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Review by kellodl See Profile

  • Location: Huntsville,Madison,AL
  • Cost: $138 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Internet 25Mbits/5Mbits pretty consistantly"
Bad "Wish it was cheaper."
Overall "Go Somewhere Else"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

UPDATE: Knology was bought by WOW and the greed of the new company is really showing through. Just ask about their bundles...very overpriced.

Knology in Huntsville has recently upgraded to DOCSIS 3.0 and it's GREAT. Downloads are blazing fast. I have no complaints about that.

One thing I wanna touch on is that my uploads from testing on SPEEDTEST.NET and KNOLOGY.NET have all capped @ 1.8Mbits/s

Called customer service twice, they said nothing is wrong with my modem or lines and I believe them.

Just curious if anyone else in the 35816 area has any upload issues?

Don't know what if anything they did, but my UPload is now much better. 550KB/s typically.

member for 10.1 years, 56 visits, last login: 184 days ago
updated 1 year ago


Review by goober22 See Profile

  • Location: Panama City,Bay,FL
  • Cost: $101 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Good price"
Bad "Discontinued services, prices increases, average speeds"
Overall "Okay value, WOW seems like a budget company - cheap!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

This review is a bit late in coming. Knology provides TV, Internet & Phone service in selected areas of GA, FL, SC, AL & TN. I originally signed up for service in Dec. 2001 after @home announced they were going belly-up. I had Comcast for tv/net & Bellsouth for phone. I called and scheduled to move all 3 service over to them. They offer bundle discounts; the more you have with them, the bigger the discount. I ended up saving about $15 per month at that time.

At that time, the speed was 1500/256 and included a dynamic IP. I received a promo rate of $34.95 per month (including modem) for 1 year. After that, it went to $39.95. The installer came out 4 days after order and hooked everything up except the phone. We had to wait another 7 days for Bellsouth to port the phone number over. A week later, another tech came out and moved the phone lines over. No problems and all 3 services have been rock solid.

More recently, the speed was increased up to 2048/256 last summer (2003). They added a phone switch in the central time zone (originally they only had one in the eastern zone). Now our Caller ID reads the correct times. They offer newsfeeds thru Supernews. There are no download caps but they limit you to 2 connections and a max of 500kbps each. Not really a problem since Comcast has a 1GB monthly cap. Service also includes 7 email addresses, webmail and 10mb webspace. They are also "home network friendly". While they don't do tech support for LANs, they tell you that you are welcome to setup and connect a home LAN to the system.

I did recently move my TV service back to Comcast. I still have internet & phone with Knology. Price was the main reason for moving the TV back, as well as the availability of a few additional channels. Both offer the Explorer 8000 DVR. Knology wants $14.95 a month, Comcast $9.95 for it. Comcast also has HDTV available for $5 per month. Knology does not have it yet here but has stated that it will be $9.95 when they do. Knology's addition digital box rental is $7.68 compared to Comcast at $6.95. Additionally, Comcast offers a few more channels over Knology, that our family watches as well. After I moved the TV service, the internet fee did go up $10 to $49.95 a month (it is $59.95 standalone). Circuit City had a sale though on the Motorola SB5100 for $40. I purchased it and turned in the Scientific Atlanta modem that Knology supplied. It knocked $4 off the bill to $45.95. That compares to Comcast's $42.95 fee but Comcast has that 1GB newsgroup cap as well as an unspecified download limit for "too much bandwidth". If I was to move the Tv back, the internet fee would drop to $35.95 per month.

Overall, I highly recommend Knology for internet and phone. Both have been trouble free and are competitively priced. I think they have fallen a little behind on the TV side (for content and especially price) but if that should improve, I would have no hesitation in returning to them.

-UPDATE- 05/14/2004

I have since moved my tv services back to Knology. They recently rolled out their HDTV service and price-matched Comcast for dvr/hd services. Just last week I replaced both standalone boxes with the recently released SA 8000HD combo box. It works great and the price was only $12.95 for the combined dvr/hd service. PPV has been replaced with InDemand PPV which opens the door for the InDemand sports packages hopefully soon. The customer rep, April, did a great job too. They have really stepped up to the plate with the tv service and I am very happy. Highly recommended.

-UPDATE - 06/23/2004

SA8000HD box still going strong. I have not had any problems with Knology service or support. The only time I had to call tech support was when I picked up my own modem (Moto 5100 on sale for $40), called support and gave them the new MAC, synced up within 5 minutes, no problem. Service is now $35.95 a month. Highly Recommended.

-UPDATE - 07/17-2013

Switched to Directv for TV when they launched the HD sats & I haven't looked back! Knology, now WOW charges an HD/DVR fee for EACH one of these receivers you have. For the price I was paying them, I now have 6 HD/DVRs & 2 reg STBs with Directv. The WOW TV package is overpriced and has limited HD content.

Phone is still decent. As soon as the Knology takeover occurred, WOW dropped usenet support. This si something I've had & used since signing up with Knology. My bill stayed the same so I now have less service for the same price!?

They only offer 25Mbps as they fastest internet consumer speed yet Comcast here has 50Mbps and an optional 100Mbps offering.

Reading the WOW forums and it seems like the UltraTV option is a train wreck. I plan on dropping WOW as soon as I can and move to Comcast. At least I'll get faster speeds for the same price!

UPDATE - 01/11/2014

Not a happy camper. WOW continues to drop channels. Dropped usenet and noen of this was compensated with a price credit. They even sent me a bill telling me to "rest assured my services were the same as I had with Knology". Yet they are not as they dropped some.

Decided to move to Comcast for internet where I can get 50Mbps compared to WOWs 25. I'll move my phone to voip 3rd provider and my TV is with DirecTV now. I'll end up paying the same price but get twice the speed, basic TV channels w/HBO and still have phone for the same price I pay now. WOW phone/net is 102 a month. Comcast net with basic TV w/HBO is 82 after promo. Voip is 20. So for same 102 I can get 50Mbps, backup basic TV & phone. Goodbye WOW!

WOW is a good name for them, you slap your forehead and say, "WOW, how messed up is this company"!

member for 13.2 years, 4030 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 1.2 years ago


Review by DJ See Profile

  • Location: Columbus,Muscogee,GA
  • Cost: $84 per month
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "Service stays on, albeit slow during peak times"
Bad "Terrible hold times for tech support, aka, tech support for former Knology customers"
Overall "I'll be moving soon to an area not serviced by WOW/Knology, won't look back."
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

UPDATE 9/29/2013: I have tried my best to hold off updating this ISP review with negative remarks, but our recent phone outage broke the camel's back.

Our phone stopped working Friday evening 9/20. We still have the old outside voice terminal, so troubleshooting is a snap... Just plug in a corded phone to the test jack tells me everything. No dial tone at the test jack. I tried calling tech support Sunday morning. After 35 minutes on hold on my company cell phone, I hung up. I tried again Sunday evening, same thing. I've got better things to do than sit around a phone praying for someone to pick up. I tried yet again Monday morning while at work, where I work outside and can keep the phone in my shirt pocket on speaker. It took 45 MINUTES for someone to pick up, which is absolutely ridiculous. In the past, when it was Knology, we never had to call support for phone issues because they monitored the terminals remotely for issues, and automatically dispatched a tech when something was detected. That's why I waited until Sunday to call, thinking they would've sent someone. We've had techs visit our home unexpectedly on Sundays to troubleshoot the terminal, so I figured they'd do the same. WRONG. Different company, different operations, I guess.

As far as the internet, prior to the announcement WOW was buying Knology, internet speeds were rock solid all hours, all days of the week. Not long after the announcement, speeds slowly started to decline. Now, peak times and weekends I never dare run a test. When I do, it's in the 3-5 Mbps range. I'm on the 15/2 plan. The speed, or lack thereof, is noticeable during any sustained download. I will not call in to tech support for this since the internet still works, just not as snappy as I remember it used to be.

Now for tech support. The few times I ever had to call Knology tech support, a rep was on the phone after the first ring, every single time. Now, as mentioned above, an undetermined amount of time, which means an exhaustive wait. I tried calling the "other" number for WOW, which is for the native WOW territories in the MW. Guess what, one ring and a rep was on the phone, on Sunday evening. When I gave her my information, she apologized and said she couldn't help me because I was in the newly acquired Knology territory, and gave me the 877-KNOLOGY number to call. That's the same number I tried calling already with the endless "We're changing the way you think about cable companies" loop. Nauseating.

Well, my family is set to be moving to a new town soon, in the pursuit of a bigger home with lower cost of living. We've found a great place in a nice small town about an hour away, which is serviced by another mid-sized cable company. I've already checked for QoS in the area and it's a LOT better than what Columbus gets with WOW. Looking forward to the change.


We have Knology's Digital Phone and HS Internet bundle for $84/month. The phone service is crystal clear. The internet reliability is easily 99.9%. There are sporadic outages occasionally, but they are almost always very short in duration.

As we live right in the middle of the city where it's very densely populated, I was a little hesitant on ordering the internet from a cable provider, but Knology obviously has our area properly balanced as I never see speeds drop below the rated 12 Mbps. In fact, speeds are usually in the 15-20 Mbps range, even during peak times. They've upgraded the network for DOCSIS 3.0.

I don't have their CATV services, as I'm a DirecTV employee and receive the service for an unbeatable price . However, I am very happy that Knology offers bundled rates when just two services are ordered. Most other companies require you to sign up for three services before they offer any real price reductions.

Knology will continue to my service provider for the indefinite future if they keep up the good work!

member for 13.7 years, 6105 visits, last login: a few hours ago
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Review by cwcjr See Profile

  • Location: Huntsville,Madison,AL
  • Cost: $213 per month
Good "None: the new Upgrades are security/privacy downgrades"
Bad "Service is UNSECURE and unreliable and prices keep going up."
Overall "Avoid unless it is your ONLY option."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

·WOW Internet and..
Update Sept 2013: Now they have added actual false/deceptive advertising to the mix. With the Speed channel going to FS1, they sometimes put or temporarily move programs to FS2 - in HSV market 194. I called when a football game ran long and the race was moved to FS2 - but I had a not authorized screen. Sales said it should be active with the Digital Preferred. So he transfers me to Cable Support, and I get told 'nope it only comes with the sports package add-on'. He tells me to go to the Website to see what comes with Digital Preferred - guess what - the Website says it is included in the Digital Preferred without the Sports Package. However, he will not activate it unless I pay for the Sports Package! Sales says its included, The website says its included, but the tech says you gotta pay for the sports package: False/Mis-leading/Deceptive advertising! Prices keep going up as well as the wait time to get someone from Customer Service to answer the phone. The service is getting worse, outages at least once a week, and we keep getting Emergency Broadcast message for Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas that that have nothing to do with Huntsville. A company is disarray.

By the way, the internet speed is still horrible. Captured history charts (forwarded to Techs) show download speeds worse than upload speeds on weeknights between 8 and 11 pm. Been going on for many weeks.

Update Aug 2013: WOW data rates are WORSE than dialup between 8 pm and Midnight, even when paying for premium data rate upgrades. Nothing but excuses and no fixes for the last 90 days.

Update July 2013: WOW has taken over Knology and the service is TERRIBLE. They have oversold their capability in the area and the nightly data rates for download are 1/2 the upload rate!!!! Paying for the upgraded 15 Mb and getting 0.6 Mb (yes that is Mb not MB) download between 5 pm and midnight. It is now Way (WOW) overpriced and using their Email via a Client is a joke. It will lockup Outlook and financial institutions cannot reliably communicate with their investors that use a Knology Email address. Synacor and Cloudmark (their Email and spam filtering services) cannot seem to get it straight.

Update 2013: Once again, another price increase for questionable service.

Bought my own cable modem (docsis 3) and upgraded the internet speed. Only reliable using the Knology speed test at support.knology.net. Using the tests here on DSLReports the actual speed is as low as 1/5 the knology claimed rate and shows compression being used. 20131015

Update: Knology is introducing "Upgrades" that are really security downgrades. After 5 years of complaining about insecure Email (no HTTPS for the actual Webmail and no SSL sockets for Email Clients such as Outlook) they are actually going to make it worse! I guess they want to scan the contents of your Email like Google and Yahoo* do and let all their advertisers plant their webbots and other privacy invasion tools in your Email interface. They are merging the Webmail access with the homepage login. They only use HTTPS for the initial login (ID and PW screen), after that all communications relating to Email are insecure and can be hacked and monitored at any WiFi site. Do not use Knology Email for secure communications.

*Just got a call from a supervisor at Knology. It was an intentional decision to NOT support SSL and SAP. They are going to the same webmail system Yahoo uses so they really CAN scan your Email CONTENT to provide better targetted advertising!!!


I originally (2007) had the all in one (Phone,Internet, Cable) -premium w/ HD and all major movie channels. Had to cut back to delete ALL the premium movie channels to get it down to $137. At the time I contracted it, it came with the fasted speeds they offered for internet. They have now upgraded to have some more costly premium speeds available and multiple tier options in the bundles. Trying to figure out what options you have (pick and choose) is not possible from the information on the Internet. You MUST call in to get pricing on individual services.

The greatest frustration is the decrease in reliability as they expand. An example is this weekend, all Knology (hosted) domains' Email is down for over 24 hours. Sure does NOT make you want to run right out and sign-up for Electronic Delivery of your financial and investment notifications using a Knology hosted email account.

Since their last major reshuffling of the channels and upgrades, digital dropouts and artifacts in the middle of the TV screen are becoming the norm. Some shows are so broken up that you cannot watch them and it does not matter if it is live or recorded.

When you have an internet speed problem and call in, you get the impression that they are 'throttling' people until they complain. All the resetting, unplugging, and testing I had done before calling, then magically doing it once with them on the line and the problem seems to go away - for a while...

And the classic deception, your Knology IP address to the internet is NOT truly DHCP: it seems that it is reserved unto your address so that advertisers, doubleclick, Google, Intellus, etc., (Police and Homeland Defense) can always find YOU. As a test, I released the Knology internet link from the router, unplugged the router, unplugged the modem, Shutdown all the computers, went on the road, and came back two weeks later to the same IP address. Knology refreshes the connection ever three hours in a growing subdivision, so I guess the assignment is not DYNAMIC.

member for 12.6 years, 76 visits, last login: 50 days ago
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knology internet service review

The worst service i ever had, i am paying for a service they promised to be no lower than 5Mb and during the day, when there is no many people connected i barely get 1Mb. If its a peak hour, it can go down to 500Kb. I WONT RECOMMEND THIS KNOLOGY SERVICE TO NOBODY!!

Review by BiGdUsTy See Profile

  • Location: Panama City Beach,Bay,FL
  • Cost: $196 per month
Good "Nothing good about WOW they buy and destroy"
Bad "WOW removed channels and services"
Overall "I'm switching to Comcast and I never thought I'd say that."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

UPDATE: Knology was bought out by WOW "Wide Open West" and it's all gone to hell.

UPDATE: Screaming fast internet now days. We still need the basics like USA-HD, SYFY-HD and SPIKE-HD.

UPDATE: Slow speed issues have been fixed yet again. Hope it last longer this time around. I wish knology would do a better job of staying on top of these things. Now I await the DOCSIS 3 upgrade.

UPDATE: Been a little over a year now and we're right back in the same place with overloaded nodes and CMTS. At peak hours we now get around 1.5Mbps or less from 6pm till after midnight. This has been going on for few months now with only the hope that DOCSIS 3 will fix it. Instead of deploying it and getting ahead of Comcast in this market they just play the waiting game. It's like watching grass grow on a winters day nothing happens. We're stuck in the DOCSIS 1.1 stone age.

UPDATE: After four months of bad internet service they have upgraded the local CMTS to deal with the congestion issues on PCB aka H nodes. Speeds are 8mpbs(edge) all hours of the day now. I still think it's poor that a company takes four months to order and install new hardware in there CMTS!

Been with this company for almost ten years now and never really had any trouble with them until this year. I don't know what they have done to the PCB/PC system but internet has gone downhill and fast. Afternoon and evenings are the worst with speeds averaging only around 1 megabits per second. The only time you get anything close to 8 megabits (edge) is after 2am in the morning. The op manager claims there working on it yet they give no eta as to a fix. They keep scheduling maintenance all over Panama City yet nothing has changed and in some cases has gotten worse. I guess for the time being they'll just keep hiding behind "up to".

The forever never ending bandwidth complaint topic can be found here.

»Node H14 Panama City Beach - Low Bandwidth

If you need good tv and phone then Knology is for you but there internet product over the last year leaves much to be desired. I'm looking at my options now but with only AT&T and Comcast it's not looking good.

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Review by mospat See Profile

  • Location: Huntsville,Madison,AL
  • Cost: $152 per month
Good "Reliable, Consistent Internet speeds."
Bad "Unknown Fee's"
Overall "I would recommend them.."
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I have been a customer of Knology for 8+ years.

Service is reliable, the phone rings, the cable TV is there when I want to watch it and the internet service works..

Like most of these local "bundle" services, Knology will nickel and dime you for things that you never knew that you needed!!

member for 2.2 years, 18 visits, last login: 1.6 years ago
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Review by brianf4 See Profile

  • Location: Madison,Madison,AL
  • Cost: $160 per month
Good "Installers were good, internet was stable"
Bad "Bad information up front, expensive for below average content, never called back like promised"
Overall "Not good"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Had a bad experience with Knology in Huntsville. We were excited because we had another choice for internet/cable when Knology was installed in our neighborhood. A salesman came to the door and told us about their bundle prices. He said my bill would be $110 for what I wanted. I cancelled what I had, and had it installed. Install went well. Service was so so at best. Interface was horrible and cheap. Looks like it was designed with an Apple IIe. DVR is large, but interface was, again, terrible. Picture quality was ok and internet speed and stability was good. The big problem was when I received my first bill for $165. Not $110. Was told the salesman didn't include fees. There were $45 in fees, mostly for the phone. Strange because I paid $29 a month for phone and internet from a previous provider that included everything. Called to discuss, was told the salesperson would call me back. Never did. Called back and was told local office would call back. Never did. Cancelled and got DirecTV/Mediacom back.

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Review by (hidden by request)

  • Location: Pipestone,Pipestone,MN
  • Cost: $227 per month (36 month contract)
Good "Works great when it works"
Bad "Insufficient Bandwidth- Intermittent Delays- Poor Customer Serrvice- High Cost"
Overall "Avoid"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Absolutely terrible service at a high cost ($227 mo for 2 phone lines, basic
cable and high speed (LMAO) internet. One only has to phone in to Knology's
Customer Service Line at 877-633-4567 and listen to the phone queue to
understand where this company's priorities are. 1. Make a Payment 2. Sales
or Order New Service 3. Questions About Your Bill 4. Phone or Cable TV
Service Issues 5. Internet Issues. In other words collecting there money
and getting new subscribers is their top priorities and once they have you
signed on that 2 or 3 year contract you are screwed more than a young lady
in a Thai brothel. Press 5 and be prepared to wait 7 to 10 minutes to talk
to a Thorazine Tech whose only level of expertise is to reset modem which
has already been done umpteen times. In this town of about 4,000 to 5,000
people they run all data (business and residential) through the same fiber
which obviously doesn't have enough bandwidth to handle traffic when the
kids get out of school. Business's pay a higher rate but still will
regularly see intermittent service. My advice - AVOID THIS OUTFIT AT ALL
COSTS if you have other options in your area.

(review was emailed from domain knology.net)
lodged 2.3 years ago


Review by (hidden by request)

  • Location: Lawrence,Douglas,KS
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Bad "Unreliable internet service"
Overall "Knology sucks"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Unfortunately, I need to give a star rating because I can't give a lesser
rating. I wish I could give a negative star rating. For several weeks, I
have not been receiving all of my emails, having been notified of such by
the senders. I call the phone number, only to be directed by "Automan" to
input my phone number, for the purpose which has yet to be determined
because after I finally do get to speak with a live individual, I am asked
for my phone number. WHY? I already punched that in. For the umpteenth
time, I explain frustratedly that I am not getting all of my emails. I am
informed that the email is a free service of Knology, as if that is an
explanation for why I am not receiving emails. I have heard so many excuses
over the past few weeks, with the blame being placed on everybody but
Knology, with the exception of the second to last time. They informed me
their server was down and all of the emails were backed up. Hence, that is
the reason I received an email 6 hours after it was sent. I have been told
by the General Manager that no emails have been lost. Well, if they aren't
lost, they have been permanently misplaced. I wish I had ISP options, but
the only option in my area is a dish, which is equally unreliable. Here's a
fervent hope that WOW will correct the abysmal service and cavalier
attitude pervasive in Knology. It just p*sses me off that I have to pay for
wholly substandard product and service. The only thing Knology has to offer
over their competition is service; and I feel I have been serviced...in
much the same way a bull services a heifer. And apparently, I am in the
majority of people when I discuss Knology.

(review was emailed from domain gmail.com)
lodged 2.6 years ago


Jonny R


Knology is the most unprofessional company I have dealt with

The absolute worst cable and internet company I have ever dealt with. S-L-O-W internet,crappy cable. If it rains, it goes out. If it snows, forget it. You might be without service for days, if not weeks. Customer service is non existant, and dealing with some moron in Atlanta is completely frustrating. My labrador retriever is more intelligent than their techs. Have had numerous re-occuring problems, and when they supposedly fix them, it is just a matter of days, or weeks at most, till it goes down again. They also have the practice of mailing your bill so close to the due date, than unless you overnight it, you will be paying a late fee. A disgusting scam company that could care less about their customers. I would rather go without internet and cable than to deal with these idiots (too kind a word) again. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. Go elsewhere!!! On a scale of one to ten, I would rate them at minus 20.

Cable Worst



Worst cable we have ever had! We ve lived all over the country and had different services, never this bad. DVR messes up at least 1 time per month. Failed recordings, erased/disappearing recordings while watching it, pixalated and unwatchable recordings, erased/disappearing recordings while away from house and not 100% full. The list goes on and we ve only had the service for 5 months. We are restricted to this as the only option on our apartment property as well. I recommend using Internet only + Netflix w/online watching. NOT the cheapest in area by far. My husband has had Charter Cable in 2008 and said it was cheaper and reliable! Tell everyone how horrible Knology products are and to avoid at all costs, even if it means not having cable at all. Their Internet is fine. No real issues with that so far.

Review by (hidden by request)

  • Location: Huntsville,Madison,AL
  • Cost: $110 per month
Good "Ehh..."
Bad "Cost, Service, Bill pay methods"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Do not set up automatic bill pay! I cancelled my service on January 4th
and they sent me a bill for the entire month of January. When I called
customer service about it, they told me to disregard it because my service
was cancelled and I would not be charged for that month. Then on January
26th, my credit card was automatically charged for the full month of
service. I then called customer service again and they said that it was
because I had service for 2 days in that billing cycle and the
system automatically charges you for the full month. They then said that
they would refund me the difference in the form of a check, but it would
take 60-90 days for me to receive it. If you have no other choice but to
use Knology, do not give them your credit card number!

(review was emailed from domain gmail.com)
lodged 3.1 years ago