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Six Month Rating

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Review by Bill_MI See Profile

  • Location: Royal Oak,Oakland,MI
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "People, Service"
Bad "Behind in technology a bit"
Overall "Fine for me"

After Comcast wouldn't fix their aging, glitching, infrastructure, I switched to WOW.

Install went fine but you might get a vintage 6-year-old modem to rent. I got a Scientific Atlanta DPX100. It worked but I'm probably not your typical customer - I like to log data from the modem. Yeah, it's the engineer in me.

The DPX100 modem didn't like my log taking. While this may not affect YOU, it interested Wow_Dan on the WOW forum and he suggested a modem change if I wanted. He arranged the service calls around my schedule and I eventually got a newer DPC2100 which works for logging just fine. Dan didn't have to do that but I'm glad he did.

Since I'm old school, I really like the atmosphere of WOW. It's not quite mom-n-pop but a lot closer than Comcast. At the time of this writing, WOW still has newsgroups (Giganews) and, I think, real ftp access to your WOW personal website.

WOW says they have no caps, which is ALL about PremiumCable-vs-InternetStreaming (Comcast-vs-NetFlix) anyway, which is rare these days.

WOW_Dan posted that WOW had a change of mind and will NOT encrypt:
»DTA's and encryption - A message from WOW!
I find this encouraging if I want quick basic channels with a QAM tuner. This prompted my switching, too.

Sure, there's no PowerBoost, DNSSEC/IPV6 happening... but I think I'll like this 8/1 service just fine.

But don't ask me about TV... except the little I use it I haven't seen the glitching like on Comcast but the family seems happy.

September 15, 2012 Update
We're now on the big package (TV, Internet and phone) since May. We had a 5-day power outage in July and I did miss a working phone (battery in modem lasted only a few hours). But not as bad as I thought.

An irritating note. I have no need for DOCSIS 3 and on my DOCSIS 2 service... WOW... does WOW change internet frequencies/channels a lot! 20+ times a day in what must be some kind of load balancing. I have some data: »WebStar vs. Arris

Well... every channel change is a 4-5 second loss of internet. Anything streaming gets a whack during this time. I'm a regular viewer of TWiT (»live.twit.com) and it buffers at every channel change. Arrrgh! It's not that big a deal, just frustrating when Comcast would change channels once a year instead of twice an hour. It should NOT happen.

On a positive note, I was impressed with the letter about an outage we had. This is more like the mom-n-pop atmosphere: »The Letter About The Outage.

March 29, 2015 Update
Last year, Wow was doing what I'll call a "public education" why cable costs are rising so much. I know cable is getting squeezed badly by networks, sports and local broadcasters. I'm not surprised. But greed is getting out of control and the smaller companies like Wow are getting crushed. I don't see these spots any longer so it may have backfired - the public seems to want no part of what's happening beyond their pocketbook. In the meantime, the cable model is in a dangerous flux - for consumers.

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internet connection and bandwidth

The internet literally sucks in my book timewarner was the absolute best not for the money but people always say you get what you pay for so I will not have a problem going back to time wafner.

Union City, MI
·WOW Internet and..

Re: internet connection and bandwidth

Agreed without a doubt quicks. Not ganna bother calling them since its prolly there vintage 10 year old servers and everything. Actually got a "new" modem that looks like hey it might be new... to bad the thing will never be used to a decent capacity since we cant get over 200 Kb/s (Pay for 20 MBps/2.5 Mbps (Might have mixed them up?) and never got NEAR that when it was "ok")

Review by kmo170 See Profile

  • Location: Des Plaines,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $84 per month
Good "good connection, "
Bad "price"
Overall "ok"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

like all service providers they give the world to new customers and once they have you all you get our price increase

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Review by jewelllaw See Profile

  • Location: Saint Petersburg,Pinellas,FL
  • Cost: $71 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Promised rate"
Bad "Undisclosed rates, poor install"
Overall "Brighthouse is better value, do not shop on teaser rates!"

Anyone thinking about Wowway as a cable, etc. provider. Few things:

1. There installers are butchers. I have seen installs where the wiring is brought right across the front of a house and into the house at the front door, despite attic space being available. Why? Saves the installer from fishing through attic for half an hour, but the ugly stays at the house forever!!!

2. We gave them a try with the upfront, “Make sure that if we do this, the installer will work with us on the demarcation box (outside cable box) and the path to the modem, etc..” No problem.

Bill comes and there is a $50 installation fee, plus the installer did not use a box at the cable modem, just a loose wire out of the ceiling, no grommet, no finish, no pride, etc.

At order there was no discussion of any installation charges.

3. The deal was $30 for 30MBps internet speed. However, when I received my first bill, I learned that the first month was billed at a “never agreed upon rate of $61.95/mo.” with a discount that took it to $30/per month. Of course the taxes and fees were assessed on the full $61.95 per month amounts.

4. To add insult to injury, the first prorated month was billed at the never agreed upon rate of 61.95 per month and “was not eligible for the promotion rate.”

5. I told the company I would give them a shot and was not canceling Brighthouse until I saw how there service and business practices would play out. Glad it was easy to keep my communications going when canceling.

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poor poor poor poor poor

1st they dont give 2 shits about there customers its just people going to work to make some money. the boxs suck we got 1 main box 2 free black little cable boxes now with the free boxes we get just about all hd channels which is cool but doesnt make up for the boxes straining to receive signal from my own remote or from wow themselves. everyday cable goes out cause theres an issue then comes back so dvr get ruined. they sneak upgrades onto your bill just because you qualify for them. they really put them on there make you pay for it. if you notice the upgrade to late you used it all month. i swear this is all true knowledge. everything here is still happening. i am just tryin to make sure none of this happens to you.

Review by Puremin0rez See Profile

  • Location: Oak Forest,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $190 per month
Good "Was fantastic for majority of the 15 years of service"
Bad "Prices keep increasing, channels keep being lost, local node internet problems"
Overall "Great alternative to the other guys, overall "OK""
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Our household has had WOW! since the early 2000s, pretty much as soon as they came to the area and we moved from Ameritech to WOW!.

We've always been pleased with the low prices and great stability of all the services - TV, Phone and Internet. Until recently.

Unfortunately in the last few years I've started to see that other ISPs were providing better internet speeds for less money, and in Comcasts case, even upgrading users internet speeds significantly for free. However I was already getting 30mbps down, so it didn't bother me too much since this speed was perfect for me. However... the upload speed is pathetic.

My biggest issue with my internet over the years was the poor upload. 3mbps up. I know most upload speeds are low, but 3mbps feels very, very low to me. It makes uploading content painful to the point where I don't even try to do it anymore - I'd rather waste phone data using my significantly higher upload speeds. It's also super hindering to do any live streaming.

I'm leaving WOW! because prices keep going up, we keep losing channels (BBC is a huge one) and more recently in the last few months, the local node for internet here has been problematic. While I was able to get WOW_Dan to help me fix the big packet loss issues, internet is still troublesome every so often and i'm still getting frequent T3 timeouts in the modem logs and new config changes that restart the modem frequently. I feel like they're currently in the process of updating / maintaining the node or something so they're doing more maintenance then usual. Whatever the case, I need a very stable internet connection for work and general gaming and that's currently whats not being provided. For the years before this though, internet was solid and would definitely recommend. However, I don't think I'd recommend WOW! to any of my neighbors in the area because of these local issues.

Tech Support leaves something to desire, however. I'm a Power User and unfortunately they do not understand the things I know. The amount of times we've called up saying the internet was out and they go into the modem to "change some things to restore service" and end up just enabling dhcp and disabling bridge mode is... well, everytime. It's annoying. It ends up booting my router from the network and I have to go put the modem settings back to how they were. The techs always end up screwing up the modem settings so we've literally just stopped calling. I've even told them "Please do not touch the modem settings, it's fine. This issue is not on my end. I am using a router attached to the modem and by enabling dhcp and setting nat to enabled you will stop my router from working properly" and they will tell me how that's the reason I don't have internet etc. Yeah, not true. I wish tier 1 was just better in general. I understand most people don't know the workings of what a network is so the techs need to weed out everything, but it's just a big annoyance to be told that its because the wifi isn't stable or i'm out of range etc when I know the issue is the actual internet connection.

All in all, WOW! is a solid provider and I'm aware that they are doing some big changes right now by combining with the Knology network and upgrading everything. If you can live through the growing pains, they're a solid alternative to the other guys.

I'm going to give Comcast a shot after 15 years of WOW!, and if that doesn't work out I'm sure I'll be back.

For reference I am in the Chicagoland area.

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Review by JamfSlayer See Profile

  • Location: Columbus,Franklin,OH
  • Cost: $186 per month
Good "As long as your bring your own equipment (Cable Modem and Tivo), WOW is great.."
Bad "They can't fix some simple routing issues with various content providers"
Overall "I think if they fix this, they will be back on top again."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Since their last billing upgrade, the ISP has been unresponsive via phone. Thank goodness we have WOW_Dan on DSLREPORTS, and Libby from Naperville as well to answer any questions and get folks connected. It appears my latest complaints have sparked quite an interest from higher-ups, and the issue will probably be resolved in a timely manner. If this issue is fixed, they will be the top ISP in the nation.

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Review by nightshade74 See Profile

  • Location: Prattville,Autauga,AL
  • Cost: $50 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "10 channel bonding...consistent speed"
Bad "Billing is awful"
Overall "Two months in and billing is a disaster"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I'm on the 50/5 plan. I was quoted $60 for 50/5 plus "baby basic" (read OTA channels).
The installer activated my account and all was well. Except I didnt get baby basic.
I got (because of a cable card - evidently) extended basic and a $155.12 bill.

I return the cable card and cancel the TV portion. Of course now I get a $102 bill with
a charge for modem rental. I've never rented a cable modem in my life.
So now it will be yet another billing headache.

In short -- the actual service is spot on. I get 50 megs at almost any time of the day.
The billing is atrocious.

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Review by Dagnabit See Profile

  • Location: Warren,Macomb,MI
  • Cost: $171 per month

For the most part, I love WOW. No company is perfect, but WOW tries hard and the customer service is great. The cable, internet, and phone service is great, too.

Update 3-2015: After some semi-rough parts in 2014, everything with WOW seems to be back to normal (which is a GOOD thing!). Have not had any problems lately. Everything is pretty rock solid. I have 15/1 internet, essential phone, and Ultra TV signature for 2 TV's, along with Starz and HBO. I pay about $170/month for these services. Customer service has been good. No complaints at this time! P.S. My whole family LOVES the Netflix App that is available with the Ultra TV service.

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wow cable

I have had WOW cable and internet for about 4 years in Columbus Ohio. Their service has been very reliable in almost every respect. I seldom have a break in service. The customer service is down to earth and I can always reach a live person when needed. They try hard to keep the rates down as much as possible. From my experience they have been the most reliable provider in the Columbus area. I am hoping they are able to provide a low cost and compak HD DTA in the near future so that all my digital televisions will be able to display in HD format.

Review by LoginName See Profile

  • Location: Columbus,Franklin,OH
  • Cost: $38 per month
Good "employees"
Bad "everything else"
Overall "Avoid until they fix their network"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I pay for 30Mbps. I receive under 3Mbps.

For what its worth, every employee I've had contact with has been very friendly. Too bad the network is so damn awful.

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Review by John44 See Profile

  • Location: Berkley,Oakland,MI
  • Cost: $187 per month
Good "It works I guess."
Bad "Next to everything"
Overall "WOW is horrible"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

It nice to see other reviews confirming the nightmare that WOW Internet and Cable has become. I have been a customer for 10 years and lately their astonishing incompetence in customer service is beyond any customer service I have ever dealt with in any industry.

Long story as short as possible is that they have managed to charge me 3 shut off fees of $40 each in the month of January when I have made a $200 payment on January 15th. I receive a call from a collections person on Saturday trying to get the remaining balance and she is so over the top disgruntled and says there are no exceptions to not paying right this second she blocks something on my account to where I can't even talk to the initial cust services reps any more and the rep disconnected my service. I did not miss type that. The (second) disgruntled representative disconnected my account and scheduled a tech to come out and disconnect.

There are no words to describe the level incompetence from this customer service team. I have never experienced this level of ridiculousness, ever, with anything.

This is just the latest issue, I have notes I've typed in my computer documenting all the other ways they have screwed me around throughout the last year.

Oddly enough. I am actually trying to give this company my money to continue service because switching providers and entering into a new 2 year contract is something I don't want to deal with right now. WOW cable definitely exists in some bizarre corner of the twilight zone.

If there is any help anyone can offer to contact someone a manager or someone of authority who can help me directly at WOW in my area I would be grateful. Thank you.

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wow cable

you won't get no where with customer service I just got cut of for fighting with them about my bill especially my phone bill and this has been going on for over a year of them charging me for call I never made and if you don't do what they want they cut you off. I had paid some bills twice. They only do what they want if they claim you owe a certain amount and you don't pay it you get cut off any way they can find they will cut you off. That is why I just let them cut me off even though I didn't even have no phone all not even a cell because these companies anymore do and say what they want the customer is never right any more and they can get away with it all and never have paid one red cent back to you it always credit on your bill or they just trash you credit and i am not going to keep on paying 2 or 3 or year over and over anymore. I am fed up that all these companies can get away with all this and never pay for it but let us do it and we go to jail and get our credit trash and threaten and I have had this happen to right at my house so be careful.



Re: wow cable

They are like talking to robots. Don't bundle, then you are stuck for sure.

Mrs White


Best Cable service

The cable Guy "Dana" that works for Wow is Great! We have had WOW since the beginning & we are very happy w/ our service.

The White Family
West Panama City Beach Florida

jean N


wow in 60646

It would be nice if wow company would provide services here at Kilpatrick st. at 60646. I really hate Comcast provider, there service with their client in the phone has getting bad, and when they give you a deal or package, they said they will change it, but instead you get either the same plan or your bill gets high. They becoming deceiving with their customer, and I really don't like them, I will WOW company would cover this area



Re: wow in 60646

I just have to say that wow is the worst cable in America!!

Review by jmm59361 See Profile

  • Location: Warren,Macomb,MI
  • Cost: $176 per month

I used to work there. Had my services reduced to Ultra TV basic, 15mbps and ESS phone. Now the bill is $176, that is only the start of the issue. It's funny that when a employee my services were great, paying customer - have had to call a few time. Internet goes in and out, some channels work, some don't. Oh just reset the gateway, why should I pay top dollar for crap services. Now I see why the cable company is broke. The people at WOW are great, service is second rate, that is what you get for cheap cable. Will be looking at other providers.

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