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Six Month Rating

bullet 453 reviews (287 good) (79 bad)
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Review by ChrisCars See Profile

  • Location: Evansville,Vanderburgh,IN
  • Cost: $120 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "The internet seems to be more reliable than the other guy"
Bad "Everything has seemed to gone down hill in the past year and a half"
Overall "I wouldn't recommend them "
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

So here in Evansville they price themselves like the other guys but they don't have as many features. I used to like them because they were a bit cheaper and great customer service even though I didn't get the new channels of apps. They keep raising prices, the only alternative that can get the speeds that I need is Time Warner and I have no desire to do business with them. I will be dropping cable within 12 months. I am keeping it now because they messed up and quoted me prices wrong when I got this installed and I ended up getting whole house dvr with 3 boxes and 15 mb internet for 120 as of now, it used to be less but they keep adding random fees. They tried to charge me over 160 for it but they messed up and quoted me wrong so gave it for me for this price for two years after several calls. When this price after two years falls off then so does this expensive cable and I go to net only.

I don't have that many problem with the internet. This modem/router for whole home DVR sucks but that will go away in a year and I'll buy my own. I am now using my own router with it but still have issues since I have to keep some things enabled for home dvr to work. I switched to Time Warner for a short time and came back because I got speeds of under 10 mbs constantly on my 20 MB plan and anytime I called I was told it was peak time usage. I don't see that many dips on WOW in my area.

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wow sucks

Every time you are wachin something on the best part get freezz I think I goin to change to dish Latino.

Review by anakin415 See Profile

  • Location: Chicago,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $185 per month
Good "They have representatives on this forum willing to work with you."
Bad "Value and spotty call center customer service."
Overall "If it wasnt for the limited options in Chicago & WOW_DAN, I would probably be gone."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I have been with WOW nearly ten years after a horrific experience with Comcast. I have the Ultra TV & 15/2 net. Six months ago, this would have been an entirely different review, one that was full of praise. There had never been a problem that wasn't easily fixed or a question that wasn't answered to my satisfaction. I was also satisfied with the value I was receiving and was even considering upgrading my internet.

Lately, the internet latency has been ridiculous and no one seemed to have an answer as to why. Customer service had no idea how to handle my call and rather than apologize or maintain some level of compassion, the last call center representative was absolutely rude. As a previous call center customer service manager, I would have lost my job if her actions were mine. That call led me to find a way to escalate this matter further, which is how I ended up here and interacted with a representative (to my surprise). If it wasn't for him, I would not be with WOW today. WOW has no way, other than email on their website and their call center, to escalate problems. I sent an email commending this person and have yet to seen an acknowledgement that the email was even received. Which leads me to doubt that a complaint would have gotten me any response at all.

Pricing has gone up. I am paying about $35 more a month than I had when this year started. Nothing about my service has changed. I never did upgrade my internet and do not use their phone service. Its odd how other carriers are offering rates $50 less than WOW and offering more channels and higher net speeds. I hope that WOW becomes competitive again and do something to improve their call center customer service, otherwise more of us will jump ship.

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Recall wow

i hate wow. It is the worst thing to happen to Panama City. That's including all the spring break nonsense. Wow is awful. Their internet cable is bull crap. I've been out of Internet for a week now and I've called several times but they all say it's my fault. And they try to redirect me to some other idiot tech support kid. Here o am paying hundreds of dollars a month and they can't even help me get the Internet they provide to work. Screw them.

Allen Park, MI

Re: Recall wow


I'm sorry to hear of the poor service you are experiencing. Please PM WOW_Dan or myself with your account number or the MAC address listed on your modem and we'll look into the problem.

Thank You

Review by brahmin See Profile

  • Location: Maple Heights,Cuyahoga,OH
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Good service. Excellent phone support"
Bad "Techs are sometimes clueless. But phone support is good"
Overall "I WOW devolving."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I ordered the hookup early this year (2/09) there abouts. I bundled Phone/Cable and
8.0 MBPS IP. Speed of internet is very good. An ARRIN smart modem and a cable box
was installed along with a cable line. Got the whole deal for ~110 mo. Which is half what
I was paying for AT&T DSL at 3.0 MBPS and this was without long distance
phone service and cable. This deal allowed me to drop DISH network and
the AT&T landline. In these difficult financial times , this was th only intelligent
option. After some initial startup troubles which were minor in scope the service
came up nicely. Customer service is quite good also . I would not hesitate to recommend
this provider. This is an update to my review of WOW. It's been about 5 months and I
am still quite happy with WOW internet/phone/cable. During this time I have had 1 outage
lasting less then 4 hours. This was rectified quickly and the phone support people knew
about it. I am not upset about this temporary outage though speed is not as it was before
the outage. It's getting better day by day speedwise. I still think WOW is great.
Unfortunately, service appears to be on a downhill slide. Channels being removed and prices increasing.
Internet service still pretty good but using their DNS is not an option as it's unreliable. Phone support
has gotten almost adversarial when there are billing errors on their side. I.E claiming missing payments
when bank statements clearly show they have been made.If there was a viable alternative in my area, I would
jump ship. Been with them since 2/2009 was good for a few years. I guess things change. Too bad. for me.

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updated 8 days ago


Review by kingofspain See Profile

  • Location: Naperville,Du Page,IL
  • Cost: $120 per month
Good "WOW Dan on DSL Reports"
Bad "There is only one WOW Dan"
Overall "With rate increases Comcast and soon to be AT&T are probably better options in Naperville."

Things start to get funky for two weeks which leads up to an outage that is for on and off for week about once a year.

They added "fees" this year that jack up the cost of my triple play service by $20. There advertised rates are "secret promo rates" that they will not give to existing customers, no mention of this on website. You use to have to call in yearly to get loyalty discount that then would expire.

I am only staying if I can get my HDHR and new HDHR Prime to work again with MythTV. My old HDHRs has been acting funny as of late with encoding errors, I can not tell if this a broadcaster issue or WOW issue. Another annoying thing that I have on and off with little success in solving over the last 7 years is getting a weak signal on certain frequencies while other frequencies are absolutely fine. The frequency in question is always the same and takes out most of my wife's channels. At least twice a year I have wow come and look at it and their tools do not reflect what my equipment indicates.

Internet wise their DNS server has alway been flaky at best. Recently they have doing spoofing or something, my smart phones apps magically do no update internet content when on wifi off of wow, but work fine at work and starbucks wifi. I have called CSRs and quoted them their opt out policies and they have not idea what I am talking about. After giving them their own URL, they have not options of turning a privacy or toggle on or off. On the forums some has logs of them spoofing google DSN and adding tracking tokens in the packets. It bad enough overriding the browsers default dns and hunting for an opt out page, but then to explicitly spoof and hide another dsn service is really shady. Just block the DNS server outright if you are not going to allow people to use it.

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TV service is BAD

We lost all TV signals AGAIN. Should it happen again, I will switch service to other provider. There is NO excuse for it. Also, the sound is braking into gibberish and the images freeze. Get better, or you are history.

Review by Nobeepin See Profile

  • Location: Glendale Heights,Du Page,IL
  • Cost: $120 per month
Good "it's cable "
Bad "Price can be confusing may take 3 months to stablize"
Overall "Phone/Internet 30/3"

My Other Reviews

·AT&T DSL Service
So far customers service is awesome,
when you call in there is a prompt about wait times,
Still confused about the billing
The company is a non-contract unlimited company with a TOS Policy

not sure have not stayed enough to get a accurate price but it looks like $80

116-120 is what I got for the 3 month period

member for 303 days, 123 visits, last login: 19 days ago
updated 19 days ago


Royal Oak, MI

Extra pricing

WOW has two extra items that you have to pay when it comes to phone service. $7 for the advanced modem (can't use your own) and $4 network line fee charge (total bs if you ask me). Thus raising your true base price for internet/phone by $11!

Review by Tecatisocati See Profile

  • Location: USA
  • Cost: $134 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Pretty bells and whistles on the cable TV side"
Bad "Chronically slow broadband, poor customer service, poor tech response"
Overall "Very dissatisfied"

Had Time Warner Cable up until May 2014, was with them since about 2008 and only reason bailed was rate hikes that kept creeping the price up ~ $ 175 was coming our way at last hike. That was for the typical TV (basic w/ HD Pak), Phone, Internet (10 mb) bundle. WOW promised $121 + tax and fees good until 2016 or sometime, w/ 15mb internet and similar TV/phone pkg so decided to switch. All was well until a few months ago. Internet speed drops out on a regular basis. WOW has their own speed test url powered by Ookla and when the mb is dropping out I can't even test on that "internal" site because it pops a Latency Error dialog box when trying to prep the download test. Other speed tests like Speakeasy and the non-WOW Ookla run the download test but lately during this episode of sloth-like speed it is testing between 1 and 2mb (paying for 15), but upload stays at the pay-point I'm buying which is 2 mb so it's not any upstream problem on my side. Had upstream problems when this first started a few months ago, down would test okay at 13-15 but up would be around 0.02mb with latency problems. Tech truck roll was obtained after several tedious phone sessions to tech support which kept blaming my Cisco router, which is and always has been bullet proof. Tech came when I was gone but son was home, told my son there was maintenance in the area and everything looks okay now. Upstream problem persisted and the phone side (voip) also had been going dead from time to time once requiring a tech call reset (via cell phone of course...). Recently it was discovered that there was a loose ground wire junction in the box on the house. After that was tightened, viola' no more upstream problems and the phone has been stable since. But now the downstream side has gone lame intermittently. Of course, numerous malware scans on our pc's via assorted AV products (MalwareBytes, Kaperski, TrendMicro Housecall) turn up nothing.

At this point, suppose I'll call Time Warner and see about crawling back . . .

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Review by PurpleXephos See Profile

  • Location: Huntsville,Madison,AL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Read Below. "
Bad "Just about everything. Customer Service is the worst. "
Overall "Avoid at all costs. You'd be better off without any internet, phone, tv."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

For the longest time we've had Knology. Since about 2008? Did what was needed, simple as that.

Then came along WOW. (It sure lives up to the name. Because WOW was all I can say.

As of right now my bill is $51.00. They have slowly increased the bill little by little. $2 dollars here. $7 dollars there..

Today I got my bill and it stated that I was going to be charged a rental fee for their Modem (which I was not renting)

SO I called customer service ofcouse to try and figure out why I was getting charged AGAIN for something stupid.

After a painful 10 mins going through the automated system which I gave my phone number and account number to. I finally was answered by a rude representative which asked me for the exact same information which I had previously gave to the robot. This was going great. *Sarcasm* After I gave her my information a second time. She finally was able to access my account.. all just to tell me that she could not help me and that she would have to contact tech support. (How wonderful) So I waited for about 5 mins to talk to Tech Support and they claimed that I was infact renting their modem and that they couldn't explain the reason why I was just now being charged for it. Then HUNG UP on me before I could say anything.. WOW.

Okay so about 5 mins later I called back and went through the same stuff with the robot and then finally another rude representative. I gave her the same EXACT information as I did the last time but she could not verify the account. So I got put on hold for awhile. Then she came back and asked for my Social. Now normally I don't like giving the social but I was fed up so I gave it to them. All but to no avail. I wasn't in the system. Okay.. so after some talking I asked for her Supervisor which she rudely told me that I was going to be put on hold again. When her supervisor got on the phone. She immediately asked for my information again which I gladly gave her. All to be told the same thing. So the only other SSN I had was my husbands which passed away 2 years ago and I already changed that information over to me. The supervisor told me that I had to bring the death certificate to their office and get it changed again. At this point I was done. I thanked her for helping me then hung up.

Never once have I been cut off so many times my customer service people. I swear about every 5 sentences she would stop long enough for me to get a few words in before the started going on and on again. Unbelieveable.

Their internet service cuts off randomly (which trips my home security alarm) and I have to reset everything to get it back to work. I called about this before but they had no explanation other than the router was bad. I bought a new NETGEAR N600 Wireless Dual band router this year so it can't be that.

Just all in all awful service in just about everyway. I could write more but I'm currently looking for other services like Comcast or AT&T U-Verse.

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Pixellization, bad sound, no signal

Sound: sudden noise ("grrrrrr ...") in some programs
Panellization: Very often the picture freezes or brakes up into digital blocks
Losing all TV signals lately: "No signal" - phone and internet works.

The quality of the service is poor and getting worse. I switched service before and I will not have any problems to do so again.

Either bring the quality of your service up to par or you will lose me as a customer




Re: Pixellization, bad sound, no signal

Having the same issues for the past few weeks. When I emailed customer service they said there were no reports of outages or other customers experiencing this issue.

Lately shows that I have set to record (all an hour long) will record 1, 5 or 9 minutes of the show, all pixelated. Considering the ability to record shows is a feature I'm paying for, I'm not happy.

I hope customer service will work with me on this issue, considering the poor service I'm experiencing is not an isolated issue, and that I'm not getting the service I'm paying 108 for (after an extra $4 increase this month).

If they refuse, I'll be complaining to BBB for not delivering on the product I paid for, wow executives, as well as my credit card company for the recent charge.

Review by slyphoxj See Profile

  • Location: Brook Park,Cuyahoga,OH
  • Cost: $103 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Channel changing fast on HD boxes, smooth install, decent customer/tech support"
Bad "Some TV channels out, internet outages"
Overall "Stick with Time Warner unless TWC won't renew promo pricing"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

UPDATE (10/19/14): I went back to TWC last month. I get a lot more channels and more TV features for the same price WOW was charging, although I did have to sacrifice my internet upload speed (went from 15/2 on WOW to 15/1 on TWC... I can live with it as long as TWC turns out to be more reliable in the coming months).

UPDATE (6/18/14): Had a few outages this month. I've had more issues with my internet than I have with any previous provider since I first got high speed internet back in 2001. On the verge of going back to Time Warner.

UPDATE (8/3/13): Since my last update, my WOW bill has gone up to ~$111. I called in a couple weeks ago and, without any hassle, got a $15/month for 1 year discount (restored the previous $10 discount that expired in November plus an additional $5/month to offset the $5 increase in my bundle price) and a $20 one-time credit. But.... last Tuesday morning (7/30/13) the TV started acting up again, going in and out, then at around 11:30 AM, both the TV and internet went out for a few minutes.

UPDATE (11/19/12): The "watchdog timer" issue with my cable modem's firmware appears to have been resolved... over 17 days uptime. Yay! Internet seems to be solid... I consistently score above 15/2 on speed test and pingtest.net rates my connection an "A".

But.......... still getting pixelation, freezing and, in the last couple days, outright outages on a number of the HD channels above 210 (no problems with the broadcast HD channels 200-208). On the verge of going back to Time Warner.

UPDATE (11/5/12): Still getting pixelation and freezing on some of the HD channels. Animal Planet HD was terrible on Saturday... picture paused every 2-3 seconds for a few minutes and sometimes froze (someone else posted in the WOW forum here that they experienced the same issue). My mom got a "Not Authorized" on the box in her room a little while ago while watching one of the cable news channels... I had to reboot the box to get out of that one. A firmware upgrade pushed down to my Scientific Atlanta DPC2100 caused a "watchdog timer" issue that caused my modem to reboot itself every couple days (looks like it's finally been resolved... been up over 3 days now... yaaay). And WOW changed their billing/admin system last week (right during the freakin' storm!)... some people are getting 40-70 minute wait times when calling in! Seriously considering jumping ship back to Time Warner at this point.

UPDATE: Getting occasional brief pixelation and sometimes audio dropouts for a couple seconds on some of the HD channels 210 and above (above the broadcast networks)... maybe signal level issues (haven't bothered yet to check before calling WOW).

Also I'm not getting the full upload since I was bumped from 15/1 to 15/2 (can't get any better than 1.8 Mbps upload). WOW_Dan on the WOW forum here on DSLR is aware of the issue and was able to reproduce it, so hopefully there will be a solution soon. But I'm not complaining... it was a free bump .

But otherwise... everything's OK.

If WOW were to bring the 8/1 back and charge $10/month less than the 15/2, I'd consider going back to the 8/1 and maybe also change out the HD box on my basement HDTV for a SD box and knock another $7/month off the bill if WOW would let me do that.

--- Original review ---

After reviewing our account, Time Warner offered a deal back in March 2009 for ~$83/month (raised to ~$88/month last summer) for digital basic TV with Showtime + 1 HD DVR box w/HD service + the SD digital box already installed + Road Runner Standard (8000(or was it 7000?)/512, upgraded to 10000/1000 a couple months ago) + cable modem. We took it. It was a nice upgrade from just 1 SD box for ~$68/month + AT&T 6000/768 DSL (really about 5000/650) for ~$35/month.

I called Time Warner about a month or two ago and they told me that this promo was set to expire at the end of August of this year (2011) and that the bill would be going up. If I remember right, one offer was for ~$105/month + taxes. We decided to wait. My mom then called them again about 2-3 weeks ago and the best they could offer for the services we had was ~$145/month... ouch!

So.... we decided to give WOW a call and see what they could offer. Their offer was in the neighborhood of $100/month. My mom told 'em to come out and hook us up. We got the Digital Value + 1 HD DVR box + 1 HD box + Xpress 8/1 internet + QAM SD box for ~$98/month guaranteed until 1/1/2013. Only one week till the installation... cool! The salesperson my mom spoke with mailed a sheet with the channel lineup with the Digital Value channels highlighted and services and pricing info written on it (he did this before my mom actually ordered). After my mom actually ordered service, the sales rep. mailed a copy of the work order with the pertinent info (services ordered, prices, etc.)... got this a couple days later.

Installation was yesterday (9/1/2011). The WOW installer (a contractor) showed up in the middle of the 1-3pm install window, hooked everything up and got everything working OK and did a nice, clean job with the wiring and new drop installation outside... even looks nicer than what Time Warner did when they hooked us up when we moved into this house back in 9/2009.

I'm using my old Motorola SB4200 modem that I used with Adelphia before I switched to AT&T DSL back in early 2006. WOW only supports DOCSIS 1.0 for this modem... I was only getting about 2500-3700 down with the Xpress 8/1, so I decided to save $10/month and downgrade to Xcite 2/1. I called about 11-11:30 last night... got right through to a friendly rep who immediately pushed the new speeds down to my modem. She told me the total bill with taxes, etc. would be ~$88/month... almost exactly what the TW bill was. I might get a newer modem and go back to the Xpress 8/1 again... haven't made up my mind yet.

What I like so far:

- The HD-DVR boxs so far are problem free... channel changing is MUCH faster than it was on the TW boxes. The TW Scientific Atlanta silver HD DVR box (SA8300?) was a piece of crap... took forever to change channels and had other issues that forced me to reboot it too often. The first TW HD-DVR box we had had a dead HDMI port.

- The picture quality of the 20 or so remaining analog (NTSC) channels is superb, better than the QAM basic channels.

- The channel lineup is easier to navigate... 3 digit channel numbers for the HD channels versus 4 digit numbers for the HD channels on TW

What I don't like so far:

- HD picture quality seems like it isn't as good as TW's

- I tried to call the WOW CS number before the install date to give them the MAC address of my modem. I was prompted to enter my phone number, then asked to confirm or reschedule the appointment, then it hung up on me!

Bottom line: For about the same price (within a buck), I'm getting much lower speeds (2/1 versus 10/1) then I did with TW and fewer channels (but not missing any I really care about), but WOW's HD boxes work much better, even if they have fewer features than TW's HD boxes.

I'll update this review if anything changes.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I hooked up my Motorola SB4200 modem the night before the switchover from TW -> WOW. It synced up and I saw "DOCSIS 1.1 registration complete" in the modem's log. TW supports DOCSIS 1.1 for this old modem, why can't WOW?

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updated 60 days ago


Review by clwguy See Profile

  • Location: Clearwater Beach,Pinellas,FL
  • Cost: $110 per month
Good "better then before"
Bad "that's not saying much and it's still not good"

WOW bought out knology which I'd rate a solid 0. WOW get's a 1 for great lip service and added politeness over knology.

Nothing but continual problems with WOW billing. Month after month after month. Last month I got a notice telling me that my account was audited and I was being under billed and as a result they were going to start billing me at the higher rater. THIS IS IN ADDITION to the SEVERAL NEW FEES they added over the past two months which increased my bill by about $10.

Numerous calls to customer service (waste of time) and emails to the management team have resulted in nothing but lips service and promises to fix the problem. But that is about as far as it goes.

Today I am switching to Bright House. I know they have their problems too but it's a matter of who is least worst.

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Redford, MI
·WOW Internet and..

wow in the plain of wayne

In my neck of the woods it takes moxie to smurf WOW in their billing.
Luckily they hate losing costumers, here, to comcast. Alas this takes hours on the phone but is doable.
And another way, is to find out what prices your neighbors are getting. I seen a neighbor have the same services for $20 less on their WOW bill.
But you has to spend time on the phone, is it worth it, depends, I guess.

Review by Porkroller See Profile

  • Location: Grosse Ile,Wayne,MI
  • Cost: $30 per month
Good "Reliable service, no caps"
Bad "Would be nice to get a bump up in speed"
Overall "Compared to the other choices in my area (Comcast and AT&T), WOW is the best option in my opinion"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

We've had WOW for years. Actually, since Americast was bought by WOW. Over the years we've had TV and internet service, and even triple play for a while. The service has been consistently reliable. There have been a few outages here and there, but in the scheme of things it hasn't been a big deal.

Last year we decided to "cut the cord" and dropped TV and phone service. The speed (15/2) is not great but OK. The cost ($30/month) is reasonable. The reliability is good. There are no caps. I don't have much to complain about - WOW makes a pretty good "dumb pipe".

Some things to avoid:

- Don't use WOW's DNS. They insert ads for non-existant domains. Roll your own DNS locally or use Google's DNS or anything else.

- Don't use WOW's email. This almost goes without saying for any ISP, but I'll say it anyway because it is so important. Do not get locked in to an ISP by using their email service.

- Don't rent a modem. Again, pretty much applicable to any ISP. There isn't anything wrong with WOW's modems, but they are a bad deal. $5/month to rent a modem that costs $10 to buy is not worthwhile. Note that you have to rent a modem if you have voice service with WOW (which is a good reason to not have voice service through them).

Bottom line:

I would choose and continue to choose WOW over the ISP competition in this area (Comcast and AT&T) because of the superior value and lack of data transfer caps (part of the value).

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