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Review by gregwilkinso See Profile

  • Location: Atlanta,Dekalb,GA
  • Cost: $15 per month
Good "Price"
Bad "Unreliable service and poor customer service"
Overall "Avoid at all costs"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Steer clear....you have been warned.

I made the mistake and picked Broadvoice. My service has now been out for a week and their only response is to quote their terms of service and refuses to even allow me to port my number to another provider. Very sad situation. I filed a formal complain with the FCC today about this.

Save the hassle and pick a provider that offers reliable service and will work with you as a customer.

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Review by cappy60 See Profile

  • Location: Castle Rock,Douglas,CO
  • Cost: $13 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Cheap?, not in my case"
Bad "Customer Service, setup fee & cancellation fee, losts of $ - no service"
Overall "Run don't walk, away from BroadVoice"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

BroadVoice boasts a “Hassle-Free, Money Back Guarantee:”

"Try BroadVoice service risk-free. If you are dissatisfied, for any reason, you may cancel the service within 30 days of activation and receive a refund. We’ll refund your money hassle-free, with no questions asked. The cancellation procedure is simple – just send us an e-mail and you’ll receive an RMA # (Return Merchandise Authorization Number)."

But be careful activation starts the day you request the service! You don't get 30 days to try the service if you’re waiting to receive the device from them to connect. BroadVoice requires the recipients signature to deliver the package, something they don't tell you when you signup. In my case I wasn't home to sign for the delivery which ended up being sent back to BroadVoice. Calling their customer service to change the shipping address resulted in endlessly being on hold, repeatedly getting dropped after being on hold for over an hour, etc. By the time I did get someone on the phone I was ready to cancel rather than give them a new shipping address. But Customer Service can't handle cancellation requests, I learn, these need to be sent to "billing" by email. So I email billing, a month later no response from billing on my cancellation request but I'm charged for another month’s service. When I call Customer Service back they ask me to resend the cancellation request. The next day I get a cancellation confirmation and another charge on my credit card for $39.95. When I call customer service back I'm informed that I've gone over the 30 day trial period (strange I haven't gotten to try anything yet!) Bottom line: they've charged my credit card for $121.75 ($68.35 startup fees, $13.45 for month 2, and a $39.95 cancellation fee), I've receive no service and I'm told this is their policy. My opinion: It is unethical for a company to charge you for a service and start the clock on their 30 day guarantee before you receive the device from them to access the service. Give these folks your credit card number at your own risk!

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Review by rsa0 See Profile

  • Location: Alpharetta,Fulton,GA
  • Cost: $21 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "good voice quality, good rates for Europe (when working)"
Bad "almost no CS, billing errors, broken features"
Overall "good choice if you don't have any other option"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

*** No longer using their service ***
Review edited/removed by user.

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Review by baltcpa See Profile

  • Location: Burtonsville,Montgomery,MD
  • Cost: $24 per month
Good "Best priced service for all the features you get"
Bad "Huge upfront costs; bad advice, lack of response, & mild rudeness from CSRs; connection issues that I never had w/Lingo"
Overall "I wish I had stayed with Lingo for $5 more/month."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I've attached an email sent to Broadvoice and their response. This pretty much says it all. I think given that I'm the customer that Broadvoice's response was a tad abrasive. A normal customer isn't going to know upfront the intricacies involved in porting a number, and I think their response could have been a little more understanding & professional. I also want to add that I had a CSR refute (as if I was lying) that another CSR told me if I bought an after-market phone adapter that I could avoid the activation fee. They refused to waive the fee. I guess at Broadvoice that the customer isn't always right.

I will also concur with the other reviews on the often lengthy hold times waiting for a CSR.

To go into detail on my connection, sometimes people say I’m cutting out, or there is a voice delay. Sometimes when I take my cordless phone off the hook to make a call or scroll through the caller ID list, the display goes blank. I have tried this on all extension handsets and get the same thing. The only way to get the phone to reset is to take the battery out and put it back in, which is a hassle. I never had these problems when I had Lingo. Also, I can no longer access my answering machine remotely since the touch tones sound distorted when they reach the machine.

I will give them one thing - They did respond to my second email regarding the porting of my number but not my first, which was the cause of rewriting them. This email was my third although I have made numerous phone calls. So, my sentence saying they ignored emails was a little overstated.

UPDATE 11/05/06: After waiting on hold for 25 minutes, a CSR tells me that they do not support faxing and that they can't help me with my problem. I was able to fax one other time before, and Lingo supported faxing. Also, my callers tell me I cut in and out sometimes, but I have no problem hearing them. Also, my caller and I can't talk at the same time on some calls due to some sort of voice activation feature that occasionally appears. The signal from Broadvoice does something weird to my phone half the time when I turn on one of my handsets. I wind up having to take the battery out to reset the line, which is a major inconvenience. The display on my phone will lock up when I scroll through my CID list. This only started after I switched from Lingo to Broadvoice. I still can't call into my answering machine to get my messages due to distorted touch tones. I can't call Broadvoice CS from my Broadvoice line since their system doesn't recognize the touch tones, and their automated menu hangs up on me. Long hold times, and after I reach someone, they almost act as if they don't want to or can't help me. My problems never get resolved. I would switch back to Lingo if it wasn't such a hassle to transfer numbers back and I hadn't made an investment in equipment. Please heed my warning: Don't walk, RUN!!!!!!! You get what you pay for. I wish I had stayed with Lingo.

UPDATE 11/29/06: Just got an email from Lingo giving me a $50 bonus and $4/month off the service price. Guess who's going back to Lingo? BYE, BYE, BROADVOICE!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE LATER THAT SAME DAY: Broadvoice wants to charge me a $39.95 cancellation fee even though I brought my own device. Looks like I won't be moving now. I also forgot to note that there are several phone numbers that I can't call, and I wind up having to use my cell phone to call them. Two numbers that come to mind are 800-987-5521 (one of my credit card companies) and 859-431-0300 (the cable company at my Grandmother's house). I get recordings saying that the calls can't be completed. Additionally, I noticed that the calls cutting in and out, the problem where my caller and I can't talk at the same time, and the voice delay tend to occur on calls where the other person is on a cell phone.

Email to Broadvoice:

After receiving less than confident sounding confirmations from Broadvoice customer service that this number is in the process of being ported from Lingo to Broadvoice and not getting responses to my emails from you, I decided to call Lingo today to see if they are processing this request. Lingo says they have never received anything from Broadvoice.

The idea behind coming to Broadvoice was to save money. However, it has wound up being a money sink and a headache. In addition to the items mentioned above, one of you CSRs recommended that I buy an after market phone adapter and that the activation fee would be eliminated, and that turned out to be false. Then, I find out that I also needed a router with that adapter since one wasn't built into it. Then, he neglected to tell me that there were two versions of the phone adapter, and I got the one locked for Vonage, had to send it back, had to eat the shipping cost back and forth, and had to pay more for the correct one. I also continue to have connection issues despite several calls to your customer service center......all of this in addition to paying for two phone services. Your CSRs say they have no assess to the part of the system responsbile for porting, and they won't give me a phone number to directly connect to you.

I'm ready to throw my arms up in the air, dispute the credit card charges from Broadvoice, and go back to Lingo. Are you willing to do anything for me at this point, or are you just going to ignore this email too?

Broadvoice's response:

We have responded to all emails and questions you have asked of us. When
you continue to ask the same questions and receive the same answers this
does not mean we are being unresponsive. We honestly do not have better
answers for you. So, in turn, you have prompted me to write you the best
answer I can possibly give you. I will say that our common porting time is
roughly 30-50 days. Your port has been pending for 3 weeks.

Broadvoice is a service provider (just like Lingo), not a local carrier,
aka: CLECs. Unfortunately, we have no control over the porting process
after we've received the request. We forward this information to our
carrier partner who then in turn must complete the necessary steps on their
side. Then they must contact your current carrier, whomever Lingo uses in
your region, who then will have to contact Lingo. Lingo will authorize or
deny the request, and then both carrier partners will need to work together
to complete and disconnect the configurations that allow that particular
number to ring to your phone. Lingo will never receive the request to port
directly from Broadvoice. It will come from our carrier partner. The
notification will not be sent directly to Lingo, but Lingo's carrier
partner. Each carrier partner has thousands of transfers going in and out
of their service and they have set up a system to organize this process.
Although porting seems simple, it takes the work of many, many people along
the way working for at a minimum three to four different companies to make
it happen.

For your own personal benefit I highly recommend you read this post in a
popular Broadband forum:
»Porting Rules

Since we are only a service provider we are not governed by the FCC about
carrier Porting issues. We cannot promise a certain time-frame to complete
the transfer, but can only offer an estimate of the length of time that the
typical transfer takes. We have outliers on each side, some that take far
more time, or far less.

We gladly offer to transfer our customer's previous phone numbers as a
bonus for being a Broadvoice customer. We do this free of charge, even
though the transfer costs our company money. Of course, we hope that is
not the main reason for being a customer. We pride ourselves on our
quality VoIP service and outstanding affordability. If you feel one of the
above reasons is not compelling you to stay with us, than you will need to
do what is best for you. Ultimately we would like to maintain this
relationship, but the decision is yours.

If you feel that this email has not been as educational as you had hoped, I
can only steer you in the direction of the internet. Do some searches,
look things up. Find out the difference between Voip porting and ILEC
porting. There is nothing more that I can tell you to help you feel more
at ease.

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Review by wcjiang See Profile

  • Location: San Jose,Santa Clara,CA
  • Cost: $20 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Cheap, allows use of Asterisk for unlimited plan, two inbound/outbound lines"
Bad "No tech support, poor voice quality, unfair Terms of Service, setup fee & cancellation fee"
Overall "Run away from them as fast as you could"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

When I signed up for Broadvoice in September, the Terms of Service said that there would be no cancellation fee for bring-your-own-device users. I had trouble calling out everyday, (device not registered, see related thread

»[BroadVoice] Device is Not Registered...)

and despite repeated calls to their Support line, the issue was never resolved and no one ever followed up with me. After one month I finally decided to cancel the service because I simply couldn't use it.

The cancellation fee for BYOD was introduced in Oct. after I signed up, but they refused to waive the fee and said they could change the Terms of Service anytime without notifying the customers.

What makes me angry is not the money, but their business practice. If they could impose additional fees without notifying customers, what would stop them from, say, jacking up the monthly fee to $1000?!? You would have to pay it, because they could change the Terms of Service at will, and you are still bound by them. When you sign up with this provider, you are exposing yourself to unlimited liability.

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Review by Cybertoy_ch See Profile

  • Location: Stamford,Fairfield,CT
  • Cost: $24 per month
Good "very good pricing, can use your own devices."
Bad "horrible customer services"
Overall "you get what you pay for..."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

After having raised numerous tickets regarding call quality to Brazil I have now downgraded to BYOD lite plan. I will no longer use broadvoice for any outgoing calls. Their quality has gotten really bad for international calls. The money (although very cheap) is no longer worth it. Their support is horrible. The open tickets are not being worked on. There's no feedback... Once every two week I ask them what the status is and I just get some generic "we're working on it" back.

They could do a lot better but I think they don't want to.

old post:

I have been using them for over a year now and I'm still with them. The price is what makes me stay. We're still mainly calling Switzerland and Brazil as well as some numbers in the US. Also this is our main number for incoming calls.

Incoming: Rarely have any problems to report here.
Outgoing to US: Rarely have problems. I actually cannot remember the last time the call was bad.
Outgoing to Switzerland: OK most of the times. Sometimes the latency is too large.
Outgoing to Brazil: Currently a mess. Very bad noise on the line but only from the person calling. The callee never hears the noise.

Customer support is still inexistant. Whenever I report a problem I get the standard questions back about my setup and to ensure I'm using the right proxy etc. I guess that's 'cause I'm a BYOD customer. Once I convince them that it's a problem on their side they open a ticket with their "engineering" department and nothing happens ever since. I have never had any follow-ups with any of the tickets they gave me.

Bottom line still stands that you get what you pay for.

old post:
I'm still using them. For calls coming in and going to the United States it's not bad. International call quality is a gamble though. Sometimes it's good - sometimes you can hardly hear the other person or they can't hear you at all. I still make calls mainly to Brazil, and Switzerland. Also beware of overusing. Read the postings on here and other forums about what happens if you use too many of their unlimited minutes.

old post:
I have stayed with BroadVoice despite their problems in May. For a while I downgraded myself to BYOD light. Now since service is pretty much restored again I am back to the unlimited world plus plan. It doesn't work 100% of the time. There seem to be areas in Brazil that don't work. Also sometimes calls to Europe don't go through.

I guess you get what you pay for though. The price is very cheap and for that I'm quite happy with the service I'm getting. I have some pay as you go backup providers though when service is out.

old post:
After the last week of horrible service I have to adapt my review. For one full week now I've been having constant problems with incoming and outgoing calls. Trying to call tech support either rings out into the emptyness, or I'm on hold for 15 minutes and then get cut off or don't get through at all

I guess at the end of the day you get what you pay for. It's really cheap ... and so is their service (at the moment at least). I hope they can get their act together.

old post:

I am using broadvoice.com from Switzerland. With a brazilian wife I decided to go for the world plus plan. Calls to Switzerland, USA, and Brazil are included in the flat rate. Calls to Switzerland take a long time until they are connected. Otherwise I'm very happy. Installing my device was easy and so far I didn't have to use tech support. The information on accessing broadvoice was sent to me a couple of minutes after I signed up. I'm using a grandstream with asterisk PBX. I have static IP with an OpenBSD firewall. My DSL is 1200/200.


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Review by im_chandave See Profile

  • Location: Cleveland,Cuyahoga,OH
  • Cost: $12 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Cheap unlimited in-state + unlimited incoming"
Bad "DTMF still must be inband instead of supporting RFC2833"
Overall "Good value if all you need is incoming and outgoing to the same state"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

I've only had 1 outage the past 6 months and sound quality is good (even when BYOB device is in Asia).

Only real complaint so far is the lack of any announcements/"Service Notes". They don't really provide very much information about outages or maintenance schedules. I have to look elsewhere for indications that there might be problems.

Edit: 2006/07/24. After being with BV for almost a year, I had my first major problem with them. The DCA proxy died but they failed to inform anyone. Instead, they setup DCA2 and expected us to figure it out ourselves. No problem. Did that. But, it turns out that the configuration was not entirely moved over to the new proxy. I told BV the problem, even provided SIP dumps indicating the problem. Their reply was that they could not support BYODs and dropped my problem. I ended up switching to another proxy that gave me DTMF problems. I finally switched to ViaTalk and canceled my service.

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Review by e30cabrio See Profile

  • Location: Laredo,Webb,TX
  • Cost: $25 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "They are human beings and as such I believe basically good"
Bad "Lack of working service, lack of support, unprofessional, place unauthorized charges on my cc then credited the $ to my account"
Overall "Run far, run fast avoid at all costs stay away."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I had ifreedom and their Grandstream 486 device. They were worse than cups & string. I looked for a company that used the Grandstream so I would not have to buy another device. First (of many problems)

Before I signed up I called and asked if they supported & allowed the device I was told, Yes, Yes & yes I was told by Mr. salesman, but I have to sign up then call back for tech support, ok. I sign up, I call, I am greeted with a hello.... I ask is this Broadvoice tech support? yes is the response, with an attitude like I was calling him at home at 4am, on his birthday and he just went to sleep.

I say I have a Grandstream 486, I just signed up & need to configure it. he says in monotone "We don't support that device."

Wow. I explain I validated that I could use it before signing up, that I was assured it was supported, that they show it on their site and ask for the information I need, he responds that I need to give him my email address, that he will email me a file which I will need to upload to the unit and to do that I need to install and run a server program on my computer.

I had already been through this with ifreedom, already had the software on my machine and already knew I would not be able to upload to it as it (and four others I have) do not accept updates.I tell him this and ask for the server addresses they use, the settings they use and for whatever is needed to set it up manually, he literally refused. I asked for his superior and was told that I needed to email customer service and he hung up.(I was hung up on alot by their reps)

Out of over 100 calls I can safely say I had 2 unsurly experiences.

That call recurred over three months a minimum of 50 times, (different issues) Finally after finding the corporate office I had a similar experience with a woman I know only as "surly office manager" (I added the surly) I eventually got emails from a Chris someone who was equally obnoxious and also eventually ended up with a man named Les Berry who was much nicer, apologized and for a while helped, but eventually stopped returning my calls.

At one point I was so frustrated and after I got their Sipura device as they blamed all on the Grandstream, I said in my only email to customer service, "make it work or go away" Thair response was to turn my service off, at 10pm on Friday night and charge me 49.99 for "early termination"

It took over an hour to get it back on. Needless to say as soon as I could I changed companies and am now much more happily with Sunrocket.

In summary I have to say Broadvoice offers no service, no support, no compassion, and they have no clue.

I strongly suggest avoiding this company at all costs.

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Review by adidas1 See Profile

  • Location: Los Angeles,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $19 per month
Good "Inexpensive Unlimited world calling plans"
Bad "HORRIBLE customer service. Frequent service interruptions."
Overall "Broadvoice FRAUD and PRIVACY INVASION ALERT!"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Plan Abuse Service Suspension
4 messages
BroadVoice Tue, Apr 4, 2006 at 8:51 PM
Reply-To: support@broadvoice.com
To: xxx@gmail.com

Account Number: XXXXXXXXXXX
BroadVoice Phone: +1-213XXXXXXX
Suspension Date: 4/4/2006

Dear XXX:

Unfortunately BroadVoice has been forced to temporarily suspend outbound calling on your account.

It appears that your account may have been compromised, or is in violation of our Terms and Conditions for Use.

This action was taken because your usage pattern indicates your account is being used for business. If you have subscribed to BroadVoice's Residential services, the Service and Device are provided to you as a residential user, for your personal, residential, non-business and non-professional use. This means that you are not using them for any commercial or governmental activities, profit-making or non-profit, including but not limited to home office, business, sales, tele-commuting, tele-marketing, autodialing, continuous or extensive call forwarding, fax broadcast, fax blasting or any other activity that would be inconsistent with normal residential usage patterns.

In the Terms and Conditions for Use, which you accepted at the time you subscribed to this service, BroadVoice reserves the right to immediately terminate or modify the service, if BroadVoice determines, in its sole discretion, that customer's service is being used for any of the aforementioned activities.

We would like to rectify this situation as soon as possible and want you to know that your business is important to us. For assistance and possible restoration of your outbound calling please contact us at 212-202-0300, 213-634-1400 or 312-625-1400.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Your inbound calling and voicemail will continue to work while your outbound service is temporarily suspended.

Thank you.

BroadVoice Customer Care

XXX Wed, Apr 5, 2006 at 2:41 PM
To: support@broadvoice.com, press@broadvoice.com, billing@broadvoice.com

I received a disturbing e-mail from your company implying that I'm using your service outside of the TOS... I make a lot of calls (granted, most of them are on my cell) but I keep BV in the house to maintain a home phone. You will notice in your records, that I continued to pay for your service for almost a year with virtually NO usage while I was away on business. So, while it may look like my "usage pattern" has changed - going from almost NO usage to 30+ calls in a day - I don't appreciate this kind of invasion of privacy. As a BV customer, I have endured consistent dropped calls, and frequent service interruptions. Despite these inconveniences, I have been a loyal customer in good standing for several years now, because I like the fact that BV is independent and has some great calling features and plans.

THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. How long do you think SBC or any RBOC would retain customers with this kind of violation of privacy?

For the record, my sister was using my phone to look for a job. I was recently laid off, and will be using MY OWN PHONE to do the same. I have NEVER had to justify my telephone usage to a "phone company" before. Trust me when I tell you, this will be the last time.

I DEMAND my FULL service be RESTORED IMMEDIATELY. If this EVER happens again, I will be forced to terminate my BV service and blog the kind of unethical privacy violations your company practices in the VoIP forums.

-- XXX

BroadVoice Support Wed, Apr 5, 2006 at 2:54 PM

The plan that you were signed up for is designed for residential usage per our Terms and Conditions, which you agreed to at sign up.

Through routine monitoring of your calling patterns, it was determined that your usage was is direct violation of our Terms and Conditions,
specifically section 1.3.1 "Residential Use of Service", which states, "If
you have subscribed to BroadVoice's Residential services, the Service is
provided to you as a single usage (user) residential plan, for your own
personal, residential, non-business and non-professional use." Further,
usage of the service is not allowed for auto-dialing, continuous or
extensive call forwarding, telemarketing, fax broadcasting, or fax

The Unlimited World/Plus Plans are designated for residential use only,
whereas the Unlimited Business Plan is for business use. Per our Terms and Conditions, accounts planned for commercial use must be signed up to the Unlimited Business Plan $29.95 »www.broadvoice.com/terms.html
Section 1.2.1)

The options are the following:

1) Upgrade your plan to Unlimited Business, and continue to enjoy the
BroadVoice service.

2) Cancel the service.

Please let us know how to proceed.

Thank you, and please let us know if we can be of further assistance.


BroadVoice Customer Care



From: XXX
Sent: Wed 4/5/2006 5:41 PM
To: BroadVoice Support; press; BroadVoice Support
Subject: Re: Plan Abuse Service Suspension

Wed, Apr 5, 2006 at 3:12 PM
To: BroadVoice Support , billing@broadvoice.com, press@broadvoice.com

Let me get this straight, you're telling me that even though your "routine monitoring of [my] calling patterns" INCORRECTLY determined that I violated your terms, that my choices are upgrade or cancel??

That is called FRAUD!

To proceed, I recommend that you forward our entire correspondence to the president of Broadvoice for review.

-- XXX


I encourage everyone whom reads this to flood Broadvoice with email regarding YOUR PRIVACY and legitimate usage of the Broadvoice service. support@broadvoice.com, depstein@broadvoice.com, aepstein@broadvoice.com

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Review by mrvoice See Profile

  • Location: Northridge,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $10 per month
Good "BYOD - Cheap calling plans - Uh that's it."
Bad "TOS indicates they do monitor your call usage and will switch you to business class if you make too many calls."
Overall "$39.99 for activation is nuts / uses cheap voip carrier / unreliable / can't trust them / AVOID"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

never been a customer but read all the horrible reviews. also was in the process of signing up for byod but to my surprise the link i clicked to get me to broadvoice indicated that BYOD access was only a $9.95 activation fee. Wrong. Changed to $39.99 on all plans. Non Negotiable. So there's turn off #1. Entering my mac info and finally choosing a number, then the TOS. When they tell you in their TOS that they monitor your calling activity so it isn't abusive (their definitiion that is) you need to ask yourself is this company for real? they will and read the forums and find people that have been automatically switches to the business $29.99 plan. They are all not happy and pretty much stuck. it's in the TOS. their techsupport has taken up to an hour to answer and then the guy is half asleep. They also use the cheapest routing to port your calls. unreliable and not so good of quality either.

STAY AWAY. just cuz the price is nice doesn't mean it's for most people. plus who pays $39.99 just to activate your own equipment?

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