to have some one install it or self-installation. I went for the self-install since its so easy. They offered to mail it and it would take a day or two but I was anxious and decided I should pick it up downtown. 10 minutes subway ride and I got my package no problem. Went back home and after I got the cables attached and everything, one hour later my modem was blinking and was online right away.

A few minutes after I was online I was not satisfied with what I saw. I was geting 1070/370. I'm supposed to get 2000/384 sooo I went to this site and tweaked the connection a bit. Now I'm getting constant 2100/364. Love using it for my Playstation 2 and PC games. Now I set up a wireless network and have 2 comps connected to it.

Update 04/17/09 : No issues still. Great latency still and low VOIP price due to their discount. Still hoping on FIOS though.

Update 06/16/12: After so many years, I will no longer have service in a few days. Will be moving over to Verizon FIOS. No issues otherwise.

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Review by praetoralpha See Profile

  • Location: Mount Vernon,Knox,OH
  • Cost: $30 per month (6 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "good connection in my area"
Bad "none"
Overall "good price, good speed"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

(this review is from 2005/2006, in Mount Vernon, Ohio, not Pittsburgh)

I got the special broadband promotion last august, 6 months for 29.95/month, 41.95/month thereafter. The only cable internet company in my town is Time Warner, and my cable actually goes through them. When ordering, they had re-routed my call to time warner, and nothing happened, so I had to call earthlink back. Other than that, ordering was snagless.

Installation took about 45 minutes. For the first weekend, I was at 5mbit/s. I was downloading all I could get my greasy hands on, since I said so long to dialup.

After 2 days, I was bumped down to 2700k / 470k. Plenty enough, since this is the only comp in the house, but still. About two weeks later, just to see if it wasn't a fluke that would go away, I chatted with a support rep, who informed me that i had signed up for the 2 megabit package.

One evening (in October, i think) i noticed that my speeds were VERY sluggish. I tested 90k / 99k. then i saw that the Columbus, OH cable node had went down. It was fixed within 12 hours. Only outage in 10 months. Not that bad. Then a few months later, this idiot was cutting a tree up the street, and it snagged a few lines. There was a time warner van there within 2 hours, and I was back online.

About mid-march, my speed was bumped up to 4700k / 470k, like it was those first two days that I had earthlink. It was around then that time warner was advertising that road runner had been upped to 8 megabit speeds. I assume they want as few tiers as possible, so there was no longer 3 and 5 mb tiers, but 5 and 8 tiers. Its been that way ever since.

(update, May 2012) I have long since moved out, but my parents still use this. Over the intervening years, speeds have been upped to current 10m / 1m. They have had a Vonage line for several years, and it's worked well with this connection.

Last year they had problems where the modem would drop the connection intermittently (about once or so per day). Was home for Christmas, and mom claimed that it had been like that for months. I assumed that there might be a signal problem with the modem, and called to have them check the levels (I would love to know how to read dB levels, but don't know how to interpret). Said to call back when there was a problem. I googled around saw that the modem was not supported and not on TW's approved modem list. (Surfboard 4200) Went to the local TW office the next day and exchanged it for a new Cisco one, no issues since. Mom noticed how much smaller it was, but I said that it was the same size/form factor as all the other cable modems I've used for years.

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Review by natedj See Profile

  • Location: Columbia,Richland,SC
  • Cost: $42 per month
Good "Speed"
Bad "Time Warners unwillingness to solve issues"
Overall "Great under optimal conditions - TW unwillingness to solve issues"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Earthlink log

Time Warner Cable 8037445646

Earthlink log

Time Warner Cable 8037445646

Bellsouth DSL has been good to me as it introduced me to the broadband environment, only a few lost connections, and it works. It’s nothing to brag about … nothing to complain about. But I can’t help but notice all the Ads, emails and friends using other broadband ISP’s, and getting 2-3 times the download speeds as myself for practically the same cost … even cheaper.

So canceling Bellsouth DSL was not an easy thing for me to do after six years, and it’s not because I’m emotionally tied to my email address. For me to get the ($32.00) DSL price I have with Bellsouth (1.5 D/L & 256 U/L), I had to get the full service landline package that included a basic line and various add-ons to a tune of $40+ monthly, so coupled with the DSL bill, the absolute lowest my Bellsouth bill would be is $80+ After all the taxes and fees and premiums were added. Bellsouth was also my Local-long distance, long distance & international call carrier (they make the bundle stuff look so attractive) so it was clear that they had all five fingers wrapped around my neck. I tried giving up only the DSL and getting another broadband ISP but that would break the Bellsouth fellowship and the discounts I was getting from having bundled services would be revoked. I even thought about giving up the Bellsouth landline but that would automatically mean giving up the DSL which I cannot have, so I had to stay put. No matter which way I try to work it with other Broadband ISP’s, the math never worked out in my favor.

May 5, 2006

I stumbled onto an EarthLink offer, 5mb download & 384 upload for $29.95 a month, but then goes up to $41.95 after the intro period. The speeds sounds good but the math didn’t, because I’ll still have to pay Bellsouth for a landline in addition to the EarthLink internet ... But wait, EarthLink has a bundle offer which includes the Speeds mentioned and Home phone service (VOIP) unlimited long distance and international calling for a fraction of Bellsouth’s price, all for $39.95 intro price and $59.95 thereafter. Wow, the speeds would be better and the math works, better and cheaper all around … VOIP here I come. I placed the order with EarthLink via online sales chat and per the conversation, my broadband would be connected within 2-3 days and the phone service would take about 3-4 weeks, cool, it’s good they let me know all this up front so I’ll know what to expect.

May 10, 2006

The install.

The guys came to the house and per the telephone call with him, he seemed like a rookie. I was at the job at the time so my wife called me up and told me they were there. I spoke to the installer over the phone because he wanted to know where my cable line was and where I wanted my Broadband jack to be. I told him to install it in my computer room; upon entering the room he said “you already have a broadband network sir …. Why do you want this one? For a second there I thought that he was going to talk me out of getting EarthLink cable. He didn’t recognize that my existing service was DSL but to avoid a winded explanation, I told him that I’ll be able to use VOIP more economically with my new service. Later my wife informed me that he was unable to access the utility pole and therefore did not do the install. He said I’ll have to call the power company (since the pole that the cable lines are attached to belongs to them) and request that they clear away all the brush that has grown up around it, so they can access the pole and install the cable lines. So I called the power company and they came out …. They came out twice because they really didn’t see a problem. Then the guy from the power company called me an explained that they will only clear foliage if its affecting the power lines which is clearly not the case here, and he suspect that the Time Warner Cable installers where just trying to get out of a little manual labor. So I’m back to square one again … I called up Time Warner to reschedule a second try at installing my cable.

The day before my second scheduled installation, I got an email from earthlink congratulating me of my new install and beckoning me to comment on my new service. The nerve of those people, No, I shouldn’t say that, I should calm down and call them in a civilized manner, with any luck someone with half a brain might answer the phone and who knows, I might even be helped. So I dialed Earthlink and explained the ordeal. I could not get a answer as to why I got that email but I was told to ignore it and wait for my installer.

May 16, 2006

Earthlink came out to the house (second visit) to install my high-speed connection. The lady from Time Warner Cable said the same thing that the other guys said about the cable pole in the back yard being buried by the brush. She said that there was no possible way for her to get down there. She also said that she would do what she could, and that her boss is coming to do the rest. Later on, the lady left. She says that they could not get back there. They will contact the building owner behind us and get back in touch with us, if all else fails, they have to get their bucket truck for the job. She said that everything inside is already connected, but that she could not leave the modem with us. When the guys come back which will be whenever they call us (another day), they will bring the modem back to us. She gave us the Earthlink kit and my wife signed a paper, that she gave me a copy of. It is just a paper saying that they came out along with the price that will be on the next statement balance -29.95.

May 21, 2006

I received a call from Earthlink asking me if I would like to proceed in setting up my true voice account. I told the representative that I would like to have my high speed connected before I have my true voice connected. I then gave her a brief history of my installation woes. She then informed me that the reason for her calling relates to an issue of me canceling my high-speed installation. Apparently, the Time Warner installation crew incorrectly informed Earthlink of my willingness to cancel their service, which was very contrary to my wishes. They noted on their file that I had lost interest and wished to cancel. So now, I have to inform Earthlink, and their installers to proceed with my installation as had planned. This installation was supposed to take two to three days to complete. I am now going on my third week without service. The rep said that she will remove the cancellation and reorder the service so all I have to do is wait for earthlink to call me to schedule a time to come out to my place again …maybe the third time will be the charm.

May 24, 2006

Three days has gone by, still no sign of earthlink / Time Warner install crew, no calls, no emails no nothing. So I took it upon myself to call them and verify that my service was not cancelled and that I’m still in queue for an installation. Well the rep I spoke with at Earthlink said that my service was cancelled (still). I was in traffic, on my cell phone at the time of the call and was trying to refrain from easing my fingers through the phone and trying to grasp at someone’s neck. I felt like yelling and crying at the same time. I began to stutter … trying to find the right words, so that whatever was going to come out of my mouth won’t make the rep hang up on me. But the rep interjected; he said that he was going to reinstate the order for service (which I thought was already done last time I called) the conversation ended by him saying that Time Warner will be contacting me to set up a time to come out …. Dejavu. I said ok. Hung up with him and promptly call Time Warner to test the waters. They had me on file and claimed that they tried to contact me but was unsuccessful, yeah right! At any rate, they said that they’ll come out on Wednesday 31st so if I don’t slit my own wrist before then I’ll live to see what kind of monkey wrench will be thrown in the mix.

May 31, 2006

Well you guessed it, today was a No-show. Maybe they are trying to wear me out hoping I’ll lose interest. I’m motivated, I’m dedicated, and I’m a pest. Even though I know it’s after hours I called to see what kind of Cinderella story they are going to try to pawn off on me. So I called Earthlink and spoke to Christine. I gave her the abbreviated version of this saga and in the middle of this, a rep from Earthlink called me on my other line. So I figured the somebody is batting for me over there, so with a phone stuck in each ear, I was trying to get some answers, to no avail, nevertheless one rep promised to call back then hung up while the other rep transferred me to TWC to reschedule yet another installation. So I’m talking to this Time Warner guy and he is kind of puzzled how I’ve been overlooked for my installation even though his computer shows that what I’m saying is right, then my phone rings again, its Brian the guy from Earthlink who promised to call back, this guy should be employee of the month, anyway, I wasn’t willing to do the “phone in each ear” dog and pony show this time, so I put one phone on speaker and had the Earthlink rep eavesdrop on the dialogue I had with the TWC rep. The TWC rep stated that he will look into the matter and call me back with an update as to why the tech did not show up and when I’ll get a installer to come by again, I don’t know how true this is, after all if been lied to once or twice… no make that three or four time already, but lucky for me I had Brian as a witness who made note of the conversation and He too said he will follow up on the status of my install.

June 6, 2006

Well, I feel like I’m at the stage when you know there’s no Santa clause, but deep down on the inside you wish that the big white beard guy would show up with all the goodies you had on your Christmas list …. Well, I my case just the cable installation. That’s all I ask, I’m not asking for free service, I’m willing to pay for their broadband service so hurry up already, I just want somebody to take my money.

Anyway, I was at work and my wife called, she said that the Tech looked at my computer and said that we don’t have enough ram to handle broadband. (Funny we have DSL broadband current at the house now)

My stress-Ohmmeter shot through the roof, I figured that he’s just saying that to my wife because she doesn’t know better and he can leave without getting my service hooked up. I felt my body becoming tense and I started stuttering as I squeezed the phone into the side of my face, I think I need to have that treated or something. Anyway, I took a deep breath, the calm before the storm, and I ask her to let me speak to the tech. He came on the phone and startle rambling about my computer being insufficient and that it won’t handle the broadband effectively. I ask him what are the requirements, he said 128 MB of ram and I only have 100 MB. I said no, what you’re looking at is 1 gig of ram, eight times your minimum requirements. He said no, it says here 100 ….. then he pause ….then he began to back pedal, uhh …oh…ohm okay, I’ve never seen a computer with that much ram before, that’s my first time seeing a gig of ram. At that point I knew that I had to be there for the install. I left the job and raced home only to find him outside at the crime scene, yes, the same spot where the pole is located, looking up at it. I introduced myself and clued him in on my ongoing saga. He rattled off some possible plans of attack, access from property in the back, or bucket truck, and then said he’ll have to call his supervisor. He used his two way Nextel so I was privileged with hearing the conversation. Well to make a long story short (too late right) his supervisor, remembered the address and the problem, why shouldn’t he, he’s been here twice before. His supervisor mention the same things they discussed before, but he never followed up on it, basically my problem was swept under the rug with hopes of it going away. The tech told me that they’ll have to access the property behind me, which was always locked or get the Power Company to clear the overgrown foliage, which they have said no to earlier on, and he left my house after that. So I had to take matters into my hands. Later that evening after I came home from work, I fired up the chain saw, grabbed the loppers, gloves and jacket for skin protection and hopped over my back fence like cable starved addict looking for a fix. Yes, I trespassed and butchered the natural greenery behind my property. About an hour later, a nine foot wide path was cleared to the pole. I called Earthlink again the next day. Went through the painful foreplay of navigating through the menus, phone #, mother’s maiden name, last four social security digits …..Blab blab bla. Then got them to reschedule yet another install. June 12th.

June 12, 2006

Well a guy from Time Warner Cable (a third party installer hired by Time Warner) came out to my house yesterday. He said that TWC are in the progress of updating lines / equipment and they have a lot going on right now. He got the His ladder from the truck and connected my line to the pole, mission accomplished in no time flat. Then he came in the house installed the modem and I was up and running. The speeds are the fastest I've ever seen. There was no actual configuring, he just connected the wires waited about 30 seconds for it to detect and I was online. He also left an envelope with the Earthlink kit which had some literature and an installation CD; he said that in installation CD was not a necessity. I will not be installing it on my PC.

This guy was not a Time Warner employee and he is all familiar with how they treat their customers. He apologized to me for having to do all the brush clearing myself, but he said they are like that (time Warner) They expect a trouble free installation so they won't have to break a sweat, anything outside of that and the install will be swept under the rug ... if they don't cancel your order altogether.

I called Bellsouth a few hours later and cancelled my DSL service. I told them the reason for leaving and they offered my (3) free months of service to stay, but I declined. Then I was told that the DSL will be disconnected with 24 hours.

Hopefully I can get the Phone service without any hiccups now that the cable has been installed.

I will stay with TWC up until something better comes along.... My quest is to have fast cheap and reliable Phone and internet connection, even though it is a rare, or even impossible for that combination (fast, cheap and reliable) I'm remaining optimistic

Aug. 27, 2007

Wow that was a fast year. I got an IM from "System" asking me I if have any updates to my review. Not knowing what they were talking about, I followed the link and reread my Time Warner review. Oh that review ... that was a stressful time of my life, you can tell by my typos and sentence structure that I was under some stress. Some might not know it, but I titled the review with TWC phone number because I grew tired of loosing it, and since this site is my home page I figured why not.

I've had absolutely no problems from my broadband service from EarthLink (which is actually through TWC). My VOIP from EarthLink was a billing nightmare. I signed up for the service May 5th 2006 and on July 27th 2007 I finally got my billing straight with them. I would post a brief summary of the events that led up to this day, let me gather my thoughts.

My VOIP started online with a sales chat, and it turned out to be my saving grace.

Wait, I think I still have a copy of it.. Hold on.

….and paste!

Thank you for choosing our secure EarthLink Sales chat. All agents are currently assisting other customers. Thank you for your patience. You are number '1' of '1' customers in line. Your estimated wait is '0' minutes and '4' seconds.

Hello and welcome to EarthLink’s secure live Sales chat. You are chatting with Andy P.

Andy P.: Hello. How can I help you today?

Nate: I'm considering moving to EarthLink from Bellsouth

Andy P.: Great, I can help you with that.

Andy P.: Which of our services are you interested in?

Nate: My zip code is 29210, what’s available in that area

Andy P.: To do a check for service I will need your full name, phone number and complete physical address at that location.


Andy P.: Thank you.

Andy P.: One moment while I get that information for you.

Andy P.: I am showing that you are serviceable for our High Speed DSL service.

Andy P.: I am showing that you are serviceable for our High Speed Cable Internet.

Nate: which is cheaper?

Andy P.: DSL.

Andy P.: This is a best effort technology with speeds up to 1.5mb on the download and up to 128kb on the upload.

Andy P.: Right now I can save you $99 by waiving the fee for equipment and activation. You then get the first 6 months of your contract for only $19.95/ mo. and the remaining 6 months are just $39.95 each.

Nate: hmmmm, I have 1.5 d/load now with 256 u/load for 32.99

Nate: what are the cable prices/speed

Andy P.: You can get Cable Internet and Home Phone Service for a cheaper rate as a result of a promotion going on.

Andy P.: The price is $39.95 for six months/$59.95 per month thereafter, with a one time set up charge of $29.95. Which includes:

Andy P.: Cable Internet Service: 6 months @ 29.95; $41.95 per month thereafter

Andy P.: true Voice Unlimited: 6 months @ $10; $18 per month thereafter

Andy P.: You get unlimited local and long distance calling.

Nate: what speeds does the cable service offer?

Andy P.: This is a best effort technology with speeds up to 5.0mb on the download and up to 384kb on the upload.

Andy P.: You can also keep the same number that you have now.

Nate: will I have to cancel Bellsouth before you guys get the ball rolling on this

Andy P.: No you can do that once our service is up and running so that there is no Downtime.

Nate: But I have my phone and DSL active with Bellsouth now, if I'm using the same number won't there be a little down time

Andy P.: The installer for the Cable Service will give you a call in 72 hours from the time you place the order.

Nate: Great, I think I want to get started on it

Andy P.: Then you can disconnect your DSL accordingly so there is negligible downtime and then for True Voice setup you can discontinue your regular telephone line once our service is installed.

Andy P.: Would you like me to get this order started for you?

Nate: Yes

That was the first page of the (3) page dialogue I had with the rep. first bill was no surprise, but when my second bill came it was $23 + and I’m suppose to be on a $10 promo plan, even after the promo it suppose to be $18 thereafter. Me thinks it was just a glitch of the computer, nothing a little phone call won’t fix. I dial the numbers on the speaker phone and began checking email while listening to hold music.

The rep came on and I told him my quandary. There was a pause, he then said “what is your phone number again” I repeated it to him. He started to rap away at his keyboard like he was playing a piece from Beethoven. Me thinks … this can’t be good. I had my heart set on getting an apology and terminating the call as quick as possible, but still silence.

Then he cleared his throat and said we don’t have the price in the system. I said that it was a promotion that I signed up for two months ago, my first bill was right but my second bill was not. He said “sorry but our computers doesn’t say that.

I asked, “What promotion is EarthLink running for Tru- Voice? He said $17.95 promo and 23.95 thereafter. At that time I became silent, seems like the fecal matter is getting closer and closer to the fan. I told him that I signed up under a different promo and it should be honored …. I’ve even got the sales chat to prove it. He called my bluff. He said fax or email it to him … so I emailed it while keeping him on the line. Upon receiving it he put me on hold, then came back saying they’re fixing the problem and they are going to override the system to correct the billing. It’s funny, when I get a wrong bill (in their favor) it accidentally happens, but to fix it (in my favor), a system has to be overridden, clearance has to be gotten, management has to sign off and all that after a being on hold for 30 minutes, Nevertheless about 45 mins after the initial call it was handled.

The Third Bill

Bill #3 - $23.95. Okay let me reason this out, even if I was signed up for the new promo plan my bill should be $17.95 not $23.95. Here we go again 1800 EarthLink. Got a lady this time, I catch her up with the soap opera – she pulls up my fill and sees that I’m not a pathological liar – she corrects billing. I ask her to please see to it that I get the current bill next month. She said that there is no way that can be done, she said I’ll have to call in every month and get it corrected manually. I couldn’t believe that, but accepted and prepared myself for next month.

This song and dance was played every month until the last month of my promo period.

Even though it was my last month on the promo, if I choose to stick with EarthLink, I would have to call EarthLink every month for the rest of my life because even my non-promo price is non-existent. I had a choice to make, either succumb to the new pricing or cancel service. I made the last call to have my bill corrected and to cancel, but the rep offered me a (3) month credit so I won’t have to call in again in three months … I did the honest thing and declined it because I knew I was going to cancel …. Which I did. – stupid move.

Next month after cancellation

Bill $23.95 – WHYYYYYYYyyyyyyy! I’ve returned the box, the wires, the hardware, all on my dime, haven’t used the service and the number has already been ported to um uhh, I’m ashamed to say it, the company the was named Sunrocket … yeah I know how to pick em’. Anyway why the bill ??? I called Billing, they claim that the bill will be adjusted after receipt of hardware (which they already have) go figure.

So I ignored it, maybe it will go away, besides I’ve already cancelled. (I should have gotten the three month credit.)

Third month After Cancellation

Same bill came with late charges. Then I started thinking, If I were to pay this bill not because I owe it, but because it will be like buying sanity, great idea, you can’t put a price on sanity. Me writes check – Bill paid. – another stupid move

Fourth month After Cancellation

Another bill - $2.31

$1.00 for not have electronic billing

$1.00 for requesting a paper bill

$0.31 misc

The reason I don’t have electronic billing is because I’m not a customer, but even if I was, doesn’t that $2.00 charge look like double dipping to you ? non-electronic means paper bill, why two separate charges? They just would not quit. My shredder happened to be hungry that day, so I fed it .. I just can’t be bothered.

Fifth month After Cancellation

July 27, 2007

Another bill came, double what last months total. Divorcing EarthLink Tru-Voice is not easy, its been months since we parted and now I guess I’m paying alimony. I made the final call to clear up this mess and I must have caught the right guy this time because he started back tracking when all this chaos started. He brought my balance to naught and then he almost want to bet me that the bills never show up again.

So ends my EarthLink saga. I would hate for anyone to waste any portion of there life dealing with this.


I've been a faithful customer for a few years now and the price of my service fluctuates depending on the amount of promotions the customer service reps add to my account. My initial service was 5mb download & 384 upload for $29.99 and $41.xx after the promo period. On one of my initial calls to the customer service years ago ... I was told by the rep to call Timewarner after the promo ends to see if I can get the current promo pricing at that time or else my account will default to the non-promo price. So I've been doing that every year with great success. Right now I'm paying $34.95 per month.

About three weeks ago I was looking at the new pricing scheme for Time Warner on there site and to my surprise the lowest tier they have is 10mb down 1mb up for $29.95. This is more d/l than I'm paying for, more upload than I'm paying for and all at a cheaper price, so I jumped on the landline, uhh viop line since I'm with Ooma and tried to get this sorted out.

I try to be courtesy with these reps but they always get on the defensive and try to brush me off. I said, I'm on promotion pricing paying $34.95 a month for 5mb dn and 384kb up but according to your website the base tier is offering more D/load speeds, more U/load speeds and for a cheaper promo price. I was quickly told that whatever speed test I was using is not 100% accurate and there is some overhead to account for. So apparently TW is saying that I have the latest speeds but my speed test is flawed. I said overhead should not account for 60-70% of bandwidth but the Bot I was talking to just kept on repeating the same thing. She placed me on hold and transferred me to another rep.

Rep #2 said that I was not slated for the latest speeds and my account is provisioned for 5mb download & 384 upload. I said okay, that would explain the speeds I'm getting ..... now that we have that out of the way, can you explain why, if I go to the TWC site and plug in my address, I see better speeds and pricing? He said "where did you get that info from? I said, your company's main website. He placed me on hold. He came back saying that he's not sure what I'm looking at. I said the reason why I'm calling is for one of three things to happen. 1. Lower my price for the service I'm getting. (or) 2. At least raise my speeds to the lowest tier (or) 3. Cancel my account so I can sign back up getting the updated speeds and pricing. I'm not looking for a TWC to call me and offer me the better price of speeds, even though it would be nice, but as a customer doing his due diligence I expect TWC to say okay Mr.Customer, you're on top of your game and since you're no just blindly paying your month bill but actually keeping up with the progress and upgrades we're making to our service we will acknowledge your request. Besides its in their best interest by me making this request in lieu of cancelling my service altogether only to sign back up shortly thereafter. The rep saw my point of view and transferred me to another rep to get it sorted out .... or at least so I thought.

Rep # 3 was a carbon copy of rep #1, no head way there. I was on the phone with 3 more reps after that all to no avil. With each rep I gave them a history of my previous dialogue with the other reps,explained my situation and I'm suprised how inept they are in resolving such a simple issue.

Rep #7 was a little hostile at the outset and she seem to have a little authority behind her. I began by asking her what speeds I'm current provisioned for. She said 5mb download & 384 upload. I said good. Then I unfolded my petition by requesting for better speeds or better pricing or cancel my account. First she said that my modem would not handle the higher speeds and that I'm getting the best I can. Then when I pushed the cancellation issue she placed me on hold. She came back and said the she got an email two days ago saying the existing customers will be upgraded and somehow I was missed on the upgrade but she'll try to get me upgraded in 48hrs. I said fine, I'll call back in two days if it doesn't happen, but before I could finish the sentence my phone got disconnected. I thought that she cut the call short, but when I glanced over to my router and my Ooma phone, they both showed a non-existent internet connection. I looked at my router and it was rebooting all by itself .... or was it? A minute later my modem was up, my router had a wan connection, my Ooma was up and that's when the phone rang. It was the same rep that I was taking to. She said that she reset my modem from her end and I should have the current speeds. Nice touch to do it in mid conversation without warning, apparently she thought I was on a landline or cellphone. I tried it and speeds were the same. She said to power cycle my router and ooma and try it again. That did the trick. Speeds actually peaked at 25mb dn (with their speedboost technology) and 1mb down.

It took 1.5 hours of playing musical Reps but I got the advertised speeds. Like I said the service has been solid and works great but woe be unto you if it breaks or you need some kind of service.

TWsc 866-892-7201


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  • Location: Canyon Country,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $30 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "More reliable than DSL"
Bad "None"
Overall "Solid fast connection"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Have 10/1 for $30/month for 6 months, $42/month thereafter. Self-install did not work (broken modem) Time-Warner sent sent somebody over the next day. I have an RCA modem with 5 green lights and a button. I also got a free Class 2 9 VDC wall wart. Luckily he left the switch mode supply for the broken modem, which works fine on the RCA. Class 2 wall warts waste gobs of energy.

The whole sci-fi cult thing only makes me like them more...

Roadrunner asked if I wanted them to not redirect my sloppy searches and I said yes and I haven't seen any evidence of that since, on any machine on my router. Apparently the "opt-out" is good for the whole external IP address.

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