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Review by benjamin See Profile

  • Location: New York,New York,NY
  • Cost: $34 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Excellent call quality, good tech support, many calling features, great account web site"
Bad "No option to set automatic forwarding to another number if network is down"
Overall "BroadVoice is a very good value, offering crystal-clear calling, a slew of advanced features and great international rates"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

·Verizon FiOS

Finally had to leave BroadVoice. I nearly never call abroad and the fees kept increasing. It's too bad the company chose to hide many of these fees as quasi-taxes, the way many traditional telephone companies do. Why not be up-front and honest about this, as a VoIP company? When a $20/mo. plan turns into nearly $35, that just seems greedy.

Reliability had also become something of an issue. Though decent, service frequently stopped working on a given proxy server and I had to manually switch to another. Luckily, I knew how to do this, but the system never seemed to do it automatically, which would be an issue for most users.

2013 note: the company was acquired by a new parent company. Perhaps this will be a good thing, though after many months, there appear to have been no changes to the offerings.

6/14/2009 UPDATE

Once again, there isn't much to report. On the downside, few new features have been introduced. The two exceptions are "multiline" and "multipresence" support, which allow several lines on one account/device, or several devices on a single account. These options can definitely come in handy but it would be nice to see other features that have been missing for years, such as the ability to automatically forward calls to another number on network failure, scheduled do-not-disturb, and other such enhancements.

Reliability has been good. The proxy servers have issues from time to time (about once every few months) but they are usually promptly fixed. Overall, call quality remains very good and pricing excellent (despite the rate increases discussed in my last update).

Bottom line: BroadVoice is still an excellent choice, especially if you call abroad a lot and the countries you dial are included in one of the World plans. As mentioned in this review's comments, the BYOD plans are also a welcome option for the technically advanced who bring their own devices.

11/05/2008 UPDATE

Not much to report. Service has remained very stable. Only some very small outages that didn't last long, and that could be avoided by switching proxy servers.

A couple of notes on the downside:

- First, rates increased quite a bit earlier this year, under the guise of new "taxes" or "fees"--but these were in fact hidden rate increases and NOT taxes. Service is now about $32/month (not counting premium features), compared to $20 originally. (Review table updated to reflect this.) This is still an excellent value, considering the number of free countries included and the numerous calling features upon which I have come to rely.

- Second, no new features have been introduced in ages.

EDIT (11/08/2008), two new features added: Well, a couple of features were added the day after my review update:

- The ability to add inbound numbers to the second port of supported ATAs. This means that an alternate number can be answered (on a separate phone) while the primary line is in use. A very nice idea of no great use to me but certainly of value to those who need a dedicated second line for inbound calls.

- BroadVoice has also finally added the ability to manage multiple lines from one account. This has been in the works for a long time.

Hopefully this means the company has started innovating again and other new features will start appearing soon!

BroadVoice continues to offer excellent service with a large array of existing features and still very competitive pricing. I have many family members and friends using the service and there have been no complaints. I maintain my 4 1/2 star recommendation.


02/10/2008 UPDATE

Can't believe I've been with BroadVoice for over 4 years now. Following the 2005 outage, service has continued to be ideal for my needs. There have been no outages since my last update. Reliability and call quality have been excellent.

My only peeve is that BroadVoice still doesn't offer the option to have all calls automatically directed to an alternate number if their network fails. Luckily there haven't been any outages, so this hasn't really mattered.

After BroadVoice started offering unlimited free calls to 20 countries, other providers started following suit but, for my needs, BV remains the best value around. I don't really have anything negative to say at this point.


12/19/2005 UPDATE

Things have been running smoothly for the last 6 months. Excellent quality/reliability. Some new features have been added to the online portal and BroadVoice seems to have hired more support staff to deal with the growth of its customer base. No downtime in a long, long time so I am very happy. Quality of international calls definitely improved after the outage in May.


05/11/2005 UPDATE

BroadVoice's first big outage is over. Unfortunately the outage began right before a week-end, which must have made it harder to contain. Still, the company worked around the clock and service was restored by Monday. During the outage, I was still able to make and receive calls, though with less reliability than usual. Now things are back to normal.

What impressed me most during the outage was that Support answered phone calls within 10-12 minutes, very reasonable considering there must have been a very high volume of calls. Info was also posted in the portal. Considering service was rock solid for many, many months prior to this outage, BroadVoice deserves a little slack. If anything, such an experience will make sure they are better prepared in the future.


02/12/2005 UPDATE

Given some of the negative reviews and updates posted recently, I wanted to update mine to report that service has remained rock-solid for me. The calling features still work, call quality is superb and BroadVoice keeps rolling out new services at great prices. Two recent examples: alternate numbers in the UK, and toll-free alternate numbers. So, here is a quick update on the new features and the quality of customer support as of February, 2005. (Original review below as well.)

TOLL FREE Alternate Numbers: I just added one to my account and it is working well. The amazing thing is that it costs the same as a regular alternate number: $1.95/month, which is lower than any other VoIP company AFAIK. This includes 60 free incoming minutes (and extra minutes are 2.0¢/min, VERY reasonable for a toll-free number). There were some issues with the toll free DIDs, where not all callers were able to get through but this has been fixed. I tested my DID from numerous lines (from different providers) and can now receive calls without a hitch. Really great for friends in other states, especially those on limited local service...

For those who may be interested, the alternate UK numbers are the same price but include unlimited incoming calls, just like US-based alternate numbers.

CUSTOMER SERVICE. Many of the recent negative remarks concerned ridiculously long hold times. I concur that this was a problem for a couple of weeks but things seem much better now. I called several times in the last few days and got through to someone within a reasonable delay. More importantly, the people answering the phones are still knowledgeable. BroadVoice is not outsourcing its support (as of yet) and clearly takes the time to train its representatives. Email support has remained excellent throughout.



In October, BroadVoice added unlimited calling to 20 international countries without raising rates, making it the best value around. Now the company has launched its brand new online portal, resolving the only other area that was lacking.

The new portal: in addition to excellent online billing options (statements, payment options, etc.), the portal offers complete control over accounts, allowing users to add alternate lines, change their calling plan and much more. Of course, all the calling features (basic, advanced and premium) can also be managed through the portal, and there are extensive call logs as well as a Call Manager feature that allows for online control of incoming and outgoing calls. The whole experience is very user friendly, making this portal the one to beat.

As of the date of this update, I have been using BroadVoice for close to 1 year and service is as good today as it was on day one. Prior to choosing BroadVoice, I looked at every VoIP provider on the marked. After these many months of usage, I am pleased to report that BroadVoice has gotten even better with age. There are more features, the call quality remains excellent, and the new portal makes managing any aspect of the service a snap.


There are many reasons to choose BroadVoice but the top one would have to be value. For the price of its competitors' offerings (or for less in many cases), BroadVoice offers a wide array of free calling features that make competing services look sparse. In fact, it seems to me BroadVoice offers more features than any other provider, most of them included with the price of service. Additionally, adding "premium" features costs much less than with the competition (for example, additional phone numbers are only $1.95/month vs. around $5-10 with other providers).

BroadVoice also recently added unlimited International calling to 20 countries (as well as a new plan with 34 free countries for only $5/month more), once again placing the company miles above the rest in terms of value. For any countries not included, BroadVoice has lowered rates to match or beat its toughest competitors. There is also a new referral program that makes earning free calls easy.


As stated above, calling features are numerous. Some really nice ones include the ability to check Voicemails from any phone and any computer, via the account portal. One can also receive messages by email. The online portal offers complete control over all features, including the ability to set call forwarding, toggle features on/off, maintain a list of speed dial numbers and much more. All the features I need are included in my plan, although it is worth mentioning that "premium" features (such as music-on-hold) come with an activation fee. However, the monthly fee for these services is much lower than the competition, making them worthwhile, and many features are not offered by anyone else.


Call quality? One word: impressive. In fact, the quality is as good as a traditional phone line both on the calling and receiving end. This is the one thing that always surprises those I refer. A special note on International calls: the quality is as good as US calls, which is nothing short of amazing, since quality can be iffy over traditional phone lines or using a calling card.


Support has been impressive from the get go, always answering phone calls and emails promptly, and fixing issues quickly (usually in minutes). Setup is a breeze. My Linksys router didn't require any modifications and I was up and running literally 30 seconds after receiving my adaptor. A router is of course needed to share your broadband connection with the BroadVoice adaptor and your computer but this is to be expected. This and many other topics are covered on BroadVoice's support web site, where you can find step-by-step guides and a great deal of useful information.

For the truly tech-savvy, BroadVoice is the only provider to offer BYOD (bring your own device) plans. The device in question can be hardware or software and all the necessary configuration information is provided, something unique in this industry. BroadVoice also automatically provisions your device immediately upon sign-up, so that the service can be used in a minutes.

Other technical issues (codecs, etc.) have been widely addressed in the BBR VoIP forum so I won't go into any details here. One additional hardware note: BroadVoice recently started shipping a new adaptor. Small and sleek, it is about the size of a deck of cards but doesn't skimp on features.


Some prospective customers may be worried by BroadVoice's low rates, thinking this might translate into poor quality or bad support. This is not the case. Quite the contrary! I think this is what truly makes BroadVoice the best value: not only is the service easy to use and feature-rich but the call quality is top-notch and support is available 24x7. Having had BroadVoice from the very beginning (for close to one year now), I continue to recommend it highly.

member for 13.8 years, 3297 visits, last login: 24 days ago
updated 217 days ago


Review by Traal See Profile

  • Location: La Jolla,San Diego,CA
  • Cost: $25 per month
Good "Cheap, perfect call quality"
Bad "No official fax support"
Overall "Good service at a great price"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I chose BroadVoice for the price (their $10 unlimited in-state plan) and because they got good reviews. Now I'm on the Unlimited World plan, with unlimited calls to the entire U.S. and Canada and a number of other countries.

So far, I haven't been disappointed. The call quality is great, it sounds just like a normal phone line. It works just like a regular phone service, only much cheaper, especially if you use the extra features.

I just added a second number with distinctive ring to my service for my fax machine. BroadVoice doesn't officially support faxing yet, but if you setup your fax machine just right, it will often work. Sometimes I'll have to resend a page or two, but my fax tells me when this happens.

I've had my BroadVoice service for about a year. I don't use my BroadVoice line all that much, but I've never had any trouble with it--no dropped calls, no missed calls, and no trouble hearing the other party. It has been 100% reliable.

Update 2008-04-19: I recently added a second number to my line. The account portal says the ring pattern is short-short-long, when in fact it rings as long-long. I sent BroadVoice support an e-mail 10 days ago notifying them of the issue, but they haven't responded, so I'm lowering my rating for Tech Support a couple of notches.

Update 2012-01-08: Two months ago, I opened a support ticket because callers to my VoIP line are getting an echo. So far, BroadVoice has made no progress on this issue.

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updated 2.8 years ago


Review by whocares256 See Profile

  • Location: Plano,Collin,TX
  • Cost: $28 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "BYOB providor."
Bad "Slow website with long delays."
Overall "Works with Asterisk"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

Switched from Vonage to Broad voice as they were cheaper and had different plans for incoming and outgoing calls and they were BYOB. I had issues with their website and them asking to fax copy of CC every time I changed it. The regulatory charges if you have international is in addition and is a hidden fee not a tax I was paying 7.50 in addition to my monthly plan and decided to switch to Callcentric. in November of 2010. Never had any issues with the service itself but I loved the call treatments on broad voice.com account portal. You could define your own dial plans and I was able to block invalid NYYNXX numbers. The call treatments were topnotch but the website was slow.

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Review by Napsterbater See Profile

  • Location: Milledgeville,Baldwin,GA
  • Cost: $26 per month
Good "Price, They allow BYOD, Rural area number selection, Only one problem wich was fixed quickly."
Bad "None"
Overall "Iv been very pleased, They where one of the only providers that offered local numbers in my area 478-387-xxxx."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

Update 01-16-11: Rocking strong with no issues at all.

Update 05-23-09: Nothing really to report service is still great.

We got Broadvoice to ditch our $40 Local/Long phone service (which was pay per min. long distance) form our phone co. and couldn't be happier. $26 per month includes unlimited local/long distance (US) and a second number for a different area code. They provide E911 and allow BYOD.

I'm using 3CX's windows based PBX with a Linksys SPA-3102.

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updated 3.7 years ago


Review by Veloslave See Profile

  • Location: Pleasant Hill,Contra Costa,CA
  • Cost: $22 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Softphone with no restrictions or ATA, my choice!!!"
Bad "Service and support were VERY unpredictable"
Overall "wasn't too impressed after time... moved on to PhonePower and the same situation :("
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

EDIT: After a very long time of poor service concerning dropped calls and echos I have given them the boot and I am glad as this problem showed their true colors when it comes to service.

After months of banging my head against the wall while on hold for Vonage (lack of) tech support I have finally found a company that does business the way I do. CUSTOMER SERVICE with a SMILE!

These guys get it... the support actually shows that they care and they work with you until it is right. I had echo problems for my callers and they worked hard to figure it out and I am impressed. The issue was partly my headset and partly the softphone and to Eyepmedia's credit they are working on it with out fail also.

Bottom line is this

VOIP is still new and can have some bumps in the road just like any other emerging technology.... it is how the bumps are handled that counts and Broadvoice has got it right. On top of that their features and prices are the best so it is no coincidence that they are rated a "Gold" by BBR.

I will be coming back to revise my "4" on call quality as soon as the echo is completely gone (as long as I remember) and then it will be a straight "5's" review.

Keep up the good work Broadvoice!!!

Had service problems... this is a very late review. Bailed due to crappy service and service attitude... too bad because I had some good experiences but the bottom line was they didn't make good for me.

Bailed to PhonePower
About the same experience LOL

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updated 4 years ago


Review by dustman81 See Profile

  • Location: Akron,Summit,OH
  • Cost: $12 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Cheap in-state calling, extremely easy setup"
Bad "Had trouble calling out at first, but it resolved itself"
Overall "Cheap VoIP service"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Value for money:

4/25/05 - Decided to get a local number and found Broadvoice. Ordered the VoIP adapter and it was shipped via FedEx. It just arrived today. Installation was extremely simple. Plugged the Sipura adapter into my router, the phone cable into my phone and the adapter got sync. At first, I was able to receive calls, but not make them. I waited a 1/2 hour and was able to place calls then. Most people says it sounds like a regular phone.

Good cheap VoIP plan, which is what I was looking for.

6/19/05 - After getting a new phone (5.8 Ghz, my previous was a 2.4 Ghz which was interferring with my router) and updating the firmware in my Sipura 1001 to 3.1.3, sound quality was much improved. Sounds just like a POTS line, just for a lot less. And as a bonus, my 1001 now, thanks to the 3.1.3 upgrade can have 2 seperate VoIP accounts.

2009 - Since I got Google Voice, I no longer needed Broadvoice. They canceled without any issues and let me keep the Sipura.

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Review by Atomsplash See Profile

  • Location: Nevada
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $20 per month
Good "Have only had to call tech support twice in 2 years, both times were helpful (first time was problem with my router)"
Bad "I get random drops/reboots on my phone, using their CFG, an SPA941 - but it may just be the phone."
Overall "Good price for good service, and no contract."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I pay $20/month, have had few issues, and am not stuck in a contract (Vonage made me pay a cancellation fee, apparently I was in a 2 year contract with them).

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Review by yungster See Profile

  • Location: Santa Clara,Santa Clara,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "shipping was quick... too quick"
Bad "Website can be confusing - customer reps unhelpful"
Overall "Do not cancel existing orders to resubmit - make them modify the existing order"

I originally submitted an order for their one state calling plan. I had read on the wbsite that if I committed for 12 months that the activation fee and delivery fees for modem would be waived. While completing the order, I saw nowhere to select this commitment. I kept expecting to be asked about a commitment but when the order was complete... no mention. Called customer service within 5 minutes of the order and they suggested that I should cancel the previous order and start a new one. I guess modifying the existing order was too hard.

So cancelled previous order and went through a new order again... still no mention of commitment. Called customer service again before entering credit card info (so no order placed yet). This time agent told me that commitment wasn't available on the one state plan and only on the national plans... wished website had mentioned that. But I decided that the low monthly on the one state plan was still worth it without commitment so I went ahead and completed that order.

Now, I'm playing around on the website and looking at various account settings. I'm trying to figure out how to set the one state that I can call for free... I had assumed that the plan allowed me to call one state for free and others would be charged at 5 cents/min. Called customer service to ask about how to set the free state. (This is about 30 minutes after order was placed). Agent tells me that I misunderstood the plan and the you can only call the same state where your number is located for free and not select a different state. Oh... well then I tell the agent that I'd like to change my order to go national with commitment (to waive activation and delivery charges). Agent tells me that it is easier to cancel this order and go with a new order...

So I get transferred to cancellation department and cancel the second order.

I'm a little wary now and hold off on placing the third order until I know for sure what I'm getting. I go off and read more reviews on dslreports.

A little while later, I get two emails stating that my devices are being shipped and given tracking numbers... I thought that was kind of strange as I had already cancelled the orders but I figured I'd just refuse the packages when they got here (which I later did). After doing more research, I decide to wait a little longer before going voip.

I notice on my credit card statement that I'd been billed by broadvoice twice for $60.32. I assumed it would be refunded once the account cancellation was processed (agent told me 48 hours).

Two days later, fedex arrives and I refuse the packages.

Another two days later, get two emails from broadvoice for refunds of $45.37. Lower by $14.95 for each order... the shipping costs.

I'm a little bit peeved at them because I feel like charging the shipping costs to me was unwarranted. If the agents had reminded me that I would still have to pay shipping on a cancelled order, I would have not cancelled the existing orders and instead modified them to what I really wanted. Instead, I was told that it's easier to cancel and resubmit... each time dinging me $15 for shipping.

I also wonder why the devices were shipped after I had already cancelled the order. The first order was cancelled with 5 minutes. The second with 30 minutes. Suppose I had placed a third order... would they then have shipped a total of 3 devices at $15 each?

I sent all this in an email to broadvoice two days ago and they haven't responded to me.

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Review by chex383 See Profile

  • Location: Boston,Suffolk,MA
  • Cost: $11 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Has all features I need"
Bad "web-site features not available yet *coming soon* ; we'll see"
Overall "awesome deal, everything works. best VoIP provider I have had yet"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

These guys are great. I did a BYOD with with my Voicepulse SPA-2000, setting up BV on Line2. Tech support over the phone walked me thru the SPA setup, and I was up and running. I have unlimited calls to all of Mass. and am using them to access RNK-Tel's 1 cent/minute calling-card access number in Springfield, Mass for cheap long-distance and international calling. (RNK's Duxbury, Mass. access number is often busy..) ( My long-distance calling is sporadic at best, and a unlimited plan doesn't make sense for me, money-wise. Paying 1 cent/min is cheaper for me. )

This is the perfect solution for me.

Still waiting for some smaller features I need (mostly web-site features) , they are promised to be fixed soon. But overall, this is great.

Thanks, Broadvoice!!

-- Stefan

UpDate Fri 5-Jun-2004:

So I have been using BroadVoice for a few weeks now, and I am mostly impressed. I am having one glaring issue with them that is not entirely thier fault, that Voicepulse had. They do NOT have a outside POTS gateway phone number to access VoiceMail. This is a major problem for me as I use Simil. Ring to my CellPhone, and its hard to get my BV line to bounce to VM when my cell phone is making the call. P8,Vonage,VP all had outside VM access numbers, i dont see why this should be so hard. They say they are not planning on implementing the feature soon. I really need it!

Also, the Voicemail seems to have become overloaded in the past couple of weeks. Often, when accessing my messages, whn the system goes to play the message, there will be a long delay, and then 'Please Wait ... Please wait... ' and sometimes it will eventually play the message, or just timeout completely and tell you to 'try again later'. uhhh, no, I need to hear my Voicemail. NOW. again, not a huge deal for me, as I can check my VoiceMail from my email, but this is a problem if I am out and not near a computer.

Website portal needs to be updated. Call detail would be really nice. Credit Card update pages.
Things like that.

I love being able to call support nights+weekends and getting a live person. I didn't realize how much i'd missed that with VoicePulse.

Overall, I'd give them a 8/10, and for the price I am paying, 9/10 !

-- Stefan

UpDate 5/20/2005

Wow, what a difference a few months can make. These guys went right into the toilet, as far as I'm concerned. The most glaring issue for me was DTMF, and general outgoing reliabilty. Also, lack of an outside Voicemail access number was another killer for me.

I gave up after putting up with weeks of DTMF problems, and never being able to get a response from support.

I switched back to Voicepulse, and am in the process of trying to port my number over.

Cheapest is defineitly too cheap for me. Its nice that there is choice in the market now, and a tier for which I am willing to pay. Broadvoice is below this tier, IMO.

-- Chex

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Review by cahiatt See Profile

  • Location: Smyrna,Cobb,GA
  • Cost: $13 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Features"
Bad "Price no longer a leading factor for them and gettnig worse."
Overall "Other providers are now offering same features without the junk fees."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

May 2010 - Will probably be looking at an alternative. Rarely use the line any more and downgraded to a BYOD lite plan for $5.95 a month. Of course they manage to turn that $5.95 into about $13 after all the "un-fees" they stack on.

Update November 2009 - Call reliability has greatly improved and not noticed any downtime in the past year or so. Tech support has gotten better also. Have been using it in the UK to call home using SIP on my cell phone. Worked great for that also. If they would just ditch the $5 "unfee" and add $5 to the price of the plan I would gain some respect for them. Until they do, I will never recommend them to anyone.

Update 4/30/08 - Well Broadvoice is going the way of the telco now and hiding price increases as "fees".... Their international plans are going up $5 each by way of a international regulatory recovery fee or whatever the hell they want to call it. Not worth it as only 1 out of 3 calls I try to make to the UK actually connect and stay connected.

Update 4/8/08 - They apparently had an issue with their site in which they are load balancing two different sites from two different IP addresses. The two sites do not have the same info. One of them did not have the disclaimers about international calling on any of the pages. They are fixing the site and credited me for the calls. David in Tier2 support handled the issue in two minutes. Thanks!.... Tier1 and the billing script readers aren't as pleasing... They've redeemed themselves.

Update 4/4/08 - Well the call quality is still good and still pleased with the price and features. Have been using them for four years now. But I may have experienced their first hidden gotcha. Place a few calls to the UK under my "unlimited world plan" in which all calls to the UK are included. Well apparently all calls are NOT included. I was billed for some of the calls and an e-mail from Broadvoice indicated that calls to cell phones are not included. If this is the case, why do the not list this information on their website under the plan description and plan details? Billing and tech support won't answer the phone and is responding using blanket statements.... Are they even reading my message?

Update 7/21/07 - Service has still been great. I've had to call support once since my last update and they answered the phone in under a minute. Had resolution in about another minute.

Update 12/17/06 - Service has been real good for the past year. I still like their features best of the others I have used. Call quality has been good. Tech support is a LOT better. Overall I would recommend them.

9/12/05 update - Well I did order service with someone else but never cancelled my Broadvoice line. After their big outage a few months back they have been pretty solid. I've also been able to reach someone in tech support the last few times I've called which is a pleasant suprise. Overall not a bad service. They seemed to have improved and are worth taking another shot at. Pay attention to their LNP policy though. It can come back to bite you.

It's a shame really. I like the features broadvoice offers a LOT. Best price for multiple numbers and I love the simultaneous ring feature. It has generally been solid for the past five months up until three weeks ago. Since then call quality has hit bottom and I can't really expect to pick up the phone and place a call anymore without having to play with proxy settings, reboot the ATA or any other number of "fixes". You need to call for support? Good luck. They may answer in five minutes or it may be five hours (if at all). I can't ever seem to get an e-mail response either. I've gotten no e-mail response in three days and can't get them on the phone. I've ordered service with someone else and they will be getting cancelled.

I would have generally recommended BV but as of now I'd say look elsewhere.

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