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Earthlink Cable Modem Service page on DSLReports
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Review by sunebird See Profile

  • Location: Newport,Carteret,NC
  • Cost: $49 per month
Good "Excellent speed"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

No problems ever with earthlink

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Review by kmcheng See Profile

  • Location: Elmhurst,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $42 per month
Good "fast and stable connection (not anymore), good modem"
Bad "super speed drop at night, worst in peak hour (the worst is 1mb or less dl left)"
Overall "it has gotten worse"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

·Verizon FiOS
Not much needed to be said, used from 2001 to now, 7 years
I am using Time Warner cable line with Earthlink cable service, cheaper than road runner. Besides a few drops of connection in summer due to cable line instability in earlier year (fixed later on), the connection is generally fast and stable, 90% of the time can reach 1MB (1.1x MB max) download speed. For this good performance, I don't really need to call the customer service, which is a good news.
Though the upload can be a bit faster, just about 60KB max, usually around 50KB. I hope it can go to 100, at least 80.
Changed the modem from the bigger Toshiba one to the smaller RCA one 1 to 2 years ago, I think it helps the connection stability a bit.

UPDATE (09/15/08)
now it is very slow at night in peak hour, this situation has been going on for a month already.
Before, I can still get 6 or 7mb download in peak hour (max is 10mb) , which is still good. Now, it can drop a half, or as slow as 1mb or less, which is totally unacceptable.
I may as well as which to Fios when it is available since the price is about the same, and the upload is faster.

I hope fios come soon so that TW would get some pressure

UPDATE (01/08/09)
ordered the verizon 7.1mb dsl on 1/6 (since I am really fed up with the cable's super speed drop in peak hour), dsl kit shipping in 7, got it today. The system will be ready on 12. Let's see what will happen.

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updated 5.8 years ago


Review by Hall See Profile

  • Location: Dayton,Montgomery,OH
  • Cost: $29 per month
Good "Don't know yet.... potentially double the speed, lower cost"
Bad "Don't know yet"
Overall "Still waiting..."
Pre Sales information:

1/04/2009 update

As noted below, I've cancelled this service quite some time ago... Shouldn't this review system have a way to mark a service as no longer in use ? Or does it ?

6/18/06 update

Finally cancelled my Earthlink Cable service. It was 99.99% rock-solid. In the time I had it, I could count the # of outages on one hand, which I think is very, very impressive. Speeds were almost always as rated. Occassionally there'd be a bad router somewhere local but they were typically fixed very quickly.

In the end, I cancelled for one reason: $$$$. They can keep raising their speeds, but I'll be damned if they'll lower their rates. They (sometimes Earthlink, sometimes TW) offer a discount or give you a promotional rate that new customers get, but I forgot when my last discount ran out and my rate jumped to $41.95/month, so I called.... They wouldn't budge (after 5+ years with Mindspring (DSL) or Earthlink for cable internet) so I explored my options .... and went elsewhere.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --

After 3 years of good, ole "Mindspring MAX DSL", I'm switching to Earthlink Cable. In my area, it's provided by Time Warner's RR system: 3000k download, 384k upload (talk of going up to 512k), *no* contract, lower monthly cost, and so on...

Install is scheduled in a few days.... I called Time Warner directly, as suggested by the EL sales rep, and they were friendly and helpful (I was not expecting that).

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updated 5.8 years ago


Review by gregben See Profile

  • Location: San Diego,San Diego,CA
  • Cost: $45 per month
Good "generally works fine"
Bad "DNS issues recently"
Overall "solid service at reasonable price"

I signed up for TWC (Time-Warner Cable) at this location (Carmel Valley) in July, 2006. I added
Earthlink cable internet service to my TWC service, so the Earthlink internet service appears
as a line item on my cable bill. I added Earthlink's True Voice VOIP telephone service, but this
is billed via email and charged to my credit card automatically.

Other than a couple of glitches here and there, the internet and VOIP services have worked
well over the past two and half years.

Actual download speeds range up to 1.2MB/sec (megabytes/sec) and upload is about

VOIP is handled through a Linksys adapter which needs rebooting once in a while. No set
interval, but about 3-4 times / year.

I recently started having DNS issues (page not found errors) and switched my DNS servers
to OpenDNS (www.opendns.com). This was done only a few days ago and seems to be
working well.

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Review by LouOCNY See Profile

  • Location: Middletown,Orange,NY
  • Cost: $42 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "just about everything"
Bad "none"
Overall "worth it"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Had Earthlink dialup first, but have had high speed since 2002. It actually is through Time Warner, but there is ZERO difference in how TW treats me.. Outside of a bad router on a pole down the street, which them a couple of weeks to finally find and upgrade ( way back in 2004!), the service is disgustingly consistent and good! It is obvious that TW keeps their maintenance up.Depending on the test, regularly bang close to 1 MB on downloads ad 500kb on uploading.

Would not know about EL support, as I never need it!

Highly recommend....

member for 10.7 years, 16 visits, last login: 1.6 years ago
updated 5.8 years ago


Review by gvmetchikian See Profile

  • Location: Winnetka,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $147 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Good service from Time Warner, Highest Speed available to me-Still. Speed upgrades are good."
Bad "Periodic outages-Mostly Phone and TV."
Overall "Very happy with replacement of DSL, best product & service in my area."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I dumped my Earthlink DSL because it was slow, max 300down/50-100up and was costing me $50 a month. Earthlink tech support and customer service suck.

I called my cable company who I've been very happy with, Time Warner - San -Fernando Valley, and ordered on Wednesday, they gave me an install appointment for the following day between 3-5 pm. The call took less than 5 minutes.

The installer was here by 3:30. He changed all the connections at the pole and house (new connectors) and pulled a new line to the computer's location and had it up and running in an hour.

The installer said he uses the service as well and said I had a little better speed than he did. This didn't involve Earthlink at all to this point. I'm still waiting for Earthlink to get the order and upgrade my dialup account (former DSL account). I'm sure they'll manage to screw it up somehow.

Special offer is 29.95 for 6 months and 44.95 after that.

Here are my recent test results.

2004-04-24 23:33:47 Speed test @ dslreports.linkline.com 2665/355 kbps
2004-04-24 23:32:37 Speed test @ ec 2606/335 kbps
2004-04-24 01:23:36 Speed test @ elkgrove.speedtest.fronti 2832/344 kbps
2004-04-24 01:06:05 Speed test @ speedtest.dslextreme.com 2843/356 kbps
2004-04-23 23:54:04 Line quality
004-04-23 22:19:58 Speed test @ dslreports-west1.speakeas 2782/350 kbps
2004-04-23 20:24:06 Speed test @ dslreports.linkline.com 2828/355 kbps
2004-04-23 01:17:37 Speed test @ ec 2616/346 kbps
2004-04-23 01:14:39 Speed test @ dslreports-west1.speakeas 2776/348 kbps

UPDATE 2-3-05=========================================================

Time Warner Cable completed upgrades to 5mb download speeds. I'm getting great speeds with no new problems with service. The 6 month discount ended and the cost for service is $44.95 a month. I'm still very pleased with the service. I'm getting the top end of the theoretical service and have had no noticeable losses of service. I attribute the success to Time Warner West Valley's efforts. All my dealings with them for cable service and Internet has been outstanding and they've honored their word and maintained good deals throughout. Its just too bad they don't control more of the market. I've got cable Internet service with Earthlink, Digital Cable with the DVR and no movie channels. My bill is $104/month for all services.

I've also added a wireless router and am able to use my connection anywhere in the house with no loss in speed or quality of service.

UPDATE 4-2007=============================================
I opted for the upgrade to premium service. The speed increase brought me from 5/385 to 8/512. The change over took a couple of days and I saw no other changes. Some time later I noticed that the service has been upgraded to 10/1 and measures fairly consistently. I've noticed occasional slowdowns but nothing significant. I haven't noticed any major problems since the add on of the Adelphia customers. I'm still very happy with the service overall. Fiber is not available nor is there any time table for installation in this area. If the speed gets bumped up for standard I may downgrade. I don't notice too much real world difference between 10meg and 8meg download speeds. I notice more slowness with the servers on the other side.

I'm very happy with the digital cable TV service. I have the HD DVR and am very happy overall with cable and internet services. The recent price increases have been irritating but still appears to be consistent with other services. Overall my cost is at about $108 which isn't much more than I was paying previously. Some costs went up and others went down. The equipment belongs to the cable company and I can replace it as needed. In 2 years with the DVR it was replaced once and I have replaced the remote once. There were never any charges or static from their people. The customer service line takes longer to get through, but that is understandable with the Adelphia people on board. For me, in the area I'm in, I am very pleased with what I have. DSL can't compete with the speed or reliability, but until fiber is available this is fastest. I'm holding off on VOIP for now. I don't use the phone much, but want the reliability of the old copper pair for emergencies and outages.
Speed Tests:
12-04-2007 10:22 PM j-speed 9698 Kbps 970 Kbps California, USA mindspring.com more
12-04-2007 10:19 PM j-speed 9812 Kbps 959 Kbps California, USA mindspring.com more
12-04-2007 10:18 PM j-speed 9601 Kbps 959 Kbps California, USA mindspring.com


Ordered Digital Phone from Time Warner. Dumped AT&T. Cost was $29.95/month and I received an additional $10 discount on my bundle with Digital cable and Premium Internet. Still have great Internet speed. Transition to digital phone was seamless and have not noticed any problem or difference to date. Glad to be able to dump the $55/month copper. We use cell phone free long distance for any calls.

The TW franchise here has been good on all levels in my experience.

Phone has been good. Had to have the modem replaced after a week though due to internet failure. No cause was found. Phone worked though during that.

Got my first bill with the new service. There were some prorated amounts but they changed my billing for Earthlink Premium from the TWC amount of $54,95 to 72.95 which is the Earthlink amount. I called and am having it downgraded to the standard tier which is 42.95. I've been getting 10/1 with the premium. Standard is 8/1. It's not worth the extra $20 a month for the 2 mb. They're probably going to bump the speed anyway down the road. If I wasn't attached to my Earthlink email addresses I'd dump them completely and stick with RR.

Update 10/31


Update on 11/27/08

Noticed yesterday that speeds here were bumped up to 10/1. I'm still happy with the internet service from TWC. Speed tests show a solid connection from various locations. I don't even notice Earthlink anymore. Eventually I'm guessing they'll go under and we'll have to migrate our email to Road Runner.

There is no FIOS here, nor is it anticipated any time soon. AT&T has tried selling their products here and I've politely explained how they're full of it when the sales people stop by.

Overall my service is very good. VOIP is good, it does have more down time that I do notice and the modem needs to be rebooted periodically. Cable TV is improving with the addition of more HD channels. We were at the end of the last upgrade cycle for new HD content. Hopefully more will be sooner rather than later. My only apprehension with having all services through cable is that if it is down, nothing will work. However, I'm able to minimize that by having a backup digital/HD antenna for the TV, cell phone and air card for business.

Pricing is OK with the package we have and we're saving money compared to the previous setup.

I've ready many complaints and dissatisfaction with TWC. Even some of the replies to my posts. But over all I'm still very pleased with the service being provided.

Here are the current speed tests with the new speed.

27-11-2008 09:47 PM flash speedtest 9602 Kbps 932 Kbps Speakeasy (New York NY) mindspring.com more
del 27-11-2008 09:47 PM flash speedtest 3839 Kbps 930 Kbps NAC (Parsippany NJ) mindspring.com more
del 27-11-2008 09:46 PM flash speedtest 9471 Kbps 922 Kbps Sprint (Chicago IL) mindspring.com more
del 27-11-2008 09:45 PM flash speedtest 6761 Kbps 933 Kbps Megapath (San Francisco CA) mindspring.com more
del 27-11-2008 09:43 PM java speedtest 5498 Kbps 934 Kbps New Jersey, USA mindspring.com more
del 27-11-2008 10:18 AM java speedtest 9510 Kbps 967 Kbps California, USA mindspring.com more
del 27-11-2008 07:56 AM flash speedtest 9432 Kbps 910 Kbps Megapath (San Francisco CA) mindspring.com more
del 27-11-2008 07:55 AM java speedtest 6124 Kbps 965 Kbps California, USA mindspring.com more
del 27-11-2008 07:53 AM java speedtest 9345 Kbps 966 Kbps California, USA mindspring.com more
del 27-11-2008 07:52 AM java speedtest 9576 Kbps 967 Kbps California, USA mindspring.com more

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Review by maineguy1979 See Profile

  • Location: Wells,York,ME
  • Cost: $42 per month (6 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Fast, cheap"
Bad "setup was a bit tricky"
Overall "Good value"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I've been a RoadRunner customer for a few years and have enjoyed using that ISP. I recently moved and was going to have RoadRunner installed at my new place, but I discovered that Time Warner also offers EarthLink service via cable modem. They're currently having a special offer: the first six months are $29.95 per month. RoadRunner's current special was $10 off for the first three months, so I figured I'd give EarthLink a try. Since the bandwidth is provided by TimeWarner, I assumed that it would be no different than having RoadRunner -- just a different e-mail address.

A tech from TW came and installed the cable modem. Everything went smoothly until it came time to install the EarthLink software. The installer program put a lot of junk on my system, such as a search toolbar, spam blocker, popup blocker, etc. I don't need any of those things so I tried to uninstall them, but I kept getting error messages saying that the file was locked or something like that. I also noticed that it installed WinPOET (PPPoE) on my system. Since RoadRunner uses DHCP, not PPPoE, I couldn't understand why I would need WinPOET. I tried to uninstall it, but again, I got an error message.

Long story short: after an hour of fighting with the installer program and trying to manually delete various files and programs, I was able to get my connection up and running -- on DHCP -- without any annoying toolbars or other unneeded programs.

I ran a speed test and sure enough, I'm getting exactly the same download/upload speeds that I used to get with RoadRunner -- 3000Kbps down, 350Kbps up. Things are looking good.

$29.95 for the first six months seems like a pretty good deal. The price goes up to $41.95 per month after the six months have passed, but that's still quite reasonable.

Update, March 2005: speed has been increased to 5000Kbps download. Tests at this web site confirm approximately 4800Kbps download speed.

Update, August 2008: speed has been increased to 8000Kbps download / 512Kbps upload. Tests at this web site confirm approximately 7000Kbps - 7400Kbps download speed and approximately 490Kbps upload speed. Price is still $42 a month. Not bad at all.

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Review by capabel See Profile

  • Location: Costa Mesa,Orange,CA
  • Cost: $79 per month
Good "No so far"
Bad "The are advertising and selling plans that don't exist!"
Overall "Earthlink is selling a plan that doesn't exist."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:

I went online to try and sign up for cable modem service to get better speed after finding out that a neighbor is getting much better speeds over DSL for less. Well since roadrunner is no longer available I was told to go to time Warner. I call them and they told me that although they are the local provider I need to sign up through EarthLink. Well I signed up with the help of Allen S. I choose the 10mb "Cable Premium" package that cost $79.95 a month. I received my confirmation in the mail and got a call from Time Warner to schedule my install. Well I called Time Warner back and spoke to several departments and they said they don't have a Cable Premium plan and that EarthLink seems to be selling products that don't exist? I confirmed by speaking to a manager and got the same info.

EarthLink customer service doesn't exist. I have a timer on my phone and it shows over a 30 minute wait time!

I guess filling a false advertisement complaint with the BBB is the only option left available.

I try and get a hold of someone at EarthLink and the sales department says call customer support and then customer support says call time Warner.

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Review by Thanos33 See Profile

  • Location: New York,New York,NY
  • Cost: $45 per month
Good "Well I Been With Earth Link For About 5 Years So Far So Good No Down Time"
Bad "Like I Sayd Before No Downtime For Five Years Cant Really Fine Any Bad Points So Far"
Overall "This Service Has Been Tip Top Ever Since I Got It Its Been Very Reliable"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

When I Was Thinking Obtaining A Internet Service My First Thing I Took In Consideration

Was Price Well Verizon Was Offering (this is at the beginning of the fast internet wars) 768k

On Their DSL Service This Was About 50$ A Moth Then I Gave it A Shot It Was The Fastest Thing Out There At The Time I Was Happy For A While But That did Not last Long

50$ Dollars A Moth In A Minimum Wage I Was Stretching It Thin So I Decide Ti Switch To

AOL Broadband Did Not Like It Simply Because It Require You To Have To Sing In all The Time And Hear You Got Mail That Got Old Pretty Fast I Need it A Always On Connection

So I Look A Round And I Had A couple Choices Witch Were Time Warner Cable In NY Road Runner I call and Ask There Answer Too Much Money I Was Just A Bout To Give Up

And The Lady On The Phone Suggested Earthlink Internet Sevices So Like A Good Bargaing Hunter The Question Was Ask How Much Well It Was Just Right . The Package i Got Was For 40$ A Month And They Offer me 10Mgbit Of Bandwidth which Was Like Nothing I ever Got Before So It Was six Months For Free 40$ A Month After That The Installation And Order Went pretty Smooth I Already Had A Cable Line In The House Already So They Sent Me The Modem Witch A The Time it Was A Motorola I Hook It Up To The Coxcial Cable Plug it Into My Pc And Presto Instantaneous Internet

After A While The Modem started To Act up On me So I Call Earthlink So To Get The Modem Replace But Earthlink Refer me To Time Warner Cable That Struck Me As Odd

But Then I realize That Time Warner Refer Me To earthlink So I Put one And Two Together Bum Time Warner Is Providing Service To Earthlink like The Cable lines Infrastructure Wow What A grate Business That Must Be But Any Way So They Sent A Guy To Check It Out And He Winds Up Changing The Modem But While Doing So He Fri My NIC He Was Going Crazy Looking Around To See What When Wrong He Was Looking At His Instruments They Were telling One Thing And The PC Another It Drove Hin Mad That He could no See That He Just Fry A NIC . At The End He Just Gave UP

What A Dum Ass I Let Him Go And Toll Hin That Ill Fix it and To Jus Put Me On line

So I Wen And Replace His Incompetence (My NIC) And Presto Now Am running With The RCA DCM325 Smoothly With No Problems 5 Years Strait Eathlink Very Relible As Far As Service Is Concern No Problems Thank You Earthlink

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Review by ptlake See Profile

  • Location: Charlotte,Mecklenburg,NC
  • Cost: $41 per month
Good "cheaper than rr by $5.00/month"
Bad "support can be trying - fortunately the service works more than not"
Overall "I'm sticking with it 'til fios comes our way... then i get to deal with verizon..."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

this is earthlink over time-warner... time warner provides the end customer service, earthlink provides technical service. technical support tends to be trying. chats are typically cut and paste from a reference book...

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